Episode 356 – Fred Brown, COVID Update, Schools Opening, Listener Questions

Thank you for hanging out with us. This is the it and the D show. We made it all the way up to episode 356. Wait, wait, wait. So that’s Bob’s wrong. Plus 340, right.

Been wrong for 340.

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If you don’t know who that faces in the bottom left, or if you’re listening to the podcast after we are joined by the illustrious one, um, one of our, the best guests we’ve ever had, and he’s been gracious enough to be on the show for a third time. Mr. Fred Brown, sir. How are you? And now you didn’t need to wear a tie on our behalf. I got, uh, I, I, I was meeting the appropriate standards, so I appreciate, you know, what we thought that everything was kind of making sense. Right? You made, you brought the world to our fingertips. You started to make sense and give a stats. And it seems like since you left us, the planet has completely on that right. Going on. Oh man. Yeah. So yeah, the covert writer is really the tough one. It turns out, uh, we’re we’re finding out the good news is we’re finding out more about it. The

Bad news is that we’re not managing very well, especially in the Americas. So if you look at the coven outbreak,

You don’t say [inaudible]

Okay. 60% of it between kind of a U S and Brazil. And uh, yeah, we, we made, we made some, some tactical areas. We, and it’s just completely unforgiving, you know, this is about nature. So if you, you know, if you make a mistake with nature, it’s just, it’s just merciless and that’s, that’s where we’re at. We’re at right now. Uh, I ran some numbers just so you, if you’re interested in for sure. And, and um, yeah, you know what I, uh, hold on,

Honestly, I feel like we’re seeing the, basically the effect of the numbers that you showed us the last or the first time you were on where this is not a one, like even, okay. You hear about, you know, the, uh, the R T value and it’s okay. It’s just over one. That doesn’t mean that for every like one person infects one person we’re seeing that skyrocketing exponential growth rate right now, which is super concerning.

Yeah, it is. If you know, the epidemiology is about numbers, eyebrows, and numbers, everyone’s kind of coming in at about 200,000 through, uh, September one. That’s a lot of people in, out of state to die right now, death count. And by end of next year,

Wait a minute, wait, wait, wait, hold on. I want to make sure I understood. Okay. So 200 that by September.

Yeah. September one, we can do it

Only at 130,000 now.

Yeah. Wow. Spike and a couple two to three weeks, but if we’re not lucky and it keeps going, then it will be definitely I have a tip. It spikes like you think the, you know, at around about three weeks in terms of new cases, then we have to wait four to five weeks for the death rates and, uh, and the, and the decline. And so September one likely, you know, certain kind of labor day timeframe, it’ll be about a thousand. And, and unfortunately if we run the numbers, you know, for what we’re expecting by the end of next year, by end of 2021, uh, even if we have a partially available vaccine, and even if we do some smart things, uh, we’ll probably be close to a million.

So, and I guess that actually feeds into a, like one of the questions here, what he said. Yes, I, yes, I did. Yeah. Um, I’m trying not to drink more right now that, that, uh, that no, but like, so like that, that’s one of the things that cause, and this dovetails with what we were just talking about, which is why I want to talk about that is I’m seeing a lot of, I don’t know if they’re bad math or uninformed arguments that are saying, okay, all these, we’re seeing all this skyrocketing in cases, but everybody says the death rate is declining, so it’s no big deal. Right. So, and I’ve, I’ve Fred, I’ve done my part. I’ve, I’ve tried, but I am only me. So tell people why that, the case, like why are we seeing, you know, 15,000 a day and you know, Florida and Arizona, everybody else, but we’re not seeing that one to one ratio yet.

Yeah. Well it turns out that the death rate overall, compared to what we’re seeing out there is to planning, uh, slightly. And that’s because, uh, it’s a younger population. Uh, we’re getting a little bit better treating this. Uh, and, uh, and, uh, and, uh, we are testing a little bit, a little bit more. And so the death rate comparatively, um, uh, is, is it’s about we, we think the don’t work, we’re still not sure what the exact death rate is. Uh, we think it’s around between 0.7 and 1.25, give you a sense of that. Hulu is it’s 0.01. So there’s not, you get the 0.1%. You’re talking about something that’s 10 times more Debby than the flu. The reason that we’re not sure it’s because of the, there’s a, there’s a mutation, that’s a third. So if you look at Chicago, Northwestern just reported, they’re actually three different screens in Chicago.

And one of the strains is about four and a half times more, uh, more effective than the other two. Uh, and so what we’re, and unfortunately it also goes into the nose a lot more. Uh, the original Chinese buyers sort of split into one, and I know it’s, but equally this one, but for folks in the nose, and unfortunately the nasal STEM you’ll have faculty STEM. Uh, it allows that that particular virus to get into the brain more effectively. So we’re seeing a lot more central nervous system results, uh, as well as this new virus with, for transmittable, uh, new strain, we call the complaints played three, uh, in this case has moved into the population. The next year is more prevalent than the original Springs were. So we’re having some challenges, just kind of understanding some of the basics about the epidemiology of the, uh, of the virus. And it could be, yes.

What was some of the new information coming out that all the autopsies that are getting returned are, uh, an abnormal amount of blood clotting? Is that a newer strain or what’s a, what’s the story with that? So, and that actually dovetails into the question that I was going to ask, which, you know, basically it comes down to, you know, so we’re only, only, we’re only a few months into this relatively speaking, you know? So, I mean, I think that’s the hard part is what don’t we know yet. And like, you know, like when it comes to longterm effects and what are we still learning?

So believe it or not, when you look at the number of resolve cases versus the number of the people who are still sick, uh, there are about 53% of our population that still was reporting, being sick. There are unresolved cases, so they’re, they’re out of the hospital, but they’re still having symptoms that are similar to what they’ve had in the past that got them into the hospital in the first place. And a lot of patients are flying back a month, two months afterwards and showing viral load increases again. So it’s sort of pumped down viral, comes out in little peaks, two to three months out. And we’re, I feel that that’s a re-infection with some doc cause they’re saying, or which means that, and unfortunately in the reinfection, but they’re seeing if they, if they are true that the Nunes system, uh, you know, develops antibodies, you have some antibodies for about three months apparently. And if you’ve got a fairly decent medication and then the antibodies just appears, we will, aren’t saying, Hey, I got some antibodies and they’re going out and getting infected. And it turns out the second time you get this thing, it can be extremely dangerous and even worse, worse than the first, then your first bout of it that’s happened three or four times. I don’t have it go. We’re looking at that pretty carefully,

Like chickenpox, like, like if you get like a mild case, it might not stick and you might not have the immunity and then you get like, and then the sec, and then if you get it again, it’s Oh my God. So much worse

That can happen with chickenpox moving to shingles. That’s exactly right. And that’s a daily fevers, another one where you get at once and that’s what have, you know, you’re out there. If you can get anybody to get again, it just keeps you like a ton of bricks.

They need to rename both of those, by the way, because every take me see it, like I got shingles, it’s kind like, Oh boy, I hope everything’s okay. Like Lyme disease or like, Oh, well, you know, what’d you drink too much, like too many Corona, like, you know, anyway. Um, but no, I’ll go back to the blood clotting.

Oh, I’m sorry. Yes. The blood. So here here’s what happens. The truth is that our decorate hasn’t really been going down what’s happened is that we’ve had slightly fewer hospitalizations. What happened when 80% of the people get this stuff and about 20%, half, unfortunately have a bad enough, they have to go to the hospital. That segment has not changed very much. Once you get into the hospital, about 30% of those people go on to go on to the ICU and about 10 to 15% of those people die. Uh, so, you know, it’s, it’s kind of, so, and that’s about a 6.8% death rate if you’re out of the hospital and that’s been very consistent in all across countries. And so on that hasn’t really changed. Uh, what has changed is with people with people’s sensibilities. So it turns out that there are two things that really drive, what are they going to die? The first one is, are you more susceptible? Because you’ve got conditioned, preexisting conditions like hypertension, especially in the United States. If you’re obese, if you smoke, if you have asthma and of course, diabetes and some other, other factors, those factors, and it turns out sadly, if you’ve got a lot of, um, testosterone and your, and a lot of androgens, chances are, you’ve got a lot of 30% greater chance of having a very bad case of COVID then they’re not. So balding them, people with prostate conditions, the management in those categories,

You’re just throwing punches at all of us right now. Aren’t you like that?


Are the two things really defined 41. So what about 41% of U S is it real, is it realistic having a bad base of this thing die about what that leaves, you know, 90% of us, we can walk around and say, Hey, I’m in good shape. I don’t have worried about it. And that’s why you see about half people wearing masks and half not. If you go out publicly.

So this is, this is a two parter. Um,

I didn’t have to request them though. I should have. So what happens is that the virus gets in and you start doing symptoms between two and 14 days after, once you start showing symptoms about, about five to eight days later, it gets into your lungs and start coughing and having headaches and so on right after, and then it moves from there to your blood. So, and that happens about six to 8% of the time. If it gets into your blood, then you’re in big trouble. And that’s what you, that that is causing the clotting. And it’s basically this, uh, this, this, uh, and, and it turns out also if you’re type a or B, if you’re type O you have about a 30% less chance of getting, getting the diseases with gen X and the way it works. Uh, so yeah.

Is it similar to like similar, like sepsis? It’s like, it’s okay if it’s contained in a little bit of it gets in your blood, you’re kind of screwed. Cause that’s, that’s what I had to deal with

November. Yeah. Acceptance as well is actually worse is more deadly than by acceptance. But yeah. So, uh, once you get into the ICU environment here, it’s only about 30%. So it’s close. Uh, people die of two things. One is too much fluid in the blood. They actually Google them and can’t get enough air and into the, into the, into the lungs, that’s one part of the, but the other cause of death that’s even more traumatic is, uh, it causes permanent organ damage. If you are to survive, it is the spotting back there. And that’s why I love the reason that people give antibiotic vectors and so on. I think Aspen and so on. Once you get past that, those factors. So we are starting to try to treat that early and fat, the trick about treating COVID and other viruses that predict early. Cause once it starts, once it replicates, it replicates extremely rapidly. And then it’s that overwhelmed full system. It does two things. The first thing it does is it, it fools the body and sneaks its way in the cell. So the body generally doesn’t know how bad the infection is and does that with sugar holdings, which are, and it goes into [inaudible] inhibitor, which is very critical for mobile.

I’m sorry, like sugar coatings, like I’m like, I’m like seriously, like coronavirus is driving around with a panel van that says free candy on the side. That’s amazing.

They don’t actually reveal itself until it’s, that are very similar to the a and B type of blood, uh, glycoproteins on your blood and those sort of fools. Exactly. It’s all these pokings and then it’s Coke, those groupings of sugar and it kind of fools the body and to thinking this isn’t a very big attack and it’s sort of, I’m sort of used to this anyway, as part of my body, I’m not going to really fight much. Once it gets into the cells, then the cells, the body surprise and overreact, especially among people who were over 60 and 70 and it would have what they call a cytokine storm. And that’s exactly what Bob was talking about with receptionist when that cytokine storm occurs and the body just starts to completely attack itself and everything in it.


So it’s a sort of smell and sort of a wild ed allergy and extremely hard to target control because all the asymptomatic, uh, transforms can go.

I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet, but it was, it was actually really, I found it very interesting and it was, it was a good watch and it’s only three episodes. Um, it’s, it’s on Netflix and it’s called, um, I believe it’s called coronavirus explained or understanding coronavirus one of the two. Um, and you could tell that it was, it was, I think it got released like maybe a month ago. Um, and you could tell they were working with the best information they had at the time, but as far as like the origin of it and the, and the science behind it, like, like what you were just talking about with how it infects cells, I thought they did a really good job with that. So, I mean, for people that are out there that want to check that out and like, cause they really, they do cutesy little cartoons and to show you like how this stuff actually flows and all that kind of stuff.

But I guess the next question I want to get to, cause I know it’s, it’s, it’s really upfront, um, on a lot of people’s minds right now, uh, is so like I know, uh, today, uh, Los Angeles just shut their bars and restaurants down again and also announced that, uh, their schools will not be reopening, um, on schedule. So, and I know, uh, I’ve got a, I’ve got a couple teachers on my friends list that asked the same question, like, what is your take on school’s reopening? And, and, and then doing it safely. Like I know we’ve seen a lot of kind of conflicting information coming from different sources at the top. Um, so from a just science guy perspective, like what, what is your take on this?

So the reason you’re seeing conflicting conflicting data is because every school district is a little bit different. You know, if you go to the GP, they don’t have quite a bit kind of density. We need to now have the, they don’t have the amount of virus in the environment. They don’t have many communities, but as we knew, uh, and, um, the, so, so, you know, that’s a different kind of environment they can County or w w uh, Wayne or with home, or, and so there is a little bit of difference between the, the, the, the, the school. So that’s one thing. Um, the second thing is that, um, there is a fairness issue that people are worried about and that about half the U S population actually can’t afford, uh, individual computers, what they’re told them and all the internet. So they’re worried they’re going to be a whole who people, but really gonna get behind.

It makes sense for a long period of time. So, so that’s why you’re seeing a lot of little, a lot of these issues, the last big issue, isn’t it, isn’t the economy. And it turns out that 16% officially of people saying, if I don’t have a daycare center, I can’t work. And can probably, it’s a lot higher than that. If people said, well, I can probably work, but I’m distracted half the time because I got kids who have needs. And I’ve a, you know, and I got to make that up after hours and it’s going to be, it’s a, it’s a challenge for them just to just be productive. So we got both kind of three things. Plus the socialization with children. It turns out the kids fall most behind in mathematics, most behind in mathematics. That’s the biggest issue.

Clearly we do not need that to happen as a country anymore than we are.

You have a choice of what to teach the kids face to face. I choose kind of mathematics. I would say the hard subjects for sure. Yeah. Maybe programming computer, because I could use that all myself. So, um, you know, those are the things that you really want to, if you have to have kids go to school in staggered and focus on one or two things for one at early ages, those are the big ones that really matter. And then as we get older, of course, they start to be able to study themselves and learn things on their own. But certainly, you know, third, fourth, fifth, sixth grade. So those are really critical years. You don’t want to fall too far behind, but there’s a big push on the one side. And that sort of overwhelming a lot of the true data, you know, cause there’s an economic set of data and reality. And then there’s the data we’ve got hail just came through with a big study and they actually modeled this pretty carefully. And basically their, their conclusion was that unless you’re testing college students about, uh, about, uh, two time, every two days, if you’re testing for the coronavirus, you will have an outbreak game four. So that, that was there.

Well, and think about your average campus and burning through those tests every two weeks.

Wow. And I think that’s true. The biggest issue we’ve got with the young kids is number one, we don’t actually know very much about yet. The reason we don’t really know very directly on kids is cooked meat. It’s a question because the schools were shut down. Yeah. We shouldn’t really go. We don’t as a medical community, we know very, very little about transmission, about death rates, about conflict. Kim’s about how long this thing lasts about France, about a space of Maddix, uh, about, about activities that call spread, all those things. We really don’t have any data really rolling the dice to some extent, but when I find a project, but that’s the best guest from university students and progressing that down then to elementary kids, the biggest issue we’ve got is in mixed household, where there are elderly people involved. So if you’re wanting to go and visit your grandma or grandma’s helping because mom and dad are working and the grandma’s helping out during the grown abide rescue times, there is a huge chance to attract

Well. And I think that the two things that I’ve seen that really kind of just nail the problem to a T is one is, you know, kids cough like this, and you want them back in school. And then number two, if, if one kid on the bus has a project with glitter it, how many kids on the bus have glitter on them?

Talk to these poor teachers. And they say, you know, I’m going back to school. Our school buses are vectors. We don’t have a double of school and we have to do a double duty, right? Don’t work. When I was in high school, we had no, sometimes we, when we didn’t have enough money, we would have half the students come at the same high school. Second half of the day, second half, second round of students would come through a high school and you can kind of divide that. But if you do the math, I do, I am aware a little bit. It’s only universities. There’s one university I’m working with their biggest lecture hall houses, 475 people. Yes. How many they can get into go back to their hall safely. Socially distance. No, no little bit better. But your host is going to go 10%. Yeah. Yeah. 75 people. That’s it. And that’s a classroom that normally goes 475 people.

Okay. Well then let’s extrapolate that out. I mean, your typical, like I know the elementary school that’s right up the street from me, their typical classroom size is 30. So that’s down to seven.

Well, yeah, yeah. Now luckily the kids don’t need quite as much space cause they don’t, you know, they don’t expect to quite as far, uh, you know, the, uh, but, but I feel badly for the teacher, but about a third of our teachers over 50 and that really puts you in a risky category, you know? So, um, I think, I think, you know, as I said, you know, in areas like California, it would be very dangerous to open things up where you’ve got a lot of coronavirus in the air and the air we’ve got a fast increase in, in, in case rates, uh, lots of communities spread. And you’ve got a, you know, a lot of, a lot of people living in close quarters, like in Los Angeles, they got 680,000 students going to that school. You know, that’s a hard situation and that’s why I think they closed it down.

Uh, I think in Michigan, I think, um, it’s going to be very hard, uh, to open things up in densely populated areas, uh, at a certainly won’t be normal schooling. I think you’re going to have to have a hybrid approach, meaning you’re going to have to do some things at home and some things in the school. And the problem with that is, is that it hurts our economy, right? If you’re a mother or father at home trying to work with the kids and you know, they’re home Monday, Wednesday, Friday, that doesn’t really help me. I work. That’s a really, it’s a really challenging, it’s probably the most challenging thing we have. If you do this, if you do the math, uh, we think, um, depending on the situation between two and 4% of, of a, of a, of a, of a viral spread up to 25% of the level,

I mean, elementary schools are Petri dishes. Let’s be honest. I mean, that’s,

Well, if it’s two to four, because you’ve got, you know, you’ve got a social distancing and you don’t have that many students going to each school, um, uh, and they’re not staying in school quite as long and they have, uh, they have testing it’s regular. Then you’re talking about two to 4%. If you’re talking about schools that have more than 500 students that where you’re breaking against them and changing classes and brushing against other students, uh, say a hundred times a day.

Yeah. Everybody going to their lockers, everybody going. Yeah.

Yeah. Uh, then, then you’re talking about probably 55%. Uh, you know, you can, you could really get a spread the gold very, very rapidly. I mean, they’ve done a lot of the Matthew [inaudible] if we could be done with this,

Fred, I got a, I got a quick question. Um, I’m like, you’re, you’re, you’re my voice have a voice of reason. The, the, you know, the reason of truth, whatever we want to call you, um, memes are floating around all the time. And the topic of the last three weeks has been masked. It seems like everybody’s yelling at the invisible boogeyman on social media, like to wear your mask. Well, who are you yelling at? Um, well, this one just came out today and I’m just curious if this, how much of this is bullshit. Um, it says mat mask protection efficiency in there, six masks, the two things that were alarming to me, like the surgical, the free mask that you get at, like the, you know, they say that one’s 80 or 90% good for virus, bacteria, dust and pollen. Right? The one that was interesting to me was the cloth mask.

The one that they’re selling, like with like fashion tops, 0% effectiveness on the virus, a bacteria, 50% dust, 50%. And then the sponge mask, which kind of is like the formed, like a neoprene almost zeros across the board. So, you know, and then the other ones are mostly good. Um, but I was just curious as what the cloth mats going to sponge, like, cause that’s the one I see everyone wearing for the most part in particular. Yeah. Yeah. But then it says, uh, according to this meme, it says it’s garbage, but I, you know, I’m kind of wanting to come to you to say like, all right, make some sense of that.

Yeah. So, uh, the physics is really simple. It’s it’s, if you can hold it basically it’s a physical barrier. So depending on how thick the physical barrier is, um, for the cloth, the regular quality,

Well actually hold on. So Bob Lee, I guess clarifying question, is that meme, is that percentage protecting you or protecting others?

It says mask protection, efficiency.

I feel like that’s one of the things we’ve talked about all along is like, your mask is not about protecting you it’s it’s like, especially the cloth ones, it’s about keeping stuff from getting out, right?

Yeah. But it says mass protection deficiency, that’s it. So I don’t know if it’s in our, you know, ingress or egress. I do not know.

Yeah. It’s looking at, it’s looking at address a jet generally. That’s easier for them to experiment with. So usually it looks at a little machine that pumps out and stuff and they put stuff over the, uh, over, over base in, uh, uh, with various poles and, and the different fabrics. And basically a mask are quite effective now, but you need to have a couple of layers. If you only have one layer of, for example, of a, of sill, uh, then it’ll, it’s fairly ineffective if you have four layers. And so it is very effective. So it’s actually the physical barrier, uh, on, on those kinds of answers you’re describing.

Yeah. So like this one that I run around with, like, it’s, it’s pretty thick. Like it’s, there’s at least a couple of layers in there. Yeah, no, I can’t. There’s no light coming in.

Yeah, no, that’s probably about 60% effective. Now the difference between shout out to these guys.


Okay. The difference between that and a surgical mask, or then 95 mask is weak and 95 mass actually eliminate 95% of particles that are less, that are up to a brief, better three microns, a 0.3 microns or less than size that’s, that’s a fairly small particle and it can really be effective. The other thing that those are those, those, those, those, uh, artificial fabrics have was electrostatic charges. And those electrostatic cars is actually a trap, the particles viral particles in them. So if you’re looking at an official surgical mask, but they don’t say it’s a surgical mask that is been manufactured under those kinds of conditions, that States, that means it has an electrostatic charge that actually blocks not just a physical barrier, but it has a chemical kind of like a static area as well. Same thing. [inaudible] certain kinds of fabrics

And any fives got a 90, is it 95% on the virus, then a hundred percent on all the other bacteria, Dustin pollen, but others, go ahead, Randy. My other question with masks is that that effect deafness is just virus particles itself. And we’ve heard that COVID virus particles, aren’t transmitting just free form they’re in water drop.

Great point. That’s great. That’s a great point. So the surgical masks are actually designed to stop blood splatter. And so that’ll, that’ll prevent liquid to a matter of them and entering as well. The cloth mass, not the reason we’re concerned about them, uh, while the particles, uh, is that, uh, we, we, we think there are three kinds of transmission. One is what they call fomites where the particle gets on a surface. And generally after about a day for most services, with the exception of aluminums plastics, then so, um, the virus will buy or investigate, uh, dry out, uh, the, the other. So the next kind of, of transmission is droplets people coughing at you and unfortunately, droplets coming off of you and getting into your mucous membranes. But the last time is actually the most kind of insidious. And that is, uh, we think that an aerosol, so these are 0.4 micron size droplets, uh, especially in dry weather. Uh, there are more, more of them, uh, and, um, uh, they can stay in the air for up to three hours of the COVID by us for tuberculosis, we can see on the air for six hours. Uh, so that’s a, it gives you a sense of, you know, so if you get into an elevator after four or five people got on it, uh, who’ve had COVID, there’s no one on the elevator. You sit there and handle them and, you know, go up a hundred floors. Okay.

Yeah, it wasn’t didn’t that just happen. They had like what, 72, they had 72 cases track back to a woman who had been in an elevator by herself and yet the lingering effects yeah.

Attack the disease. You know, if you think I’m pretty safe, as long as I’ve socially distanced and suddenly that, that changes all of a sudden, the rules have to change and all your policies change. It’s a challenge. Yeah.

Conditioning stories that are going around right now. If you want to get people really pissed off closing the bar is one thing, but telling them to turn off their ACS and other what’s a, what’s the story with that? Well, I was gonna say, well, and that’s actually one of the questions that we’ve got is, you know, so what, what can, you know, as a, either a, a business owner or a homeowner or whatever, like what, what should we be looking at with our HVAC systems in order to like, you know, improve things or help as much as we can.

Yeah. They’re there. So you can look at records to dock options, a friend of mine, uh, uh, as a scientist in the space, looking at ultraviolet light. Uh, so for example, some of the larger Ingersoll Rand, uh, air conditioners, those large manufacturers of central air conditioners, I’ll have two to two different, uh, opportunities to improve the HVAC system. The first is to do have a filter work now that can, that can wreak havoc. This is a balanced system. And if you suddenly block it even more than it was planned to be blocked, you can really destroy your whole compressor and everything else. So you have to make sure that the retrofit will work, but you can architect a much more, uh, uh, start to clean out a lot more of the particles and try to get the circulation of the ear, uh, through the system, uh, much more often frequently, you’ll have a complete circulation of the air in your office once every couple of hours, if you can get that down to 15, 20 minutes, I got a lot of bullying going on, but that, that, that, that really can make a difference.

The second big thing is, is UBC line is it’s a frequency of light that, uh, is particularly deadly for the, for the coronavirus. And, uh, it can kill virus particles. The problem is you have to get the light everywhere on it. Uh, you can’t, we can’t have little shaded areas and things like that in, in the, and the, in the, in the duct work. Uh, so some, some, in some instances it’s pretty easy to retrofit and only takes us between two, a Dover, and then put in the UV light source. And other instances that really requires a think of the whole system. Uh, and then you want to look at the amount of, of what they go laminar flow. And that’s what we looked at working with three and four labs. It’s kinda like laminar flow. You’ve got to push the virus around and make sure it’s circulating and pointing to the systems, uh, effectively.

But I, the, if you can keep your windows open or work outside, uh, it’s a lot safer than being inside, especially for extended duration. So the things that really drive this is, you know, how big is the crowd, uh, how much virus is in the year? How much circulation do you have and how long do you stay at, at, at a place by, or something here tends to be, uh, people breathing hard and heavily, uh, that, that causes most virus in the air. So if people are coughing or shouting, um, uh, then, then chances are, it’s going to quite a bit of virus in the ear. If they’re close to each other, not able socially distance, and you’re there for more than 15 minutes, you’ve got a chance to catch him

Well. So in that kind of feeds in to the, one of the other questions that came in, as, you know, a lot of over the years, a lot of, uh, businesses have shifted to more of an open office concept, you know, instead of people that, you know, send everybody’s in cube farms and that kind of stuff, like, what do you do?

So the number one thing is don’t sit across from me though, whatever you do, you don’t want to have people face to face reading. I didn’t go to back and forth with that. That happens a lot. Sadly that’s probably when the more efficient the system we had was to have, you know, call center and so on people facing each other, you know, sort of interested in why people occupied the mines don’t do that. Know the first thing you want to do is break that apart. So you’re not basing with the other and having, you know, people exchange a lot of, uh, a lot of air. Uh, second thing you want to do is look at the intake and the exhaling of the, of the, of the air conditioning system, make sure that you’re not pulling up a lot of, uh, a lot of that aerosols.

Third thing you want to do is try to make as much space as you can generally, you know, your executive don’t have to be around anymore. They could be working like we are right now. And that that usually provides we’re a company that I work with about 40% more space, use that 40%. Let them, you sit in the CEO’s office, spread that out for the workers. Now every day, third thing is you want to make sure that you are hand-washing poly 10 times a day, uh, as a worker, uh, especially if you’re experiencing things. Fourth thing is no canteen. Now, no more cafeteria, no more workspaces, no more, no more, no congregating and Buffy breaks. Get them out the door and their cars bring green food in for them. You know, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t open the cafeteria, cause that does a big cause. You know, try to test everyone coming in and going out and stagger that.

So they, the timing, uh, needs, they don’t have to all congregate all at once. Try to get into the building together, whether they’re work basic. The other thing is cohorts try to keep people in groups. So they understand who they’ve been involved with. One of those people come down with something, at least you haven’t been exposed the entire, the entire community. You don’t do it. At least it will be controlled by a private people. Fourth thing is look at all your best seven, seven hours. Look at all your classes where those processes are able to be remote and not work with each other. Meaning you have to build with me, you have to buy an extra piece of equipment, will be blocked, carrying equipment, that kind of thing. Uh, try to make sure all those policies, uh, are able to be done remotely, singularly. Uh, if you have to have teams of people working together on a process, then make sure you have people really make three MPP. And finally you want to wash down everything every hour, uh, and then be cleaning every night.

Well, that question came from someone. That question came from someone that, um, the, basically they have a it’s like, I think we talked about this before. There’s like 10 tables to a pod and it’s basically five on one side, five on the other. And then it just rows and rows and rows and rows of people. But they’ve put hockey glass partitions between the desks, but I can still touch my neighbor per se. So is that how much helpful is that versus just saying, Hey, I’m trying to do my part. Like, do you know what I’m saying? Like, I think I’ve checked the box on the form to comply with our liability requirements. Yeah. It’s like changing your profile picture on Facebook. Like I am helping,

At least they’re crying, right? I mean, at least at least, you know, I, you know, the worst is if they, if they just said, well, we shut down for a little while was open the doors, but at least fine, we can start all over again. But that’s like, that’s, that’s really negative because things have changed a lot. If at least people have applied to do something, um, then that’s, that’s a positive, right? It means you don’t your carers and trying to make sure we’re staying healthy. But the truth is if you’re not able to maintain a six foot distance, um, uh, with people and you’re sitting across from them and you’re able to physically touch them and you’re sharing environments like that, um, there’s a, there’s a, there’s a good chance that if things go through, especially if people are talking a lot, um, you know, Oh yeah, that’s you’re so the first thing you want to do is understand your own level of security, right? If you’re a young 20 year old person who feels pretty competent, I might think about, I might think about it, but if you’re, if you’re orange and you got a compromising condition, never, never know. I mean, it’ll kill you, but what, what this thing does, is it hibernates in, you know, in people, you know, it goes without reproducing having a great time. Right. And it’s,

I mean, that’s, that’s

Exactly, but you know, it’s having a great time. We’re using our reproductive system and pushing things through and everything else. And then it eventually finds somebody who’s susceptible and who has a preexisting condition. And it goes,

Wasn’t there an article that says, if you have sex, wear a mask with someone, a couple of literally that came out of England. Um, it was, yeah, but so, and so I guess that actually feeds into one of the other questions that I got in, which is okay. So

Knowing what we know at least right now, and I always put that caveat on it, cause do this as science shit evolve, shit changes. We’re still learning. Um, what does quote unquote recovered from COVID-19 mean? What, what, like what, what does that mean right now?

Yeah. So what it means is that you’ve gone through and so did you catch the disease and you’re diagnosed with it. What you have to have is two positive tests after 24 hour period in both your nasal and your lungs and two negative deaths, right? So there’s new, a positive. We go through the whole system, your body clears, there’s a virus out and setting it. Usually that usually takes 14 to 20 days. And at that point you’ll have tests redone and you’ll do the nasal plate. You won’t see anything you’ll do, you’ll do the long piece. You won’t see anything. You do that twice over 24 hour period, everything all clear, then your, your quote, unquote resolve.

Um, I had one that come in and I know exactly who this is and why she’s asking it. Um, so it’s, uh, so how do you feel about, um, indoor sports right now? Uh, you know, things like volleyball, um, you know, things that are, you know, the, like a lot of the, the school sports are still gearing up on, even though we’re still not sure what’s going to happen with schools yet. Um, but I know like I’ve seen kids out on baseball fields and they’re all kind of like, we talked about the MLB opening Bob and don’t, you know, they’re all wearing batting gloves. They’re all wearing masks in the dugout and all that stuff. But like, how do you, like, I think indoor is, is a lot different and it’s probably your answer probably is going to make my skin curl

Indoor is about 18 times more dangerous than outdoors general. And the fact that outdoor professional sports who are currently living in bubbles or are having outbreaks, you know, 40, 40 baseball players who are wearing a helmet

And I’m, and I’m not going to lie. Like that’s the part that really truly amazed me about seeing kids out on the baseball field. I’m like, dude, if the professional sports teams that are spending millions of dollars on these people, can’t keep their shit safe. What are you doing? Like

The NHL went up to Canada to go ahead, to reduce the viral load environment, you know, uh, you know, trying to keep yourself safe in Orlando is really challenging right now. Uh, the main soccer had an outbreak among 12 teams, uh, uh, so far. Uh, and the problem is that no, the vector is the ball, you know? So you expect something like a guy out until go around the horn. Everyone’s comfortable you’re to do, uh, you know, same thing with volleyball. You know, people are, are sweating. They’re they’re, they’re, they’re working hard. They’re uh, they’re, they’re, they’re exhaling

The same thing you were saying about Jim’s when, when I, when we asked you that last time

You’re facing people, right? I mean, you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re facing people. You’ve got to get close. You gotta, you know, you gotta be what you want to ground spikes. You want to hit spikes. Uh, you have to get, you have to get the sets. Right? All those things mean it will be extremely difficult if even one person on your team. Well, I, one person on the opposing team had the, to have the virus, there was a great cancer. We going to have it after the game.

Yeah. Cause like my, uh, my daughter’s playing soccer. They’ve been practicing for good month, but they won’t let what they want, allow them to scrimmage. So it’s really just doing ball, handling drills, running, um, kind of light, you know, activity, but they’re not letting them play.

Yeah. That that’s, that’s, that’s comparative to say, you know that that’s, that’s a good practice right now. Do we know more about [inaudible] we’re in fast? Uh, I hope in a good way that it’s maybe not as dangerous as we think right now. Uh, but it doesn’t, it there’s a great cancer. It isn’t.

So how about, how about the elephant in the room? Um, the governor comes out and issues in a, um, an emergency. What’s the word emergency alert saying, you know, everybody wear masks and then here a year you have, you know, Oakland County Sheriff’s like kiss my ass, McComb County, sheriff kiss my ass Leelanau County Lake. He’s like, I am enforcing that.

I found the response. Interesting. They are not going to respond to individuals that are reporting it. But if a business reports, somebody being obstinate or not wearing a mask and refusing to comply, they will respond to that.

Well, that’s basic trespassing, right? If you ask them to leave, the problem is, you know, and I overheard somebody talking today, I’m saying like, Hey, my daughter is 16. She’s working at the grocery store. She’s not going to front some 40 year old house mom and say, you can’t come in. It’s not her job. Right. And it’s just not her inner psyche. So it’s like, you know, again, so now we’re seeing the common citizen, everybody, you know, they, they, they tell you something like take a picture of the person and submit it to the health department. It’s like, are we getting to that point as a society? Um, it’s like, what, what do you make? I mean, we’re all trying to do our part. We really are. And there’s a couple people that are assholes, but like, what are we supposed to do about all this?

Yeah. You know, citizens arrest, you know, certainly don’t, don’t get yourself in a scuffle. Just, just avoid the person. Cause you don’t know who knows. The guy may be a black belt, TaeKwonDo expert, find yourself, no I’ll call you don’t you don’t want to have that happen. And you hurt yourself. So just, you know, I think that eventually what’s going to happen is that it’ll be cultural. You know, people will say, if you, if you go to places in California right now, um, and you don’t have your mask on, you know, it because a friend of mine forgot, you know, he said, no, I just ran out. You know, I have permission to get in. I flew in, I forgot. I’ve got my mask, my car. And like within 10 steps, he realized, Oh, there’s something wrong here. Oh, it’s me. I don’t have my basketball because everyone was scowling at him. Everyone else had masked them. And they were like, you know, I had to get my [inaudible]. I think eventually that’s gonna happen and what’s going on. So the interesting question is how long has that I’m asking him to be required. Right. And we asked, we wait, so what we did and university of Michigan, cause they actually asked people, how long do you think it will do for you feeling safe with pulpit and everywhere around the world. With the exception of poor countries, we have 20,000 people everywhere, everywhere around the world. 90% of people thought it would be six months or less. We were all going to be safe all day. Right?

Holy cow. I got to get out and talk more

Well. So that was actually one of the interesting things, because I’ve been talking to like the whole, one of the things that they talk about and they actually do a really good job in that Netflix show that I was talking about, uh, talking about all the different vaccines, uh, that are, that are going through trials or that are in, you know, in, in production and all that kind of stuff that they’re testing. Um, and like the, like the one that shows the most promise I guess, is coming out of Oxford. Um, because they’re basing it off the SARS vaccine that they already almost had done. And this is a close relative. And then I guess there are two others that are trying to use like technology and production methods that have never been used or tested before, but say they can get done faster. But the weird thing is, is now, especially with like all, you know, everybody’s been talking herd immunity, herd immunity, herd immunity.

And so with this possibly like shortened window on antibody lifespans, like, and they’re talking about, I believe like you want to get to at least 60 to 70% of the population to have herd immunity in order to start getting there. Okay. You start doing that math. We have what, 7.8 billion people in the world with a shortened immunity window. And there has never been, that was one of the points they right there is never, ever been been on antivirus or a vaccine that’s ever been produced in such mass quantities to basically try to saturate the entire earth 60 to 70% of the population at one time within about 30 days. Cause that was, that was their, you know, supposition was that in order to really do this right, to get to herd immunity, you’re going to have to hit 60 to 70% of the global population within about a 30 day window, which means so that, you know, 60 to 70% of 7.8 billion, you need four to 5 billion doses of this stuff. And that’s the water Dave, that’ll be fluoride. It’ll be, it’s all about the contrary cells. And they swap out the five G tower modules, right. Vaccines.

So, so the Germans are always very direct, right? Uh, and I thought that the most concrete statement was by the CEO of the Pfizer partner. Who’s part of our work speed pro program. Uh, it’s called vom tech. And what the CEO said is we will have a vaccine in December, right? And the Germans are pretty. I mean they’re, and that’s what the Oxford folks are saying to you. You know, they, they leave their cranes run on time. They have a schedule. They, they produce, so chances are, they’re going to have a vaccine in December. He always said in the same sentence, but we won’t control this virus for at least 10 years. So if you talk to the album is about mass squaring. 90% of them say, it’s going to be at least the next few years everyone’s gonna be wearing that. Just tell them we only have eight year term limits.

Trump will be out of the office by then and it’s okay, come on. Hey, Hey, Hey, he finally wore a mask. He broke down. This can, this can not be a political issue anymore. And it was probably the neoprene one. It doesn’t fly.

I sort of liked his math. That’s what I like the president to see on the side. I thought, I thought, I thought it was whatever happening thing. I, but I, but you know, he can’t, he went to Walter Reed and he wore a mask and you know, good Brent, you know that those guys are, and you don’t compromise for you. No, that’s good to see. And I know, Hey, there could be a great business in Maga mass and, and uh, uh,

Yeah. You know, they’re loading up the website with them right now.


Stupid not to call them the open season line. Right.

I see it. So on the vaccine side, people are starting to go to the experts. I deal with it, the viral, all of us, I do. I’ve built a lot of drugs. I deal with all of these companies. There are four big companies that are involved. Um, the rest of them are quite small startups or they’re national companies like in China and so on. And they’re, they’re wrinkly, you’re bidding on five different buyer, a vaccine, the first set of vaccines, other vaccines that we have that. So that’s the worst we’d give vaccines are five of them in process. And one of them has board of a brand because of testing. So that’s, you know, and what we’ve done in that space is we’ve said, Hey, um, we want to have a guaranteed commuter million dollars. We want a guaranteed 300 million dose. You can do whatever you want with the rest of the doses, but we want our experts.

So good negotiation on a heart. Right? We said, we want our experts a little bit selfish. We said, wait a minute. You know, you know what I mean, things that people are going to be eligible for the vaccine, they’re going to get it the United States or healthcare workers in Bangladesh to get it. But people are talking about billions of doses. Um, so 300, 300 million, we’ve negotiated that with AstraZeneca was godson and Johnson with Sanofi, uh, and Madonna, right? So those are the big, big, and then there was no normal vaccine goal for those who’ve been now, then that’s the U S plan. Uh, and you came to the same thing. You just bathing on the AstraZenica Oxford, uh, program. It’s now in phase two, three clinical trials. Um, and they, uh, also said, we’ll do this, but we want to have a hundred million doses.

So they supported really doses for that awkward vaccine. You’re already off to the side. That’s, that’s, that’s a set. UK only has one bet that we have five. So, you know, plus four more beyond that, then we’ve got China. China has a whole bunch of that stew, and they’re actually a little bit ahead of us. They’re actually, they’re already injecting their military with a vaccine. Um, and so they’re, you know, they’re, they’re figuring out exactly what the response is in humans already. Uh, and so they may be out on the market a little bit ahead of us. I think it will be tight, but it could be, that could be actually ahead of us. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with that kind of extra power. Right. Are we trusting what China says these days? I’m just being funny. I hear you

Recording numbers and all that stuff. It’s like, it’s, you know?

Yeah. So, so we actually done a survey of that and it turns out that about 60% of, of people of their neighbors do not cross with kindness. So if you ask, you know, Taiwan, they sure as hell don’t

Well, you know,

They’re quite worried about that, but Thailand, both places about 6% of people saying, ah, you know, I’m not, I questioned about half of Americans question what they say and only 40% of Europeans. So it’s sort of interesting that there’s a, that they’re closer neighbors don’t trust me. Uh, I actually think that on a scientific basis, they’re being pretty honest. They, they were, they were slow because they sorta wanted to contain a politically, especially with the public UConn. But now, you know what, I deal with Chinese experts. They’re, they’re there. I think I’m getting the scrapes scoop on the science side of it, but they had some weeks of very important publication building happening in Monaco, Atlantic. They got some good people, a lot of them right here. Right. Um, and then, then the last bit that is a European bet. Europeans have put aside $31 billion of, they asked him to do $1 billion or whatever it can happen in, in, in, in Europe be produced indexing and what they’ve done instead of negotiating volume, they negotiated price.

So they said, we’re going to give this money to you, but the price has to be $2 and 50 cents per vaccine dose. So it’s sort of, you know, there’s sort of an interesting different negotiating strategies. And so on going on, I think we probably will have partial vaccines in the next week months, 21 months, as I said before, I think that it’s likely the problem is going to, as you said, the calendars, um, so you mentioned one area, vaccine DNA and RNA that’s those we have never successfully scaled is that we don’t have one example of a vaccine in December.

The reason that the DNA that scene is interesting, just because it requires a lot lower bills. Yep. So what would they, what happens is the DNA of vaccines and RNA vaccine DNA [inaudible] electrophoresis directly really large molecule dictate the electrify by the skin in order to get the vaccine. So it’s a little bit more complicated. You can imagine trying to get that all figured out, uh, around the world, RNA vaccine, sprayed injection, and usually two doses, or, you know, there’s booster steps required, but what happens is the RNA goes in and it does what it’s supposed to do, and it creates its own proteins. And the other instances is what happens is you actually have to create proteins by attenuated the virus or killing the virus. And then even re-injecting that, that dead or attenuated virus back into you are using another viral electorate approved viral poking that caused that, that actually requires a much higher dose blood rain. So when you hear about all these talks about, Oh, we’re going to have a billion doses prepared by X day, that’s a lie.

Well, and that’s, and that’s part of what they were saying. Was that like, so the, like one of the big constraints with this is, okay, so now you have competing technologies, which means you’re not going to start building or gearing up or ramping up factories to manufacture these, these vaccines until you know, which one is good or which ones so that, so once that happens, or once you get close enough to that, then they’ll start building out the factories or retrofitting the factories or doing whatever. There’s going to be a time lag there with getting that done and getting that up to code and getting that up to spec before they can even start production mass production on it.

So a lot of the extra investment we’ve done, wasn’t done, it’s actually say we will pay for all that manufacturing scale up. The problem that you got is when these guys are only in phase two trial, they don’t know the size of the dose. Yet we go with grading studies, right? That’s what phase two is. It’s kind to looking at safety, looking at dose ranging. So they have no idea what size of the doses are they gonna need, or are they gonna need booster shots? Well, how about helping you? The population’s going to be there to qualify for it. So they’re making a lot of guests with themselves and the trouble is, you know, you’re dealing either with a scientist at a company, and they’re saying one thing, and you’re talking about the business, represent this relations guys on the other side, trying to kind of codify like the politicians, if you will. Exactly what, you know, it’s all been released, but that’s, what’s happening a lot. Right.

Hey, Fred. Um, so this is probably gonna be the most morbid question I’m ever going to ask in my life. Um, no, but, uh, at what point does it become, like the cases are going up, deaths are going down right. At what point? I don’t want to say, is it not news? Cause you’re never going to stop death. Right. It’s physically impossible. Is it when it becomes, I’m par with flu? When we know that we have a vaccine, I guess at what point? Um, you know, because right now they’re reporting, Hey, three cases discovered in whatever city and that’s news. So it’s like, well, yeah, like, let’s look at the big picture, I guess, at what point is this like, is it considered normalized? Is it if that, if that’s even a possibility, cause yeah. I mean, you know, your normal winter, you don’t hear about the numbers of people dying from the flu during a normal flu season.

Yeah. Uh, I could say one more thing about the vaccine, um, is that number a couple more things about the vaccine that are kind of important to say first coronaviruses are very difficult to vaccinate against. They have a lot, they make a lot of protein. They can pool the vaccine. They they’re wild immune responses that are false immune responses that we’re going to have to deal with. Second big thing is you have to deal with people who are over six weeks over 60, our immune systems all have all shifted quite a bit. I’m one of those people, unfortunately. And so what happens are you over 60 years, your immune system’s out of slightly out of sync vaccines help get the, these have been back instinct problem is that when you’re over 60, you have an awful lot more adverse events, side effects. And if you’re also simultaneously compromised, we would have no bad, bad adverse events, the vaccine that makes it all the more difficult.

So we probably have these partial vaccines, partial and partial, um, uh, partial, uh, therapies, all coming together to work together. The answer to your question is when we get, when we start to get a sufficient backstop that the, the, the people who control the news, largely the wealthier, uh, feel that they’re safe and can go return back to normalcy. That means flying around means know doing their work and life out without really a, a big shift in that and the way they, you know, like, like, like you still get the flu today. Uh, and sadly, you know, um, like 40,000 people, 30,030 to 40,000 people die of it this year, but it’s in control and we’ve got backstops for it. And people can take flu shots or not with any what they, what they want to do and taking their own basis of risk. But it’s not, um, something that changes your lifestyle.

I think when the death rate is such that, and the chances of this significant longterm health effects are such that if you get the disease it’s going to affect you and, and societal leaders, I think it’ll still be in the news at that point when it stops protecting societal leaders when it stops. Um, even if it, it remains pretty high in most developed countries. And we have a backstop that most people have access to. And now the States, I think at that point, we’ll stop stuff, move, but that’s going to be probably, you know, we’ll get more and more in you and to do it right now.

No pun intended. Yeah.

I just think

My take has been, if you run a ticking timer on the news about car deaths and run all day cycles and every accident gets on the news, then every gets on the news. Right. And accidents too. Like people are going to be F paranoid to get in their car. You know what I mean? So like, that’s why I’m trying to figure out what, what right. Is it, you know, nor is it considered, just normalized where, you know what I mean? Cause right now the, the fear thing is just as, I mean, just as scary as the, the actual disease, you know, the actual a virus.

What I, what I found personally was once, you know, um, so what happened in the United States is sort of interesting, right? We went up a curve and then we flattened out and then we, we sort of, we felt like we took off again right in that flat period. And everything was sort of calming down. It looked like ours. We are, our key values were getting down to zero and down below one and look like people were opening up successfully. I don’t know if you’ve felt it, but I don’t know if there was a lot less discussion about that. Right. We heard a lot more about China and the trade agreements. We heard a lot more about, about, about different, about different news. That’s are sort of the, the, the noise level was, it was a lot of other stuff happening that they kind of drowned out. And I saw sort of the month of June, for me, was sort of quiet, you know, with like, with like opening, it was working with like, you know, what president Trump was saying was correct with like our economy is starting back, open up again. I feel like I’m back on track. What happened really? Unfortunately, if you look at the data, was it looked like the incredible cause it went up flat and up again. Now whenever you have a great upgrade again, if you do the math and you know,

You’re talking about the curve for cases, right?

Exactly. Who cares if you do the math and you took out the decrease that was occurring in New York and New Jersey, you know what the curve looked like instead of like this, it looked like that. Wow. That was the news that we missed. It never went away. It never stopped. It was all, so all the other States were no, boom, we’re just blowing up. But the super hotspots were getting things under control of a super house, not to get anything out of the tool would cause it to look like it was level. And so the news cycle, so what does it looks like if it’s going to be good, don’t lose here. And that is where I think the news, what the news, you know, it’s sort of interesting in that if you level off at a plateau and there’s no real innovations, then the news cycle start to stop. If it starts to take off or come down, that’s big news. Big take off in October this year.

So in Florida just started when they started with our news cycle started. I poo-pooed it because they had Dave like, like made fun of me. Cause I said, well, they have half the cases, less than half the deaths, they have twice the population. And I’m like, man, and then all of a sudden they just kept going, kept going. Then I, I finally shut up. Um, but like, is it like they got it later? Cause if you look at like Michigan Jersey, New York, got it kind of almost instantaneously. And now you’re seeing Florida, Texas, which were like, eh, nothing. They’re getting it now. And then California now is, is the worst it’s been. So is it, is it, did it kind of just like move, just like, just like the movies with like a contagion movie. Nah, just, you know, is that, is that accurate? Are we ever going to look like a Verizon coverage map is I think what Bob’s looking at.

Yeah. Uh, what happened was the, the virus was brought in by certain people, certain vectors. Uh, at certain times we actually know a lot about those vectors. Now we’ve been able to kind of go back and look and see how you know, who brought this in and what time and so on. What do we, a lot of genetics figure out with cases where for a second, third, and it turns out that, you know, um, New York and Michigan and California, we’re sorta, I’m lucky. A lot of people were went to, uh, work, uh, was the Chinese automating factors back and forth that brought the right. And, and, and in California, there was a lot of movement in the median, in the new, in the new year period for the Chinese and our Chinese population in California that brought it in and in New York was the Europeans, the Europeans.

But then it was a much worse viruses. It turns out much more can take this. Then the original [inaudible] in Germany and the Durham Durham loaded in. So we actually can follow and track a lot of this. And it turns out that some of these States were just sort of lucky and being later, uh, in terms of the vector and it took them that much longer to get to the accidental curve, but the virus is the virus and that’s what the biology does. Right. You know, those first you have one and then it replicates you have two that’s pretty easy and four and then eight and Oh shit, you know, 16 and then 32. And all of a sudden you’re off to that. And that’s the nature of biology. And, and, and that’s the, that’s the killer, uh, in that fourth national States. So we did is we didn’t, we didn’t preserve our scale, right?

So the two things that when I talk to governments are consistent, the first is everything’s fragmented. So your, your PPE comes from all different directions and yet you’re out and what the real accurate demand is, or the accurate supply. Uh, so we don’t know what’s going on. So your mask gloves, all the protective, all the testing, the same problem, um, is happening. And now in drug supply, sadly, and the second big thing is learning curve. Every governor now, and every now mayor and every person now has to figure out what it’s like to live under a situation where normally the right answer, when you have a is to sit back and say, let me take stock. Let me think about this. Maybe I should do this. Maybe a couple of days, the problem with exponential growth is you take a couple of days and your problem with double. And that’s something that every governor, every decision maker now is having to figure out for themselves. And that’s a shame because we could have learned quite a bit from that first round and

Well, when some of it is, I mean, let’s be honest. Some of it is human nature slash ego. You know, seeing a lot of these

Governors that, you know, Hey, we’re never going to close. We’re never going to do this. And all of a sudden here we are three months later. Yeah, shit. We’re going to close the bars again. Yeah. We’re gonna, yeah. We’re going to, you know, because I mean, and that’s the thing, you know, you look at, you know, you’re talking about like, you know, in the South right now, there was all that talk two months ago about, well, Hey, this is just going to disappear over the summer. Cause where it’s hot, isn’t getting it. So it must be fine when the hot shows up. Clearly that was not reality.

Actually. What happened, interestingly is that it got so hot. Everyone Grove inside be an air that we think that actually control sadly what normally is going to reduce the viral load actually increased it in those States because at a hundred hundred degrees, you know, in Arizona, you don’t want to be outside. So you’re all driven inside. So it’s sort of interesting that, although it probably does reduce the viral transmission slightly, the fact that everyone’s inside now, it makes it that much time for the ones that are in the backyard. I think a couple of things you said were important. The first is human nature. You know, I think the leaders always want to say, you know, we’re, we’re we’re to move forward. You know, here’s our plan one, two, three, four, we’re going to open up continuously. So do you want to set expectations? And that makes sense.

You know, you want to make sure that now, unfortunately in almost every state, there are a few exceptions, like Pennsylvania, a few others, there was no discussion about, okay, here’s the sequence for opening one, two, three, four, five, six. It was really when they announced it, there was very little discussion about if we’re at number four and where can we see XYZ? We’re going to go back to level three. There was no discussion about reversal. And that, that, that was, uh, that was a, it turned out a tactical error because we were hoping for the best, the last thing about human nature is magical thinking. You know, we always, there’s been so much data out there that our natural tendency is to look for. Confirmation

Confirmation bias is a scary thing. Yep.

You know, if you’re the governor of Iowa, you’re saying no. Yeah. You know, Florida is blowing up, but Hey, it doesn’t look so bad Montana. Maybe, maybe we’re on the right track and you kind of pick and choose a little bit of the data and then people post it slightly to make the story right. And feel right. And I’m talking points come out and you just sort of go down a slippery slope. And all of a sudden you realize, Oh my gosh, you know, we sorta got off crack. And I think that happens a lot to people to get, sort of have this magical thinking, Oh, we’re going to have a vaccine. And in six months, if it was going to be fine, it doesn’t really matter what these death rates now all be gone. And so then you ignore a lot of the data that is sadly not confirming. And suddenly you get a very warm picture of, of reality. And we’ve got a lot of people promoting it because of course your leader. And you’ve got a lot of people who are helping you get the mess of doubt, but you want to have out and reversal. That was really hard

Because yeah, nobody did, especially in a position of leadership, you never want to, okay. I was wrong. I mean that, that’s, that’s just not something you run. That’s just not a good thing for, you know, well, yeah, but I mean, again, it’s, you know, human nature and ego kind of prohibits you from doing that. A lot of the time

I work with a lot of these guys and they’re all good people, they’re all working. Like they’re all working around the clock kind of fixed problem. And they get caught in these Oh my gosh, kind of moment.

Well, and again, because things evolve, what was true 30 days ago might not be true today. And that’s just how it is.

Yeah. And there were a few things that happen, you know, with the cancellation rate, went up 4.5 times, uncertain, viral, uncertain, viral, uh, uh, uh, uh, sprains. We don’t really know if the asymptomatic rate went them. What we thought was 20% of 50%, you know, all these factors and also all the models are wrong. And you’re saying, Oh my gosh, if I had known we was going to have 200,000 deaths by September 1st, I probably would’ve done something differently. But at the time I thought it was only be 50,000 deaths. And it was probably in order what Europe was doing. And it was at that time,

That number is still not sitting very well with me on that.

Hey, Fred. Um, I just got one more thing. You know, there hasn’t been a snippet that’s been floating around, uh, directly from the CDCs website, talking about positive test cases, basically stating that it’s the same. I don’t know if we talked about this last time or not, but it basically States it’s a positive test or the same as the common cold. I don’t know the exact verbiage. Um, but it’s straight from the CDC website. Um, I don’t know if you’ve heard that or what your thoughts are on that. Cause I find it

Bobby even, I don’t understand what you’re asking. What do you mean?

No, there’s um, there there’s, uh, just what are your results mean? It’s from CDC and I’m looking at it right now. How egos there’s a positive result means you have anybody’s from an infection from a virus, from the same family of viruses called coronaviruses such as the one that causes the common cold. Right. So like I’ve seen,

Oh, okay. So I guess let me lay, okay. This is how we write our blog posts. Bob throws out a rough draft and I refined it for him.


So I think what he’s asking is so like the antibody tests that are coming in, um, apparently on the CDC website it’s and I kind of get what you’re asking Bob, like, so there’s a, you know, cause speaking German, no, but you know, but so COVID is a Crow, like we’ve talked about this, there’s the family Corona viruses and then you’ve got the common cold and COVID and SARS and MERS and all that fun stuff down in there. Um, so are the antibody tests testing specifically for COVID antibodies or are they testing for coronavirus antibodies, which might be a false positive from, uh, from a COVID standpoint?

Yeah. No. So what they’re looking for,

Did I, did I, did I nail that down? Right? Bob

Translation? Yeah. Google translate. I just, I’m just asking.

Yeah. So, so the answer is, that’s a question of sensitivity and specificity, uh, and these are, these tests, uh, are, are, are quite specific for the coronavirus spike. So what we’ve done is we’ve looked at very highly important, highly, uh, what they call a conserve portions of the coronavirus proteins that are consistent just with the coronavirus. And that tends to be the spike booking. Cause it, you know, tactical detectives very specifically to a particular receptor in yourself. So those are highly conserved. Um, and, and we actually are testing for response to that, uh, in the PCR test. So, uh, that, that test is very specific, but we’re looking for a, um, antibody test is IgG IgM memory and then memory antibodies that actually have responded to that. So it is, it is, uh, probably about, um, overall 85%, uh, you know, uh, combined the predictive value. Uh, it’s about 85%, uh, of whether you’ve had the antibody, uh, the bigger issue actually for antibody when you have them, because you have to have them within a certain period of time, uh, all these tests, otherwise they start to be fine. You won’t have a tighter, uh, and so you can get it done at best time to have it done is about working days after symptoms.

Gotcha. Alright. So have, have we scared the shit out of everyone enough for one day?

Talk about comic books.

Yes, absolutely. Well, Hey, I was a bar girl cause cause bar bars are our real challenge. Um, you know, the UK came out and said, it is impossible to go to a bar and not so, and not socially and that not socially you’re everyone’s well, and especially after a couple drinks you eat, everybody’s throwing their arms around each other. You’re finding someone to sneak off in the corner with. Yeah. Yeah. And so it turns out that bars nightclubs seem to be, you know, restaurants need to be responsible probably about 10% of our overall investments, unfortunately, and yet they’re catching 90% of the flack on social media.

You think that

That’s where it all is. If you listen, just talk to me, but yeah, the real, the real problem is the super spreader of that. Then it can be a lot more than that. You got an elevator responsible for 72 cases for the love of God. So yeah. So that’s not a good news story though, but if you went to target to Barney’s land, Hey, 72 people from a bar, a huge story. 72 of them from an elevator.


Alright. Well, Hey again, Fred dude, thank you so much for taking the time. I know you’re a busy guy and you’re going to, you’re going to meetings that involve suits and ties and we’re sitting around for all, you know, not even wearing pants in our houses. So I do. Um, so where do people find you? Where do people find you if they want to talk to you or, or, or get you out for or anything like that? Red brown.com is my website. Take a look. It’s all about COVID and then red dot Brown dot tobin@gmail.com is another place to reach me. If you have any questions, happy to answer them, Greg. Yeah, I do it all the time.

Nominal data again, dude. Seriously, appreciate you coming on so much like these, these, these, these bring so much clarity to me and also kind of instill a little bit of a sense of dread, but like, but in a good way, like I feel like everybody should have a little bit of a sense of dread right now, so.

Oh, well it’s pleasure. Why not more? I’d love to come back and tell you when we are whenever you’re ready.

Absolutely. All right. Well, I think we’re going to dive into our usual rhythm or role of, of, of comic books and movies and all that kind of stuff. So feel free to drop off and we’ll talk to you again soon.

You guys do it next time. You bet.

Every time I see them, I’m like for Christ’s sake, you’re a Bishop


I’ve I’ve genuinely stunned. You never have. I genuinely, when he said, he kept saying, it’s your vector, Victor? Oh, this portion of the share.

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Sorry. I had to go pour myself a shot. Okay.

What is a,

So a new star Wars animated series announced today. Uh, yeah, which I swear to God when I read, I read it was going to be the bad bitch. I, and I was like, wait, what? I’m like, how, why is that in star Wars font? No, it’s the bad batch tentacles and T big difference, huge clone force and 99 new characters from a four episodes of season seven of clone Wars.

Did they, do they necessitate having their own standalone?

Do they were, they were like a huge fan favorite. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

I know some of the groups were, but I didn’t know if that one was, but then I’m going to watch it. I don’t care if it’s two stormtroopers playing golf, I’m going to watch it, you know this.

Okay. Just wondering we ain’t found shit. I’ll watch it. I’m good.

Oh, before we get too far too, this is just on a personal note. Um, huge shout out to the it team at United shore. Um, we’ve been working with those guys for probably the past, for the little bit over the past year and a best group of people I’ve ever worked with. And it just hats off to you guys and, uh, miss most of you and not a couple of you. I won’t, but I’m just kidding. Um, but no, it’s just a shout out to all you guys. Appreciate you. Cool. Yeah. Um, the big news.

Well, so I guess let’s, let’s do the rundown so bad batch comes out 2021. Uh, you got the umbrella Academy season two trailer that dropped that’s coming out in a month. Uh, you got the Lucifer season five trailer that dropped, uh, that’s coming out August 21st.

So are you like me where you completely forget like umbrella Academy? Like I remember how it ended, but I don’t remember why. And now I’m thinking I’ve got to rewatch the whole goddamn thing again. So

Yes. And honestly, I think that’s kind of the downside of bingeing is like, we burned through the series, like over the span of over like over the course of a weekend. And then the next season doesn’t come out until a year later. It’s not like, you know, we’re back in the old days where, you know, there’d be a summer break of like maybe four to six weeks of shows, you know, and then they would, you know, you’d have the, you know, the fall season and the spring season and edited and, and you wouldn’t have as much of a gap between seeing those. And I did. I found myself doing that like, well, shit. When, um, when the clone troop, when the clone Wars was coming back for season seven, I went back and burned through the first five seasons again. Um, it just because, and, you know, for that very reason and, and honestly, I’ll probably, I probably won’t need to do it Lucifer, just because I’ve watched that again, like over the course of the past two months, I’ve, I’ve, I’ve gone through and burned through the first four seasons again.

Um, but yeah, I mean, umbrella Academy, I’m probably right there with you. Like, that’s one that I watched when it came out and I was all about it and, and yeah, I’m like, I, yeah, there was the time travel thing and, and, and the kid had a sex doll or a mannequin or whatever, and then there was this. See, I’m probably gonna have to go back and watch it again, other than the other one that you shot across, which I really am. And I meant it. I meant to shoot this back in the email. Um, staff turned me on to guns akimbo, um, a few months ago, dude, if you have not wait anybody out there watching, listening, whatever, if you have not caught guns and Kimbo yet it’s on prime. Um, it is first off it’s Harry Potter, but, but not looking like Harry Potter, um, along with a Harley Quinn, want to be, uh, but like a like goth slash cyberpunk, Harley Quinn. Um, and it is, and it is the most I’m into goth, cyber punk girls bod. That was not an insult. Um, it is the most cartoonish video game over the top, just stupid, violent, but hilarious. It is such, and the premise is amazing. They did such a good job at that movie.

We have a, you know, it was sold to me from one of the guys that I worked with. And he said, if you liked hardcore Henry, you’re going to love guns and Kimble. And I’m like, what does, and I, and I watched the movie, I loved every minute of it. And I ended it and I said, what a stupid name? And I’m like, was like, what you said, do you know it from the meme with, with the Harry Potter, with the bird, with the bear slippers, with the two guns. And I go, yeah, I’ve seen it everywhere. He goes, it’s from this. And I go, that’s weird. I’m like, I’ve seen that picture a hundred times.

I didn’t realize what it was from. Yeah. Yeah.

Um, but yeah, that movie, honestly, I don’t know if it’s, the name is just dumb or why it didn’t catch on, but that’s all seriously. If you like John wick type movies, this is better. I think better. I’m going to get you

Because you’re getting yelled at. Cause no, it’s not

Stupid. Um, but yeah, it’s well worth it. Yeah.

Wait a minute, Tammy. Tammy is trying to chime in and say that umbrella Academy is July 11th. That would, that would be two days ago. It was two days ago. It dropped already. No, I don’t know. Okay. Whatever.

Um, old guard was really good too. I was, um, I haven’t seen, I was looking, I was looking forward to seeing it. It’s got Charlise boron. Um, and it’s basically, um, this company, it’s a pharmaceutical company that’s tracking these five immortals, um, that Y knew basically tap their tap, their bone marrow and blood to have a serum for everlasting, uh, oil of Olay for, for, you know, for people to live forever. So they’re trained to basically hire this like army to kill these five people. Um, great. Well, another one of those fun, you know, good story, great watch. Um, definitely highly recommended.

It kind of got it. Greg Walters just chimed in and he was like, yeah, I’m into cyber punk girls. Yeah. Show me someone who isn’t and I’ll show you someone who’s wrong.

But then like, uh, I’m really upset though, that Daniel Snyder never took a, your, our advice to change the logo of the Washington Redskins to a potato

Dude. I put that out there like four or five, six years ago now where it just the controversy and make the logo of red skin potato and just be done with it and just make everyone happy. You still get to sell new logo merchandise. You still get to sell new everything. And it would just, and honestly it would just be the, it would be the dumbest PR move in the history of, of whatever. Um, but, but the thing is they’ve, they’ve announced that they’re changing it, but they have not announced what they’re changing it to or when that decision will be made as to what, when they’re changing, what they’re changing it to. So are we going into another season with the Redskins, even though everybody’s trying to let them off the hook now

Snyder was adamant for years saying type this in all capital letters. I’m never changing the name. Like that’s. That was a thing. Yeah.

Yeah. Welcome to welcome to Romeo void there. Dan never say never that’s that’s what,

One of my better posts that I’ve done on Facebook. I, uh, it was one of my, uh, co Dave classic posts on 97 one when they were talking about it, I said, Oh, I go, since it’s 2020, I go, let’s just change them all. And I listed off like all the teams. I go to the giants. I go to finish short little people. The Cowboys should be the cow people bears. I go, why only exclusive to big, hairy guys, Packers they’re meat eaters chargers. They leave their fossil fuel abusers. Hiking’s they hurt people a thousand years ago. 40 Niners capitalists Browns poop is offensive, but I’m like, you might as well just change them.

The reds. I mean, what happened to anti-communism let’s yeah,

Yeah. [inaudible] lost her teeth per se.

Oh no. Oh, apparently umbrella Academy is the 31st. So it is, it is just a couple of weeks away.

So here’s a, here’s a thing that I, uh, when I emailed it about, I was, I rented a movie called bent in and ahead, um, bones from the new star Trek. Um, God, who else did it have in it? Oh, Sophia was in it. So I’m like, yeah, whatever I’ll watch. It says like something about like treason and assassins on my school

And Sofia Vergara. So why not? Yeah.

T and T logo on the sides. I’m like, ah, whatever it’s edited and it’s going to have a stupid commercial every half an hour. Well, all of a sudden I’m watching it and it’s like, they’re in a strip club paint on mine. Well, now the bones, the main guy, I call them bones. I don’t even know what his real name is. Like something Keith urban or something. Right.

Karl urban. How’s it going? Wait, isn’t Keith here, but a country dude.

Yeah. Shut up. Then all of a sudden they show like they show like side boob and I’m like, all right. It’s T and T I that’s a lot. Then they show a full boob and I’m like, wait a minute. It’s this T and T and then also, I’m sorry, where did

You get this? Was this just being broadcast or was it,

Yeah, I rented it from exfil on demand.

Oh, well, I mean different standards. I just looked under movies. Yeah.

So do drops to F bombs. So in

How many Central’s the same way?

Well, I know comedy central when they do the roasts, they’re like, yeah, no.

Oh dude. No. I mean, so like, so South park, um, after midnight, isn’t censored. Um, and they’re, you know, they, you know, the, the, the shit episode, the guy, I mean, there’s like, it’s, they don’t censor anything after midnight. Um, and, and I’ve run into that a couple of times, like with, you know, like movies and that kind of stuff. I think I was watching the USA network cause I was like just laying in bed, trying to fall asleep. And so I threw, they had bad boys and bad boys to on and I’m like, all right, this will let me shut off my brain and whatever. And like, and all of a sudden, like I S I hear them swearing and I’m like, wait, what? And this is like maybe nine, 10 o’clock. Um, and I’m like, what? And like, and sure enough, like, it’s, it’s not edited. And at first I thought somebody screwed up and this is why I started looking into this. Like, I I’m like, Oh, somebody’s losing their job at the USA network. Um, and apparently like the rules on cable, uh, broadcasting, um, got tweaked a little bit as far as what they can get away with after certain hours or during certain days. Like, so, yeah.

Well, that was always the thing when we were kids to watch channel line after midnight. Cause there’s always like some dirty movie on it’s like, you know, would that be CBC? Yeah, it was Canadian. Yeah. But they had like their, their government controlled, but yeah, I was just kind of shocked. Um, not as you know, um, I’m trying to find a good segue to dive into this one. Um, but the, I love a good conspiracy theory and went until I don’t. And so here’s what makes me mad about this. So let me, so if you haven’t heard, I’m going to start it off, then I’m going to go to backtrack Wayfair. The story came out and it’s not a story. So I’m going to tell, I want to get mad about how the story I, right.

It’s a Reddit post let’s, let’s be

Post up by the media. It got picked up by the media who were running with it. Cause apparently Wayfair has a couple industrial cabinets that are like $10,000. And because

They’re, they’re different specs, they’re different everything. Yeah.

Yeah. They’re industrial grade and they happened to have the names of missing children. But if you look at the database of missing children, there’s over 800,000 of them.

Right. So you’re going to hit a name. Yeah. So you’re going to hit it again. Coincidence is not causality.

So now a couple of people on Reddit are like, eh, eh, and then a couple people like share it and then it gets picked up by the buzz feed. And then the,

Well, well then you have the, well, Wayfair is supplying, uh, all of the stuff, uh, to ice. And a lot of these kids are disappearing from ice detention centers. And so there’s this whole funnel going on and

Listen, my only thing,

Greg, Greg, the whole key, we’ve already done the deep dive on Q Anon. We’re just not getting, we’re not getting into it. Now.

I only take on is if this and just shed some light on, on the atrocities going on with child trafficking, maybe the better, but it just, they’re not being shipped in cabinets there. It’s getting done in front of it, probably in front of your nose and you don’t even know it.

Um, reality. I mean that’s, and that’s very true. And then, and I’m sorry, but like, and then the, the offshoot that came like, I guess something else that bubbled up in there today that I think it was the last article I shot across you guys. Um, apparently there’s this new thing where forests are basically just the sapling, um, uh, the sapling farm for what, uh, eventually forest or what forest used to be and like the giant mesas and you know, the big stone formations, like the one from like close encounters of the third kind. Um, that’s actually a petrified tree trunk, uh, from, from what forest used to be on earth. That’s that’s yeah, that was that. That was, yeah. Yeah, no, by the people, these are things that people believe, Bob, these are,

I was 15. I went to the petrified forest with my cousins from Jura, from Chicago and he stole a piece and it was, I heard it’s like, it’s pretty big. It’s like a $1,500 fine and a misdemeanor. And I’m admitting it now through,

I’m pretty sure this debt well, I mean, it is a federal offense, so it might not have expired. You might want to be careful with that. Oh shit.

No, just kidding. I didn’t really steal anything,

You know, and then I guess, you know, just cause we were just talking with Fred, um, so you’ve got Disney, Orlando, opening, Disney, Hong Kong closing.

Do you know if he, did you see the videos of Disney Orlando?

Did you see this story about the streamers that were so I guess there was a family of streamers that were in like a gift shop kind of thing while they were filming themselves. And they were complaining about having been in, they had to go to the first aid station. Yeah. That were like, that were sick as dogs and basically name a Corona name, a COVID symptom. They were talking about it. Um, but they were still wandering around Disney cause they needed to be there for the selfie and for the streams and all that shit. And they were planning on going to animal kingdom the next day. I so meant to follow up and look and see if they got banned from the park or kicked out or anything. But that was that, that, and that, and again, that just gets back to one of the things we were talking about is that people are just dumb and like, that’s it. I think the best meme I’ve seen about this is that getting through this is a group project and this is why I always hated group projects.

That’s why everybody’s yelling at it. Invisible people that, yeah,

This, this is why, this is why Mikey is shouting at people and why I’m shouting at people

Like who are you yelling at anybody to whom it applies is anyone re like, so here’s the thing. And I’m going to, of course, I’m going to be a contrarian on, this is anyone that’s like F the system is going to read Dave’s post to go. You know what? I should,

I, you know what, I get it, but, and I will put this in context. There are two people that I know, um, and they’re related. And one of them has done a complete one 80 on the, like the virus as a whole, um, as well as a lot of the black lives matter stuff, because we’ve had a lot of conversations about it stemming from my posts. Um, the other one continues to double down. I don’t know what to do about that. Um, but no. So I mean, I, and I do, I mean, I think it’s, you know, like th the meme says this isn’t the time to be nice to, it’s not the time to be nicer to your three black friends. It’s time to be louder to your a hundred white ones. Like that’s, that’s, that’s the reality of the situation. Do you, uh, have you lost money yet on TJ’s lane?

Well, how you pronounce it? Just laying Maxwell? No, I have not dude. So I wanted, I wanted to make sure I wrote these down, uh, because I mean, let’s be honest. This is morbid as shit. Uh, but there are official odds on how cause laid Maxwell is going to die. Um, accident is currently running a two to one, uh, suicide, suicide running at three to one. Uh, you have killed by another inmate or natural causes coming in at four to one. You have COVID related illness, uh, coming in at five to one, which I’m surprised was not higher because I think that’s the one that all the conspiracy nuts are going with that she’s going to turn up with coronavirus and wind up dead. Uh, and then other is sitting at six to one.

Can I go, apparently the person in the cell next door just completely just coughing in the air vent underneath her, uh, in her HVAC system is as the conspiracy theory, you know,

But, but I mean, like I said, again, they’re fun to watch and I mean, apparently, uh, dude, the more stories that are coming out about her, like apparently she’s been on the run, um, ever since, uh, ever since Epstein’s suicide, uh, and she’s moved 37 or 38 times. Uh she’s ha she has ex British military with her, uh, our w the had with her as protection. Um, so she bought, apparently bought this place in Bradford New Hampshire, um, which I know where it is. Uh, and I mean, I know where the city is. I don’t know where the house is.

No, I have no, I’ve never been, let’s not get those rumors started Bob shut up. Um, Joe Rogan that clip right there or right. Yeah. Um, no, uh, check ass. Uh, no. So, um, and apparently she bought it in an all cash transaction back in December. Um, and they’ve been kind of keeping an eye on it, waiting for her to get there because apparently she’s been doing a lot of like crashing at people’s houses and staying here. It’s, like I said, she moved 37 times over the course of the past year. Um, and so she’s been, so they’ve been waiting for her to get to this place that she bought. Um, and, and she showed up and that’s where they nabbed her.

I haven’t tried, I’ve tried to keep up with it, but like she had, she has all her shit. Right? Like she, I know she’s hinting.

She has there’s talks that she has those drives from that we have talked about from the Epstein documentary, uh, where that entire house was wired with video, every square inch of it, um, release that shit and fricking, well, it honestly just makes me think that all those odds are a little too much.

So that was like two to one odds. I’ll put a handle on that accident. Usually that’s

See stuff like that is like four to five. You know, you put a hundred to win 120, you know what I mean? Um, Randy, you’re, you’re big, you’re big,

Pretty wet poop, the bed Quimby.

I feel I would like to just reinforce the fact that we told you, stop trying to make quippy happen. It’s never going to happen for the 90 day free trial, but I canceled it apparently. So did 90% of everybody else.

I say I’m sad. Trombone was, it was a sentence Quimby reportedly last night.

What percent of early users after free trials

[inaudible] cause it doesn’t, it didn’t pass the sniff test. I told you that Randy, that it was stupid. There was

Some decent concepts, but the execution was bad. I bought a studio and a cooking show and the cooking show didn’t have any time for the actual cooking. It was all about like the premise and the judging. And I was like, show the cooking. That’s just stupid. That’s what I’m here for. I said, it’s about as stupid as me trying to figure it out, HBO,


Which, which, which I think is hilarious. Like, I shot you a text and I’m like, Hey dude, just for what it’s worth, I just signed in. There was no trial. There was no anything. It just let me write in with my ex affinity credentials. And you were like, yeah, I tried that a hundred times. It doesn’t work for me. And then like 20 minutes later, I get a text. Yeah. It just worked FML.

Another thing that you can hold over my head for the next 10 years,

I reset my password on Comcast and log into Xfinity

And then it’ll let me do it. It’s nice.

So I love one of the stories. It would never be really a story, but it was, uh, somebody started collecting, okay. So what are 25 things said in 2020 that would make no sense to anybody in 2019. Um, and I, you know, and it’s things like, Hey, go put the packages in the garage. We’ll wipe them down in a few days. Um, do that for the record thing. That, that, that was a beautiful zoom wedding. Like I know, I know somebody who just did a zoom baby shower over the weekend. Uh, they wouldn’t let me into the bank because I wasn’t wearing my face mask.

Oh, is it time to change from R D

Pajamas and or nighttime pajamas? Yeah. Uh, it’s 11 weeks per tank of gas. Yeah. Yesterday I complained about wearing quote unquote outside clothes. Uh, yeah, just find out how many people have been her bubble before letting her come over.

I’m using the hand sanitizer with Alovera as a tree.

There’s no pasta or toilet paper left anywhere. I don’t know why. Hey, I’ve got to go. My preschooler has a zoom meeting in a few minutes. Uh, but you know, I, I just, I did. I just, I just thought that article was hilarious. It made me laugh. This is a,

I just ate my 39th loaf of homemade bread and traded the 40th for some toilet paper. Why, why did that become a thing? Everybody’s like,


I’m going to bake. And I’m going to, you know, like literally it’s become, like, we haven’t, we’ve kind of slowed down a bit. My kids were like a dessert fiends for a while making everything and it was amazing. Oh, did it? Yeah.

Yeah. I think we talked about this. Both of our houses turned into like cupcake Wars, like for a while. Yeah. Yeah.

I put on like the 10 pounds that I thought I, you know, not all of it, but at least 10 of them,

At least some of it. Um, but Hey, we, uh, when we were talking about star Wars, I thought this was kind of a cool story. Um, the number one movie at the box office last week, empire strikes back, ain’t going to happen because it’s something that drive ins are able to get their hands on. Uh, and so they can show it how many drive-ins plenty apparently. Well, I mean, don’t get me wrong. I mean, it’s not like it made $30 million last weekend. Um,

Seven, six hundred thousand six hundred fifty thousand dollar growth

Was, was the number. And that’s the number one movie at the box office $650,000.

So with drive-ins and stuff comes some brilliant ideas and there comes some really stupid ideas. Our neighborhood next door want to do park on the land that hasn’t been built houses on yet and, and rent and get a permit from the city and charge $40 a car and play bad boys. Three, I, I don’t even know where to start. W why, why can’t you just all open up your laptops on zoom and then put that voice through in your house? I can put her on the TV right here. No, the first thing I said, right, the first thing I said is, okay, don’t drive ins like broadcast over an am frequency. Listen, how are you going to,


Because yeah, you’ve got to have, and that that’s the thing is you’ve got to have, cause I, I was talking with the, uh, with the guys down at DSE, um, about that a couple of months ago, uh, at one point they were talking about turning that side parking lot into a drive in and wanted our help. And it was, you know, either they were going to, you know, show the movie on the thing and broadcast the sound through our app, um, which would have been kind of cool. Um, but my concern there was there might’ve been a delay of a second or two just because of the bounce. Um, so I, you know, so I actually went through and did I now know exactly what it takes us to recreate pump up the volume? I just, I want to make this absolutely clear. I now know exactly what technology I know I need to be Christian Slater in pump up the volume and for us to run our own pirate radio station. There’s the internet now, Dave, did you, do you remember? Right, but I, but I can do that, but I now, but not now. It’s not a hypothetical. Now I have a shopping cart.

No, we’re not. We got to do the bird, the WB

I have, I know exists and we could do it for about 1800 bucks.

Whoever wanted to make international news. This is our chance.

Hey, I’m, I’m in. I’m good. Let’s do it. Screw it.

That’s it though. That’s it one drop. And then it’s it’s

I still want that song with Java in between it, like, it’s going to be bird is the word. And then, Oh, and then bird is the word and the wool,

You know what, play it in the background. So you don’t have to hit trademark. Does that mean what, what would this, what would the, uh, what were they called? The band? The trash Trashman yeah.

Surfing bird by the trash man. Yeah. I’m sure if we wrote them a check for 50 bucks, we could have it in perpetuity. I’m sure that’s a thing. A family guy kind of, you know, yeah.

If I gave them all the money that they needed,

Honestly, I’m actually kind of, sorry, I didn’t throw it across the email chain, but Bob, you were in, you were in the chat that I was talking about this and uh, I’m sure this will come. I honestly, it came as a little bit of surprise. Cause if there was one band in the history of, of, of bands that might want to be a little cautious about their fans because of a prior action, like let’s say something went really, really wrong for a band and people died at one of their concerts. You’d think they’d want to be a little more cautious. And that would be great white, uh, who, who basically had one of their shows because of their pyrotechnics. A bunch of people died. Um,

And yet this past weekend they were playing,

They were playing a show with no social distancing requirements. No, no mask requirements, no anything. They just all wanted to, to hear my, my, my once, once bitten, twice shy. That was, that was a big,

My take was AIDS in North, North Dakota. I don’t think like no one goes to North Dakota.

Oh sure. They might’ve only been eight people there, I guess that’s true

Of all the heavy metal bands that one plays like yeah. You just started a freaking fire in a nightclub and killed what like 13 people that, well, that’s you do? Good thing. I didn’t buy a Judas priest that like outright Kansas,

That guy canceled. Well, yeah. I mean, at least that at least you would have gotten your money back on that because it canceled instead of postponed.

Yeah. Yeah. Well, I got it. I got my money back for a craftwork cause they canceled out. Right. Um, but I, I think, yeah. KMF, DM and ministry postpones on April. Yep. Um, that’s what’s funny too.

We’re getting like August 21 wedding invites and stuff now, or like read the, my wife’s like we got to go to a wedding next month and I go look at the thing and she’s like 20

Look at the year. Oh, wait to do it. I mean seriously, like, I mean like my niece, uh, well, shit, Kaitlin, uh, you know, one of our engineers is getting ready to get married and is kinda tweaking about stuff. Um, my niece, uh, is supposed to be getting married the second weekend of September. Pretty tweaking out about stuff.

Think about, think about if you’re a wedding season of your IVIG. If you’re a venue you’re supposed to get married this year, you have to push it next year. So now you’ve got double weddings next year, pending everything’s open. And now like you’ve got a book that shit like now, otherwise like there’s no way for catering all the stuff to line up the band.

Well, and Hey, that’s assuming the venue is still gonna be open next year that your caterer is still going to be in business next year. That, yeah.

So my, uh, I hate seeing videos like this, but like the place that, so like when we were kids and we just started driving, um, haul road, wasn’t a haul road yet. It was a hybrid lane thing. And to get to CJ Barrymore’s was kind of like Archie’s atomic and licensed to drive. It was like 45 minutes to get there. And you didn’t, there was no map quest or GPS. You just kind of had to go. We never saw these roads before. Cause our parents never drove that far out. We would come to this glorious place where like, it was like a nightclub and a huge arcade and pool tables and pot pot. And it was just like a kid’s dream. Right. Well, apparently there’s like this brawl happened there. It’s still there. It’s doing well. They actually have like a roller coaster there. Now it’s like totally blown up and expanded now. Like they have rules now. Um, like these obscene, um, I’m trying to look for it now.

No they’ve had to, I mean, basically they said that basically a parents, you are no longer allowed to drop off your kids and just leave them there. I think it’s a maximum of a, what is it? Two kid like there, it has to be two kids per one adult.

What did you hear? How the fight started?

Yeah, because they started kicking people out and everybody got crappy in the parking lot and shit went down.

Nope. One girl Instagrammed, another girl’s boyfriend and she initiated a fight. Yeah. That’s what, that’s what they’re telling you, you know the news. Um, and then it just went nuts.

Well, that’s what I mean. So the scuffle started inside and they tried to do the right thing and kicked everybody out. But then in the parking lot, it went just bat shit crazy. But that’s what I mean, like the state cops showed up, like not local, but the state cops showed up.

Oh, then there were 13 were Magdalena’s age. I’m like, Oh my God. Well like, um, our parents, that’s all they used to do in the weekends. Drop us off at Lakeside mall, drop us off, drop us off at butterfly, drop us off at the bowling alley. We’ll be done at six.

These kids today, Bob it’s Instagram’s in the face. Well, and that’s dude, that’s part of it. And we’ve talked about this before. I mean, part of the, you know, the, the headaches and chaos that kids today are dealing with is that 24 seven, you know, just basically feedback cycle and that’s, you know, like did I, I I’ve gotten into it with my kids because I’ve told them basically at 11:00 PM, your phones are, cause their bedrooms are upstairs. I’ve said, you know, your phones are downstairs by where I am on the couch. Um, and they are plugged in and charging there. You do not need your phones in your rooms at night. There is nothing going on after 11 o’clock that you need to be a part of whatsoever. Try that one. I mean, she’s going to be 13 in a, in a few weeks. Um, and, and she’s pushing back hard and I’m like, Hey, I, you can not have a phone like that. That’s an option. Like, you know, and I do. I mean, I get it like, you know, part of the whole parenting thing is okay, here’s the boundaries. And, and then it’s my job to let them know which ones they can push up against. And which ones they can’t.

I got the one the other night. It was can I stay out till one o’clock and I go, where are you going to be a friend?

What friends? What do you mean?

There’s one guy it’s only another hour here. If you go like,

Yeah, it makes no difference to me. Whether you go or not like, you know, what’s going to make me happy. So riddle me this, if Portillo’s

Comes to Detroit, which it says they are in

Talked about this story before,

This is legit now it’s apparently it’s done.

Okay. Um, and am I going to not like Italian beef to me, it’s like, I can’t go to Chicago without getting a hot one, Italian beef in my mouth. I just use that for an isolation drop. Um, but

Yes, if it’s, if it’s 15 minutes from my front door, is it

Not going to be the same? Am I going to still get to eat it? Like, I mean, you’ll probably still get one while you’re there, but it won’t have the same effect. I mean, because it’s, yeah. If it’s something you can get, whenever what’s the point, it’s like, Yingling beers. Do I like it because I can’t get it. Yeah. Cause you can make the killing all the yearlings jokes. I mean, that’s, that’s, that’s the only reason why you like it now. That’s okay.

Never get old. That was credit Mark on that one. It was uh,

Oh, so can we ban speaking of kids, can we ban tic-tac already like, can that just happen? I killed it. Like I’m I’m I’m done I’m so over the tick tock thing, and I hate sounding like an 80 year old, when I say that.

And do they do, do, do, do, do, do dance. Do you do dancing?

You didn’t do that one. No, I did not do that one. Okay. Was there something they were trying to rote parents into? Yeah. Say they knew better than Azmi.

I let Amy watch him as long as they’re on YouTube kids. Like otherwise, you know what I mean? You’re, you know, you’re, you know, um, but like what is a, who wait, did, um, who said that they had, was it Microsoft,

Amazon ban tic-tac any employee from having tick-tock on their phones?

God, see I what more? See, here’s what I want to ask. What more permissions are we giving tick talk than anything.

Oh dude, if you read through it, it’s pretty insane. And, and the Facebook and that’s that’s part of the issue is now that there is some questions floating, um, about whether or not the app is remaining active, even when it’s closed. Um, and potentially still recording and still doing stuff like that. Um, and that’s part of the issue is that it, it actually has access to things that it has no, no real need to be having access to.

It was recently caught accessing user clipboard data when running in the back. Exactly. What else? What do you put on your clipboard? Stored passwords from your past?


Yeah. Eat my ass. I deleted it already.

Yeah. Not a fan, but so, I mean, so speaking of that though, there was the, uh, the story about how basically thieves are using Google analytics as a backdoor into credit card theft. I did not read that. I was like, am I just talking to myself? Did I freeze up? Did y’all freeze up

For the article? I cannot.

I honestly, I felt like the only reason that you shot this link across was because it included the phrase deep in the back end. I figured that was the, the only reason you actually shot that link across,

Oh, you know what I read? I was one of those where I read the title. I thought it’d be good. Sent it over.

Oh no. I mean, it’s, it’s not bad. I mean, essentially it’s, it’s, it’s basically the people are cyber criminals are using the, um, trusted status of Google analytics as a way of hijacking their way into eCommerce sites. Um, and then being able to get into their systems and databases and all that kind of stuff. So just, you know, obviously it’s being worked on there are patches and getting data, but it is

People still use Google analytics. Oh wait, Oh God, I got them better. Yeah, no, they have, I think it’s time to break up Google.

They do too much whatever Ronald Reagan, um, and then things going by the wayside, apparently Kroger isn’t even going to bother with coins anymore. I know that again, back to the conspiracy theory, here we go.

It just, it makes it, it makes, it makes me Twitch. When I hear stuff like that, they, you know, cashless society. I can hear everybody’s screaming now. Um, but if you’re like, if your Bill’s $40 and 10 cents, like they’ll round up to nine $41, then you get it in box. Now the 90 cents on your, on your, on your, whatever. What if I don’t have a rewards card, then you donate to a charity, I think. Okay, cool. And they rounding everything up. There’s no coins dude. Right. But are they rounding?

I think $40 and 10 cents, they might drop down to 40 bucks.

No, it’s all up. It’s all up. Um, but I mean, if you’re using your debit card, you don’t worry about it anymore.

Well, and I, and I do, I mean, I understand it and I mean, I get the conspiracy theories that are coming out about it, but I mean, at the end of the day, I mean, like even the FDA came out and said, look, there are problems, dude. If there are problems with the supply chain getting toilet paper to stores, there’s problems getting, you know, I mean, dude, I’ve seen store, I’ve seen like, you know, seven Eleven’s and that kind of stuff with signs up that say, Hey, we need change. You know, bring us rolled coin and we’ll give you the debt. We’ll give you the cash amount for it. Plus you get it like a free Slurpee or, you know, a free whatever. So, I mean, it’s, it’s a genuine issue.

The Roundup is to the food bank or to your Kroger credit card.

Well, I mean, I guess that’s, you know, like grub hub and everybody else has that, you know? Oh. And speaking of grub hub and everything else, door dash can kiss every bit of my ass, um, inside too. Cause I did, I went to go order sushi the other day. Um, and what’s normally like a $40 order with all their stuff suddenly was like a $65 order. Um, because they had slapped on all these new service fees and charges and, and you click the little information button on what they are and it’s, well, this is to help us keep door dash up and running. Well, that’s not my problem.

I was talking to, um, a good friend of mine that I grew up with that moved down to Florida and she runs like a restaurant chain. Um, she’s like the GM. And she was talking about how you talked about her, about the beer stuff once upon a time. Yeah. What do you think door dash takes from like, let’s say you buy $20 worth of food. Like your order is $20. What does door dash take?

I’m going to go with 30 to 40%. Six to eight bucks.

  1. Yeah. 36%. I thought it was like 15 to 18%. The fact that it’s 36% and she goes right now, he goes, we have, we got six locations. We’re just going to, and we have the apps, the RPOs can talk to the apps. Like, you know what I mean? Cause I go, Oh yeah, they can turn it off. Right? No, no, no. But they can. So they’re toying around with just doing their own delivery and hiring like three people because the money that’s cheaper than going through door dash. Yeah, yeah, yeah. She was, I can’t even, we can’t even put an order out. We got to Mark it up so much just to, just to break even on things and our people don’t get tipped cause the drivers get tipped. Cause if you think about that now, like 10% that the, the, the to go people would get gone. It’s like, I kinda like, I don’t feel bad about using door dash, but I kind of do like you think about now I’m over door dash. Last time I ordered, there was a problem with my order of time, before that there was problem with my order, I contacted support. They said, we’ll help you this time. But if you have any more problems with future orders, we’re not helping you anymore. Bye. Yeah. Yeah. I got me some Tim Horton’s well, for me it’s I can’t move. So it’s different. You’re like, yeah.

You’re like locked into your house. That’s a bit of an issue.

Did your friends say, or any of the other services better like grub hub or Postmates or anything like that they use, um, they don’t have GrubHub down there or where she’s at. So it’s a, it’s one of the other ones it Postmates or yeah. And then she’s like, they’re all trash. She’s just because of the percentage they take, they can’t even, so yeah. It’s going to be odd now to see which restaurants are going to, uh, um, do their own delivery. Cause why wouldn’t you, if you have six, eight, five locations discoverability, like you don’t show up in the app anymore, so people don’t consider you and no, I know you’re no, you’re right. You’ll get loyals, but that’s about it. Yeah. No, totally. Right. So the necessary evils. Yeah. Curse you.

It’s a thing I guess. Uh, and honestly I, the only thing I think we got is, Hey, how much did your phone blow up today?

How many emergency alerts did I get? Yeah. And I’m in an Amber alert. I got just one emergency. One Amber alert right after. Yeah. Those are loud. I feel like they need to use different sounds to distinguish them or something. Yeah. My, uh, my volumes off. So I use,

I learned, I learned after today, I learned how to turn the volume off.

Figured that out real quick I have to do is turn off the volume. Like the volume doesn’t go on. If you have your, like, everything was off on my phone and it just buzzed. Oh, okay.

Gotcha. Yeah. I thought it accelerated it and did its thing.

I know bad for the people that have the volume on that are like wake up, waking up at like five in the morning on Amber alerts for like to come see

For yeah. 50, 60 miles away. Yeah.

Eh, uh, yeah. And that’s uh, that’s. That’s all I got. You got anything else? No good to go. Should be a good week.

All right. We had a, we had an hour of doom and gloom and then a, an hour of nuts. So doom and gloom. So life’s good.

Wrap up episode three 56 on behalf of Bob, Dave, and Randy do us all a favor, drink up your drinks, get your phone numbers. You don’t gotta go home. You just gotta get the hell out of here. See you next week. Drive careful beat it. Say it. I should rechange it. According to my 16 year old, this outros banging.