Episode 346 – Clone Wars, The Mandalorian, Happy Star Wars Day

Let’s talk Star Wars and more for Star Wars Day.  The Clone Wars wraps up with an amazing set of episodes, the Mandalorian documentary drops, and more…



What is going on? This is the it and the D show. Episode 346 broadcasting live from our quarantine homes. Bob, the sales guy and then h. We are not going to be as heavy this week. Good topic one bed top. We’re back to our good old fashioned drinks. No guests. Just a bunch of cool stories and talking. A lot of clone Wars. Yes, Dave, you may fire one. He’s so proud of himself for having diet dr pepper as if it’s something like fit regulations. Randy is, I’ll take a moment to be thankful it’s not a white cloth. Let’s, yeah, thank you for hanging out with us. This is episode three 46 of the one and only it and that he show, like we said, broadcasting live from our quarantine homes. This is Bob, the sales guy. That is Dave the geek.

Randy. I do. The Twitters is drinking diet mountain Dew. Happily find a sun line it.com and do us a favor. Give us a like on the socials and subscribe to us everywhere. Fine podcasts are sold and as you should be used to by now. This is the part of the show where we usually talk about our upcoming events and there still aren’t any, so eight days y’all you celebrated a birthday last week during the show. I did a few days on Friday and a while. I’d like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and God I got it. It’s a, it’s a, it’s a full days of work to keep up with it to go back and thank everybody and yeah, I don’t want to sound like an idiot, you know. But LinkedIn, I forgot LinkedIn does it also just like literally all day, like you’re trying to like the people like you know, I don’t know.

Is there like a thing that you do? Like if somebody just says happy birthday, you just sit like fix your, maybe you do the haha goes way over and above. They may have more personal message. Hey man, thanks. There you it’s been a while. We should catch up yet. Yeah. Yeah. Cause I know like it always makes me mad. It’s kind of like when I was in the hospital, all the people that reached out wish me well and continue to do so. I’m like, God, I suck. I don’t reach out enough. When people are sick. I usually back away like I wish birthdays, but I don’t do it every day. And it’s like, you know, saying I feel bad about it, but like not doing it enough, but like I think it makes me cognizant that I need to reach out more if people know for sure. I mean, honestly that’s, that’s been one of the things that I think the whole, um, like doing the zoom chats and everything else with everybody has taught me is like, I, there are a lot of people that I used to hang out with a lot more, um, that have started showing up for the zoom chats, especially after penguin con. Like, I had a lot of people reach out and were like, Hey, we haven’t hung out in a while yet. He and I started inviting him to those. Um,

yeah, I, I kinda suck as a friend. I, and, and I get that like, you know, but I mean it’s, but it’s, but I mean it’s me one Oh one. I mean like if it’s, and it’s for the same reasons why I suck in a lot of different areas. I mean, it, I’m, I’m typically so focused on right now what’s going on right now [inaudible] that I’m not good at the peripheral stuff or down the road stuff. Um, and so yeah, it is what it is. But yeah, I think, I think it’s going to be a, I’m not going to wait for the new year and it’s going gonna be like a mid year’s resolution that I’m going to start getting better about that.

So the only thing that I wanted to, like last week we had like one of the better guests that we’ve ever had on that, talking COBIT. Next we have to go back and watch it. Episode three 45

I almost like that and I put it in the, I put it in the notes before it went out for syndication. I’d really don’t know how well that episode is going to translate to audio only. Um, just because he had so much data and so many graphs and so many charts and all that stuff that we were talking through. And I listened to a good chunk of it. And I mean some of it translates well, some of it doesn’t. Um, so I mean the, the video is out, uh, on our Facebook page. It’s also out on our YouTube channel and the podcast, Detroit YouTube channel. Um, so definitely go back and give that a watch. I really recommend it.

So an interesting turn of events happening and you know, just the way he presented his information. There’s a lot of people that have a lot of different information. I think it’s, I think it’s indicative of science as a whole. Right? You have, I don’t know.

I don’t know that I agree with that just from the, I don’t know that a lot of people have a lot of different information. I think a lot of people had a lot, have a lot of different interpretations of information, same information.

Yeah. That’s why everyone says I need a second opinion is not perfect. Do you know what I mean? Um, but, but, uh, YouTube kind of threw a curve ball in something that a viral video came out with a couple of doctors that own a urgent care clinic. The video that I brought up last week that somebody had texted and I’d never, I didn’t see it as a, I believe it was Dr. Erickson, if I’m not mistaken. There were two of them. Yeah. And I mean what I gathered from it was they were more in the consensus of the Swedish method, which is a get together and get sick together.

Yes and no. So part of the issue, um, and I believe why there were, cause it was specifically pulled because it violent, like it went against the who guidelines and disseminated poor information. And that was a very specific thing that they put that they called out because what they were saying was that based on what they had seen in only in their little urgent care clinic in like Bakersfield, California, if I recall correctly, um, was that they hadn’t seen very many cases. They hadn’t seen very many, you know, deaths or anything. Okay, well, nobody goes to an urgent care. And dies first and foremost. Um, if you go to an urgent care, they will, I mean, you’ve had it happen, you’ve gone to an urgent care and they go, ah, no, you’re getting in and out in an ambulance right now and going to the ER. Um, you know, so it’s it. And so they were saying, you know, with, with their very limited data set only from their urgent care, they were espousing these sweeping changes to grand national, you know, the national plans and all that stuff. And that’s why they got yanked.

I mean, here’s the thing from everybody from every, every politician that we’re affiliated with or not affiliated with is said something regards to it regarding banning this medicine or using that thing or injecting this thing that didn’t get yanked. But this one did. I, me personally, while I don’t think you know, everyone, I’m not trying to get too crazy, but like pulling stuff like that just runs you down a bad path that I don’t know you can catch up to because there’s so much information out there. How do you decide what’s right and what’s wrong? And apparently they made the choice for us.

Yeah. And, and, and I get it. And I mean, I,

they could do whatever the hell they want.

Well, and that’s the thing. It was like, Oh, first amendment free speech. No, I’m sorry that doesn’t apply.

Dropping the first free free speech thing, but I’m dropping that. There’s a whole lot of shit on YouTube that is perfectly fine. What was this, this one?

Well, and I think that because it was starting to spread so rapidly and because so many people were watching it, um, you know, it’s, it, you know, it, to me it’s, if you have a crackpot sitting there with a tinfoil hat on, um, on a street corner, that’s, you know, seeing, you know, screaming the end is nigh, not really worth paying attention to when you have a dipshit that gets behind a podium for, I dunno, let’s hypothetically say a couple hours a day, um, and tells you to put a black light up your, as you might want to, you know, maybe, maybe you that down. So, I mean, it’s, well, I’m just saying, I mean, there’s been this first time we’ve had stories about YouTube selective moderation, right? And it is, I mean, and it’s, you know, and, and it’s so, yes, their original videos were yanked. Um, you can still find it via like news agencies and that kind of stuff that had covered it. And it’s still out there through that. Um, I gotta be honest with you, I don’t have a problem with, with YouTube pulling it. I mean, just from the simple, it’s, here’s, and this is, this is my biggest thing with, with all of this is the spreading of bad information, especially during times like this is, is reckless and dangerous. It, there’s no other way for me to put it.

You know what’s bad though? Like,

because the entire dude, they were condemned by the entire, like the, the medical associations that they are a part of, slapped them down and said, never ever do that again. That is false and bad information. I mean,

I just thought that it went against the new guidelines and I was like,

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. A lot of people lined up against them and went, no, bad, bad. Um,

yeah. Robin would know seal here. Here’s the wormhole that I don’t, I think YouTube got to understand what they get themselves into. It’s kind of like when tipper Gore slap the parental, uh, uh, bad words on his wrap up. Oh yeah. The parental advice. Oh yeah. Shit, I gotta have that watching a documentary on that. Nobody’s like, you wanted it, you craved it. We sold more records. So it’s like when you band on YouTube, you can wear that as a cake. Like,

and that’s the double edged sword. I mean, and that’s, that’s the sad reality is, I mean, it’s, you know, do you make the decision to pull it and because now you’ve given rise to all the crackpot conspiracy theories of all, they pulled it because it’s real and that, you know, uh,

wouldn’t you rather have like, um, I watch all this Steven Crowder crap and he’ll go through and he’ll go up that line. Here’s the thing from this study that I said that this line, like I would rather almost have had 12 or 15 or 27 or 3,800 doctors come out and put out their little videos going, this is bullshit. You’re dry. The problem, I can educate myself. I don’t,

I get it, but here’s the, but here’s the problem with that. How many, we live in a world that is heavily dominated right now by both the Dunning Kruger effect and the confirmation bias. And so as soon as people watch a video that aligns with what they believe, they will not watch any counterpoint videos. They will not watch any followup videos. They will not do anything. Okay. But again, especially in times like this, it is reckless and harmful to disseminate bad information. And, and, and that’s what, and I’m sorry, like when it’s, if it, if it were YouTube unilaterally, if it was, Oh, they went against the who guidelines. When you have all these different medical associations that lined up against them. Yeah. No, it needed to go.

Why? What was so like, I mean, why did it go so viral so fast? What’s the,

because Dunning-Kruger effect and confirmation bias because it lined up with what enough people are thinking, Oh dude,

get me the hell out of the house.

Well, yeah, exactly. It gave them the, Oh, well here’s two doctors that say exactly what I think. And so therefore I’m sharing it, which will then feed all of the other people who think like, I think, um, yeah.

If you ever wanted confirmation that people need to get the hell out of the house, follow the Michigan quarantine. Chugs Facebook. Oh, mother of God. Yeah. No, I’ve, I’ve been, uh, I’ve been in there for a few weeks. It’s like 200,000 people. Like the day I joined up, I’m like, what in the world is going on? And basically it’s a people finding new and inventive ways to drink alcohol, mix up their own home and uh, and then neighborhood.

Yeah, it’s a, well, and I did, I love the meme that was floating around today that said, basically we’ve, we’re kind of, we are reaching a tipping point where Americans can go without jobs and haircuts for so long before we become hippies. So I mean that’s, that’s, that’s the real danger.

I cut my own

hair last week. I couldn’t take it anymore here. It looks like shit Dave. But we all got, we all got a little streak this morning actually, I think Disney plus. Yes, it is. It is. May the fourth be with you star Wars day. Oh yeah. I forgot all that. It’s not funny. Is it still? It’s still, yeah. Here’s the thing. TBS marathon dude, I remember 25 years ago talking about may the fourth, um, as a thing on CompuServe and Ray was like, go, that’s stupid. But, but it’s kind of nerd cool than it. Uh, and like, here we are. And like now it’s like a mainstream thing that people are all over. And I’m like, Oh yeah.

Cultural appropriation. Walmart. Yeah, exactly.

I’m gonna, I’m gonna scream geek culture appreciation or appropriation. GBS can’t show episode nine yet. So their parents are scheduled with a blue harvest and something, something dark side. Oh, nice. Nice. Well, yeah. So yeah, today, uh, let’s see, the rise of Skywalker dropped. Um, they surprised drops. They surprised drop to the final episode of the clone Wars. Um,

it was already out at in certain circles.

Uh, well I mean, everything’s out somewhere. Um,

was like a British guy disseminating it. And then there was one that was in a quarter screen. Um, I saw like five different versions last night.

Um, and then the, uh, the first episode of the Mandalorian documentary dropped.

Now all that I want to talk, get in close words and I want to talk about the Mandalorian documentary. Yeah. Like between you, you know, I think you’ve known that I’ve been in and out of the cartoons. I’ve never been all in.

Dude. I was, I was completely out. I never watched them. I wanted nothing to do with them when they were on air. Um, and it wasn’t until I got Disney plus that I was like, okay, you know what, I’ll give him a shot and rebels and clone Wars addicted immediately. I still can’t get into resistance. I’ve tried like five times, six times now. Um, but rebels and clone Wars hooked me right in right away and it’s amazing,

but I’m not going to lie. The last four episodes of clone Wars is well-written. Should have been a movie as anything we’ve seen. Star Wars should have been a movie.

Do these, these last four episodes wrapping up the final season, although there are rumors, they may now reverse that decision though. I don’t know how, um, yeah, these last four episodes right up to the movie. Yeah. Literally. Yeah. I mean, the last few, the last few at the last four episodes have basically taken us through the execution of order 66. Um, you know, I, I don’t want to get into too many spoilers, but you got your first look at a character, um, in a clone Wars, uh, scenario, uh, at the end of it, at the end of this last episode. Um, it is, and yeah, I mean D do just the animation of the writing, the just

amazing. Like, did you like get how much like I can talk mall was in it. Everything. Everyone knows that like,

Oh yeah, there no do to malls. Bennett Ramallah has been in that and rebels all along. Yeah.

Well like I was joking like you imagine if they would have like captured mall and like had them taken away like to end two and then open up three with like killing mall and then like, Oh my God, just the like do just that whole, that whole

plot line of malls return. Um, and, and, and they’ve, and his realization of just how played he was, um, and, and just how manipulated he was by Palpatine, um, was, I mean, like I said, just the, the writing, the character development. I mean, you know, I’ve said it for months now. That is so Caetano is hands down my probably easily top three if not top two characters in the star Wars universe for me now. Um, and

a very parallel and very getting yang. Like she wasn’t in a Jedi order, she had Jedi powers but didn’t profess to be a Jedi. He, you know, felt slighted by the dark side or by the, by the user. By Palpatine at least.

Well, yeah, I mean, you know, she got screwed over by Palpatine. She got screwed over by the Jedi council. I mean, that’s, you know, so yeah, they had a lot in common.

Well yeah, it was a, if you, if you haven’t caught it, at least start watching like the last season, episode nine. Mmm. If you want to start there, if you want a big whole thing ahead. But I’m just saying like, if you just want to watch the last four, Oh, excuse me.

Yeah. I think they, um, they actually, uh, Disney plus put out a really good primer and addict and a couple of other websites did too that said, Hey, if you want to prep for, like, if you really want to do this here, you know, here are these two episodes from this season. You want to watch, here are these, you know, here’s basically like, here’s these eight episodes across the seasons of clone Wars that you want to watch before you start this final four. Um, here’s these like six episodes from rebels you should watch before you start that. Just so that you have the entire, you have it as much of the context as you can walking into that four without having watched everything.

Do you know what I was trying to figure out and I couldn’t what, um, did any part of the cultural Wars cartoon but up against solo? Like was was mall a part of, um, yes.

Yeah, dude, that, so when, uh, that scene, not this episode, last episode when Maul was down in the tunnels and he was talking to the three holograms and he said, prepare to go into hiding the far right one was uh, Oh God, the bad guy in, in solo. Uh, um, yeah. I can’t remember his name. I can’t remember his name. Uh, Driessen maybe, I don’t know. Um, but that was him in that, so like, yeah, that was setup. That was the setup and tie it, I’m sorry. Did they show his face? Yes, but like I said, it’s, it’s in a, it’s in a small, like he’s talking to three holograms. And so if you’re not paying attention to who’s in those three holograms, you might not notice one. Wa it was the, basically the three leaders of, uh, the syndicate that he was like, you know, so yeah, no, it, it, there was actually, there was absolutely a, a touch point there.

It answered that. What was this? The Mandalorian documentary? I didn’t even until I saw your email, I didn’t even see. Yeah. So the, the Mandalorian dock and they only dropped the first episode, I believe it’s going to be an eight part series, if I recall correctly. And this first one that dropped, um, was with Al. It was with John Fabro and all of the director for directors, um, that, you know, cause they each did however many episodes. Um, and it was just a round table discussion and it was, it was fascinating cause I mean if you watch the Mandalorian, you know that, you know, every episode has kind of a different fee, a different flavor and a different feel to it. Um, and a different, you know, a different, you know, there’s the, there’s the heist episode, there’s the seven samurai episode, there’s the, this, this, this, this and this.

And so it was, it was interesting watching Fabro sit down and, yeah. And so, you know, so it was interesting watching, you know, Fabro sit around and talk with them about how they pulled that all together. Like he deliberate, like they deliberately assembled different directors that had different takes, different specialties, different, um, and different ways of going about things. Um, and said, okay, look, you know, we’re going to give you free rent. And that was the one thing, like all of them said, it was absolutely fascinating to be right. You know, to be directing something for TV, but to be given the free reign, like I was doing a feature film. Um, and it was, it was like that was really cool to hear and you know, they, and they just gave them, said, Hey, here’s where you have to start, here’s where you have to end, go, you know, be you.

Right. And then there was another thing that just actually just came out today from screen rant. Um, I don’t know how to pronounce the guy’s name, but it’s a taiko YTT. He is, he is one of the mentally he’s actually in, he’s one of the guys that’s in, cause he’s one of the directors from the Mandalorian and I believe he’s also the voice of IgE 11. He did the last minute he did with yes, with a MAF, Gideon and the Darksaber and all that stuff. So yes, he, he absolutely was. He’s the guy that is the voice of IgE 11 in, in that series. Okay. Did Ragnar rock and some others, they gave him a film. So I don’t know what that’s going to be. I don’t think they’ve announced anything yet. Oh. And they don’t know either. Like, and they’ve said, yeah, there’s no release date. There’s no, I mean, they haven’t even started writing it yet. They just said, Hey, you’re going to get to be in the director’s chair for a star Wars movie.

Alright. I don’t know Randy muted himself. Um, whoops. Um, so no, I mean, and then it is, I mean, and that was one of the things is, you know, watching, you know, the, the stuff with, you know, both fat and Dave Filoni, you know, it was in the room, um, you know, who people know as being the guy behind the clone Wars. Um, and it was funny hearing them talk about like basically how they got the gigs, especially. And I, and I won’t ruin it, but it’s, it’s funny to hear Filoni is a story about his interview with Lucas. Um, and, and just how that went and what he thought about it. Um, and you know, the, the fact that candidly, he thought he was getting punked when he, when he first got the phone call. Um, so it was really, Oh, well, no. So that’s the thing, you know, he said, you know, somebody calls him from the, you know, Lucasfilm animation department, and he’s like, there isn’t one.

Um, and he’s like, you know, and he was, you know, he’s working for cartoon network. And so he thought like the sponge Bob square pants guys were pranking him. Uh, and so, yeah, it is, it’s a really fascinating watch. And like I said, they’re only, they only dropped the first one. Uh, so I’m curious, I don’t know if they’re going to do a weekly release with these two or what. Um, but yeah, there’s supposed to be eight, if I recall correctly. And like I said, the first one was really, really good. Cool. I liked it a lot. I’ll take what I can get at this point. Gimme gimme gimme well, and the other, the other piece of news that came out regarding the Mandalorian, uh, was that they, they did officially announced that the Mandalorian does not have any delays, uh, due to all of this coven 19 stuff. Um, they had finished enough of it, uh, and so that they, they’re, they are still looking at their, their in the post production phase. Um, so they are still looking to be on track for that October release for the next season. I still think the greatest COBIT 19, um,

Jimmy talk about with his last week or two weeks ago, the, uh, the preacher that said you could just blow it away. Like he gets his like demonic look on his face. Cause like I was sudden, I got sucked in a wormhole and I’m on remixes and mad, just angry. I’m like, Oh my God, this is real. Like I just thought it was kind of a,

Oh no, that was, yeah, no, that’s, that’s, that’s a Southern preacher Bob. That’s, that’s, that’s who they are. That’s, that’s how that works. That’s what that is. Yeah.


But no. So yeah, I mean, and it was, you know, it was interesting, you know, just, I mean there was obviously, you know, I know the official star Wars site released a, um, basically stay home, stay safe, we’re in this together, you know, video. That was kind of cool. Um, you know, it is, I mean it’s, you know, and that kind of touches on, as, you know, we both had birthdays last week and I mean usually either we’re at penguin con throwing a party or you know, we’re getting the guys together and hitting Kit-Kat club or something like that. Um, you know, it is, I mean, and that’s cause again, like, and, and you know, and I guess doubling back on that video too, like I, I get it. Like, dude, all, we’re all frustrated. We’re all like, please do not for two seconds. Think that I would not rather be hanging out, down at whiskey in the jar or, you know, I mean, for, for the love of Larry, the bartender at temple bar called me to make sure that I was okay. Um, cause you know, he knew that this kind of stuff was, you know, probably hit me hard. It took a box of food to the Duffy’s bartender who hasn’t gotten a paycheck. And yeah, I mean it’s, you know, that’s, Oh Hey, I guess good moment to shout out [inaudible] dot com again, um, you know, hit that and it put together by our buddy [inaudible] dot com. Um, it’s [inaudible] dot com um, find your favorite local bartender and throw some cash their away while they’re drinking at home. If he can.

It got to the point of me running out of crap to watch or I binged the outer banks on Netflix. I don’t know what that is. If you haven’t watched it. It’s basically, I’m imagining Goonies if like all of the Goonies were like super model 18 year olds getting, it’s like the lost treasure. They love it. They’re like, they all got put on this Island and it’s like the rich kids, where’s the poor kids? And then they dad was looking for the sunken ship that had $400 million in gold and they went to go, they found a map. And they went to go find the treasure and it’s like this basically written like Twilight, like it’s all like, this is Spence in this like, but it’s, you know, Bo got into it about the third episode, what is it? I go, it’s Goonies of good looking kids. And she said, she goes, you’re so right. It totally is the toddlers, they’re just looking for treasure. It’s like I actually sat and watched the whole damn thing and I’m like, yeah, I’m no better off than I am for a actually, did you see the Goonies a reunion? That was kind of,

I did, yeah. The video they put out are they actually, I mean obviously they, you know, there were certain cast members they couldn’t get in because, well, their dad. Um, but I mean,

no, I was surprised at that one.

Yeah, I know. I mean, I mean other than that, everybody was, I mean they, you know, you know, uh, it, it, yeah, it was, it was a fun watch and it was, it was good as you know, hearing them riff their lines and all that kind of stuff. It was, it was definitely a, um, definitely a feel good watch to, to sit down and see that happening.

So when we started this whole stay at home thing, uh, one of the first guests we had was talking about, are we going to run out of internet? Um, and it’s interesting because we were like, no, we’re never gonna run out of internet for the most part. We’ve been pretty good and we’ve all been hammering or Netflix really hammering on zoom and not really glitchy. And, um, a cool article came out from network world. Why didn’t COBIT 19 break the internet? You know, apparently. Is that the infrastructure of the whole, basically the backbone of the internet was built to survive?

Well, I mean, so you think, I mean, I mean, think back to, you know, the origin. I mean, it started off as a DARPA project and you had the ARPANET

and it was original, huh?

No, uh, no it was, but it was originally designed to be a critical communications infrastructure mechanism in case of a nuclear attack. Um, you know, and it was designed, you know, to keep, um, certain key military infrastructure points and universities up and running and communicating. Uh, and so, you know, like w and we’ve talked about this on the show a bazillion times, like you know, part of the issue with, from a security standpoint is that the TCP IP protocol is very open and flexible and does not have any security really built into it. And so the, that’s the downside, the upside is that it was designed with that flexibility and openness in mind. So when you have, you know, you can have packets going, like you’d have the same message traffic getting divided up into multiple packets that are sent across different routers. But as long as they all still wind up at the same spot at roughly the same time, they all Vultron back together and you’ve got your original content and all that stuff.

So that whole distributed model of how that stuff works. I mean, yeah, I mean it’s, it’s been there since day one cause that’s what it was supposed to do. Let me think about it too. Path of least resistance. If it’s clogged in Detroit, it’s going to go through Cleveland. Like, Oh no, I’ve gone that way. No, cut, no gone. Now what I mean, if you look at this is that as much as I thought they said, video video on Verizon networks up 41% VPN up to 65% downstream traffic is increased 20% upstream, upstream, upstream as increased 40%. So, I mean, it’s not as much as I would have thought considering, you know, all our asses are all working now. We thought it’d be a lot more. Well, I mean, see, I mean you think, I mean there’s, there’s a large number of people that telecommute all the time anyway, you know, the, the, that work from home and do their thing this way.

Um, yeah, I mean, the, the upstream traffic does not surprise me at all because you’ve got more people sitting here like this, you know, doing video out of their houses, uh, and, and, and getting that traffic up the pipe, um, than you’ve had in a long time. Uh, so yeah, I mean, you know, games, that kind of stuff, you know, you know, Netflix who lose that kind of stuff as your downstream traffic. So I guess that doesn’t really surprise me cause I mean you’ve got, I mean most of the kids during the day are doing their homework or their, you know, they’re doing their meetings with schools and that kind of stuff now. But yeah, then they switch over to gaming and videos. So I can see that being a normalized uptake I guess I would say. But if you even think about, um, if an ISP runs out of bandwidth per se, it really, most of it is a, is, I know it was a little bit more detailed than this, but it’s mostly just a card swap to gain more speed or adding, uh, adding some more boxes.

Well, and not, not only that, but I mean, so I mean, the good thing, you know, and, and you know, from, I mean, from even way back in the day, I mean, the most expensive part of getting connectivity routed somewhere is digging the trench. And so the smart thing that most places have done is when they, when uh, when the trenches were dug, they put more cabling, more fiber, you know, depending on when they laid it, um, you know, in there than they actually needed. And so one of the main reasons why we haven’t had any issues with this stuff is all they’ve done is flipped the switch and said okay, let’s bring pipe two up. We’ve been running on pipe or we’ve been running on pipes one and two all this time. We’ve never even bothered to fire up pipe three bloop. There we go. And life’s good.

I mean even like back when I was doing fiber to the home in like an old three Oh four, there was technology. I don’t even, I’ve been worked with fiber and somebody years, I wonder if it was DWDM which you can run like 32 X the packets through the same amount of fibers. Just standard a multi. Anyway, enough about that. But yeah glad the internet hasn’t broken shit their pants. Like if you would’ve done this in 1985, people would have jumped off buildings. Cause there wouldn’t be shit to do. Um, or they just would have broken the rules. Now at least, you know, kids are kind of content with their, you know, FaceTimes and there,

well dude, I mean think back to right after nine 11. I mean, you know, I mean it’s, that’s 2001 and we didn’t have as much infrastructure as we have now. Uh, you know, and, and things did slow down. I mean, I, you know, I mean think back to, I mean CNN and everybody else, all their websites were destroyed and you and you couldn’t get through to them. Um, you know, cause I was sitting on a well yeah. But you know, anybody else couldn’t. Um, so yeah, I mean it’s, you know, a lot of stuff has happened since then, but I mean it wasn’t, it wasn’t even that long ago where something like this would have brought down the internet.

Yeah. I mean that was an, that was a Nokia push to talk watching CNN on a full screen on my laptop cause yeah. Cause that was plugged right into the core switch. Um, so yeah, that was definitely an interesting time. Um, but yeah, the funny thing is, you know, I got laugh. It’s, it’s the shit we talk about like every third show since we’ve started this show about people bitching about, uh, getting a technology that they’re fine with, but not the bad part about it. Well, it’s like I want my GPS and I want to see, I want to see where my, uh, I want to, I want, I want to see where the traffic is. Where’s my goddamn GrubHub driver? Right. You better not track me. What do you think they’re doing? What holes?

How do you think they know? How do you think they know where your GrubHub driver is and where that traffic, you know, where those traffic

James are, are going in his house? Like, like it’s national Lampoon’s vacation told you track me. It’s like, I guess a map came out Metro times wrote about it. The thing a few other places, I’m talking, it’s this path that everybody’s taken, which is the weird one is, um, I would’ve thought Michigan is basically going straight up and down and straight left and right. They basically break to grand Rapids from Lansing to, um,

well and so a well, hold on, give, give the context because what you’re talking about is there’s an app that people downloaded a, I believe it was like called vote something or other, I can’t remember what it was. Um, but, uh, an app that people downloaded and opted into having like their, their location information and that kind of stuff. Um, and so this data comes from, uh, the protests and Lansing a bit ago.

Oh, vote map. Um, yeah, it was 300 opt in devices gathered, um, gathered at Lansing. But the weird thing is like you, you would think, you know, because like it’s not going to Trevor city going left, right at, uh, I believe it’s whatever, uh, whatever the highway is. Like when you’re drunk, it’s like, it’s straight up like the top of Michigan. Um, like by Mackinaw, like, like, and a lot of left and right. But yeah. What did you tell me that tells me they all came down from the P? Like what does that tell you?

Well, Petoskey well, I mean it’s, so, it’s, it’s a lot of, a lot of, a lot of rural folks showed up in Lansing, um, and grand Rapids, very conservative part of the state. Yeah. And, and so, you know, it was, it was a lot of folks from rural municipalities that showed up, um, in Lansing and, you know, and, and so the danger there, and this is what, and you know, this, this leader I shared this on my Facebook page for this reason is so, okay, guess what? Um, they showed people leaving that gathering where we all kind of laughed and joked about, you know, Nope, look at all those, you know, they’re all standing around in clumps there. None of them are wearing masks. None of them have any kind of PPE gear. And, Oh, guess what? Those rural areas are now starting to see an uptick in covert 19 cases.

You’re seeing the same thing in each trade in Chicago too, because the house parties are a thing

and, and like, and so like that’s like, like that’s, that’s the thing that keeps like, I don’t understand. Again, like I, I get it, we’re all frustrated. We all want to be around people. Being around other people is a bad idea right now. It’s, it, this, it’s not rocket science. Like this is not advanced physics. This is not quantum mechanics. It’s, you know, and it’s one of the, one of the things I loved last week with Fred, it’s a very simple one to one correlation.

Yeah. Randy, you’re in front of my buddy posted a video. He was at the Meyer parking lot with his motorcycle and the lot was packed. It was almost like everyone with their bikes came out there.

So apparently somebody had died and they were gathering to do a, like a funeral possession down to bell. Okay. And then, and then Goliath got shut down. Well, the police report said that they were practicing social distancing there in the parking lot, but they, so they had spread out and taken over the whole parking lot just so they could stay distant for this funeral possession.

Well it’s getting nuts too. I think we shared, do we share it privately or publicly? Dave? I don’t remember the like there’s social in New York now. Like that was, yeah, that was just in messaging. Yeah. Like hops are getting a little like beat up. Some guy they asked him to separate,

they’re under fire because go figure the way they’re handling things with non socially distant white people is a little different than how they’re things with non social distancing people of color.

Yeah. Yeah. They beat the living shit out of this guy and they’re like, Whoa, what did he do?

Yeah. But then, but then, but then the white folks, Oh you know, Hey, we’ll give you morning. I’d get the F.

Yeah. I, yeah, those anybody like all you gotta say is like, and what happens if you’re living with a person? Like, if you, if you told me and my wife six feet apart, I’m like, I get to sleep in the same bed as her every night. You know, like

that’s different. I mean, that’s, you know, like the whole like, yeah, no, the whole, like the whole stay home stay safe thing has always been, you know, dude, control the variables in your life, which is, you know what, okay, so your family, you can kind of know where you and your family go and who you interact with and all that stuff. You know, I mean, let’s, I mean, I do, I’m not even leaving home to shop anymore. Like I, you know, I have discovered Instacart is better than shipped. Uh, and so I’m using that for all my shopping now. Uh, so yeah. Well, due to an instant dude, Instacart does a bunch more places than ship does. And I like the app better. I just a little plug for them. Um, I like the app. I like their like little realtime shopping updates. Like, as someone’s walking down the aisles and picking up items and checking them in, you can see like they’ve shopped 35 of 50 items and Oh didn’t get it. And then like there’s like in-app chat, Hey, they don’t have this. You okay with that? Cool. Whereas like with Shipt, they’re sending you texts and that kind of stuff and you got it anyway. Um,

you’re tracking me but don’t you dare try pissing me off. I think they’re going to be dead to me soon and they can’t be because I’m a lazy bastard. I need it. I need the, I’m doing deliver me food. But grub hub, again, we knew that they take like 20 don’t they take like 20% off the top? I don’t know the exact as a starting point, the starting point. So then you start looking at, okay, two 99 and charge me to deliver.

There was a food truck where the owner of the food truck posted his end of month receipt from a deposit deposit statement from GrubHub.

It was a thousand dollars gross and it was a $350 check. But then if you, then I look today, I ordered a lunch from GrubHub today for me and Annie and there’s taxes and fees and then it’s his fees and it’s like, Oh, this service fee, it’s almost turning into Epic ticket master. They’re like, you know, my, my $8 with a food with a $5 tip turned into a $20 bill, which again, I’m not angry about because, you know, I’m the one that wants to sit on my couch. It’s providing a service. But like now, like if you’re chewing the people, if you’re getting on both sides, right, we’ve got the double ended dildo out. Nice button. Let me have my flat. But like, it’s one thing of you like charge me more to get my things, but like, but you’re, you’re, you’re sticking it to them,

but just through the restaurants too. Yeah. Well, and so the story, you’re the pimp. Yeah. You do that. I’ve said this, this has been my analogy all along. Uber, uh, grub hub Lyft, they are, they, they have the same technological or technology argument that a pimp does. Hey, we just put two consenting adults together, take a little percentage off the top, whatever they do after that is on them. Um, so no, but because they’re taking that percentage off the top and not doing a damn thing else. Um, but also the, the story that was in the, in the list this week was that, so now you’ve got Yelp, um, that has partnered with grub hub. And so Yelp apparently lists two phone numbers, uh, for every restaurant on their app. The first is for questions, uh, for questions, uh, call, you know, click this button, uh, for delivery or pickup or you know, for delivery.

Push this button while the questions button goes right to the restaurant. The delivery button goes to an alternate phone number that Yelp and GrubHub have created for them, which then goes to a grub hub call center. Um, and, and, and they place the order and pick up the order and take all their percentages and everything else without letting the customers know. And so that’s just yet another way that they’re kind of dicking people over and why I’m extremely happy that we’ve been mocking Yelp for years now and you can’t do a God damn thing about it. Like you are stuck. Yeah. Well you can always try and go directly to the restaurant and say, Hey, you got a do order offer. Oh no, but no, but as the restaurant you can’t do anything.

No. What are you going to do unless you publicly mock and do like the one guy saying 20% off your order. If you give me a one star review with the system, you’re stuck with them and an out, they put a phone number that’s not the restaurant’s calling delivery and it goes to a service that you didn’t really know. It’s one thing if I do my website and I’m Bob’s pizza.com and I put delivery and that goes to my toast or whatever order, like deliveries thing, that’s fine. That’s my choice. But when you’re, I guess the deal did, you didn’t choose to do it anymore.

Well, no, dude, I mean so that’s, and that was actually part of the story and that was part of this story that we have talked about before was that the other a hundred handed shit that you know, Yelp, Yelp and GrubHub have been doing is basically creating domains and websites for restaurants without their knowledge. Um, you know, if the restaurant already had a website, they would create one with a very similar sounding name or a similar, you know, you know, domain or whatever else, uh, and drive people there in order to then get hooked into the Yelp grub hub, ordering food chain and system and all that stuff as well. Um, so yeah, it’s, I’m not happy. I don’t, I don’t like it at all. Um, but then the, the, the one story cause we got to none of our stories last week cause of everything with Fred. Um,

political sucks by the way, if you want to read it, it’s from vise called Yelp is over restaurants by quietly replacing their phone numbers. It’s a long read, but it’s worth it.

It, but it’ll, yeah, it’s absolutely worth the read. Um, the one thing that I thought was funny that it was one of the stories last week where basically they’re there, they’re starting to, uh, to crack down on Uber eats and, and those kind of delivery drivers actually become a speakeasy on wheels, uh, because they’re delivering booze to people and not checking IDs and not, it’s like Uber eats isn’t supposed to deliver booze. Um, you know, in, in certain States, I believe Michigan being one of them. Uh, and, but they are, uh, and, and so, you know, it’s, you know, it’s violating this. It’s wildly, you know, in some cases they’re not checking IDs when they drop ops, you know, stuff and interests. Again, it’s, it’s become kind of a wild, wild West now in some cases.

Have you added beverage cart yet delivered to your house? Have you seen it? So I again, here’s the thing of, you have a car, I have a Volkswagen, blah, blah blah, and I’m, I’m signing their new models, the blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Most of those drivers sign up for everything. And Lyft, Uber, Uber eats GrubHub. So like if he’s standing up for beverage cart also and what’s to stop him from picking from being, uh, and on his own that they’d see that I’m not an employee so I can do whatever they,

well, you’re a 10 99, you’re a gig worker. Why can’t you refer someone to one of the other services that you also are a representative of

if you want to sell, you know, if you want to sell dime bags, you can sell Mary Kay

romance. Do your thing. Well, there’s the whole business that gives you a caddy of stuff to sell it in your car to your passengers. Yeah, we talked about them a while ago. Yeah.

Yeah. That to be 25 cents a bottle of water. $2. Yeah. No, but I mean it’s, you know, they have a rule saying you can’t do GrubHub. Like then you’re an employee and you need to knock that shit off. Great. But if they’re, they’re doing it, they’re, all of them are sign up for all five at Betty was doing it at all. They’re doing, they’re standing up for all four. Why wouldn’t you? Right.

I can’t tell you that he did and this God, I mean, I can’t tell you the last time I hot. Well, number one, I can’t tell you the last time I hopped in an Uber cause well we dropped it off. But I mean I just, you know, but before that, you know, I, I can’t tell you the last time I hopped in either an Uber or a Lyft where I didn’t see both placards in the window.

Right? Yeah. All of them. Yeah. Well I drove in and driven and like, since I, uh, I stopped going to physical therapy before the surgery. Um, and I, uh, Gretchen is getting a job at tropical smoothie cafe. So like I got in my car and I’m like, Oh my God, I haven’t driven in like two weeks. She’s like, I’m almost like the brakes were touchy. You get, I’m like,

dude, that’s a, that’s a, yeah, that’s there is, you know, Hey, you know, gas is a, gas is a buck and we can’t go anywhere. Plane tickets are at an all time low. We can’t fly anywhere. Morissette says what?


The weird thing with the restaurants, like you sent this article from Atlanta, I was like, I guess they’ve, they’ve allowed restaurants to open, Georgia has started open up like 50 of them said like, nah, I don’t think so. We’re not going to open. Well yeah, it was 50 50 owners. So it actually, it actually spans more than 50 restaurants. It was, it was 50 owners that said, yeah, no, we’re, we’re good.

We’re going to go and stay closed. But I mean, here’s the thing, like you have, it’s not even so much the customer’s demanding. They open saying customers are going to be fine. You got employees that aren’t like can’t pay their bills. Like, like, and here’s what happens. These 50 owners and then they’re going to hold out. What are those employees going to do? Right? They’re going to go, Oh Jim, Bob’s opened up down the street. I’m going to go work for Jim Bob. And now you, you try to reopen back. All your employees are gone. I mean like that’s a calculated risk. But I mean, so here’s the, I guess here’s the

other side of this that I see a lot of people glossing over in, in especially online conversations with this. So let’s say that you were own a restaurant or bar and you have all of your people, uh, temporarily laid off and so they are covered under the state’s state of emergency. Uh, they are eligible for the federal, uh, PUA bump, uh, when it comes to the unemployment assistance. Uh, and so, you know, in theory they, they, they should be OK. And I, and I say in theory, cause I do know people in the industry that for one reason or another have either not gotten their benefits or whatever. Okay. But in theory they should be fine. You as the owner, as soon as you open up and call your staff back and keep in mind, you’re only able to open up at 25% capacity. So now you’re calling less of your staff back, but you are saying you are open. So you, you have to active like quote unquote reactivate all of your staff. Um, if they then are on unemployment because you can’t support them with hours and jobs and that kind of stuff, they are no longer covered by the state of emergency and their federal funding and they are back on your unemployment roll. And so it’s, so, that’s what I’m saying. That’s what I’m saying. That’s the part, that’s the part I don’t think you’re catching.

No, I didn’t, you know, I don’t think of welfare, you know, like, uh, like when I play with benefits, I’m thinking I’m just thinking of work. Go to work,

dude. I get it. But I mean, it’s like, and that’s the thing, like, dude, you can’t tell me that there’s not, I mean, come on dude to us. You can’t do it. I want the studio’s open so effing badly. I can taste it, but I’m not gonna like, we’re not stupid. Like, I mean, you know, can you imagine like, dude picture like a normal Monday night at our Royal Oak studios? Would you want to be there right now?

30 people in there? No,

I mean, you know, you know, all four studios active and running for you know, three or four hours over the course of the night. That’s no, so I mean, you know, but, but there’s, you can’t, you can’t tell me that there’s not a business owner out there that doesn’t want their business up and running as, as, as, as fast and as re, you know, as rapidly as it can be. But it’s gotta be done safely and it’s gotta be done smartly

and it’s gotta be really weird when it finally does open cause you’re going to have, like I, I foresee like the top half of Michigan, it’s going to be business as usual. Everybody’s going to be arm in arm at the corner bar and you’re going to, down here you’re going to get, people are going to the dirty look machine is going to be in full force. If anyone comes near your, your, your halo little three foot halo, you’re going to look at people like they farted. There’s going to all

yes and no. So like, and, and I have, I’ve, I’ve had, I had a good conversation with John and Jim from Detroit shipping company, uh, cause I mean, they’re getting ready to gear up and start doing curbside take out with the restaurants and that kind of stuff. Uh, and you know, we were yakking about like, you know, their plans to reopen and how they’re going to do it. And, you know, I think I’ve said it on here before, like, you know, for those who haven’t been to Detroit shipping company, it’s a very beer garden, uh, style seating where, you know, it’s these giant long picnic tables, um, that, you know, everybody’s community seating and by giant they’re, what, 12, 14 feet long dude.

Yeah. Eight to a eight to a table.

Yeah. And it will do to, yeah. And, and so, and there’s maybe a two foot aisle between you that, that table on the next table so people can walk through, you know, how long is it going to be before people are going to be comfortable sitting and eating and drinking next to random strangers. And so like, you know, they’re talking about, you know, Hey do we cut them in half and spread things out more and all that stuff. But I mean, you know, even even that, you know, it’s just, I think you’re going to see, you’re going to see two demographics when it comes to going out because like dude, I’ve said, even if Whitmer comes out tomorrow and says, Hey, bars and restaurants are open, go


aye. Aye. Aye. I’m waiting for outside 2.0 and, and maybe a service pack release after that. Like I will let cause and, but that’s me, you know, and that, you know, and I might, you know, I might go to a friend’s house and hang out. I might do that, but like as far as like bars, restaurants, that kind of stuff. But dude, that 21 to probably, I’m going to go 32 33 crowd August the saying that whiskey in the jar, they’re not really sure which bartenders are gonna open. Nobody really wants to be the first one to go back. Yeah. Susie’s might not open until 2021.

I kind of grew up like me, I’ve been abiding by the rules, just trying to stay safe. That’s, it’s more than just me. Um, but if it was just me, I’d be the first one out. Like I was, I’ve never been, I’ve never been a germ. Like that’s thing you need to be a germ for this. Cause it’s a little bit more serious, but like, Oh no, but that’s, and that’s

the thing, that’s why I’m saying you’re gonna have those two D two different demographics where dude, people with, you know, whether it’s family or, or housemates, roommates, that kind of stuff. Like I think we’re probably going to be a little bit more cautious. Um, then, you know, that young, carefree. Do you, I mean it’s, you know, look, look at the demographics of people that are going to the house parties and that kind of stuff. Ain’t a whole lot of older people there. It’s a lot of younger people there. Um,

just as much as like, we need a bar school. Like there’s a couple of guys that work for me. They need the gym like that. That was their thing. We’d ripped some iron out or for an hour just clear their mind, you know, like then that’s the one that I’m talking to a couple of friends and it’s going like, that’s like me, like the what two things I’m missing like out of my life is I used to do those when I was in sales. I get that three hour drive to Cleveland Riker, just unplug. Or I would get my bar school by myself. Like everyone, every, you know, it’s not, I’m not shy about this. I used to sit at the bar stool by myself. Just be off. Like I didn’t have to be on, I didn’t have to be entertaining. I have to make people laugh. I could watch baseball and argue or I could meet people I couldn’t, like there was no expectations. My personality, now it’s like I got this goddamn chair and I’m stuck in it because I’m like, because of my acres, my knee feet, you know, like, so what am I going to do? You know? Like yesterday, I just went outside and I yelled at some neighbors and I was like, I was like, I gotta get back in the house. Like, it just felt weird. Now it’s just, everything’s weird.

It is. I mean, so like, and I did, so I actually wound up having to leave the house, uh, today, uh, the stupid puppy, uh, chewed through the power cord of, not one, but both, uh, vacuum cleaners in the house. Uh, and so I had to go out and, uh, get replacement cords so that I can get those up and running. And the, uh, like I stopped, I drove to Lowe’s and Lowe’s, like the parking lot was absolutely freaking packed and I was like, Nope. Uh, drove by the ACE hardware in the parking lot was absolutely freaking packed. And I went, Nope. Uh, and then I,

there’s never any one of these

seriously. I do. That’s the thing. Um, and then I went to a place and I won’t, it rhymes with Schwarber sheet, uh, and, and, and, and like, the parking lot wasn’t as full. And so I was like, okay, I’ll give it a shot. And I walked in, dude, I will, I will spend a week in a Chucky cheese ball pit before I set foot in that place again because it would like the people that were in there. It was like mostly older folks, none of them wearing masks, all of them coughing might’ve all been smokers, coughs, might’ve been whatever. But it just like, like I was in like I was in the door, got five feet in the door and like just felt like I was in a plague factory and went, Nope. Walked back out, um, drove back over to Lowe’s and there were fewer people there at that point. And I’m like, and I was like, you know what? At the end of the day, I, I trust Lowe’s, like Lowe’s, big corporate entity, they’re going to be on this. And it’s like when I walked in, dude was clean. Everything was like super well lit. They were like, Hey, do you need a mask? Do you need gloves? Do you need this? Do you need that? What did it, and you know, got what I needed and off I went. So yeah. Yeah.

Is the a, is the mask, the modern, the modern day Ralph Whigham helping, uh, when you’re out in public because you do realize like the cloth masks, they’re like, you might as well clear t-shirt over your face. Like it does nothing. Well, there’s the metaphor that it’s like peeing on somebody I love and they pee on you. You get less pee on you than if you were both pants. But if you’re both wearing pants and he pees, it stays mostly in his pants. But no, like the one that there’s like the metal roof, medical grade one is fine. Like the cloth one, it just shoots through it. Like it was a fart. It does the keep your stuff from going out, not from stuff coming into you. Um, but like, you know, just like you’ve been able to smell my farts when I’m in the studio.

Yes. We’re, we’re well aware about, uh, Hey for, uh, I, this is a terrible transition, but I’m doing it here anyway. Uh, so, Hey, capital one that knows life doesn’t alert you about your credit card. And that’s why they created, you know, the capital one assistant that looks out for surprise credit card charges, like over tipping duplicate charges or potential fraud, and then sends an alert to your phone and then it helps you fix them if you need to. Another way that capital one is watching out for your money when you are not capital one. What’s in your wallet? See capital one.com for details.

So, uh, when another, uh, trip, uh, down YouTube, uh, we’re more like I didn’t do was, um, well remember last week or the two weeks went down with the Barstool sports thing. And those were just the guy that runs a deep Portnoy. He used to do what he wants or he wants to do, eat a slice of pizza every place in Manhattan and do like a one bite review right there. And they’re kind of cool. Videos are quick. They’re like there, it’s kind of like what Bob’s burgers was trying to be like one, one bite and then I, you know, rate it. Um, but he, uh, he’s doing frozen pizzas in his condo now. Um, but apparently like he did the Detroit style pizza company on a st Clair shores, which I don’t even think is a real restaurant. Um, it’s, it’s like a, they do for gold belly. They actually, I know. No, you know who that is? That’s Greg’s brother, pizza guy upfront. That’s Greg’s brother that does the wholesale side of that stuff. So Barstool rated him the second best pizza in the country behind Lumo noughties and there you go. That’s our boy

Palazzo to pizza. You can go and get take out. They’re still open. They’re still serving. Go buy a pizza from him.

Yeah, right. I don’t live in Meyerland Campbell, but uh, yeah, I went, uh, I went, had gold belly right away and got the Luma naughties the, I’m like, I gotta have this, it’s the best one. And uh, best one in the country. Is it the best? Because it sounds like Illuminati. Yes. And I got to get an Italian beef Peck too. I watched a couple of shows on that. Like, God bless it. Like, again, that’s the thing. We’re all, we’re all playing around with food boat made this like Pinterest loaded Mexican Todd’s thing, which is like my new rating of the house is how is it like pay money for that? I guess my new nice, cause I can’t say I, you know, cause usually it’s, I’d stick by high in it.

Yeah. Yeah. So, so does that happen every night before bed as she’s getting ready for bed? Oh, I pay money for that. Yeah.

I can say it so well. I got paid money. So this thing, she made this thing, I’m like, that was one of the best things I’ve ever had. Like the best. Randy, you could put out pictures of it, right. Tastes like shit. It looks really good.

Uh, so Hey Bob, you and I have, uh, both have one of these. Um, and uh, we’ve actually been, Hey, I’m just going to leave that open-ended. Leave that hanging right there for a sec. Um, no. Uh, so automatic is finally shutting down.

Yes. My ass automatically suck.

What did we love to do? We’ve had one of those since, what? 2015?

That’s cause I want it. I had one too and then I got a newer car so I gave it to my mom for her car for tracking mileage and stuff. But I didn’t do a expense reports and sales. I wouldn’t have gave a shit that that was the best way. Well, here’s the thing that we got maps that Google for that for the expansion board thing I’ll get to do is take a screenshot of the trip. Right. So like other than the engine language and the lights engine lights on anyway, you don’t really need it. And they went to try and automatic was like they gave away a service for free and then they wanted to charge you by month and people are like middle finger.

Yeah, exactly. Yeah. No I was, I was good when it was free. Yeah.

Well they, you pay for the device, especially the Google maps activity report. You know the times I’ve done expansion boards have screenshot of that and you know, totally supplies to see, I don’t know.

But they were bought by Sirius, right? A few years ago. They were, and then it was, yeah, they just realized it’s not economically feasible and by serious is going to roll out something new, rebranded. Oh, kill the automatic brand. I’d be okay with that. Uh, so I, I, this is how strange the world is. We live in a world where, um, the Pentagon released a video footage of UFOs flying around and no one noticed.

Here’s the, here’s a little bit more important things going on in the world right now. I think maybe like murder Hornets, that’s what’s important. No, like did you hear about like where these videos came from? There’s a company that’s owned by like the lead singer of blink one 82 or some shit, American pipe punk band that like all of this footage and then like they got released. So he’s like vindicated going and then like, everybody’s like, wow, look at that. And that’s it. Like, I think it goes to, it goes back to my theory dude. Like the real Chewbacca could walk around downtown Manhattan and nobody would give a shit. You would think he’s a cosplay

especially. Yeah. Especially today. Like you could have legit aliens walking around on the planet looking like aliens, like not even disguised as humans convention in town. Yeah, yeah. Oh, there’s a comic con somewhere. Yeah, that’s all it would be.

I wonder if it’s details attached to a bud flutter of its soul.

That’s, that’s more a Yama con. That’s a, that’s more of a question there. Um, actually that, I think this is interesting and, and I’m, I’m, I’m curious to see how this rolls, how this plays out as it rolls out. Um, because I’ve spent a lot of time talking with, uh, like, you know, whether it’s the guys over at source point, um, or like, you know, even, uh, you know, like staff that does her own thing. Um, a lot of comic creators and content creators are really struggling, um, right now because, you know, with all the cons canceled and that kind of stuff, and a lot of them have figured out, Holy shit, I didn’t really realize how much of our bottom line was tied to selling shit at a comic con. Uh, so they’re all trying to figure out ways to make things work. And they’re all shifting more to an online direct sales model. And so now Facebook has come out and said there’s going to be a way they’re going to roll out a way for you to monetize and charge for your live streams. Um, kids, I’m just gonna put this out there right now. We will never be charging for this shit because it ain’t worth it.

Didn’t Louis C K do that when he stopped before he pulled his Wiener out in front of people where he was doing like $10 for like,

I think he might’ve been doing stuff on Twitch if I recall correctly. Um, cause Twitch has had that functionality for awhile. Um, but Facebook has not had that built in capability.

You know, that’s what I think. Like if you’re going to be a concert in your, want to charge like five bucks, well are you’re going to go on Facebook and do it?

Well, I mean cause think about it. I mean it’s like, and I, and I do, I think part of this is in response to, you know, all these DJ battles and all these, you know, DJs that have come out during quarantine and said, Hey, we’re going to like live stream eight hour sets and all that stuff while the record labels kind of came along behind the scenes and went, um, where’s our money? Like those, those are streams going out to people, you know, under all this, this and this. You’re supposed to be paying us X, you know, 0.0, zero three per, you know, pennies per stream or whatever it is. Um, you know, how are you tracking that and how are you, how are we getting paid and all that stuff. And so I think this is one of the things, honestly, I think this is kind of a defense mechanism by Facebook. Cause this was really huge on Instagram that Facebook owns. Um, and it was starting to become a thing. Like Facebook has become pretty heavy handed when it comes to shutting down things, including music lately. And I think it as a direct response to this thing from the labels. So I think this is going to be one of their ways. Not only cause again it it, you know, yes it helps create

hold because the algorithm recognized the elevator music in the background.

Right. And so you know, I think it’s, yeah it’s going to help creators and comic creators and content creators and all that stuff. But I think it’s going to give them the out that says, Hey, if you want to do this set, you’re going to need to charge at least X per attendee because that’s how you’re going to cover your fees. That will keep track. Yeah. I mean I just, I think there’s a, there’s a deeper thing behind this that we haven’t heard yet.

It makes me want to rant about the music industry again. What happens if I want to do an eighties set for like penguin con for like 80 people. All 80 of those people own every song that I own. I’ll have Spotify and then I play,

let’s go let, let’s say 90% of them do like, let’s cause, cause we always, we always have the 10% of kids that show up, you know, the 20 year olds that probably don’t own it.

Yeah. Well let’s say a hundred percent of them own Spotify and then 75% of them own each and every one of those tracks that I have now. Now you’re making like now I can’t even play it. Now you’re double dipping. It’s basically like me putting on Spotify in my, in my barbecue. You’re gonna charge me for that.

Well, and that’s why a lot of, that’s why a lot of these things, like you’ll see a Facebook event for, Hey DJ so-and-so is doing such and such event. And then when you act, when the event actually comes around, Hey, here’s the link to my Twitch stream, or here’s the link to my, uh, what’s it, uh, mixed cloud, uh, just in that like just announced a whole new program, um, for, you know, streaming without dealing with these copyright issues and that kind of stuff. Cause cause they’re taking care of it on the backend. Um, so yeah, I mean it’s, it’s, it’s interesting to see how this is evolving and how, what this, cause like I said, I mean I get like on the surface, I get it. You’re saying it’s all about the content creators and letting, cause, I mean, I’ve watched some of the, um, I’ve, I’ve gotten exposed to some very, very cool folks that like do like, like Tia does it all the time, his, his life painting sessions and he bitches all the time that he can’t have music playing when he does it because that’s how he does it.

Because Facebook keeps pulling the videos. Um, and so, you know, like this would solve that issue for him, you know, but like, you know, watching people, you know, paint or draw or whatever else. I mean it’s, it’s kind of interesting to watch that every now and then and, and you know, and kind of, you know, especially now in today’s world where we are, you know what? Yeah, dude, if it’s, if it’s a buck for me to sit there and you know, watch Jay Foz get, you know, draw his much sized versions of characters and that kind of shit for an hour. Hell yes, I would do that. In fact add a tip jar,

wait that stuff all day. It’s the media and the comedy all day and the band stuff all day. It’s when the DJs, when they’re starting to like in the artists that are like painting with that in the background.

Well because and then again that’s, that’s the record labels that are the issue. I mean that’s like I I like, I don’t like I, I don’t believe it’s a, I don’t believe it is a Facebook generated problem. I believe it is a record industry generated issue and and F them

big time figure out how to fix wrestling too. Goddammit. I was just going to say that I saw Amanda from bamboo had tweeted out that Detroit ticketing company passage had, I truly started up virtual events too, so I wanted to throw that shout out out there. Cool. Yeah. Then again, it goes back to like, I got invited to a Cisco virtual event. Like, no, I’m good. I just like, like they’re trying to make it, just make it a weapon arm, like educate and great time for tech guys to educate in girls. Sorry. Um, like don’t, you know, don’t, don’t make it some like, dude, we’re going to have a band and we’re going to treat it like a virtual pass into Cisco live. Like, yeah,

yeah. No dude. I mean, and that’s the thing. I mean, just, just from doing this as much as I, as much as I do it these days, I mean, man, some dude, some of the nights with like the zoom bar nights where we get 12, 15, 18, 20 people hanging out. That’s, that’s it. You can’t like that. That’s a way that it’s too much. It’s unmanageable, huh? It’s at well and especially with everybody drinking, I mean just okay, picture you and 15 of your closest friends in a bar and how chaotic and disjointed that can be and now you’re not in the same place and you’re all able to like talk over each other without somebody smacking me upside the back of the head and going am talking.

The problem is I can yell over them when usually wouldn’t. We’re in person. Well, I don’t do that crap. I’m trying to think of just anything that really, there was anything else that really jumped out either this week or last week, last week. Juggle a juggle. Dodge ball. What the hell is it called? Combat Dodge ball. Yeah, or combat juggling. Combat juggle. Yeah. There was a group

you guys did. I was wa I was every single one of those texts that was coming through. I was just, I just, I just, I didn’t even dive in. I just sat back and watched the mayhem unfold.

Oh, Joe is playing. Randy, have you seen this? It’s Dodge ball. What? There’s one asshole juggling bowling pins in the back of the, there’s four people in front of them that have to like block the people throwing fricking Dodge balls to knock over that. The guy in the head with Gloria.

So the list, say we’re forming a team, uh, there, there will be set in jackets. There will probably be wrestling belts.

Cause I mean, you don’t have to do shit except for stand there in front of the guy need

Mike, Mike juggles. That’s all we need. We need Mike to juggle and the rest of us can sit there with the big red balls and whack people.

I was kinda kicked of eighth grade for headhunting dodgeball for knocking some kid out cold. So I dunno, maybe I do myself, my arm from when I was in eighth grade, you know,

actually. So Hey, this was one that I wanted to do. This was from last week and it actually ties back into the whole Instacart thing that uh, dude, here’s the thing, if you do this, you are the shittiest human being on the planet and you deserve to have your house burn to the ground. Yeah, I’m going, huh? Yes. But you do not even sitting in the studio. I do this, you know, I talk with my ed shut up. So apparently there there’s a certain subset of society that’s out cause with Instacart like you place your order and all that stuff and you can say, you know, you can leave a tip or you can, you can set the tip ahead of time. Um, and so what, what apparently people are doing out there is they’re putting like an outlandish tip on the order. And don’t get me wrong, I like, I do this like when I’m like, Hey, I want to get my order picked first. That’s, that’s the recommended tip. Yeah. I’m gonna go ahead and throw a 20 on that at a minimum and cause then dude, my orders get picked up like that and people shop and they’re good and they come to my house and they’re happy. However, what Instacart allows you to do, and this is what these assholes are doing, is it then lets you go back and adjust that tip in many cases all the way down to zero. Why would they let you do that?

Well, it’s a tip. I understand. I understand. I can understand the reasoning from the developer’s standpoint, which is, here’s the thing. Let’s say you’ve put in this order with 50 items and you put a big tip on there to let you know, to entice somebody to go shop at early for you. Uh, they walk into the store and they go, Oh, you know, Hey, I got one item, I got two items. Oh, woe is me. Everything else is out of stock checking out. And that’s all they do like and don’t get me. And like, and literally like everything else is in stock. They’re just being lazy because they want that big ass tip for minimal effort. Um, and so then they check out what the two items, drop those off in your porch, pick up the giant tip and you’re stuck with 48 items pending. So I understand.

Now here’s the, here’s the thing, I always like these screwed up orders at McDonald’s. Enough tip. I always tip a little extra too. I’m the same me and, but I’ve never, like, I’ve always just gone back to like, you know, door dash and say they screwed up my order.

Right. Cause it’s not the driver’s fault that at that point that’s the restaurant’s fault. So I make, I make them meet it. I’m not going to chew it. Right. You’re an asshole for that night. You got it. Yeah. No cause like, dude, I was, I was horrified when somebody, cause I did, I posted something about having, you know, Hey, now that I’ve discovered Instacart and how great the app is, I’m gonna use that. And somebody was like, Oh well you know, posted a link, posted a link to this article and was like, Hey, have you seen the dark side of this stuff? And I went and read it and dude, I was appalled. I’m like, who? Like again, like we’re all at home and, and we’re like, and again, God bless these people that are willing to go out and do my shopping for me.

Like this is the dude I’ve used Shipt for years now. Like, I, I don’t have time in my day to worry about grocery shopping, but, so the problem, and we’ve, we’ve talked about this on prior shows, the issue is dude shipped, I couldn’t get a delivery window and so I actually went out and did the shopping for a couple of weeks and wasn’t all that happy about it. Um, and but like now that I’ve discovered Instacart and this whole tipping thing and you can get your son eating yourself picked up earlier, great. But screw you if you are then screwing the people that you are relying so heavily on. I just, it just, it absolutely boggles my mind that people would do that. It really, really, sadly, no, it doesn’t boggle my mind but I’m, I’m, I’m annoyed as shit that it happens.

Have you guys ever used Grammarly? Yeah. Yeah. I just got an email from what we did is we just implemented Grammarly co corporate. I was parked for the pilot and then we’re launching corporate wide and I’m looking at like the stats of like how I was more accurate than 63% of Grammarly users that I know. I’m not, my grammar sucks, but at least I know that I’m not worse. And it’s like my vocabulary is used more unique words than 30% of Grammarly users. I’m like, geez, or what words are those?

Um, I’m, I’m going to go with a lot of people aren’t sending emails with the phrase double ended dildo. Bob, that’s, that’s

  1. Two mistakes was missing. Commas, whatever. Wherever that goes are never a comment is Hey, I mean run on sentences are absolutely fine. That’s, that is what it is. This ties into the story from last week that I wanted to share. Oh, the Microsoft word is now flagging double spaces as errors. So typing two spaces after a period is now an error. A cleaner. What kind of crazy animal was two spaces after a period. Old people know people who learned on typewriters. Is that dude, that standard spacing that’s, yeah, that’s, that’s what it always was. It was period space. Space. Your period, space, space. Then you’re a towel. When you, when you do that on a smartphone, it will, you know, put it up the period. You don’t type two spaces. It puts the period in for you and you don’t have to worry about it, but it’s blasphemy in witchcraft and I’m glad it’s,

yeah, exactly. Um, uh, you know what, we didn’t, uh, the, there were two stories that were food-related that we didn’t talk at. We didn’t get a chance to talk about last week. Bob. Um, I know this, this strikes near and dear to your heart and you were very devastated, um, that the buffet may be going the way of the dinosaur.

I’m okay with that. I’m okay with that. Um, ever since I never hated the buffet. I grew up at, um, Simeon house mountain, love that shit. Um, shrimp, Swedish meatballs. That was like a Gloria as much as you want. Um, and then that wouldn’t be in Mike went to golden corral. I, uh, I haven’t really done the, uh, you’re okay with it being gone now, but I still regularly goes to Ponderosa. Like once a week he’ll drag my dad to Ponderosa, but like, like now I cannot foresee anyone spending money at a buffet for at least the next year. If it was like one of those high end buffets where they serve you from behind the counter, I can still see those still happening. But the serve yourself buffets, like the best buffet in town is Fuji buffet on 14. And I love that place.

Like, I don’t know if I’d want to eat there, right? Like, no, no, that’s what I’m going to happen. What’s going to happen is I’m not just going to look at the people making, bringing the food out. I’m going to look at every table looking at what asshole picks his butt. Right. Puts one down and then puts one back. Yeah. Or the woman who sticks her pinky in the sauce, the tasted, see if she wants to actually, you’re a terrible person to begin with, but, Oh well you hear the stories all the time. The kids sticking their fingers in the golden chocolate or to golden corral the chocolate fountain. Oh yeah. Like, yeah, I’m not a, yeah. Plus I don’t eat, I don’t eat like I used to in my twenties. Anyway. True. And then the, uh, the other one, uh, that we talked about briefly or I, I can remember we taught was Punchbowl, social.

Uh, they were, they were shutting down and they were shutting down permanently. And then they decided, Oh well maybe not permanently, but like, dude, the big revelation for that with me was I, I had no idea that Cracker barrel owned Punchbowl social only recently it was like for the last, not even a year or maybe less than two years for sure. I still was not aware. Yeah, it is no more, uh, the original cofounder is looking for new investors cause yeah, they pulled out if they wanted more business they should do punch full, like the cheesy hash Browns. Then I would’ve went there, punch in there with some vodka, kiss my ass. And actually, and so there was only, there was only one person on my friends list that ever posted about this service. But talking about things shutting down, um, GM is officially shutting down Maven, which was their own little little internal car sharing service and talked about that on the show once, uh, I, I remember.

Yeah, no. Yeah, we’ve talked about Maven before. Yeah. I signed up for it during the show and then just didn’t follow through with the verification emails and stuff. We can ship you hardware you have to install into your car. And literally Eric Thomas was the only person that I know that that used it on a very regular basis and he was extremely heartbroken. But I’m like, dude, like I love you man. But like you’re the, you’re literally the only friend I have that ever posted about using that service. So Stephanie, Stephanie just texted us in that. Brian brings up a good point. What about Fogo de Chao? Well, you’re going to go to the Brazilian steak houses. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Cut off my meat on this one. Doesn’t mean it’s got germs on it, on that one. And the people, I’m not worried about the employees.

I’m worried about the people. Yeah. People ain’t touching it. So yeah, I’m a, I totally go the plate of Bacon’s a little weird cause that things like that. Things like, not that I ever do anyway when I’m there. I’m definitely not going to the salad bar but bring it. But then yeah, cause I assume that they’re being safe in the kitchen. They bring it out to my table, they carve off my stuff and then they go back to the kitchen. It might be okay with that. You know what? I bet it’s going to be like the dessert thing at the buffet where they’re going to have the peppers, like the roasted red peppers and shit. But it’s going to be a little catch up thing. Like they’re going to be like, they’re going to be, you’re going to be in a pile of pile shit. It’s going to be like, or you tell them what they want and they bring it to you. Three pieces of bacon or yay. It’s not going to be, you’re not going to get the pile of goo. You’re going to get the different, Hey, that’ll, that’ll break Randy’s heart. If he can no longer get the pilot, go.

Um, I, yeah, I think that’s, that’s all I wanted to hit. Yeah. No. Uh, we’re gonna wrap things up for this episode three 46 of the it and the D show. Um, on behalf of a Baba, Dave and Randy, do us all a favor, drink up your drinks, get your phone numbers. You don’t gotta go home. We just got to get the stay home. Sorry. I’m still, yeah, it’s an old habits. Die hard. Yeah. See you next week. And, uh, walk to your bedroom carefully and made it all right. There goes the live stream there. Goes to the recording.

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