Downtown Casual Networking Event Next Week At Detroit Beer Company

That’s right…and I know it’s shocking and amazing…but we’re actually having another event downtown.

There’s another event taking place later in the month…not ours, but it heavily involves beer and so we’re going to allow it.  Also on deck is a series of webinars from AT&T that you might want to check out.

Had a few blog entries pop up.  The usual chatter in our LinkedIn group.

Good times.  Let’s get started on some details…

You know by now that we always get to our next upcoming event first.  Well, we’re not changing things up this time, either.

Next Thursday.  August 16th.  Downtown.  Detroit Beer Company.  Top floor, so walk in and head upstairs to be there by the 5:01pm start time.  Or shortly thereafter.  Or a little early.  Whatever works for you.  We’re not here to be hyper-critical about timing, we’re just looking forward to a great event downtown.

Details are available on our site:

Or on LinkedIn:

And as per usual, you don’t have to RSVP or anything, but doing so is a nice touch since it helps us keep an eye on things.  So, if you want, do that on the LinkedIn event

While you’re there on LinkedIn, you might as well check out some of the jobs posted in the group – – as well as some of the conversations taking place –

The information on those Bootstrap Week webinars from AT&T can be found over at

From the “a little dusty, but still completely true” department, Don’t Be That Guy – Multi Level Marketing Guy bubbled back up.  Awe.  I love that one.  And we still hate multi-level marketing people.  You can read the whole, sordid story over at

Speaking of sordid stories…are you hooked up with us on Facebook?  You should be – – we have fun there.

And speaking of hooking up…you following us on Twitter?  Good things tend to happen there as well:

And speaking of good things – there’s a fundraiser on Wednesday, August 22nd at the uptown Grille in Commerce Township for the Share A Smile organization.  With all Michigan craft beers.  A LOT of Michigan craft beers.  You can read all about that here:

See you all next week:


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