A Nice Success Story

We love getting these.  This one came in from Randall Curry:

Bob, Dave, Jeff – Let me keep this as short and to the point as possible:

First, I got a job through the last Pink Slip Party at the Post in Novi.

Second, thank you so much for what you guys do. Since the recruiters/hirers had my resume that you distributed prior to the event, they recognized my name on my tag and were ready to talk. The position I have accepted is through JDM Systems Consultants working at OnStar GM as a Business Analyst. One of you pointed out their table when I asked you who was looking for Business Analysts, which was helpful.

Third, is there another place on the site or LinkedIn that you would like me to share my success story?

Thanks again, Randy

You just did, Randy.  You just did.  And you’re welcome.  Congratulations on the new gig!