The Week In Review And Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m going to spare you the (mostly fake) sappy “we’re thankful for…” sentimentality that everyone in the free world is whipping around.  You know (or you should) that we appreciate you and your involvement in the group, and heck, we even like some of you on a personal level.  ‘Nuff said.

So as you’re preparing to gorge yourself on the bird that Ben Franklin lobbied to become our national symbol (how awkward would that be…) and some variety of sided-dishes according to your own family customs and traditions, and while you’re planning out which pants give you the best opportunity of finding that perfect balance between “I ate too much” and “I can still fall asleep watching the Lions game without the risk of a button bursting free and taking out someone’s eye”, just know that we do appreciate you.

Well, most of you.

Which is actually a good segue into the full set of updates this week…

…because we learned a little bit more about you this week.  “Whoooooooooo Are You?” out at takes a look at somes data, metrics and statistics that LinkedIn now makes available via their Groups, and it was kind of interesting to find a few things out.  Like who “you” are, or at least the collective “you” of our LinkedIn group members.  Nothing was really all that shocking to read, but it was still nice to have some confirmation on what we thought was true all along, as well as the occassional nugget of new info.

Some of those metrics actually proved out what I was saying in a note that came out last week after our great event with Goodtimes for Gleaners over at the BlackFinn took place this past Thursday night.  “Evolution” is sitting live out at, and takes a look at where the group’s come and gone in the past 18 months, what we’ve noted about the industry and our group, and how the dynamic (and expectations) of the group have…well, duh “evolved”…over that time as well.

However, as the saying goes…the more things change, the more they stay the same…which is why we continue to put out Don’t Be That Guy entries.

Two more went live this past week.  We had a guest poster (if you anagram his name, you get “SOS ON TURDS“) send in Don’t Be That Guy – Rude to the Secretary Guy, and then Don’t Be That Guy – The Betta Fish went live as well.  The first is out at and clues you in to what people are watching when they see you interacting with other people…and what judgments this causes them to reach about you as a result.  The second can be found at and talks through one of my favorite analogies, about how team building is much like owning a fish tank, and why the pretty fish might not always be the best decision for you.

What is always a good decision for you (assuming you’re not That Guy) is to come to one of our events.

Our next is taking place on Thursday, December 15th over at the Dragonmead Brewery in Warren.  As always, the details about our events can be found on our events page at, or you can also check out the listing on LinkedIn at

And look…we’re not saying that you have to come to the event on the 15th…but we’re just saying that if you don’t, it’s quite possible that you hate America.  You don’t hate America, do you?  Are you sure?  Because you should probably read this and then make up your mind if you’re coming or not. (mental note: one of these days, I will find a pic that works for the somewhat-joking, sarcastic, eye-brow raised look that I have as I type things like that…)

Along with the cheesy (and, again, “mostly fake”) sentimentality, I’m also going to spare you the usual brain dump of conversations and jobs in our LinkedIn Group.  If you’re new to these parts, welcome, and get yourself into our LinkedIn Group.  You should be exploring there anyway to get a feel for us as a whole.  If you’re not new to these parts…well, you know that occasionally I’m lazy and don’t feel like spoon-feeding everything out in one of these.  So, the group is located out here – – and you should stop be and say hello.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone!

Well, except you Canadians who sneak in here and read these.  Yeah, we know you’re here…you and your whole “we do Thanksgiving a month earlier than you…” pretentiousness.  Everyone knows the Pilgrims didn’t have a layover in Nova Scotia before they hit Plymouth Rock.  You’re fooling nobody.  So you…you get back to work!

I think we’re done here.

That’s all for this time, and see you at our upcoming events!


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