Great Event Last Night At BlackFinn

First off, naturally, a huge “thank you” goes out to Charles Bieneman and the IT Section of the Michigan Bar Association for buying the drinks at last night’s event.  I think (and I hope…) they had as much fun as we did.  I know I had several conversations with a few of their attendees, and everyone seemed to be in good spirits and enjoying themselves…so I think our third annual get together went as smoothly as I’d hoped it would.

I still suck at remembering to take pictures though.  Really do have to get better about that.

In other news from last night…

Plugged In Guy made an appearance last night…and it wasn’t one of the attorneys. 🙂

Seriously folks…just leave the bluetooth earpiece out in your car.  It’s bad enough when you’re walking down the street and I can’t tell if you’re insanely talking with the voices in your head or to a client…it’s even worse at a networking event when someone can’t tell if you’re trying to talk with them or to your phone.

And yes, I know…Oily Weasel Guy made an appearance as well.  No, it wasn’t worth saying anything.  Remember, my first first Don’t Be That Guy entry was “Even That Guy Deserves Help“.  He apparently went to the box for two minutes and felt shame, stayed away for a while…and as long as history doesn’t repeat itself, we’re good.  Not only that, but I just got done talking through how people can change over time…so we’ll see how things go.

Other than those two minor details, last night was an enormous success, I think.  Tons of new faces making their first appearance at one of our events.  Lots of buzz and interest in next month’s Pink Slip Party.  News of a few more people getting hired from the connections they’ve made.

Couldn’t possibly be any happier.

We’ll start talking about the details for the Pink Slip Party next week, but for those that haven’t been before, take a minute to read over the basics – – and the Frequently Asked Questions –

That’s all for now.  Don’t forget to check out the updates from earlier in the week – – and maybe we’ll run into each other at Motor City Comic Con this weekend.