I saw your event listing on [meetup, linkedin, wherever] and it didn’t look like a lot of people are coming…what gives?

We’re not anal-retentive about RSVPs.  We’re also not Social Media Experts.

We have our events listed on a number of sites, and we’re experimenting with quite a few different locations with just a “presence” – meaning we’re there, and we’re on it…but we’re not really paying attention to it.

So when you see only one, two, four, ten…RSVP’s…that’s just not something we care about.  Probably to our own detriment, because then we do get this question tossed at us.  But we’re not here to brag about numbers, and so it’s not high on the priority list to force people to RSVP for something that’s free.  And so we’ve got the Facebook event, it’s out on Meetup.com, it’s on Eventful, LinkedIn, Eventbrite, zVents and who knows where else thanks to syndication…and so part of it is that it’s just not worth the headaches trying to track them.

For instance, our first Pink Slip Party event back in May of 2009 – if you go back and look at the LinkedIn event listing (http://linkd.in/LJFNYn), you’ll see all of 10 people RSVP’d…for an event that had over 300 people show up.

Hop on over to check out some photos from past events, ask around, read the FAQs and hear from prior attendees that way…whatever you feel the need to do.

It would be nice if people RSVP’d on those sites, just to keep this question from coming up…but it’s just not a big concern for us.