Casual Networking Event This Thursday at BlackFinn

Yeah, it happened.

This past Thursday night I got a phone call and two emails from people who were looking for us at the BlackFinn.

We didn’t have an event this past Thursday at the Blackfinn.  We have an event this Thursday at the Blackfinn.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…”but you guys always do the third Thursday of the month, and so…”

Well, not really, and see, it’s like this…

Yes, we really do try and stick with “the pattern” of the third Thursday of the month.  Unless something chaotic is taking place.

Like the third week of March.

March Madness and the NCAA tournament.  St. Patrick’s Day.  Soooooooo many things go on during  that week that it’s just really not practical to even bother trying.  Too many distractions in the bar.  Too many people that want to be out after work with friends watching the game.  And so, for the past…oh, at least two or three years now…our March event has always been pushed back a week in order to let people do their thing.


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…but this one – – is always “home base” for us and therefore the safest way to make sure you know what’s going on.

We’ve even gotten a lot better about planning things out in advance…I mean, we had the first few months of this year set in stone before Winter kicked in last year, and we’re already solidly booked out for this Thursday, and for April on the 19th, May’s event on the 17th, our next Pink Slip Party takes place on June 21st, and then another event on July 19th.

So there you have it.  This Thursday.  Royal Oak.  BlackFinn.  Back room.  5:01pm start time.  Good, solid networking with folks here in metro Detroit in and around the information technology industry.

Look forward to seeing you there…yes, even you three…and you know who you are… 🙂

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