Package Number 2 Arrived in Afghanistan Without Explosions (so far)

Remember the other day when we told you that the shirt with our logo on it got blown up by an IED in Afghanistan?

Did I mention that Russ is an anal-retentive control freak?

Well, he’s also smart from time to time.

See, Russ divided up the stuff that was gathered at the December event into multiple boxes for shipping to different people at different locations, which means that our t-shirts went to different locations…

…which means the damnable Taliban didn’t get ’em all.  Hooray!

Mundy LeonAttached is a pic from MA3 Mundy Leon.  She wanted me to thank you for sending out the care package. Taking at a tent at Camp Sabalu Harrison, AF.

You’re totally welcome, Mundy!  Keep yourself safe, and get back home soon.