Casual Networking Event Tonight at Tipsy McStaggers

We’ve got our casual networking event for folks in and around the Information Technology industry tonight at Tipsy McStaggers in Warren.

Looking forward to good conversations, great beer, fun times…

…okay, and I’m kind of “bracing for impact” on this one, too…

Turns out the owner of the place thought it would be a great idea to go ahead and take over the back room that was being set aside for us for his own purposes.


click for parking info

Well, as always, we’ll still make it work.  I have every expectation that our usual crowd will pretty much just take over and fill the front of the place, so it sucks to be any bar regulars that were planning on being there, I guess.  The manager’s just been great through this whole process, and I’m sure it’ll work out.  Things usually do.  Even when things have gone horribly wrong in the past, this group still adapts, improvises, and overcomes to do what we do.

There’s a map up there on the right that shows the relation of the bar to both 12 Mile road and Van Dyke, so that you have a good spatial clue of where it’s at, as well as some information about additional parking if it becomes needed.

So.  That being said…really looking forward to seeing everyone tonight.  And not just because I’m finally off the antibiotics I was taking to kick a sinus infection and can drink again.

But that’s definitely a consideration.

Details can be found here on the site or on LinkedIn at

See you tonight!