More Interview Tips, Social Media Mayhem, News, Jobs and Updates for 2/22/2012


Yeah, you.  Wanna check out something a little different next Thursday night?  Go read this, and then come watch me moderate a panel discussion on social media and jobs.

Did you enjoy part 1 and part 2 of How Not To Suck at Interviewing for a Job?  Well, part 3 is now live.

Were you at our event last Thursday night?  If so, you may have discovered some of the same cool finds I did.  If not, you might want to read about them here.

Catch our note about Denise Ilitch Designs wanting to help Michigan Military brides by setting them up with jewelry on their wedding day?  No?  Go read this.

Been paying attention to our LinkedIn group, and all of the conversations taking place?  You should be.

The devil’s in the details…so let’s dive in…

Last Thursday’s event at Rochester Mills was really great on a number of levels.  More new faces.  More new people.  New businesses looking to get the word out about themselves and their offerings.  People looking to branch out and make new connections.  Some great conversations about the industry in general here in the area.  Check out a quick summary of some items of note by reading this entry

Now, our next event isn’t until March 22nd.  And we know that’s a long ways away.  So if you start to miss us too much, or fear that you might, you can always make plans to hit this event, taking place next Thursday (March 1st), where you can watch me attempt to maintain my composure as I moderate a panel discussion around “Using Social Media to Find Your Next Position/Employee“…and you can watch Bob and Jeff distract and make faces at me the entire time trying to make me lose it, as well as what I’m almost certain will be a good deal of banter and post-panel mocking of me.  Good times.  If you’re confused as to how it comes to pass that I’m “moderating” anything, or just to get the details on the event, go read this

We had so much fun with, and gotten really good feedback about, part 1 and part 2 of How Not To Suck at Interviewing for a Job that part 3 is now live out at

Denise Ilitch Designs is doing something very cool, and wants to help Michigan Military brides on their wedding day by setting them up with some jewelry on their wedding day.  Pretty nice of them, and you can catch the details and information on how to get in on it by reading

Pre-Registration is now open for the Day of Azure, and it’s only $10 if you register before March 5th, so why not go find out what evil plans Microsoft has for the cloud? Registration and other details can be found at

Which brings us to our LinkedIn group.

As of the time I’m writing this, there are 70+ jobs sitting there waiting to be looked at and scooped up, not to mention some solid conversations taking place about everything from Google’s privacy policy to whether or not we should cave and do nametags at our casual networking events instead of only for our Pink Slip Parties.  As always, your feedback and input is what helps shape what this group is and does, so hop in and chime in

Now about those jobs.  Like I mentioned a few sentences ago, there are quite a few posted at the moment, and rather than dump them all into this week’s blast, I’m going to keep it simple and encourage you to just dive in yourself if you’re interested.  Help desk folks to DBAs, junior to senior developers of just about every flavor and language…there’s someone looking to hire you right now.  Seriously.  Like right now.

So, again, get yourself into the group at and we’ll see you there.


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