The Inevitable Golf Outing




Whacky mayhem ensuing…

No, we’re not rehashing our love of the movie Caddyshack…

The pond’s good for you.

…although the confusion is understandable since we do that on a regular basis.

No, we’re hooking up with the guy behind The Detroit Funnies – and helping him get a golf outing off the ground.  We’re bringing in Molly MacDonald and The Pink Fund – – to help get some of the proceeds from this event donated to help local victims of breast cancer.  Besides, we like beer.  We like comedians.  We like gol…

…okay, we suck at golf.  Or at least *I* completely suck at golf.  I own clubs.  I like driving ranges and I like putt-putt.  That in-between nonsense where you have to pick a club just continues to elude me as something I can understand.

So the comedians won’t be the only funny thing on the course…I’m sure I’ll provide a source of laughter as well.

Looks like it’ll be taking place at Cracklewood Golf Club – (like Romeo Plank between 24 and 25 mile roads) and come in at around $65 or so to participate, which will get you on the course for 18 holes, cover a few drinks, and get you in the running to win some fabulous prizes.

What sort of fabulous prizes, you might ask?

Well, that all depends.

You know how we don’t do sponsors for our networking events?

Well, this isn’t a networking event.  I mean, I guess it is, since there will be people there and you can chat all you want…but the moral of the story is that the rules for our normal events don’t apply.

So, all of you out there who have asked “When can I sponsor something?”, “What can I do to help you out?”, “What could we sponsor to get more involved in some manner?” …here you go.  Now’s your chance.  Particularly since we’ve got The Pink Fund involved…and, well, most of you know my mother died from breast cancer when I was still in high school, so this is a cause that’s near and dear to me.

We’re just getting the details squared away on working with The Pink Fund and their charitable donation status…but I wanted to start gauging interest immediately since we’re talking about doing this sometime in late August.

So if you want to throw cash at us, we’re good with that.  Got a sister-in-law that owns a salon and wants to pony up a cut/color/makeover for someone? Make that happen.  Work for a training company and want to offer up a CCNA certification class? Let’s do that.  Dad owns a restaurant and wants to pony up a $50 gift card?  Good with that.

Let’s make this happen, people.

Touch base with Sidney via to get involved with registering and/or sponsoring.