Social Media Event Tomorrow Night, News, Jobs, Updates and More for 2/29/2012

Happy Leap Day!

Yep, an extra day.  Which is kind of weird, and honestly always throws me off a little bit.  It’s just…an odd concept.

Speaking of odd concepts…depending on when you’re reading this, I may or may not have been on the radio by now, and you may or may not have therefore heard me on the radio this morning.

See?  Sometimes I actually try to be smart and write these things ahead of time to make my life easier.  But that makes things like “tense” tricky as a result.

So, if it’s before 11am…and Ice Storm 2012 hasn’t frozen my in my house like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude…tune in and check it out.

Also depending on when you’re reading this, I may or may not still have a free ticket or two for tomorrow night’s event still available.

Wow.  This is hard.  This must be what it feels like to be a time traveler…

Okay, so by now you know (or should…it’s not like I’ve been quiet about it) that I’m moderating a panel discussion Thursday night titled “Using Social Media to Find Your Next Position/Employee“.  You can find details about it here:

You can read about picking up a free ticket if you’re so inclined by reading this:

If it’s still in that “non-fortress of solitude” window of opportunity and you want to catch the radio thing, you can read the details here:

Our next event happens to not be until Thursday, March 22nd at the BlackFinn in Royal Oak.  Once again, we continue our annual tradition of steering well clear of St Patrick’s Day, March Madness, or anything else that would be too distracting.  As always, you can catch up on all of our events out at

While you’re waiting on that, a few things to not forget about:

Denise Ilitch Designs is doing something very cool, and wants to help Michigan Military brides on their wedding day by setting them up with some jewelry on their wedding day. Pretty nice of them, and you can catch the details and information on how to get in on it by reading

Pre-Registration is now open for the Day of Azure, and it’s only $10 if you register before March 5th. Registration and other details can be found at

Agile and Beyond is rapidly coming up.  You can get details on a discounted registration here:

LinkedIn.  Oh, do we have fun on LinkedIn.

Like “what kind of fun”, you may ask?

Oh, discussions about everything from the “best” viewing order for the Star Wars films, free training opportunities, upcoming events and conferences around the area…good stuff.

So, dive in:

And while you’re there, you might want to check out the jobs that are posted…because yeesh, there are a lot of ’em.  Entry level help desk gigs?  Yup.  .Net jobs?  Yep.  Java?  Uh-huh.  DBAs?  Yeppers.

Seriously, quite a few.  Check ’em out at

So, again, get yourself into the group at and we hope we see you tomorrow night or at one of our upcoming events!


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