Episode 354 – Life Behind The Bar in the COVID World

Hey, welcome. Thanks for hanging out with us. This is the it and the D show. We are broadcasting live from our homes and from the bar. Um, this is Bob, the sales guy, Dave, the geek, uh, Randy, I do the Twitters is doing the Twitters, uh, guests this week include, we got the Mikey from the old shillelagh downtown, and we got August in the house, old friend from whiskey in the jar and Hamtramck. We’re going to be talking about life behind the bar, and now that things are slowly opening up. And then also we’ve got a ton of stories going on. We’ve got his big boys gone forever. We’re running out of pennies and Dave, you may fire when ready? Wait, wait. I don’t think we can get started until I get some shredded cheese for my fajitas. Oh, good Lord.




Alright, go ahead, Bob. Hey, welcome. What is going on? This is the it and the d show. Can we still call it the it in the d show, we got to rename it. And at some point, Judy, Bob did, I’ve been, I’ve been lobbying for two and a half geeks for four years now. Can you still be Dave? I don’t know. We’ll figure that out later. This is episode three 54. We are broadcasting live from either our quarantine homes or the bars in one of them in Hamtramck. This is Bob, the sales guy that is Dave. The geek Randy. I do the Twitters is doing the Twitter. You can find us online at [inaudible] dot com. Give us a like on the socials and subscribe to us everywhere. Fine podcasts are sold. We, uh, and again, we’ve talked about this before. Uh, we are, uh, Lee, we’re leaving events out, uh, until August, no pun intended.

Uh, and we’ll, we’ll be bringing them back then. We’ll do something outside and yeah. So that’s, that’s the update there. So yeah. Hey, just like we just introduced earlier, we have two illustrious guests, friends of ours for very, very long time. Both of them bartenders, we kind of want to do, uh, discuss, um, what life was like a behind the bar. We, we, you know, a few of us have been to the bar, but, uh, joining us is, uh, Mikey from the old Shalala downtown Detroit, sir. How have you been, haven’t seen you in awhile? Uh, I’ve been well, man, uh, just getting used to this non quarantine stuff and living the life and working, uh, dealing with all of the wonderful public. And then now this is a, it’s actually a first for the show. We’ve been doing this for what? Seven years. We haven’t had anyone ever calling live from the bar. August gets legs in the house. I mean, we’ve, we’ve done live broadcasts from bars, but we got August in the house. He is actually tending bar right now at whiskey and a jar down in Hamtramck, sir. How you doing? You’re on mute bud

August. I’m actually not working tonight, but I figured it’d be fun to come here and show you just exactly what we’re looking at

These days at afar in Hamtramck. Uh, ms. Katie is pretty much by herself with a few people outside, a couple of regulars. And that’s about the state of the world down here. Yeah. So odd. I’ll start things off with you like life behind the bar. Like, so I started trickling into a few bars. I live out everyone, you know, I live on Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, um, the bars out here pretty much business as usual. Um, a couple of them took out a couple of tables. Most of them like the open air ones in Rochester Hills are still the same. Dave was telling stories about going to, uh, with down a Cass corridor. They haven’t set up like a, like a seven mile gas station with a plastic barricades and little, little windows. So some people are taking it to huge extreme, some people aren’t, I guess what’s your take on, I guess, the new normal behind the bar?

Well, it really depends on where you are. Like I went up to a bar in McComb County last week. I walked in and right walked right the hell out. Any place where you can buy beer by the bucket seems to not be following any protocols. There was no hand sanitizer around the same amount of bar stools. They might have tables. They don’t mind everyday. You come down here. Everyone’s pretty much following the rules. I walked into a place downtown, half the bar, stools, half the tables. It’s all about your local enforcement. And I understand that different areas, the city feel different political views about what’s going on, but behind the bar, it’s very bartender driven. We take the bar stools away and then by, you know, one 30 in the morning, there’s a few of them have found their way back up to the bar and just kind of deal with your friends and try to keep them, you know, the wear their masks when they’re ordering. So Katie Palona Sera is working, does not tolerate that. She’s only tolerating it because it’s me. I guess that was the, this reminds me a lot of when smoking got banned originally, there was, there was a hard line. There was not any, Oh, I’ll just lay it up. No one on mine. No, it was, it was, there was no middle. It was, it was off. Right. You’re you’re going to go outside and you’re going to smoke with this. It seems like there’s this weird yet? Depends on the bar.

I was like, well, yeah. I mean, well, and let’s be real with the smoking thing. It really kind of dependent on where you were. Um, you know, a lot of the bars on the East side, you know, put the tip jar out and just said, Hey, throw some cash in. So if they come in and find us, we got it covered. Oh Jesus.

Yeah. I kind of remember those days. It’s still a bar down here. It still exists. So I guess Mikey bringing you in old [inaudible] it’s one of the, uh, you know, I would say top 10 oldest bars in Detroit, at least from, from my standpoint, it’s one of the, one of the mainstays, um, I guess what’s life like behind the bar by you are obviously things are different, but like,

Well, and keep in mind, Shalala closed literally right before st. Patrick’s day, which, you know what, you know, that, that kind of like bank rolls your year.

Yeah. St. Patrick’s day and opening day. Yeah. That’s huge chunk for us. Um, bartenders are basically, uh, turned into cocktail servers right now. Uh, we’re taking care of all of the tables and stuff. Uh, we, it wasn’t until this weekend we allowed people to come to the bar, but there’s like, we set up four tables, uh, going long ways. So not out to the bar, just like connect to the bar. So people still can’t pass those tables to order. Um, they have to stand at one of those tables and you can congregate four or five people tops there and you have to stay at that table. And or when you’re at any other table, you have to be at those tables. We actually have a really good friends in the park, right guys, the guys that own the parking lot behind us, we’ve been dealing with the Aubrey’s for years.

Like ever since, you know, my dad was working downtown and stuff. And so they are, uh, being very nice and generous and letting us finagle and see how, what works for us as far as extending our outside patio into a, the parking lot to therefore put more tables and get better business in. But it’s the same, it’s the same thing, man. People are going to do what people are going to do. And the fact that people have to be told four or five times to put their mask on when they’re walking around, uh, people have to be told that, look, I get it. There’s a DJ here, but the PJ’s here so it can provide different sounds. So we’re not just listening to Pandora, a full song. That could be a good, a good vibe going on. But

So we’re not listening to Bob and Dave take over the jukebox. Yeah.

But there’s still no dance. Right, right.

Worse than both of us combined. True.

That’s true. I get very there’s you guys look, man, I’m pretty sure the T and it stands for touched.

That’s what it is. It’s it’s a MIT in the D that’s. Yeah. It’s the AMI

Am. I

Just wrote, Mike wrote our Alma mater

Kudos to you, sir. That’s what I do. Um, but yeah, so people are like, you know, doing the dance floor thing and it’s like, the DJ literally stopped and said, Hey, move. There’s like eight feet here. And for some reason, 10 of you want to crowd into it to start dancing. When we don’t have a dance floor, he has stopped it. He put, he has put on Miley Cyrus, uh, to cause that no one dances to Miley Cyrus. Right. Um, Randy does, Randy doesn’t even do. Randy’s like, okay, wrecking ball. Got it. Got go

In. The USA is not terrible. Is here. Welcome to episode three 54 beat on Randy. That’s going to be the title of visit.

That’s nothing bad for him.

I didn’t, I didn’t say off. I said on,

I was thinking, but yeah. So people were still coming up to the bar. We had to say, get back six feet. We’re not going to serve you. We’re apparently the problem because we’re enforcing rules. Uh, you know, we have to be like, we’re not the governor. We didn’t set these rules up. We just have to follow them. Uh, you know, I, I commend what, uh, the Shalala has done. You know, even the health departments come in and said, didn’t have to tell us to move anything. They just were like, just put a couple more signs up. You know what I’m saying? So add a little bit more six feet, add a little bit more of this. Um, but it doesn’t matter what we do because the customers are just doing whatever they want to do. And it’s impacting us, which is a problem.

Like not the business, but like the staff, like we stay away from. Right. Like I, yes, I’ve had COVID-19 but nobody knows specifically what happens anymore. Right. I could still get it again. There’s reports now saying that the immunities, the antibodies don’t last very long. It lasts a couple months. Well, guess what I had at st. Patrick’s day that’s two or three months, these antibodies aren’t protecting, I’m not guaranteeing, they’re protecting me from anything. I just, just help people out, man. But they don’t care. And because they don’t care, you’ve seen things like in the temple bar, in Detroit, which, I mean, they shouldn’t have been doing that anyway. A Mexican Fiesta out in Dearborn just went back down to, uh, only carry out orders because they’re like, you guys are acting like assholes to our staff. And while we’re the cleanliness of everything is a priority.

Now the safety of our staff has to be a top priority. So we’re going to have to say, get away. And Mexican Fiesta is amazing. August, August. I wanted to bring in on that too. Like that’s the one thing I keep hearing is people being bundles and it’s like, yeah, I get it. You’ve been cropped up. Yeah. I get it. You’re excited about being out what it’s like, you should be so excited about coming out, like, okay, what do you need me to do to be out cool. I got it. I’m done. Like when I’ve gone out, I’ve made sure I’ve followed the, you don’t follow whatever the guidelines are, the place you’re going to. It’s not that hard friend Michelle’s still is not comfortable eating indoors or being indoors at a bar at all. We had reservations for eight o’clock on Friday, down at the Monarch to sit outside and she canceled them because it was supposed to rain and she wasn’t gonna eat it inside. I get it. Everyone has their different comfort levels. But then look at what happened in East Lansing. One clown shows up at Harper’s 62 people get sick and now 30 people and girls point all tied to the same spot.

The number was 85. Yeah. Cause they all went back to a bonfire afterwards and hung out yet. Yeah.

And now it just hit the news that, uh, fifth Avenue and we’re alone, three people that tested positive were in there, you know, on the 19th of June. So any surprised,

So, yeah, so here’s my question. And this is actually one of the stories that I shot across for us to yak about, but I haven’t you guys here. Uh, so Imperial, uh, in Ferndale, uh, said they shut down, uh, because they got an anonymous phone call from someone, uh, that said they were in the restaurant a couple of days earlier and they were COVID positive. So like, is that the new, like one star Yelp review slash swatting where like, even if that’s not true, you call a place and say that, and you know, you’re basically shutting them down. Like you are shutting them down and forcing them to go through a deep, clean, and being a major inconvenient pain in the ass

That, that joke has already run through all the sports talk radio about how these different teams are going to suddenly try to open up and play sports again. And the anonymous calls it. So and so really tested positive and they’re baking. It is going to shut down basketball or baseball or football, shut down a bar

As bartenders. Are you both kicking out people who aren’t complying with rules or,

Um, I have not had a problem where someone completely refused or didn’t have a mask with them. Uh, there’s always, someone will walk in off the patio without it. That guy will be like, dude. Oh, okay. And they’ll throw it back on. Uh, and I’ve not had that confrontation that I am dreading. Cause I know what’s coming next. I mean, I’m not gonna lie.

I went to that’s by my house and it’s the middle of suburbia, not one person who had one on.

Yeah. That’s what I noticed in McComb County, the servers and the staff had them, the customers gave them. No, no. Yeah. We’re the same way. Uh we’ve actually, we have boxes of masks. So if you don’t have a mask, when you come to the bar to come in, we’ll provide you with mat. I mean, if it’s like a group of like 10 people were eventually just be like, no, because obviously you haven’t had a mask this entire time, but we’re not, you know, if one or two people or like a dude’s mask broke while he was walking through the entrance and we gave him another mask, but it’s not so much that people are refusing to comply. It’s it’s like, again, it’s like you’re telling a five-year-old four or five times to do the exact same thing, you know? And, and that’s, and that’s the problem is I sh I’m not telling a four year, five year olds do the same thing, four or five times, I’m telling a 35 year old the same thing to do four or five times innovation.

You gotta realize that it’s not just about you and your, this business could be, could take a, hit. The staff could take a hit. I mean, and look, the first weekend I was back, people were assholes and I’m talking about money-wise like, which is crazy to me. But the second and third week that I was back, people were amazing. Right. They shouldn’t have been loaded when they came back, man. Like you would think so. Right. But again, let’s not pretend like everyone’s gotten their unemployment check. So, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s a weird dynamic. I appreciate I’m the same way I was his girlfriend, same thing, same way. I don’t feel comfortable going out that much. Uh, I’ve gone, uh, eaten in downtown Royal Oak and I sat on a patio. Uh, I’ve walked around a couple places, you know, and that’s, that’s about it, man.

Like I haven’t even, I went out the first night the bars were, uh, the Shalala was open and I really only went out to look and see what I was walking into on a scouting run. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then I was like, then a friend was like, Hey, I’m down, down at pappies we’re sitting on the patio, come on out. And I was like, well, if you’re on the petty, you know, and, and, and that’s what it is. There’s a comfort level to everyone. And just because you, uh, your source of information tells you that whatever you’re doing is not necessary, that’s fine. And I’m not saying that you’re wrong for that. What I’m saying is you’re wrong for selling someone or making someone else feel like their source of information is wrong. So they have to follow your way. And I w what’s the worst that can happen. That you, when you wear a mask, do you find out you were right anyway, but you wore masking, made someone else feel comfortable. What’s the best that can happen. You find out you’re wrong and you help protect people. Correct?

You were, you were mildly inconvenienced for a review,

Right, man. And I’ve said it from the beginning to the end of this thing, when it was announced that in stores, private businesses have a no shirt, no shoes, no service, all of them. Now they’re saying no, no mass, no service. That’s not taken away. Your rights, man, that business has all the right in the world to tell you, you can’t be a Patriot. If you don’t wear a mask, get over it.

So many people don’t realize that these are private businesses. They are not mandated to serve you under any circumstances. Like, I don’t know how that slipped by a lot of people. Um, I guess I’ll open up the floor to both of you guys, but I got a curious thing, like, let’s say this whole thing, poops the bed and it shuts down again. Um, how many of these bars can survive this thing? Because I know a lot of them run shoe strings right now. A lot of them are hanging on by the, you know, think other landlords aren’t being dicks type of scenarios. But I mean, if this thing shuts down again for like three months, how many of these restaurants and bars are, or actually going to be able to come back and whether this

There’s plenty of ours, I’m going to jump real quick. And they just said, we’re not going to deal with here. Couple of the customers coming from the patio. So they’re ordering right now behind me, but Susie’s bar. They don’t have any staff that’ll work and they just take it off their loans and a ride it out. And I expect to see, I think we’re going to shut down again. I think we’re going to take one more hit for like two weeks. Yes. Yeah. I’m going to say I’m in the same boat. I honestly think that, uh, our governor without playing politics, I think our governor has done well. Perfect. Hell no. Has she done things to play politics and maybe get a VP? Not sure, but that’s her job. My job as a bartender is to work you, to get the best tip out of you, right? Anyone who does their job correctly knows ways to make it so they can make better money for anything else. That’s what you have to do in your job. I know I have to do, I have to tell Karen, she’s a great book, great person, right? Because I know Karen will finally give me 15% finally. Right. But Karen’s a piece of crap, but I can make her feel like she’s amazing. So the bottom line is I feel that they are, the government has, the governor has done well, not perfect. Well, and

There was no way, Mikey. There’s no way you were going to ever make everyone happy. Okay?

Exactly. This is in Madison. Which way you went. This is the unknown, right? I am not, I can’t be mad at you for doing, taking extremes when you didn’t know what was coming. So my thought process on this is just like August. I think every, I think it’s going to shut down for two weeks, but I’m hoping she does slap on the wrist style. We’re going to pull back bars, any place. That’s just mainly alcohol. We’re going to shut them down for two weeks and keep restaurants at 50% capacity. We’ll see what it looks like. Because I feel if she goes hard as tries to do extreme again, then she might start losing some of her base supporters. So I think she’s gonna take the EAs way. So the season we’re in it’s summertime, this was a little bit easier to pull off when it was still cold out, you know, February, March.

I mean, that was doable. If she was a half to try to start to shut it down now in a place like Michigan, like Texas people are hiding inside. Anyways, there’s 110 degrees outside, Florida. This is our outside season. It’s gonna be really tough, especially if she does it statewide and not by zones again. Cause you know, a whole bunch of people are going to be flooding saga top and plugging Trevor city and flooding Mackinaw city and Marquette drink. If she does it, there’s no easy right way to do it. Right. It has to be, you know, state the state region, the region, there are flooding up North. They flood up North as it is. I mean, I’m not even sure about regions

Right on 75, try to come a Sunday, six, o’clock go look at 75 coming back home. Yeah.

It’s people who live there. They have their houses. They’re not the renters and the hotel people. Cause I know folks that are, they can get a room at saga talk with 24 hours notice right now that’s insane for July and Jimmy

Vegas pricing. They’re pretty much given rooms away for a dollar just to get your ass down here.

Yeah. But what’s it going to go on to Saugatuck if you’re not on the beach and the bar isn’t open. Yeah, no doubt. Exactly.

Well, and that’s, you know, I, I was talking with Fred earlier today, Fred Brown. He shot me like his latest PowerPoint deck and all that stuff. And, and he, he kind of lines up with what you were just saying that, I mean, the reality is like this Harper story is pretty much the tip of the iceberg. We’re going to see a lot of bad news hit over the next two weeks. Um, now here’s, let me, let me ask you a question. I don’t know if you know Dave or if the guys know like how do they know that? Cause it takes like what two weeks to get tested, right. Or to test positive for it. How do they know that, uh, that all emanated from a single bar? Like to me, I read that.

How did that, you set a protocol questions, you have to answer

For people who test positive, they trace you and everywhere you’ve been and everything you’ve been doing, it’s it’s a thing.

Yeah. So like, so, so it was that it was basically one guy who already was sick and wasn’t feeling well. And the day after all this nonsense went and got himself checked out into it. Oh yep. COVID where were you? Um, and then contact Tracy Chino trace back, started taking a look at those people. Yup. And it, you know, and it’s funny, the, the w the one, like really kind of concerning stat that, that Fred throughout, when we react, when we were chatting earlier was of, they did, they just did some like anonymous statistics and 75% of people that went to a hospital or an ER, or an urgent care for non COVID things. Like they went because they fell and broke their arm, or they had a gunshot wound and went to the ER, that kind of stuff, 75% of the people that were checked in tested positive for COVID. Um, and so like, so that’s that hidden asymptomatic population yet again, the reason why you should be wearing your damn mask, even if you, you know, even if you think you feel fine,

Right? Yeah. That’s it just put your mask on me, whether everything was right or not. Sorry, just again, same thing I was gonna say earlier, like what you believe or not give a shit about other people, that’s all it is. Who cares? Just be nice. Yeah. I was one of the lucky ones that got to go through the secretary of state. Um, and that was a, yeah, I know. There’s like somewhat outside. They don’t really ask you if you have symptoms, they just ask you what your name is. Like. I was kind of shocked that they would not have like the, the temperature gun. Cause that is not very hard to do. Um, they just really go, what’s your name? Cool. Like you had a mask on, they let you in, and then you left. It was like, it was, it was kind of bizarre. Actually. They didn’t have more precautions in place

The problem with the temperature gun. And this is because I think I talked about this on one of their shows either last week or the week before is they’re not very accurate. Um, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s almost kind of like the facial recognition system software, where if you’re white, uh, you, you tend to like, it, it tends to be pretty accurate. Um, but anybody, any people of color, it, it tends to be a lot further.

Yeah. I never heard that before. That’s crazy.

Well, I mean, it it’s just a thing. Um, and so it’s, you know, it, it, it, it can be, and you know, and the thing, you know, you may be asymptomatic and not have a fever. You might have a fever because you have a cold, you might have a fever, you know, for a number of reasons, not related to COVID. So, I mean, it’s, you know, but it’s a, it’s a PR move more than anything else to at least take that step.

All I know is there’s somebody at Amazon right now, wondering why there’s a run on a, do not enter pool. If you have diarrhea signs. Cause we put one at our community pool and it’s caused an absolute uproar. No one realizes that like every water park in America has a don’t enter the water park if you have diarrhea signs. So she put them up at the bar, the questionnaire at city hall every day. And I always checked off, but I had just for fun, you know, the, the thermometers, you shoot the infrared guns. Good to know, you know what the, you know, what the difference is. Right. You know what the differences August the taste, the taste. Yeah. Nice.

And that like, like the ones I picked up for the studios, they actually have different settings. Like you can, you can tell it, you’re taking a, um, a skin temp, a zone temp or room temp. Uh, you know, like, so I mean, it’s, they’re decent, but I mean, you know, the, like the more I looked into them, like I said, I mean, it’s, they’re only so accurate and only for so many different scenarios. So

You guys know if you guys noticed an uptick, I don’t know if you guys monitor your Yelp pages or whatever. Have you noticed any people leaving like shit reviews? Cause they made us, we’re a mess bar. Like what have you guys noticed an uptick in those? I haven’t even looked.

I mean, I’ve, I’ve seen them. I’ve seen people calling them out on Facebook. Like a lot of Facebook, like people like, and people are calling out people that are leaving those reviews. That’s what I’ve seen is, you know, screw you for leaving the, you know, for leaving them a negative review because they said you had to wear a mask and that kind of stuff.

Here’s the thing. I’m like, I’m as you know, like, I don’t wanna say noncompliant, but I’m about as is like leave me alone type of person who is government wise. But when I go to the, if you go to the grocery store, I couldn’t imagine if someone told me in their business, like put a mask on and I’ll be like, Oh my God, I’m so sorry. Like that would be my first inclination not be like, screw you. I hate videos. And this just blowing my mind. How people can think like that what’s that August give us a decent human being. Believe it or not. Yeah. No, but like, would you, I couldn’t imagine like, yeah, like getting yelling at anyone in like in, if it’s their house, like, which is, I consider any businesses that are house, you got house rules. Take my shoes off at the door.

Sure. Okay. I’ll take my shoes off at the door. Yeah,

No, don’t worry about it. You know, like, Oh, through your house, I’m going to have barbecue down the street. FYC.

I’ll go out and find, I’ll go have diarrhea in somebody else’s pool.

Just don’t have it at whiskey in the jar, man. I had to grow up either. Once it was a worst day of my life. They’re really, really clean and sterile now though. Oh, I bet we’re spending that time at the bar in Monroe you’re ever going to do in Hamtramck is whiskey right now.

I was like, yeah, it can’t be any worse than that. Dive bar in Monroe, Bob. It can’t, it can’t

Now what’s the percentage. The percentage like, w I know you guys always kept a clean bar, both of you, but like, what’s the percentage now that you have to clean versus what is it? Double, triple what you had to do in the past, as far as wiping things down, it’s a lot more, as far as picking up garbage, significantly less because less crowded. Well, yeah,

Most people aren’t throwing their stuff around. Yeah. And it’s the exact same way. Just being cognizant of their surroundings type of things. Right. Instead of wiping down the shelving under the pier bottle, under the liquor bottles and everything a couple of times a week now you’re doing it every shift. But granted, the way they’re working for us is we’re only open Friday and Saturday and they have a, they have a Sasha Friday and a staff for Saturday. So even though that we’re dealing with all of this, we can still get the underemployment because we’re not working. The hours are making the money that we did. So we can still claim the underemployment to get that extra 600 a week. That’s how they’re working it out for us, which I think is amazing. That’s great for you guys. Now, what about a draft beer? You guys just doing plastic cups? Are people shying away from it? Plastic cups. That’s all we offer all plastic plastic. We basically, every day is st. Patrick safer everything plastic. Right?

Well, it’s, I mean, and that’s the thing. I mean, like, I guess how is, how is the general tone of the businesses now without the big parties, without the big events, without that kind of stuff going on? Like, is, is it, you know, Hey, we’re all we’re going to just see how this goes and roll with it.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, there’s nothing else to do. We know we didn’t have our big fundraiser in March. We don’t see the August date for the bag of guy party as viable. We just don’t see one that’s going to work. And you miss you guys, ms. Pouncy day, you guys missed

Punchy day was the last big event that I, yeah, that was the last one.

Yeah. With your wife, Bob.

Yeah, that was, yeah. That was really like the only big thing of 2020 that actually went well.

Yeah. Cause you figured out, cause I remember the tigers opening day. I remember tigers opening day paying off people’s bars. I bought places downtown, like back in the day, like talking about that. Yeah. And like, I remember Shalala, I think Mike, you were telling me, well, that one day is kind of the year. Yeah. St Pat’s and opening day, man. They take care of us. I’m wondering what their, if it actually happens, uh, in less than a month, what it’s going to be like, cause obviously they can’t have fans, but that’s not going to stop people from coming down and tailgating like they do. But again, if everything’s still in the restrictive state, what’s, you know what I’m saying? It changes a lot of things. So other than, uh, I mean, other than the obvious where I’m asking you to come in, um, tip, well, um, you know, don’t, uh, don’t, you know, group dance. What, uh, any other recommendations, things that no one’s thought about, you know, tips, tricks.

We keep hand sanitizer all over the place, but we do appreciate what people have their own. It’s a visual for kind of everybody to feel a little bit better. I carried some with me everywhere. I’m going. I get it. Um, other than that, I mean, people have been over tipping on my shifts. I’ve been fortunate. Uh, thank you, Dave. Um, I try to make sure I have all my own stuff specifically. So my girlfriend and let me come back over because it shows that I’m being responsible and I need to, and I want to support the bars right here in my neighborhood that are three blocks from my house and only have six people in them, which is easy to feel safe in and easy to control your surroundings. But that’s not what everybody else is doing. You never know. So take care of yourself and just assume the bar isn’t, even though we are

Well, that’s the thing like with my neighborhood bar. Yeah. It was all neighbors, but I haven’t, I don’t know what they’ve been doing all spring right at their plate. You know what I mean? Cause like, yeah, it was like a reunion. I, Hey, you know, and then the hardest part was I had to go to a funeral this weekend where everybody’s, everybody’s hugging everyone

And that was, it was, you know,

I kind of threw all the rules out and we’re kind of holding our breath now going, Oh, you know, I’m sure we all will be okay.

You know what I’m saying? Yeah. We’re the same way, man. Uh, just, you know where your mask, when you come in, if you have your own stuff, that’s fine. And that’s great. You know, we really appreciate it. Cause obviously we’re, we’re spending all the money to make sure that we can be open under the guidelines for what we have to deal with, you know? And that’s like, I don’t under, I just wish that people would just come in with a better attitude. Like thank you for being open rather than finally you’re open. I can do what I want here. No that’s going to happen where you’re at. And you’ve got a much more transient non-regular crowd than I do. And it’s a different world and you know what, let me be very honest. It’s 10 30 beyond PM. As soon as 10:30 PM hits until 2:00 AM. You know, that’s when the majority of the crap starts everyone in the earlier

Wait, cause everybody’s had a few drinks. They’re a little more, a little loosened up a little more forgetful. A little more. Yeah.

Yeah. So that’s, and it sucks, but you know, just don’t make it seem like I’m the bad guy for having to ask you to do what I have to ask you to do, you know, it’s like, everyone’s the drunk girl who wants to take her shoe, their shoes off right now. You dirty bastard. Stop anyone

Shoes off anywhere. How about that?

I’m not going to stop them.

Yeah. I’m sure you wouldn’t. Yeah. Alright. Well, so yeah, there you go. Yeah. Take your shirt. I’ve used it as a mask. Perfect. Um, alright, so, Hey, I guess we’ll let you guys get back to it. So where do we find you when you’re not at whiskey in the, we’ll get a jar. I’m the Hamtramck city clerk underwater buried in absentee ballots right now. Um, but I’m not actually back behind the bar for two weeks. Mike and I are split it up Mikey Smith, who I work with and take the July off. And uh, but I’m here at Hampton whiskey Hamtramck and at city hall. And you need me?

Yeah. For what it’s worth. Uh, Michelle just joined the watch party. If you wanted to refer to her as your girlfriend again, to get some brownie points and then Mikey, where do we, where do we find you,

Man, if you don’t find me on Saturdays right now, the old shalala.com and you’re a fan of professional wrestling, you can check me on a breaking down the ring podcast, breaking down the ring.com at BDR cast for all of our social media. As you can check us, check me out there every Sunday at 11:00 AM. I haven’t been in a guest in a long time. Like you what’s going on. Hey man, we haven’t had a single person in studio in a long time, either. Good point.

I can, I can shoot you the zoom link. If you, anytime you want to join. I mean, I’m not going to play that game.

Do you know where to find me? I do.

All right. Well cool. Thanks guys. Enjoy the rest of your night. We’re going to hang and bullshit about some other stuff.

Hey, thanks for having us guys. Appreciate it. Appreciate it. Appreciate it guys. Do you guys be good? Um, I need to start off with it with the thing that’s that’s ruined my entire day. Oh, good Lord. That I’ve been I’ve literally had to, um, share it with everyone I’ve ever known. It’s um, this video.

Oh the, the, the golfer,

This was, that was live on PGA TV guy rips a huge three or three wood and then cuts a sheet ripper for about 10 seconds. And then they comment about it. The one guy, and then, then this is the best part. The guy gets on TMZ and all this stuff. He starts making fart jokes, talking about that’s the way to social distance. If you’re going to fart on national TV, like that’s how you own it. Like this guy, like literally everyone today at every meeting I ever like, did you hear about the golf guy that farted? And they’re like, what are you like, literally you gotta be the dumbest person. So like literally I’ve been playing this thing. Then the one guy he’s like, aren’t they supposed to be more silent than that. It’s just a beautiful, and then the guy goes, did you get that? He’s like the other guy go stay over there. And he goes, aren’t those supposed to be more silent? So like the guys are walking down the fairway anyway, commenting on. Anyway. Um, I had to, I had to share that cause that’s been my entire day today. Um,

I guess my like the stunning news and information for the day, there’s a coin shortage.

I don’t know what’s going on. Like apparently everyone’s been saying, um, the, the self checkout lines at Myra have gone cashless. Um there’s yeah. There’s there’s basically, um, I don’t know. How do you get a coin shortage?

Did I, that I saw a couple of posts from like, you know, stores on Facebook that really, I saw one from a seven 11. That was like, Hey, you bring us rolled coins and we’ll give you not only the cash back, but you can get a free Slurpee. Like apparently like they’re like, they’re that desperate to get coins, like, which is weird.

The announcement never came out. The banks never came out. Usually like there’s something like that you would think would be prefaced over the next course of the next three months, by the way we are bubble, blah. Um, you know, and they’re calling it a national coin shortage. So it was like, you know, the conspiracy peoples, the tinfoil hats are lightning.

Oh goodness. I can’t even imagine. Yeah.

Although they want to make us cashless, you know, however, you know, I don’t think like, hang on whatever, right,

Dude, I’ve been in favor. At least I have been in favor of abolish the penny since the nineties. Like I just like, I’m all in favor of that. Like that they make no sense to me. Yeah.

Um, who carries them? No one cares. Here’s the thing. No one carries them around. No one uses them as tender. They are just, they’re basically little kids banks that sit there for 30 years. Then they cash them out for $14 when they turn 20

Or 21 when they’re looking for beer money. Yeah. Right. But yeah. No, I didn’t, I didn’t realize that was such a thing, but yeah, there were stories about Meyer. I’m going completely cashless. They were, you know, cause he had, they had to, um, they couldn’t dispense coins or like some places were saying like even cashiers are just rounding stuff up or rounding stuff down to make it to the nearest dollar.

You see? I always like, you know, when you learned about like cash and coin circulation, it’s like, they always, um, when they go to the bank, they think the old money they shred it, then they put a new money where there’s always like this constant flow. And, but no one ever said like the, like during all this COBIT stuff where the mince closed, like where they still lose production.

Well, I guess a, it wouldn’t surprise me if they had to shut the mins down. Uh, just because, I mean like everything else, they had their own issues. Um, but I mean, I guess it might be just a matter of it disrupted the natural supply chain. I mean, just like, you know, grocery stores have a hard time getting ahold of things. If people aren’t coming into the stores and using change and then using, you know, they’re, they’re not, you know, and banks were shut down and not, I mean it, I can see why it’s an issue. It’s just, I guess it’s just something, it’s one of those things I never thought about. Yeah. People aren’t using them. So there aren’t them having them at stores to give back. I mean, you think about it. I mean, you know, like, you know, they weren’t taking returnables for the longest time I wear all those, like Coinstar machine shut down. I, you know, cause I would assume that would be one of the places where they were getting their change in coinage and all that kind of stuff. Oh, I just know they’re in the stores. I can’t tell you the last time I went to one

Last time I used one, I got an Amazon gift card. So that was yeah. Cause it’s so charged. Yeah. Oh it’s only change only a charge if you get cash back out of it. So what have you guys been watching this week? I, uh, I caught a pretty sweet movie last night. I was, uh, I never heard of it and I was like shocked. It was, you never heard, you never heard of this one? Well, no, no, no. The movie though, I’m talking about dr. Sleep. Like you, you never saw the ads for it or anything. I never saw a thing. I didn’t know what existed. So I’m watching this movie and the little boys got this, like seventies bolt cut. I’m paying no mind. And he’s talking to this, the black guy that looks like the guy from the shining Hong Kong phooey guy. And then he’s talking to his mom, Shelly Duvall.

And I’m like, what? In the blue health shining movie is this like Google it it’s the SQL Bob. Yeah. The book’s been out for awhile. That was the movie. Yeah. I honestly had no idea. This thing existed. I just like, Oh, I read the preview and it didn’t say anything. It said the shine, but it didn’t say anything about the shining site. I thought it was something different. What did you watch it on HBO last night? Oh, you know, um, I thought it was great by the way, they did a great job with it. The shining is, um, one of the weirdest movies in the history of humanity, uh, mr. Kubrick, um, this thing like didn’t explain it kind of explained what all the, what the kids’ premonitions were in the first one. And then I gave a good background to it. I dunno. Um, again, the OB one thing is kind of a said, what did he say? The same line is star Wars. And it threw me off for a half an hour. He’s like something like, Oh, that’s these, aren’t the droids you’re looking for say that it can only mean one thing invasion.

He did like a Obi wan Kenobi line in this movie that completely threw me off. Like, I don’t know if they snuck that in there or, or what, but yeah, no great flick. I would highly recommend it. I watched a Padma Lakshmi’s taste the nation. It’s a series on Hulu. I saw it. Yeah. I saw that was there. I added it to my watch list. I haven’t, I haven’t started watching it. Episode is like a different immigrant group and their, um, their impact on food in America. Uh, or they did one with, uh, native American cultures because you know, they’re also cultures, but they’re here and not an immigrant group. So, and that actually, that’s, that’s a funny tie in. So I’ll also on Hulu. I’ve been obsessed with hate die neighbor, um, which is, uh, it’s a stent, there’s two seasons of it. So far, it’s a standup comic from London, uh, who basically goes mostly all around the United States, but he also goes to like London, um, and the Ukraine and a couple other places and hangs out with hate groups, uh, for a week or two and he’s biracial, he’s half white, half black.

Uh, and, and, and so like, but it’s funny because as he’s arguing with these white supremacists or, you know, whoever else he’s like, you know, if it weren’t for immigrants, the food here

Would really suck. Just so you know, like at some point in time during each episode that comes up. But it’s interesting because like he, like, so he goes to like, he hangs out with like honest to God Nazis. Uh, he hangs out with white supremacists. He hangs out with, uh, the EDL in London, which is trying to kick all of the Muslims out of England. Um, he hangs out with, uh, as the Azov folks in Ukraine, um, he hangs out with, uh, the black Israelites, uh, that are like way, way, way black supremacists. Um, it’s I mean, and it’s, it’s just a, it’s fascinating that there are that many different hate groups out there that he, and he goes all over. And so like, like in one episode he starts hanging out with this one, um, uh, what do they call a national socialist it’s it’s not Nazi their, their national socialism. Um, and he hangs out with this one guy in Pennsylvania, um, who then says, Hey, but I can arrange an invite for you to this thing down in, uh, Kentucky or Mississippi. And so he goes down and so like the guy in Pennsylvania, and it sounds stupid.

Like he, like, he just hates Jews. Like he

Only hates Jewish people and he’s not really overt about it. Um, he, he, he just hates Jewish people, but then he refers him down to these guys down in Mississippi and they’re straight up Nazis. Like it’s, it’s a swastika burning thing that they call the lightning. Uh it’s, you know, they’re all wearing armbands with sweat, like, and it’s like, it, it’s just, it’s insane and intense and you don’t do it. It’s very real. It’s, it’s very, very, um, it is. And like I said, it’s, it’s interesting because there are some people that he makes some headway with and there are some people cause like, and, and so the last, like couple minutes of every episode is him sitting down with them after and going, okay, look, this is why I think you’re full of shit. Um, or, you know, here’s where, you know, here’s why I think, you know, whatever.

Uh, and it’s, it’s interesting, like, cause I guess, you know, he, you know, the guys in Mississippi, he was just like, you guys are just straight up assholes. Like it is what it is. And they’re like, and he’s sitting in the car and he’s talking with this guy and that the original guy back in Pennsylvania and, and they, and they had actually gotten to be like kind of friends. And the guy had told him that he like that like the, the lady he was with that had all of his little like socialists spawn with, um, was his second wife and his first wife was Indian and they had two kids. And so he starts like, and so the, the comics starts making, you know, starts questioning him on well, don’t you realize that you’re basically espousing a group that hates your children because they’re, and he was and like, and that like really, like, it’s almost like the first time the guy ever heard that before or thought of that before. Um, and so, I mean, it’s, like I said, it’s, it’s

Testing to see

It’s American history, X the series, basically. But like, but like I said, you know, but some of the international flavor is really interesting. Like the, I just watched one where he to, um, he went to pride in Israel, uh, but hung out with, uh, the guy who is the most like, like basically leads a little terrorist group against gay people, um, in Israel. Uh, and, and, and it’s funny because like he bounces back and forth, like, so we would hang out with that guy for awhile. And like at one point he’s hanging with them at the end, cause like, he goes with them, like when they go to do their demonstrations and that kind of stuff. Um, and then like, like he does like the cutaway to the camera and he’s like, look, I know I’m doing this for like the show and everything. Um, and he’s like, Hey, thanks Mike.

Cause it’s a, it’s a vice series. He’s like, Hey, thanks, vice we’re paying for the trip and everything. Um, but I’m going to go hang with the pride crew cause they’re having a lot more fun and then like the camera crew would follow with them for awhile and he would, and so that’s the thing, like he gets there, he it’s like the, you know, the victims or the targets view on things as well. And it’s just, it’s, it’s fascinating. Like it really is just an interesting show to get, to see that mindset and see that there are so many different people out there with so many different kinds of hatred in their heart,

The old, uh, the old standup comedy thing, because those people, but you should have sit in their basements until the internet was created and they found the others and then they made groups, you know, they used to just sit in their basements and just rocking back and forth. Yep. I hate whatever. Now

They found others now they found each other and, and they’ve, they’ve they? Yeah. They’ve borked. Um, and they procreate. Yeah. So yeah. So that’s, that’s, that’s, that’s been my, my newest obsession. Um, yeah. I’ve been watching the hell out of that just because it is, it is. I mean, it’s, to me that, like, that kind of stuff is just utterly fascinating to see the, the rationalizations and like, especially like the guys in England, the EDL, like, like th the one guy he followed around just calls everyone patties. Cause it like, it’s like, I guess that’s the derogatory term, like, cause, cause they’re not all from Pakistan, but if you like, it’s just, you know, Paki, like that’s, that’s, that’s the word for them. Um, and you know, making this guy and like at the end of the episode, when he does his little like, okay, here’s what I really think. Like the guy tried to fight him. Like it’s like so apparent, like the vast majority of the EDL are like their soccer hooligans. Um, and, and so like this guy was like taking a shirt off, trying to get through the producers, Adam, the cops were like, so, I mean, it’s, it’s just it’s I mean, it is, but it is. I, like I said, I highly recommend it. It’s called a hate, my neighbor. Um, it’s it’s just an it’s it’s an educational watch if nothing else,

By the way, have you seen that? Well, how the internet is going crazy today? Um, from it’s it’s apolitical, but the, with the protest in st. Louis that went through the rich neighborhood.

Oh, Karen and Ken. Yeah. Karen and Ken. Yeah.

The funny thing is it doesn’t matter. Like I follow pretty much every political group, libertarian, Republican Democrat, and everyone is like, just literally destroying, like, this is like the, one of the, one of the funniest, absolute things.

It’s like, there’s, there’s an old expression that says the internet has one star every day. Your goal is to not be that person

Was all the concern, all this stuff that I was watching, like from the rights or like the libertarian point, it was like, yeah, you kind of have a right to defend your property, but your brandishing and you have no trigger discipline. You’re an asshole. So it’s like, and then the left is like yours,

Stupid. Like, yeah. You’re, you’re, you’re you you’re brandishing weapons that people that are just walking by your house, they’re not even, they wasn’t no favors with anyone like, Oh, in the end, the best part is apparently they’re both lawyers, um, and have their own firm. And so their Facebook page just got destroyed to the point where they turned off reviews and recommendations. And so people just dove in on whatever and started commenting on whatever posts that they had. And it’s just, it is, did I, like I had tears streaming down my face while I was reading some of this crap. Cause did like the internet, the internet takes no prisoners. It’s it’s just, it’s amazing.

The means came out immediately. Like I’m talking like good meme. Oh yeah. Like dude, like full

Full-blown movie posters with those two. And it was, it was just, it’s outstanding.

The Halloween costumes steal this look, it’s like Brooks brothers, cotton performance polo, $89, 50 cents Soho fit, chinos, oatmeal color, $128.

I do. I love the internet

Indeed. And you know what? We love the internet and uh, we’re big fans of privacy. That’s why, uh, we all have teamed up with our friends at private internet access. They are an award winning VPN service provider with over a million customers all over the world. Private internet access VPN allows you to encrypt your connection so that you keep everything you do online, confidential, and secure your ISP, the government or hackers will no longer have access to your data. Pia offers unlimited access to over 3,200 VPN servers in 46 countries. When I set it up, it took me less than 30 seconds. I did an East coast West coast, U S. I actually went to in Switzerland. I did one in Germany. They have dedicated apps for all platforms, windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and you can protect up to 10 devices at the same time.

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So I have a breaking story. Royal Oak health officials just announced that three people who were at fifth Avenue in Royal Oak, uh, have tested positive for COVID 19. They were there on the evening of June 19th.

Is Remy still bartending there?

No, no. He’s been gone from there for a while. So that’s what? 10 days ago. Yeah. Yeah.

So what do you guys think about the, um, do you guys think the dream cruise is actually going to be canceled? Well,

I think so all of that, none of the public events will happen. Like that’s that’s for damn sure. Um, and, and my like, dude, you can’t stop people from getting in their car and going and driving like you can’t. Um, but you can, you can stop all of the crowds and you can stop. You can stop, you can stop all of the parking lot hangout, stuff like that, you know, but as far as the cruise itself will likely still happen, but none of the other stuff will.

Yeah. What I would have read, not saying I’d rather have that announcement. I’m saying like biker is like, Hey, listen, if you’re going to do the cruise, stay in your car, do not park, do not congregate. You know what I mean? At least set up. Maybe we’re past all that with setting up guidelines cause people aren’t gonna effing follow them. Anyway. You know, I would have that saying, instead of just saying it’s outright canceled, just saying, Hey, the official event, isn’t going to be what it is. Um, if you guys want to take your, you know, if you want to take a lap and show up your cars, please, you know, I dunno,

Here’s the issue with that? Like isn’t like there, like I would assume there is a, an organization or several organizations that are behind that. And so if it moved forward, officially there would be liability. And

Does it not own it? The North American auto,

I don’t, I don’t care who owns it, who, whoever owns it, there would be an enormous liability issue if that were to go forward. And it came out that that was a hot spot. And you know, there was, you know, a super spreader event. Um, I’m, I’m sure, you know, there’ll be lawsuits out the wazoo, uh, cause this is America. It’s what we do.

Yeah. By the way, speaking of America, America’s all about dumb arguments. I want you guys to settle something for me, we’ve all had the argument is hotdog. A sandwich is tofu food. Um, but this one, this one happened this week.

Tofu is not food. Right? Exactly.

Um, this one happened this weekend, so we’re at the, you know, they open up the neighborhood pool and one of the neighbors,

No, Bob, no, you should not go in the pool with diarrhea. Was that, was that okay? Was that okay?

I got diarrhea. So when I go swimming now, that was not very well. The argument was, um, so I ordered a pizza places delivered to the pool that been there long enough where they kind of know us address and say the pool. Um, basically, so then I order a deep dish around or deep dish with me around with veggies and cheese bread. Right. Okay. And the one kid doesn’t want to eat. He’s like, I just want a pizza with no sauce. And I go cheese bread. I go to that’s the first thing I said, I go, I got cheese bread. He goes, no, it’s good. It doesn’t, it’s not the same. And I go bread. Jeez, no sauce. And he goes, well, they got spices on it. And I go open it up. I go, I don’t see any spices Skippy. And he goes, there’s Parmesan on it. I’m like, bro, what do you think they put on pizza? It’s like, I’m sitting here and he goes, Hey. And then everyone starts piling on me going. He likes what he likes. Let them be. I’m like, no, no, somebody, somebody needs to teach

This kid. Cause obviously his parents are failing him. Somebody has to step in.

I was in my house. It would be like, fine donate. I give a shit like, go get this, go get the salami out of there, out of the drawer, if you want to eat tonight. Um, but then someone else brought it up. They go, Hey, he has a meeting. I go, no, he wants pizza without the sauce. And they go, yeah, cheeseburger, cheeseburger, all this time. I go, what am I? What have I been missing? Um, but anyway, that was the, uh, the dumb argument. And uh, you know, then the other dumb argument is okay, like last week we talked about, um, you know, anti-Obama and uncle Ben and they’re kind of, you know, at what point, like, is it stop becoming admirable and stop and start being ridiculous because right now we’re hearing, they’re starting. It’s starting to, I don’t, maybe you, you tell me if, uh, see, I didn’t know who voiced Cleveland on family guy, but apparently he’s white and he stepped down. I’m saying he didn’t want to voice. You know? So then all of a sudden the internet goes,

The girl that the girl that voices, uh, Missy on, uh, on big mouth has stepped down now. Oh my really?

But then like, you know, then all of a sudden, now everyone starts piling on being okay, the Simpsons are yellow and Seth McFarland voices, a dog is going to come out to make him step down.

Right. Yeah. Is, is Joe on family guy only going to be able to be voiced by a paraplegic now? Well, no. And here, and here’s my thing like, and this is why, like, I kind of understood the blow back against Scarlet Johansson, um, over ghost in the machine. Cause that was, you know, an Asian character. She is not an Asian actress. Like, okay, fine. You know, but like we’re not talking about like Scarlet Johanson playing like Harriet Tubman in the movie. Like we’re talking about voice actors here. And to me, especially like, so an actor’s job at the end of the day is to make you not remember who they are because they were supposed to be playing a character that is even more true in my head when it comes to voice actors, because you don’t see them, you don’t know who they are.

And to me, like when, cause, and I started having this conversation yesterday with a few people, then I just had to stop. Um, but like, so to me, if you’re saying that a person of color must be voiced by that person of color, that is almost taking a step that says, okay, well, black people only like black people sound a certain way. Asian people sound a certain way, you know? And, and so is isn’t that right? So like, I, I don’t, I really don’t know that I agree with this one at all. And, and, and, and while the blow back about that was happening, there was the other flare up, uh, that I started getting into with people about, uh, with last night, there was an incident with protesters down in DC, down in Detroit, um, where they were leaving a protest and a cop car with its lights and sirens on, uh, people basically swarmed around the cop car.

Uh, apparently their back window was broken and the cop just drove the SUV through the people. Um, and, and people were jumping up on, they were not, they did not get hit and thrown up on the hood. They jumped up on the hood of the car. Uh, and so like, and I was like, okay, look like unpopular opinion. But here’s where I started having a problem with protests and protesters. Because at that point you are not peacefully protesting. You are not, you know, you’re not, you’re not doing anything. You are, you are a interfering with traffic, be interfering with a police vehicle with its lights and sirens on that for all, you know, is trying to get to a gunshot victim or a far more serious set of circumstances, um, than dealing with you walking down the street, trying to get back to your cars.

Cause I believe that’s all it was at that point. Um, and, and that’s like, that’s how you get a black eye on, on your entire movement is by trying to pull shit like that. And so, you know, kind of like this, like I do. So kind of the same thing. I, I think that, I think the voice acting thing is going a little bit too far. And I think like that is like, cause we were like, Oh, this is outrageous that this happened. I’m like, no, you, they, they were trying to start shit. And they got shit that like, that they were

Then the media didn’t do any favors by seeing the cop car plowed through them. Cause I watched it from eight different angles. Yeah. And that car stopped three times then all of a sudden then when they piled on the hood back window goes out, then the gas hit like plowing through is plowing through like you’ve seen truck drivers that yeah. Yeah. That’s, that’s legit.

It happened to people. Right. And so, yeah, like I,

Here’s the thing, like not to jump around a little bit, but it’s the same token, like Bart Simpson has been voiced by a woman for what? 30 years.

Yeah. However long that show’s been on.

Yeah. Since I’ve been 13, so yeah, probably close to 30 years. Um, but I don’t think anyone’s ever complained. Like, you know, like, I don’t know, there’s Darth Vader.

Yeah. Darth Vader, white guy, white guy inside it voiced by a black guy. Well, and it’s, you know, and it’s one of those things where like, and like, and I understand like one of the sentiments that’s out there is, well, Hey, they’re trying to basically step away from this role to free up a spot for a person of color that, that might then get that job. Okay. But who’s to say that that person of color is the best person for that job. Like what, like, so like now I look at, so now the family now family guy is going to change and, and Cleveland’s voice is going to be different. Now they did that a while ago. Um, now, you know, big mouth, which is just starting to really gain traction. One of the main characters is going to change. Um, and yeah, I just, I, I mean, recasting, isn’t an issue though. Like they replaced, you know, Lacy Shabbir well, yeah. I mean, so like Lacey Shavera was the voice of Meg, the first season of family guy. Um, and then, you know, and then it was Mila Kunis,

Even, even in live action shows where it’s even more noticeable, like a fresh Prince, they changed the mom. It’s different actors. The story continued. And you know, I guess, you know, what else got offended apparently was a chubby little boys with black hair wearing checkered overalls. Apparently got offended because big boy, big boy has no more. Apparently they’re introducing a Dolly and you can eat out of the blue. I never even heard that this was a thing. But currently if you go to who is dolly.com, they’re going to introduce, um, apparently when, uh, when the big boy comic, that was like big boy’s girlfriend.

Yeah. I, I, I was not aware there was a big boy comic B, I guess I’d never really thought about large statues out in front of buildings having girlfriends. Like I it’s just not

Dude. Did I ever tell you this story? I went to U of M basketball camp in deletion. Why they were changing to Delhi or just that they were, um, no, they just said they’re changing it. They’re like, you know, launching a new marketing campaign as their new mascot. Um, Dolly’s been a lifelong friend of big boy, but never the star. So now they’re going to make her the star. Um, yeah. So, um, speaking of big boy, did I ever tell you this story? I don’t think I did. I don’t think I ever have Dave. Um, the story of, uh, his name was Tim. I went to U of M basketball camp with him. Um, in 88 I was 15 and it was the, uh, bill Freider Steve Fisher basketball camp. And I was like, it was one of the coolest experiences of my life. Um, it was like a hundred kids that got to go from, from high schools all over the state and got to meet a ton of people.

Well, here comes this guy, Tim, he went to center line high. He was like seven foot. Even he could dribble like a garden shoot, three pointers, like, like I’ve never seen before in my life. Like no one could touch him. He was literally, he gets a full ride to UTEP and, um, Texas El Paso, which is where a Hardaway went and that summer human, his buddies chain or put, uh, basically pulled a big boy out of the ground and he lost his full ride. The next time I saw him, I was like in my mid twenties and he was my waiter at Don Pablos. Oops. And I never had to, I never had the balls as well, but like that used to be a big stealing. Big boys was like, like if you were a kid in the eighties in Detroit, you tried to steal a big boy, at least once.

Apparently like I saw some story that there’s a big boy graveyard, like out in the woods, somewhere in Michigan, like, like from places that have closed. And they like, I guess the guy that owned them, there’s like, I don’t know, eight or 10, like big, big boy statues, just hanging out.

I want to go. Um, by the way, not to get to, we haven’t been too technical is, but like, um, we’ve been talking off and on about zoom staying. Yeah, we’re going to do it in an encryption. That’s not, then we are, then we’re not. Um, do you see the story from Gizmodo? Apparently three senators they would want to ban. They want to, they’re introducing a bill wanting to ban and to end encryption. Of course they do, which is again going against everything that kind of the internet is stood for.

Well, and, and the sad reality is like the real effect of that will be that those tech companies will relocate out of the U S

Aren’t most of them anyway.

But I mean, you know, even the ones that are here will just simply move and then you’ll lose those jobs and lose that infrastructure and good job.

I don’t think 70 year old senators realize that that’s okay.

How the, how the Google tubes work. I think they’ve proven that over and over and over again,

[inaudible] of the bill is that they want these companies engineer to put it back there. Oh, that’s been, they’ve been talking about that since PGP. Yeah. But you know, a backdoor just for law enforcement is true.

Just like having a back door for the bad guys. So yeah, exactly. If you’re dumb enough to have one of those like fake rocks with a key on your porch, everybody knows that that’s a fake rock with a key on your porch. That’s yeah.

If there’s a door, a criminal can break in. Yeah. Pull the sun visor down or pull up the map,

Right. Yeah. We all, we all know the deal,

Uh, but you guys were in the tractor. So I apparently, you know,

Well, we all like hate or love depending on which one they’re showing us Facebook ads. Um, but apparently they lost, what was it? $30 billion in valuation in revenue. Um, when companies started pulling out over there, uh, like basically, you know, we had talked about them, not flagging Trump’s posts, uh, that was, you know, kind of inciting violence. Um, and there’s a lot of companies that are saying that Facebook is setting itself up or has set itself up as a platform that is friendly to hate speech. Uh, and so companies are saying we’re out and, you know, they lost one company that, you know, did like 40 million in advertising with them. Uh, Coke pulled out. Um, I know like a bunch of companies have pulled and it’s like, it’s not pretty for them. Well, what

Is no, no. I just read it like in the way that for moderates hate speeches is to, because they leave it or is it because they take it down? No, it’s because they leave it. And don’t

Like, they called out two weeks ago. They called out Twitter for

Flagging president Trump’s tweets

For being inaccurate or insightful or whatever. Uh, but then, you know, two weeks later Facebook about facing

Saying they will implement that same.

Well, no, it was, it was so it was, yeah. So the announcement came that all these advertisers that these big advertisers were pulling out and Friday night Zuckerberg, you know, got on a live chat with a bunch of people and said, Oh, well, here’s our new guidelines. And here’s all our new this. And like, and the companies were just like, we’re not giving you our money again. Now. Like we’re going to wait and see if you actually do this yet

For a minute. Think about that for a minute. They paused the ads for 30 days, which caused an 8% drop in their stock price, which caused him to lose $7 billion on paper. Yeah. That that’s insane. How big of a swing that is? Yeah. Apparently it’s a, yeah. They’re the hashtag stop hate for profit campaign. Yep.

Well, and then going right along with that is the story that came out of YouTube today that they shut down a bunch of, um, you know, ultra right wing supremacist, uh, channels. Uh, I think I saw they’ve shut down 25,000 channels so far if I recall correctly.

Yeah, good God. A Reddit just banned a bunch of subreddits too. And again, part of, I think part of all, all of us, the thinking is, you know, yay, open internet. Yay. You know, let it let it police itself. But like, again, these are private companies, um, it’s not at and T like, you know, can’t say, and dude, I mean, let’s, let’s bring it,

Let’s bring that down to real life. Like, cause the,

The, the thing

Radical hypothetical eye in the sky, you know, whatever, Oh, the internet will police itself. And I know, look at what we look at how this conversation tonight started. People won’t even wear an effing mask to walk into a bar. Right? Like people can’t even police themselves on that level. What makes you think it can happen at a macro level?

No, usually it’s the, you know, when they talk about like, you know, if you want to get into this capitalism argument, usually he’s like, all right, if you’re behind this, we’re not going to shop there and then it’ll go away. But like, you know, again, you know, you’re talking about using a service for something that, you know, you have to draw the, you know, those like again, we brought at and T up a long time ago, you can’t really, you know, that’s different. That’s more of a us cards on table versus it’s public utility versus, and now like, apparently everyone’s moving to some new Twitter platform. What the hell is it called? Oh, wow.

Who knows? Who knows? There’s there’s like 87 different. Yeah. There’s like eighties, but I mean like, I mean, let’s, let’s be transparent about it, dude. We have the exact same rule with podcast Detroit. We don’t, we don’t care what you do. Just no hate speech that’s. But, but you know, but no, that’d be like, that’s like, dude, you know, I don’t care if you want to talk politics. No, I don’t care if you want to talk about any of this other stuff, but no, you’re not gonna, you know, get out there and be hateful towards people. It’s just not going to happen.

Yeah. Regardless like, yeah, that was the first no malt and everyone he’s always like no hate speech, no multilevel marketing. I go, yes. We put those on those things. Those are identical to us. Those are only pyramids we want to talk about as the ones in Egypt right now, what were you, uh, what were you talking about with this, uh, um, a hundred billion dollar universal fiber plan? I didn’t get a chance to read it, but at the, I think Randy shot that across the headline was intriguing. So, uh, Congress has planned or, uh, the house is, uh, unveil the plan to, uh, spread a hundred megabit, uh, a hundred megabit down fiber across the U S uh, spending a hundred billion dollars to do it, uh, doing things like dig one. So if there’s new road constructions and they also lay fiber at the same time, uh, it’s going to cost and it would also eliminate, uh, local bands of, uh, municipal controlled.

Yeah. Wait, wait, wait, no, wait, you said a hundred million it’s billion


Billion billion with a third. Well, and honestly, I mean, it makes sense. I mean, that kind of ties into, you know, one of the topics we had a couple of weeks ago where the U S is no longer in the top 10, um, in internet speeds provided, um, it’s just, it’s, it’s not a thing anymore.

And our definition of broadband is really bad too. What is it? 25 down for up third broadband. Well, you don’t even need, you don’t need up. That’s why they never put it in because if you look at usage, really nothing, you don’t use up, you’re just, you’re consuming data. You’re not really pushing anything unless you’ve got torrents going in your house.

No. I mean, as, as long as you look at like, so F you know, four K video, while you’re sitting on zoom or even HD video, you know, while you’re sitting on zoom or, you know, any of that kind of stuff, it’s, you know, you, you are seeing more and more up these days, you know, add more and more people are working from home, you know,

But also like game streaming. That’s a lot of updates.

Yup. You know, look, you know, you know what, I didn’t even, you know, look, dude, look at, you know, look at your developers doing code pushes, you know, and you know, if they’ve got them local and they’re rolling them up to the servers and that kind of stuff, I mean, it’s all going to the bathroom data code push. Nice. But no. So I mean, the, you know, there’s, especially as more and more people are working from home or, or trying to work from home more, um, you know, it’s, you do see a lot of that, which, you know, and, and that was one of the, one of the two stories that came across, you know, we’ve always kind of joked that factually, uh, you know, that porn has kind of led the way with a lot of tech. Um, you know, there are some people that saying, you know, should we be looking at the adult film industry for how they’ve handled themselves as the model, when it comes to like how they handle HIV and STDs?

Um, you know, they have the past program where like, you have to be tested within the last 14 days, every, you know, every 14 days you have to get tested. Um, and you know, contact tracing is a huge thing. And, you know, and if somebody, you know, if somebody pops positive, it basically shuts the entire industry down. Um, until like they can do a full contact trace and find out every time, you know, every person that person has been with and yet ADA, yada, um, you know, so, you know, and yet, I mean the past program has its faults and, and there’s, you know, some other, you know, flaws in the system, but especially when it comes to contact tracing, like, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen, you know, people posting screenshots from, you know, their iPhones about the new, you know, the, the, the COVID contact tracing stuff that we talked about months ago that was coming out and like, Oh, they’re tracking weird red. They want a dumb ass. Yes. They’re tracing, you know, yes, it’s contact racing, but it’s, you know, it’s not, you, it’s, it’s a unique ID on your phone and that gets sent back. And it even tells you right on the screen that you screenshot that you can reset it and you can opt out of it and you can do this, and you can, it’s not good people. And like, I don’t think any States in the U S are actually implementing that system yet. They’re not

37 countries worldwide, and maybe three States are considering it. I don’t think it’s rolled out yet in the United States. You know, speaking of, uh, I was gonna say, speaking of porn, I was looking at going to Cedar point, uh, pretty much I know, right. I was trying to have the best segue. It didn’t matter.

Well, I mean, let’s, let’s be real. If you’re going to Cedar point, you’re going to get screwed at the ticket counter, that’s it?

And at the drink stands, they’re opening up July 9th. And they basically, I was reading what you had to and what their staff has to go through to get in, to get through and space like Disney, man, why bother? I don’t, I don’t even know. Well, you know what, the thing with three kids, it’s, it’s because, you know, we’ve gone literally every year since they could walk and it’s like, do we go, or do we not go? I mean, that’s great.

I go this year, I did, you know, my, my inlaws have done that labor day party for the past

40 years. Yeah. This is the first year. I’m not going to Fiji because of COVID-19 normally I don’t do it. I’m

But no, I mean, they’ve, they’ve done their, you know, they’ve done, they’ve done that labor day party every year for the last 40 years. And they’ve decided not to do it this year. Cause you know, like with everything else going on and plus my niece’s wedding is that next weekend. And so, you know, it’s kind of like, you know, like we’ve had Fred tell us, pick and choose what you want to do. Like you, you don’t want to have to large scale family events back to back weekends where you have that much increased exposure, you know, chances and all that kind of stuff. So they just, you know, they were like, Hey, we’re just, we’re not going to do it this year. And Hey, hopefully everybody comes back next year. And,

And at the end of the day, no, one’s going to really complain too much about it. You know what I mean? Like it’s not like, Oh, you’re a bunch of episodes. Like I think everyone’s kind of on the same level going, like if you don’t, you know, it’s kind of like, you’re not going to have your Christmas party Bob. And I’m like, no, I’m in the hospital.

Yeah, no, yeah. It’s yeah. I can’t move off the damn couch. No, I’m not letting come over and destroy my house when I can enjoy it. Kiss my ass.


Oh, and so that was, so that was the other, that was the other part that was the, the second article about the adult film industry. Is that like, basically they’ve all shifted to a work from home model. Um, because you know, they’re, they’re all a, you know, the studios are all shut down and all that stuff. You mean those weren’t real bedrooms in the first place? No, they, I mean, they were like, they were doing a lot of filming in hotel rooms and it was the producers, the producers. Yeah. That’s yeah. That’s how you got a producer credit and porn. Did you let them use your house? Um, and so they, uh, but like, so like it basically like, like you’re seeing like a lot of the couples that actually really live together are putting out a lot important content. Um, and they’ve invested in cameras and all that stuff to kind of do it on their own. Um, so I mean, it’s, it’s interesting that, you know, you, you, I guess you don’t really think about, you know, porn as a work from home model, but Hey, there’s another need for, you know, upload me for that.

See, now, now this segue, speaking of porn porn, how about food porn? Um, if you ever followed our show for a long time, you know, that we, uh, we, we had like probably six episodes in a row where we talked about the man,

The mashed potato machine. Yep, absolutely.

It, it basically consumed my life and I’m really, I’m kind of pissed off as a human being that I don’t own one or have one or been where I’ve seen one. Um, but now Stouffer’s, um, they just upped the ante and they just created a, a Mac and cheese on tap dispenser. Um, I’m not gonna lie. It

Looked as horrible as I thought it would. Um, it, it, it’s just, just the mental image of a, of any machine dispensing, Mac and cheese, the picture of the machine. I haven’t seen what actually how it works or how it comes out, looking it’s I think sheen is frightening enough.

Like, here’s the thing, like I’m a big, my YouTube, one of my hotness is, is I love following street food around the world and like vending machines that have like weird stuff, like in, in Tokyo, in Asia where like they’ll actually

Yeah. That’s yeah. That’s, that’s something. Yes.

And like S and P pizza and panties, and there’s one that’s pizza and panties. Um, but like just weird food that you get out of these vending machines. Um, but I can’t imagine, like, not like just to have like dairy and like, how do you make pasta? Like, I don’t, I would eat it. I think if there was at seven 11, I would totally eat it. I wouldn’t, I would not even think, what are you, what are you reading?

It was me shaking my head at you going, you would walk into a seven 11 and actually get a bowl of that crap and eat it. I just, I would walk. I would watch you eat it. I just to see what happened to you.

They’re nacho. I put their nacho cheese on those hot dogs on the foot massagers. I’ll be damned if I’m not going to eat mashed potatoes out of a vending machine or out of a tablet.

No, we talked about mashed potatoes. I might up for Mac and cheese. I’m I’m drawing a line. I’m just, I’m going to go with no,

You’re at whiskey in the jar. You’re four drinks deep. And this thing sitting there next to the red bull machine next to the, uh,

And, and, and Augie and Mike, you’re going, ah, eh, Guinea


Tammy for knowing you so well,

I’m going to see if I can get distribution rights to this thing started big. I want to, yeah. Where can you buy them when I’m going to find out where you can buy this thing? I’m on it. That’s my homework.

That’s your homework for tomorrow. So, well, and then on a homework front, apparently dude. So like companies or excuse me, companies, countries, um, are banning tick tock. Uh, now that it’s been reverse engineered and it has been revealed what a ridiculous information gathering app that truly is like ours.

Then any app, when you break it down, like, do you remember,

You remember how insane people got to remember how insane people got about Facebook messenger and all the permissions and that kind of shit, dude, that was nothing compared to what tic-tac polls.

Um, I’m going to go through just some of it, your, your, basically your phone hardware, your CPU type, you know, basically that other apps you have installed, um, everything,

Including the app cash. So anything you have uninstalled recently that hasn’t been flushed off your phone, it still has access to

Some variants of the app had GPS pinging enabled at the time, once every 30 seconds. Yep. Um, enabled by default, um, set up a low local proxy server on your device for transcoding media, um, and a zero authentication. Um, much of the logging they’re doing is remotely configurable. Um, and they manually inspect every single obvious skated function. Um, and there’s pages and pages of, of what else they’re doing. Um, they weren’t using HTTPS. They leaked user’s email addresses, um, as well as secondary emails used for password resets, um, all usernames, real names, birthdays, all publicly viewable

Yet again, why I have taught my kids the beauty of two factor authentication.

Yeah. And then they, then they get into it. There’s a paragraph about creepy old dudes. And you’re like, it’s so hard to read that stuff, but it’s like, it’s cringy as hell, but that shit’s happening.

I mean, it’s, it’s a real thing. Um, uh, yeah. So I mean, for what it’s worth, if you’re out there and you see your kids on tock, think real hard about whether or not you actually want to let them be on that platform. It’s not, it’s, it’s not a good thing. Um, Oh. And so for what it’s worth, you know, talking about, you know, going around and, and, you know, heading downtown or wherever and hitting bars again. Um, I honestly didn’t even know this was a thing, cause I usually don’t park on the street. I usually either a parking lot or something like that. Um, but free parking has now ended downtown, um, you know, where they are, where they are, they have that park mobile stuff or, you know, the, the zones and all that thing.

Well, hell hath, no fury like a city of Detroit parking meter attendant. Well, yeah, cause you never know

We’re putting money in meters and you never do anything,

But I never refill them. Um, I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds, if not like close to a thousand dollars over the course of my life. Um, you know, in places where they said you’re too far off the curb or you’re not in with the line.

Oh yeah. That happened to me at cutters at what you don’t want, because I wasn’t far enough away from the curb, but I was beyond the sign. So I should have been far enough.

So from the curb, but what are you going to do is spend a day off of work, right.

To fight it. No, they know you’re not. Yeah. Right. So yeah, just heads up. If you’re heading downtown, the, the, you, you have to pay for parking again with all the street parking that’s going on. So just be aware, be aware.

And I’m amazed that you’re not more angry about the, um, the, uh, princess bride remake that they’re proposing. Dude. Here’s the thing. If I, uh, Sophie, whatever her name is,

I actually let myself feel the impending aneurysm every time one of those remakes is ma is like brought up. I would be so long since dead. So as long as it’s just in talks and they’re not really doing it yet.

Oh wait. The worst part is it’s Quimby. They’re talking. I mean, they already got it. It’s already, this one’s already cast like patent Oswald, which is really going to be inconceivable guy. But then they were talking about who, you know, who can be, um, Andre, the giant. And it’s like either big show or shack. Um, you know, but th th you know, none of them have been cast. Um, Oh, and the one thing I do to, if you want to laugh by the way, look up a predator, the musical on YouTube.

I’m good. I’m going to go, no,

It’s only three minutes long showing clips of the movie. And it’s like, they’re all singing like, yo, um,

Get to the job, uh, get to the job. Uh,

He believes we could kill it here. It’s stupid.

Kill the wabbit. Yeah. Wonderful

Leopold. Uh, I think we actually burned through our entire list. We totally did. I’m uh, yeah. There’s a other than, yeah. Because all the bars stuff we talked about, um, dream cruise talked about. Yeah. Grip it and rip it. We can talk about that again.

No, I’m good on golfer farts. That’s to get it out of my system. Got to kill all the golfers. Yeah.

All day today. It’s all. Alright. That’s it officially, that’s the last time I’m watching it. Just for the record until five minutes from now, tad didn’t text me. Cause he knew, of course it was Ted. All right. Well, I guess that’s it. Yeah. But Hey, we’re going to wrap things up. This was episode three 54. Did I get it right? T see in the D show, like I really want to thank, uh, Mikey and August from old Shalala and whiskey and, um, uh, respectively for, uh, giving their insights on what things are like behind the bar. Um, but yeah, I’d be half of a Bob, Dave and Randy do us all a favor drink. I’ll be drinks. Get your phone numbers. You, uh, you can stay home. Uh, but you gotta get the hell outta here. See you next week. Drive careful beat it. So you guys, all right. Clear.