Event Next Week, Other Events, Random Chaos and More for 9/12/2012

Kinda seems like a long time since we had our event at Detroit Beer Company, huh?

Good thing we’ve got a casual networking event next week.

In the meantime, we’re still stunned that Mayor Bing appears to be (somewhat) using our idea about abandoned buildings downtown, an old favorite blog entry popped back up, there’s some Networking 101 advice, a reminder that being yourself matters more than anything else, there’s a pub crawl and comedy show this Friday that you’ll be able to find some of us at, an event tonight about Healthcare Reform, stuff going on in our LinkedIn group

Phew.  It seems like each passing week just keeps getting crazier and crazier, doesn’t it?  Let’s try to bring some order back to the chaos…

As always, we start off with our upcoming event.

Next Thursday, September 20th.  Back to the familiar and comfortable spot of the back room of the BlackFinn in Royal Oak.  5:01pm start time like always.  And still no sales pitches, no agendas, no speeches, no cover charges, no anything other than good, solid connection building and conversations with some of the best people you’ll find here in the metro Detroit area information technology industry.

Details are available on our site: http://www.ITinTheD.com/meet/ or on LinkedIn http://linkd.in/P0pRyr, Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/ITintheD), Meetup (http://meetup.ITinTheD.org), or any of our other “presence” pages or event listings around the web.

Should be a good time, looking forward to seeing you there.

While you’re coming, if you have a chance to help out some school kids, that would be great.  A note from Steve Gaura, one of the recruiters who’s basically always been around with us and has done a lot of good for people:

Megan is a 3rd Grade Teacher at Brewster Elementary in Rochester Hills and she uses iPods for her Daily Five (Guided Reading and Books on Tape). Her goal is to have 10 iPods that she could share amongst her students. Don’t worry about headphones or even deleting the music you have on it, she can handle that no problem.

I will be more than happy to collect them at one of our events or even meet up for a beer between events to pick them up.

So if you can help out, that’s awesome, please hook up with Steve.

Now, I got laughed at when I wrote a note about how I thought the abandoned buildings problem downtown could be handled.  I got laughed at…a lot.  Well guess what, suckers?  Looks like my ideas might not have been so outlandish after all, because You’re Welcome, Mayor Bing is live at http://www.ITinTheD.com/4063/youre-welcome-mayor-bing/.

LinkedIn is Not a Video Game is one of the very first Don’t Be That Guy entries that I ever wrote.  It’s on my profile page on LinkedIn.  It gets sent out to anyone random who shoots me a connection request.  I’ve posted it I can’t tell you how many times on how many people’s status notes bragging about how many connections they have.  Don’t Be That Guy, and read http://www.ITinTheD.com/20/linkedin-is-not-a-video-game/

I believe I’ve proven that I can come up with a semi-solid analogy about networking in just about any context.  Well, why should building a house be any different?  It isn’t.  So go read Thoughts on Basements and Networks over at http://www.ITinTheD.com/1810/thoughts-on-basements-and-networks/ to find out why you may know more about networking than you think you do.

I also believe I’ve proven that I like dive bars and beer.  Which is why it’s vitally important to me that I always be myself, and you truly need to understand how important that is to you as well.  Always Be Yourself is live over at http://www.ITinTheD.com/4040/always-be-yourself/

If you’re looking for something to do tonight, you might want to check out tonight’s Social Media is a Party! event at 5th Avenue:

On June 28th 2012 the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of most of PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act).

Pick up social media tactics for community outreach and learn how the Healthcare Reform will affect you at Social Media is a Party! on Wednesday, September 12th.

The Current Event Series focuses on a major recent development that affects our communities and ensures attendees are prepared for the changes.

Who Should Attend:
Healthcare Professionals
Community Organizers
Business Owners
Freelancers & Contractors

You can check out the full details and register over here: https://www.wepay.com/events/SocialMediaisaParty

Looking for something to do this Friday?  The buddy of mine that runs open mic nights and comedy shows is doing a Pub Crawl on a party bus to a few bars on the East side of town that’ll end up at a live comedy show.  And it’s one of the comedian’s birthdays, so it’s sure to be a fun night.  And quite probably a pretty drunk one.  If you’re interested, tickets are moving kind of quickly and they’re almost gone, so hop on over to http://www.thedetroitfunnies.com/ to pick some up, and then plan on being at The Detroit Pub at 14 and Harper by 6:30pm.  Or later if you just want to come for the show…but the Pub Crawl on the party bus is where the whacky mayhem will ensue, I’m sure.  It’s gonna be a long night, so get your babysitters, designated drivers, and favorite hangover recipes ready.

So…the LinkedIn group.  What have we got going on in our LinkedIn group?  Tons. 

There are some discussions underway about:

– You folks out in Ann Arbor might want to check out a jobs related event on October 8th: http://lnkd.in/CTjhrj

– A neat app to find out what your resume really says about you: http://lnkd.in/MmkAFP

– Question: What is the primary goal of a company? http://lnkd.in/s6_EaG

– Someone’s optimistic enough about the job market to consider diving back in, but how should resume gaps be handled? http://lnkd.in/mvb9_w

– Klout continues to annoy people: http://lnkd.in/kbrXhE

– Want Michigan Works of Macomb/St Clair County to help you hire people?  They have a grant to do that. http://lnkd.in/Tg5NP4

– Looking to learn PhP and MySQL?  There’s a class for that: http://lnkd.in/b5q_G9

…and many more.  You can always hop straight in to http://www.linkedin.com/groups/ITintheDorg-Detroit-Networking-Events-IT-91763 to see what’s going on and dive in.

If you’re in the job market, while you’re in our LinkedIn group you should definitely check out the Career Discussions area http://www.linkedin.com/groups?careerDiscussion=&gid=91763 where recruiters who come to our events and hire people from them are posting gigs.

Well, I think that’s about it for this time around.  If you’re up for it, I hope to see you come out on Friday night, and I definitely hope to see you next Thursday.


Bob, Dave and Jeff

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