Update 3 From Afghanistan: We Needed Bigger Shirts

“Two outta three ain’t baaaaaaaad…” – Meatloaf

Good touch: Nothing got blown up.

Bad touch: We’re gonna need a bigger boat.  I mean “we’re gonna need bigger shirts”.

Update #3 has come in from the far away and dusty desert land…

If you missed the earlier updates, our first package arrived safely…but our shirt got blown up: http://www.ITinTheD.com/3614/okay-taliban-now-its-personal/

Package #2 arrived safely…and our shirt’s still alive and well: http://www.ITinTheD.com/3681/package-number-2/

Package #3 has arrived…and yeah, we should’ve gotten bigger shirts.

But still, Chief Crawford’s a good sport and took the time to let us know that everything got there in good shape and that it was all well received!

When this guy gets back stateside…pretty sure we’re going to turn him into the group’s official Terminator.  I double-dog-dare an MLM guy to try and come to one of our events…