Registration Open For The Great Party Bus Tour

Okay, so the details are set and finalized, and registration is now open.

However, we have some information to give you before we give you the link.

So, read, understand, live, eat, sleep and breathe by what we’re about to tell you…

Remember the Red Wings game? Same principle applies here. We want nothing to do with your money. At all. Ever. So, the company putting this together has created a customized sign up form for us, and you can go there to pick up your ticket(s) directly from them. And yep, just like everything else, we’ll be picking up our tickets on our own as well…because we’re still not making a dime off of this.

Now, all of that being said, participation in the Great Party Bus Tour of 2011 is not mandatory if you just want hang at the BlackFinn and meet some great people. They’ll still be running great drink and food specials, and it’s never a bad place to meet up and chat for a while if nothing else.

The link for registration for the bus tour is now live. There are 24 seats available as of this moment, cost is $31.74 (it’s $30, but Eventbrite tacks on a $1.74 service charge…there’s nothing we can do about that, sorry).

– You’re responsible for getting to the BlackFinn on time

– You’re responsible for your own drinks at the locations we go to

– We’re not taking any liability or responsibility for you, nor is the company that we’re working with.  If you need to, read Don’t Be That Guy: Drunk Guy again.

– Just to re-iterate, you don’t have to come along for this if you just want to go to the BlackFinn.  They’ll still have the back room open for anyone and everyone that stays after we depart at 6pm.

All of that being said…go hit the event details page here – and sign up if you’re so inclined.  We’d love to have you along.