Meet The Troops Part 1

So, who are we helping with our event on December 15th?

You’ve read the primer on why we’re doing this.

You know we’re helping local Michigan people in the military stationed overseas.

You’ve got the event booked in your calendar and you’ll be there.

You read the Frequently Asked Questions about the event and you’re ready.

Well, now let’s meet one of the people we’re doing this for…

Meet Dawn.

Dawn is a Staff Sergeant in the Army Reserves and is currently deployed to Afghanistan.

She is from Harrison Township, MI. and is a college student. She also performs Military Funeral Honors for our vets.

She is single and has 6 nieces and nephews who love to hear of her adventures in the military.

And she’s a redhead.  And you’re already too late…I’ve already made every “Red Dawn” reference you can possibly think of.

Pretty damned cool.  College student risking her ass to make sure I’m free and clear to do stuff like sit back and complain about That Guy.

I’m just going to go ahead and pretend that I don’t feel emasculated whatsoever at the moment.  Let’s just focus on beer and doing cool stuff so I keep my mind off of that, shall we?  Good. 🙂


The event:

The primer:

…and the Frequently Asked Questions:

See you there!

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