Episode 359 – Events Updates, Rubik’s Cube Competitions, Umbrella Academy Season 2, Binging

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Uh huh

No, we were hell bent. We were all bent on doing an event in August. That’s not happening. Nope. Did we were hell bent on doing that last event in March. We were like, it’ll be fine. We’re good to go. And, and then it all came tumbling down. I’m leaning I’m so we were like, I think I’m just gonna put it on the calendar for September. Just see what happens. Right. Well that’s all you can do at this point. You know, just see what happens. Well, you know, Thursday, September, um, we’re either going to, we’re probably going to be at Nancy whiskeys down at Corktown. So, uh, put it on your calendars and then just keep an eye on what we’re saying and doing, because obviously we’re not going to put anybody in danger and we want everybody to be safe and cool, except for you. And you know who you are, we’ll put you in danger.

Yeah, no, I mean, it’s, it’s been a weird dude. I mean, you know, with just watching, you know, what’s going on and, and you’ve got, you know, some States that are rolling back, uh, you’ve got, you know, an and starting to close up bars and restaurants again, you’ve got, you know, all the debates with school, you know, that are going on left and right. I mean, I got, you know, teacher, friends and parent friends and it’s, this is like just the biggest cluster of clusters that I’ve seen. I like, there’s been nothing like this in my life. Like, no, cause here’s, here’s the thing like, and this reminds me of arguments I’ve had at work before someone needs to drop the gavel because you have too many people saying too many things at the same time. Like it’s like, that’s okay. That’s not okay. That’s okay.

But this isn’t okay. You know? And you know, if he had fries, then it’s okay. That’s not okay, but not chicken wings or chicken wings, but not fries and chicken, chicken strips, but not chicken wings, chicken, you can be outdoors or you’re going to be on motorcycles. New, new, new, new that’s bad. No, no, no, you can’t do that like, Oh, well, okay. So there’s, there’s a tie into one of our stories. Like everybody’s kind of tweaking big. Well, and there’s a difference between being on motorcycles and being on motorcycles, outdoors, and then being on a motorcycle outdoor with 250,000

Other people and bringing great dude. You ever, you ever been to a biker party? You ever been? Oh, when I was at Daytona for spring break, when I was negative the last week of biker week. And how, how socially distant our people during those events. They’re common dot. Well, yeah. Cause they were going to kick your ass if you were the guy with the sun and blonde hair and the cheese,


And the white tree torn. Yeah, the, yeah, the, uh, the wannabe Brian Bosworth look alike. Yeah. They weren’t really interested in hanging out with you. Yeah, yeah. Um, no, just, I just wish someone would have a consensus. Um, cause like, yeah, now the school thing now, like normally that type of thing would come from the federal government


And it’s like, can we pick a doctor that like says wear masks, then the first thing he goes to in public doesn’t wear one while he’s sitting two feet from people. Well, but, and I do it, like I saw that meme a lot and it’s one of those like, okay, so the person to his right was wearing a mask, uh, the person too. And, and he had it pulled down. So for all you knew, like he had just finished taking a drink of a beer or soda or whatever it is that you know, that the Fowchee drinks, I’m not going to put it. You know, I’m not going to cast dispersions on his character. Um, although, Hey there, so there’s another good tie in speaking of casting aspersions on his character, uh, there was that little kerfluffle that happened a little bit ago where I it’s, it’s kinda like a hullabaloo, but a little bit, but a little bit boring.

Um, somebody came out a while ago and accused of Fowchee of sexual misconduct, uh, you know, kind of trying to meet to him. Um, and now as doubled back and admitted that not only did she make the entire thing up, um, but she has been paid by Trump supporters, uh, to do this more, not only to foul G but to one other person back in January. Um, so apparently there’s just an industry. Uh, there’s a whole little cottage industry out there, uh, for making me to announcements about people. So that’s awesome. Yeah. It’s an election season, Dave, that shit happens every year. And even though dude, it’s one of those things where like intellectually, I know that, but I still hope for better for us as a society. There’s nothing funnier like in the last year than the crowd at the Dave Chappelle standup, where he talks about Jesse SMO small. Yay.


That crowd, man, I swear to God they’re going to come out of their shoes when he did that whole bit. Anyway. So there’s, there’s one thing I’m going to get yelled at for, for, um, I finally started watching, um, and I can’t stop watching it and it’s probably the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s by the greatest written show, hands down, I thought it’s always sunny was my top, like 1.1%

Letter. Kenny has it

They’ve they did a good job with that. They did

I’m eight years late to the game or whatever the hell it’s eight. I finally caved and got Hulu cause Magdalena wanted to watch whatever show.

Well, which means you can watch top gun. Cause that’s on Hulu. I’m not gonna, I, and it was even featured. So I was like, well, I, I, I remember top gun and I turned top gun on and dude, that’s still a really good movie. I really, really, I really, really, really hate Tom cruise, but I really, really, really liked that movie.

It was on a, the eighties movies with the kids list, but I swear to God, the one thing I hate and love about letter Kenny is, you know, how I love witty banter and like the back and forth and like all day I’ve been watching it right now. I’m on the third season almost at the end of the third season. I can’t give one good day

Solid quote. Cause it’s so fast. Oh, it’s rapid fire. It absolutely. Is it? Yeah.

A to Z thing in the front. Like I would like to remember one thing from this and repeat it to somebody how funny it is. I got nothing like literally not even tried to, like, I can’t think of anything that I can repeat, but it’s insane how funny it is.

Like, cause I haven’t gone back and started watching it a second time yet, but, but I’ve heard like I’ve from what I’ve heard from people is like, that’s one of those shows that you’ll catch more of that stuff the second time around, like, it’ll get to me like do it, like how many times have we seen star Wars? You know? And, and so, you know, those quotes come second nature, you know, how many times

Calm and calculated. And the wines are very deliverable like letter Kenny’s like, like the Energizer bunny, like that guy, you know, or like the last three seconds of a mortgage commercial,

Right? Yeah. The uh, the old micro machines guy, blah, blah, blah.

That’s number four. It’s like, I can’t like for that guy, he’s got to win an Oscar or whatever the hell the acting award is for like keeping a straight face through that shit. Like I’ve never, I’ve never seen the bloopers, but watching that guy delivered,

Oh, I would love to see a blooper reel from that for damn sure.

You can’t, I don’t know how they don’t like the ones that in the ice fishing tent talking about sushi, how are they not laughing? Like you don’t want add Zs to the sushis. I can’t even repeat it. It’s it makes it does it zero.

It’s just, it’s just, yeah. It’s it’s not good, but I mean, so we do, we always dive into shows. We’ve been watching. Um, I, uh, before we get to the good ones, um, I’m going to touch on the bad. Um, yeah, so there’s a thing on Netflix called the speed. Cubers I didn’t get to that yet. Oh yeah. Uh, so this is about the Rubik’s cube solving world championships. Uh, it is a documentary that is roughly 40 minutes long. Uh, and it follows the story of guy in Australia who used to hold all the world records. Uh, and then a kid from the U S uh, who has autism and has owned him like breaks all of his records. Um, but the best part is like, they’re like super good friends. Like, and, and the guy from Australia, like is really encouraging. Like it’s kind of like a little feel, good story and that kind of stuff, but just like, so apparently at here’s what I did. So we all re like Rubik’s cube, they got, you know, the little three cubes by three cubes and six sides. And yet Eddie, yada, um, they had some ones with you. Remember the pyramid, the Rubix pyramid that, that was out for awhile. Yeah. It was the peer group experiment. Uh, okay. Did you know that there were four by four, five by five, six by six and seven by seven versions of the Rubik’s cube that are out there.

Quick clip of that. And I go, that’s not my Rubik’s cube tag, not my cube. Oh. They’re like huge squares. And it gives like bird with it. I’m like, no, no, no. Those things were

Bitch to turn. Yeah. So there, yeah. Well, and that’s the thing, dude. And there’s so, and then there’s like the regular championship, like the Ray, and then there’s the one handed solving competition. Like you have like they do, they do it one handed That’s that’s not what I’m solving those. Yeah. There’s a, there’s a Rubik’s cube joke there somewhere. Give me that

For these things. Look like they’re on ball-bearings with WB.

Well, yeah. And I’m curious, like, if there is like, like, is there a pro cube out there that I’d like, they don’t sell it toys R us or whatever that looks like. Is there like a speed cube? Cause yeah. I mean watching them whip those things around, I mean, they’re literally going from Jenna and it’s funny cause they talk about like there’s a, the whole math and science and pattern recognition and algorithms that go into to solving a cube. And they say basically, there’s, there’s like about 80 to a hundred different algorithms that will let you solve a cube, no matter what position it’s in, when it’s put in front of you. Um, and they said, so like, all this stuff is all like memorization of the pattern recognition of, okay, this is what format this cube is in. Therefore I use this algorithm. Boom go. And these guys are solving these cubes in like six seconds. Like I think, I think the world record is something around like 3.9 seconds. Right? I mean, it’s dude, it’s, it’s insane. I mean I’m 37 years,

But appeal the stickers. Yeah.

Well you get the screwdriver and pop it off and then,

And then put them all back together.

I like three of them. I like ruined a wall. Nice. So there was a get the stickers off. Right. So you can always see that the corner it was, you know, you always, yeah. You peeled it too hard or you put it up and didn’t put it on. Right. Um, con the, uh, the, the transformers. Um, what is it? The war for Cybertron yes. Okay. Good touch.

Let me start. And then you can, cause I actually did. So I text Jamie and I go, Jamie, I go, transformers job gets it’s. It’s wonderful. You’ll love it. It’s old school. It’s dark. I go, but people bitching and I go, I go, he goes, what could they possibly be bitching about? I go just to wait. It was what? And I go speak English and cars. I go, no, go.

So here’s my thing. So in the timeline, this is the war for Cybertron. So this is before they came to earth, all of the Decepticons are like space ships and Spacey looking things. But the Autobots are earth cars. Like why is, why is due to optic? No dude optimism. Why? Why they they’re optimist prime looks like the 18 Wheeler that he was from BJ and the bear. Yeah. Um, hound is the army Jeep. Why would, why would there be a U S army Jeep on cyber drawn like that? That was how,

Cause some things are in something.

I, it just, it, it was highly illogical captain.

At least it wasn’t the bullshit from the movie where he was. I’m fine. I’m fine. Are you James storm? Eight H S E yahoo.com. eBay. They’re like, Oh the, Oh, the parents are grad. The window required for like, dude, the movies were such trash for them to put it up.

I mean, yeah, but Megan Fox. So I mean, there’s that

For them to put out a gross, but for them to put out a solid homage to the old school, dark good written, I mean, it wasn’t great written it wasn’t like,

I loved it. Like, don’t get me wrong. It’s too short. Yeah. So apparently it’s, they’ve signed them for three seasons and we’ve just only seen the first season seed so far. Yeah. Um, next season is Earthrise. Yep. Well, yeah, cause, but yeah. That’s so then it’ll make sense for them to be earth cars. Um, cause it’s different though. They won’t look like they do now. No, I bet they will because they are still trying to sell those old toys. And why would they try to, they’re not going to release a new line of toys when they have all those ones.

You definitely have an Earthrise line of toys already. Yeah. They’re trying to sell them to,

Sounds like me

Sold out. I was looking for him after I watched it.

Mom said I couldn’t, I couldn’t have the optimist prime to curate all the other transformers. So buying it now. Right. It’s going to be on my desk for the rest of my life.

Yes. In L did a commercial for star Wars beggars. And it was like, like the kid was playing with it and it was like the overweight. Redditor put a push them over. They go there for me. He’s got to buy one to unbox. And one for the one to put away in one for, in your trophy case, in your living room

That kind of familiar like, no, like, like talking with the guys that sell them at cons. And it’s like, I really like, like, okay, look dude, with whatever it is that I want. I’m not looking to resell this. This is not an investment for me. Like I’m, I’m going to immediately take it out of the box and play with it. Like, like, do you have that price? Because I’m not, I’m not, I’m not paying what you want me to pay to have a collectible. It’s a toy. Like that’s

My, my Boba Fett is selling online for a thousand dollars right now. And I’m just like, I’m at the end of the day, I’m like, I’m just going to give it to Mark. Like it’s just sitting in my closet, like right. You know? Um, I finally got around to watching don’t F with cats.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about that. I haven’t watched it yet though.

Oh, it’s so let me just give you the initial thing. Like a YouTube video comes out of some guy doing some awful things to kittens. Right. And at one point he, um, turns his head a little bit and there’s a, there’s a thing. Well then they, they kind of make a group on Facebook and somebody hears Russian in the background. So then they start, like they start targeting and then another video comes out and then they get another clue from that video. Then they start like this. Then they found the guy like this guy could be him. This looks just like him. He’s like, he’s a model. He’s like this end of vanity. And they find video and they find this street corner. Well then they find out that it might be from dude. I forget all the details of how they got to here, but like it was in Montreal.

So then they, then they go street by street on Google maps until they find Montreal. And then they get on the street that he’s on. And somebody actually goes and knocks on this guy’s door. Like it gets so bad. Like then the guy’s like, didn’t the guy actually kills another human being the same there’s videos on like a snuff film. And they’re like, right now there’s 15,000 people in this Facebook group. And they’re all like, um, this guy sends a V. Then the guy sends his one foot. He joined the group. It like once and this woman worked at a casino. She’s a coder like a self professed guy. And the video is him walking through her casino that she worked at. So now she flips out and quits everything quits, all social media and long story short, he, he set up this frame like three years ago, like trying to make up this fake name. But he, he followed basic instinct to a T K like killed the guy with an ice pick, like dismembered them, put them in a suitcase. Like, dude, this thing it’s only like four, four episodes. You got the slew thing that was done like from the internet community was word was just as good. The fortune shit with Shiela moves flat flags, you know? Okay. So, well, there’s the, there’s the

Good touch of that? The bad touch of that. And I don’t think I emailed this across, but it was all over the news today. Um, that federal judge, um, who got a, you know, had her, uh, husband and son shot on or someone was killed, uh, you know, came out and, you know, kind of, this is the first time she’s done a video or, or talked about it at all. And her big thing was look, you know, so I’m a federal judge, any idiot or whack job can go on any one of these, you know, services and find my home address. Um, you know, and, and that’s not necessarily a good thing clearly. Um, cause you know, and they were talking about how, you know, this guy, you know, the guy that, you know, went after the judge’s family and then killed himself and actually, you know, had the names and addresses of three other people, uh, that apparently were next on his list that he was going to go after. And so it, you know, it’s, it is. Yeah. So I mean like internet slew thing can be good and can be bad, but on a brighter note, uh, dude umbrella Academy, season two, number one,

I got to, I got to the fourth, fourth or fifth one, right. When they reassembled, I got to that

If edgers assemble. Um, okay. So number one, dude, God, God do, do they do a great job with the soundtrack for that series? They do. Their music choices are just amazing. Um, you know, I always, uh, I always joke, you know, when I was rewatching season one, I, I love the scene where they’re, you know, he puts on, I think we’re alone now by Tiffany and they’re all dancing in separate rooms in the house and I’ll just jam it out. Like I do, um, you know, this one had a similar scene. Um, but obviously it was a song from, you know, 1962. Cause you know, that’s the 63, cause that’s a year they’re in. Um, but yeah, I mean just such a great and they, um, I, so I want, since you’re only that far in, I won’t ruin it for you, the, the ending, the Vietnam, I mean the, so the ending I did and I’m not going to yeah.

But I mean the ending I did find to be predictable, um, based on, you know, the, the events of the episodes leading up to it, not to say that it wasn’t a phenomenal, um, ending or just, you know, it was one of those, you know, kind of like, um, like, you know, and, and you, and you probably, you know, kind of like our, uh, our, our split opinions on joker, you know, like, you know, where I was like, Oh, that was way too big. A lot of people are, you know, just, Hey, no, it was great. It was, it makes sense. It is what it is. Um, I, I do like that. They got into, um, the commission a little bit more, uh, you know, and, and how that whole like maintaining the timeline and all that stuff goes. Um, I thought that was very cool. Um, there’s a great plot twist with one of the new characters that was introduced this season that I think is really, really great. And looking forward to seeing

Jumping time jumping to me, it always never makes sense. Something always happens where it’s like, who the hell are we now? And they do a really good job kind of explaining where we now know what I’m saying.

And, and, and, and how the hell did we wind up here in one of the point, well, and in this one, why didn’t we all wind up there at the same time? Right. You know, so, and that was, so that was kind of cool. The one thing that I wish they would get deeper into, and it’s literally been given about two minutes of screen time per season now, um, is Hargrave’s origin.

Okay. What is it, big guys, costume look like shit.

I mean, well, to make for easier cosplay there’s that? No, but like, so, you know, so a Hargraves origin, like, you know, there was like that like little, two minute vignette in season one where, you know, he got the, you know, the violin and there were, you know, ships blasting off in the background and all that crap. Um, and they do a, a, there’s a little touch on it. I think it’s after where you are, um, in, in this season, but it’s like, like, I don’t understand why they haven’t like gotten into that character more yet. So I’m hoping to see more of that in three.

Yeah, no, I’m, like I said, I started, the problem was I started watching it and it got to be like three in the morning and I’m like, crap, you know, how you like, kinda like, uh, yeah. And Hey, on a, on a serious note, um, it’s kind of weird how radio personalities like touch us. And I don’t think they understand like what they do. I met this guy, I met this guy at a, I worked for Budweiser, there’s a bud ice promo at us, new seven 11, and the Hanson brothers were there and I’ve met this guy. And I ended up, I was listening to him on the radio for like six months. His name was Jeannie Samuelson. And for the next, like 23 years or so, he was like a fixture. I listened to him literally almost every day because baseball nerd, I knew and I loved him for it. Cause I was, I was at one point, I’m not now, I’m just to just an insane baseball nerd. And, um, he came back on the radio last Monday and said he had colon cancer. He got diagnosed like, you know, last year and everyone was like, Hey, good to see you. Good to have you back. And Monday he passed last Monday, he passed away.

Yeah, no, it was Friday. Yeah. Yeah. So, I mean, it was, it was crazy, you know, it was yeah. Cause he just came out Monday and said, Hey, you know, we haven’t really talked about it. Uh, you know, cause wanting to keep life, you know, really normal for the kids and all that kind of stuff. Um, and but like, even by that, like you didn’t, you didn’t really get a sense of it being all that serious. Like you didn’t, you didn’t get, you know, I, I mean, I certainly didn’t get the vibe that, you know, the clock was sticking that fast. Um, and hell, I mean, you know, I mean maybe he didn’t even know. Um, but yeah, that was

Again, we met him again at Dino’s at that a charity with Jennifer Hammond and he’ll Perkins and all that. Um, and it’s kinda funny, the one thing I said on 97 one, I said, it’s like, I feel like I lost a friend that he didn’t know he had. Yep. No, because like when you listen, like I talked about that with like Ernie Harwell, I’m like, you know, that man talked to me more than my own father. It’s not a slap in my dad’s face. It’s, you know, this guy was on the radio for three and a half hours a day.

Yeah. While you’re while your dad was in the butcher shop.

I mean, I listened to him do a 162 games, you know, I pretty much listened to him, you know, him or Kayline and Kell, um, every, every single ball game. And it’s like, I don’t think those, I don’t think those guys are those person. Maybe they do realize that. I don’t know, like how much time that we spend listening to them, I guess talk about what they do, you know what I mean? Sometimes it’s passive and sometimes, you know, you’re in the active, but for the most part they’re out there on the radio, you know what I mean?

Nope. Very, very true. So yeah, that was that that does suck and you know, obviously, you know, best wishes to his family, you know, hope they’re doing well and you know, hope they had, you know, I guess more time to prepare than we think they did. Um, you know, how everything all played out, but yeah, that was, that was rough. That was sudden.

Yeah. And it’s, you know, everyone had the same thing. Like the guy treated you like a friend who was like, you know, do this

Dude at that event. I mean, he was phenomenal. I mean, you know, sat down and chat. Yeah.

I was like, you’re not going to remember me, but I did, you know, like how do you forget a handsome brother promo at a seven 11 and a Saturday morning? How ridiculous anyway. Yeah. Best wishes to his family, man. Like I said, it’s kind of like a, you know, it’s definitely this, town’s not going to be the same with the sports scene without him. So, um, on that note, sorry.

So coming off the dead guy’s story, that’s those are always fun. Um, I let’s do that. Let’s let’s, let’s go for a little social media outrage. Um, cause I love this story about the couple that sent out their wedding invite, um, and assigned their friends and family into groups. Uh, they, they assigned to their friends and family, new groups, a, B and C, uh, and, and basically just said, Hey, you know, hope you all, you know, hope you understand. Um, you know, the, the venue is limited yet at IATA. Uh, so we really need group a to respond like right now, uh, through the wedding rep, you know, website and, and groups B and C, you know, just hold off and we’ll let you know if there’s any tickets available or space available or, you know, anything like that. And people are losing their minds all over them doing this.

And, but like the flip side of it is I get it. Like, it’s perfectly logical what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. Like my niece did, my niece is supposed to be getting married while, I mean, she is still getting married, but you know, I was supposed to be having this, you know, a big, you know, this whole thing with all the friends and family and yet 80 yada. And so they’re just, they Nope, it’s way locked down and you know, it’s going to be like 10 people and that’s it. Um, you know, and they’ll do something else, you know, for the, for the bigger crowd later. Um, it, it’s just one of those things where that probably could have been handled better. Like you probably, you probably could have just sent it to group a and not let groups B and C know that they were groups B and C.

Well, dude, you know how weddings, like back in the day, like, you know, when I was a kid, everyone RSVP, if there was like one table tent, like on a table, like, you know, or one leftover like, you know, no one said no, now it’s like, people are getting like 66. I’m not even

Talking. I’m talking to pre COVID. Well, well, and not only that, but I mean, let’s, let’s be real, everybody who’s been married has groups, a, B and C. You just don’t tell people. We just don’t tell them their groups, a, B and C. It’s like, Oh my God, dude, I totally forgot to send this invite out to you here. Go, we’d love to see us, please RSP need to get, I always know my hierarchy of weddings by how close I am to the bar. But we just, we all put you right next to the bar. That’s that has nothing to do with hierarchy I’m in the back row. And I’m like, yeah, it must’ve been, I’m going to I’m on the bottom. I’m on the C list.

It’s true though. Yeah. So that, that was a thing. Um, what, Oh, do I, and I do, I, I li again, social media outrage and stupid people in particular. Uh, so the Nordic pineapple is, uh, apparently a little in, uh, up in st. John’s, uh, and again, so name Nordic, uh, and they were flying a Norwegian flag because the wife who is one of the proprietors is Norwegian and it’s a big thing. And, and, and it’s in the name of their hotel cottage as like Polish and then American German people were getting pissed off because they thought it looked like a Confederate flag. It doesn’t, it doesn’t look anything like, it doesn’t look anything like a Confederate flag, but people are so effing dumb that it took like one idiot posting shit on Facebook. And they started getting hate mail and all this other crap. And it’s like, they took their flag down, which is sad. Like, that’s their heritage, it’s vertical and horizontal. The Confederate flag is an X. Yeah, well, no stars. Yeah. Fourth generation or region. And it’s part of their family’s history. And he goes, they never even thought that like, yeah, they got a dozen hateful emails and twice as many comments, they took the flag down stupid. I’m like the year 2020 in a nutshell, it bugs me as far as the stupidity of people. Welcome to 2020 that’s. Yeah. But Hey, so when are we all moving to Barbados somewhere?

I’m done.

Hey, I had nice beaches. Uh, you know, I’m just saying, uh, Barbados has now opened the doors. Uh, they realize everybody is working from home and Hey, if you’re gonna work for them, why not work from home from Barbados? Uh, and so they’re like just rubber stamping, visas left and right. And thousand bucks for an individual 3000 for a family. And if you’re a visa holder, you do not have to pay their income tax. Um, I mean, yeah, dude, like my friend from my friend, Michelle, uh, from high school, that’s living down in Florida, um, you know, she’s a, she’s a psychologist, a therapist, uh, and she, all of her stuff via telehealth now, anyway, she’s single. She’s what, why not? Like what for the, like, why wouldn’t she just pack up and go?

I mean, yeah. Cause like, uh, that single it’s a no brainer, but like, even like someone like Charles who’s there, you know, blue cross has got them like indefinite work from home. I think Randy, your indefinite work from home. Uh, we’re reconsidering it after labor day. Okay. Let’s say what the hell you say still here for, but yeah. Um, I don’t remember which where’s Barbados in the, in the Island in the scheme. Is it?

Oh, sort of South America. Yeah. It’s one of those islands down. Yeah. Gulf of Mexico down that way. Got it. Well, but you know, you just, you know, you’re just talking about, you know, indefinitely work for working from home. Google just announced there everybody’s going to be work from home until at least January of 20, 21. Now

Dude, here’s the thing with like the companies like Google, like they don’t have cheap office space, like where they are in cities is like the

It’s the hotspot. Well, and that’s the thing. Well, and so, well, I mean, I guess Google is a little different just because they have cajillions of dollars sitting around. Um, but I mean, you know, I saw somebody today earlier today, uh, posting about how ridiculous, uh, commercial real estate in Detroit is right now. And I’m just like, wait, three months, dude, maybe six at the most.

It’s stupid. Did I tell you about the space that we looked at? Like Birmingham rates and it’s like, there’s a, there’s two glasses or there’s two bottles of tequila right outside the front door of this place. I think the realtor couldn’t have come by and like swept,

Just clean the place up a little bit

Seriously. Oh my God. Did you see this? Um, so I know they’ve been drag racing down French road since I’ve been a kid, but did you know like Sunday fun day? Like, do you know what that is that like? Did you see the vice thing on that? Nope. So someone just got schmuck. I think they got killed, you know, you know, the whole we on the lodge with it. Right? You remember that? Yeah. Well they now they’re taking, they pick an intersection, take it over, block off all four corners and then basically cars just drift. Then there’s like these like eight daredevils that are in the middle of it, trying to like film it while these cars are like drifting around. And like, then there’s like one person hanging out the passenger window, like, like a rodeo bull. Um, and like

Someone died doing this.

Yeah. Well like [inaudible] drifting. You’re going to, you know, like that takes like mad driving skills to pull that.

I mean, I mean, I mean, Tokyo drift made it look really super easy, dude. I don’t, I don’t know. I mean the Italian job made it look easy. I don’t know. You can do it with a frigging mini, but yeah, apparently it’s

Sunday fun day. Like in the cops now we’re like, yeah, we’re gonna like try to stop this to like Fibo rolls up and everybody’s scatters. Just like, don’t get a drink.

Well, God speed. I’m on the lodge. I don’t know if you cut this story or not, but apparently somebody was shooting a shooting guns off at cars on the lodge in the last few days. This might’ve been a God. I, I knew I should have shot down like across and I forgot. Cause I got distracted by a conference. Call your white. Yeah, just, Hey buddy. I was like maybe like three, four days ago. It happened, um, well in shit and it just happened by me. There’s a Plaza at 17 in Garfield. Um, and like it’s hard to sift like rumor from truth, like waiting for the official story to come out. Um, you know, one version of the story says, guy walks into a store, gets told he has to wear a mask, goes back and gets his gun. Um, and, and there was, you know, shooting happened some random passer-by wound up with a bullet in their car, uh, that just barely miss them. Um, so yeah, who knows? Uh, but I just,

So I know, I know what you did this weekend, you read all 2024 pages of the Epstein docs that got released. You know what I really,

We really didn’t and here’s why, because number one, there are quite literally entire pages of that that are just black because they’ve been redacted. Uh, so apparently they redacted it poorly by just highlighting texts with like a black highlighter. So if you select all and copy and paste some version of these, you can get the unredacted version. That’s absolutely amazing, dude. That’s that’s like, that’s the same. Like when, um, who was it Sony, uh, that got all pissed off because you could avoid copyright protection that they put on their DVDs by taking a black marker and just drawing around the outside the outer circle.

That was the, uh, putting the tape over the top. Then you could tape over it,

The tape over when you, when you pop the tab out. Yeah.

Yes. And he had stuck with Richard Marks, some bullshit album and you wanted it buddy. Like I’ve just put some masking tape over it, but yeah, it’s 2024 pages and I’m

Honestly here’s so here’s what I did shoot this across the one, the one that’s got to go, Dave is pretty skeptical about that’s apparently in the midst of all, this is, is Stephen Hawking. Now, now for those not familiar with Stephen Hawking, number one, shame on you, uh, or to Stephen Hawking is a man whose whose body has degenerated to the point where he’s been in a wheelchair unable to basically move. Uh, he talks through like interpretive signals, uh, that, you know, are then in read by a computer and a voice synthesizer. Um, yeah, apparently he’s, uh, named somewhere in these documents and I’m sorry, skeptical, Dave is super skeptical.

I, uh, I got a hundred thousand things I want to say crack jokes about

Don’t don’t, don’t,

I’ll do it at the bar when we get together

Well, and so, and the other weird thing about this, because a lot of these docs relate to, uh, Virginia Jeffrey, uh, who was, you know, one of the accusers and she’s the one, um, you know, the, that says that, uh, you know, she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew, uh, and, and a few other and, you know, and, and named Alan Dershowitz, uh, you know, the, the really super famous defense attorney, um, and one of Epstein’s attorneys as being a part of this, um, there was a story that came out and I, and I thought I shot it across, but I didn’t see it in the email list. There was a story I shot out, um, where Dershowitz basically responded to, um, her accusations and the Netflix series and laid out quite a few things that make you second guess some of the stuff in the Epstein documentary, like, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing that Dershowitz says that says none of this ever happened. Um,

If a, if Epstein’s the president, Dershowitz is pretty much the vice president, if you look at this whole thing,

Right. So, but you know, but there is, but there’s some of it that makes you, cause it’s the two key women, um, Virginia Jefferies. And, and I forget, I can’t remember the name of the other woman and I apologize for that. Um, but basically one of them has a, and, and not Virginia, but one of the others has already admitted, uh, to lying, um, about several other stories, um, or several other people that she was trying to name, um, and backed off those claims. Uh, and like just, you know, some of the things that didn’t add up, some of the timing that doesn’t add up, um, you know, some of that stuff, you know, and, and I guess, you know, more importantly, you know, a lot, apparently like a lot of the stories that have been coming out in, in, in the release of these docs are about people who aren’t around anymore. Uh, and I really don’t care about people who are dead. Like, let’s talk about the people who are alive and still in power, uh, most likely and still like doing shit most likely, and let’s hear and deal with them. Can we, can we do,

How about due process them all in burn them all to hell,

Hey dude. And that’s the thing I do it. I got into a conversation on a joke. I got to do a conversation on his wall and they were like, Oh, you know, why aren’t you hearing about, you know, Trump being on, you know, the, the, the, the plane list and the guest list. I’m like, well, probably cause he said he was on it. Um, and they admitted he was on it. And they said, yeah, he’s been to the Island. And even that Virginia Jeffrey’s chick has said, yeah, I saw bill Clinton. There never saw him do anything wrong with anyone, but he was there. Um,

That was the dude that was from the nineties. They called that plane, the Lolita express, which said, shit. Well, do they, well, they call it,

Was it Lolita Island for the love of Christ? I mean, it’s, you know, it or pedo Island. I mean it, dude, there’s just, and that’s the thing like, and I think that’s one of the things that I, that makes me laugh a little bit. When I see this stuff online, it’s like, Oh, nobody went, Oh, well, but if it’s, if it’s Clinton, then nobody wants to talk about it. I’m like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You are completely misunderstanding the situation. If shit comes out and Clinton was involved in this, light him up to burn him to the ground, I don’t give a shit who’s name gets, if it’s proven that they’re a part of this shit, burn them down.

Period. What other docs got released? I don’t remember exactly what it was. It was a, it was all a subtext. It was all HTML links. And it was like the, I, the only one I clicked to read was the built, it was about another 800 pages of stuff. And it was like the Bilderberg meeting notes from 1980 and I actually sat and read it and it was,

Um, but you are, you are not allowed to mock me for sitting in watching the speed cubers now. Like, let’s just be,

Um, but no. So I mean,

One of the things, you know, when one of the interesting things that did come out about it is, um, you know, there were multiple claims, uh, by, uh, Julian Maxwell that, um, you know, she hadn’t talked to Epstein in forever, uh, that they’d been, you know, apart for 10 years and that kind of stuff. And some of the things that were released were emails, uh, between her and Epstein, um, basically about how to maintain the cover story. And this is how, you know, you know, just address this and don’t worry about it and keep your head high and all that kind of stuff. Um, so yeah, I mean, it’s, I, I do, I feel more than ever. I feel really, really angry, uh, that Epstein, you know, you know, yes, there’s a, he didn’t kill himself, but he, even if he like that, he, that he got off easy, um, you know, that he took the coward’s way out, um, or you know, where somebody killed them and let them off easy. Cause like the more and more of the shit that comes out, damn, he’s an dude. Like he just evil, like evil is not enough of a word for what that man is or was, and, and what he did to people. I mean, it’s, it’s insane.

A hundred bucks ahead, put them on a pit and then just like slowly, let’s run through

Running, man, Hey,

For first you let in like a, like a, like a Wolverine or something and like a panel of like a hundred people. And like every, you know, every, every 10 minutes you let something else down in the pit.

I I’m, I’m good with that. I think, you know, who should be in on this? The rock? I feel like, I feel like there’s the promotional tie in for the relaunch of the XFL.

You mean the president in 2024 ALEKS. I mean, let’s, that’s, we are,

Again, we’re living, if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times, we are living, we are living Idiocracy right now. We absolutely are.

The part is he’d be a good choice. He’s about his boy scout as they get it.

He really is. Which is the sad part. Well, it, especially God has many like kids movies and that kind of shit as he’s done lately. I mean, you know, kids love him. Parents love him. Why not? Is it Jumanji?

I’ll put them in.

And honestly, at this point, I sure you know what, throw them out. I don’t, I don’t even care anymore.

You watch, do you watch your show ballers?

Uh, I did. Why is it, is it back with another seat?

No. No. So I’m religious with the show ballers and him buying the XFL was the last season of ballers. Cause he was trying to buy an NFL team and he was trying to get Liz, like group of people. And he was playing the politics and working with the venture cap and we’re, you know, the brothers. And, uh, so when I saw he bought an X, the whole XFL, I’m like he straight up when ballers play well and it smears, it kind of said that

The whole thing went for only $15 million. Well, I thought it was worth well. So, and I think, well, was, did the whole thing go for 15 million or was his part 15 million? Cause it’s him, it’s him and a venture capital group that are, that are in on halves or whatever. They paid $15 million splitting it evenly. Okay. Well do it. And that’s probably all it was worth. I mean, yeah. I mean, it’s not like

This last incarnation of it. They had some, some great TV coverage. Like they were, they weren’t just like signed a one person. They were signed, they had Fox and ESPN and ABC and they were, you know, they were spread all across the board. You know, people are football starved, and it was actually a good product this time around I’m like, I’m surprised it went that low. I’m surprised. They just did. You know, so actually speaking,

You know, football, uh, you know, all the local news was a buzz, uh, that Stafford pop positive. Um, you know, and then you look at, uh, the Detroit tigers just got a four game series postponed because the, uh, st. Louis, uh, like, I guess 20 people popped positive

There’s guys opting out are do that. Check ins opted out

That’s the saddest thing was frigging re like he like didn’t tell the team until they were like mid game that he wasn’t showing up and opting out for the year.

Yeah. He wasn’t in his apartment anymore.

Yeah, that was, that was just weird.

Couple of lions. I’ll like a Dranamo Alison, he just decided I’m not going to play.

So, I mean, I guess the question, like, do you, what’s your, like, do you think there’s going to be a football season there?

They’re playing soccer, they’re playing football or they’re playing hockey. They’re playing everything else.

No, I will say this dude. I love what I love about hockey. Well, well, nobody’s popped in hockey yet. Nobody’s popped in soccer yet. Really? What I do love about hockey is why, cause they’re only playing in certain arenas. And so it’s got a ferry, like I’m having flashbacks to like, like minor league Bantam hockey where like the next two teams that are waiting to play are like standing in the walkways, watching the two teams on the ice finished.

Did you hear about like the bubbles that they have to pay for? Like the, like these guys are like, you know, and then for them to like opt out, they’re like, didn’t they basically get it or no, who’s the guy that, Oh, the guy that chicken wings guy from last week

Yep. Cost of $150,000 to go get some wings at a strip club. Yeah.

But then he’s got to sit in a bubble in his own room and not do shit. Yep.

Well, and it’s well, and so the, they were trying to, they were one of the stories I saw about the whole Detroit tigers thing was that apparently the rumor has it, that a bunch of the st Louis players went to a casino. Uh, and, and, and that’s where it happened. I just do it. If you’re getting paid that much money, why, why are you dumb? Like, I just, I don’t do you want to pay me $10 million and say, look, we’re going to do just, just sit in your basement and then show up at the park and do whatever you do. And then go sit in your bed. Did I, I will be so happy right here. There wouldn’t be,

You know, but like, um, basketball was super awkward. Not saying that, um, you know, and I get it, but like, it got real, like it was a one giant political billboard. The guy everyone’s names were something different. Um, you know, some curious,

I, I, I I’ve heard basketball started. I haven’t caught any of the games. Are they like, are they as physical up on each other as they always are? Or is it more scaled back?

I mean, it’s, it’s like, it was, it wasn’t, it wasn’t the brand of basketball. I like, you know, I’m, I’m a eighties purist. Um, what, I mean, it was, it was basketball.

[inaudible] bad sex. It’s it’s still sex.

No, no. I was to be honest, like usually I only watched local, but like, I was a pig and shit this weekend, like I was watching lacrosse for crying out loud.

NHL had what? 20 games this weekend? Yeah. Starting at like 10 in the morning, all the way through like midnight. It was nuts.

Yeah. Baseball was watching whatever I can get my hands on. That’s like my favorite Mingo meme going on right now is the, uh, Oh, did you see, uh, somebody bought, um, so I think, I don’t know what the price is to it. Let’s say it’s 250 bucks. You can do the cardboard cutout of you. Yeah. Like buying well, somebody bought one for the Cubs and saw that.

I mean, that’s, I mean that, that’s hilarious, but rude, but hilarious.

That’s not rude. It’s hilarious. Um, and what the hell is Microsoft doing? Buying tick tock? I mean, we know why,

I mean, I guess if everybody’s worried about, you know, everybody wants to tick talk to go away. I feel like Microsoft buying it pretty much does that. I mean, that’s, you know, I think, you know, the track record that they’ve got is, you know, they’re, they’re going to buy it and put it on the shelf and we’ll never see it again,

People don’t like, doesn’t the Internet’s realize that like people loved vine and people like kids love talk. And then like, why can’t you just like sell a couple ads and make like your $10 million? And like, you have to make, collect all the data and do this acting thing and just be this intrusive

Piece of shit. Well, and that’s the thing. So Microsoft said, they’re hoping to have the deal closed by September 15th. Um, and so I love how, again, not trying to be too political here. Uh, but so Microsoft makes that announcement. And so Trump who was going to ban it last week, uh, via an executive order, uh, has now backpedaled and said, well, you know, if it’s not, uh, if it’s not done, if the sale isn’t done, uh, by nine 15, then we’ll ban it. I, I also know, apparently I’m happy to not, I’m happy that I do a shitty Trump impression. I really, really am. Um, you know, when I’ll get a cut of the deal, I’ll get Mikey in here. Mikey does a phenomenal Trump.

Right. And that goes back to my bitchy. You’re asking someone my father’s age to weigh in on technology.

Well, it’s like, I mean, like, just nobody remember like all, like, you know, when, uh, you know, Zuckerberg sat there looking like data, uh, in, in front of it, like, and they had no idea like the Google tubes and they have no idea how Facebook work or how impressions work or how you know about Twitter. Yeah. Sorry, but I’m going to refill my drink. Keep talking. I’m listening.

No, that’s fine. Um, and then Randy, you, uh, brought up and then you argued with me before the show about, so CBS Sunday morning has a, the great broadband divide, basically talking about this woman in Oregon that moved up to the mountains and is shocked, shocked that, you know, with nobody around 10 miles of her, that she doesn’t get broadband. So she has to drive to taco bell.

Um, my parents live in mid Michigan and the only thing available to them where they are is satellite, which is horrible. Like they get a cap and the latency is horrible and the upload speed is slow. Like it doesn’t count as broadband, according to an efficient, I think

So like most of the counties, like the rural counties in Michigan have like the, the farmer telcos, you know what I mean? Like the pigeon telephones and the,

Yeah. Um, there’s a, a wireless company in the nearby town, but it doesn’t reach out as far as where my parents live because of trees and interference and stuff like that.

I always thought, like I worked in the satellite game, like in 2003 and I always thought it was, it was, it wasn’t great. It was fine. It gave you like subpar. Like, you know,

When you worked for the satellite companies, it was fine. But with what people are doing on the internet these days, there is no way that, you know, my mom can join a zoom conference for her work.

Right. Cause I mean, do you, I mean, that’s the thing download, not so bad upload. I mean, it’s roughly the equivalent of dialogue

And the latency, like you’re answering a question and they already moved on to the next one because the latency is so bad.

I guess what’s, what’s, here’s the thing, what’s the answer. I mean, other than, you know, 5g, which is going to kill us all anyway,


Uh, I mean, what’s the answer because like those, those farmer telcos to run fiber to the home, or at least fiber to the curb, or like, you know, dude, it’s a lot of money and you know, like to trench fiber, like to get to your folks, house is millions of dollars. Oh God. Yeah. I’m going to spend, and they’re going to spend 40 bucks a month. I mean, there’s a reason why Japan saturated and Sweden saturated. It’s like, yeah,

They’re the size of Rhode Island. Yeah. Right.

You put, you know, you put 80 million, like Germany’s 80 million people, the size of Ohio. Yeah. They’re going to be able to blanket that shit. Um, but like, there’s just, there’s, there’s just a math problem. I don’t know what else to say or do you know? Well, we know you love your math.

I mean, there’s a lot of issues. Like what the FCC considers broadband speeds ridiculously low and how they count broadband access in the state. Like if one person out of 5,000 in a census block has access to high speed broadband, they count all 5,000 people as having access to do you understand? I’m totally going to die. God, I’m going to be the old guy in the room. Do you even understand like what a one Meg connection used to like a one Lazio it’s not even really broadband. You even understand what I’m one Meg download speed used to cost, you know, times have changed and you know, internet access these days should probably be a public utility.

So my, my first job in 98, I sold [inaudible] ones for six 99 plus loop Meg and a half. And I sold [inaudible] for 15 grand plus it was about 25 grand a month

Back in my dad

When North point came out with the $99 DSL, I pretty much got me out of a job. I was like, why the hell have you got it here? You paint a suit to sit in an office or you just take orders. Um, but yeah, yeah. Went out the, the, the 300 baud modem. Ronnie do me a favor this weekend. When you get bored, just go on YouTube and type 300 baud modem like BBS and just like that’s that was life. And we were, we were happy. Damn it.

And we liked it and we loved it. And it built character,

Took my parents to play trade Wars. And I liked it

Satellite for maybe five years tops before that they had, they were still on dial up and the fastest speed they could get was like 14, four. There was not, it would not come through faster.

Did you see what Oakland university

The city is trying to do with that was, I was just going to go with the bio button story,

The bio, shove it up your ass story, not you them.

Well, and let’s keep in mind this, you wear it on your chest. You don’t shove it up. I mean, maybe you get better readings if it, yeah, no, but so keep in mind, Oakland you, yeah. I mean Oakland, cause we talked about Oakland. You I’m going to guess about six months ago because students were freaking out about the number of cameras on campus and the facial recognition software being used. I thought that was OCC Oakland community college. Uh, Ooh. Maybe I’ll have to, I’d have to go back and double take another look,

But yeah. So the bio button, no. So basically they about 2000 students sign a petition to make it optional. Um, but basically it’s a tool that I’m trying to, what’s the reading basically. It’s um, wireless temperature and vital signs monitoring. Yep. Basically it looks like, uh, but they’d say it,

It doesn’t report back to anything it’s just for you. Like it’s just local shit again, skeptical David Scott,

You don’t have to be skeptical on that bullshit.

What’s the point of having them, if they’re not going to communicate to something else.

Yeah. Basically residents, students must go to testing prior to moving completely final that residents in student halls must wear a bio button and it will be provided with a moving health kit that includes a thermometer and a washable face.

And they have to have a plan to quarantine if in case they pop positive and all that dude, I there’s just, I mean, this information would be handy if you

Campus nurse and say, Hey, I’m not feeling well. They can say so what are your stats for the last 90 days or whatever for your bio button

Handy, but not something okay.

Yeah. I didn’t have diarrhea for 90 days. Like, isn’t that isn’t that enough?

Right. Um, although, uh, this one, I I’m, I guess getting back to the whole social media thing. Uh, so did you read the Spotify story about

The Spotify CEO? No. I said that’s the only one. I didn’t read it. So basically the Spotify

CEO, uh, got up on a stage, uh, and, and said, uh, musicians, the reason why you’re not making more money off Spotify is because you can’t release an album every four to five years and expect to make money anymore. The times have changed. Why is literally that dude that that’s, if that’s not a direct quote, it’s damn close. Um, and you know, so in a, in a world where, you know, musicians can’t be touring right now, they can’t be doing shit and you’re telling them it’s their fault. They’re not making money off of your, you know what 0.0, zero one, 9 cent per stream that you’re offering. It kind kinda didn’t sit well with people and, and, and they lit him up. So

Like, I don’t know how all of this went down to begin with, like who signed those deals? Cause I know, like I remember like artists would always bitch about the deals they signed with the record label. Did the record label sign that deal with Spotify? Did that’s a, that’s like a Backstreet boys deal that they signed over to those guys. Like it’s like that. Remember the Taylor Swift said, here’s my check. Like Taylor Swift’s like top 10 artists.

Yeah. But I’m like not making shit. Yeah.

Granted, I’m not going to, you know, you know, uh, I don’t, I’m not going to feel sorry for her mrs. Worth $300 million, but regardless, well, something that sells that’s rightfully yours, you should be entitled to, you know what I mean? The money to it.

So, I mean we’re $300 million, but I mean, so how much of that is from, you know, album sales and that kind of stuff and how much of that is from touring? Um, you know, cause a lot of bands, so that’s the thing. A lot of bands make their money off, you know, the touring and the merge and the shirts and all that stuff. And they haven’t been able to do that for five months and that, you know, they’re in, you know, I mean, I know it sounds, you know, there was a South park episode a while ago where like, uh, when they, when the boys discovered Napster, uh, and, and, and, and the ghost of Christmas past, uh, took Stan around, uh, you know, and he was like, Oh, you know, there’s Lars little Rick from Metallica. He won’t be able, you know, he’s had to downsize from a Gulf stream five to a Gulf stream before and you know, and Oh, and P did he, son might not get his private Island to this year because of, because of people downloading music, um,

You can have ghosts, the ghost of David Crosby tweeted your noxious, greedy little shit, Daniel.

Like I submitted that you need 229 streams on Spotify to make $1. That’s crazy.

Like that’s, that’s not going to nickel N C a nickel is 20. So you’re making

No dude, that’s, that’s a half a cent. No, it’s yeah. Cause a hundred pennies to a dollar and you need 200. So yeah, that’s a half a cent per stream

Because usually they were making, what, what were they making? Like a, like a quarter an album. I think that was what,

Yeah. So yeah. Some of them are yeah. A little bit more than that, but yeah. I mean, dude, it’s yeah. I mean, and woof, not, not a pretty sight.

Yeah. Uh, I do,

Dude. I love this story though. Uh, you know, since we’re all trapped at home, um, apparently, uh, universal studios has, uh, basically tweaked the deal they had with AMC theaters. And so now instead of a 90 day window, there will be a 17 day window. Uh, before movies can go direct to home,

Took them so long. What universal movies should we be looking forward to? And I know what they’ve got coming out. I don’t know the new top gun. They’re pushing out to a 21 release.

Yeah. Whereas Jesus, I dude, I would sit and watch that. Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, Oh, the whole world would at this point. Yeah.

Like all this shit that we’re watching on Netflix

Speed cubers yeah.

Any Adam Sandler movie that ever drops really? I watched the will Ferrell, Iceland pop music contest, and I thought it was good Euro vision. Yes.

Yes I am. I’m ashamed for you.

It wasn’t that bad. See what then again, here’s my, is my palette that shitty where that becomes good. Yes.

Yes. That’s that’s exactly what it, Oh, and actually you would shut this across and I didn’t write down all the stats, but what was the speaking of work from home? What was that math you shot across for the work from home crowd?

So this was a founder and CEO of first base and he said basically he did, he did some loose math on four months of remote work. And basically it’s 800 bucks saved on gas. 360 bucks saved on gym member subscriptions, 160 hours of my life back, not commuting. Um, $3,200 saved, not buying lunch, coffee or drinks. Obviously you’re buying it, you’re buying it at home, whatever the difference is, but it’s definitely not $300. And it, a hundred percent of my work project is completed on time and a thousand percent more time with friends and hobbies and family. He said, why would anyone want to go back?

Oh yeah. Speaking of which, um, she’ll yell at me if I don’t, um, happy 30th birthday, uh, to my kid Sammy she’s she’s 13 today. I have, I have a teenager waited long enough for that one. Happy birthday. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

No, but that’s interesting though. Like, I don’t think is it like I put out a meme on it in the deal by like three minutes before I have to get up for my first zoom call and it’s just dead in bed, but like, I wonder if anyone has done the math. Cause there was a time where like, when’s the last time I put gas in my car. Like it’s been a month,

Dude. I am Rob. I am filling up roughly once a month. Um, I am, I’m curious to see how that changes now that the DSC studio is open and I’m starting to go down there a little bit more. Um, but it’s, you know, I, I mean, I’ve been going down there for two weeks now and still haven’t filled up yet. So

See, my problem was like, especially with me with my walking situation, if I was working from home, I still needed to eat. So I was spending door dash money, which is just about the same as eating out.

Well, especially with our new delivery fees and shit, Jesus,

It gets getting a little nuts.

Yeah. I mean, and I get it and it’s doing that. I can’t bitch too much. Cause again, like you’re providing a service and I get it. But, and I, and I do like I dude, I tip the shit out of the shipped and Instacart people and like, I, I,

What they have to do though, like I’m ordering in a half an hour, they’re going to there some guy or gal is going to get up, get in their car, go get food and bring it to me like damn right. I’m paying a premium people that like, and I don’t mind, um, you know what I mean? It’s kind of like the, the restaurant thing, like, um, you know, right now, like with you and you’re not making shit with tips, like, you know, again, it makes no sense to me take, please take care of you. Cause we’re going to see an apocalypse of Epic proportions of the service industry of the restaurant

Dude. There’s there, there are a lot of bartenders that I know, uh, that have said they’re not going back. Uh, in fact, I’ve walked a few of them through, uh, the starting, you know, starting their way into an it career. Uh, you know, and, and starting to learn some of that stuff, uh, you know, waiters, waitresses kind of stuff like, you know, and that’s the thing. Did you think about like, I mean, you’ve been to mr. Pauls and I mean, in lollies at the same way, like the old school, you know, 50, 60 year old waiters that have been there for 40 years, that like that’s their life and they were, they made bank and, and you’re 50, 60 years old and that, you know, and that option was removed from you. You know, what you now, what do you do

If you were like, I remember I had buddies in high school that valid at mr. Paul’s and they made fricking 10 times more than what we all did. Like, he’s like, Oh dude, I made 500 this weekend. We’re like, you made what?

Yeah, no for real man

For pulling a car up 10 feet


But yeah. What are you going to, what are they going to do? I don’t know, like, like all these restaurants now have to put in all these sanitation requirements put in these fricking these massive smoke filter fans. Um,

And I was watching a, um, I was watching, uh, PR, uh, so the school board, uh, had a video put together. Um, and basically they have a Johnny five, uh, with sanitizer on it. Uh, that’ll go around and spray all the rooms and stuff. Um, it, it it’s like literally the only thing I get the entire time I’m watching this video, like in my head, it’s just no disassemble.

Um, but, uh, yeah,

Dude, it’s, it’s crazy, crazy, crazy. And you know, I look at, you know, like use DSE as an example. I mean, just looking at, um, you know, the folks that are, you know, trying to stay in business and trying to stay afloat. I mean, it’s, Oh, Hey, speaking of which, uh, so, you know, everybody knows, you know, we always push people to Bangkok and coop, uh, there, and you know, there’s the dumpling place. That’s absolutely. And I finally broke down and tried that place and Oh my God, those dumplings are good. Uh, brew ho the taco joint, um, has finally caved and started doing, uh, like little, uh, slider things, uh, that are only like two bucks. Uh, and, and somebody told me they were really, really good. So I’m gonna have to try those out the next time. I’m there.

You remember the MIMA, the meme I sent out about the pierogi tacos,

They are in Hamtramck.

Yeah. Polish village announced that they’re going to make them Saturday. I must’ve.

Yep. So I gotta, I gotta be down at DSC on Saturday. Uh, there that’s going to be a trip. That’s a, that’s absolutely gonna happen.

Yeah. So, um, let me ask you a question if you were at work and, uh, in a big Wiener cake showed up, um, you guys, would you, would you eat it or would you call the feds? I’m just going to door a door. B I, I mean,

Okay. So in, in, I guess let’s, let’s, let me make sure I know those are the two options. I mean, like I, and, and I want to make sure we put this in proper context, if that were the only thing that had ever happened. I’m in cut the cake, let’s eat the cake, let’s make all the jokes about the guy with the giant Shavante that’s in all the hidden memes and all that kind of stuff. Life’s good. Um, in the context of, and the weird thing is, is this comes from a McComb County coroner’s office, like morgue it, like someone sent a Wiener cake to them. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. One of the employees made a Wiener cake at home and brought it in like, like literally decorated it at home and brought it in. That was part of that story. Um, but like, and it was, you know, but there was a lot of other shit that was going on.

They were like, you know, backgrounds being changed on computers and, you know, posted notes. And it was apparently it was a, I guess, I don’t think of a morgue as being a very sexually charged environment, um, for like a number of reasons. Um, you didn’t deal with that old man undertaker in Auburn Hills bars. God, that guy, I think I met him once you pointed them out to me. Oh yeah. But I mean, it’s, you know, when it gets to the level of a pattern of harassment and that kind of shit, I mean, I can, I can see where absolutely somebody would, would flip their lid. Um, I mean, like I said, if, if that was like the isolated incident and what was, eh, somebody thinks they’re hilarious and the joke fell flat.

Yeah. That’s one thing I don’t think you can, like, it’s an area of work I could never do because you’d be, cause it’s the office. Like it’s not jokey jokester. It’s not me showing, it’s not me showing up at your house with a penis cake, you know, for your birthday or something like that, you know, it’s it’s yeah. I would, I would have never had, like, not that I didn’t ever have the thought mind you, but I mean, you worked from home for so long, but I never had the thought of having like, you know, a penis cake delivered to you at the office or, you know, or like, you know, gummy decks or whatever like that, that like there’s just lines. I would have. Not honestly, no, if I’m going to do it, I’m going to own it.

Miranda on Facebook. Some son of a bitch sent me, let me laugh for 10 seconds. Then I’ll text you and goes me. It was me. And I, by the way, we have to, uh, wish condolences and arrest and peace for one more thing. Uh, the Detroit free press. And it was nice knowing yeah. Free. Yeah. Like again, I never minded paying the buck and a quarter or whatever a week or whatever they charge two 50 a week. You know, that was one thing. Uh, but now, um, you know, yeah, they’re putting up a paywall, uh, they want, you know, digital subscribers and that kind of stuff. And you know, I mean, for what it’s worth, I mean, if there is, and this is one of those things, where is there a, is there a point where I’m willing to trade information instead of dollars? Absolutely. Because like, you know, wall street journal and that kind of stuff, you can sign up with your account or, you know, whatever. And then the chart there, there’s no charge like that. The charge goes away

Along with doing it the whole way you want free Hulu. Great. You want to spend $5, you get limited commercials. Do you want to spend $12? You get no commercials.

Right? Well, dude, look at all the, you know, the videos on every news site have been that way forever,

But you’re going to put me behind a paywall and I’m going to have all these advertisements of all the shit that I’ve been looking at.

And I can’t, you know, I can’t link to shit anymore and I can’t.

And then, and then, yeah, cause you want to, you want to share the article and now you can’t read it cause I don’t, you don’t subscribe to it. You know, that’s why I always have to be careful what I share with yo here for our wall street journal. None of them know nothing comes through well, but like I said, but it does on the weird thing as it does on brows

On mobile. Yep. Well, so, and that’s, that’s the thing, like, you know, I’m, I’m okay with, you know, if you want to sign, you know, if you want me to sign up for it for the extent of yeah. You know, I’m logging in with Facebook or I’m logging in with my Google ID or, or whatever, that’s fine. You want to start charging me for it? No. And, and I guess here’s the thing, if, and here’s my genuine take on it. If, if you would have done this 10 years ago, I might’ve been okay with it because like back then the free press was still a locally owned and operated newspaper. They still had honest to God journalists that were sitting there, you know, actually doing investigative research and actually running their stories and that kind of stuff. I don’t my own opinion. I don’t feel like that level of commitment is still there and they are no longer locally owned. I believe they’re a Gannett publication now they’re owned by USA today. And so,

So why, I don’t want to say how sad is it because I’m giving them props, but the most, the most investigative journalist in this town is Jeremiah

Doing daily Detroit. Right. For sure,

Actually does stuff that matters to the committee

Because he doesn’t care about being first. He wants to be proper and right. We’ve we’ve said that all along

And stays away from the op-ed politics. Bullshit. Just nothing but fricking divisive. Like the dude, the toxic comments on it’s just awful. Can I put, they’re not putting anything good out, like, no, there’s not.

I mean, we all, we, I think we all knew this day was coming when, you know, the Detroit news, you know, had the poo water headline, I feel like that’s the

Poo water. Did it?

That was, it was pool water. That was, that was the legitimate headline that’s yeah, absolutely. It was. We drove in that pool water. Yeah. That was, that was the night we were trapped at the Russel.

Why are we not hearing more about the Pentagon, uh, independence day

Because 2020, like, and I, and I love how, like somebody says something and then they retract it three days later when it gets covered. Um, cause you know, at first it’s the whole headline is, Oh yeah. The, the Pentagon actually absolutely has access to technology and ships that are not SP not of this earth. Okay. So it, it literally is area 51. Like it’s that that’s, that’s what you’re talking about. And then, well, you know, it, I’m not really saying, and then a couple days later, well I’m not really saying it’s alien. I’m just saying, it’s weird that there’s these gaps. It’s almost like the, uh, the, you know, the gaps in the fossil record that everybody like tries to debate about creationism versus evolution. Like there’s just this gap where suddenly there’s a big jump in the technology. And, and so it’s weird how that happened. That’s all I’m really saying. So they was accurate. Yeah, absolutely. Oh, absolutely.

That’s why do you think, uh, what’s his nuts as crazy now? Um, cousin Eddie. What tells the Dave?

Oh, uh, Oh God, why am I blanking on it? Yeah, the it, and he was in that movie. Shit. Yes.

This is the one that sacrificed his life by taking his [inaudible].

Oh, Randy Quaid. Thank you. Cause I’m like it’s Dennis, Dennis, Dennis. No, it’s not Dennis. It’s the brother

Entire podcast breaking down the shit technology of that.

Yeah. Movie dude. I remember when that came out, I think POS and got, there was this phenomenal email back in the day, there was this email that was floating around. That was from an app. Like it was just like a rant by an area, 51 scientist, allegedly. But it was like, here’s all the things I learned about my job, um, from watching independence day and it was just outstanding. It was,

It was bring like a nineties Mac book, an individualist drive, all modern tech

Analogy was based on the alien ship that had landed a couple of decades earlier.

So USB sticks came or no, Firesticks Kaitlin.

Yeah. The, the Mac can’t talk to 95% of computers on earth at the time. But, but, but Ken talk to, uh, yeah.

What is your writing? The virus and what code like that, like that makes sense. That all movies shape anyway, I never did to the SQL, but like how is the Pentagon going to release it? Are they going to have it on like 60 minutes? Like what are they going to like, I think going to have a TV show, is it going to be like straight to that?

I do it, it might be who knows? I mean, I’m sure they’re all queuing up dollars to be the ones to break it. Um, yeah. I mean, it could be, Netflix could be Hulu could be 60 minutes. Who knows? Just, just, just own it. Just release it. Just let it just tell us

Tart the UFO channel, then I’ll subscribe it.

I dude, I will, you know, and you know what bring I’m sure do Cavani and Gillian Anderson are bored as shit right now. Let’s do another seat there. There you go. That’s how they do it. They bring them back for a final season of X files and, and it’s all like the real shit and they just, Oh, there you go. Yeah. The mountain of mashed potatoes. Bring that back. Absolutely. Why wouldn’t you good time.

That’s the one, that’s the one thing you got to close encounters, jaws and Rocky. Like I think those are like the three movies that are like, they stand the test of time, but they’re what they’re utter crap. Like I know I’m going to get tore up for that one, but like watch close encounters. You’re watching an hour and 45 minute movie for five minutes. Like that’s such a great movie. How dare you SpaghettiOs dude, watch it. Now. I have you watch the close encounters now. Uh, I want to say I watched it within the last year, so, and I know you were all over this. I’m getting someone for a sec. Uh, but you were all over this, the whole space X landing. Yes. Well, I first learned about it where I said dragon lands in, um, Gulf of Mexico and I’m like welcome to 2020.

And I’m like, is it, um, uh, Adrian posted the meme and I’m like, is this true? Um, and then, uh, but basically like, think about that technology, like the, the, the space X thing, he did it for, what did he do it for Randy? Less than a billion dollars or something like that. Like, uh, but like legal basically landed the damn thing in the Gulf of Mexico. Like, I’m sorry, but if I’m sitting here and they’re like, Hey, we’re going to fly up to space and then you’re going to hang out there for a couple of weeks. Then you’re going to come back down to earth and like, they have it where you can actually land in the Gulf of Mexico. Um, but like the fact that this had to be done by a private business, like this is supposed to be the government. Like, you know what I mean?

All those kinds of asset it’s like, you guys are supposed to be the one doing this crap. And why is the Elon Musk doing it? Why is he doing it? Yeah, this was the first, uh, splashdown since 1975. Okay. They’d been that long. Yeah. Uh, Apollo missions were the last ones to do splashed downs. I believe, you know what I missed after that it was the shuttle. The shuttle was just landed at the airport at the basis of the shuttles, on the backs of the giant planes. Those, yeah. And yet they still felt like they could rationalize charging you for luggage fees. You can carry a space shuttle, you can manage my bag, Sebastian Maniscalco talking about that. He’s like, I gotta get two pounds out of my luggage. Like what’s two pounds ask people what’s too loud when apparently the astronaut went through so much shit.

Um, I don’t know how else to describe it, but it took them another 15 minutes to sit up and another 15 minutes to be able to stand, like took them like literally a half an hour just to stand once they hit. I mean, I guess that’s not a surprise that man, I remember hearing those conversations from, you know, the, the, the interviews with the Apollo astronauts and that kind of stuff, you know, whether it’s the effects of weightlessness. Um, you know, cause I mean, it doesn’t take that long for those effects to sit in, you know, or just, you know, the, I mean, reentry into the atmosphere is not exactly an easy, smooth process. Yeah. I mean, it looked fine on flash Gordon. I mean

The right back to the Tokyo drift. Yeah, it did. It made it look simple. Yeah. It’s perfect.

Fall asleep. You put on some seatbelts, you fall asleep and you wake up on Mongo. What’s the big deal.

One of the stories we didn’t talk about is, uh, so CWT, I guess, is a big travel company that handles a lot of, uh, you know, international, uh, businesses and that kind of stuff. And they caved and paid a $4.5 million ransomware, uh, to regain control of their systems.

Oh boy, that’s a lot of money.

Well, the original demand was 10 million. Uh, and it’s funny because like, so part of the story is like it was a public chat, um, where these negotiations were going on. Uh, and, and so like the, you know, the, they negotiated them down to a little less than half. Um, but then still wound up paying four and a half million dollars to regain control of their systems.

Can’t they just re we store, like, I don’t get it

Don’t know when it happened. No, that’s the dangerous part over 30,000 computers offline too.

So it wasn’t just,

Well, they said they took control of 30,000 systems and there was some debate as to whether or not that was accurate or not. Um, but apparently they, and, you know, cause they apparently grabbed just a shit ton of data. Um, and that’s, that’s part of the fallout that they’re trying to figure out now is what, you know, what data cause they said, you know, whether it was their employees, they know they’ve got employee data. Um, they’re not sure about customer data yet. Uh, but you know, they just, you know, they’re claiming, you know, two terabytes of data is now floating around out there and just damn

Dude, a travel company made $1.5 billion last year,

If you’re booking corporate, it seems perfectly reasonable.

Is that what a travel management firm does? I don’t even know what the company does now because I used to have them. When, when I worked at HP and Cisco, we had an official travel company, but it was no different than me booking on orbits. Like they didn’t do anything, do any favors for me, they managed business travel meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibitions, and handle event management. Oh that, you know what it is, those 20,000 person events are huge money. Those are like 10, $20 million a piece. That’s where it’s at. It’s not booking flights and shit. I thought they were fricking travel agency. They did $23 billion in 2018. Dude. Did I ever tell you the stories about what it was like just to get lunch at like Cisco live? Have you ever been to one of those? So there’s like 20,000 people. So basically it’s like the size of the auto show and just food tables.

And you’ll have this army of hundreds and hundreds of people, like just pointing to the left, like why? Because you can’t eat at this one, you have to eat at that one. And there’s hundreds and hundreds of buffet tables and you can’t eat this when you can’t eat it. That when you have to go all the way to the back, like the logistics that takes to manage, Oh, it’s crazy. Like I started counting and like just to get people on buses to move them between casinos and just the, the, the effort that it’s, then you got to fricking hire Aerosmith and to get them fricking onstage and paid. And you know what I mean, higher the rent out a fricking whole nightclub in a casino. And you know, they rented the top, the, the towel at, um, Venetian. Like I remember when we went there for a bachelor party, it was 2200 bucks just for fricking 15 of us in a bottle of vodka, you know? Exactly. So you each got a shot is what you’re saying. I took all the beer and they split the two fifths of vodka. I think it was too fast in a six pack of bags. So I’m like, alright, good beer. You got, you know, you gotta drink all that crap. So. All right, well, Hey, you want to wrap things up? Ah, yeah. Sure. Alright. Let’s want to argue about, uh, something. I don’t know. I mean, I’m, I’m always up for good argument. You know, I am what I know.

One’s got it. We got to get Dave out of the house. It’s like operation. Get them off Facebook for like two days. No, you’re wrong. I just want to point out Dave, did you notice how the transformers abdomens flexed dude, I’m just still trying to figure out why they have lips, especially mega mega mega trends got some pretty full pouty lips like that. I was a little disturbed that I, that I found megatrons lips that, that full and pouty, like they were just trying to figure out how like, well, yeah, that’s just one of those details where you’re like in like, why, why, why would you, who would ever do, like, why would robots do that to them? Because it’s robots building robots. So why would robots build lifts, iron giant? They get the jaw, you know, right. When you get the little, you know, it’s the screen and the lights light up in the mouth, but it’s not like an actual moving mouth. Cause why would you do that? Like what’s, what’s the point? I don’t know. Just watch the damn thing, like a kid and enjoy it. I said it was good. I’m just saying to bitch about if anyone bitches about a He-Man too, I’m going to be pissed. Cause he, man, I got a feeling that it’s, uh, the new He-Man will be coming out. That is coming that’s right.

When the road has done on November 5th, um,

Movies, they’re going to dump on us. It’s going to be sanity. How much shit they’re going to dump in the, in the, in the movies to make us go out. Because like they got, they’re all sitting on their hands right now. They don’t know what to do with them. Are they? I mean, I guess that would be like, like, you know, at what stage of production where they, like what’s done, what’s, you know, what’s held up in post prod and that kind of stuff. Like I know I do it. I’m still waiting for the, you know, this next season and probably the last season of Archer, uh, to come out and you know, they, cause that was supposed to come out in may and they said they couldn’t get

Together for the post production work. Um, and so, I mean, there’s still gonna be a lag at some point for speaking of which, um, Trey Parker and Matt stone. I know you’re listening. You do every week. Um, give, give us something for the love of Christ. Just do it. It’s the time it only takes you six days to crank out an episode. We’ve all just give it, just give us one. Just give or tease us with like an arc that like, just give us like yeah, it writes itself. It’s too. You can’t not do it. It’s too good to not do. Oh, I’m sure they’re going absolutely batshit crazy. Like not heard that and they go, yeah. You know, you’re right. We should go ahead and do that. All right. Hey, thanks. Bye. Thanks Bob. David, Randy. There’s this great as well. I’m sure we’ll get I’m sure.

We’ll get a thank you. In the, uh, the closing credits. I’m doing executive producer credits the whole night there’s episode brought to you by it in the deep well I’m out of here. Alright, we’re going to wrap things up. This is episode three 59 of the one and only it and that he show like to thank everybody for hanging out on behalf of Bobby. Even Randy, do us a favor, drink or drinks. Get your phone numbers. You don’t gotta go home. You just got to get the hell out of here. See you next week. Drive careful. Be safe. Thanks for the shirt, Neil. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks for the shirt for a place that doesn’t exist anymore. It’s great. All right. See you guys.