Casual Networking Event Next Week At The BlackFinn

A few days ago, I published a new Don’t Be That Guy about the dark side of networking.

I’ve gotten a lot of email since that went live.  Everything from forwarded invitations to those other events (which always get a reminder that you have a “Report Spam” feature on your inbox, and you should use it) to notes about our events and some affirmation that we actually are, after all, doing something right.

Most importantly though, there was some confusion about when our next event is taking place…

My favorite forwarded invite was just a forward, along with “WTF?!” in about 64 point bold font.  I’m pretty sure he would’ve used the blink tag if he could have.  We also had a few folks that thought it was us sending those out…that’s always fun.  Because there’s nothing better than getting confused with a circle jerk with their hands in everyone’s pocket.  I had to talk a few people down off the ledge because they thought we’d gone to the dark side ourselves and started charging for our events.  Or that we’d changed the date and forgotten to update our site and the LinkedIn listings.

No, we didn’t forget anything.  And no, we haven’t gone to the dark side.

Yes, they’re having an event at the same place ours is this month, but ours is next Thursday and it’s free.  Yes, we’ve always started our events at 5:01 because they’re about building a network after work, but our events will always carry our name.

So, I just thought it was worth mentioning yet again that the latest and greatest about our events can always be found on our Events Page out at

We’ve got Royal Oak, Warren and Rochester Hills covered so far with the events we already have on the books, so make sure you’re keeping an eye on our schedule.