We Apparently Need To Be More Demanding

We’re very low-maintenance.

Stop laughing.

We don’t charge anyone anything, we don’t force anyone to RSVP to come to our events, and by and large we try to keep things very low key, mellow, and undemanding.

But it seems that there’s a downside to that…

Because I’ve had more conversations in the past four days that have started out with receiving an email that looks like this:

“Hello, We’re currently recruiting for about 30 IT positions at [company]. I was thinking about attending your Pink Slip Party, but it looks like only about 8 people are attending. Do you think that’s accurate?”


…and so then there’s an email or two back and forth, usually leading to a phone call, and there’s the explanation of why we’re so low maintenance, and that we’ve got like eighteen different “presence” sites on different platforms and websites and so we really don’t (and can’t) monitor / manage / maintain them all day to day and how we do things and blah blah blah…and so sure, you might see eight people RSVP’d on meetup.ITinTheD.org and one or two more out on our Facebook event listing, and another 20 or so on the LinkedIn event, or that there’s been one free ticket picked up on the Eventbrite listing, or on Eventful, or…or…or…

…I just don’t want to do it any more.

So, I’m asking you, dear reader, to do us a solid and help me avoid the developing twitch under my left eye.

Pick a site, any site, and RSVP on it that you’re coming.  Personally, I’d like to see it focused on one of these three:

LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/zZ6XhJ

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ITintheD

Meetup: http://meetup.ITinTheD.org

…but you can use any of the earlier methods I linked to.  Whatever floats your boat.

Candidly, this is probably shaping up to be our best event ever from a “companies that are coming” perspective now that these conversations have been happening.  You’ve always asked that we get more direct-hire companies attending…and, well, they are.

So encourage them, and others who haven’t touched base yet, by doing this little thing for us.  It’ll take like 18 seconds of your time to click one of those links and click “attending”.

I already have enough issues…a twitch really isn’t going to help me out much.

UPDATE: You might want to try Meetup.com if you haven’t yet, since they’re apparently giving away trips anywhere in the world…

It’s Meetup’s tenth birthday, but you deserve the credit for getting us all here.

That’s why we want you to give one of you a trip to any Meetup in the world!

Just RSVP and attend a local Meetup happening between now and July 15th, and you are automatically entered to win. We’ll cover the cost of the winner’s hotel and airfare up to $5,000.

You can enter up to five times by going to five different Meetups — but of course, you have to RSVP *and* attend the Meetups to win. Get all the rules below.

You could meetup with hikers in the Alps, moms in Hawaii, techies in New York City… All you have to do is attend a Meetup near you.

We can’t wait to see where your next Meetups take you!