How Busy Do You Want To Be This Week?

We’ve got our event on Thursday night…but if that’s not enough for you, there’s a lot of stuff going on this week if you’re looking for things to do.

There are a few events on Wednesday night that you might be interested in checking out, and of course…Motor City Comic Con is this weekend.

So, some details…

Naturally, we’re looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday night at the BlackFinn for our casual networking event that’ll be welcoming the IT Section of the Michigan Bar Association for their third gathering with us.  Details on that, and all of our other events, can always be found here:

While you’re waiting for that to get here, on Wednesday, there are three events taking place that might be of interest.

If you’re in the .net world, MIGANG has a meeting at Microsoft’s offices in Southfield focused on Common Design Patterns.  They’re a little more structured that we are, with presentations on specific topics, but they still also focus on networking with other folks in the .net world, and so if that’s your ballpark, they’re good people to get to know.  Details on their event are available here:

Refresh Detroit also gets together Wednesday night for “Share Your Favorite Tool Night” – (ha ha, yes yes, the emails I’ve gotten saying that you’re going to go so that you can vote for me as your favorite “tool” are hysterical…shut up).  They’ll be in Ann Arbor at the Morris Lawrence Building at Washtenaw Community College, Room 121 from 6pm to 9pm sharing tips, tricks and tools that help make development work easier day to day.  It’s an open forum, and they are still asking for people who want to present/talk, so drop them a note and get engaged.

Another event taking place isn’t specific to the Information Technology industry, but IT positions are available and will be being discussed…and we do get asked on a fairly regular basis if we know of anything like this taking place for friends and family members of people who come to our events…so it’s worth mentioning.  The State of Michigan is on a fairly significant hiring spree right now, and so if you’re interested in picking up a job with the state in any one of a number of capacities (seriously, they’ll even be talking about how to become a Michigan State Trooper if you’re so inclined…), you might want to check out this event – which, yes, it’s taking place in a church.  Yes, I might be stopping by.  No, I don’t guarantee that the building won’t fall down around me as I make my way inside.  It’s not a job fair, it’s purely informational in nature, so leave the resumes at home and just go prepared to absorb info and follow up later.  If you want to attend, please drop a note to ahead of time.

No note like this would be complete without mentioning Motor City Comic Con – – taking place this weekend.  Billy Dee Williams.  Erin Grey (that’s right, Wilma Deering from Buck Rogers…you had the poster of her in the white skin-tight outfit…don’t lie). So, SO many more.  Comics, movies, films, pop culture galore.  Plus, Friday night at the Sheraton Crowne Plaza hotel ballroom in Novi is the annual Con drunkfest…uhh, “party”…and well, who are we to not promote drinking with geeks, right?  Right.

So, like I said – how busy do you want to be this week?

But, again, of course we’re still looking forward to seeing you Thursday night at the BlackFinn in Royal Oak –