Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

No, not really.  But I heard that song this morning and can’t get it out of my head, and so I’m sharing in the hopes that it’ll go away now.

However, what did happen last night was…awesome.  A damned great event, and I was absolutely right yesterday when I said this group is phenomenal and can adapt to just about anything.

The parking situation might not have been the best, but it worked out, and there were some really great things that happened.

And no, I’m not talking about Bob doing karaoke as the night wound down…

…although that was really funny.

Great crowd

No, i’m talking about…

– The four new hires in recent weeks that have taken place because of our events that we found out about over conversations.

– Oh, and one tweet that came in yesterday from someone that hired a person they met at one of our Pink Slip Parties.  They met them at a Pink Slip Party eighteen months ago and just hired them this week.  That may be a record.

– The new faces that showed up…and, laughably, several of them introduced themselves as “virgins”.  Gotta love people with a sense of humor that “get” us and break the ice accordingly.

– The regular cast of characters that showed up to continue earlier conversations and meet new folks.

Awesome place

Tipsy McStaggers itself…could not have possibly been any more accommodating or awesome.  The wait staff was friendly…and more importantly, seemed to be everywhere.  Every time I turned around there was someone asking if I needed anything, or if there was anything they could do for us…and I saw that same courtesy and level of service with everyone else at the event as well.  Both of the owners stopped by and profusely thanked us for being there and wanted to know when we’ll be coming back, and the manager was over the top happy with how things came together as well.

– I got a little freaked out when not one, not two, but three different people told me that my dating corollary blog about counter-offers (it’s over here if you haven’t read it yet: helped them make a decision about situations going on with them right at this very moment.  That’s a little heavy to take in.  And then, in the midst of my freak out, I had someone put their hand on my shoulder and give me the Spiderman “With great power…comes great responsibility” speech.  Nice.

– We got asked to get involved with a few more speaking engagements.  Always nice that people value our opinions enough to put us in front of people.  Also a little freaky.

We're a very classy group.

Seriously, couldn’t have asked for things to have gone any better.  Lots of great people, whether looking to hire or be hired, or just there to meet people in the industry and expand their networks.

A huge “thank you” to anyone and everyone that came out and played a part in making last night such a great event.

And there may or may not be video of Bob singing Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend”…may…or may not…we shall see…

Oh, and if you have a moment, you might want to check out A Non Geeky Solution to the Abandoned Buildings Problem over at, and there’s a charity event going on to help cancer victims in Michigan down at the Majestic next weekend that you really ought to strongly consider going to.  You can read about that here: