Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Weekend

Just a quick note to have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend, folks.

In case you’ve been living in a cave and missed the memo, your local and state police departments will be out in force this weekend looking for those who might’ve been, oh, let’s call it “over served” while having drinks.

There’s a ton going on this weekend…

…sports-wise, you’ve got Michigan State and Michigan both opening their seasons, the Tigers playing the White Sox to try and tie up for first place in the division…not to mention the normal backyard barbecues, parties, etc., that always go on this weekend each year.

So don’t go turning yourself into Drunk Guy and making a bad decision that’ll have some serious long-term ramifications on your life.

Besides, we want you showing up at future events 🙂

That being said…have a great time this weekend, everyone!

QUICK UPDATE: Seriously, people…since this went live a couple of hours ago, I’ve had no fewer than four people call me and/or email me asking if I picked up a DUI or something.  No, I didn’t pick up a DUI or something, sheesh.  Silly me, expressing some genuine concern for people…

…oh, wait…I get it now.

Yeah, still “no”, you idiots.  Sheesh.