Got Free Time? Want To Help Us Experiment With Something?

I’m a hoarder.

My inability to get rid of old technology has been well established in several discussions in our LinkedIn group.

Well, I’m also an e-hoarder, which has led to owning about a kajillion URLs that are sitting around as aliases to domains we’re actually using, or parked pages, or just pointed nowhere in particular.  Why? Because we get to talking about stuff over a beer or three and I go off and register them thinking that we might need, want, or get a chance to use them some day.

And it’s one of those that we’d like to experiment with.  But none of the three of us has the time to commit to it.  So we’re wondering if maybe there’s one of you out there with an hour or two per day (or maybe even just per week) that would like to come play with us…

Here’s what’s going to be involved:

  • You’re going to need about an hour or so per day (or, like I said…maybe just per week…we can discuss the implementation) to pay attention to what’s going on in technology in and around the metro Detroit area
  • You’re going to have a separate URL to play with.  It won’t be here on, but we’ll probably use this site to syndicate the content for it, help get the word out, etc.
  • We’d like it to have a focus on tech news here in the area, goings-on with user groups, events, and whatever else you can think of that might make sense for inclusion.

…and I guess that’s probably enough to get the conversation started.

We also know that there are some of you out there already doing this, or making a run at doing this, or used to do this and weren’t quite sure what to do with it…and we’re okay with that as well.  Hell, if you’ve got something that’s already up and running and you’d like to work with us…perfect!  We’re not looking to re-invent the wheel here…we’re just looking to experiment with something that we think might be worthwhile.

So if you’re interested, drop us a note – and let’s chat.  A lot of our focus in the coming weeks will be on the upcoming Pink Slip Party, but we’ll make time to figure this out with you, or we can always start this up after that’s come and gone so that we’re not quite as frantic.