IT in the D, 2012 and 2013 Events, News, Jobs and Updates for 10/24/2012

“It has begun” – Shang Tsung, Mortal Kombat

Those of you who were at last week’s casual networking event over at Tipsy McStaggers probably noticed I was bouncing off the walls like a five year old on Christmas Eve.

That hasn’t changed at all yet.

As 2012 begins to wind down and we start looking ahead to 2013, we’re very excited about what we have coming with “IT in the D” in particular…and, well, rightfully so.  We’ve been building towards it for the last two years.  But there’s still a lot of time between now and March 13, 2013 and so we’ll be keeping busy.  We’ll still have networking events every month.  It’s a safe bet we’ll still be publishing the blog frequently.

Needless to say, it’s only going to get busier from here on out, so let’s get started…

Okay, so, rules are rules.  We always mention our next upcoming event first, so let’s get that out of the way.

Thursday, November 15th.  Royal Oak.  BlackFinn.  Back room.  5:01pm start time.

Details are available on our site or on LinkedIn at  Naturally, you can also find info out on our Facebook ( page, Meetup ( group, or any of our other “presence” pages or event listings around the web…but we always recommend sticking with our site as your primary resource, just to be 100% safe.

This will basically be our last “true” casual networking event of 2012, because December’s event will be our year end gathering and Support The Troops initiative.

You should probably click over here and read something that went live over the weekend – “2013: New Venues, IT in the D and Beyond” – out at  That covers what we have on tap for the last two events of this year, as well as our plans for the first part of 2013.  As we’ve mentioned before, we’re very much committed to working with locally owned and operated places around the metro Detroit area, and I think we’re pulling together a nice roster of locations for next year’s events.

Now, that same link also gets into “IT in the D” a little bit.

Those of you who have been around for a while know that “IT in the D” is something we’ve been working on and pulling together for almost two years now.  We’ve talked about the evolution of the group a few times.  Back in May of 2010 as we approached the one year anniversary of our first Pink Slip Party, and then again in November of 2011 as we started looking towards 2012, and a few other times along the way.  The point of all of those entries is the same though – the group continues to evolve as it needs to for those who are involved with it.

Our casual networking events have changed from Wednesdays to Thursdays.  We’ve moved them from Ferndale to Royal Oak and now to all over the metro Detroit area.  We started doing those Pink Slip Party events because people wanted and needed them to be done.  In a similar vein, we’ve been talking with people about an information technology conference in downtown Detroit almost since the group first got started way back in 2001…but it really started to gel in 2010 as we started floating the “IT in the D” idea past a few key folks in the group.  And then it started to really get some traction in mid to late 2011 as we started announcing our plans to do it and broadened the “circle of trust” that we shared our plans with a bit.

Which…well, that kind of bit us in the collective ass.  Why?  Well, again, those of you who have been around with us for a while already know some of the history.  When we launched the whole Pink Slip Party concept out here, within a matter of months it seemed like everybody in the area was trying to duplicate it.  Solo recruiting companies changed from “open house events” to “Pink Slip Party!” things in bars.  Church groups started throwing Pink Slip Party events in their basements.  And every time one of those came up on someone’s radar, we’d get deluged with phone calls and emails about them asking if it was us doing it, and did we know about it, and blah blah blah yeah, we knew.  People we banned from our events tried to start their own thing…but still trying to use some of our core concepts.  “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” and all that, I suppose. Besides, at the end of the day, we really couldn’t have cared less – they were what they were, and it was readily apparent to anyone who showed up what they were, and so it wasn’t really too concerning.

So that brings us to mid-2011 when we expanded that circle of trust a bit.

And our doofusly trusting nature, which led to a lack of lie detector machines and non-disclosure agreements.

Because here we are in 2012 ramping up and finally getting ready to go with our “IT in the D” conference on 3/13/13 (and seriously, can there be a better date for this? We think not…) …and there are other initiatives now floating around using that very name.  Some even connected to places where, coincidentally enough, some of the very people we’ve chatted with just happen to work.


Now, we’re not saying there’s anything nefarious going on, and we’re certainly not saying it was intentionally done or anything…but that is the timeline.

Lesson learned.

Not that we’re really going to change how we operate – we’ve always said we are who we are because there are no secrets, no hidden agendas or anything like that.  We’ve always been really up front about whatever it is that we’ve got going on, and none of that’s going to change.

In the coming weeks, here’s what you can expect in regards to “IT in the D“:

  • We’re going to try and have all of the basics wrapped up by the end of this weekend.
  • Announcements, page launches, and early bird registration should go live within the following week.
  • The domains ( that we’ve had pointing over at Detroit Nerd Daily will be pointing back “home” so to speak.
  • Even though we already have a pretty good grasp on what we’re looking to see, a Call for Speakers will go out.  If you’re interested in presenting at “IT in the D“, you’ll have the chance to let us know shortly.
  • We’ve had conversations with people about sponsoring this.  Still, we’re making no assumptions.  We’ve got a draft of a deck put together for companies who would like to dive in and sponsor this event, and we think we’ve come up with some pretty unique ways you can do that, too.  Much like the speakers, those announcements and that information will come out in the next week or so.
  • Similarly, we’ve had conversations with people who have expressed an interest in volunteering and helping shape what this event will be on 3/13/13.  Again, no assumptions.  We’ll be putting something out shortly to see who’s interested, and then setting up a few mini-events/gatherings to get everyone together and see where everyone’s head is at and what makes sense.

We have some really great ideas, and a skeleton put together for what this will be.  We know in our heads what we want it to be, and a lot of that has come from input received from people over the last two years while we’ve been having those chats.  But we’re not perfect, nor omniscient, and so we’re really, really going to be looking for people to get involved and make sure we stay on course.

We’ve launched a new twitter handle @ITinTheD …and yes, as a few of you hyper-attentive types have noticed, we’ve also launched a new LinkedIn group.  That’s a place holder for right now, so there’s no need to go rushing to join it.  That’s one of those details we’ll be working through here shortly.

Well, that’s all for “IT in the D” talk for the moment.

In other news, our casual networking event for information technology professionals at Tipsy McStaggers last week went really well…especially when you consider the Tigers game had been postponed from the night before, and so Tipsy’s was dealing with not just us, but also the game watching crowd…and thing still couldn’t have gone smoother.  You can read a quick recap and catch some photos if you’re interested out at

Like you haven’t had enough reading material already just with this update…we’ve got more.  There’s The Dating Corollary: Stop Trying to Change Me! out at  The 10 Commandments of Networking over at  If your eyes start to burn and you want to take a break from reading, there’s the audio from the spot on 96.3 over at   The Elevator Pitch can be read at Not To Suck at Running a Networking Group: Communication is out at

And last but not least, Bob wrote How Not To Suck at Sales, and that’s over at

Think we’re done?

Still not even close.  I warned you there was a lot this time.

After all, we’re just now going to talk about our LinkedIn group.

It’s located at, and that’s where you can find all sorts of conversations, chats, jobs posted by recruiters who come to our events and hire people…all sorts of good stuff.

For instance, here are some of the topics being discussed at the moment:

– Still talking about people lying on their resumes:

– Why am I the only one who seems bothered by the NHL lockout?  WHERE ARE YOU, HOCKEY FANS?!

– Some hacks to improve your job search:

– Is a “cyber Pearl Harbor” a real thing?

…and more.

Jobs?  Sure, a whole bunch out at …so let’s take a look at some of those, shall we?

Amy Ratliff

PHP Web Application Developer(s)
We are a growing solutions company in the Clawson/Troy area. We are looking to grow our IT Department by adding 1-2 additional Developers. Our company highly invests in its infrastructure and technology and we are looking…

Matt Glynn

Multiple Desktop Tech Openings in Troy, MI – Contract through 2012 and must be able to start ASAP.
Now Hiring: Desktop Technician in Troy, MI Title: Desktop Technician Location: Troy, MI Term:Contract through 2012 (could go longer) Start Date:ASAP Pay Rate:…

ASP.NET/C# Developer
Opening – Long-Term with an exciting and growing company in Novi, MI. Local candidates only please.
Job: .NET Developer in Novi, MI Title: ASP.NET/C# Developer Location: Novi, MI Term:Contract-to-Hire Start Date:ASAP Pay Rate: Depends on Experience About Us

Jim Carlson

Needed: Senior BA for professional with following experience: eCommerce, Agile, Waterfall, Solid requirements gathering skills. Email…The company will pay travel and living expenses and this is a 12 – 18 month project. The team will be 12 – 14 technology professionals. If interested, pls advise. And if not you, this is a great opportunity that you can…

Rosemary Bayer

SQL Programmer needed in Troy, MI. Looking for someone who is interested in more that a job! Flexible hours and work place. Junior…
Are you interested in more than a job, in having a career with purpose? Then consider working at ardentCause where the right person has the opportunity to be a key part of a new, growing enterprise, dedicated to making a…

Emma Good

Senior Linux Admin with Fortune 500 Corp in Dearborn, MI – $70-90K
Please contact Emma Good at to apply The Senior Linux Systems Administrator in Dearborn, MI will be responsible for planning, development, implementation and maintenance of the Symantec Security…


CONTACT: Helpdesk folks!! If you are in Metro Detroit and available immediately for a short term contract I have a great opportunity for you to make some holiday cash. Contact me immediately at ppapcun…

Sandra Bertoldi

Technical Account Liaison – full time position in Southfield, MI
The overall responsibilities of this position include Customer relationship management for the CA tool suite (i.e. Service Desk platform, Support Bridge, CMDB, ITCM, ITAM, Spectrum, eHealth etc). This includes processing and…

Karen Lopez

Sr. Support Specialist (Windows/Unix/MAC)
Seeking a Sr Support Specialist in Ann Arbor MI. ($70,000 ) Contract to Direct Hire Sr. Support Specialist: seeking an entrepreneurial, energetic and customer service oriented Senior Support Specialist who is also a…

.NET Developer with MVC
EIT is searching for a .NET Developer in Hills, MI. ($55 ph ) 6 month contract. .NET Developer 5+ years direct experience in .NET development and/or programming design and systems management. Ecommerce and web…

Automated Testers Needed
EIT is searching for Automated Testers for Detroit, MI Automated Tester: 5+ years experience in quality assurance testing Experience and knowledge of Risk Based testing techniques Experience in White box testing and able to…

Web Logic Admin
Seeking (3) Web Logic Administrators in Dearborn MI. – The WebLogic Administrator must have hands-on experience with implementing and supporting various middleware technologies including Weblogic – Application Management…

Sr. Software Developer
EIT is searching for a Sr. Software Developer in Farmington Hills, MI The Software Developer will work in a highly collaborative, cross functional and Agile team and may take a lead role on various software components. The…

QA Manual Tester with POS
Seeking a Quality Manual Tester with POS Solution Experience. Location Ann Arbor MI. Apply to Quality Tester Four years testing experience in a Microsoft Windows application…

Manual Testers Needed
EIT is searching for (5) Manual QA Testers, for Warren MI. The Manual tester will design and execute manual and automated test cases, Regression and system testing. Interact effectively with development team,…

Natalie Staroba

Embedded Engineer (Automotive/CAN) (1506-LI)
We are searching for two candidates with automotive subsystems development experience who can split their time between our client’s location in Farmington Hills and an automaker’s location in Auburn Hills. LOCATION …

We are searching for a multi-skilled developer to work on a variety of projects, both internal and customer-facing.
Software/Web Developer (Contract-to-Hire) (1520-LI) LOCATION Redford, MI COMPENSATION Up to 30/hr (depending on skills and experience) for contract portion Up to 60K upon conversion REQUIRED Experience with most…

We are searching for a Web Software Engineer to join a team that serves up multiple web applications and services to an international…
Software/Web Engineer (Contract-to-Hire) (1552-LI) LOCATION Lansing/East Lansing, MI COMPENSATION 40-60hr REQUIRED A passion for developing consumer-oriented web apps with high availability and scalability …

We are searching for a talented client-side architect to join our client’s team.
Senior JavaScript Engineer / Client-side Architect (1551-LI) As a member of their multi-disciplinary UX team you will contribute to health care providers transforming quality of care with insightful products that engage…

We are searching for a knowledgeable designer/usability engineer, preferably experienced with Microsoft Expression Blend, to join our…
Designer/Usability Engineer (1535-LI) You will perform UI design and development tasks for a team developing software products for World Class Manufacturers – products that place an emphasis on lean tools to improve…

We are searching for .NET Developer to work on application development and client support for our client’s cloud based Data Management…
.NET Web Developer (1541-LI) Our client has used various technologies over the years and is now bringing everything into ASP.Net. This is a great opportunity for someone to work on an interesting and innovative system. …

Pretty sure that’s enough for this time around.  As always, the details on those gigs and more are over at

Stay tuned folks…it’s only going to get more and more interesting from here on out.


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