Episode 352 – The CHAZ, News, Events, and More

And we are good to go. What is going on? Welcome to episode 352 of the IT in the D show. We are broadcasting live. Bob, can we let’s do one real quick guys. We’re not doing anything scary. This week. Fred Brown is not allowed near this broadcast. I am not staying up until one in the morning. Having conversations with freaked out people. Again, we are broadcasting live from the podcast. He trade autonomous zone here in beautiful betray, Michigan, probably sales guy that the Twitter is doing. The Twitter is find us online@itinthed.com. I don’t know why, because we are it in the D and you still are not even with a pandemic going on. You’re still planting a garden by putting top soil over a grass with styrofoam Cox. It’s a Turrell what’s going on. This is world. This is the world we live in. Are they just doing things to humor me right now? I say, dude, we are in season four of whatever show that we’re all on. And the writers are all trying to get fired so they can move on to better projects. And they’re just making shit up. As they go along. The park is sitting on their hands, trying to release this Chaz episode. They have to, Oh, they are dying. Hey, before we do that, let me go ahead and fire. When ready are you firing? When ready? Now you can carry on.






I can’t dude, just watching what’s going on in Seattle. I can’t stop laughing. It’s like, this is a human South park episode. Come to life. This is the onion and Babylon be in the cell park. All had a baby. And do that now, like bikers, like, did anything happen with the bikers that were going out there today? I didn’t know if it was, I don’t like talking about this stuff. I don’t know if it’s real or not. Cause you’re like blinkers are on route and I’m like, Oh, I want to see this. This is like a put paper view on man. This is solved the nationals who doesn’t want to see that? Oh, that would be amazing. I’m not going to lie. You haven’t figured out what’s going on. It’s like there, they be like occupied as six block territory of Seattle and they, and to go against the injustices of the world, they’ve done the same thing.

The U S does by building. The very first thing they did was built a wall with checkpoints and our guards fight the power. Apparently there’s some rogue, independent rapper with his entourage. It’s like beating the shit out of why isn’t this a movie like you wouldn’t pay 20 bucks a day to watch the cameras in there. We are living that’s that’s the dude, whoever created black mirror, season six, the fully immersive experience is just a goddamn genius. Like that’s, that’s the only thing I that’s the only way I describe what the hell is going on right now. Mark Burnett. You cancel cops. You don’t give me chance. Come on. Like Howard, do there’s gotta be life. I actually, now that you said that there’s gotta be live feed somewhere. Like there has to be, no, they don’t like there. I was watching something from Steven Crowder and it’s like some guy who was like, Oh, he’s on the scene. Um, and they, like, they took him and beat the shit out of him in and interrogation tent and wanted to see his film. Cause they thought he was a conservative pundit. Um, so there’s like actually 10 and I don’t know if they’re full of shit or not, or making stuff up. You know what I mean? Like, that’d be a 10 ton homo Bay.

That’s the thing with these tweets. Like you don’t know if they’re like, like when, when the tweak you wanted to date to, they ran out of food. Cause the homeless people storm the tent. Well, and then you’ve got Fox news using, um, conflated images where they’re like they’re Photoshopping multiple images together to try to paint the situation is worse than it really is. So that’s not helping. So I don’t know what’s going on. I mean basically what the guy said was, uh, well, yeah. Then you also have MSNBC saying, well it’s a street fair. And like, basically it’s not a street fair. I mean they took over sitting on the police station. Well, they didn’t take over city hall. They did. They did take over the police station that the cops pulled out of. Um, yeah, I do that. That’s literally one of those stories that I like, I don’t know what to make of it.

Like I, like, I want a movie I will. And you know, dude, Netflix and Hulu are probably both offering just giant bags of money right now to whoever to get film crews in there, you know, to, to get the inside scoop and get a documentary rolling like they did with fire festival. Um, it’s I it’s, it does. I mean like, like if you look at like some posts, it seems like it’s like, I haven’t seen anything like that since a grateful dead concert. And then you look at some posts and it’s like mad max. Like I don’t, I don’t know which to buy into. My favorite line I saw was it was like, it was like a Lollapalooza 92. Those kids finally had kids and they’re there and they grew up hearing all the stories and decided to go ahead and do it. Nice.

It’s so stupid. Like, it really was like, like after like day four and they’re like, what are we doing now? I dunno, got any pot what’s going on? And then it’s like burning man. Like all the burning man, people at night. And what are you going to do when you run out of stuff? Because now you’ve got no, cause now you’ve got all the truckers that are saying, I ain’t going in. There are those gardens real. They can’t be real. It’s like, did you see it? And it’s like an eight foot by eight foot. It’s like, they just dumped like six bags on the grass, like playing in it. Like it’s going to be my garden, man.

The Brando plant’s grave. Anyway, straps cameras on people like, seriously, you want to, you want to make money? It’s like the George Carlin bit like the mass murders, the square States. Yeah. You fence off all the square States and yeah, Seattle colon Chaz would be the number one show on all of us law and order Chaz rapper ever. I see Wiz Khalifa or whatever. They’ll think Rapper’s name. And it took over the town. All, I don’t see do it. I got nothing. He’s like the judge and they bring everybody in front of him and he’s taking him to Detroit or whatever. I don’t even know where the, you know, I can’t say I don’t mean, I honestly don’t mean to laugh because the, this whole thing was, was built on good intention. I think, I think I want to think not to bring it back to reality, but like there was like, things are starting to happen.

Change is starting to happen. And like, but now the ban hammer has gotten a little crazy. I think, um, now you want to cancel cops, which did get canceled and then you cancel live PD and then, and then like, is, did pop patrol get canceled or no, they were, people were lobbying for it, but there’s no. All right. It’s one of those. No, no, no, that people weren’t. It was like two persons were two people on Twitter and it became a Buzzfeed article. Yeah. And then everyone, now everyone talks about, they wanted to ban puppet show, but like, do you like cops was the wa like, I guess I’m wrong. Cops was the one show that I sent will be on until the end of time, because you’ll never have a shortage of dumb people. And apparently I get, I don’t get my fix.

No. And like, I understand. So like live PD apparently had an issue where they did film a really, really bad situation. Um, and you know, but like, and, and it is, I mean, I, I understand some of the sentiment, but like now they’re coming after like law and order and they’re coming after, you know, those franchises and that kind of stuff, because they say they, they glorify the police and okay. Anybody who’s ever watched law and order knows that’s not true. I mean, you’ve had cops with drug issues. You’ve had cops, you know, that have been raped. You’ve had cops that have been kicked off the force. You’ve had, you know, DA’s that have been, you know, killed. You’ve had, I mean, it’s, it, it, no, that’s, that’s not what that show is. Like. I think that’s gone with the wind and they have to dump Andy Griffith show.

Now, like how far back we go on with this? Well, and so, you know, and we’ve kinda, you know, somewhat joked about this before, but I mean, it’s, it is kind of a real thing. So, you know, Amazon’s talking about pulling the Dukes of hazard, but yet the Jefferson’s is still on the air with George calling everybody honky, you know, so, I mean, is it, you, it it’s, you know, it’s, again, it’s looking for balance. That was the goddamn state flag and, uh, up until, well, how many years ago? Oh, Georgia. Yeah. Yes. Remember that one car that they got all pissy about or like, um, that was the state flag down in those years. Uh, so what do you, what do you, how far are you going to go with this? You know, well, and it’s, you know, and I get it and, and I think a lot of people, you know, like I was talking about it with like, you know, the Christopher Columbus statue getting pulled down and a lot of the, and a lot of the Confederate statues coming down and that kind of stuff.

And he’s like, Oh, it’s a racing history. No, it’s not like the history is still there. It’s erasing a monument to dumb shit. Like, like why do you have a statue of a Confederate general in your town center? Here’s a good years ago. It’s on part of obviously lots of the German community. And all of them are talking about how the differences are between keeping Auschwitz up as a Memorial versus bringing, like having generally on a statue. Right. One is to remind people of the atrocities that occurred. They are not, shearing are heralding. There’s nothing to that. Right. Where I think the difference is a lot of these Confederate statues is, um, that they’re, that people view them as heroes. Correct. They’re there, you’re not, you know, the, the, the things that Amish fits in well, and there’s a difference between like an Auschwitz or like the Gettysburg cemetery or, you know, something like that.

I don’t see any German statues of Heinrich Himmler. Exactly. Yeah. There’s yeah. Like there’s, yeah. There’s no statues to Himmler or Hitler or anything like that floating around. Um, you know, it’s, it is, I mean, it’s, you know, you look back and you, and especially when you realize that, I mean, the quote, unquote Confederacy only lasted just barely five years. Like it wasn’t like a long period of time in history when that succession happened and it got shut down, you know, like how did it be like, like anyway and not to get to, to go, no. How did they, like from it became state flags. And then all of a sudden it became like the cry of the rednecks. And it became certainly the reality is, I mean, you know, a lot of things are NASCAR and do it in the South. Like, so like I grew up in Virginia and, and, and things are taught like the civil war is not the civil war in the South.

It’s the war of Northern aggression in schools. Um, and there are different names for battlefields that are, you know, that are taught, uh, and that kind of stuff. I mean, it, it really is a huge thing. And cause even though the Confederacy itself only lasted five years, what people tend to, I think romanticize is the, I guess for lack of a, for the first word that comes to mind is the antebellum, you know, lifestyle, you know, the, the gentlemen and like the good parts have gone with the wind minus, you know, the slavery and beatings and lynchings and killings and all that stuff. That was like my favorite book. What about all the good things Hitler, right? Yeah. You had the trains. It was great. Uh, but I mean, but no, I mean it’s the, the sad reality is, is people, you know, people romanticized certain facets of that era and, and it became a Confederate pride thing.

Uh, and, and so that’s why, you know, the dude that like the South will rise again. You’ll still see that, you know, if, if you drive around, you know, we’re like, I don’t understand people in say Michigan flying them. Cause Michigan, wasn’t a Confederate state and you’ve lived here your whole life and you’ve got a Confederate flag. Nah, you’re just a redneck racist. That’s all. That is a, I mean, you got a lot of people that like their families, like their dads or their grandpas came from the South. Like I remember, um, I remember when Bubba passed and that was like part of his Memorial and that was what four or five years ago. And I joked back then and I go, everyone take a picture and I would go, Oh, no, you were like, no, no, no, no, no. I’m not having my picture taken in front of them.

Nobody. I mean, it’s, it’s real. And I mean, it’s, you know, and, and so the, it it’s weird. I mean, I can’t say that I fully understand it. I mean, I grew up around that a little bit. Um, and I have friends that, you know, that were deeply entrenched in it. Um, but it, it never made sense to me. I mean, that’s why I love the, you know, everybody’s worried about, you know, the, you know, they’re not, you know, they’re not doing this and NASCAR, they’re not doing that. And NASCAR. Yeah. Don’t worry. The, uh, the real Confederate flag will still fly in that final lap when they’re waving the white flag for the final lap notification. I mean, that was the funny thing. It’s like, I don’t even watch NASCAR enough to know that that was a thing. So like they’re banning and I’m like, I didn’t know.

They were even there so well, so, and it dude, and honestly, so there’s, there’s like something to keep in mind and it’s, and it’s a real powerful message that’s going to right. And we’re going around right now is that of all of the sports NASCAR has come out, banned the Confederate flag, fired a driver for using the N word when yelling at somebody and has, and has, and again has taken all these steps. No, do that. Yes. We had to Google who you were. Oh, that one guy. Yes. No, that was absolutely real. I don’t think so. I looked for it and couldn’t find it. It was so, I mean, that was a guy here that he had been yeah. Had never won a race and yet it was a total idiot. Yeah. But well, but he wasn’t the one, he wasn’t the one that got he, wasn’t the one that got fired. He’s the one that just quit and nobody cared because, well, you’ve never done anything. Um, but no, it’s like, they’ve, they’ve gone out of their way. That’s NASCAR, like the most redneck easiest, like Southern entrenched sport in the nation. What are you doing? NFL NBA, NHL, you know, like it’s, you know, if they can take such a hard line stance on this, where the hell are you during all

This ever seen? I don’t, I don’t know. I’ve never been to a game down at NFL game down South. I couldn’t imagine maybe tailgating, but it’s not part of the, see the problem with NASCAR is the fans are in the S in the middle. I’ve heard of the game, like when you’re tailgating or not part of the game in the NFL. Right. So I think maybe that’s, you know, gotcha. Then the tailgating is all done in private property. So it’s, you can’t really mandate anything, you know, you can’t, you’re not going to let flags in the arena and there’s none in the arena. So, I mean, that’s kinda, um, but kind of on a, on an it front, a lot of people are already complaining about it. Not knowing what’s going on. If you haven’t read, uh, it’s on digital attack, map.com, but the U S is under a huge DDLs attack right now. And like 15 major cell carriers, um, are all kind of went poopy. Um, the problem is when you went to that, um, when I sent you that map, David starts at like 2014. So you get a fast forward,

Like when you click play.

Yeah. So like U S is getting slammed right now. Um, pretty much every major

Carrier now is reporting huge outages, sell, sell, even with Verizon’s little press release. I thought that was cute. No, no, no. Everybody other carriers are reporting outages, but not us, but no. I’ve seen people with Verizon that are reporting issues. So I had a friend that called the T-Mobile store and what they told him was that they tried to fire up their five G network and things went haywire and that it would take like two weeks to straighten out. Which one would you want your store telling people that I would obviously turn it back off, turn it back off. That’s where I learned from it. You roll that back from production. I learned that from, I learned what was going on from brick.

He goes 20, 20. Great. That’s all we need is for no more internet internet. Can you even imagine? Yeah. You want people to really go crazy, but Hey, when we are on the internet, we, uh, we need our privacy. That’s why all of us have teamed up with our friends, from private internet access. They are an award winning VPN provider with over a million customers all over the world. You can basically encrypt your data connections so you can keep everything you do online, confidential, and secure. Uh, your ISP government or hackers will no longer, longer have access to your data. You get access to over 3,200 VPN servers in 46 countries. When I loaded the thing up, I basically bounced around to six countries and three in the U S just to see what it would do, basically, as fast as you click the button, you’d move to a different server.

And they have dedicated apps for all platforms, from windows and Linux to Firestick and more, and you could protect den 10 devices at the same time. And because they believe in transparency, they are actually 100% open source. And they’ve been editor’s choice for eight consecutive years. Uh, for PC mag, you can hide your IP address, downloaded anything safely, secure your bank transactions. And like, my, my favorite story is my cousins who want Netflix in America. They basically got this thing down, uh, changed, uh, to U S VPN. And now that you can basically to, uh, any streaming services that have geo restrictions in place, um, I know I love that we’re embracing copyright infringement. It’s completely legit. It’s just a different it’s from a different area. Like, uh, I’m going to try and actually at my dad’s for German content because of the internet or the Comcast and everything, you can download pretty much every stream, every major language, uh, for TV, except for German.

So I’m going, it’s kinda cool. Yeah, absolutely. Um, so basically the only one that knows what you’re doing on the internet is you, you know, guaranteed or pending, you’re not logged on to a whole bunch of things. You know, obviously your identity is going to track it, but Hey, there’s a 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with our service, do us a favor. You can get the first 12 months for only $2 and 85 cents per month. That’s less than a, a good cup of coffee, 76% off. Then you get months, months, 13 and 14 are free. Do us a favor, go to www private internet access.com/it. [inaudible] to get started, protecting yourself online today. That’s private internet access.com/it. And the day for 76% off. Nice. That was a good segue there. Joker, by the way, you like that, you know what?

I’m going to get into this in a second. I had a bunch of arguments today. One of our guys at work, his name’s Gordon, his last name. So every time they bring them up, I put a flash Gordon gift. I can do a flash. So of course, one of the guys, he’s our, he’s our peer storage engineer. He’s like, what the hell? He’s like 34. He’s like, what the hell is that? Like, it’s flash Gordon. He goes, I don’t know what that means. So I started dropping YouTube clips and they’re like, this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen it. I’ve got this huge semantic argument about how flash Gordon is one of the greatest movies ever. And he tried to tell me no. And he think he, I think he knows he’s getting me fired up. Right. It’s easy to do. But, um, I think, uh, I think I got one of my hands. Will you, uh, you, you hated joker.

I didn’t hate it. I just said it sucked. And so, okay. So here’s my issues with it. So if you haven’t seen joker tune out for a minute or two, cause we’re going to get a little deep, um, here’s my problem. It was essentially the series finale of st. Elsewhere, uh, as directed by M night Shyamalan. Uh, and it wasn’t complete. It was completely predictable. As soon as the scene happened with the girl down the hall, not knowing who the hell he was. I knew exactly how that movie was ending. And I’ve had, I even said to myself, please, God, let this not be how they’re going to end this movie and sure as shit, that’s how they ended the movie like that. Like that entire movie, essentially being a dream sequence, um, kiss my ass like that. And this is what this, yeah, it was, and this is why DC sucks. And this is why DC,

To me, it was American psycho ending where you didn’t know if, you know, he was in prison, then got moved over to Arkham and he did all that shit. Or if he dreamed it all up, like while he was going, like, you know what I mean? To me, that’s how it that’s the ending. It wasn’t necessarily, the whole entire thing was a dream sequence. It was interpreted like it could be, or it couldn’t have been, it could have been real, or it could have, could have been in his head or all, you know, to me it was American psycho. I knew that’s why I loved it.

No, sorry. I know that ending can only lead in my opinion to the conclusion that the entire thing was in his head. Um, you know, just whether it’s the, the interactions with the girl that weren’t there, or, you know, like the other stuff that didn’t have. I mean, it’s, it’s, there’s just, no, that is not what that movie should have been. And, and especially after like I did, I liked dude, I thought Aquaman was a great flick. Um, I thought, you know, when Roman was a little long, but it was a good flick. Um, I have high hopes for wonder woman, 84 kind of redeeming it mostly cause I’m looking forward to the soundtrack. Um, but you know, and, and Shizam was good. And, you know, dude, you can’t take a character that has had such buildup like the joker, you know, whether it, you know, from, you know, Nicholson to, you know, Heath ledger and all that stuff and do that to that character. No, like, I, I, that was such a waste of a movie that was a bigger waste of a movie than suicide squad. I, that was, that was terrible.

I’m not going to watch it because they just introduced a major renovation of the joker and then completely ignored it. This new joker isn’t related to any other DC movie they have out, there you go. What’s the point. Like I just watched Aqua man this weekend and I thought it was too cliche.

Well, how do you think this? How was this joke or not related to any joke or they showed it was Batman origin,

Which Batman? I don’t know the, was it the

Well, so there’s the no, so Robert Pattinson, Batman. Yeah. Well, and that’s the thing, you know, cause he had, did show, you know, the well, but again,

Is it because that was all in his head? Well, I mean, does it or see here’s that’s me. I thought he got thrown into prison when he was, you know, during that whole riot, after the right things, he got thrown into prison and then, you know, so some of it was in his, like, as he was progressing, some of it was in his head. Some of it was, but so how can

The riot thing have happened if none of the predicate things were real? Because if not,

It wasn’t, I dunno, it was hopping in and out. Yeah. Sorry. I thought it was pretty awesome. It was an awesome watch. And again, if you watch it, like I do with wrestling now, like watch it, like you’re a 12 year old, like granted his, a deeper twelve-year-old, but you know what I mean? I just did. I, did I enjoy it? I enjoyed it for being a different story. Like it wasn’t what I expected at all, which was another reason why I liked it. Um, I don’t know. Well, that’s a totally, like

I had heard, like I heard it was dark and I heard it, you know, a lot, you know, in, in, you know, it was a lot of mental stuff and, and that kind of thing, but I still didn’t do it. I didn’t have any expectations walking into it other than God. I hope this is a good movie. Um,

And I’m sorry. I think here’s the thing. Like we watched, you know, me and you are entertained by two different things, like right. You watch law and order and pay attention. Um, I watch wrestling and go and burp, like, you know what I mean? Like we, we watched TV and movies for two different reasons. I enjoy, you know, dumb and dumber 73 times,

Dude, I’m a dude. I love brain candy. Like I, you know, I’m, I, you know, dude, I’m all about you. My, my taste in TV and movies is not that different than my taste in music. I, I love bubblegum pop, like give me, you know, did I, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched looser for, or, you know, or I’ve watched, you know, any of the other, you know, dumb shows that are out there. Cause I’m going back and watching those instead of watching anything new. Cause I don’t have faith in anything new. Um, but it’s, I, yeah, like I said, I mean just for me,

Like from, if you look at it as if you look at it as America, like I looked at it as a parallel for American psycho, like literally you did like what Patrick Bateman, did he really think he was this assassin? Or was he killing people? And no one believed him because he was as wall street, hot shot. Like, you know what I mean? Like, like it, but like in his head he’s killing people while he’s going about his job as a hedge fund manager. Right. That’s kind of what I, that’s kind of what joker was to meet in parallel almost, almost like they ripped off the same story.

See, and to me it was a two hour plus version of the five, second vignettes inside of true lies when Arnold Schwarzenegger would have those very vivid dreams of like punching Chet in the face and that kind of stuff. Like it was basically that for two plus hours and, and no shit forever and he’ll, he will always be chat. Um, but no, so I mean, yeah, so like I said, I’m, I hard, hard, hard pass. Um, and, and okay. So, and speaking, cause I did, I watched it cause it was on HBO. I just, when I thought I had the whole HBO go HBO now, HBO, max, HBO, Osho, HBO, like I thought I had that all figured out, you know, they changed everything again. And I want, I do, I want whoever is in charge of this shit. I want them on this show and I want them on this show when we are back in the studio so I can break distancing guidelines and slap them. No, I, I, I want a Jeff Haas slap.

They, um, my, of course you get my kid hooked on loony tunes and then I can’t log into max anymore. Why not? They were pretty funny now it’s $15 a month, but I thought, okay, so again, so here’s free for infinity subscribers. Right. And I have HBO and it’s not now and now it’s not. Okay. So it was, it was supposed to be so like maybe I did something wrong because was so yeah.

Cause so HBO go is now going and, and, and being replaced with HBO. Max HBO now is staying as like the add on for like Hulu users and people that are Amazon prime members that just want to get it that way. But I thought the whole point was HBO go basically was transitioning into HBO max, where if you had the subscription, it was just going to go ahead and carry forward. You know what the people, uh, I think the same salespeople that are working on COVID with the news or working on HBO. Oh shit. They can’t explain shit. Master good master bad master. Good master, bad master. Good master, bad master. Good. Okay. Speaking of which, we talked about, my one concert got canceled entirely, which I’m sad about my other one got moved to April next year. Um, did you see what the flaming lips are doing?

I thought that was hilarious. That was, that was amazing. I thought it was the onion again and it’s not, um, they’re basically they’re performing. I mean, wasn’t it, the daily show that showed it Cole bear area. Um, there there’s basically four. Like it’s all I swear to God boy in the bubble with John, Travolta’s becoming modern, modern art. You can buy it. So I’ve, I’ve actually thought about buying those giant hamster balls. Like you can buy them off Amazon and I’ve legit thought about buying them just to have a couple in the pool. Um, and see what hilarious, when they’re sitting in these things, don’t you fall on your ass? Like they’re not stable. Like no. And you have to be very careful when you walk, because that’s the thing is like, once you start stepping forward, then your back foot starts getting lifted up. And it’s, it’s a whole, like I’m looking at the picture and the crowd there’s like, they allowed like 12 people in a crowd that can fit a thousand. Cause they got these goddamned bubbles in on. And like you can’t move. Where do you pee? Like nice shout, shout out to Ian who just said, forget it. Just rename everything HB know.

And again, like what happens if the guy’s on stage and he’s singing, then he wants a bottle of sip of water and he’s got a key. Like he can’t do nothing. You’re stuck in his goddamn John Travolta dude. I don’t even, yeah. I don’t even know, although horrible, although where you’re probably gonna want. One of those is if you’re planning on going to Jami Neuner, cause apparently they’ve said to hell with everything we’re having Javi Nooner anyway, shabby, Nooner, if you’ve never, that’s the biggest cesspool of, I remember the good old days when the worst thing you were worried about catching a job, Nooner was, you know, crabs. There’s nothing worse than going out into the, into like four foot of water. And there’s like 15 dudes with their arms crossed, just staring at you and you all know and you know, they’re all paying every, not a minimum. Cause like no one goes out like to waste deeper water for no reason. And they all come out there, like

The kind of conversation you continue to shop. So yeah. So, uh, so not, not that it’s been real high on my social calendar, uh, for the past, you know, I don’t know decade anyway. Uh, but yeah, hard, hard pass on, on Javi Nooner for me again. Yeah. So in some, uh, in some Detroit news, um, what’s going on with project Greenlight, that was kind of a, I thought that was a successful project. It is. Uh, so, and we’ve talked about it on the show before where the, one of the issues with any facial recognition system in general, and this is why you’ve seen, uh, like Microsoft and IBM have both announced, they’re getting out of facial recognition technology. Um, one of the issues is the enormously high rate of false positives, uh, when it comes to people of color. Like, so basically if you’re white, you’re going to be all right when it comes to facial recognition software, um, if you are not, it is as high as I believe, a 70% false positive rate, uh, using facial recognition.

Oh, absolutely. So the entire point of it is so it’s, it’s all, you know, and we’ve all seen him if you’ve been downtown, you know, if there’s a green light out front, they’ve got security cameras and stuff that are hooked into the central police department. And so, and this was, and again, we’ve talked about this on the show before the big complaint about it was the use of facial recognition technology. Um, and when are they using it and how are they using it? And, and, and that kind of stuff, because, you know, essentially if it’s on 24 seven, then you’re constantly under surveillance and, you know, the, the DPD came out and said, no, we only turn it on. You know, we only turn it on when it, you know, we get an alert from, um, you know, one of the participating business owners that there’s been a crime and then we activate it and everybody kind of went yeah, right on. So, but this, to your point, this, this whole conversation comes this whole conversation

Project Greenlight is that it’s paid a play. Like

Sure, you can have security if the police will respond to you, you know, if you pay. Right. So, but so to your point, uh, the reason why he brought this up and the reason why it was on our story list this week is, uh, so the, uh, you know, the protesters, uh, the organizers of the protests and stuff downtown, you know, sat down and met, uh, and had a meeting with, you know, the powers that be, uh, and I believe number two, uh, on their list of demands was get rid of project Greenlight. And a lot of business owners have come out and said, uh, no, uh, because you know, it has helped them increase safety. It has helped them, you know, make their customers feel more safe and help their customers feel more secure and help their employees feel more safe and secure. Um, and so they want it to continue. Uh, so I mean, it’s, it’s going to be an interesting situation to see how that shakes out.

Well, you know, my feelings on this crap when it first started, right. I’m like new. Um, and then it gets implemented and then the business owners are like, okay, Hey, you know, what’s the number 23%. Um, crime is down at their establishments. And some of, some of those places go through absolute health, um, trying to serve the public. So, I mean, um, so part of me is like, you know, you know, how do you know it’s not one of those things, how does democracy diet with thunderous applause, right? We’re not, I don’t think we’re there yet having private cameras, private group, private it’s private businesses, far as I’m concerned, it’s surveillance at private business. So I’m, I’m completely fine with that. What are, you know, um, I mean, if you think about it, it is a

Very small step beyond us having nest cams in our studios and calling nine one one, if something happens and turning over the footage, it is, it is simply one step further where you have that connection with the police department to be able to instantly transmit them stuff and give them access to your, you know, to that feed and that kind of stuff, because it’s, you know, cameras under their control. Um, so I mean, I, I get it and, but I do, I mean, I, like I said, with the enormously high, false positive rate, I understand the concerns about it. I absolutely do, you know, in a city, you know, depending on which stat you want to listen to 80 to 83% African American, um, you know, it’s, that’s a problem like that. You know, that that’s a huge, I mean, that puts a lot of people at risk, especially in this day and age,

That was always the problem. Like, uh, when they had the, uh, the blinking, uh, w with cameras, with like Asians, there was always, there was an issue. It always seems like some of the, so always something with these technologies is always an issue with some someone’s ethnicity. Right. Whether it was that, you know, do you remember that? Or no. Yes. Uh, and then, you know, like, yeah, the facial recognition thing, like, you know, that, yeah. I think that’s the crux, that’s the crux of this whole entire thing is, you know, he matches the description to the use so loosely. Right. Um, which, which, you know,

And just for what it’s worth, uh, shout out to, uh, Greg Walters, he’s watching, um, and he had commented that there were plenty of live streams. And I said, Hey, we’d love to see a few links. And so he’s actually throwing links in, into the chat on this video, if you want to catch him later.

Yeah, I totally will. Um, so you know what, uh, my favorite, you know, I think this is, uh, if this was Chinese new year, I think 2020 should be the year of the glory hole. I think we should promote that. I think we should make t-shirts. Um, I think this should be a no. So here’s the, this is the, this is how weird this year has gotten, um, the New York city department of health. Um, that’s the best tweet by the way, uh, the New York city department of health encouraging Gloria hosels, not on my 2020 bingo apocalypse bingo card. Nope, absolutely. Was not. Um, and I want to read this for beta, because I think this is hysterical. Um, this is from the department of health. This is not from like Metro to, this is not the onion. This is not even, it’s not even like the Metro times or like New York post or some rag, right.

This is a big New York city department of health. Um, make it a little kinky, be creative with sexual positions and physical barriers, like walls that allow sexual contact while preventing close face to face contact. So in essence, a glory hole and a that’s supposed to kill COVID Randy. Um, your thoughts, it’s not going to kill COVID, it’s going to prevent the spread of prevent. Is it though? Did you hear what you hear? What they’re saying? What I’m saying, it’s not going to prevent it. How is it going to prevent it? So I can’t, I can do this in your mouth, but I can’t coffin it. See you’re safe. Hooray. I mean, it is trans, uh, transmitted by respiratory fluids. So if you’re not breathing in breathing out this whole thing this whole year is it’s a throwaway year. It’s so

Stupid. Well, and, uh, and keep in mind if you pay attention to the latest conspiracy theorists, the world’s might be the world might be ending on Thursday. Uh, cause apparently they read the, the, the Mayan calendar interpretation. Uh, apparently there’s a thing with the changeover from, uh, to the Gregorian calendar and you add it last AIDS law basically lost eight days a year. And so you add up that number of years and basically the mine, the December 12th, 20, or December 12th, 2012 is now Thursday.

Awesome. I’ll see you on the other side. Um, speaking of New York, this is actually newer post and this is a problem going on right now without bars and restaurants and public places being open. Um, there’s no place to take a piss in New York. And so now people are just whipping it out other than the streets and then peeing everywhere. Um, you know, the basically there’s drink windows selling to go cocktails all over the city. Right. Which is fine. But now where do I make PP? And there’s, there’s nowhere to go. Um, basically those as the story says, coworker saw some guy just coming down the street and pulling his pants down to pee. And she was like, nah, not here, man. They actually quoted that as an actual quote, brilliant journalism these days at the New York post. Um, but that’s been an uptake on the street. Most people, um, like go in a corner or I’ve like friends opened their jacket to cover them up. Um, like basically there’s, uh, you know, I mean, back in the day there was to say, you know, bathrooms are for public or customers only right now. They don’t even have them anyway.

Well, yeah, cause they’ve got them locked, but well, cause, and that’s the thing, like, I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to like all the regulations are coming that are coming out, you know, or that came out for like, you know, bars and restaurants opening. Um, I’ve got two friends that own tattoo shops, a tattoo and piercing shops. And dude like the regulations that came out for them are just absolutely overbearingly, insane. Like I understand what they’re trying to do, but you know, I understand why a lot of places are going, nah, we’re not opening yet new. I could

See, I could see for a tattoo parlor. Right. But I like a bar has got almost be as clean as like a fricking surgical Florida hospital. Like it’s this stuff that they’re making them is

So over and above

Well, or let’s be real, the stuff that they’re supposed to be doing. Like, you know, I was talking to a mutual friend of ours cause I don’t wanna put him on blast, but a mutual friend of ours worked a shift on Saturday. Um, you know, and he, you know, basically said, you know, it was a slow, uh, B even when it got busy, um, you know, people weren’t tipping at well at all. Um, he had at least one walkout on a tab, uh, and he said at one point the door guy looked at him and said, Hey, I’m just going to start letting people in without mass. Cause I just turned away seven people and he was like, Oh hell no, you’re not like, no, no don’t do that. Like, that’s the point of see the thing I don’t get as you walk in with a mask and then you instantly take it off. Well, no, you can take it off. No. So that’s, that’s again, you’re allowed to take it off while you are seated. If you like get up to go to the bathroom, you’re supposed to put it back on. If you’re it it’s exactly.

And we, and they wonder, and they wonder why, why, why, why we getting like really like, I can have it off here, but not there.

Yeah. And you know, if you’re up and walking around, you are more likely to come in contact with other people outside of your party. Um, and that’s what they’re trying to do is, is, you know, basically limit contact, you know, and it’s, it’s like I said, you know, one of the reasons why, you know, the studio openings got delayed, um, was cause I’ve got, uh, those no touch, uh, you know, infrared thermometers on order and they got delayed. Um, and now they’re going to be here on a Wednesday and I mean, cards on table. I’m not going to lie. That is, I truly believe that that is far more of a touchy feely PR move than it is anything else. Because I mean, you don’t have to have a temperature. I mean, you can be completely asymptomatic and still have it. You can have a temperature, like you can just naturally burn hot and it’s not an issue you could have just like a normal cold and have a fever and it’s not Corona. Um, so I mean, there’s, there’s a lot of, but you know, but heaven forbid we don’t have that in the studios and somebody hops on, you know, Facebook or Twitter or Instagram poke is truly, isn’t doing anything to protect people. Cause you know, that’ll happen. That that’ll be the next thing that happens.

That was, that was the thing I was making fun of people at work today. They started installing hockey glass between tables. Like, you know how we sit at like six foot tables, right? Like Ikea tables. And there’s just hockey glass between the tables, what the chairs are. There’s no separation between the people in the chair. So that was like us going to a hockey game. Are you banging on the glass and like chanting at the other people like imagine like glasses on the table, but you can, you can literally put your arm out and touch the person next to you. Right. So of course the guys that are like, they should have their own podcasts. They’re hysterical. I listened to them all day and I’m like, Oh nice hockey glass. I’m helping because they know, right. They’re like, Oh yeah, look, I can just touch

Them. You know?

Um, well, and that’s the thing. I mean, it’s, I, you know, it’s kinda like the whole Chaz thing. Like I want to believe that all of these rules and regulations are coming from a good place, but it’s just not entirely logical.

It, it, to me, it’s just screams of, I don’t want to be public. I don’t want to be on a public freakout video on YouTube and you know, because I am helping, you know, I got my crocheted mascot and Alyssa Milano look, look at me, I’m doing my part. Like it’s, it’s, it’s, I’m doing my part. Are you, we get to become Starship troopers. Like literally this is, this whole year has been like one dystopian movie gone to hell.

Oh for sure. Well and contributing to it. I mean, here’s the other downside, you know, especially, you know, with, with so many issues and everything else that people are dealing with over the last three months. Um, you know, so you’ve got the Michigan unemployment agency that’s dealing with, you know, originally they had flagged, I believe they said 340,000 accounts, uh, that is now up to 400,000, uh, that they flagged for being fraudulent and issued stop payments on. And I’ve seen like a lot of friends that are saying that their accounts are one of those ones that are flagged and there’s no, like there’s no way to get in contact with them. Like you’re still on hold forever. You’re still, you know, you can’t get through to somebody to actually like make this go away. And you know, and some people have had it like there for like weeks now. And I mean, and that’s, that’s a huge issue if like, if that’s your only, like, if that’s your lifeline right now, you’re screwed.

Yeah, no, it’s good. You know, you’re exactly right. Again. Uh, I, I can’t, you know, I can’t imagine like, here’s the thing, you, you, you have a complete spectrum of people, half of them going, I don’t give a shit and the other half going protect me, save me, public shame, everyone things. Right. And there’s, there’s really, there’s not much, I don’t know. I don’t want to say I’m in between. I’m kind of in between about it. When I go out, I’m safe. I don’t go out that much, but when I do I’m safe. And then for the most part, I’m keeping myself and, you know, um, you know, but I’m not shaming anyone. If I see someone at the store, I’m not going to be like Nicky chill, I’m pulling out my phone and I’m going to post it

Well. So, and actually, so there’s a good question. And I was hanging out with the, uh, the tales from the bar side curlier, um, and Remi had gone out, uh, he went out to a bar, uh, this weekend, um, and Lauren is kind of in the same boat I am or like, no, I’m cool. I’m going to wait. So like, you know, yeah. I mean, like I’ve noticed, you know, you’ve been out and checked in at a couple places on Facebook. Like, so what was like, what was the trigger for you that said, Hey, and, and you said you were, you know, you were traveling with, you know, bow and mags. Like, what was the, what was the trigger for you that said, okay, I’m feeling comfortable and safe enough that I’m going to go hit a couple of places

That wasn’t a restaurant. That was a takeout window. Oh, okay. I eat my car. Oh, okay. Yeah. There’s picnic tables. It was Doug’s di it was duck delight. And that, uh, that Italian beef stand.

Oh, didn’t you didn’t you hit second

Base. I did. Okay. Um, yeah, just, you know,

And how, like, I’m just curious, like, how did I, I have yet to be in a bar? Like, what was it like?

Uh, there was the same two guys that are always there on the right. And there was like four people on the left besides us. Um, and that was, and it was dead quiet.

So everybody’s sitting at, like, everybody’s sitting at the bar, is it no bar seating and the table. Okay. Just curious

Three tables set up. Um, yeah. You know, I was in there for, you know, piece of pizza and a couple of pops got out.

Well, no, I’m just curious. Cause like I know like Detroit shipping company, like they’re getting ready to reopen and they’re basically converting everything to outdoor seating, like, and they basically said, Hey, you know, you’re not going to be able to walk up to the bar and grab a drink. Um, there’s, you know, it’s, it’s basically the inside is going to be open to go to the bathrooms. Uh, everything else is going to be like tableside service. Like, you know, somebody will come take your order for food, somebody who could take your order for drinks and that kind of stuff. Um, at one of the outdoor tables sent me, I’m just, I’m, I’m curious, like, as I’ve, as I’ve heard of people going out, I’m just trying to, you know, me, I’m collecting data points and just trying to figure it out.

No, I think, I think it’s a sliding scale as well. Like I just told you, like other people are treating it versus the restaurant. Like some of them are being super precautious about the dive bars, the dive bars don’t give a shit. I’m like, I don’t, you know, I haven’t been to,

I don’t know what profession, you will never find a group of people who do not give a shit about the coronavirus more so than walking into a smoke shop. I’m just saying like that.

Right. That’s what I’m saying. Like know,

And you know, like, you know, again, people kind of, you know, there’s a, there’s a couple of people at work that are like single guys that usually everyday go to the gym and they like, and have a drink once in a while. Right? Like they’ve run out of shit to watch. They’re starting to go stir crazy. They’re working. I mean, I had one guy work a hundred hours last week, rebuilding DFS, because cause, cause that does, what else, what else? Right. I got nothing, you know, he goes out for a run like six in the morning and that’s about, that’s all he has besides being on teams with us. And then, you know, so he’s like F it I’m just rebuilding, you know, rebuild. It took me to SUNY on with a couple of other projects and rebuild a on prem DFS and then like,

Okay, cool. It’s done. Like, wait, what’s done. You know what I mean? Like, yeah, I got nothing else to do. What am I supposed to do? Um, I wanted to talk about a couple of things that I was kind of mad about too, that I totally forgot about. Apparently now Legos. Um, you can’t by the police station Legos. Do they, did they actually pull that or was that again, I’m one of those bullshit. I believe they pulled all of them,

The advertising for them. I, and I think they requested, um, stores to pull them off their shelves, but did not mandate if I recall correctly.

Oh, all right. Uh, um,

Favorite stories, which just turn those into collector’s items. Just so we’re all clear. You don’t think I look up

To go buy one that I’m going to sell it anytime, but you know what I mean? Yeah. One of my favorite stories this weekend, we have like 42 stories, like the liquidity, cause we didn’t get any last week. Yeah. I always like when hackers do do for the good of the public and apparently hackers jammed all those Chicago police scanners with chocolate rain dude,

Which was amazing. Well, and we talked about this, I think two weeks ago where, um, one of the protests locations, somebody got ahold of one of the police radios and started playing NWA, uh, over, you know, over it. And so it doesn’t surprise me that this stuff goes on and more power to them. But so on, on the Corona vibe, did this story blew my freaking mind. I’m the guy that got coronavirus, um, was in the hospital and thankfully like he’s got insurance and like, you know, the government has all these programs out to help waive deductibles and that kind of stuff right now because of COVID. Um, yeah, his bill getting out of the hospital was a hundred and some odd pages long, one point $1 million

Million. Um, I was, uh, I was showing that to my wife cause she’s in the medical field and I was going through the line by lines and I like the eyes. Well, the guy was seventies. So I mean, he was in and he was in ICU. So like, well, cause

He was in an isolation unit as almost every COVID patient is like, I don’t, I don’t think that was like their do their, Oh, everybody that’s a COVID patient is essentially put into ICU. Cause they’re put into isolation rooms, ventilators and all that crap. By the time you’re getting admitted, you’re going into intensive care.

I can’t find this story, but I want to say like every day it was like $9,600

For the room. Yeah. Another like another 1100 or $1,200 for the ventilator. Yeah. Oh, but yeah, one point $1 million.

And I mean his out of pocket was zero, correct? Yes. I mean, the story got shared from everywhere thinking, Oh my God, Millie knows. But like, um, and you wonder why healthcare costs are going the way they are.

Right. Just to be honest. Well, and so, I mean, that’s, you know, the other, I mean, that’s, you know, it’s been interesting, you know, in that same vein, you know, with all of the, you know, off premise, uh, like all the remote learning and all that stuff that’s been going on. Uh, so, you know, Frazier, uh, which is the school district I’m in, um, got approval to basically stay virtual, um, for all of next year for all grades. Um, which is going to be interesting to see how many people choose, um, an opt in to taking that route.

The weird thing that went on this year was you, kids could opt for a greater credit that doesn’t affect their GPA. So interesting that most of the kids like had a couple of classes, which their GPA was based on that they were getting A’s in the rest of the classes. They just got credit. So if you have two classes, the 4.0, your grade point is a 4.0 and a, and literally like, this was, this is my, this has been me and my wife’s life for the last

Month is every day. Um, your daughter has done 5% of her cover classes. She’s going to fail, blah, blah, blah. And then you go to your kid, it’s due the 12th dad, the up bucket. I’ve had those same conversations. Yeah. You have, you have 12% done. How are you going to get this shit done? Do the 12 dad quit like literally up til four in the morning, the night before and suddenly it’s all done and they did it and they need to ask you 30,000 questions while they’re doing it. Well, the, the, the weird thing was like, they had us doing Khan Academy, shit. It wasn’t even like schoolwork. It was just like stuff they found to make you do. Yeah. It wasn’t like, you know, but like literally they, like, I like, thank God those texts are gone. Cause like literally every day I would get a text.

This is your so, and so’s teacher for this class and her kid’s failing, like, how are you failing? She’s failing. Like, and then it’s this whole back and forth like is a teacher full of Shinar? Are you right? Yeah. Who am I supposed to believe here? That’s the thing that’s going to happen. If they decide to go virtual all year at Frazier it’s the kids are going to not do shit until the stuff’s due. And then they’re going to cram it all in, in two days. And then, you know, learning like, you know what I mean? There’s gotta be some sort of mix or some sort of a, you gotta attend to the zoom class, like, Oh, Oh, that’s totally what, yeah. There’s, there’s still gonna be some of that. Um, Oh God, I can’t believe when we were talking about like pop patrol and that kind of stuff.

So apparently they’re going to go back, uh, or actually they’re not going to go back, but they’re moving forward. Um, Elmer Fudd will no longer be carrying a gun on HBO, max. I don’t think there were many of him having a gun. And there was a, he was a pool runner. Yeah. It was scrubbed down. Really? One of the greatest, one of the greatest bugs bunny episodes of all time, the Leopold episode where the guy was Leopold. Yeah. The guy was coughing in the front row and he pulls out a six shooter, blows the guy away. Here’s the thing we grew up on that shit. We didn’t, we all knew the difference. We knew it was a cartoon and not real. We didn’t realize the racist undertones till we were like in her late. So those were some of the older ones let’s be clear.

I mean, those were some of the, like the old Injun Joe and like, you know, the, the Jack and the Japanese guy. Yeah. Those, some of those. Yeah. But Hey dude, we were exposed to cross recipe. Dude. Bugs bunny was like the first cross-dresser I was ever exposed to. Right. There was nothing like it. Like, here’s the thing, like when you’re kids, you don’t care. Like that’s the one who like learn behavior and all that. I’m like, I didn’t go, I didn’t bomb anyone. Like, like that was the thing that sucked. I didn’t run upstairs and put on one of my mom’s dresses. Try to be bugs bunny. No. Yeah. The Wiley coyote road runner, there was like no dynamite. Oh yeah. They stopped showing the poof when he hits the bottom, you had a bunch of dynamite though. Was there? Yeah, like he was, uh, at the pool episode, uh, bugs, pretending he was a lifeguard and said no swimming without a buddy.

So he, uh, gives a dynamite dummy to Elmer Fudd, Elmer floods grabs him and then he explodes. But what’s, I mean, Hey Randy, for the record, um, Greg chimed in and he’s having a flashback to the whole glory hole discussion, uh, he said, Hey, uh, it’s, it’s been found in semen as well. There’s something I never thought I would have to type screenshot that great, great moments with our members. We, we do what we can, you know, in, in these struggling times. No, that’s what I put, uh, the best response I sought of Elmer Fudd thing was obviously some tweet from somebody who said, I’m sure that Molotov cocktails and milkshakes and pellets of brick would be acceptable to placements being a Molotov cocktails. Did you see that? Uh, closed captioning transcription error where they put a mazel Tov cocktails? Oh my God. That was an amazing picture of the Orthodox Jewish guy.

When I was reading the article about, uh, the U S military might be losing the trademark to a space force, Netflix series. Have you watched it? No. I still have not broken down into watched it yet. We, the Orville office is I like to call, um, it’s um, I don’t want to say it’s not good. It’s not what I expected. I’ve heard good things. I’ve heard some good things about like, you know, the problem is with these, with some of these actors is when they be, when they get a little bit too old, they become characters of themselves. Yes. Like, well, and some of them become caricatures of themselves. Yeah. That’s what I just said. Um, Oh, you said, you said characters. I didn’t know if you meant, like they were like here at characatures themselves. You know, like John Malcovich is in this any he’s like, he’s like, um, God, what’s the guy’s name that just got busted for all the porn in Hollywood. It’s like him doing Epstein. John. Malcovich not Epstein all of the actor that was in Kevin Spacey, Spacey thing. It’s like Spacey. It’s like Spacey doing Malcovich like, everything’s not [inaudible]. And it just it’s really it’s Eric doing? Walking.

Eric does a good walking notes. It’s like a bad, it’s like a bad person. But like, um, corral is like always going to be corral from the office. Like, yeah. It’s just before the 40 year old Virgin. One of the two. Yeah. Right, right. And it’s not, I went into it wanting to like it. I still might like it again, but it’s like, it was just, it was a tough watch. It really is. Like you had to wait a half an hour for like a good one line. You expect it to be like yuck, yuck, like the office that you would think so. And it wasn’t, it was not the Orville office. All right. Hey, before we, before we roll, Hey, capital one knows life. Doesn’t alert you about your credit card. That’s why they created, you know, the capital one assistant that looks out for surprise credit card charges like over tipping, duplicate charges or potential fraud, then sends an alert to your phone and helps if you need to fix them another way, capital one is watching out for your money.

When you’re not capital one, what’s in your wallet. See capital one.com for details. I always want to read the end, like really fast. Like the old micro machines guy have a little one, a little like another thing that went on, like we always talk about TV and crap. I was, I was, dorked like, nothing’s better than formula. If you’re a formula one fan at all. No. Like one out of a hundred races are in the rain. So like Sunday morning, soccer’s over. I flipped ESPN formula one and it’s in the rain and I’m gigged and I’m like sweet. And I’m texting Tulio. I’m guessing there’s a lot more crashes when that happens. Uh, no, it’s just, it just like with the mist and everything, it’s just really cool to watch. It was F in video game. 

They were televising it and they’re using it in like the cinematic view. So it looked cool. Like I got, literally I got angry. Like I want, you know, not that I want, I’m dying for sports to come back. You know, premier league guy, apparently it’s starting back this week. So I want to see how England is tackling it versus, uh, Germany with this, with the chance in the crowd. I’m hoping that they, uh, learn some tips, um, who does, Oh, Hey. Before I forget, uh, you were, we were talking about the whole space force thing. Um, the reason why the U S government will probably lose, um, any rights to it is that Netflix is smart. Um, and as soon as that project got greenlit, they filed all the trademarks, uh, everywhere for the words, space force. Um, and so, yeah, because why wouldn’t they, uh, and, and yeah, so we’ll, we’ll see how that plays out.

That should be, that should be fun to watch. Can you declare eminent domain on a trademark? Well, who’s done space for us since Reagan anyway, or what did he call it? What did Reagan that was star Wars. That was star Wars. That was actually called star Wars. Did you see, what did the article I sent the movie called? Was it star scream? God bless it. Oh, no. You a star crash 1978. You through that. And I, I saw it like I it’s on Amazon prime if I recall correctly. Yes. So the reason I watched those under my recommended on YouTube, and some guys said that this movies, star Wars stole off this movie, but in actually in actuality, it’s reverse. I was like, yeah, well, cause he have it’s 78. That would be after star Wars. So, yeah. Right. So like, imagine like the it’s so bad.

The count is like, from like a, a Mexican spectation station film, like Dracula, like that’s what he looks like. He was almost, um, like, it just it’s. So over the top then there’s David Hasselhoff is the, is the hand solo. Um, the guy that the guy that’s playing Luke is like the greatest American hero, but if he was a meth head, um, and then the princess Leia is like Barbarella, like Playboy playmate and Barbara Allah clothes. And like, it’s so bad. Like the opening, the opening scene is like a crawl. What was that battle beyond the stars? Do you remember that one? No. It had John boy in it. Um, and it had the Valkyrie, which was basically the blonde Elvira in the super revealing dress. Um, yeah, so same. And it was like right out. So yeah, same kind of thing. Doesn’t surprise me.

But like the, the, the, the, they tried or they thought that this was like pre star Wars and Lucas stole it. You know what I mean? But like now, like, you know, then they found out it’s done a year after there’s a remake that we need, or is anybody working on the ice pirates reboot? Like, I feel like that would be that we’re due for a bunch of guys with our wieners cut off spacer piece. Yeah, absolutely. We need, we need space herpes back. Have you ever seen it? No. I’ve never heard of it. Like ice pirates. Look it up. Yeah. It’s like a car. It’s like one of those yuck yuck comedies from like the, from like early to mid eighties. Yeah. Yeah. It’s kind of like, look from like a Porky’s era. And like, I don’t know. I don’t remember why they had to cut their dicks off, but that was like a whole big part of it. It was like Angelina Houston and Ron Perlman. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

Bruceville Lynch. Okay. There’s no, there’s a lot of people. Oh, I knew you shot a note across about a universal Orlando looking like a complete shit show. What was that about? Oh yeah. No, there was a, just a, um, a guy just had filming, like he was in a mask and he’s basically doing a walk through. And, um, basically it’s like, when you went on a ride, you had to stand like six feet. Like there was no, the lines were like five minutes long. Okay. Basically, you know, you had to beat, stay around. You had to stay six feet between each other. And they were only running like every three cars on the rides. So like, um, it wasn’t, it was basically a ghost town and like, they put in all the social distancing rules, but they like kept everything going. Interesting. Yeah. So, so then of course I’m like out my kid’s 16th birthday.

Let’s do a weekend trip to Orlando and I’m looking for flights. Flights got expensive real quick. Oh, did they? Oh, they got stupid. There might be a couple like red, red, red eyes, red eyes that are like 400 bucks, three 50, damn. But then most of them are like six and honor dish. Like I looked for, we looked for a bunch like, you know, then the guys started talking about going to Vegas for fantasy football. Oh, there ain’t flights and flights jumped up quick. Cause they’re, you know, they’re running a dead capacity now they’re desperate for it. Yeah. Uh, you know, rent yourself an RV and drive on down. You’d kiss my ass for a weekend. Hey, so apparently, uh, I just wanna make sure I’m understanding properly. If I take my PlayStation two and rapid keeper around it, it becomes a PS five. Is that what I’m getting the other one.

Did you see any of the games that they showed? Yeah, so I actually, I’m a big fan of the, uh, the odd world series. Um, I I’ve, I’ve liked that since day one. Uh, and, and that looks really, really cool. So, so this, this reveal reminded, brought me back to a time. The first time I saw, um, super Marios in Nintendo 64 at toys R us where there was the finally the three D world Mario and I was completely and utterly mind blown and stared at it for like an hour. Yep. The way these, the way these games are done on the [inaudible] I’m like brought back to that moment as a child. Oh dude. It’s crazy feature films. It’s stupid. Um, you know, the problem is now, is it going to like look glorious and play like shit? Or is that the cut? Is that the, the in between cut scenes?

You know, the movies, not the actual gameplay. Yeah. Right. The hardware, these next gen consoles have, it’s pretty amazing. Like they capable of four K video and yeah. Comes with, you know, sold separately. 20 terabyte, hard drive. Yeah. No shit. All the shit. Oh yeah. All the, all the downloadable content that’s going to go into it. I’m sure. Well, the PlayStation comes with a version that doesn’t even have an optical drives. You’d have to download everything. Yeah. Seven days later as a custom 825 gigabyte hard drive SSD in it, because apparently that was the optimal storage size to speed comparison. That’s crazy. Everything’s in the cloud. Did you see the, um, did you get a chance to watch the EA star Wars squadron, uh, trailer that just came out that now that, um, I want to say it looks pretty awesome. I just want to see what, like the, the game, they didn’t show any of the gameplay did.

I’m not going to lie. Like, so like star Wars games by and large have always been solid. Like, so I’ve been going back, like, I’ve been, like I said, you know, you’re the dumb projects during lockdown, you know, like I got all these retro gaming systems up and running to the Nintendo 64. I don’t care if it’s the pottery, if it’s pod racer or rogue squadron, squadron was the best was, did they, they’re still amazing. Like the graphics are still great. It’s still phenomenal gameplay. Like I, yeah. I mean, those are, those are excellent games to play. So I’m, I’m, I don’t doubt that that will be a solid game as well. Yeah. I mean, you know, Battlefront two for all the shit that they got the first couple of weeks of release, they really clean that up quick. Yeah. They’ve done tons of dev on it. It’s actually, that’s one of the most fun, like online games. Like I don’t mind playing and like some of the scenes, like the battle of scarf and everything. Have you seen that on this, on Battlefront? Do like now, like, dude, it’s insane.

It’s like, uh, you know, that’s one of the best movies or best games I think they’ve ever made.

Oh, for sure. And, and so, you know, and I, like I said, I mean, I’m, I’m a, I’m not surprised. Um, and B I have, I have zero expectation that, that won’t continue. Um, Oh actually, and so one of the things we didn’t really talk about is, you know, as, as bars and restaurants are reopening, there are some that are not, um, you know, one of the ones, uh, that won’t be is, uh, HopCat in Royal Oak, uh, you know, they kind of like the whole black fin thing. They couldn’t come to an agreement on, you know, a rent jump from the building owner. Uh, and so they bailed out a hobby. I believe the parent company of hi, I’m Kat declared bankruptcy. Uh, and so that’s a whole thing. Um, I, you know, and that’s the, you know, honestly, that’s my, that’s my biggest concern with kind of the relaxed laissez Faire app at, you know, attitude that a lot of people have about this shit is if we go into a second wave of this and there has to be another lockdown, no nothing is going to survive it. Like no, no small business will survive another round of being shut down for three months. They won’t, it’s just not fiscally possible. No, you’re going to see 60% of all the small businesses. Basically,

I just made up the number because 97% of all sales are made up right. On the spot. Yeah. But yeah. And, you know, I don’t want to like, and it’s all the mom and pops the, the Walmarts and shit are going to be just fine. Right. Um, the giant corporation, dude, I mean, a HopCat

Is, you know, corporately owned and they’ve got, you know, a bunch of locations and they’re not good. I mean, you know, a lot of it,

I also didn’t do any business. They didn’t open for takeout or carry out or anything like that. So well, but are you with the businesses that did carry out early, like a Bobcat, Bonnie, you seemed to do fine.

Well, but like Bobcat Bonnie’s at least has a, more of a reputation for food as opposed to their beer and drink selection. Like, I can’t imagine doing a call ahead order for crack fries and loaded tots. Like that’s that’s no, that’s just not

That why you went there. Yeah. That was, that was stuff you happen to eat while you were there drinking. They did like the $10 box, I think did very well and figured it out because I don’t like BFD by my house, which is known as a beer place. They were doing the boxes of fruit boxes of vegetables for like $10 a piece. And they were doing $10 boxes and they were doing $40 family meal deals. So they just completely pared down did and like, you know, and then they had like, uh, the, the parking lot was cone. So like here’s where you drive around, turn around and here’s where you come and pick up and we’re going to put the shit in your trunk and you’re going to pay me here with the, with the, with the church basket, you know, and then like, get, get the hell outta here. You know what I mean? So I think the places that did that and adapted, I think that’s like that with any business at any time throughout any course in history, those that adapt are fine. And those that, uh, just sit, um, are gonna have problems.

Well, I mean, I mean, you know, I’ll, I’ll bullshit aside. I mean, look at us. I mean, there’s, there’s no way in hell I ever thought that we would, you know, completely adjust to a virtual podcasting setup, you know, for, you know, for podcast Detroit as a whole, no way. No, and I sure as shit didn’t think we would have new shows starting up during this time. Uh, our podcast is, um, Stephanie Goodrich is listening on her birthday. Ah, hi staff. She said, you look like a 1950s detective smoking a cigarette Massey the twenties. Sorry. Oh, well happy birthday, Stephanie. Um, yeah, so I mean, it, it is, I mean, I am, I am, I am hopeful that as things, cause I mean, realistically, like I know I’m probably going to be downtown at least a couple days this week getting the, uh, getting the DSE studio ready to be up, you know, ready to reopen next week.

Um, and so yeah, I will probably hop by, you know, I’ll probably pop into temple bar, um, you know, and, and see what that’s like. I may, you know, drive up probably, well, dude it’s, I don’t know that I’m going to like, I, I I’m, I’m not gonna lie. Like I’ve, I’ve been perfectly okay. Not going to bars. Like it’s all about, you know, it’s like, you know, talking with Fred last week, like where do you think your risk vectors are temple bar? I’m not as concerned about because while it’s not like there’s a hockey game going on and that place is going to be packed. Um, in fact, I love every now and then, like whenever Larry’s working, he fires up the lives, he fires up a live stream off his phone, and then I take over the jukebox and play the neverending story and he comes running back over to his phone.

Dammit, Dave, um, don’t have geo-fencing on those apps. Um, but so I mean, it’s, you know, but I do it like, I, I want to pop in and cause I, I don’t particularly envision that being all that crowded. Um, I know Mikey and Augie, you know, both said that whiskey wasn’t that crowded. Um, you know, when they were there Thursday and Friday. So, I mean, I don’t think like places like that, I am more likely to at least pop into and, and, and see what the situation is like. Um, I do really wish. Um, and, and I’m looking at U Michigan legislature, uh, would get off their asses and approve this whole drinking district concept. Um, because I would feel much more comfortable if I could, you know, get a drink and then not have to even, even sitting in an outdoor area. Cause I mean, even those can get crowded.

Like if I could drink in your car, like civilized exactly. While I’m driving around. No, uh, no, but like, you know, being able to take a, you know, a drink and walk from, you know, DSE to temple bar or over to jumbos or, you know, from whiskey in the jar over to Susie’s and you know, that kind of stuff like it’s when have you ever walked from Bartow bar? Give me that shit dude from whiskey to did, I’ve watched, you know, you’re the one, the [inaudible] it’s too far, it’s around the corner, Bob Oak here, I’m driving, you hop in the car, not don’t play that, don’t play that card with me. Um, but no, and I’ve walked, you know, so I’ve walked over to temple and I’ve, you know, walked from, you know, whiskey to Susie’s and a couple other places, um, you know, God punchy day, you know, I was, I was, you know, Lindholm and I were walking all over the place, going from bar to bar to bar, um, you know, it’s, and, and I’m okay with that, you know, and I would be, I would be more comfortable being able to do that, then being able to, you know, being forced to kind of be in a confined environment of any kind.

Um, just cause again, it’s, it’s all about risk points and figuring out like,

You know, yeah, right. So yes, approve that shit. Let us roam around like majestic wild drunken Buffalo. That’s that’s my thing. I know. I guess, uh, I was reading about the, the, the, the gym industry is they’re getting, they’re getting a little feisty and he’s like 24 hour fitness. So I just saw today filed for bankruptcy. Yeah. Cause the owners are basically like, the owners are basically like, Hey, I’m walking around this place sterilizing by the minute. And he’s like, you’re letting them those plate, like Kroger opening up. I don’t see anybody’s sterilizing anything, you know, and you could basically be shoulder to shoulder. There he goes, can you, can you, can you throw us something, look, throw us a bone, anything.

Well, but so, and I, you know, I do, I think, I think Fred covered that really well. Cause that was one of my questions that I asked him last week was okay. So if you know, health and fitness is a predicate to keeping this at Bay, why aren’t the gyms open and is like his whole thing about


Increased breathing and the increased exhalations and all that kind of stuff. Like even if you’re wiping down the gear and all that kind of stuff, you’re in an enclosed environment with people that are more rapidly exhaling and more rapidly putting shit in the air, that’s a problem.

Yeah. And I’m surprised like I was, um, you know, watching Rogan and he had a, not saying Rogan’s freaking expert on it or anything, but they were talking about like, you know, a lot of things they don’t see, no one talks about is, you know, trying to be healthy, taking vitamin C, taking your vitamins, eating healthy, like trying to getting your immunity boosted. Like apparently like that’s, that’s been like, I’ve never seen anyone really talk about it and it’s completely off the table and it kind of, it’s like, you should prepare for flying almost daily. I got my emergent two emergencies. I got my airborne tablet. I’m going to take, I’m going to eat healthy today. You don’t know just, you know, like literally when every time I flew with that’s like I would have a whole baggy full of like shit. Um, just to like, to, to, you know, make sure that I buy vitamins and all that stuff.

Well, I mean, you know, I mean, that’s, that’s one of the things that I found like, so like one of the nice things that I’m actually gonna miss when, when this all winds down is I have, I’ve had a lot more time to cook and I’ve had a lot more time to prepare stuff and that kind of thing. So like, I know I’ve been eating a little bit healthier and I, and I know like I’ve been eating a lot more salads. I’ve been eating a lot more fruit and vegetables, dude. I have no not taco

Salads. Um, I, you know, I’ve been eating a lot. I’ve been eating a lot more fruit and vegetables and that kind of stuff, just because, I mean, I’m not constantly on the go and I’m not, you know, hitting a drive through to pick up, you know, McDonald’s, I’m not hitting a drive through, you know, I’m not popping in a bar to grab some greasy bar food quick. Like it’s, by the way, I, um, I tried to get a shipped order two weeks ago. I forgot to tell you, um, I couldn’t get an order. So I’m like F it I’m getting Instacart and a guest a lot. I got, I got an order in like a half an hour, dude. I told you, it’s just, it’s a superior app and a better experience I’m in. We tried all the, and then he got old. He came like, now, now I’m completely, I’m hooked.

I told you. And I, and I deleted shipped. And it’s, I don’t know if people were quitting shipped on masks. I could not get an order for an entire weekend. No. So I think, so the problem is, is that I think a lot of people were opting into Instacart because people were tipping better on Instacart. Um, and so, you know, and then shipped, apparently just talking with you, like Shipt has some really weird rules about like ratings and when you can grab stuff and when you can’t grab stuff and that kind of thing, whereas Instacart seems like a little bit more open. Um, and so, like I said, dude, I’ve, I’ve had a flawless experience with it. Since I started using it, I was getting tired of the SMS texts. Like I said, dude, Instacart, it’s all in app. I freaking love it. Right. You approve or disapprove know, do you want this?

Or no, I don’t want you to just go ahead and refund me. I’m easy. This is how a first world or a house is. I had a blast yesterday. She’s going to get so mad at me. And she hears me talking about this. I’m like, I ordered, we’ve got a seedless watermelon and it came seated. And I didn’t just hear this grumbling and yelling and who gets seen and why. And I’m like, what are you trying to grow a garden? Like what first world? Like, like pick them out. Like it’s not like a mushroom where it leaves a flavor behind spit them. If that’s the worst thing that happened to you today, Instacart is taking steps to discourage tip feeding. So now if you remove the tip, you have to leave a comment why they reduced the tipping window from three days to 24 hours and now Instacart shoppers can cash out their tips instantly.

Not just their regular, I can’t for the life of me. I can’t believe again. Who are you that, that’s what you’re doing in life that we talked about that what a month ago? Month and a half ago. Yeah. Here’s the thing. It’s not like I’ve never once encountered anyone that was like, you don’t deal with them long enough to figure out if they’re a butthole or not. They bring your stuff to your porch. And they’re like, thank you. Like saved my day. Like you made me have such a better day because do the other thing, that’s the thing I love about Instacart is it tells you how many hours you’ve saved. Like, Hey, by using Instacart, you just saved two hours, you know, by not going to the grocery store with this order. Oh yeah. I’m well aware. Thanks. Then I got to see goddamn, you know, school mom and got to flip. Oh my God. Good to see you.

Well, but so speaking to that though, so I mean that’s, and that’s one of the things that’s, that’s becoming more and more of an issue is with all of the issues in the supply chain. Um, so the price of beef, uh, just jumped 10%. Um, they said the average grocery bill, I believe grow, you know, jumped, uh, four and a half percent if I recall correctly. Uh, and like that’s a, that’s a major issue, especially as people have been out of work and are relying on unemployment that they may or may not be getting, um, you know, you’ve got, you know, major, you know, beef packaging and processing plants that have been shut down, you know, due to, you know, employees getting the coronavirus and that kind of stuff. Um, it’s, that’s a, that’s a, I mean, 10% adds up pretty quick people don’t, I don’t think people really, really realize what would happen if this supply chain shit, the bed at any particular moment, even for a small sure. That he bought toilet paper. That was it is that what’s gonna, I, you know, but like,

Did they, did they really complain that on? Do they bitch about the supply chain for that? Or do they bitch about people going crazy and hoarding hoarders more than they did supply chain, but if there’s a legitimate supply chain,

Uh, like problem, like I don’t think people realize how much we owe how bad it can actually get. Well, I think, cause I think it was a, if I recall correctly, there was one that was in that article that was up in the grand Rapids area that was, you know, basically shut down for awhile, uh, because employees got coronavirus and they had to clean it and then they were only operating at, you know, 30% capacity. And now they’re back up to 60% capacity. But even that slow, um, you know, and low for what it needs to be. And they said, yeah, eventually it’ll balance out. Um, but it’s gonna take a while for every, you know, for everything to catch up and to get out there. And cause they said that the one number that was scary was that basically on the wholesale level prices effectively doubled. Um, but you know, stores had the, you know, because they had enough, you know, in stock, you know, they could kind of absorb some of that cost, uh, you know, and, and not have to pass doubling costs onto the consumers. Um, but I mean, that’s like, that’s a real concern.

Well, as it should be, I mean, when you look at, you know, Yeah. Any like again, anything panic driven is going to cause an insane shit storm. Um, regardless, like if something, it says it’s sold out, it’s gonna, there’s going to be a fricking panic, you know? Um,

So that’s the other thing, I mean, even, you know, with, and I’ve gotten notes from laugh, like I’ve gotten notes from all the, uh, shoppers or, you know, even Meyer shoppers, like they put limits on the weirdest things. Um, like you could only cause like I do a lot of cooking cause it’s your favorite thing ever mushrooms. Um, I put a lot of that in the Italian dishes that I make. Um, and like you can only buy four of mushrooms

Like that, that like all the had a limit, you could, you could only buy four cans of mushrooms. That was disgusting. If you eat five meals, that’s gross, you know, or you could only buy like two steaks at Meyer. Uh, but that like, or you could only buy two packages. So like you could buy like either two individual steaks or like two of the family packs. And then that was fine. It was like really, really weird stuff. This is all just stuff that’s making me laugh. One of my buddies that I grew up with posted shit on Instagram about like how he’s like balling, holding his barbecue open and he’s like stuffed clams and burgers or whatever. And I texted my buddy that grew up, that we all know that we knew him and were like, man, that shit straight out there in the frozen section of buyer, it’s like those fake clamshells stuffing in it.

I’ve seen them a hundred times and think got bought them once. And he’s like throwing them on the grill. Like it’s some freaky shit you’re fooling. No one. That’s like, that’s been my favorite part of this all day. Like people cooking trash and then like, they’re so proud of themselves. Like I made shit like I have the microwave and shit look how good it looks. Cause I never cooked for my son, which explains the run on toilet paper. I think we’ve covered that before too indeed. And then, uh, yeah, my world has been opened up to for, uh, for the, for the good for the Sharm and the good stuff. Um, we came close. I don’t know if I told this story yet. Uh, we were two roles left in the house with me and four women. You who? Drunkenly orders? 80 packs off of Amazon was almost out of toilet paper.

It’s like the three of the three weeks, like the auto ship. And like there was like a two week backlog on the auto ship. So like literally all of a sudden I got like, uh, for some reason I got an email for Walmart and it was like Sharman for 20 bucks. So like hard to, to like 48 packs. Um, Oh my God ready? Did you see this story with the guy with the pallet of toilet paper? And this woman starts calling him an asshole and a hoarder and started screaming at him and he’s like, he’s the stock boy. And she is like going, I don’t know if it was like a written article or whatever, or if it was like a red issue that I watch like mr. Reddit all the time on YouTube, but it was like skies. Like I had to peel back my jacket to show the, my name tag says, lady would quit filming me and harassing me.

Wow. Like who the hell? I want to take a pallet of toilet paper through the, through the checkout line. What the hell are they going to say to you? What the hell is Dave doing? Who knows refilling? It goes and takes arbitrary breaks. Not telling anybody he can go get refills and whatnot, but you know, we’re here carrying the show. If I looked at my phone funny, he’d yell at me for three hours after the show. So I just found some data from the us department of agriculture. And it looks like a ground. Chuck is up 76, almost 77 cents per pound from last year, at the same time this year. Uh, but, uh, and then boneless skinless chicken breasts are, uh, only up about 26 cents per pound. So when I was buying, I thought it was just because of a supply and demand. Not because the price has got driven up. I think I bought a couple of pounds of ground beef. I think it was, I think it was 10 bucks a pound. If I’m not mistaken from, from Meyer, like I was like, Holy shit. It’s like bacon pricing. Oh yeah. Dude. Even like the, even like the shitty split, like even if you’re getting like, like 70, 30 fat content, it’s it’s up there. It’s crazy. Oh, that’s the good stuff.

I mean, depending on what you’re doing with it. Yes. But yeah. Have you, uh, have you completely run out of crap to watch MTV? Like I’m done. Like I got nothing. I started to star girl was pretty good. Uh, it’s the new DC superhero, uh, her, she finds the staff from the old star man from the justice league or justice society. CW show. No it is Arizona CW, but it’s actually a DC universe. No, it’s a DC universe show that they’re decided to also air on CW. So it starts with DC. I tried right back girl with Ruby Rose and I’m not a huge fan of like, I think the villains are better than that woman on that show. Like Alice is a great villain, but that woman is horrible. Anything CW? I can’t get through it. Maybe it’s just maybe because I’m an old fuddy duddy, but uh, the supporting cast in Stargirl is Luke Wilson and Amy smart. It’s kind of weird seeing like big names like that being supporting cast, like what are they the mom and dad, ah, come on. I hate that crap. It’s like the Valley girl remake where what’s her. What’s her nuts from clueless is now. That was the sidekick. So Alicia Silverstone. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Alicia crooked mouth. Yeah, the world’s worst. Bad girl. Yeah. Wow. That too, that payments sucked. I believe that’s a universal truth. That is the world’s worst Batman movie that suits and nipples do not belong together.

Ruby Rose left the show and they’re going to make a new bet woman she’s so for season two, yeah, I would totally go in, in other breaking news. Water wet. Wow. Wait, wait. Real controversial, hot take their box.


I don’t want to go out on a limb here, but really Rose is kind of hot. I just thought I was the only one. Like I thought some obscure film on the CW that I found. Wow. That’s that’s outstanding. Um, yeah. I think John wick three. What’s the uh, Oh, by the way, did we talk about this last week bill? And Ted’s the new one we did not get to. Did we get to it? I thought we talked about it two weeks ago. We didn’t talk about it, but it looks like a giant bag of shit, dude. It’s going to be a nostalgic. Okay, mr. [inaudible]

just laugh and giggle. It’s going to be a nostalgic turn off your brain and just enjoy the giggle Fest. That’s that’s what it’s going to be. I think the age has finally caught up to Kiana. He finally let you start. He finally looks like an old man and he permanently talks like John wick. Now what I’m interested in is I wonder if those Keanu talk like John wick or does John wick talk like Whoa. Um, are they still planning with the meme with the guy in the club looking like this confused guy? Are they still planning on releasing a John wick four and matrix four on the same day? Or is that all shifted because of all the CAS? I haven’t heard anything different yet. I think it was far enough that he was really have to have Morpheus and John wick. That’s why I’m so sick of lazy casting.

Um, honestly I I’m at the point now where give me more of things I already know. I like, and don’t make me try to trust your judgment because I do not trust their judgment and you know, I’m okay with it. I’ve been down a wormhole of watching, uh, um, ex men recast and going through all the characters I like who should be who? And like, one of them brought up like Morpheus as professor X and I’m like, yes, no, yes, no. See it like, yeah, it’d be now because like, again, after I’m a card, who the hell are you going to cast in that role? Well, and I was, I was talking to somebody about this last night and I know there’s a story to it. I can’t remember why gambit didn’t have a bigger role or any role in the X-Men movies, so to speak.

Well, they had a standalone gambit movie with Chan Caden that just fizzled out. But like, I mean, like even in the movies, like you would think that they would have introduced that with rogue at some point, the guy from, uh, from, uh, Oh my God by Kennedy was the football movie with Billy Bob. They was the full back. Um, it was the magic mic dude. No, but originally we had him in the movie. It was Aaron Taylor Johnson. Was that the guy that did that shit as Disney movie, that flopped with other dumb aliens was that you’re going to have to be more specific, but I always call them. I always call them Reagan’s from Friday night lights. I never knew his name, but he did like, no that wasn’t, what’s the biggest flopping Disney history. That’s shit. Ask John Carter. John Carter. Thank you. Was

John Carter? Uh, yes, I believe. Why would you ever cast that? I’m sorry. That’s a career ending film. That’s a quick silver, uh, in age of Ultron. Yeah, but wasn’t he, wasn’t he didn’t you play gambit and one of the, one of the, uh, the X men one, uh, the one with, uh, no, John Carter was somebody else. Um, I believe I could have sworn he was gambit cause he threw cards and shit at Wolverine. Isn’t that gambit. That would be gambit, but what, which movie was that? Taylor kitsch. I had them backwards. Yeah. It’s Taylor kitchen, iron Taylor Johnson. Which, which X-Men was Taylor kitchen. Cause he was a Wolverine Ultraman, origin, Wolverine. It was the origin of one. Okay. And he was John Carter. Uh, he, he played with, with uh, Aaron Taylor Johnson in savages. Oh, you know what you’re right. I did. Yeah. Yeah. Origin. That’s one of those movies that I watched, but I didn’t watch and yeah.

All right. My bad, but still should have been a bigger character in the movies. I’m just saying I’m looking for like anything old scifi that I haven’t watched yet. I did. I did finally sit down and watch a dark Phoenix. Uh, God, [inaudible] again from a turnout, like dude, that entire like new timeline X men thing. I’m not a ginormous fan of to begin with. Um, but it was okay. Like, I, I, I, it was decent enough that I enjoyed it. You didn’t like the cold war? Uh, the X-Men origin. I thought that was phenomenal. Yeah. I like the original, the first class. So did I? Yeah, that was great.

Well only because of the, the slow motion scenes I was like, that was like, yeah. I mean, honestly like, like it was just one of those, like, I don’t like the, the weird, like, Hey, we’re going to reboot this. And like, okay. So it’s almost like Terminator, like, so Terminator Genesis, like, okay then Terminator three never happened. Um, or you know, the Sarah Connor Chronicles that, so that never happened like that. Like that’s, that’s the shit that just is, is weird to me is like, when you, when you try to retcon your crap, I thought it was accurate. It wasn’t it did I miss something? Like, I didn’t know, like there were younger versions and you know, they showed how he, you know, professor X lost. Is it supposed to be set in an alternate timeline that yeah. In Magneto, as Bishop in the new alien or whatever the hell he was called in this one shop, what’s that guy that sends another guy. I’ll never know his name and he’s in everything. Uh, Oh no. I was thinking Bishop from alien in the hall. Yeah. Lance Erickson. No, I got nothing. That’s my favorite thing to like take down Columbus. He murdered people put up a belief, Erickson. The Vikings were nice to everyone to jump around. No, I, uh, I want a, so I think where they took

Down the Columbus statue in Detroit is the ideal location for the Robocop statue. Uh, and then, and then every other one should be replaced with, uh, statues of Colombo. Um, Hungary has a beautiful statue of Colombo and I think that would be great.

Why? Why not? Why? Like the Brian’s fine. Why not to replace them all with the bronze dude? Replace them all with Godzilla statues. I don’t care. First time I saw the bronze funds. I had to make my Uber driver go to it. Cause I didn’t know where it was. And then I made him stop in the middle of the streets. I can get on, take a selfie with it. Then I came back in the car and he’s like, take me back to my hotel. He goes, that’s all we were doing. He goes, yeah. He’s like, you better tip the ever living shit out of me, dude, half a block around the season. I take a selfie with this stupid and he’s got this stupid smile on his face. Like I don’t remember. Oh, it’s it’s, it’s a, it’s a creepy smile. He never smiled like that. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. No, it was more like, especially when, uh, whenever, uh, whenever the leather or pinky Tuscadero were around, he smiled like that. Who is those at Bella was talking about like, uh, where you, Oh, I was, cause I was saying, take down the foot bronze fives. He goes cause of his, uh, the thieving music. He was the first Napster hitting the jukebox and stealing music. Yeah. We’re not going to end this show on this. Please tell me we got some bronze spots. Bronze funds cannot be the end. Uh, some more Jesus human organs for sale on Instagram or human body. Body parts for sale. Yeah. Cause apparently skulls are a big thing. Yeah. Uh,

Which isn’t that like, is like, that’s illegal, right? Like you’re not supposed to be able to buy that shit.

Um, I don’t think it’s illegal. I think it’s against terms of service for a lot of these services. Well, it depends if you dig them out of a graveyard or not, a lot of these are like research cadavers that have, they don’t have a use for anymore. So they sell them to collectors or whatever who then trade them. But all right. I guess that makes sense. Yeah. Yeah. You know how to, we have any friends in the date, anyone is have a, have a human skull in your house. Well, I mean, it works for Michael Jackson I guess. Uh,

Oh actually here’s one we didn’t talk about. I thought the, uh, the high court in Switzerland ruled, um, that our employer, that employers are responsible for paying a portion of the rent for all work from home employees that they forced to stay home and yet work from home during all of this nonsense.

So, you know, I would love and walk from home stipend. No, I, yeah. I worked from home for what? 14, 15 years. Um, I didn’t get a stipend, but I got to expense the tax. Yeah. There was a tax thing. Yeah. And then I got to right off my home internet. I got to write off myself right off. Um, I get to, I got to expense a $800 ergonomic chair, so I wouldn’t be uncomfortable. And then file, uh, and go on workman’s comp. Um, I got to buy, you know, like Google’s getting

A thousand dollars one for outfitting their shit. So I guess it depends on percentage of rent. Like what is it? Is it 500 a month for all your kind of expenses? Or is it like, like your rent two grand?

We gotta give you, I believe it was a percentage if I recall correctly.

Yeah. That to me, I’m totally fine with that. See now. Yeah. I guess here’s the thing like,

Are they going to figure out there’s a lot of companies are like, yep. We’re going to work from home. A lot of companies like, Nope, we’re coming all back in a phased approach. Like the people, like I have people that, um, that I work with that are killing it, being up to a four in the morning and just, just fricking coding and redoing stuff and retool it. Like, Hey, I just read, did this come out of the basement, but now it’s like, I got to tell them, okay, you got to come back to work. And now he’s a miserable cause he, you know, he’s got, he’s got to get up at eight at seven

One in the morning and be at one come punch in and yet do it. And that’s the thing I’ve been having that conversation with a lot of people lately where

Like, is like, is it, is it short sightedness? Is it not getting it? Is it fear

Of letting people work from home still? I mean, is it like, there’s, there’s gotta be a reason why companies would say, even though this has been perfectly effective over the last three months, we’re not going to continue this practice.

Well, I mean, we were, you know, when we were, uh, you know, they’re mandatory two huddles a day, um, huddles are, when you’re on your huddle, your videos on your eyes are up. Like there was, it was not negotiable. Um, you know, but like you had stuff to do, like you couldn’t not work. Like there was so much crap to do. Like people like right now, like mortgage industry, like you can get, you can refi right now for under 3%. Oh, I know I’m looking at it. Rates are in the twos. Um, so like our business is through the roof. So like everyone in the business is all hands on deck. Everyone’s working hard. Like there’s, even though your, I’m sorry, you cut out a little bit. They’re all hands on what you know, but you got, you know, everyone’s busting their ass.

Oh. And speaking of which, I’m sorry, but God bless all or screw all of the, uh, the places that have clipped the last two seconds off of that PornHub commercial, um, about the guy on zoom that, you know, thinks he’s off the meeting and, and sits down, grabs the hand lotion and starts rubbing one out. Everyone in America wanted it to be real. But like, if you are, but that was a porn hub commercial. And the last two seconds of that showed that it was a porn up commercial, but apparently like, you know, somebody clipped it and started sharing it that way. And everybody thought it was real. And I’m like, Oh, well, Hey, this is how fake news happened.

But cause they wanted it to be real. Like that’s the problem with fake news too. I want it to be real. Yeah. So I’m going to share it because these people tweeted, it

Aligns with my beliefs and therefore exactly what I don’t want to listen. That’s why I don’t. Did you read that blog? I wrote about you. Um, and it’s not about you. It’s about about 300 people on my Facebook feed. Um, that, that bitch daily about stuff that, um, retract retracted presidents named said today, that they’re shocked, dude. I, I read it and I mean, we can post it, but I’m never going to apologize for it. Cause like, I’m sorry. Like I, I am at the point now where I have zero tolerance for people that are not taking a stand about this shit. I don’t, I, if you are not sharing articles and commenting on this shit, then you are part of the problem. And I will never, ever one dude I will know. Yeah, I absolutely am. And I will. I won’t back down about that because dude, I’m sorry, if you are quiet now you are part of the problem because it has been too much silence for too damn long about this shit.

And it’s about time that people got pissed off about it. And it’s about time that people got loud about shit. You know, you’ve got, you know, the dipshits holding a almost swore rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma scheduled it for the, for Juneteenth, you know, the day that’s the end of slavery. The most, one of the most racist presidents we’ve ever had in our history outside of, you know, Andrew Jackson let’s say modern history. Um, and you know, you’ve got basically the health experts in Tulsa that are saying, please do not have this rally here because we’re experiencing a COVID spike as it is. And they’ve got 800,000 people reserving tickets. No, that’s, it’s bullshit for an ego boosting grand stand Pat on the back. Applause. Yay me. No, I’m I’m no, I’m not going to be quiet about this shit. Like I’ve, I’ve taught you to be quiet.

What I just said was, you know, that I go, I go, it’s like, you’re surprised that the shit smell. No, it’s not surprised. It’s it’s dude. It’s not surprised. It’s again, it’s it. It’s it it’s the seriously, this is where we are like, and I mean, it’s, it has nothing to do with being surprised that the shit smells like it. That Oh, it’s poop again. Yeah, it, yeah. It’s gonna make us vote for the rock dude. At this point I would vote for them. I’m not to lie. If he would declare his candidacy, I’d be all about it. Cause his dude, his, he cuts the best promos against Trump than anybody that I’ve ever seen. Jesse Ventura running third party. Um, you know, and that’s, and that’s the thing. Like I was talking to someone else it’s like, you know, this has been, this is the worst. This is the worst, um, battle Royal or like main event and like the history of our lifetime. Like there’s there’s there’s no, there’s no, there’s no like I’m waiting for somebody to come out of the woodwork. And no one would argue that the last election was, was the worst main event that we’ve had. That could be two, but this one’s, this one’s trumping it. No pun intended. I mean, at least the last one didn’t say to train cops to

Shoot them in the legs. I mean, this is, this is a, um, it’s just bad. Like it, and it doesn’t make it as a country. It doesn’t make us any better or makes things any easier when we’re sport we’re looked out upon by the entire world. Um, this is a shit show. It’s a giant pile of shit show it’s every South park election episode, it is giant douche or a turd sandwich. Yeah. I mean, I’ve been trying to read about the, you know, the libertarian candidate, but like I know it doesn’t, she doesn’t have a chance in piss, but Nope. She’s, you know, um, I, you know, yeah. It’s like, again, like you can write it. Like I like what she stands for and a few things, but like, of course, everyone looks good on a piece of paper like this, you know, I like this great.

I like puppies and ice cream too. Right. It doesn’t mean you can stand toe to toe in that, you know, but anyway, like, you know, I’m just, uh, just candidly, like I just like, it’s a pile of shit that everyone’s like, Oh my God, would you look at this shit? Smells like shit. And the next day it’s like, Oh my God, that shit smells like shit too. Like, honestly I think that like, that’s the crazy part to me. And honestly, like that’s, that’s the thing it’s getting worse every day. It is like, it is literally shit smells more exactly like, okay. It was okay

First it was cat shit. And then it was dog shit. And then like now, like there’s a moose crapping on my front yard, like tomorrow when like an elephant’s going to drop by. And you know, I think it’s, it’s just, it’s ridiculous. Like I like it every time, you know? And, and now like, you know, the conspiracy theorist in me and like the like, Oh, he scheduled it or he let it be scheduled for Juneteenth, knowing that that was going to cause an uproar so that he could then try to look like the good guy by pushing it back a day and, and, and get it. I just am giving him too much credit dude. Yeah. I mean, I just, I, well, or, or the people in his organization, you know, the ones that are left, um, that aren’t his family members. Uh, you know, it’s, like I said, I mean, it’s it just, I have, I have, I have hit the end of my rope when it comes to willful ignorance.

Like I I’ve, I’ve always said I I’m old and I’m not okay with, but I understand. And I get ignorance because that just means you don’t know willful ignorance and like refusing to see shit for what it is. I know I have no tolerance for it anymore. And, and you know, and like I said, dude, I, I I’ve paid attention. I’ve had people block me. I’ve had people unfriend me. I’ve I’ve lost and I don’t give it. And I’ve done the same. I’ve I’ve dropped people over this shit because it’d be like, Oh, you’re willing to lose a friend over politics. Nope. But I’m willing to lose a friend over basic human rights. And I’m willing to lose a friend over like belief that whether or not people, you know, matter and, and deserve to have a life or not. Yeah. That’s a huge,

That’s the only problem. That’s why I hate Twitter so much. That’s why, you know,

It drives me nuts, like stuff, um, stuff that is a, Oh my God, my Alexa is talking like, what the hell did I just say? I’m like, if we have bar conversations, they don’t ever end up bad. Like, you know what I mean? Like for you, if I send you an email and print it, it sounds horrible because you don’t get inflection B. We can’t talk back. Yeah. You don’t get body language. You don’t get tone. It’s yeah. I’ve never had a bad political conversation in person. Well, again, I’m, you know, I’m one of the few ones that also fit. I don’t think I’m right. I don’t think you’re wrong. Like, I think too many people just want to scream their beliefs and always that. Yeah. Nobody, nobody wants to hear your beliefs. They want to hear their beliefs coming out of their mouth. Out of your mouth.

Yeah. That’s a, that’s why I always like arguing politics. Cause you know, I go, let me preface this with it. You’ll never win because I don’t think I’m right. And I don’t think you’re wrong. They’re like, we want to talk about stuff. That’s going on. Cool. Let’s go there. Like I stay on top of everything. But like, I’m a, I didn’t like if you would’ve told me like that this was going to be this big of a shit show in 2015 and a half, when this thing came down the pike, like, you know, you gotta to, don’t forget though, that Ted Cruz won Iowa, like late. So like, again, we’re not, it’s not too late for like that. So I’m like, can someone please come out of the woods,

Dude, I’m, I’m waiting to see if Romney is going to make a run at challenging him for the Republican nomination. I really, really, I really, really am. And I don’t know as many, as many, I won’t say it’s not rats flame, but as many people as you’ve sheen jumped ship from him in the last couple of weeks, it’s not like there isn’t support for something like that to happen. And it would be, it’s extremely rare for it to happen. Um, but it wouldn’t be the first time in history. So I mean, I’m, I have hope. Give me Oprah, give me Cuban, give me what the rock tour I’ll give me. I don’t even care what party they are.

2,900. It’s not even, it’s not even about party anymore. Cause like that’s, shit’s out the window as far as I’m concerned, just yet take care of people.

Well, I did, we’ve had that, we’ve had this conversation a million times, you know, nobody is a hundred percent one or the other, you know, there’s there’s shit, you know, there’s, there’s shit that I’m liberal about their shit that I’m conservative about and that’s how most people are. And, and that’s okay. It’s, you know, it’s the problem is, is that you have so many single issue voters or so many people that are party voters because their parents were, or, and they don’t do, you know, they don’t take a nice last name. Right? Yeah. And so, I mean, you know, it’s yeah. I, I just,

Yeah. And sorry, I didn’t mean to go off on a rant, but it’s not like it’s dude, it’s, it’s a weird ass time and everybody’s been cropped up. I get it. Everybody’s frustrated and it doesn’t make things any easier when you had the here’s the thing that always me off when I talk to you about

This all the time, like you had this country has had multiple opportunities to unite again, like the, the shit that happened, um, in Minneapolis, that was a chance to unite. And it got, we knew United for like a half a day where everybody’s like, yeah, that’s, that was wrong. That has happened. We need to fix this shit. And as a country, and then it all went to hell and who went to hell, the person that the person that leads this thing can, can United are divided very quickly and very easily by their actions. Um, and it was a time where, um, we all had a common ground again, where we all thought the same thing. And again, um, someone’s shit all over it and brought it back, brought us back to square one again. And it’s, it’s frustrating as hell because again, you know, I always talk about w we need sports or something, unite us not saying that, not saying a tragedy is going to unite us, but if it can, why not?

Um, for sure, I will, in the end, did we talked about this? Like it did even Trump, if he would have just been the consummate sales guy and shut the hell up and just played the sales guy role and brought people together and close the deal life would have been good. But his problem is that he can’t shut the hell up. Right. Right. And his advisors are probably like, I can’t imagine the goddammit. They say in a given day, um, Oh, God was amongst, other than, I don’t know what her title is, what the new press secretary who’s, what is that? The third or fourth or fifth or 12th one. So this one, this one I’m kind of, I’m kind of a half in love with her. She’s a, uh, have you ever listened to her? She’s she’s kind of awesome. She’s just like, uh, like, you know, she’ll kind of spout, like she’s not a hack.

She kinda spits back and says her shit and walks off the stage. It’s kind of a completely, you know, you know, she’s like, Oh, by the, you know, when you guys did this and you know, she kinda like doesn’t take any shit. She’s kind of a like quick wit I dunno. It’s all, it’s all bullshit stage. Anyway. I can’t say exactly. Just trying to listen to it. I hate to, and then freaking stupid. I don’t know. I was going to say either before I started drinking more, we knew we need to close this out or else I’m going to get drunk and just start ranting. We got Chaz to talk about, at least for the time being

Well it’s uh, let’s see, what, what didn’t we cover? Uh, that [inaudible] no, not that one. Not that one. That, uh, yeah. Uh, the guy that owns town pump and hot taco screw him. Uh, there’s just that, uh,

He’s a butthole, but now he’s like an asshole. So now it’s like, everyone knew that guy was a complete, um,

Oh, so actually, so I guess here’s one to talk about just, you know, here, here’s a here’s one, since we happen to be on the platform right now, uh, you know, the owner of zoom came out and said, no, we’re not encrypted. We’re not encrypting for a free user

Because we want to be able to make this stuff available to law enforcement. I don’t like it. Um, that’s a PR no-no yeah. Oh, you know what it is. I just took my big cash out. I just shorted all my options and I’m good, you know, and it’s kind of like Walmart waving his Dick around, like you’re going to shop there, like, you know what I mean? Like, that’s all it is. You’re going to use me. What are you going to use? Microsoft teams like go buy that license. Here’s it. So here’s a shitty little thing that’s been that started happening about a week and a half, two weeks ago. Um, dear Google, stop inserting your goddamn Google meet links into calendar events that I set up with zoom after you F you and F everything about you for doing that. Like I had, so like the, uh, Alex, uh, the American Wiener show that ran at seven o’clock, his guest was lost, um, and was like, you know, five or six minutes late getting an Alex when that came out.

And he’s like, Hey, uh, yeah, my guess is, he’s trying to, you know, he’s in the waiting room for the Google meeting, the Google meet. And I’m like, dude, we’re not on Google meet we’re on zoom. Like what? And then I started, I went back and started looking and yeah, they’re just like randomly inserting Google, Hey, click this to join it. There’s no, no, I never set that up. Screw you. They, uh, they make one good step. There is nothing to set up. It just works. Everything. They can filter background noises. They, they, they did something good. And then they go do that, right? Like they could have been like, Hey, we’re going to, you know, have something awesome. And then they go and they poop the bed. They do somebody that, but nobody’s getting rid of zoom that since we got those fancy, uh, fancy backgrounds, um, all the new thing at work, which is fun is you take a screen caps of people. Like you gotta take one with Dave making a stupid face, take a screen cap. And then you use that as your zoom background, like of him behind you. Like, so like, there’s like, uh, you should do that, Dave. Uh, yeah, no, I’ve, I’ve, I’ve, uh, I’ve, I’ve never done that. Uh, I have absolutely. I do not have, uh, do to do, to, to, uh, uh, let’s see. No, I should. I certainly don’t have you, ah,


Oh, where’s the, uh, man, uh, I still love this one. Wow. Yeah, I got out my zoom game. Uh, yeah. Uh, so there’s uh, when Stephanie is on zoom, that’s her background at her house? Uh, yeah, so I I’ve got quite a few, I’ve got Augie in here somewhere,

But honestly I’m afraid to keep digging because God only knows what’s going to pop up. So I did, the problem is I got three laps. Like I got my work laptop. I got my home laptop. Like I got all the cool ones at work that I wanted to hear, you know, anyway. Right. So, Hey, for what it’s worth, uh, anybody listening at home? Uh, my new GoTo shot, I have finally found something good to do with peanut butter whiskey. Uh, cause it is just it’s, it’s too sweet in and of itself. And I don’t like it drinking. Uh, but peanut butter, whiskey and sham board half and half, uh, tastes exactly like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And I highly recommend

Bye sham board me. But have you seen Bob? You’ve seen, you’ve seen my bar. You know what don’t I have. Alright. Whenever we’re getting up to the top of the hour, we’ll just, how about we a wrap? Oh, wow. That is like, yeah. There’s almost 11. Yeah. We’re going to wrap things up for this episode. Three 50, two of the one and only it in the D show broadcasting live from the podcast, Detroit autonomous zone. Uh, on behalf of Bob David, Randy, do us all a favor drink. I’ll be drinks. Get your phone numbers. You don’t gotta go home. Just got to get the hell out of here and see you next week. Drive careful beat it. I think I have a bunker to go inspect to see you guys. All right. We’re clear. What’s his name?