Don’t Be That Guy – The Social Marketer Who Cried Wolf

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“If I show up at your door, chances are you did something to bring me there.” – Martin Blank

The title of this was given to me from a good friend of mine Mike who has literally been sick to his stomach at a few of his friends on how they are handling their social media lives.

Initially, they started as $20 Social Media class guy

Got a few stupid ideas…

Then basically followed the How Not To Suck at Facebook in reverse…

And lo and behold, you have “The Social Marketer Who Cried Wolf”. Below I will go into detail on a few of my favorites…

1. The Stuart

Did you ever see Mad TV’s Stuart? He was a little boy that needed attention. He demanded attention. He would interrupt anything simply to have you “look what he can do”.

In short, it all stems from one thing, they want to remain relevant. They NEED to remain relevant. They will do anything to simply be in your newsfeed.

“Daddy, look at me! LOOK AT ME! PLEASE LOOK AT ME! LOOK! DADDY! LOOK! DO IT! LOOK AT ME! PLEEEEEASE! DADDDDYYYYYY!”…and then you look….and they jump 2 inches in the air.

“Great baby! That was awesome!” you might say, all in the while you are thinking, “Really? I just turned my head for that?”

2. Tony Robbins

Seriously, this needs to stop and stop now. I wrote Inspirational Quote Guy a couple years ago, and I honestly can’t believe this still exists.

I see this constantly…

Now, please tell me which $20 class told you to do this EVERY MONDAY and I promise to go to their $20 class and kick them in the nuts.

Knock it off, you are not remaining relevant, you are not motivating anyone to do anything but hit the unfriend button.

If I needed motivation to do my job, I am in the wrong line of work. Period.

3. Message Board Guy

Where this came from, I will have no idea, but it goes something like this:

Facebook: I like cookies!!1!  What’s your favorite cookie?

And then immediately, dozens of people sheeple rush to comment:

I lika da chocolate!  

No no! I lika da peeenut butter!  

Nuh uh! Oatmeeel is da best!

And now the guy that started this feels relevant and gets affirmation because 22 people commented on some ridiculous question he asked on the Facebooks.

Seriously, cut it out.

…so this is why I call this “The Social Marketer Who Cried Wolf” because you are so “IN OUR FACE” with your stupid message that it becomes white noise. You are gone, dead to us, your message is poop.

If I can tell you one thing and one thing only, it’s common sense at it’s finest. If you wouldn’t say something like this to someone in person, then DON’T PUT IT ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA NEWSFEED!!

That is all, and remember, Don’t Be That Guy. Until next time…


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