The BFD at Clubhouse BFD: Event Recap

Yes, I know they say it means “Brew, Food, Drinks”, but I’m not the only one that has another definition of BFD in mind every time I hear it, so don’t judge me.

Simply put: great, Great, GREAT event last night out at Clubhouse BFD in Rochester Hills.


Well, read on…

I don’t quite understand why this keeps happening, but basically every single month I find myself stunned again at what this group has become over the years.

I’ve come to a very simple conclusion: nobody does what we do.


There may be a kajillion groups out there that say that they do what we do…but they don’t.  They’re lying…maybe just to you, maybe to themselves as well…but they’re still lying.

Fighting robots?  There.

Embedded systems and software discussions?  There.

Debates about various programming languages, best practices, and how to work around pitfalls and things that suck about each of them?  There.

Recruiters looking to hire people?  There.

New recruiters that haven’t been to an event before?  There.

People looking for new gigs?  There.

Tons of new faces?  There.

Lots of familiar faces that have been around the group for a while?  There.

An in depth conversation about the merits of Detroit vs Chicago vs East and West Coasts?  There.

Free tickets to a comedy club’s opening night on August 3rd?  There.

Someone from the “ 1.0” old-school days when it first launched in 2001 showing up and being completely blown away by what the group has become nowadays?  There.

Chats about the relationship between the city and the suburbs, and how critical they are to each other no matter how many idiots don’t understand that?  There.

Educating a few folks on the differences between hackers and crackers, what hacking truly means and how to start dipping your toes in the water?  There.

Wardrobe malfunctions?  Ther…

…well, some of what happens at events stays at events, I guess.

…and those are just the conversations and things I observed or was involved in directly.  I’m sure there were a number of chats and events that I missed as well.

A huge thank you to Clubhouse BFD for letting us take over half the place last night, not to mention having such great food and an awesome beer selection.  Friendly staff, very helpful, and couldn’t be happier about how things went.

Thanks also to all of you who made it out, both the new faces and the ones we see every month…our events wouldn’t be anything at all without you.  Well, they’d be something…they’d be Bob, Jeff and I sitting at a bar having a beer…but you get my point.

Have a great weekend, folks…and we hope to see you next month as we venture downtown to Detroit Beer Company, or at any and all of our other upcoming events.