Meet The Troops Part 4

So, who are we helping with our event on December 15th?

You’ve read the primer on why we’re doing this.

You know we’re helping local Michigan people in the military stationed overseas.

You’ve got the event booked in your calendar and you’ll be there.

You read the Frequently Asked Questions about the event and you’re ready.

You met Dawn on Friday, and then Mike on Saturday, and Jon yesterday.

Well, now let’s meet yet another one of the people we’re doing this for…

Meet Morgan.


He is a reservist and in his civilian life, he drives a tour boat in Frankenmuth, MI. 

Morgan a son who is 25 years old and also in the Navy. 

He lives with his long term girlfriend who has 3 children of her own. 

He is currently deployed performing Detainee Ops.

The event:

The primer:

…and the Frequently Asked Questions:

Plus, don’t forget to meet Dawn

…or Mike:

…and Jon:

See you there!

As others get published, they will appear here: