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Yeah…didn’t get to this yesterday…

Anyway, there’s quite a bit going on in the upcoming weeks.  May’s definitely closing out busy, and June’s starting out that way.

You security minded folks are going to want to check out the Security BSides event this weekend downtown.  Tickets for Social Media Day Detroit 2012 become available tomorrow at 10am.  We’ve got our Pink Slip Party coming up on June 21st.

Lots and lots going on…

Details on the Security BSides event this weekend down at the RenCen can be found here:

Social Media Day Detroit 2012 event information can be found here:

Our Pink Slip Party info can be found here on the site – or on LinkedIn at

Don’t Be That Guy: Klout Score Guy went live, and you can read it out at

There was a nice write-up on CBS Detroit’s site about our efforts with the troops, and you can read that here:

Some of you may know one of our partners in crime, Jeff Haase.  Jeff used to work with me before taking a job over at Daimler, and he’s been a good sport about taking a lot of flack from us on a number of different levels.  He’s worn badges that have read “Decepticon Spy”, “Ask my about my extensive Barry Manilow collection”, “Can I buy you a drink?” and others.  He’s the one who got the ball rolling on The Slap Heard ‘Round the Bar at our December event.

He’s a good guy…and he’s getting shipped off to Singapore for four to six months because he’s snowed them into thinking he actually knows what he’s doing.  In fact, he’s leaving tomorrow.  So, just giving him a little shout-out here to keep safe, have fun, and enjoy the adventure, pal.  See you when you get back!

There’s a bunch of conversations going on and jobs posted in our LinkedIn group, so you should hop on over to and check it out.


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