Episode 349 – Binging During Quarantine, 90 Day Fiancee and More

Hey, welcome to the one and only IT in the D show. This is episode 349 happy Memorial day to everybody listening. Hopefully you didn’t give him a moment of silence today to all the men and women that have made the ultimate price and certainly our freedoms appreciate it. Um, it is because of people like you that we can be the self-entitled jerk wads that we are and we need, we appreciate from our homes. I think this is what our 10th or eighth edition of a foreign team, uh, something like that. Yeah. Yeah. This is, I’m a, if you don’t know me, I’m Bob the sales guy that’s named the geek. I do. The Twitters is doing the Twitter’s. You can find us online at [inaudible] dot com do us a favor. Give us a like on the socials and subscribe to us everywhere fine podcasts are sold…




except for podcast addict cause apparently just took them off.

Yeah, they got, they got pulled back. Oh, they’re back now. Yeah. But, uh, and as per usual, this is usually the part of the show where we talk about our upcoming events and we ain’t gotten an a in can. In fact, I actually just canceled the, uh, the Facebook listing for the Anarbor event cause that was still on the agenda. Um, yeah, because our governor just extended our stay home, stay safe

again until June 12th. Yeah, exactly. So everybody in Trevor city shout out to all my friends up there. No kidding. Travers city is packed.

Well, and then they did, apparently they had, um, a couple of people that showed up, uh, positive. Um, obviously they didn’t catch it there, like I said, a couple. Um, and so they showed up. Uh, I guess they, you know, they went up and had it and just, you know, developed worse symptoms while they were there. So yay. You know, I think we all were kind of expecting those kinds of stories. Um, but yeah, I mean it’s, and it was, uh huh. Well, yeah, no, I mean we’ll see more, I’m sure. Uh, but yeah, I mean it’s, you know, things got relaxed a little bit. You can have gatherings of 10 or more, you know, or 10 or fewer. Sorry. Um, and, uh, so yeah, I was, I’ve, I’ve been surprised. Uh, I left the house a couple of times, like just run a couple errands and, uh, yeah, there’s a lot of cops out, so go figure holiday weekend. Uh, and the first time that gatherings are allowed, uh, there’s an awful lot of police on the streets.

Well, everyone’s current, you know, like crazy. It’s kind of like, uh, you know, the, the Toga party just opened up. It’s like, you know, like there’s a running like Forrest Gump to get to wherever they need to get to. You know what I mean? We’ve all been cropped up in months, man. Everybody’s going stir crazy. What are you going to do? Um, yeah. I mean, I’m not gonna lie. I’m feeling it too. Yeah, no,

I don’t blame you. Um, a couple of interesting things changed this weekend. So we talked last week about my Buddhist legal came back on this weekend or blasted. And so this weekend I’m watching and two things change. Uh, they started piping in cheers and chants, crowd chants, and they basically masked off the crowd the seats with, with advertising. I’m watching it and I go usually use that kind of passively watch. I’m not actively watching. It’s kind of a reading news. It’s, I’m drinking coffee, you know what I mean? It’s like kind of been my Sunday tradition for years and years and years and years and it sounds the same. And I go, wait a minute, there’s like full on chance going on and I look up and sure. Shit, empty arena. So where are they piping it in from? Is it from past games? Is it like, are they like, where are they paddle? I don’t, I don’t know. I would love to, I mean it’s going through the PA speakers. It can’t be coming like, it can’t be coming in remotely from bars. So I got an engineer pushing the cheer button when their team is doing.

There was a, a, there was this part like where the ball like dismissed the net. Oh, you heard like it was bizarre. Like interesting. Yeah. It just, just to watch it and be like, wait a minute. Their chin, like when the guy’s doing a throw in and the chance to be kind of pumped up a little bit. Interesting themes down when it’s in play. No, it was uh, it was, it was pretty, you know, and it was clean. It wasn’t awkward. It wasn’t dumb. Yeah. It wasn’t, yeah. It wasn’t like a badly dubbed movie or anything. No, it wasn’t laugh tracks on Brady munch.

I saw Mikey posted something earlier where apparently they’re bringing fans back into the WWE. If I read that correctly. This was my call. Like all everyone that’s backstage and crew and shit, I go, why don’t they have them every three seats apart. Gotcha. And so that’s what they’re doing. They’re bringing in anyone that was booked that wasn’t booked for the show. Um, we’re all backstage, all the ring crew, all, all the truck drivers, basically, you know, anyone, you know, sitting in three seats apart and letting them holler, um, which I’m completely fine with. Um, no, it makes sense. Here’s a weird thing. Um, somebody posted, so the wrestling events that their cup that are toying, the idea of putting ice hockey plexiglass in front of the crowd, I mean you got that fake punch spray coming in your face. So I mean the, you know, I got the guy behind me screaming. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. The people that are literally a foot behind you cause you can’t even like sit with your knees straight in front of you in those seats. Right. And then, um, another thing, uh, you know, I’m a huge of a NASCAR. I am just kidding what I saw NASCAR on and I thought it was video game MasterCard. I just kind of wanted to watch it cause it’s weird and it was actually live car racing, so I was like, that was empty arena. Um, but I’m like, okay. You know.

So I’m curious like, so the pit crews, like were they all mashed up? Were they good? I didn’t want to watch it. That was enough that I just go, okay, no crowd item should, should have taken one for the team and kept watching Bob. But uh, no. So that will, I guess, speaking of cars, I mean I guess the uh, the dream cruise, um, is officially canceled, uh, officially canceled. Whether or not it’s, there’s still going to be a shit ton of cars on Woodward is, is still remains to be seen. But yeah,

I got it. I got a theory that it’s going to be the, probably one of the bigger ones we’ve ever seen, but you just not going to get the people in the lawn chairs and the Boulevard people in their cars driving back and forth. Yeah.

Stop the driving of the cars, but all the supplementary events and all the cities along Woodward are definitely off. Well, yeah, because all the bars and restaurants are closed and all that stuff. So yeah,

I was on YouTube going around and it was some video of Karen stops, little boy’s hot rod party, like 5 million views and it’s a week old and I’ll go put it on. Apparently it was in Texas, this little kid, his birthday, he wanted a hotline for murder. He’s like 10 years old or whatever and every this hot rod loves it. All right, we’ll take a lap through your neighborhood and rev up our engines. Well, this one frumpy short hair lady gets in front of the entire recession. Stop. I said four cop cars, come screaming in, sirens blaring, and then find out what’s going on. So basically they apologize.

What was she doing? Like the Tiananmen square tank guy like,

yeah, so they have a, so they have a part due, um, this past weekend and literally everyone in the entire neighborhood is actually really awesome to watch. Drove across her lawn. Everyone came out of their house. There was like everyone, like everyone’s family. We went on the front lawn or like sit in the driveway and it was just like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of peoples, you know, I mean, in their own house. That’s very cool. Watch it. Yeah. And then people brought out Lamborghinis and they weren’t doing anything illegal. They’re just revving up their engines. These two videos were like 7 million people.

That’s crazy. Well, and I mean, and that’s the thing. I mean like, you know, you and I, you know, we both had our birthdays, you know, during this nonsense and I don’t, you know, okay, fine. We didn’t get one bar night, you know, hanging out with the guys. Um, but like for kids that’s, you know, it’s kind of a bigger deal. Like, you know, birthdays still really matter to them and that kind of stuff. And so it does kind of suck for them.

Well that’s the one thing like, uh, Gretchen’s really good friends turned 18 and she’s like, I can’t miss it. I’m like, go like, she has like two friends over this. Yeah, you can’t, how are you going to miss that? She turned 16 in June, so it’s like we got it, we’re talking today. What are we doing now? True. Well, and then the other thing that got canceled as a theater bizarre. Yeah. Well you had, you figured they had to because they got to start building that set like now and that things like year long thing. So yeah, that got canceled. And then here’s the weird one. Um, I had a ministry cam at the M tickets in July and I craft work tickets in July and Kraftwerk just said it was postpone at the Masonic but ministry, uh, I got an email saying your tickets have been reissued for April 21st, 2021 I had to do a triple take. I’m like April already passed. I go Holy shit next year. And I’m like, alright, whatever. I’ll put that on the calendar next year.

Looking forward to that. I mean I thought July was far away to go to this concert. I think I bought the tickets in January. Um, dude, did you see that? I just sent it today cause it just leaked. But the episode nine, the dual, the fades concept art. Yeah. Not only the concept art but the actual storyline story got released and they’re basically saying, okay, would you rather have seen this version? And they were showing like basically it was Kyla went and got trained. It was in a clone Wars when Anaconda was in that weird force, like a alternate universe. I don’t know if you remember that one. Weird like, so it was like Tyler, when you learn how to pull souls or pull a light forces, um, Ray went more like y’all black, like return to the Jedi. Luke is a double sided double side.

Um, blue, blue double ended. But like the whole story was different and I don’t know if it would’ve made it better or worse, like at the end, basically what happened was, uh, Kylo tried to kill her kill Ray by pulling all their light for us and in between he like caught himself that he like had love for her, so he gave her back, which killed him, but then it gave Ray dark side. So then like, you know, and then it was supposed to end with, um, Ray opening up a Jedi thing with the broom boy from eight. So like, it was insanely different movie. They were supposed to go to chorus, um, in chorus that was like layered, like, or enrich like they were building on top of it. They showed you that in the prequels and I’m blanking. Uh,

whatever the guy from taken. Um, yeah, they were on, yeah, when they went into the bar where the guy was smoking joints and like offered [inaudible] they showed like that whole layering thing and when, uh, yeah, the assassination attempt on pad may and that was on, but they showed you all the different levels and that featured really heavily in the clone Wars cartoons too, so.

Yeah. But if you, uh, if you get a chance, you know, and then they split off like pole and Finn split off, then Rose, you know what I mean? Like it was all like, it was basically two different movies. Um, I don’t know. It didn’t look like it was you could make, you could make that and I’d be fine with it. I’d watch it again, like make the remake, do me a favor. Do it. Did you, um, speaking of that, did you see the redo of the episode four, scene 38? I wanna say it was the, uh, obiwan Darth Vader when obiwan died and someone went in and like, here’s the thing, um, George Lucas, I know you’re listening. You gave us a remake, like adding like little aliens, like with eating.

Yeah. Nobody, nobody needed an extra Duback. Nobody. Nobody needed that. Nobody needed, yeah.

Like this with this guy, with what? No budget was like, Oh my God, that was good. Like, I don’t know what you thought.

Oh dude. I mean, just, I mean, visually amazing. And that’s one of the things, I mean, you look at, well, I mean, and the other thing to keep in mind is, okay, so the special additions came out in 96 and so, you know, you’ve got 23 years since then, you know, I mean, you know, granted they were running everything on SGI machines and all that kind of stuff. I mean, they had some horsepower, but I mean, the technology has gotten so much better now. I mean, God, I mean there’s this shit you can, I mean, you can film a movie and make a movie on your phone now. Um, you know, so look any worse, no.

Lay a CGI and target worse than that.

No. And it won’t. God, I mean the Tarkin CGI, I still cringe over, but the lay one, I think they did a great job on, um, but yeah, no, absolutely. Uh,

think you’re, the problem was they did like the rogue one Bader with the red saber. That was like, I was cool with it, but it’s like, all right, it’s been done. But everything else, man, I mean, considering it was a one man job, that kid knocked it out of the park. I’m assuming it’s a kid. If you haven’t seen an episode, uh, episode four, scene 38 visited. Um, Oh my God, it was good.

So are you, uh, you waiting on anything to be delivered currently? Oh God. Mad about it though. Um, well, so it’s funny. So like, I, you know what I’m saying? I got the extra like corner piece, uh, for the bar and that kind of stuff that I’ve been setting up. Um, and

so, uh, so I think it was Thursday, uh, I ordered three straight pieces too to fill in the, fill in the gaps and add some extra shelf space and all. So the three straight pieces were all in one shipment, one got delivered Thursday, the entire order still says out for delivery. So I have no idea where the hell those other two pieces are. Um, and apparently the Oak park distribution center for FedEx is just a disaster area. Like it, it’s just, it’s apparently completely chaotic. Um, people have been waiting, you know, weeks if not more than a month, uh, for things to come out of there. They’ve, you know, basically, you know, people have like gone there to try to pick up their packages and been told that they can’t, uh,

but unloaded yet. So they have no idea. They know the packages on what truck, but you know, 400 other packages are there too. So you can’t be mad about it though. You know what’s going on.

Oh yeah, no, dude, it’s like my, I did my shit. I’m not, when it gets here, it gets here. It’s, you know, things I’ll screw around with. But I mean that kind of dovetails with one of the other stories that a lot of the eCommerce sites are seeing a huge spike in business on quote unquote quote unquote nonessential items.

Giving crap away. Yeah. I bought, um, you know, I had to buy it, I got to buy all new shorts. Right. Basically all my shorts except for like two pair or like fall off me. You know what I mean? Cited by new shorts. Um, do everywhere is getting them away for like 10, $11. Like these really nice golf, uh, Walter Hagen golf shirts I bought for like 11 bucks from dicks. Like I’m not going to not buy those. Yeah. Those are not essential.

Yeah. And when they, when they get here, they get here. Who cares? Yeah.

Yeah. And I got my smokey and the bandit Funko pop.

Beautiful. Hey, speaking of which, did you see the uh,

nice. Nice. Yeah.

Oh, he’s even in the car. That’s fantastic. Um, speaking of which, you know, related, cause it’s Burt Reynolds, did you see the, uh, the Cannonball run records have been decimated over the course of the past three weeks.

So in order to do it though, don’t you don’t, you have to average like 138.

So they were saying some of these States, uh, they’re averaging 120, 130 miles an hour through. Um, and the previous record I believe was 29 hours, if I recall correctly. And it’s coast to coast. So I mean it’s 12, 29 hours to go, you know, 2000 odd miles. Um, and apparently the new record is just over 25 hours. Um, you know, because there’s nobody on the roads, there’s nobody around. And so now there’s this whole, you know, Oh it doesn’t really count cause it’s not normal traffic conditions and all that kind of crap.

Is it just because you hit a home run because it’s windy, does it mean it ain’t a hole?

Exactly. And you know, so they’re talking about how, you know, these cars are, you know, all loaded up with like Marine tanks of extra gas so they don’t have to stop. And just it was an, and one of the things in the story was that apparently they’ve been working on a reboot of course. Um, and, and we’ve talked about this a few times, like, you know, who would you want to see in the, you know, in the reboot of a Cannonball run. Uh, but yeah, no, I mean it’s, it, it was just interesting to see like, you know, the average and that kind of crap

that they were getting across the country. It’s just freaking insane. Then you got to where I want you to bring a milk jug or have a stadium pal scrap. Yeah, exactly. Of course. You know, based on what I’ve seen on 94 and six 96 the past couple of weeks, that doesn’t surprise me at all that people are driving that fast. No kidding. They’re nuts. Seriously. They’re nuts. Oh my God, dude, I’ve never laughed so hard. I swear to God, I think my wife thinks there’s something chemically wrong with me sometimes she’s, sometimes there’s the drug commercials. It’s already stupid. She’s in the medical field now. He’s asked her like, do people come up to you going can I have Zoloft cause I saw commercial dancing like I go, that doesn’t work, doesn’t it? Like you’re going to prescribe what they need, not what they see on TV.

We’ll share and shit. There’s a, is it called talions or something? It’s diabetes and the only reason I stopped some reading or whatever while this was going on, there’s a woman in the middle of a, like a football field, little marching band, and they’re like, side effects may include a fetal fungal infection of the parent Niamh and then on the bottom bottom they have a written description. The parody of is the area between the genitals and the anus. So you don’t have diabetes anymore, but now you got tantrums fungus, you take a pill that stops the beat as you like. That’s what of those like I want to see. I want to know what the correlation there is. Like what, what is it doing to you? What is it doing to your body chemistry that cures diabetes but gives you taint fungus. But then the ladies in a marching band on a football field, you catches up football. I can talk about it like, what the hell? Like I’m living a normal life again. I want boardroom going. Okay. There’s an advertisement to see that I had to write this type graph. Yeah. The glorious life of an advertising copywriter. That’s, that’s what that is. That’s, yeah, that’s, that’s just phenomenal. It reminds me when we went to birthing classes and they were like, they were talking about ripping the paradigm, and I used to be really loud. I’m like, Oh, it used to be, is that the Gucci kicked under the table?

I’m looking for the medically accurate definition. Yeah. So speaking of, uh, the Gooch, um, and segue, uh, mr Joe, mr Joe Rogan’s getting paid. Hey dude, uh, again, goals. You know, just like when, uh, when it got announced that Gimlet got bought for $237 million, uh, yeah. So Rogan just signed a hundred million dollar deal, uh, with Spotify, which, I mean, think about it. It’s,

you know, it, I get it. You know, it’s, I think Spotify is trying to, Spotify is trying to be what Sirius XM became when stern went there. Um, you know, it’s, you know, so I get it. So they basically, there’s, so there’s an article that came up and did the math, and we’ll talk about more math in a minute, but they were saying like, um, stern was making 90 million a year from Sirius XM. They’re basically said Rogan probably left 300, 400 million on the table, 500 million on the table by doing it this way, he’s going exclusive, so he’s going to lose listenership and viewership because after the end of the year, his stuff won’t be available as full episodes on YouTube anymore. You know what? I bet. I bet he won’t YouTube what’s up? He gets to keep YouTube clips. I saw it, but not the full episodes anymore.

Oh, I mean, nobody was watching him for four hours on YouTube and I’m not going to switch podcast apps for one podcast that people will, I mean, a lot, dude. I mean a lot of people said, Oh, I’m never getting satellite radio. And then all of a sudden, Oh shit, stern went there. Guests, guests, I’m getting satellite radio. Yeah. And I guess this guy, Brittany wrote this article on super cast and said, you just basically buy Rogan’s numbers. He was estimating, he makes, what, 60 million a year? I read. Well, and I, and I, you know, honestly, and that’s the thing. I mean, I get it and they’re talking like, you know, leaving money on the table and that kind of shit. But I mean, at some point in time, dude, if you’re getting a hundred million dollars, does it matter that you’re leaving maybe another hundred out there?

Do you care? Do you jump to 3 billion went insane within the first 24 hours of that announcement? So, I mean, that’s, that’s the thing. I mean, it’s, you know, I don’t, I, well obviously I don’t blame them. Um, you know, and it takes away all the headaches and hassles of having to worry about ad sales and all that crap on his own or his own staff and that kind of shit. Just let them do it. Why not? Right. I know. Anyways, congratulations to Rogan. I guess it’s a big step. Yeah dude. Cheers. Even though we hate you cause you keep stealing all of our ideas. But cool. Well after this goes through, is he still a podcast? Yes, it is still a podcast. I saw that debate and it’s, and it’s one of those, you know, Oh it’s going to be openly available on, you know, via an RSS feed.

And I mean in technically speaking it is, it’s just only going to one destination. I mean it’s no different than, um, so like the businesses that record with us and only distribute their stuff over their own internal RSS feeds. Is that a podcast? Cause it’s not publicly available. Yeah, it’s still a podcast. Their own staff listens to it. Who gives a shit what stern is or what, what Rogan is. It’s a talk show and we listened to it. It’s, you know what I mean? Does it matter when it’s labeled? He called, he called this shit. I’m just saying, speaking of which, Dave, I know, you know, everyone’s going stir crazy being crept up

in the house. It’s become, I’m starting to get the calculator out because it’s math season. Um, and I’m starting to get, I’m starting to get wet season math season. You know, one of my favorite things to do ever is one of these memes that has bad math. And I like to correct people. I don’t correct people’s English. I correct their math. That’s what I’ve been doing this since the internet started. Um, my latest one is for only 3% of the military’s budget. We can end world hunger. So I went out and said, okay, I gotta do the math. And basically there’s a 3% of the military’s budget is about $36 billion, if I remember. And there’s what, 5.575 point 7 billion or no, I’m sorry, seven point something billion people on the backward, 7.5 billion people on the earth work. The math worked out to $3 and 77 but, okay, so, but you’re doing, you’re doing a global application.

Okay. So not all, not all 7 billion people are suffering from hunger, you know, so I mean, you’ve, you’ve got to do that. So then they get $30 I’m just saying you can add two zeros, $300 it’s still about ending anything. Yeah. You know, you get to, someone gets to eat good for a little bit. They get a, they get a couple of weeks of their groceries covered. That’s, yeah. One week, you know, or whatever. I don’t care what you’re, yeah. If you’re on, let’s see, you can get, yeah, whatever. And then the other one was, um, Oh my God, you’ve been driving me nuts. Oh, if we liquidate all the billionaire or no, if we take all the billionaires money in the U S we can get healthcare and we can get all our stuff forever. Because billionaires keep all their money in cash, like Scrooge McDuck, Scrooge McDuck vault, and, and underneath mattresses in the Stevens account making 0.25% they sleep on it.

That’s what they do. They sleep on it and you can just check it out of the bank. Then we can get all our stuff. People don’t, I don’t think people understand what net worth actually means. I really don’t. I mean like, you know, every building downtown is worth whatever million dollars and unless someone owns it and they’re worth that much money, so you know, so you got to liquidate and get Casper. You don’t get cash for that shit. Anyway, dude speaking to downtown, I got to shoot it to you if you haven’t seen it yet. Apparently there’s some new loft, um, uh, like studio loft thing that got built just off of Eastern market. And don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful and everything. Asking price is 1.6 million. We’re out big of a lot. Um, I mean it’s good size, but it’s one point $6 million right off each of the market every once in a while through real estate just to see what’s going on. I’m a real estate stupid right now, especially downtown. Oh yeah. And then like in the, in the West end, um, Oh my God, is it like, I think there were like $700,000 for like a two bedroom in the West end.

Um, the ones in Royal Oak that started at like 300,000. Those are five right now. Yeah, I remember those. Yeah. Um, it’s just, it’s not even, it’s, it’s, it’s stupid how much, uh, how ridiculous prices got. Yeah. I don’t, I, yeah, I mean that’s one of those things where I’m like, Hey, you know what, if you’ve got it and you want to burn it more power to you, um, you know, with all the churn that’s going on in Royal Oak or those things even going to be worth that. Who knows. I’m gonna get, speaking of dumb things, did you, uh, have you seen the health director of LA, the photos of her dude? She is the unhealthiest looking person I’ve ever seen in my life. She looks like the guy from Poltergeist two. I saw the one from a man in black with a puppy or the dog, whatever.

He’s like a street vendor or due to Jesus. What was it like? Like cocoon? Like what? Like one of the things that came out of there. Yeah. Jesus Christ. Here’s the, here’s where it gets funny. Somebody put this on their Facebook feed and it basically got marked as false information checked by fact checkers. So it’s like, Oh my God, they fact-checked it opinion cause someone put the health director of LA as the most unhealthy looking for it and it got marked as a false information. See why and it blanked up a photo. Like if it was like if it was something of Gore, you know what I mean? When they usually say like click to see photo. So did like, was that because somebody randomly marked it as fake or because Facebook was going through and marked it as fate like that checked by independent fact checkers. See why you could click see why I’m assuming this was some algorithm gone wrong that sent it to fact checkers in the first place. Right. But then like of course the first comment is low mile, they fact checked and opinion.

I’m sorry, did you pronounce it Lamar? I totally did. He did. Uh, who you know, the uh, the singer of the theme from neverending story, uh, used to be a member of, uh, the lead singer for Casha Gugu that’s pronounced a little bow. What are you supposed to say? L M a L laughing my ass off. It was only the first, the L was capital, then it was under case. So that’s a word or apparently it’s L apostrophe Mao. It’s Lamar. It’s French. By the way. I found my new super sweet 16 show. Hold it, keep talking. I, I’m, I’m watching one of my blended shows and the whole show that we’re ripping on the show on TLC called Dave.

And did Randy, have you seen this? No, it’s not my type of show at all. I find out I’ve never heard of it and I come to find out there’s like five scenes of this crap. Um, and they’re, at least they’re the children I was watching. They were making fun of this guy who, uh, do you remember He-Man? He looked like Ram man. God, the man had eaten like this, like no net. Like literally like I can’t even just like, and these are, so what they basically did is they followed like eight people who met someone online and most of them were like out of the country. I decided that when you, when you had that topic, I’m bringing in an expert. So this, this, this, this is Lauren from the new show and the network called trash pandas all about trash TV. And

my name is Lauren Walker and I love rap

and and so they’ve been talking about 90 day fiance for the last two weeks. Oh my God. [inaudible] and watch two episodes. I watched the one guy basically the one guy with no neck with like the 22 year old. Yeah. I don’t even know how he buys dress shirts the whole show. Well so let me, let me, let, let me paint the picture. So there’s, so for those like me who have never seen it, so what is the premise? What, what is 90 day fiance? People that have met online? Lord, correct me if I’m wrong, people that have met online that are like going to get married I guess within 90 days, right? Those 90 days. But they’re always there from so many different country. Like there was a guy from Vegas, like a 60 year old guy was some shit from the Ukraine or Russia. When I hear a fiance, I think like those mail order bride and they have like fiance, fiance visas and that kind of stuff.

You know what, in the first couple of seasons they didn’t really have that. There’s more than one season. Oh yes. Yeah. Oh yes. There are so many seasons. Yeah. Well that’s the thing is that there are about seven different 90 day fiance spin-offs. We have like 90 day fiance, which is uh, Americans that bring their significant other that they met online to America on a K one visa, which means they have to be married within 90 days. Otherwise they have to return to their home country. But then we also have native fiance the other way before the 90 days just landed. There are so many other ones. And

I’m sorry. Hello talk,

there is pillow talk too and there’s also a 90 day Beyonce what now? And I have a Beyonce. Um,

there’s so many, like there’s the one that was hilarious. So there’s a 60 year old guy from Vegas with this, like really pretty Ukraine, Russian, whatever. Yeah. They’ve been talking for, Oh my God. You know, their names are still pathetic. Um, they, they’ve been talking for seven years and she finally gives them some of the address to go meet her and it’s some old Russian guy and he’s like, I don’t speak Russian. And he’s like, the guy’s dumbfounded that he like you said this wrong apartment. But then like he went, he met her for real. Like it’s some town square like I totally, I’m fast forwarding through it, I’m not watching it. And I’m like, Oh my God. He ended up really beating her and he’s like trying to hug her and her arms are at her side like that. Like, like I’m not hugging you.

Oh yeah, she’s very standoffish. They go for like a bowling dates and he’s like, if I get a strike he says, first of all he starts it off by saying that he was a competitive bowler and he’s like, if I get a strike then you have to kiss me. And he is just like getting like one pin down. He rolls a gutter ball like,

so my question is, she speaks 0.0 English. How did they talk for seven years online?

They do it through an app where, or like a website where they like have people that translate it and then send it for you and he has to pay for every message he sends to her. So you don’t remember

back in the day on the AFT company message boards, there was a guy who posted, um, my journey of finding a Russian wife and he started off on one of these websites and it was, it was like he had to, um, like you would, you would pay, uh, to send a message, um, and there would be a translator on the other side that would translate it for them and then they would write a message, um, and it would get translated, you know, translated and then sent to you. Um, and like, you know, when you took a trip, he actually, I think, if I recall correctly, why don’t, I’m taking like four trips over there, um, and went through this entire process. And it was, it was, it was hilarious to watch

how it’s so bizarre though. Lauren, how do you fall in love with like that? Like I don’t, like, I obviously I know the answer. Would you fall in love with the idea of,

yeah, I mean there are so many scammers out there and there’s people out there that just really are craving love and they just want somebody to understand them and love them the way that they think that they need to be loved. And it’s like they will convince themselves that these are real people.

The one, the one, the guy with no neck, he’s like, he was in love with like a 22 year old

90 pound Filipino girl who the sisters hitting him up for money. And I’m like, he’s like, I don’t know what to do.

It was pretty insulting to her though. Like she ends up like leaving him and, and he, okay. So he actually gifts her like mouthwash and toothpaste, like your breath is really bad.

So like flowers and candy just don’t apply in these rules apparently because they probably don’t have dentistry where she lives. Um, but Lauren, here’s the thing. Let’s say I meet you online and I, we fly in a Bora Bora and like I pull out my suitcase going, I got you a gift and it’s like purple, like, like a, like a, like a trash, like something from like, uh, one of the sex shops. Like it smells like cheap, like purple, like lovers lane, whatever. I want to try to be like trash. Like it was so bad. Like you’re seriously worse.

Well the fact that he starts off telling her that he’s five, four, which is actually taller than he really is. And then it turns out he’s like four, 1130 neck. He looks like a thumb thumb walking around. But he, he like, it’s just so insulting to her. It’s like I would never, if some guy was like, Hey, I just met you for the first time, now you’re going to stay in my hotel room with me and blah blah blah. Just because we’ve been talking online for X amount of months or years. Like, no dude, you get two rooms. Exactly.

Like I don’t understand any of it. Like in that one guy, um, who was clearly gay with the Russia,

uh, Jeffrey and Baria

see, you know the names. Oh my God, do it again. They’ve spent the last two weeks dissecting the show and here’s the, here’s the funny part I got, honestly, I assumed you started watching it because you caught like one of their episodes or something like, and Crowder was rag. I’m guy. I’m like, I wrote, here’s the best part. Like I don’t think I watched like a mid episode and like the latest one, like the Russian girls surprises him so that I want to fly to Knoxville and see what happens and like, Oh, I got my wife roped in and she’s like, Oh, come on, come on, play the next one. I’m like, these shows, what channel is this on? I’m going to have to check it out. Here’s the thing. There’s no reality. You know, the producers are writing the scripts for this.

Sure. I, from what I understand, they actually like a thing where it’s like when they’re actually a scouting out for people, they say, are you dating somebody online? Do you want to go visit them and do you have something that you haven’t told them that you really should like a big secret that you need to rebuild, reveal, you know, that it’s like something that they all are going in there with some sort of situational, well she doesn’t know that I’m still married or she doesn’t know that I am not who I said I was or you. I mean

it took me like five minutes to go like, Oh, it’s just people trying to scam other people out of money. Like how do you not see this? Like everyone on there

really quickly. Like, okay, so the first couple of seasons it wasn’t like that. It was all people who have like seen each other on video. They’ve like had pictures, you know, they, they actually go and have like these people meet them here. Like there were actual people. Um, the first time that I remember them bringing on like a catfish I think was last year with a guy named Caesar and he had a girl that he was trying to like bring to trying to meet and he went to meet her multiple times and she would never show up just like Lorna and David would never show up. She would always have some kind of excuse and it’s like dude your hands up telling everybody that he’s sending her $800 a week.

Well wasn’t the one where the kids know that the kids did like a reverse image search and he was like photo.

Yep. Yolanda and Williams and that was, that was the entire thing was like she kept on saying I’m going to meet this guy. He was sending her information to like fly in to where he lives and she’s like that’s not the airport closest to where you said you live. Like he says he’s from like the UK and when she talks to him he sounds like he’s Nigerian. Like, it’s, it doesn’t, you know, it’s like, come on, there’s some like pretty big red flags that are letting you know that this person is not a real person.

God, that’d be like, if you’re not, you’re a Nigerian scammer and all the jobs you can have and the one you have is like cat fishing. All of them fall forward though. It’s so, I feel so bad for people cause I mean it’s just getting their hearts just cry. It’s hard enough. Dealing with heartbreak is alone, let alone like that. Cause you have these holes, right. But by the time you probably meet this person, you’re already like, you’re on your third kid and your fourth vacation home and like, you know what I mean? Like why did your whole life together? Like you don’t see, what are you supposed to do? God, what a, what an awful, awful show and the button come on soon. Alright, so I’m gonna, I’m gonna have to check this out. Like I, so they do a show called

trash pandas. It’s Tuesday nights right now. Um, so make sure you check that out. And actually Lauren, while you’re here, there was another topic we were going to talk about that we haven’t brought up yet that you, uh, you should chime in on cause you’re a bartender. Um, I dude, I love the idea that’s being floated through the legislature now about drinking districts, uh, in the state of Michigan. Uh, you know, like that’s one of the things we love. Like whenever we do the cons and stuff down in Toledo, um, I love being able to, you know, take a drink and walk to the next bar with it and that kind of stuff. Um, and they’re trying to, they’re looking at that as a way of helping the bars and restaurants get back up on their feet quickly. Uh, whenever the, you know, the doors open. Um, so I guess like, you know, what’s, what’s your take on it and how do you feel about it?

Um, I don’t think it’s a bad idea. I mean, there’s a lot of places where it works and everything. I think we’re a little bit worried.

I don’t, I don’t, I’m trying to think like downtown works. Greektown works.

Yeah. Saying like just around in general, like you know, if you go down to like new Orleans or something, you can walk down the street with a drinker like open tax but then also like to carry out stuff. You can do that. Yeah.

Well they’re all walkable though. Like I’m just talking about like the areas are walkable, like Ferndale, nine mile Ferndale, nine miles from Rosedale green is the Woodward is walkable. Nothing really walking.

Well, like I said, like to me, like the first thing that jumped to my mind was Hamtramck. I mean just, you know, all the bars that are so close together. And

I would assume it would be situations like that where it’d be like a place where there’s a lot of ours condensed into one area. You know, I don’t think that they would just do it everywhere. Right.

Oh, I guess like downtown Rochester, there’s maybe like what, six places you can have a drink. Right.

Well, you know, Cass corridor, you know, we’re, you know, we’re DSE is okay, you could grab a drink at DSC and walk over to temple bar or jumbos, you know, or something like that.

Well, Ferndale has a lot. Royal Oak has a lot downtown Ann Arbor. You know, like places like that. I could see it being something that’s viable, you know. But if it’s something like just a general area, it’s like I don’t, I wouldn’t be okay with people like driving around with stuff that they can possibly open up and then it comes back on me because of DRAM shop.

Oh yeah, no, I, yeah, I don’t, I don’t think they’re talking about drivability. I think it’s, it’s just walking around with it. Yeah. Yeah.

Those areas, there’s like, so, so many bars, you know, like why not let them walk around. I mean, you can literally just like spit and hit the bar across the street.

Well that is the other related proposal though. A Senate bill nine 38 would allow like take away margaritas or whatever. Like you order a margarita from a bar, go pick it up, bring it home and drink it.

Yeah. I think that they have like a thing where it’s like there’s tape on it. Exactly. It’s like, I like

that big grenade. Like, you know,


Big green frog.

I like that. Like the Comerica park, like the $30 slushies it has like a half ounce of rum in it.


Yeah. The being able to bring, able to bring in a rum drink from there. Yeah.

Well then not only that Maryland that’s got like, I think that’s lying to social distancing inner tubes like you have to wear.

Those were amazing. And the burger King crowns in Germany I thought were fantastic. Oh, it’s literally, it’s the burger King crown, but it’s got like a six, like a three foot, it’s a six foot diameter, um, around people’s heads to try to teach them social distancing properly. It’s, it’s, absolutely,

I think that’s a great idea

there it goes. Making out with strangers, man.

Well, you know, but that’s the thing, you know, you talk about social distancing, like we talked a little bit about, you know, things opened up this weekend or, and you know, you’ve got, you know, pictures coming in from, you know, Toronto and Texas and everywhere else where there ain’t no social distancing going on at all. And, and, you know, just, okay, now are we just waiting for the other shoe to drop, you know, is, are things going to happen? I, you know, but the other part of it is, you know, one of the things they’ve said all along is like they don’t know if this is going to act like the flu where it kind of goes away when it gets warmer. Um, you know, and so if that’s the case, maybe Texas and Georgia and those kinds of other shit here, you know, over the last couple of days it’s probably been, you know, great for killing this crap off. Um, you know,

the rates. Look at the rates down in Texas and Florida. I mean, it’s like almost none.

Yeah. Well, they’re flat there. It’s, it’s not. Yeah. I mean they’ve, they haven’t seen a spike the case, the case loads are flat. They haven’t seen a jump like, you know, people were expecting. But like, like I said, I mean that could be, that could be as simple as it got warmer. Who knows? Open them up. Yeah, exactly. All right, well Hey Lauren, before we cut you loose, did you guys create a Facebook page for trashcan as yet or where do people find you?

Okay. fuck.com/trash pandas. Perfect. So, um, and then we’re on on Tuesday nights at 10:00 PM. Thanks so much for having me on guys.

Hey, I, I as soon as he shot, I was like, I know exactly who to pull in for this conversation cause I got nothing.

You know, everything about trash and trending.

My um, my, my, yeah, by the way, that show is such shit, such a bag

as, as soon as you said it was your new super sweet 60. And I was like, Oh mother of God. Cause I have, I’ve, I’ve listened to them talk about it while they ran the one of the first two shows around. And yeah, like my head was almost exploding listening to the plot lines and the stories they were talking through. And I was like, chief mother of God. I like how reality shows. How about plot line? Well, yeah, seriously.

The only thing I thought about was the guy he ran will be here, should be around serious.

Hey. So I was a loosely paying attention to the comments. Um, uh, Gary Heitman, uh, screw you, Gary. Uh, he said, Hey, you guys look awful. Uh, my, uh, my kid sister tuned in and asked me what Jersey I’m wearing. Uh, this is the, uh, the, the Tron Jersey. This is a light cycle. It’s got Flynn on the back, uh, you know, from the movie. Yeah. Uh, but yeah,

um, my favorite guy that week is the guy that, uh, uh, basically said F you door dash

dude. And so this ties into something we’ve talked about in the past where, you know, door dashes basically co-opting or co-opting businesses by, you know, basically saying, Hey, we deliver for this business with no permission from that business. And this guy found his own business listing when people started asking him, Oh, we see you offer delivery now yet Adriana. Um, and so he decided to have a little fun with it.

Well, not just one with it, but basically, uh, well they were, uh, he charged $24 for the pizza. Um, it was being listed as 16 bucks by door dash. So he was basically buying his own pizzas to sell back to people for an $8 more profit. He’s like, screw. Um, and I don’t blame them because again, they were uh, um, you know what, what was the word? Oh, um, venture capital’s just small business loans for assholes.


we should have a bread.

Yeah, exactly. A venture capital is not the hand game.

And again, we love this shit too. Um, door dash lost 450 million generating 900 million in revenue last year, like you own. And you own nothing like zero.

Yeah. Cause yeah, I mean the delivery. So the drivers are paid by us. Um, the food is paid for by us at a markup or, or apparently in some cases at a loss because you’re an idiot and you’re charging improperly for it.

Click the fee. There’s three things in the service fee. Um, and then you’re paying the state tax driver. Um, yeah. And they’re losing that much money. Um, to be honest, it’s, it’s, uh, I don’t get it. I’ll never get it. Um, GrubHub lost money.

Well, and so, and I wonder, so there was a, one of the articles, I think it was a, that Randy shout out was, uh, the CEO of Spotify or Shopify, Shopify who basically, you know, his, his proclamation was that, uh, the days of being office centric are over. Um, you know, and, and, you know, letting us people work from home forever and that kind of stuff. And I want know, you wonder with some of these business, you know, some of these companies that don’t quote unquote own anything, um, you know, how much of their money is being spent on physical office space and that kind of stuff to, you know, to have people in a central location and can they become profitable if they start with this remote worker motif. And don’t worry about leasing office space and don’t worry about, you know, having that as a cost center and all that kind of stuff. It’s, it’s an issue. I mean it’s interesting question to me.

Yeah, well you do great. You’re going to get the next market bubble with the commercial real estate shitting the bed.

Well though, and we did, we’ve been talking about it with we work where, you know, basically they said, you know, if we work were to ever truly fail, you know that it would just decimate, you know, entire swaths of, you know, the, the, the real estate market in different cities around the world.

If that’s the next bubble then that, I mean it makes more sense than home real estate, you know. Cause if you got others. And here’s the thing, I don’t think, I think we talked about this. I think the last couple of weeks too. People are using this as an excuse to get out of shift. Like I think people are looking at like these crazy leases they’re spending on office space going and this is like their little wake up call and they’re going up bed. We’re out, you know, like, um, I don’t want to spend this crap. I’m going to get out from under this, this stupid loan I signed eight years ago, you know, absolve this debt. You know, how many people are also restructuring all these, you know, I was talking to a Hertz is going out of business. Um, you know,

yeah. Enterprises in deep shit. What was it JC penny just filed for bankruptcy? Hertz was $17 billion

in debt. Right? So now they’re like basically that just get 17 billion in debt. Get out of here. How do you that company that old, how do you do that? Let me, let me look that up. Cause that’s a, that’s a number. I saw it, but that’s a good question. It seems like they’re trying to get out of these crappy obligations they got themselves into, it seems like they’re not going out of business because their business is bad. They’re going out of business trying to get themselves out of some sheet of healers.

I mean, it did. Entirely possible. And I mean, and you know, some of that like, you know, you’ve seen, uh, there’s been a lot of announcements that I’ve seen about, uh, you know, bars and restaurants that have just, you know, decided, Hey, you know, they’ve just shot off notes to their, you know, their their employees in the last week or so. That just said, Hey, as it turns out, no, we’re not going to reopen. Um, you know, and you wonder if some of that is, you know, is, is that as well, you know, is it, Oh, you know, we just realized, Hey, the financial obligation that we took on just, there’s no ROI there. Why, why even bother continuing? What’s according to motor one.com. Hertz

is 13.4 billion are vehicle loans and 3.7 billion are corporate bonds. So that’s $17 billion in debt.

Wasn’t that money revolved pretty quickly though. As they got out, they buy these cars, then they sit, they rent them for what a year, and then they sell them. They sell them. Yeah. Who knows. Very liquid. It’s not like maybe I’m wrong. Um, they, I mean, cause they’re everywhere globally. Yeah, no, for sure. Um,

you know, and this, this kinda, you know, doubling back on the door dash thing. Um, Applebee’s, uh, one of our favorites is pulling some shady shit, uh, where they’ve, uh, basically launched a new brand. Uh, but it’s, it’s still just out of their Applebee’s locations called neighborhood wings. Uh, and so,


And, and so people are ordering, you know, from, you know, they look up on, you know, grub hub or door dash or Rizzo neighborhood wings. Okay. You know, local plays, whatever. Cool. I’ll try to support them. Um, yeah, no, it’s, it’s Applebee’s. It’s, it’s always Applebee’s. It will always be Applebee’s. And yeah, that’s some shady shit right there.

Well this is kind of like the story we talked about a few years ago where you had all these virtual restaurants where it was like this one giant industrial kitchen, big house kitchen, a bunch of virtual restaurants for takeout only. No, I’m fine with that. But don’t rebrand your trash. Like if I find out, like if you give me your food, it says Applebee’s on it. That one guy, I’m looking for the tweet and he’s like, if I wanted your trash food, I would have ordered it from you.

Ordered from you. Cause yeah, I mean, and that’s the thing. I mean it’s not like, you know, and, and they try to put a spin on it that, you know, we’re trying to offer things that aren’t necessarily on our menu. Dude wings are absolutely on the Applebee’s menu. They absolutely are. And, and, and there’s no, there’s no difference in what’s being sent out under that name. So what are you doing other than trying to deceive people?

I mean, why, why, why not just call it not Applebee’s? Like that’s, that’s the new name. It’s not Applebee’s. The shit ass one is chutney cheese. Yes. Called themselves pizza. I guess. Pasquale’s one of the rep animatronic rats that you see in the restaurant. Yeah and dude, I mean like let’s be real. Who in their right mind is getting Chuckie cheese pizza delivered to their house? Like pizza is like this much above that. Like frozen Jack’s pizza for 99 cents just straight up trash I’ve gotten, you know I got little kids, man, I gotta go to Turkey. We’ve all been there. It’s, you don’t go there for the pizza. You just happen to have the pizza because it’s there while you’re there. I was just thankful when they started serving beer. That’s the part about Chuck E cheese these days is the volume is so low.

The workers have all had to revolt cause when we were kids remember the lights would go down. Dude that shit was so loud. Like now when you are, you don’t even know the show started. Chucky comes out and it’s like it’s gotta be on like volume. If it’s at one to 10, it’s sound like one, like kids are like, guys are like, no, I don’t care. Like literally I think they’ve all given up and they’ve got, you know, the guy in the, in the rat suit, you know, getting his balls punched every 30 seconds by saying, what a freaking hell. I’m amazed they’ll just still in business by the way, like literally amazing.

So I, I do, so, you know, speaking of somebody that’s actually maybe doing something right, uh, you know, we, we, you know, mentioned Netflix and those kinds of places earlier. Um, apparently net and I don’t, I, they said it’s less than one half of 1% of all their accounts that are quote unquote inactive. Um, so apparently if you are, uh, if, if you don’t use Netflix for a year, uh, they’re going to go ahead and, you know, send you an email and say, Hey, would you like to, you know, keep your subscription active even though you haven’t used it? And if they don’t hear from you, they’re just gonna go ahead and finally cancel you.

Why is this a, why is this news and B, why are they announcing it? Um, well, I mean, why did they give a shit?

So to me this might’ve actually been a almost a, a PR move. Uh, where, you know, cause I mean you think like, Oh well, okay, yeah, you always announce all these numbers of subscribers, how many of them are actually active. So to me the entire point of this article might have just been to say, Hey, less than one half of 1% of our subscriber base is quote unquote inactive

us just some good, Hey look what we’re doing. We’re saving people money who didn’t realize they were spending it. You know, there’s still stories of people still paying for like AOL dial up subscriptions, right? They that, you know, they paid 2399 a month for the last 18 years because they didn’t realize they were still paying for it. Dude, I’m not gonna lie man.

Like Netflix needs to step their game up or something. Man, these brick and Adam Sandler movies are just, are just utter straights. And like I watched some other movies, my wife there and they call it lovebirds with the guy from Silicon Valley.

So I’m, I’m spending more time on Hulu, which, and, and one of the stories, you know, that came across was that apparently they’re redesigning their home screen. Um, but I mean, I, dude, I, I, I spend more time on Hulu than I do anything else. I mean, I love their shows. I love, um, their catalog. They’ve got some really great documentaries on there. Um, honestly, one of the only times, like I’ll hop on Netflix if somebody mentioned something is on Netflix. Uh, and I’ll go check it out. But I mean, like, my default is I fire up Hulu and see what’s there.

It’s hard to find stuff on Netflix. Like they give you like the six categories on the homepage that they give you, but like, you can’t browse by sub genre or anything on Netflix at all.

I mean, you can, don’t, you just have to, like, you got to scroll way down.

Yeah. Uh, but like you get like the top level genres, but if you want to do sub genres, you have to like do custom spectrum.

Yeah. URLs on the web browser. Yeah. So wrestling’s on right now with the crowd, there’s like 25 people in the crowd, all like six, seven people beat apart and they’re just like, it’s all the talent. It’s a really awkward, it’s really,

Hey, I mean they, they could do what Korea did and maybe put sex dolls in them and make it look more full video game people in there. It just CGI people in the seats, it’ll be fine. Nobody will notice. Although speaking to it, speaking to people in seats and wrestling, I got to get a, give a little shout out. I don’t know if you caught the, uh, I guess AEW is running some new promo. Um, uh, like I guess for some upcoming thing. And uh, Mikey and one of the other guys from breaking down the ring are, are prominently in the commercial, um, in the promo. You know, sitting there with, you know, with Mike, he’s got his belt over his shoulder and that kind of stuff you to right there and you know the front rows. So that was kind of cool to see him there.

I thought he did a screenshot and I’m like, Oh, big deal. I’ve done that. No, he was one of like three people. It was like legit like it. Yeah,

it wasn’t, yeah, it wasn’t like they were panning the crowd and he happened to be there for a 10th of a second. No, he was there

know Mark always puts a picture up of native champions or me with the end of the road, you know, making us basically looking at the camera and waiving the entire show. Like like a complete idiot now. But rainy going back like Netflix, I used to always have to Google like top movies on Netflix because there’s so, it’s so hard to find anything now. They got the top 10 but the top tens I’ll trash. It’s like, Oh this, this trash. We’ll give him 2007 I’m like, is that how slim pickings are on Netflix?

It says, says the guy who, you know, just devoted 20 minutes talking about 90 day fiance,

what am I supposed to watch?

I remember when Netflix originals were like quality shows that you would like go to Netflix to watch, but now they’re just turning out like 1600 garbage shows a year. Netflix your greenlit.

See last week? Yeah. Oh that’s such trash. That ending was, it’ll never happen in a million years for a million different people. It would never end up. Not at all. Uh, kind of like, I’m like, I’m still, I’m not a, we watched her last night, you had a 93% popcorn rating. So I’m like, usually, usually if it’s over 90% good to go watch it. And it was a pile of shit. It was like literally you could have sat, I could have watched the diarrhea for an hour and it wouldn’t have been any different than this movie. It was that it was that bad. Like I don’t get like, is it like he got like his eight uncles to like rank it on whatever popcorn thing and that’s exactly right. And then people watch her like, Oh, this is what he’s trashed by that point. They’ve already been seen.

So, but are you, are you waiting with bated breath for the justice league? Rerelease

  1. No. And I’m going to tell you why I gave up on DC movies. I didn’t see joke. Oh shit. Damn was good. Joker was great.

Oh, Suzanne was she saying I started to watch joker and that’s actually on HBO. I got to watch that. Um, but yeah, no, dude, Suzanne was amazing.

Suzanne. Yeah, she’s, Dan was really good. Was better than I thought joker was way better than I thought.

Well, and Shizam like, you know me, like, dude, I, I, I, I assumed I was going to have the hardest time in the world getting past him, being Chuck. Um, and, and that took like five seconds. Like, I was like, like that didn’t bother me at all. Like I was, I was totally cool with it.

See, here’s what the speakers was pissing me off about justice league. Once again, I’ve been watching super friends, cartoons, whatever I can get my hands on. Meanwhile, while at the Legion of doom and you got Lex Luther at the head of the table to his left, you’ve got bizarro Superman, whatever, that 50 foot tall Amazon woman, I forget what her name was. You got the Riddler on the right side. You got like sit and Astro. Like it just like black man. You got like the all star cast and it’s like stepping Wolf. That was that. That’s the best you can come up with.

Like I, I feel like they tease that at the end of that last movie that justice Lee or that, uh, um, the Legion of doom was going to be happening but haven’t really heard anything about it.

Yeah. But then you got Mark Zuckerberg playing Luther who can bring back gene Hackman. Right. It was like for every hero in super friends, the baggy or a bad guy corresponding. Yeah, there was, yeah. There was a parallel Batman and Robin had the Riddler, right? They had a couple, actually, I don’t remember. There’s Batman, Superman, Superman. Um,

yeah, no. Yeah. And like they had like where their powers basically canceled each other out.

Oh yeah. Cheap. With the 50 foot Amazon woman. Yeah, it was a black Falcon. Like it was just, it was good. And you could, you could make the story go a hundred different ways. You could have done, if you would have done that, like literally 808 justice league vs Legion of doom. You could have done those movies for the next 12 years. They wrote themselves.

Well, and I mean honestly, I mean maybe that’s what they’re trying to build up to a lot of the Marvel universe, but I was going to say, does DC have anybody like Kevin FYGI controlling their overall scope of what the movies are supposed to be? I’m going to go with, no,

they do. He’s failing horribly. Here’s, see, here’s one of my problems with what DC’s doing is you had suicide squad come out, which like basically the Harley Quinn movie is, everything else is trash. Um, then you had joker come out, which was surprisingly amazing. But they’re not related at all. Like it’s completely different joker.

They’re not related. The stories are not linked. But what you’re doing then you’re doing suicide squad. Jared Leto burn fixtures just came out today, the next suicide squad release. And in the meantime, you already had a suicide squad spinoff with Ali quit. It’s like make up your app and mind’s like your kids.

But that’s the thing, to Randy’s point, I don’t think they have anybody over there that’s doing, you know, for that what, you know, fight, you know, fight he is doing or you know what, um, you know what fibers, you know, uh, what, uh, what’s his name is doing for star Wars now, Dave Filoni. Yeah. Um, you know, you, you, you don’t have that I don’t think on the DC side. And I think that’s hurting them a lot

because it’s like, well, wait a minute, now I’m seeing Jeremy, it’ll joker back and then wait a minute, I’m seeing like, you know what I mean? Like nothing’s making sense. Like, you know, no one was expecting this joker to be good, you know what I mean? Like,

you know, the other part, the other part of that is, is, you know, and it’s okay to start slow. I mean, dude, like, you know, yeah. Iron man was a good movie, but it didn’t crush out of the gate. You know, it was a, yeah,

it did. It brought them up. They would’ve went out. They were going out of business if it wasn’t Brian man. Well go back and look at the numbers. Like that movie saved the marble period. Not like seriously.

Well, but I guess I’m looking at it in comparison to like what end game was and what infinity war was. You know what I mean? Like, so like it’s okay to start small as long as you have someone that’s saying, alright, here’s the overarching scene that we’re going for in general and here’s how all this stuff’s going to tie together. And that’s, that’s just what I don’t think is there.

I mean, iron man made 600 million iron man to made 600 million end game, make 2.8 billion. Iron man three though, made 1.2 billion. So I mean, well, well three came out after some of the other movies, didn’t it? Yeah. And then the first Avengers only made 1.5 billion. Only.

They only, well, no, but so that’s, that’s the thing. But at least you had, you know, there was some sort of cohesive plan there that said, alright, we’re going to start with this do and I’m quite sure it was, Hey, we’re going to start with this and see what happens. Cause it’s like, dude, they didn’t know that was going to happen. They didn’t know he was going to become a thing. I mean, I’m sure they hope like hell it would, but you know, then okay, I gave

it $140 million budget. I mean huge. Well that’s what, yeah, so they did it. So they did it right. I mean if they’re going to gamble on it, they might as well do it. Right. Like I said, hopefully. Yeah, hopefully they get somebody over there to figure shit out. Right. But like you’re like, do you now, which would be kind of bad ass, make a Batman movie with Joaquin Phoenix joker, right? Like, like one versus one. Like that’s it.

Yeah. Like, you know, going back to like the 89 Batman and yeah,

no, but 89 bad man. He had multiple bad guys. Just one bad guy. That was it did 89 half uh, Nope. Just the joker. Was it just Nicholas? It was someone else cause it was always like poison Ivy and ice cream.

No. And then no. And then two, you had the second one, you had, uh, the penguin and Catwoman. Uh, but yeah, no, the first one was just Nicholson as the joker.


Alright. Yeah. Something in penguin. Yeah, you’re right. Two people, right for everyone. But yeah, just one B one. No, Robyn, no bullshit.

Well, and again, you know, to, to our point that we’ve talked about a million times, you know, and stop making a goddamn three and a half hour movie where the entire universe is at stake. Like it’s okay for Batman to stop joker from robbing a bank like that. That’s okay.

Like black Panther was awesome.

Yeah. Like I’m, I’m okay with that. Like, that’s, that’s cool. I don’t need, I don’t, yeah, I don’t need the stakes to be that high. And I sure as shit don’t need it to be three and a half hours long.

Right. Stepping wolves, getting that. And that was just on today while I was flipping around and I stopped to watch. God damn will be such shit. It was not good.

It they’d know what’s not good.

It would have been stole, but there could have been so much that could have done with it.


I just, yeah, I don’t want to say it makes me angry cause I mean they may, you know that that will be probably make $2 billion.

I’m a,

but that’s the thing though. Like if you want to get, you know, I think they understand now, um, theaters or theaters are done.


What that’s going to get people to the theater, these mega, mega box office. It’s, you know what I mean? Just to sleep me 650 million. So like just as much as Ironman. Well that’s at


Not saying that’s sad, but like it’s a more than I thought.

No, but I mean that’s dude, that’s real. I mean, and that’s, you know, one of the stories that keep circulating is, you know, is this going to be the rebirth of the drive in? Um, and, and I’m okay with that, you know, and, and why aren’t, you know, the AMC theaters that have giant ass parking lots, you know, retooling themselves, you know, with those giant, you know, shit. I mean, if I can buy a 30 foot inflatable screen for my backyard, you know, why aren’t they retooling with, you know, a giant screen outside and letting people come parking the parking lot and watch movies? Like, what, what,

why can’t they? I’m gonna sit in my car, I’ll go drive, like sit in my house, I can piss right there. I can get burgers right there, you know?

Well, Jamie, I mean, dude, you’re preaching to the choir. I mean, you know, me and movie theaters, like I, it takes an event to get me into a movie theater cause I don’t like people, um, in movie theaters at all. And yeah, especially with these, you know, three, three and a half hour movies. Now I want to be able to hit pause and go take a leak. I want to be able to hit pause and go grab another drink. I want it, you know, what was the last one we saw? That was like three hours later they stopped with the whole intermission thing. I’m sitting down. I’m super surprised that that hasn’t been a thing. Oh yeah dude. That’s my thing. Like, yeah. And that’s, and it used to be a thing back in the day, dude, if you do a movie over two hours long, I think you owe your audience an intermission. You know, especially, you know, in this day and age where, you know, yeah, all the movie theaters have bars in them and all the, you know, I don’t know why theaters don’t push for that. So that’s, I can get a second round of concession staff.

That too. No, it’s good. Yeah. I want another drink and then I got to miss five minutes cause I gotta go.

Yeah. Get it. Go get a half ass poured whiskey. Uh, did we get anything else?

No. You know, again, it’s just like more like we’ll call this the it in the DTV review.

We had a couple of good topics in there.

No we did. We did. Well, you know, that’s a thing like, um, you know, it’s going to be interesting cause like we’ve, um, we started going back to Eileen, we talked about last week starting to trickle people back into our office. Um, I know a lot of people like blue cross downtown. Randy, are you permanently home now? Like

it’s not permanent, but we haven’t even talked about opening back up, going back into the office yet. So yeah, I was talking to Charles. He’s like, he’s permanently home-based now. So I’m, I’m 100% working from home right now, but I don’t know if that’ll continue once they open the buildings back up or not.

Oh my God. Have you watched the YouTube? There’s a, um, working from home fails, like basically it’s from newscasters. Um, there’s one, it’s a, it’s a girl that’s like reading the weather in her kitchen and like your dad comes down the hallway with no shirt on, hold like a tank top. And there’s like, there’s another guy that did the risky business Fridays and they pan down and he goes away and underpants.

Oh, that was a, yeah, there was, yeah, the newscast. Yeah, the weather guy. That was, yeah, I wasn’t wearing pants. That was amazing.

Well, most of the, like, you know, our kids come into, you know, cause I’m on video calls like probably four out of the eight hours a day. So it’s kind of like kids are popping in dogs,

dogs and you know how call suddenly have to be video calls all of a sudden, like just voice isn’t good enough anymore.

It’s gotta be,

you know what I mean? There’s, there’s something to be said for being able to like, look somebody in the eye and do you want me to some degree? I mean, when you, you get 30 people on one of these and it’s not exactly,

um, we did a like interviewing, like, like turn on your video. Like it’s like we won’t even, we used to do bone screens. Like those are gone. It’s turn on your video. Like what do you want to see? Uh, I dunno, just the person like you get, you always get an like, inflection, like

body language tone. You can see if they’re trying to Google answers.

Yeah. If you’re wearing glasses and you’re on a video interview, don’t Google answers to it. It’s not good. It’s hard finding cloud engineers these days. Like you really, everybody’s hiring. Oh my God. Like it’s, um, it’s, we’re having, we’re having a bitch of a time and we’re paying out. We’re paying well, like, look better than market.

If only there were events you could go to to help find,

I mean, here’s the thing we gotta we have to tell you about, uh, I was talking to, um, RMC, uh, Jim buyer, my staff. He was like, you guys thinking about bringing back the pink slip party. And I’m like that, you know, when this thing breaks, when this thing breaks open and we’re all back to normal again, we’re not going to be back to normal. Um, you know, there’s gonna be a lot of people, a lot of work still. Does this come back? Cause I mean, it’s not like this area isn’t clamoring protect talent. There’s people screaming for it. Um, so yeah, it’s going to be interesting how this thing all shakes out job wise. From a technical talent wise, you know, you know our other States coming into poach. Like there’s, I mean, you know, once or twice a week now I’m declining people from out of state saying they’re hiring, you know, Texas, you’re not coming in our group in poaching, get the hell outta here.

Right. It’s supposed to be for local. So yeah, I’m just, uh, it’s going to be really interesting. What’s, uh, and there’s the weird thing is there’s people moving right now when it gets, it’s like right now, I don’t know why people like this seems like a very weird time. Like we had three people leave in the last two weeks for like better opportunities and I was shocked, like, you know what I mean? Like right now in a world pretty stable. Like apparently people are using this as I’m going to learn a new skill. This is my time to make a change. Like I’m going to grow a beard. You know what I mean? Like, everyone’s like, nah, I guess it makes sense. This is like a reset button for a lot of people. It’s really a, it’s really bizarre to watch.

Yeah. I mean, I’ve, I’ve did, I’ve had a lot of conversations with folks, especially the ones in the service industry about, you know, wanting to change careers and that kind of stuff and, you know, you know, pointed him at career Academy and a bunch of other places and just, you know, Hey, yeah. You know, get start learning. There’s a bajillion ways to learn this crap online. Go

well. He wants to be in that volatile volatile of an industry where one thing, one illness happens. Like, you know, how are we going to react to the future? Some little measles bullshit comes out next year. What are we gonna do to put everybody in freaking new encapsulated bubble wraps? Or did I,

I must’ve had, I think I had five different show hosts call me on Friday or Thursday when the announcement hit about, you know, gatherings of, of 10 or fewer are now permissible. Um, asking me if, Oh, so, Hey, the studios are open now, right. No, uh, no, not right. Um, and you know, one of them got a little snippy with me and I said, look, I the cards on table, how are you going to feel if you’re sitting there in that nice enclosed room with eight other people and somebody sneezes? How are you? And Oh yeah, I hadn’t really thought that through. Yeah, exactly. That’s why the studios aren’t open yet.

Yeah. When they say gatherings of 10 or more, they’re not talking about an eight by eight. Yeah,

exactly. Yeah. Well, and honestly, I mean, that’s, that’s been one of the, you know, possibly one of the best things that’s come out of this is, you know, just, you know, knowing the zoom, you know, basically replacing Skype with zoom. Um, and now knowing that I’ve been playing with, you know, the TV, you know, we’ve got one of these TVs in all the studios. Um, and you know, so now knowing that, okay, we can bring people, you know, maybe it’s the host or the host and a cohost and maybe one of their guests in the studio. And if you’ve got more than that, Hey, we’re going to fire, you know, we’ll let them connect in via zoom, um, and they can see you and you can see them and you can still talk to each other and that kind of stuff. Just as a good, you know, way to keep numbers down and that kind of stuff. But I mean, we’ll see

indeed. Um, but Hey, yeah, I guess, uh, we’ll wrap this up with, this is what episode three 49, almost, almost at three 50 kind of crazy. This is what happens when I don’t write notes down. I’m just going off my phone. Nope. Cool. But Hey, on a is episode three 49 I’m gonna wrap things up on behalf of Bob, Dave and Randy. Hope you had a nice Memorial day again. Uh, hats off to a camera’s. Say hats off, but like cheers to, uh, all of the men and women of the armed forces that put up the ultimate sacrifice to make sure that we can do this shit every week. Um, I guess drink up your drinks and get your phone numbers in a stay your ass at home and you know, hopefully we’ll see you soon. Be good. Beat it. See everybody. Bye.

Alright, so there goes the live stream and the recordings off and there’s that.

I always try to add the work.




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