News, Jobs, Updates And More For 11/30/2011

We’re two weeks away from our event on Thursday, December 15th at Dragonmead Brewery.

In case you’ve missed all of the memos, updates, discussions, chats, emails, notes, posts, threads, tweets, Facebook updates, or just generally haven’t been paying attention, we’re doing something pretty cool with this one, and we’re really hoping that you’re spreading the word and getting the information out there as much as we are.

And, just in case you weren’t paying attention to last week’s update (and, really, can’t blame you…I was already checked out while writing it), we had a few other updates that I’ll recap quickly as well…

But first thing’s first.

Thursday, December 15th.

Dragonmead Brewery.

5:01pm start time.

Help support Michigan military families.

Click here to read and find out the details of what’s going on, and how you can be a part of something we think is a pretty great idea.

…and then take the link and get it out to everyone you know in the industry here in metro Detroit.  The more awareness and involvement we can get for this, the better the end result will be.

We’ve started fleshing out our calendar of events for next year as well.  We’re by no means “done”, but we’ve at least got some of them nailed down.  We’re still working out the details on getting to Ann Arbor, back to Rochester Hills, downtown Detroit, and a few other locations along the way.  Should be a fun year.  But let’s stay focused on ending this year on a really high note.

Don’t Be That Guy – The Betta Fish is live out at

Don’t Be That Guy – Rude To The Secretary Guy is live out at

If you’re at all interested in the makeup and composition of our LinkedIn group…or just happen to be a bit of a metrics nerd, you might want to read this entry out at

Care about what we’ve seen take place in the industry and in the group over the past 18 months?  Then you might want to give this a read over at

Hopped into the LinkedIn group lately?  You should.  It’s here:, and that’s where a lot of really great conversations take place amongst our members, as well as getting the word out about things in between these updates.  Naturally there are also jobs out there because one of those things that we’ve noticed is that there’s no such thing as an “end of year hiring freeze” any more.  Recruiters are busier than ever looking for candidates with a clue for contracting, consulting, contract to hire and just flat out direct hire positions…so you might want to check that out.

That’s all for this time, and see you at our upcoming events!  And remember – get the word out with this link: !


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