Episode 355 – Still Figuring Out HBO MAX, Microwaving Books and Money, Catching Up

Welcome to the one and only IT in the D show. This is episode three 55, happy Canada day happy 4th of July. Um, on behalf of all of us, we hope that a multi Claus brought you your syrup into quality using the States. We hope that kid rock brought you your fireworks and Bush light, 30 packs. Um, we are broadcasting live from our homes, actually have all of our fingers. Um, this is Bob, the sales guy that is David geek. Randy, I do the Twitters is doing the Twitters.




Oh, by the way, breaking news, uh, Trey Parker is still going to be the voice of mr. Hankey, even though he is not a piece of shit.

Yeah. I mean, it depends on who you ask, I guess,

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Uh, yeah. And so, you know, again, uh, just in case you’ve missed the last couple episodes, we’ve decided we’re holding off until August for any of our events. I actually just killed off the, uh, the, the one for July for Anarbor. Uh, and so yeah, you know, when things get nice and safe and mellowed out again, uh, we’ll, we’ll be more than happy to get everybody back together. Cause God knows we miss people. Um, but yeah, such is life. It is what it is. We’re trying to stay safe.

I looked at my calendar for this week, just from Google and Friday was supposed to be the ministry came at DM concert and I’m like, Hey, good. It got postponed and good. Cause I’m, can’t walk still. So a double good. Um, but yeah, April next year. But then, uh, I found Judas priest. It’s kind of weird. Uh, went on sale for the Fox Lasar um, like in September. So I’m like, cool. I like a good heavy metal show. Um, tickets are like a hundred bucks. So I’m like, okay. You know, for like early, like, and there’s nothing sold. Like if you go to Ticketmaster right now, you can get like fifth row seats, um, all the way around the box,

Dude. Well, I mean that that’s too early. I like, I’m sorry. That’s that’s what three months from now? Ish. Wait. No. Yeah, no two months from now. Um, and so, I mean, looking at it, looking at what’s going through with, um, you know, Miami just shut down all their bars, restaurants, beaches, gyms, yada, yada, you got Arizona in the midst of all this guy, did it like it’s no, this isn’t going to be cleaned up in two months at all.

Who knows? That’s what I like. Yeah. Cause I’m thinking like, Hey, I want to buy the tickets.

Nope, no sight, no Bob science knows. It’s not going to know. Let’s be clear. Science knows it’s not going to be done.

Well, you know, you know, you don’t, you don’t never know it could be a vaccine come out. It could just go away. Who knows, or it could be, or a, you know, it could be a world mass hysteria for the next three months. And you know, more people turn into HOA presidents, you know,

This is true. Well, and so I do, I love the meme. That’s been floating around that said, uh, if nothing else, 2020 has proven to me that time travel is real because they keep going back and trying to fix things. But then they just wind up making it worse, like the premise of every time travel movie ever known to mankind. And so, you know, that’s why the murder Hornets, uh, disappeared. Uh, but now we have the bubonic. Plague is back in China.

Is that B O O B or

No? It’d be, you know, there, there are no boobs on people’s necks. It, it is, it is bubonic,

No plague. And I’m like, Ooh, is that good?

No, it’s no, it’s not your girl standing behind you while you’re sitting down. It’s that’s not, that’s not what this is.

Damn it,

There are plenty of cases of bubonic plague in the American Southwest over years. It’s dry and true. A so it’s not an unusual thing.

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Super like no pun intended because it’s NetSuite, but they’ve always had super sweet products like Oracle. Like they went through, um, their little down stock and they’re little downturn. Um, but I mean like even back in, you know, I remember when eight I came out and it was like, and that was shit 25, 20 years ago now. Um, you know, and that basically like revolutionize the way like database systems work in the enterprise. So I mean it’s, and I’ve kept tabs on them. They do good stuff.

Yeah. I was an early adopter of NetSuite actually when I was working, uh, um, doing the international trade thing back in like, Oh three. So yeah, I’ve been a big user, big proponent of them. Yeah. Um, so, uh, my, my new show I had binged through and I don’t know if you’ve got a, got a chance to watch it, um, was called upload. I don’t know. Did you get a chance to

Not going to lie? I couldn’t understand. Cause all you sent across was upload on Amazon prime and I’m like, did Amazon just enable an upload feature where I can put my shit up there.

It’s a show and here’s the pitch meeting and I’ll get into my next hotness after this. Um, so the pitch meeting is okay, so it’s a total recall, but you’re dead and that’s the show.

So it’s the black mirror episode of San Jacinto.

So here’s the

We’re sending you to pero, sorry,

I don’t remember that one, but here’s the, um, the premise. So like right before you die, you’re basically they take your consciousness. Basically they take your head and then they upload it into like a second city. You choose like, Hey, I want to be in this world. I want to be in that world. I want to do this. I want to be in Vegas. I want to be on the, on the Lake. And then there’s other people. The funny thing is they kind of trash on microtransactions, which is the funniest part of the show. Like while the guys walking in the hotel, like the guy who like, would you like some gum from truly is, it’s a delicious treat. And then there’s like, he grabs one and it charges 99 cents to his ex wife or ex-girlfriend because it’s owned by Verizon. They call it horizon.

So it’s horizon presents. And so like the guy’s dead, but you can like call the living. So it’s got this weird, uh, you know, you can like, like as long as she’s paying the bill, like your, your, your conscience is living through this avatar. So then there’s like the tech support people are called angels. And so like, they can make you whatever. So like she was messing with the guy who was being a jerk. So she like, he flipped her off. So she raised his middle finger, you know what I mean? Like, so like you can make people, they can make people look however they want to look, if that makes sense. Gotcha. Um, I don’t know if it’s funny or not, but it was definitely worth it. I enjoyed all like the technology jokes and like the, the kind of trashing and microtransactions that they made it funny to me. My dad probably would think it’s stupid.

I’ll give it a watch. Sounds interesting. But I just finished, you know, burning through a couple of shows. So yeah. Why not?

Well, the funniest part, I guess the funniest part was the people that couldn’t afford, like to be in the good land they’re in like the two gig capital land, which is like prison, pretty much prison. And if you, if you like use up too much energy, you use up all your gigs. You basically just freeze until the, it started the next month. And then you get your two gig back. Um, so like, like don’t you can’t like you used up a gig and a half. You can’t move now for the next three weeks. Anyway. It’s like I said, it’s, it’s a, I thought it was great. Um, so speaking, speaking of pitch meetings, that’s the other one that was that I caught onto it’s they’ve been going on for a couple of years. I don’t know how I just missed it, but it’s that it’s a guy talking to himself pitching movies.

And if you saw like, like I saw episode seven, eight, nine, he did, he did all the star Wars. You have any does like the joker. So he’s like, so you’re telling me as taxi driver and he’s like, yeah, reboots are hot. So like, they go back and, but man, I got down a wormhole with pitch meetings. They had, he has them for like, there’s like a hundred of them literally. So you can do like really any movie you’ve ever watched in the last avatar, like any destroys, any movie you liked or you thought it was like, destroys him, like the plot hole, you know what I mean? Like, like, wait a minute. What about this part where he did that? Like, we don’t forget about that. You know, like

It’s a continuity issue. We’ll just, we’ll we’ll skip over it. They’ll never notice it.

What about at the beginning when they said, you know, yeah. Was just like, no, no, no, that that’s not important. Right.

I finished burning through, um, uh, the Mandalorian documentary, uh, uh, and I forgot what it was called. Um, but it’s the eight part documentary about the Mandalorian and like, and they talked about like the effects, both special and practical. Um, and one of the things they talked about was, and this is how petty star Wars fans are. Um, which another good story segue coming up momentarily. Uh, but like apparently they caught a lot of crap at Lucasfilm and ILM because there’s like one scene that you can’t even see in real time where they just didn’t put Soboba in his racer in episode one, um, for like a second. Cause it was like a pan shot. And apparently though, Oh my God, we’ve got so much, you know, fan hate mail. And yet I’m like, y’all are y’all are petty. Which, which brings me to, they are not erasing episode nine, Bob. They’re not, it’s not gonna happen. Yeah. There’s there’s no, that was from butthurt fan boy news.com and that it ain’t happening

Well, it’s, it’s a, it’s a rumor, um, by the future ruler of earth, the doom cock overlord, DVD, YouTube channel. Right. So you’re telling me that

That’s not legit. Yeah. That’s bullshit. He’s not star Wars deep throat. No, he’s not. He’s really not

The thing that pisses me off. Did we talk about, um, scene 38 revisited? Did we talk about this already? Um, there’s a YouTube video where a guy or a team of people read did scene 38 of episode four, which is basically where obiwan gets killed.

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, no, we’ve, yeah. We’ve talked about that.

Yeah. Yeah. And they turned it into this whole like, like the chorus, like the dark blue music and they actually make a, uh, uh, Obi wan Kenobi not suck as with a lightsaber. Um, but yeah, if you haven’t checked that out, definitely look, I think it’s yeah. 38 and 36 seem to revisit it.

Yeah. Then there was the other fan cut of the ending of a riser Skywalker, um, where like basically, uh, uh, antiquing Luke Yoda, uh, I think it’s quite gone, um, are all, uh, force goes behind Ray as she’s fighting Palpatine. That was, that was pretty intense. And that was good. Yeah. That was actually pretty sweet.

Well, my favorite, well, the, one of the best one was when they redid the dialogue in episode four, when Vader first gets on the ship and he’s like run a diplomatic mission, whatever. And he’s like, no, I just saw you leave my ship from,

With the secret plans with them. Yeah.

Yeah. I just want, and he’s like, I just saw that happen

Again. Continuity we’ll yeah. We’ll fix it in post. That’ll be fine.

Yes, exactly. But it actually makes sense now with the new dialogue, but go figure,

But now was, I mean, it it’s, it is. I mean, and I do I get it, there were a lot of butthurt fan boys, um, about the final trilogy, but I mean, it is what it is, you know? And that’s honestly, that was one of the things that I thought was really good about that Mandalorian documentary is dude, Filoni hammered the point home over and over and over again without basically shaking his finger at the screen, but still shaking his finger at the screen saying it’s for kids. Like it’s like star Wars has always been about it’s it’s movies for kids. That’s, that’s what it’s about. And so if you, as an adult, don’t like it, that’s fine. And you know, and I know, I know I’ve said it on the, on the, you know, on the show before where like I always go, you know, so like the guys, we all go opening night, Thursday night at 80 out and we’re there. And then I take the kids either Saturday or Sunday and I always hold off judgment until I’ve seen it with them because like our take on it is almost always completely different from their take

It’s an a D it’s a different experience.

Well, yeah, so, I mean like, like rogue squadron, like we all thought, you know, that was one of the net rogue squadron. Um, yeah, no, it looks right. Uh, you know, we all thought that was the rogue one. We all thought that was like, you know, one of the best things ever, whereas like, they were confused from the get go because it didn’t have the stereotypical star Wars opening. And it was more of a, you know, a war movie, like black Hawk down and that kind of stuff. So, yeah.

Well dude, it’s like watching Godzilla as a 12 year old then as a 40 year old going, God damn it. I can see the lines on Gordon,

Right? Yeah. I could see. Yeah.

Clearly they’re holding them up with cables is what it is. Enjoy the movie, by the way. I never, I don’t celebrate this enough, but I think I start, I need to, um, July 1st was also Bobby Day. Did you, did you read about this or? Oh, I D I read about it every year. He’s a, so if you don’t know who he is, I got his baseball cards. He played for the Mets. He played for the pirates. It was a pretty good ball player. Um, he’s 57 years old right now. And on July 1st,

He hasn’t played in what, 10 years?

10 years he hasn’t played. Um, I’m trying to look it up right now. Um, I think in round two, is it 2000 that he hasn’t, but it was, um, you know, when you played last, played for the Mets in 99 and last played in the majors in 2001. Um, but he’s going to be paid through 2035 when he he’ll be 72 years.

And he gets like 1.7 million a year,

1.19, 3 million from the Mets, um, every July 1st from yeah. Till, um, cause they had to prorate his, his, his salary structure and he signed that deal.

Good. Good for him for getting that back a loaded contract?

Well, yeah, I mean, I guess like measures are signed when that’s going to pay them through 20, 28.

Oh dude. Zetterberg did Datsyuk did a lot of the wings did when they were trying to deal with salary cap issues and all that shit.

Well, I remember like a one grind boss or assigned to a Seahawks deal. This was what, 91. And it was like 10 years, $10 million. And we’re like, Oh my God, that guy’s brilliant. And uh, you know, he only played a year and a half, so yeah, he was brilliant, but you know, for the most part, um, but yeah, what else, what else is going on now that, uh, also

There were two short, those are the two things, you know, one, I mean, one of the reasons we’re not having events, uh, is all the bars just shut down again or at least they were supposed to be. Um, but then, you know, I, and this is like I said, this is the part that confuses me is it’s supposed to be, if you have over 70% of your revenue is alcohol-based know, you’re supposed to be shut down and watching the mental gymnastics happen on my Facebook wall from places that I’ve been to. And I’ve never seen themselves so much as a mozzarella stick or a chicken finger the entire time, I’m there saying, Oh, they’ve got enough food sales to justify staying open, or everybody will be outside nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Um, I just, I

Crack a better mate, isn’t it? Doesn’t, isn’t 30 bucks.

Exactly. And so dude, like I just, I don’t get it. And, and I mean, I do, and this was part of the conversation I got into. I truly do. I undo, you know, we’ve, we’ve got the studios that have been sitting closed for, you know, coming up on four months now. Um, it’s, it’s, it’s a real concern. It’s a real issue. It’s a, it’s a real problem. And I get it, but we are not doing ourselves any favors by trying to find a loophole in this shit. We’re not like it’s just gonna keep getting worse. Please reference Miami, Arizona, everywhere else. That’s going through a huge spike right now. You know, you watch all the, you know, the 4th of July videos that came out from, you know, the lakes in Michigan that were like just nuts to butts and thousands of people and all that. We’re just, I give, yeah,

It’s just, you know, they’re rolling the dice on, uh, you know, paying the mortgage versus, uh, you know, being another student.

Like I said, I, I, I absolutely, and it’s not that I’m uncaring. It’s not that I wasn’t feeling. It’s not that I don’t understand it. Cause you know, I would go through the same shit, you know, but it’s, you know, yeah. I just, it’s one of those things that I’m just, I’m not, I’m not a fan of, of places that are trying to, you know, find the loopholes to keep themselves open when, when they know damn well and good, they really should be shut down.

Well, it didn’t you go to one of those like last week.

So that was two weeks ago before they got shut down again. Um, and the two places I went to, so like I said, you know, temple had plexiglass bar top to ceiling and everybody was totally locked away and they have like a little cutout that they could their drinks through in that kind of stuff. You know? And when we talked to Augie, you know, last week from whiskey where, you know, they’ve got the tea, they’ve got the high top tables pushed up against the bar. So like, you know, you’ve got to keep your distance away from the bartender. And, and they were being, you know, even then they were being really strict about masks and that kind of stuff. So, I mean, it’s either one of those two looked remotely excited about having to be there. No, no. And it’s, you know, but like, but so like whiskey does have, and honestly, and this is the other part that, and again, I get it and I feel bad for them.

Like, you know, whiskey. Yep. They’ve got a back patio and temple yet. They’ve got a back patio. Cause that was the other way to stay open. Um, was if you could keep everybody outside. Um, but dude, who wants to be outside drinking when it’s 90 effing degrees outside, like that’s, you’re talking to a guy that, um, on the July 1st, his AC went out. So this is a, and it just fired back up three hours ago. Oh dude, what the hell happened? Uh, we had, uh, contractors over the house, uh, looking at, um, siting on the side of the house that needs to replace because of the AC, write it out some boards. Okay. And what they do, they, they trip a switch, they tripped the switch. And as soon as they left, it went out. I go, I bet you, they did something, but I it’s a handyman, you know what I mean?

So we had to call DTE cause we bought or whatever, their insurance and they had to wait for them to come out. Soon. He goes to the side of the house. I feel cold air I’m like you son of a bitch. Oh yeah. So for future reference, those keeping score at home, there is there’s literally almost every air conditioning unit has a trip switch, um, on like on it or near it. Um, that’s designed, it’s almost like a GFI, like it’s, it’s designed to blow in case, um, the units overheating or that kind of stuff. Cause I’ve had that happen before. Um, where, and it’s literally as simple as flip switch and it comes back on, see, now my idea for temple bar and for whiskey in the jar, I think they need to bring back an old nineties tradition. Um, if you’ve ever been to Florida Daytona, whatever, and it was a, basically a, a tide soap party, their, their phone parties let’s let’s let’s get the terminology. Correct. They were always called foam parties. They called them foam parties, but it was so, um, if you ever did a senior prank in high school and a dump box to tied into the fountain, it’s pretty much the same effect. Oh yeah. They would dump the, the soap and they were always, you know, super gropey, rapey, terrible events. Let’s be honest.

I’m not saying they weren’t, but I mean

It out, I guess. Yeah. Like, you know, not getting the Rona, but you get, you know, you can go get a drink and it’s going to taste a little, little soapy, right? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Cause that shit got everywhere. Cause it would like, you know, the fans would catch it and it would blow up, but it would wind up in drinks and all that crap. Randy, I’ve never been to one. I’ve never been to one now. Oh, I, I, I absolutely thought they were disgusting. They’re terrible. They’re there, there was nothing, there, there was nothing good about them. But as a resort in Mexico, we went that had them and

I’m like, let’s, let’s debate on where we’re going to go. Cause it’s like between the nice place or the party place. And then I saw a video of it and it was so contrived and forced and like ill and I’m like, yeah, no, that was an easy choice to have to go to that place.

Well, I mean, so if only a, I mean, I feel like if Playhouse strip club or Playhouse club or whatever the hell it’s called, um, maybe if they would have been doing, uh, you know, foam parties with their dancers, uh, they wouldn’t be having an outbreak of COVID from there. That’s soy. Hey, by the way, why?

Cause I had it all set up, speaking of boobs on a plague and you tell that story,

I ruined your segue. Sorry. Um, but yeah. So what it was it a it’s yeah. Playhouse and I think checkers, uh, they said if you’ve been at either location in Romulus, um, self quarantine, go get yourself checked yet. Eddie yada uh, I don’t know. I feel like, you know, if you leave a strip club, probably go get yourself checked. Um, but yeah,

But I mean, if you look at the picture from channel seven article like the Playhouse, you know, the Google street view, it looks like a clean, classy,

Very fine. Upstanding establishment. Yeah. It doesn’t look like a converted old mom and pop diner at all. Uh, yeah, no. Yeah. It’s got the Valley overhead. Oh yeah. It’s it’s the it’s the Ritz is what it is. Let’s be clear,

Right? Oh yeah, absolutely. Um, I’ll go ahead.

No, I was going to say so, but then the other, you know, the other bar topic is, uh, so I guess BFD is undergoing, like we we’ve had events at clubhouse BFD before

Dude, don’t talk to me.

Sorry. I know that was one of your fans.

If you follow the story, BFD was a really cool place that was unemployed 89 and crooks in Rochester Hills. Um, it’s been there for probably 10 years and it was rated one of the top 50 beer bars in the U S and I was lucky enough to live a mile from it. And I was also lucky enough. Uh, me and Joe foodie, uh, Joe Hakim are the tag team champions of drinking the millions of beer there. So I got a big wrestling belt and uh, you know, I was really good friends with Jason manager who since started his own place and we all knew it was owned by Griffin claw. Oh yeah. And we were praying for the day that it wouldn’t switch to a Griffin claw bar and sure shit, they go on social media and change it to Griffin claw clubhouse, and down goes another one of the great, so here was the

Not carrying anybody else’s beer anymore.

Nope. That was the beauty of it. They had like 80 things on tap. The bartenders knew everything,

Dude. So well-educated Holy crap. Yeah.

Yeah. Everyone was assistant Rhone and you know, sorry, whatever you call it, Cicerones where they, you know, if you’re Italian. Um, but the, you know, now the place is like, and you just read the comments and they’re, whoever’s managing their social media. Wasn’t doing them any favors. They were just like, you know, like, you’ll be BLB here. You’ll be back. Or like, they’re kind of playing like, you know, how you’re you can’t miss this place. Like, yeah. I kind of can like, here’s thing where I live, Griffin claw in Birmingham is 15, 20 minutes away. Yep. You don’t need this here. Um, you know, they changed all the signs and it’s like, like not saying I’m angry, but it’s like, whatever, we’ll find another place.

Yeah. You already had that in Birmingham. Why do you need to have that there? Why not let it? I mean, I can’t imagine. I mean, granted, I mean, I know a business across the board is, is nasty. I mean maybe, you know, maybe they were having issues with distributors. Cause I mean, they did, they carried a lot of did that place, had a huge variety and backstock, it was 40 taps or something like that. Or 80 taps, 40 bottles. Brilliant. But then their fridges were stocked with Kansas shit and it was so good.

The one thing I always said that were brilliant was they have an analytic analytics on 2 million pints of beer sold. Right. So now they can look and say, and they could tell how fast and what they put on and what styles and what works. So now as a brewery, like I can say, Hey, it’s kind of like the Coke machine at five guys. Yup. Like Coke uses that analytical data. They need to make like vanilla orange. And they’ll like saying, Hey, we’re the movie theaters. Yeah. Yeah. You we’re selling a shit ton of that one let’s can it? Yeah. Why aren’t we making that? Yeah. Right. So like Griffin call, I had all this analytical data to make their own beer and now they just completely just shit on all the relationships and they just lost all that data. Um, I guess they don’t care anymore because they’ve, you know, sold a couple million pints of beer there and whatever they got their data.

Yeah. It is what it is. So I mean, I guess, yeah. Boo. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, so I, I did like this one, um, and I think it’s gonna be interesting cause I mean, I do, I know a lot of people that are job hunting and I, and I think the big, and this is very accurate. I think the big question that you really should be prepared for, if you start interviewing for a gig, whether it’s now a year from now or whatever, is what’d you learn during the quarantine? Like what, what did you do? What did you learn? What did you do to grow your skills, that kind of stuff. And we’ve said this a million times, you know, whether it’s the, you know, the 10 commandments of job search, that kind of stuff. Cause we’ve always said, you know, okay, great. If you have a gap on your resume, don’t worry about it. No big deal. You know what other, you know, volunteer work you’re doing, you rewired your home network. You did, you know, this, that, and the other thing, you know, just show that you were growing and improving skills, same kind of thing here.

Yeah. That’s one, it’s funny. I’ve had five interviews over the last two working days and I didn’t ask it and I’m kind of mad at myself. I always ask the, you know, the, the behavioral stuff. And then the one question is, you know, what do you do to keep up up to date? You know? But like, yeah, what are you doing during this mess? Like a lot of people like, Oh, I’ve been furloughed for four months. So it’s a it’s, that’s like the quintessential question. Well, what have you been doing? You know, watching upload on Amazon prime, probably isn’t the best answer we always talked about. We dude, we talked about them for years that people had posted on Facebook, like I’ve binge-watched blah, blah, blah. And it’s like, wait, aren’t you unemployed. Do you really want that on your social? Um, shouldn’t it be? Shouldn’t you be looking for a gig right about


Yeah. Um, but no, that’s, uh, you know, that’s, it’s a great point. Like, you know, Hey, I spent, you know, 40 hours a week learning whatever. Yeah.

Yeah. I learned a new language. I did this idea of eight and shit, even if it’s, Hey, I learned how to cook, you know, just show that you were doing something for the love of God to make yourself better. You know? And I guess just speaking of the quarantine, we didn’t touch on this one, dude. I, and I, every time I think I’ve hit the lowest point that I think society can reach when it comes to surprising me, then something else happens. Like for example, uh, kids in Alabama, uh, are throwing coronavirus parties where everybody pitches in a cover charge at the door. And then, uh, they deliberately invite people that they know are infected. And first person to pop positive gets the pot from the door. That’s not true.

They’ll cover their medical expenses. It’s 10 CNN. It’s not true. Oh, shut up. No, like for like, I’ve heard of stupid things, man. I mean, like I get like our kids,

Our parents used to do that to us with chicken pox. So it’d be like, it’s not like it’s an unproven methodology, but right. I mean, I mean, I don’t think they took bets on it. Who would get it first or, you know, it wasn’t potentially like chicken pox. It wasn’t potentially life threatening.

No, you had zits for a month. And then you went back to school a couple of weeks. Um, yeah. Cause you’re like, I actually, Alabama’s not hit that bad, but like, I dunno, man, like, it’s stupid. Like at this point you gotta have the country like, you know, doing what they need to do and whatever. Then you have the other half of the country like LA, did you see the fireworks in LA? Um, after the governor said, you know, like, Hey no, uh, no fireworks on banning them. Then someone went up on top of the inch, shot the Valley and it looked like the biggest fireworks show you’ve ever seen in your entire lifetime 10. It was just

Nice. Did you, uh, did you catch the one out of San Diego all went off at one point, apparently somebody’s wired shit wrong. And the entire fireworks does the entire city fireworks, display all went off at once.

I was in the middle of my cynical. Like, no one’s going to watch your video ever. You jackass phase. And I was trying to like, like Matt Thompson had a video and I’m like ready to post the meme. And then I see that when I watch it, I go, Holy shit. I’d watch that every night.

Watch that one. Yeah, that’d be fair. That was from their 20, 2012 show. So not really. Oh, I didn’t know. Okay. It wasn’t this year buzzkill.

Uh, but Hey, um, founded in 2010, our friends at private internet access is an award winning VPN provider with over a million customers all over the world. Private internet is VP and allows you to encrypt your connection so you can keep anything you do online, confidential, and secure your ISP, the government or hackers will no longer have access to your data. Right now, they have unlimited access to 3,200 VPN servers in 46 countries. Um, you can Switzerland, Germany, Europe, Asia, doesn’t matter. You can, you can drop, uh, and just literally a click, a chop on another server and grab another IP address. They have apps for all platforms, windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and you can protect 10 devices at the same time. And because they believe in transparency, they’re all open source. And they’ve been editor’s choice at PC mag for eight consecutive years.

Basically you can use Pia to encrypt your data, hydro IP address, download anything safely, use a private or public, um, a wifi secure your bank transactions. You’ll be the only one that will know what you’ve been doing and they keep no logs. And that’s been proven in court twice. Right now there’s a 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with them right now, you get a special deal. First 12 months for only $2 and 85 cents a month at 76% off. And then months, 13 and 14 are free. Had to private internet access.com/it and easy to get started, protecting herself. That’s www private internet, xs.com/it and the D for 76% discount. Thank you.

So speaking of being proven out in court, uh, what’s the over-under on, uh, Galane Maxwell’s death have we has, has there been one set yet? I already lost.

Yeah, I’m lost. And now there’s a, there’s talk of, um, there’s videos. Cause you know, you were talking last week about, um, there’s cameras in every room and there was like, that will creep up.

It is New York house. Yep.

Apparently she’s got the home videos. I forget what, who, who just released that? I think I was, I always watch YouTube, just random videos. And that was one of them from some news source and I’m like that, um, you know, that one’s going to be a doozy. Um, you know,

We should burn them all down.

We should get a side bit together. And then I see all this other crap about like Chris Cornell and Anthony Bordain, how they had inroads on this stuff. And that’s why they, and it’s all speculation.

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory.

Yeah. This sounds like it almost like, Oh shit, this one’s a little like little reel.

It’s a little close to the surface. Yeah.

Um, you know what I got to start doing too, by the way, like we haven’t said that one of these stories in probably two years where all those companies came out at once, where you can send people like bag beg index and like all that stuff. Well now some genius capitalist, um, started anonymous potato.com where you can buy, send somebody a potato with,

With a phrase or, or, or a face or a picture on it.

Yeah. Yeah. You can do a photo full photo, a gift bundle. Um, and you could do it and they actually sell the burrito blanket too, which I totally need. Um, but yeah, that’s, you know, they’ll, they’ll draw those all marker on a potato and send it to you and you know what, I bet you they’ve sold dozens. Like I’m not gonna lie.

It wouldn’t surprise me because again, people are bored and need something do so why not?

Right. And then you’re going to send me the potato and then I want to put it in my AirFryer with a middle finger to you. And I want to text that back to you because that’s what people do. Um, but yeah, potato that’s a honestly, yeah,

Go, go, go get you a potato

Or the bag of dicks company still away are there by the way.

Oh, I’m sure. I know the, I don’t, I think the, the glitter as a service guy, I believe he sold, uh, yeah, it was. Yeah. Cause it was yeah, the glitter bomb dude. Um, but no. So two, two tech stories real quick. So one, um, cause we’ve talked about this over and over and over again. Uh, basically DPD Detroit police came out and said, yeah, facial technique, facial recognition, software. It’s wrong? About 97% of the time.

  1. Oh wait, the one they use. Yeah,

Yeah, yeah. They use for project green light. Yeah. Go ahead and let that sink in. Yeah, go ahead.

But like, but like Facebook can tag someone. I met like four years ago on some random picture. It’s blurry as shit I go, is this butthole McGee, Hayley.

Oh my God. It actually is. I forgot. I knew that.

What are they using? What are they? What software? Yeah.

Uh, clearly not. Facebook’s quick.

It’s a software only. We would not solve 95 to 97% of the crime. Then wife having have it, like, that’s the dumbest thing like,

Yeah. Why are we paying for this? And I can say we, cause I pasted the Texas. Yeah. Well, no. I mean, and that’s the city taxes for Detroit. I work in Detroit. Yeah. I mean it’s, it’s not yeah. For the love of God stop

And you should bitch Randy, I would I’ll support you.

So, and then the other one was that, uh, so again, another frequent topic of conversation, HBO has finally made the groundbreaking announcement that all the other apps are going to go away and, and, and there can be only one and HBO, max will be the Highlander app. Like that’s, that’s one, that’ll be the one app to rule them all. And in the darkness bind them. That’s fine.

I said, I remember when I said I had it. Cause I had extensity and then I didn’t have it logged back into my own mobile app. And then I had it again and now I don’t have it. So it can honestly go F itself at this point. Like I, I give no shits about it. Like I got hooked, done. I got my kid. I’ll hook them Looney tunes. And she’s like, Papa does not work. And I go to log in my phone and then it says, you need to pay 1595 a month. And I’m like 1595 a month. You can up stick it at your ass.

Um, so used to be what? Three apps there is HBO go. HBO paid for HBO by itself. There was HBO now, which if you no, no, no. HBO. No, no, no. HBO go was the one you got with cable HBO now was the, the one off with Roku and that kind of stuff. And then max. So,

So I have Cinemax and HBO and I’m like, screw you like seriously? I’m I’m done.

Well, if you have a Xfinity, I don’t think you have, I don’t think you have max anymore. Cause they dropped out.

I have Cinemax. I can. I just watched it the other night. Yeah. I ate all, I pared it all down. I just got HBO and cinema. They bring it back. Yeah. Cause I was getting dude.

Yeah. Whatever that other dumb service was. Yeah.

Make up your mind. It was the hits channel they gave me. Then they took that away and they gave me Cinemax back. Do it. I don’t know what’s going on with that shit anymore. I just whatever’s on TV. I watch it.

It’s not, I don’t care. I’m still confused. Why there’s no HBO max app for Roku? Like is there a service where you can basically like build a Roku? Oh no. So honestly it’s so every, every story that I’ve read said, it just comes down to licensing yet. It’s just on a licensing. Like they haven’t figured out the licensing deal with Roku as a platform for the app yet. So they would rather exclude Roku customers and yet, yeah. And yet you had HBO now, but I guess I, so Bob, I guess the part I’m like, I’m confused. I thought HBO max was going to be like HBO, go in that. If you were an HBO subscriber, you got it. That’s what I thought you can log into the max app with your HBO go credential and then, you know, and you don’t get the full content unless you pay for more.

Yeah. And I’m not getting this super special secret underground content I’m not getting, which, uh, it’s the Apple pie. I’m not buying the Apple pie for and they got nothing. That’s good. You know, what is good though? Um, did you see, uh, the boys, uh, the new trailer that came out? I did. That looks awesome. Um, it doesn’t matter.

I’ve been spending more time on prime lately, so yeah.

It’s um, Oh, it’s really good to know, by the way. Um, congratulations to mr. David Hayes and mr. Travis McIntyre. Um, Intel, right. Intel got put up on, uh, uh, Amazon prime. So I got, uh, I got to actually watched it the other day. Um, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s a classic Easter beef film of a, of a deranged, uh, doctor gone mad of a, with a rabbit. Um, so yeah, it’s a,

Yeah. I actually sat down and watched, um, uh, both Westworld and future world, like the old movie. Um, and I, I forgot for the, cause I think Westworld was 73 and future world was 75. Um, and future world, I believe was the first movie that truly used, um, computer generated imagery in it, uh, overall at all was Westworld. Uh, you know, honestly it, I, it’s funny because if you watch them, cause I mean, I, I probably haven’t seen those in 30 years. Um, and if you watch them, it, they really did a good job tying in the HBO series. It’s literally a continuation. Um, you know, the company name, you know, it’s all the Delos Corp, it’s all this, it’s all that. Um, it’s, you know, and they do, they make, and they make right. There’s a lot of throwback references having just gone back and watched them again. There’s a lot of throwback references, especially with Anthony Hopkins character when he’s hanging out with the older models, um, that are throwbacks to those two movies.

Okay. Now I was a, I flipped by it 50 times. I never actually clicked play. I might just, uh, I might just have, do you know how this stuff is in the seventies? I watched a death wish with Charles Bryan. I want to pilot turd. That was, and why was he an action star?

Because it was the seventies. It was dude. Why was Starsky and Hutch a thing who

Dude Bronson was like some old man with like a 45. He found in a fricking alley. Like he wasn’t some bad-ass like, like he’s still here. He’s looked upon as one of the great bad-ass asses of our time. Watch that movie. It’s a turd. Oh, by the way, I had to share a story. Um, so I’m hungry last night I ordered door dash. Right. Okay. And I see a thing on there for it’s just wings and I’m like, Oh wait

Dude, I love, let me just, I gotta stop you for a sec. I love that. You said this story across and with the caveat that you had no idea. We have literally talked about this three times on this show. Go ahead. I don’t remember that being, we absolutely. That’s one of your company.

Anyway, I order my wings and then I’m like, where the hell are these just wings? No, it was like eight bucks for this two boxes of it would have been like 30 bucks at beat ups. Right? Like beat ups right now is like, they might as well charge a filet. You get, you get a filet for the same price. They charge for a six piece that I get two boxes. One of the fries, one with chicken, the chicken is delicious, you know? And then I Google it and it’s freaking chilies. And then, cause it’s got the bag and it’s got the logo. It’s got, it looks like a, it looks like a thing. And uh, yeah, I’m gonna order again. Cause it was really good. Um, but like I wouldn’t have cared if it was.

Yeah. Cause it was uh, but, but you would have never thought to order from them. If you saw Chile, you probably cruised past Chili’s on your way to find that

It was no, because they sponsored it. It’s right up on top. Like I even, uh, like if it was Applebee’s

Toby’s like simply wings or whatever that was Applebee’s his neighborhood. Yeah.

Oh see, I would have been angry. So it was Applebee’s wings, chilies. I never hated. So like Chili’s I was fine with,

I did so and then the other one that I thought was interesting. Uh, so Marvel now owns a predator and alien. So like, does that mean that the alien queen from aliens is now a Disney princess?

Alright. So do they own all of it?

They had the movie rights already when they bought Fox. Now they own the comments. So yeah, they own it end to end now. Yeah.

Oh my God. Now that Wolverine was, well, they already did Wolverine verse predator and that fan fan film, um, which lasted 15 seconds. Right. Cause predator can’t heal himself. Um, you know, I, to be honest, am I one of the few people that actually liked the alien vs predator movies? I was like, I’ve seen it.

I didn’t mind, like to me, they were just pure brain candy. Like they were like, yeah, they weren’t like a deep, meaningful film. No, I like, I didn’t understand people that were trying to deconstruct them at all. Like, dude, it’s a stupid film. Just watch the movie and enjoy the movie and, and have fun with things getting ripped apart like that.

Randy, it was basically, um, there, it was an Antarctica and the predator, two of them right there, predators were growing the aliens to guide them. And I’m thinking of Promethean

To then no, they were growing the aliens to then hunt them and then hog them. Right, right. Right. And then there was the other plot where they were competing against each. Yeah.

The dumb part was there’s a slide going down and you would think like, do I go down the slide? And they’re like, yeah, screw it. Let’s go down. Like not knowing if it goes to the core of the earth and you’re going to get fried alive.

Yeah. It was yeah. There was like some sort of like, it was a, it was a laser cut hole. Oh yeah. Like I said, it just went down through the Antarctic shelf and they were like at the perfect angle. So like, yeah, let’s go ahead and slide down. This what’s the worst that can possibly happen. Maybe Xenos down there, this random hot like, yeah. I’m sorry. Like, like the new, the newly discovered caves and all that crap that keep popping up on my feet every week or to stop. This is not the year to mess with that stuff. Like not in 2022, there was one in London. There was one in, I want to say Kentucky. Uh, there was another one somewhere in Israel and I’m like, would you just like stop looking for shit? Like just, this is not the year to be doing that crap at all.

Open them up. No, no, my, um, can I, can I, uh, do you have dibs on this? Cause you sent it over, but I want to my favorite lawsuit. Yeah.

Oh my God. So amazing. Go for it.

Do you want, okay, so someone’s doing Twitch, you know, everyone knows that Twitch is right where kids stream games and like everyone’s streams nowadays. Um, and I guess, um, there’s a guy that is suing Twitch because women are too sexy and I’m going to go through this and this is not me talking, do not isolate this. I’m reading from like, you know, nowadays. Right. They’re going to clip my words and are gonna go. Bob said, um, okay. So the plaintiff had purchased a Fleshlight previously

Just to make sure it let’s see. So this is the a 43 52 Mark. Okay, go ahead. Go.

So he purchased a Fleshlight and then they have to, they have, which went largely unused until Twitch. Um, mr. SDVO began using this device while he watches female Twitch streamers and ends up chafing his Wiener every day. You didn’t say Wiener is a penis bikes, like say Wiener. Instead with this device making it extremely painful and constant, which ends up causing redness and mild infections at the tip. Um, it doesn’t say if he’s, uh, which religion he is. So I don’t know what that, um, since the Fleshlight is electrical and also vibrates, you know, the plaintiff therefore often has to use Neosporin on the tip of his way to the cross

Guys. This is in a legal document just to be absolutely clear. Yeah.

I tried to say like eight 10 to this, but it doesn’t matter. A B to deplete often stays up for hours, staring at the breasts of girls’ streamers gross, which ends up damaging his retina and making his eyes bloodshot. For days, I dropped to nothing to do that. I can’t do his eye drops, do nothing to hide his shame from his parents. And he’s often questioned by people. He comes into contact with why his eyes are so bloodshot and red. It’s got nothing to do with we eat.

Yeah, dude. Do you, are you smoking a lot of weed? Nah, just jerking off too late at night. That’s yeah,

I can you have bloodshot eyes, mr. Have you been hearing,

Are you smoking the pot?

You’ve been staring at Toby’s again, which leads to further embarrassment. And lastly, this is real quick. The plaintiff I’m not, how do you want to say this?

The short circuit and keyboard. You got to go there. Got it.

Once a or on his PC monitor causing a short circuit and small fire within the electrical system was gaming rig it, causing his apartment to blackout too rarely. And so he’s going to suit switch.

Yeah. That’s that’s yeah. That’s one of those ones where like I ended up in Supreme court. I did, I’ve said this a budget times. Like there really needs to be a common sense panel where you have like at least one ultra conservative, at least one ultra liberal. And then like at least a couple like middle of the road, normal people like with that. And then if you can’t get a, like an overwhelming majority of those people to say, yes, your lawsuit gets to go forward. Your shit goes nowhere at all.

This is going to go for like years and get appealed and they’re going to settle out of court and give them like,

God, I hope they don’t because that’s just a terrible precedent to set. Do not do,

Do you want a lawsuit or you got to where you admit to put Neosporin on your Wiener?

Oh dude. I exactly, exactly. Like I would almost just let it go to court just to get dude, I get all of the court, TV cameras and like local stations and all that shit in there to have him on camera as he’s relaying this story, he’d be like the God of every in cell and in their mom’s basements. Like for eternity,

The leader of the dipshits hold up the underpants

Exactly. Be like the patron Saint of four Chan.

How much, how much pop do you need as a human being? This is water. Are you sure? Yeah. Like, is that like, it’s like 10 pounds when that thing’s full. It’s a half gallon. It’s just Christmas got thick insulation. Hey, Hey Dave,

Did you, uh, why have you been microwaving

Your books

Do, and this has been floating around Facebook for a couple of weeks now and now at grand Rapids library actually had to put out a statement that said for the love of God, stop microwaving books because you’re destroying them.

Why? So like people where did this? I never saw like, people like talking, you know, like I subscribed to everything. Right. And I read everyone

Do there were people microwaving money and destroying the bills and trying to bring it to the bank

Because they thought it would get rid of the Rona yesterday, come out with it. It’s six, six on paper anyway.

Cause cause dumb like that. What do you, what do you, what do you like? We’re not talking about like the cream of the crop here. I’m I’m quite sure this is, these are not, these are not people that are like in line for the net for like Nobel prizes or anything like that. That’s

Do you know people that wouldn’t get delivery pizza because they thought the Rona was on the box. Like that type of shit. Like, uh, so now the commercials are saying we don’t touch

Once it comes out the oven, like the usage

Corona, they put their hands on our pizzas. No. Well I think they have to, to cut it. No, actually they don’t. They just put it in the box. The selling point is we don’t touch your pizza once it comes out of there.

Like they used to. Yeah. I was happier not knowing that you did before. Thanks Ruth microwave in this house is

Easter peeps. Everything else goes in the air fryer now microwave and they’re great. Oh yeah. Yeah. I do. And I still,

I haven’t caved on the air fire thing yet.

Um, you know what the best is for? Remember when I, when really he’s always talking about fast food going cold and then the fries, you can never do any, anything with the fries, um, cold fries into AirFryer back out are better than regular fries, hot out of the McDonald’s sexually. Yeah. Like it’s, they’re that good? Like that’s right now it’s the only thing that’s like total hotness of the AirFryer and it, my AirFryer is not like it’s, um, toaster oven with inner fire setting. Okay. Um, but I was gonna say

Anything you can do with an air fryer, you can do it with a toaster oven.

Yeah. This one’s like the mix. Yeah. Um, but Oh my God, like I put cold, like we had the, uh, it’s just wings, the leftover fries. And I told my kid, put them in the AirFryer for like three minutes. I know they are glorious. Like, you know, um, and by the way, um, I always, uh, you know, like my friend, our friend, Rick Viv, he’s a bass geek. I’m kind of amped to, um, in, in episode two fashion, I guess a massive, uh, star has disappeared without a trace. Um, and I don’t know how that happened. So there’s still

Because I did it, I read the whole story and I guess they’re still not sure if it’s disappeared or if something is interfering with the view, um, or you know, or what could have happened. Cause they said, you know, it was, it was a pretty bright star. And usually if something like that disappears, it goes supernova, you know, or it compresses down into a black hole and you’ll see the other stars then effected by it. Um, but neither of those from the archives. Right. But yeah. So neither of, neither of those two things have happened. So like, and they are like, they’re trying to figure out still, you know? Yeah. Is it really gone or is there just an, I don’t know, maybe there’s a UFO between us and it that’s blocking the view. Who knows where? Yeah.

Oh, what is, um, I don’t know the year I, I would like to know. Um, so it’s 75 million light years away. What, how long does it take for us to see it? Is it like 10 years? Like if it goes out, how long before we know, like, you know what I’m saying? Um, Oh, a long time. Is it more than 10 years? I don’t know. I would assume so. Alright. I mean, it’s not 75 million years otherwise. Um, but yeah, I know there’s a there,

I used to know that conversion. I don’t, I don’t remember enough to have my interview.

Good thing. You don’t, you know, if you would know that I would get mad more mad at you, then what else, what else has been on TV? What else? Um,

Not since I, you know, just talking about cooking, I finally went ahead and uh, I, I don’t use my smoker enough. Um, and so I loaded, uh, loaded that bastard up. Uh, I did a 12 pound brisket. I did four slabs of baby back ribs. Um, and then just for shits and giggles, I decided I was gonna go ahead and do some salmon, dude. I’m not gonna lie. Like, so like the, the neighbor kids, like the, the mom, that’s a couple of houses down. She was like, I don’t know what you did to these ribs, but the kids will never eat ribs when I make them. And like, they all, all went through like, like her four kids probably like killed off a slab by themselves. Um, and she’s like, so if you see me walk over to your house with like a tray of ribs, all the tapping is that I’m going to walk over to your house and then come back and say that you made them. And we’re going to see if that

See a big portion of it though, is how the meat you buy. You know what I mean? If you’re in Iraq, if you buy rock like meat,

What’s a shots. Uh, dude, I still love shots market there. They’re phenomenal. And uh, yeah, the brisket came out. Perfect. Uh, and then, like I said, dude, let’s like, yeah, that the salmon, I, I was surprised that I think I’m going to have to do that more. Like it’s one of those things where it’s, it’s like, I’m never going to fire up the smoker just to do salmon. Cause it literally, you know, you got all that prep time just to basically smoke it for 20 minutes. Um, but damn, that was good. Like, I, I was, I was pretty impressed with myself. I’m not gonna lie.

Say I grew up on smoked fish. Like that was a, you know, we had the house on the, in the water when my uncle had a hut. So like literally just like we, we, and he would bring a bag of it, you know, lived off that stuff. Like literally, you know, you’d get a saltine Cracker and some of that, like, I’ll do it,

Keep me, I do it. I keep meaning to take a picture and send it to you. And I keep forgetting the liquor store by my house. Uh that’s at 16 in gross back when you are back up and around, you need to walk in there, they have an entire huge ass shelving rack full of all the crap that you say you can never find anywhere, shut up, like all due to like there’s, there’s like 14, 15 different favorite flavors of that. Slivovitz crap that you keep around a day. But like all of the pair and the ass Bach and the caraway seed and this and that dude, they got, I mean, it’s probably, I think it’s six or seven shelves. Um, and just like, and it’s, and I’m like, I’m like, Oh my God, like this, this entire shelving unit deserves to be in Bob’s basement.

Well, the sleeve of it’s is all until you get sloppy and stuff. That’s where, you know, where my folks were born. That’s kind of where we got that tradition from. Um, we actually, my wife brought it out to the pool this week and gave some to the neighbors and they’re like, Oh, it’s pretty good. And I’m like, man, do not be polite to my wife.

Do not encourage this behavior.

Like, you know, the, the, the, what you call it though, the caraway seed in the raspberry is what I’m looking for. Um, that stuff I got in Chicago, if I could find it, if they had that, I’ll take a look. Yeah, it’s a him beer. H I M B E

Uh, pretty sure that’s a brand I saw. So I’ll, I’ll, I’ll take a look.

Oh no, that’s that’s raspberry and Germans have that. There’ll be my friend for life. Okay.

I’ll take a look. Uh, but actually the only, the only other story that we didn’t get to, because I didn’t, I didn’t write it down was, uh, so for those of you who use Stitcher, um, apparently Stitcher is now being acquired by Sirius XM. So I guess they’re getting serious at no pun intended, uh, about the, uh, the podcast game.

I, um, you know, I that’s the thing, are they going to separate it? Like how I say I haven’t checked like subscriber numbers for satellite? Cause here’s the thing like every truck driver in America probably has Sirius XM. Like how many other people pay for it? Like I still do. I do see, I haven’t, since I stopped traveling, you know what I mean?

Oh yeah. We’ll do it. Yeah. Well, shit. I mean, it’s not like I’ve been at, I mean the nice, honestly, the nice thing about it is, so now even with just the basic script script that’s subscription, um, like you see like it integrates with your Amazon Alexa, it integrate, you know, the app on your phone. So no matter where you are, like, I can say, you know, Hey Alexa, play, you know, first wave and up comes channel 33. And it’s all the music that I wanted to listen to in my car. Anyway,

See now Spotify replaced that for me because all my playlist gotcha. You know, that’s, that’s kinda why. And the only thing was stern and I kind of got old with stern and, uh, and that’s when I was, you know, that’s when I was doing my, um, left radio political left radio for half an hour, then write radio for a half an hour and then I’d get angry and then angrier than angriest. And then, um, yeah,

Now that you’ve only got a four minute commute, it’s a little different. Yeah. As of two 2017, they had 32 million subscribers.

It it’s a lot. And there’s only like 3 million truck drivers. That’s that’s more than I would’ve thought.

Don’t forget. Two years ago they bought Pandora.

He did. Wow. Yeah. See, I don’t like Pandora anymore. You tell it like play new order. And like three out of four songs are going to be new order. Like they think they have some, the whatever algorithm is it pick other music that people liked. Like it’s just shit. Like they, I dunno. They don’t know how to mix music anyway. Their algorithm used to be really great. Um,

So, so you said that was 2017, Randy. Yeah. So their, uh, end of year, their first quarter for this year, end of year 2019 report, 2020 projection, um, total paid subscriber base, uh, of 34.9 million as of the end of 2019.

Okay. Yeah. More than I thought. What do you think about BMW? What they’re doing? Um, apparently they’re doing, um, in car microtransactions. What do they EA now pretty much

Like, they’re just going to build all the cars with seat warmers, but you don’t get to use it unless you pay for a three month subscription to unlucky seat warmer. Well, we talked about, remember we talked about that with the, uh,

No, go ahead. No, I’m like, would you like to go 65 miles an hour? That’ll be $20 for the next 30,

Right. Well, I mean, we talked about that with the, um, that Tesla that the guy bought at auction that, uh, basically Tesla turned off all of the extra features in the car because he wasn’t the original purchaser. And I haven’t looked to see a follow up on that lawsuit. Um, so I mean, it’s, it’s, I don’t know. See, and again, it’s, it’s getting to that weird. Do you really own the things you own like that? Like, that’s the, like, that’s the weird question that keeps coming up with stuff like, you know, with all the stuff about, you know, if you, if you take your car to a neighborhood mechanic, it voids the warranty. Instead of going back to the dealership, if you overclock your computer, it voids the warranty. If you,

Mr. Fender of that is a John Deere with the farmer tractors. You’ve been reading about that.

So they, they backed down real hard. They backed off on that one because they were like, they were facing like, apparently I think I forgot. I think it was a Kubota started making like huge inroads in like the American farm tractor business. Um, and so John Deere was like, okay, psych, nevermind, please go ahead. Buy bye shit again that, sorry, sorry, green and yellow.

No, but it’s going to be, this is going to be a 10 year slow roll. Whereas I, I almost, I want to, if I’m going to be a betting man in 2030, like if you want to do like, would you like extra turbo? That’ll be like, and you’ll have to subscribe. Like, it’ll be like, if they’re toying with this now, where are they going to stop? And they’re going to do a little,

Are you evading the police? Would you like to accelerate for the next 30 days?

Remember video games was, you just bought the goddamn game. And then they said, okay, if you want, we want to, you got to earn all this shit, but if you want it now, the first one was all the cheat codes. You can slide it into the bottom controller, the name shark. Yes. Um, and then, you know, then you want all the characters for star Wars and you know, there’s going to be this. Yeah.

You can play it for the next three months or you can give us 50 bucks.

Yeah. And then, so now we’re like, all right, I’ll buy the super secret gold version for $89. Right. Instead of going through all the bullshit and up, and, uh, w how soon before cars do it, you know,

Not, not a, not a fan of where that’s going at all, not gonna lie.

That’s why I got my 76 in the, in the garage. Exactly. You cannot hack into that. Good luck hacking into that one. But that brings up a question. Like if you buy the car, can you modify the software on it? We can’t, if you’ve got the heater

Seats in there, can you turn it on yourself without paying for this

Decryption? If you jailbreak your phone, you basically that’s now. Yeah. Like they won’t, you can take to Verizon and they don’t give it, you know, if you want to do it yourself, they’ll probably you’re on your own. You know what I mean? No, but that’s the problem. Then you try to sell it and you have a car and it’s jail.

Well, yeah, I would, and I would assume they would be able to detect if it was, you know, I assume if you went in and messed with the Tesla stuff, they can always just reset it on you because you got to connect for the next up and that’s the other. Yeah. So you mean, you got to connect for the software updates and all that shit, so, yeah.

And you know what I’m done, you know, and I think I’m a, I’m really close to being done with social media right now. I’m really close. Really. Everyone is turned in, like, it’s either they’re yelling at people that they don’t know, like, who is everybody yelling at? Like, it’s just like, this become this, like, I’m on a shoe box to no one. Like, if you want to yell at me about something, I did cool. Like, we can have a talk, like, you know what I mean? It’s specific, like, people are generically yelling at generic, like

At, at non-player characters.

I don’t know, like changing people’s minds. Like it’s so it’s so hard.

No, but, and honestly, I think a lot of that probably just falls into the category of venting. Um, I mean, just because, I mean, let’s be real. We don’t have, you know, we’re not sitting in a bar, you know, and, and being able to blow off steam by, you know, bitching about this kind of stuff, you know, we don’t have, you know, a lot of that stuff. So I mean, it’s out of your system and you’re done with it. Yeah. You know, so I think, you know, I think that’s, you’ve got a lot of that a lot. You got a lot of pent up shit right now. You know, there’s a lot of people still trapped at home. There’s a lot of people that are going, you know, kind of getting forced into going back to work that aren’t necessarily ready to when they’re freaking out about it. You know? And it’s, I mean, there’s, there’s a lot of, it’s, there’s a lot of crazy shit going on right now, man.

Like, you know, I, you know, I understand I get people’s frustrations in the, and the whole, uh, you know, what happened in Minnesota doesn’t help anything. And then that exacerbated for the, throughout the globe that helps nothing. And then, you know, the, now you gotta have all these other crap going on and you know, here’s the thing like with the media, the media has got, like, I don’t want to say they got us by them, but like, here’s the thing. Have you had a running clock every day on like car deaths or just pick anything for that matter? Like you would create hysteria people w it would change behavior on how people drove. If you knew that every day, 300 and whatever people died on the road today, and then you keep adding it every day. And then every news story is someone dies in a crash in Kansas, you know, Oklahoma. And then you’re like, Oh my God.

But they do cut. So the, I know the signs on the highway, they do do that. Like I know I’ve seen it on 94 and 75 all the time.

Yeah. But I mean, it’s not, I guess it’s red. It’s like, that’s like billboard. It’s not like media, it’s on the news every day. And like, Oh my God, like, you know, my folks still watch the news. Every, like, you know, a lot of people do like, Oh my God, did you hear? And I’m like, God, you know, like not saying, I want everything to be happy, fun time, but like, I think people just, people need to get the hell out of the house and go, you know, go on a boat or Jesus Christ, something, just all this stuff

I did. I’ve been saying it for months now. I mean, very early on, I put myself back in eighties mode where like I, the news is on maybe twice a day. Like I’ll, you know, in, in, you know, for an hour in the morning, an hour at night, maybe that’s, that’s all I’m paying attention to. Um, cause you do. I mean, I think, I think a lot of people are falling back into the cocoons that everybody built themselves right after nine 11 happened where people literally just did not leave the couch for days, you know, sitting there staring at CNN, you know, or, or staring at, you know, the whatever news feed they were watching. Um, and, and there is, there’s a, there’s a lot of that going on. And then now you’ve got everybody jumping on social media to bitch about whatever they just saw on the news

Instead of just yelling at your spouse in the kitchen.

Yeah. Or just yell at the TV because it has almost the same effect. That’s

It used to be just that mumbling guy at the end of the bar. And now you can, now you can get retweeted 3 million times. I mean, it’s getting the point out. Like my kids have to repaint their rooms and they have to get new furniture and they want a picture frames and you know, everyone’s doing gardens and it’s like, you know, enough already, you know, enough. Are we, uh, are we good to go?

I think that’s about it, man. I got, I got nothing else.

All right, cool. Well, I appreciate everybody hanging out with us. This is episode three 55 of the one and only it and the D show on behalf of Bob, Dave, and Randy do us all a favor drink. I’ll be drinks. Get your phone numbers. You don’t gotta go home. You just got to get the hell out of here. See you next week. Drive. Careful.

See you guys. Bye.