Pink Slip Party Next Week, Updates for 9/7/2011

Are you coming to our Pink Slip Party event next week at the Post Bar in Novi?  Have you let us know that you’re coming?  Have you read the FAQs?  Resumes from job seekers are already coming in, and we’ve also got some great recruiters already queued up to be there as well.  Looking forward to seeing you there.

It’s coming down to the wire for you to vote for us in the CBS Local Most Valuable Blogger contest, so make sure you get over there and do that.

Time’s also running out to come along for the ride with the Great Party Bus Tour of 2011.

And of course we’ve got jobs and discussions taking place in our LinkedIn group, so you’ll want to check that out, too.

So, let’s go ahead with some details…

Going to keep this relatively short this week, since we’re gearing up for next week’s event and still finalizing details for the rest of the year’s activities.

The next Pink Slip Party event is taking place on Thursday, September 15th at the Post Bar in Novi. You can check out the details here on our site at or out on LinkedIn at Please remember to check out our Frequently Asked Questions out at if this is your first time coming…and now’s a good time to start letting us know you’ll be there, particularly if you’re a recruiter. We’ve already heard from some of you, and remember – just like with all of our networking events, this one starts right after work at 5:01, and is completely free of charge to attend for job seekers, recruiters, and anyone else in and around the Information Technology industry that wants to attend. The only reason we ask that you let us know in advance that you’re coming is so that if you’re a job seeker, we can help you out by getting your resume out to the recruiters that we know are coming, and for recruiters, we just want to make sure we have a badge waiting for you when you get there…as well as being able to get you in the mix with the job seekers that are coming.  If you’re not seriously searching for a new gig or just coming to help build your network, sure, we’d still like you to RSVP out on LinkedIn just so we can keep tabs on things, but you’re also more than welcome to just show up.  Curious as to what they’re like?  Check out some photos from past events.

If I were you, I’d be there.

Our LinkedIn group is a great source of information, whether you’re looking for jobs or just other IT Professionals here in the metro Detroit area for discussions.  So head on over to and either check out the Discussions tab, or if you’re looking for a new gig, hop into the Jobs tab within the group, and then click into Career Discussions to see jobs posted by recruiters and HR folks who participate with our group directly.

…and well, you didn’t think I forgot the most important part, did you? …go vote for us! Remember – every day, once per browser /smart phone / whatever you have. Go do it.

Click. Vote for us.

On a final note, registration is filling up for The Great Party Bus Tour of 2011.  So, get yourself over to if you want to participate…and, again, if I were you, I’d be there.

That’s all for this time (see?  short.) …see you at our Pink Slip Party event next week, and hopefully at the other events throughout the rest of the year!


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