Using Social Media to Find Your Next Position/Employee

So, this ought to be entertaining, if nothing else.

I’ve been asked to moderate a panel discussion next Thursday night (March 1st) on Using Social Media to Find Your Next Position/Employee.

I know, I know…it’s not often that someone thinks of me when it comes to anything involving the word “moderate”, but…well…it kind of makes sense.

See, here’s how this works…

I’ve known Sola for a while now, and she runs a networking group called “Social Media Is A Party”.  She also has her hands in a few other enterprises, but this is the important one for the purposes of this discussion.

We’ve talked numerous times over the past two years about working together on an event, or joining forces for an event, or just figuring out a way to help each other out along the way.  So, when she said she needed someone with an IT background who uses social media extensively to moderate a panel of people discussing using social media to find a job or hire someone…

…well, I’ve got an IT background…

…and, well, I’m always spouting off on our blog or Facebook or Twitter about something or other…

…and I just got done telling everyone why they’re not a “social media expert“…

…and this is a pretty solid group we’ve got running here, built exclusively through social media and word of mouth…

…and people do keep finding jobs and hiring through this group…

…and, what’s that?  Someone with a sense of humor?  Well, I’d like to think out Don’t Be That Guy and How Not To Suck entries make at least a passable attempt at using humor more often than not…

…and, let’s be honest.  It’s not like I’m shy.

So…yeah, let’s do this.

And that’s how your friendly neighborhood geek with a mouth and a half winds up as the moderator for a panel discussion entitled “Using Social Media to Find Your Next Position/Employee”.

Now, who’s on this panel discussion that I’m moderating?  You’ve got:

Matt Mosher, CEO of

Kelly LaVaute, Social Media Manager at Quicken Loans

Collin LaLonde, President of Talent Driven Executive Search

Yelena Crawford, Brand Manager at Pink Pump & P2

Jon Gunnells, Social Media Planner at Campbell-Ewald

Elena Mueller, Recruiter at Team Detroit

…and so there you have it.  Ought to be an interesting night.  And if you’ll notice below, they left almost two hours after the panel discussion for you to tell me what a sellout I am, or just to critique and mock my performance afterwards over drinks.  Isn’t that nice?  I thought so.

So, the details:

Thursday, March 1st: ‘Using Social Media to Find Your Next Position/Employee’

Location: Dino’s Lounge, Ferndale

Are you seeking your dream position or perfect new addition to your team?

Join us at Social Media is a Party! on Thursday, March 1st and learn how to effectively leverage social networks for your job/candidate search.



6:30pm – 7pm: Registration

7pm – 8:05pm: Panel Discussion – “Using Social Media to Find Your Next Position/Employee”

8:05pm – 10pm: Interactive Segment and Mixer

Interactive Segment – Hands-on Social Media Session. Twitter games and giveaways.

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Mixer – Entertainment and Networking

Tickets are $10 in advance and $20 at the door.

Appetizers will be served, drink specials will be available for the evening.