Pink Slip Party This Thursday Night!

The countdown clock is doing it’s thing, and we’re almost at our next (and probably last of the year) Pink Slip Party of 2011.  Thursday night, Post Bar, Novi, 5:01 start time.  Completely free for all to attend, doesn’t matter if you’re a job seeker, someone looking to hire, or just looking to build your network with other Information Technology Professionals here in the metro Detroit area.

So let’s take a quick look at how things are shaping up for Thursday night…

An interesting trend is developing this time around – we’re seeing a bigger percentage of companies looking to do their own hiring that have said they’re coming, and we’re also seeing a more diverse range of positions being hunted.  More than anything else, that’s a credit to the growth of the group over the course of the past year or two – word has gotten around that there’s a lot of great talent that shows up at our events, and so more companies are interested in showing up to find them.  There’s also the economic factor…we’re still one of the only ways for companies to connect with job seekers without requiring them to fork out hundreds or thousands of dollars, and when combined with the word of mouth that they hear about us…they’re willing to take a chance that this crazy, hair-brained website focused on beer and Don’t Be That Guy blog entries just might be able to help them.

And so they’re coming.  They’re looking for java developers.  .Net developers.  Oracle folks.  They want to hire additional recruiters.  They need social media experts, infrastructure architects and business analysts.  Some need technical writers, or network and Exchange administrators.  Know PhP?  Three different companies would love to talk with you.  You’re a little more on the creative side and can do front end layout and design work?  Yep, they’re looking for you, too.  MySQL to MSSQL to DB2.  Websphere, Weblogic and JBoss.  I’m actually pretty intrigued by the diversity of skills being hunted…even if you’re just casually looking, well…if you haven’t read The Recliner Principle out at …you should.

We’re looking forward to seeing you Thursday night.  Don’t forget to read the Frequently Asked Questions out at to get a feel for things, and as always, drop us a line at if you have any questions.