What should I make time to read?

We’ve got a lot of blog entries out here, we know.  However, they all serve a purpose.

If you’re looking for some highlights and really want to get into what we’re all about, then here are a few suggestions:

By Category

Don’t Be That Guy over at http://www.ITinTheD.com/category/dbtg/ covers all of the various behaviors that will cause you to fail at networking and networking events.

Entries for Job Seekers out at http://www.ITinTheD.com/category/jobseek/ is a combination of our Don’t Be That Guy entries and random thoughts that are specifically targeted for people looking for jobs

Entries for Recruiters out at http://www.ITinTheD.com/category/for-recruiters/ are the postings that we’ve had specifically geared towards those looking to hire people.

Networking Basics out at http://www.ITinTheD.com/category/networking-basics/ covers, well, the basics about networking.

Things We Hate over at http://www.ITinTheD.com/category/hate/ is a good list of entries to read if you want to avoid being That Guy.

Specific Topics

The Recliner Principle at http://www.ITinTheD.com/22/the-recliner-principle/ is a good entry about WHY networking is important.

The 10 Commandments of Networking at http://www.ITinTheD.com/68/the-ten-commandments-of-networking/ continues to be a popular topic.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Networking lives at http://www.ITinTheD.com/1309/dont-be-that-guy-the-seven-deadly-sins-of-networking/ …because what good are the 10 Commandments without the 7 Deadly Sins?

Through The Looking Glass at http://www.ITinTheD.com/887/through-the-looking-glass/ gets into why we think job fairs suck, why we don’t “do” them, and why we get annoyed when people think our Pink Slip Party events fit under that umbrella.

Multi Level Marketing Guy at http://www.ITinTheD.com/935/multi-level-marketing-guy/ exists because we have to keep dealing with them, and this is who you won’t find at our events.  And if you do, point them out so we can have them removed.

Bad Resume Guy at http://www.ITinTheD.com/101/bad-resume-guy/ walks you through the process of how to craft your resume effectively.