Whooooooooooo Are You? Ooo Ooo, Ooo Ooo

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In case you were wondering…no, I don’t karaoke.

You’re welcome.

Anyway…so LinkedIn actually did something kind of cool for once.  It doesn’t make up for the litany of “suck” that they continue to inflict upon everyone…but still, “cool”.

They added some metrics, data, and analytics into the groups.

Which is kind of cool, because now we know a little more about you.

And we thought you might like to know a little more about each other…

So, here we are, just before Thanksgiving 2011.

– There are 2,832 of you in the group right now.

–  927 (or about 1/3) are senior level

– 90% of you are in the area LinkedIn defines as Greater Detroit

– Only 14% are in “Information Technology”.  Which is awfully weird, huh?

Well, that’s the fun part of analytics.

You can deep dive and find out why anomalies exist, and what they mean.

Ahhhh.  That explains some of it.

You’re “information technology”

…and “consulting”

…and “human resources”

Now that makes more sense.

But still…only 90% in the Greater Detroit area?  I thought we were more focused than even that…


90% Greater Detroit area.

Tiny percentage from Greater Grand Rapids.

Another from Chicago.



Got it.  Makes perfect sense.

Now…about that “46% Information Technology”…

Well…yes…46% of you fall into the Information Technology category…

…but the other categories make just as much sense.

Computer Software…duh, also IT.

Staffing and Recruiting.  Duh.  For IT.

Automotive…yeah, in IT roles again.  It’s not like we have a lot of folks floating around the group in shop or line capacities…just not our demographic.

Oh, and in case you were wondering…yes, I am absolutely loving this.

I’m a complete and total dork for metrics and analytics.

Now…let’s see where you are career-wise.

We already know that 33% fall into the “senior level” category.

That other 67%?

22% are entry level.

12% of you are management.

7% of you own your own company.

10% of you fall into the “C” or “D” level category – Directors, CTO’s, CIO’s, CEO’s, and the like.


Simply fascinating.

Okay…maybe just to me, I guess.

But still, that answers the question…

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