Update on November 17th BlackFinn Event – Good Times for Gleaners Added!

You might want to plan on hanging out a bit later than normal on November 17th if you can do so.  Kind of a cool thing with the Good Times for Gleaners taking place and dovetailing with our event.

Friend of ITintheD.com Rob Ray is involved and doing good for the area, so read on for the details…

It’s time to kick social-philanthropy into hi-gear for the 3rd Annual Goodtimes For Gleaners Food Drive to benefit Gleaners Community Food Bank of Michigan! Every year you awesome do-gooders have lined-up at BlackFinn in Royal Oak to donate nonperishable food items and throw one heck of party to celebrate! In prior years we’ve had lines wrapping around the block and donations feeding thousands of families; this year will be even better!

This year BlackFinn is really stepping-up to throw one heck of a party and help take a bite out of hunger in Michigan:

Bring 3 nonperishable food items, get $3-you-call-its for 3 hours

You read that right. We call it the triple-threat.

We’ll have great drinks, room in the back with it’s own bar and free appetizers from 9-11PM. All you have to do is show up!

Gleaners Community Food Bank is an amazing organization that serves those coping with hunger, and that need has continued to grow as the economy remains sluggish. By leveraging local networks of farmers and grocers, Gleaners is able to convert every $1 donated into 3 meals, with $0.97 of every $1 donated going directly to food programs! Now those are results!

So, come for the networking, stay for the good times!  And, of course, don’t forget about our event at Dragonmead Brewery this Thursday night, October 20th!