Episode 340 – Managed Way, Internet Saturation in the age of COVID19



Welcome to the quarantine, did not shut down, the central studios. Here we are the IT in the D show. This is episode 340 the show must go on guest this week include Reese Sarah, he is the COO of managed way. We’re going to be talking about if we’re going to be running out of internet cause that’s been a hot topic of late and a again, nice timely guest talking about the things that we care about deeply. Why is okay now I can hear me. That was weird. Sorry. I was like, I’ve got to get some of them internet. God, I get the Internet’s Dave may fire and ready. You are listening to the podcast. Detroit

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just like ESPN, we ran out of stuff to talk about, so we’re going to be talking about stone skipping for two hours. Just Oh, this is actually technology. Actually this is a topical these days. This is the one only IT in the D show. Episode three 40 podcasts and live here in studio one in the essential podcast. He trades studios here in Royal Oak, Michigan. Bob and we’ll talk about that in a minute. This is Bob, the sales guy. That’s Dave the geek. Randy. I do the Twitters is doing the Twitters because Twitter’s is still a working. Find us online IT in the D.com until it doesn’t work. And I remember to give us a like on the socials and subscribe to us everywhere. Fine podcasts are sold a year. We got nothing. Uh, we event wise. Yeah, no. So our event last week, uh, unfortunately canceled, uh, because of everything going on.

I talked about doing a virtual thing and it did. The more we talked about it, the less sense it made people in a Google hangout going, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey it, no. Um, unfortunately our Ann Arbor event, uh, has now fallen victim, uh, for the first Tuesday of April, uh, with the extension of the closure, uh, out to at least the 13th at the or through the 13th at this point to the 14th. Uh, and, and who knows? Cause now we ha we, we just got, we all just got the same emergency alert to our phone. Dude, that was the first, so I’m listening. I listened to 97 one typically when I’m at what I’m in the car and I’m just, I’m just done blog. Okay. And I heard that was the first time in my life I’ve heard, and I’m trying to go back my entire life to one I’ve always heard the test is a test of the emergency broadcast system.

I got it through to my phone. I know I did both. Oh I gotta tell my phone also, but it was, it was live over the radio. I’d call it, cut him off cause he’s like, Oh my God, that was so loud. And he re-read what he was talking about and that was the first time I’ve heard it. And it was [inaudible] governor Whitner, you know, you have a 12 o’clock, uh, a nonessential business. It was basically read what it said on your sent to your phone, but I’m like, Hey, that was it cause we were not in hurricane country. That is, yeah, that would have been the first time that I’d actually heard a cut in like that. Cause it’s always like it has been a test of the emergency room. I get like no, this was the actual first time I had that. But like apparently it’s like super loud when you’re a radio DJ and it plays when it takes over you.

Yeah. I’m not surprised I guess. But yeah. So I mean I guess the latest update, uh, is that uh, yeah, not all non-essential, but I guess here’s my, yeah, so the whole nonessential business thing. Uh, you’re supposed to close as of midnight tonight, but you look at what’s qualified as an essential business and it’s like, well what I like, who’s really got a close that cause, well it’s, it goes, it goes down, down, down the line. Like so like United shores essential business finance, it’s financial services but also distributors and suppliers and people that mean that sub selves is all your it guys, all your [inaudible] food service Telcom. Cause we were worried cause we’re, you know, building out the new building. This is a great time to do side hustles and side projects that were like, is black box, can they still run cat five fours? Is that a social services or a supplier?

They’re a supplier. Distributor, yeah, I guess so. So like now it’s like really awkward. I know how yeah. Like yeah I guess. And then Mark, um, friend of mine works for waste management. He’s got to carry around a letter. Um, yeah, it says he’s an essential laughably we can write those letters if we need to because apparently we’re an essential service cause we’re immediately, we had to talk about that today on our, on our call because one guy out of our team of 30 has to be there just in case like you’ve got to reboot a server, get onsite at the data center. Um, or like do we I those letters, he was like, well I don’t think so. But I’m like, well, what they’ve said is, well granted, I mean, you take what they’ve said with a grain of salt at this point. Cause I mean as of yesterday, um, she said there wasn’t going to be a stay in place order and then as of 11 o’clock this morning, there’s a stay in place order.

Um, but they’ve said they’re not going to be pulling people over or anything like that. But what they are planning on doing is targeting quote unquote. And this is again why, okay, well who’s not supposed to be open. They’re gonna be going to those businesses that they see open and be like, all right, what the hell are you doing? Everyone’s got an argument though. If you’re a dry cleaner going, I’m supplying the bank laundry. Laundry. Laundry is specifically exact laundromat dry cleaner. That’s what I mean. If you actually read the verbiage of this who Oh yeah. Who’s not exempt oil change place. They’ve got to do the car for the vice president of the bank. Got it. Keep us. So you know, hardware stores are still open because you’ve got to keep that house repaired. Dude. If liquor stores and weed dispensaries are on the critical list, I yeah.

Well, cause that’s sort of like the guy that I was calling in 97 one that now that I’m listening cause the damn beeping in my ear, he’s talking about like, it doesn’t seem like anything’s changed, like just a little bit lighter on the roads and it’s a lot lighter on the roads. Yeah. But 70 fives close. Like it all got cropped out to two down to two lanes, which is one thing I was gonna yell about. Like now that there’s no traffic, fix the damn roads and you know, I guess you can now. Yeah, if you do some road crews, road crews are essential services. Yeah. I’m going to operate it. You know, I guess we’ll talk about TV in a minute, but I just want to hop right into this. The best article I read all week and it’s, it’s, it, it talked to me. Um, basically how well gen X is handling this more.

I love it. Love it, love it. Well, it goes on to basically, you know, then there’s another thing going, Hey, by the way, um, millennials, you know, millennials aren’t the ones, um, you know, rushing to the stores and like those are G are rushing to parties and like being assholes. Those are, that gen Z are back. We’re in our thirties now. Our backs hurt. Right. But like gen X, like we are like, I’m quintessential gen X born right in the middle of it. Yep. 73, um, like the Nirvana thing at high school graduation, you know. Um, but basically talking about how we lived our first, what, 13 years of our lives with no electronics. Yup. So we, like, we, we know how to use elect. We’re the only generation that knows how to use electronics addict or technology adequately. And we’re the only generation that knows how to live a life without it.

Yup. So now at this time it’s like this, like no one from my peer group or anyone I know is panicking. They’re just watching TV and shit. Yeah. Like, life’s good. Right? Well, it’s like I said, dude, I’m like, I’m taking advantage. I’m finally getting around to like handling a couple projects like I, so the, my kids are ecstatic cause in the basement I’m, I’ve got um, an original PlayStation two [inaudible] uh, a Nintendo GameCube and 64 and the original, we, I’m on Atari 2,600 and some other stuff that I’m finally hooking up to one of the big screens down until I got to make this funny about that. Like I did that in like, Oh one in my townhouse. I was, well I just was like, well dude, do you remember my old basement at the old house cables? Well, but so now I figured out, okay, here’s all the stuff that I need to do this now cause okay, how do you hook all that stuff to a TV that only has HTMI inputs?

No red white, no, only HDI inputs. That’s what I thought. I excited red, white and I just basically had it. Oh yeah, no. So, so here’s a great story. So like I had Sunday, I just, I had to get out of the house and I went to, I was going to go to best buy and pick up all the stuff that I needed and my daughter, you know, wanted to get out. And, and so she came with me. So number one, if you ever decide that you want to have a little bit of fun, assuming they stay open, uh, best buy has like big giant signs on the doors, uh, that says, you know, social distancing, six feet strictly enforced. Um, just like walk in and then like flinch towards one of the employees, like you’re gonna get close to them and like watch them jump back into hilarious.

Like they’re absolutely paranoid about it. Um, so we go walking in and the guy’s like, Hey, you know, can I help you find anything? I said, yeah, don’t worry about it. I said, I’m, I’m just looking for some video upscale units. Uh, I gotta hook up some old components to a newer TV. And he goes, Oh, we don’t carry that kind of stuff in stock here. And I went, yeah you do. So I walked back to home theater. Sure enough, they, I need six of those. Give me, did it. And then I’m in and out. Like walking back out. My daughter, she’s 12 and she’s, my daughter cannot help herself as we’re walking up towards, and we walked past Skippy, Mick flinch a lot. Uh, and she says, um, yeah, my dad found everything he needed like right where he thought I was going to be.

You should probably stop telling people that you don’t have things that you have. Well Skippy probably doesn’t like people in his store and others that talking near him, he’d rather have an empty store, no profit. Although that was the best part is so that I get it. It’s, I get up to the register and they do, they have lines taped out. Uh, yeah. I went to a Meyer to return something they had X’s and where you’re supposed to stand six feet apart from each other. Um, and so I get up to the register and I pull out my best buy reward zone card. Um, cause the kid, he’s like probably 19. He was like, are your rewards? Don’t remember. I’m like, Oh yeah, here’s my card. And he was like, Whoa. I was like, what? I’m like [inaudible]. He’s like, I’ve, I’ve never actually seen [inaudible] card.

They’re not that, well, five years ago he was probably 10. Yeah. You, yeah. So yeah, so it was, yeah, basketball, it was entertaining. So I’m hooking all that stuff up. My kids are excited. Life’s good. And speaking of that, um, ESPN, whoever’s your programming director is fricking, I never wanted to use the word fire in a to S describe something like, that’s so fire. But dude, ESPN right now could not be out doing themselves any better. Like last night, a WrestleMania 30 was on to flip around and it’s a fricking Lesnar versus undertaker. I’m like regular ESPN. I’m like, I’ve never seen this before. Tonight, right before I got it was a, the tastes and fury, the huge heavyweight fight that was. Yeah. And then he had a part to kind of can’t think of the other guy’s name. It was a Korver. Uh, anyway, someone will correct me.

Um, that’s the part one and two were back to back, like cut down to like an hour. Um, that fight was on over the weekend. Um, hamburger eating contests, stone skipping, marble racing. Um, I th I believe I saw the rock, paper, scissors championship. I missed one. I missed. I have a TV has been absolutely just glorious. Nothing else going on. What are you going to do? No, and again, it’s like, okay, well we’ll just watch that and be happy and do whatever. Apparently that lion or the tiger training guy, apparently that thing’s insane. I’ve known him. Netflix. Yeah. I haven’t watched it. Yeah. Like as soon as they see like five people posting about it, I’m like, alright, that’s gotta be a thing. Um, but then the, the best it’s been meme ha, uh, memes. Glor memes galore means Laura, um, loving every minute of it. The one I already told you guys twice, so it’s probably not funny.

Randy’s prior this four times out of my mouth since I’ve gotten here, but the one is, I’m on my 73rd TV show and I’m on my 200th nap and it’s still today. Yeah. And that’s really what it feels like. It was. Yeah. I’ve eaten 11 times and watch 19 different shows and it’s still today. I was that possible. Right then, you know, then everybody’s worried about, um, there being martial law. So the other one meme was the guy looking out the window going, there’s a car driving and I don’t think they’re going for groceries. Nine one one. Well, and so the Michigan state police actually just put out a, do not call nine one one if you think someone is violating the stay in place order, that’s not what that’s for. Can I go off on a little rant real quick? We don’t need godfather.

Can I stop you if I wanted to? It’s a couple of things right now. And I think what happens is when you get people either I want to go on the professionals, I don’t want on the personal side, if I get another LinkedIn introduction requests message that basically has covert 19 in it and want to do, I want to book your it training now or covert 19. Um, do you want to buy some shit or in 19 do you have your VPN solution in place? Like I’m keeping track of you. Like I really am like this just right now it’s not a time put your goddamn cell phone down. Yeah, it’s not a time right now. Like in the beginning everyone was kinda like, eh, whatever. It’s swine flu. But no, like the, the world is shut down right now. You shut down too. Um, and I, I’ll be honest, I’m keeping all lists.

I’m keeping two lists. And other one is, you know, this is a time like, do you ever hear of the nine 12 project? Um, I always liked the nine 12 project. It was remember the day after nine 11 where there was no Democrats or Republicans or it wasn’t all progressives and conservatives, it was just we were just Americans. We’re all looking out for each other and this needs to be another one of those times. And too many people are whining about politics on Facebook. AB I’m chalking it up probably cause they’re bored. Um, but they’re playing this game, my team mentality crap and your team’s stupid. My team great. And it’s uh, it sucks. Not only that, but what you’re seeing with a lot of it, especially with this stimulus package that you know, was going back and forth, you’re seeing a lot of people that are parroting and this has been some dramatic results with them.

It starts with them at the top, the ones that tried to pack all this crap instead of just doing a stimulus package or trying to like bail out specific industries and friends and like they’re writing stuff into it. Then, by the way, and then you know, this, you know, one party is going to write the entire thing, give it to the other party Sunday at five o’clock and go here, pass this and it w well no, let’s at least read it. Can we like, would that be okay? Kitten haven’t read bills in years, you know, this, but the fact that they’re not there, you know, the fact that they’re not looking after the people first like just puts me in like almost like I never want even like the, I’m so disenfranchised with American politics right now to know what about everybody out? Just all of it.

That’s what we’re supposed to do with the whole drain, the swamp thing. Um, but I meant that with both parties who I’ve voted libertarian, I’ll, I don’t care now, I’ll just whatever straight up. Cause I hate both of them. Um, I’m so, like I said, I’m just, I hope everyone else is disenfranchised with it to these fricking stupid games and as toilet garbage. Just, you know, people are like, dude, there’s people like that screaming that they need help right now. Like there’s funds being set up for people that like their, their livelihood just got stripped away from them and they didn’t, you know, plan or there were so many posts today that I saw from, uh, like bartender friends that have signed up for, uh, go tip them that Nick set up. Yeah. And, you know, just the, Oh my God, thank you guys. Like it’s, you know, they like that was their source of income.

I mean, that’s, that’s what they did. And, and I, I get tired of the genetic, cause I’ve seen some of the, Oh, well you should have gone and got a real job, real job, get a job, you know, and that’s whenever you’re doing it puts food on your table and pays for your roof on your head as a real job. I don’t work at McDonald’s, you know, it’s a real job. Like, you know what I mean? It provides for your, you or your family or whatever it is that you do. Yup. Um, so speed to which, but if you are a, if you’re a bartender this listening or if you have friends that are bartenders that listening, uh, I mean, I’ve been sharing it a lot and I almost feel bad every time you see an update from David’s, like, Oh my God, I have so many updates to run.

Uh, but it, uh, it’s go tip ’em, G O T I P E m.com. Go get your ass signed up. Uh, get your PayPal, Venmo cash app links out there. Uh, and the whole shtick is, Hey, while you’re sitting at home and having a drink a lot cheaper than you would be in a bar. Um, you know, shoot your favorite neighborhood bartender or you know, the bartender at the bar that you go to all the time, shoot them, you know, a buck or two and help out. That was a, that was the joke when I, you know, I’d go on my drinking hiatus at all the bartenders and Auburn Hills, Ricardo. Now everybody not drinking, like, you know, it’s a, it’s a, and that’s a thing. Like they’re, um, and they’re all still in their own sleep schedules. Like I get updates all the time from my friend, you know, and I’m like, they don’t know what to do.

Like, they honestly don’t know what to do. Some of them are, you know, going back to their folks, like, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s a thing. Um, yeah. But you know, I’ve been trying to get takeout as much as possible and I think this restaurant in Illinois one, um, the best, the best idea ever. So there’s a deplane Illinois, there’s a, it’s a restaurant or basically it’s a Pirkle they’re ready to go, or, um, it’s called the beacon tab and basically they’re giving you a roll of toilet paper, um, to take home with you with every order. So if you order like some chicken parm and you know, a couple things, couple appetizers, uh, they’re giving you a roll of toilet paper on top. Well, and speaking of that, cause obviously, I mean the, you know, the stories are everywhere about, you know, how, you know, you can’t find toilet paper anywhere.

I love that. The Costco’s and you know, the other wholesale clubs, the role that are basically every store has said you can’t return it. They’re returning it. Yeah. Come on. So, Oh, we didn’t want you to buy 80 cases. Well, they’re just going to have three years supply works well, but because we don’t know, if you have it and it’s been contaminated, like maybe you coughed on it, you can’t return it. Well cardboard’s a thing. My wife’s in the medical field and like, you know, we get Amazon to like leave it on the porch for two days. Yeah. It’s porous. Right. And I’m like, okay, whatever. I’m not arguing with her on this stuff. I’m arguing with a thing. You know, kids are going bloody hell because they can’t have sleepovers. Oh dude. Yeah, yeah, that’s, yeah, the, yeah. My kids are not happy with that at all.

Yeah. No, I mean deal with it. Come downstairs and watch it later. That’s the thing. Like, I finally, finally, this is perfect timing. I’ve been bugging my kids. I’m like, Hey, when do you want, you know, dead, dead night. And I wanna I wanna introduce 16 panels in a breakfast club to you or like whatever. I got stuff to do, you know, now they’re locked in the house with me and I made them watch it. So far I’ve done a never ending story in labyrinth so far. Never ending story. We introduce that we’re like six, made them all cry with a horse, dicey guitar. Um, but 16 candles, solid winner. Everyone was in agreeance like, yeah, great. Ferris Bueller’s day off. Not so much. Why? I don’t, it didn’t to me, I don’t even like it now. Like I’m watching it. I was like, it’s not funny.

It wasn’t like breakfast club, like kind of like, like it’s really emotional and like it’s a good written like first Bueller was just like, it was like I’m just jacking off all day. Like skipping school. Like it was just basically nice. It’s just, it wasn’t not, it wasn’t when you watch it now front to back uninterrupted, it’s just not a good movie. Interesting. I’ll have to go back and give it a rewatch. It’s SpaghettiOs. It’s totally SpaghettiOs. Uh, yeah, but breakfast club all day. Like they fricking love that they put that in their top 10 all the time. Cause I wouldn’t think they’d be able to relate to it. Um, of course they are. They’re both, they’re like junior, like Maggie’s 13. Well, I know high drama. That’s dude, we’ve always showed that you couldn’t make that movie today cause the kids would just be sitting around on their phones for two hours.

And I joked with them about that. But, but there’s still, that stuff’s all still read. They all think that Susie is a jogger, the nerd, the prompt. Yeah. And then Susie’s better and she’s got no problems then she’s got problems. Yeah. And then like, you know, then they’re all, you know, Oh you’re the straight a kid. Well, yeah, but I got an F in shop. I’m a, you know, my life’s a failure. Like, Oh wait, you’re, you’re, you’re just like me, but you’re not doing my GPA. Cause I couldn’t pull the all control. They totally related to it. It was like, cool. Yeah. But, uh, what else? Uh, is there anything else going on before we would take a quick break? Ah, I, I don’t know that I believe that ransomware people, although the groups that are out there that are saying that they promise not to hit hospitals and stuff, I don’t, I trust that as much as I, and again, I, I, I’m not saying anything bad about her, but I, I’ve learned that as soon as Whitmer says she’s not doing, going to do something, she’s going to do something.

It was, you know, Hey, I’m not going to shut down the bars and restaurants. 12 hours later, bars and restaurants are shut down. I’m not going to issue a stay in place order 12 hours later, here’s a stay in place order. So yeah, but there’s not like one governing body of Hells. C’mon. And you never know what’s just going to be out there in the wild and floating around. So yeah, I don’t know that I buy that. I’m not gonna Rob the bank when you guys all at the beach. Nah, trust me Johnny. Look over there. But Hey, we’re going to take a really quick break. We’re going to be back with a re Sarah, the COO of managed way talking about if there’s any Internet’s left. This is the item that he show. Be right back. Absolutely loving the quarantine playlists here. I’m like fever, Madonna.

I’m like, Oh wait, I get it. Welcome back. This is episode three 40 19 that he show we’re in the quarantine decentral studios here at podcast Detroit and beautiful Royal Oak Michigan. Is Bob the sales guy? That is Dave the geek. Randy. I do. The Twitters is doing the Twitters. Find us online IT in the D.com. You wanna know why cause we all right. T and the D and even today you’re still not? No, you are not even close, but Hey, we’re lucky enough to be joined by in another. It’s a, it’s funny how this works out really is topical guests. We have Reese, Sarah on the line. He is the COO of managed way. How are you sir? How’s the world treating you right now?

I’m doing well. Thanks. Thanks for having me guys. We’ve been very busy these days.

I bet. I bet. This is a w, you know, as I was just trashing on, you know, salespeople using a COBIT as an excuse to try to bang on my door. Um, you know, you guys are kind of one of those essential services like, you know, I guess for those that will hop into that in a minute, but for those that don’t know, uh, what, what ma a managed way does, why don’t you give a quick elevator pitch then we can dive into a dive into that’s that stuff.

Sure. So we provide three services. Um, we provide dedicated internet. We own our own fiber network here in Metro Detroit and we’re connected to about another 40 other internet service providers and we sell internet all around the world. As a result of that. Um, we own a couple of data centers here in Troy and uh, we have 70,000 square feet of co-location space. Um, we’re also attended, um, and have a large presence in about another 25 to 30 data centers, um, throughout the Midwest and in some other countries as well. And then we sell cloud services, which is really where we started. And companies come to us for, you know, services as small as $5 a month to you name it. So some of our customers, um, on point for what’s happening now, we, we do a lot of government business, so local States, um, County, we do a bit of federal as well and, and we even do some business with foreign governments. So, you know, between that and, uh, other segments of our business. Like, you know, we support fire departments and police stations and schools and hospitals and doctor’s offices. Um, having our services stay up right now has never been more important.

Yeah, I was going to say, let’s dive into that real quick. I was going to talk about how are we running out of internet, cause that’s become a hot topic as well. But you know, the fact that you’re servicing first responders and people don’t really think of, you know, internet or networks or technology when they think of, um, you know, fire departments, police stations, hospitals, uh, even, you know, to the lesser extent schools and, and, you know, how are you, I guess, you know, how are you working with them or what, what, what’s the, you know, are you doing QoS traffic? I mean, what are you doing to make sure that those customers are a priority that, that they’re up in standing in and good to go?

Well, um, it’s, it might sound silly, but, um, all of our team is working right now and, um, you know, all eyes and ears were there and just making sure that we have a 100% reliability, um, as we always would at any other time. So we’re not really doing anything, um, more than we normally would. But, uh, we’re just very, you know, we’re trying to pay close attention and, and do our best that every second because we know that, you know, these, these parties can’t go down. But what do we do for those people? Um, mainly we provide internet. So we provide internet to the Michigan statewide education network, which is basically a consortium of all the major, um, intermediate school districts. So right now, for instance, today was the start of, uh, distance learning. If you guys have little kids state, I have four little kids myself, they were all on either Chromebooks or iPads today typing away and, um, uh, we’re one of two major internet service providers for the state.

So a lot of that traffic traverses our network. Um, and then, uh, another big thing that we do for, uh, companies and first responders is we host a lot of the websites and systems, um, for how they internally share information or store store information or for their, their public or internal websites. So we just, you know, I had probably about four or five speeches with our, our staff today. We have our Monday meetings. And, um, just emphasized how important it is, you know, to do a good job right now and make sure that our services stay out.

No, indeed. And that’s, uh, the one thing I wanted to talk about, you know, when we were talking earlier today and I was just trying to find some stuff to talk about, I’m like, Oh my God, it’s the perfect thing. You’ve got two, three kids at home. They’re, they’re hammering your network. Uh, they’re hammering the network. I’m working from home that the VPN engines are humming. Um, they’re, they’re playing games when they’re not, you know, on their, on their, uh, education thing. You know, like we’re destroying our home networks, you know, all day now, um, our w you know, and then the topics come up many times and I never got that answer. Like, are we even close to running out of the internet? Um, or bandwidth?

So I’m an, I am an optimist, right? I was, uh, I a another, I was actually interviewed about this last week I was overseas. Um, if you can believe that, uh, during the crisis, which was a lot of fun to travel home,

I would imagine so, by the

way. But, uh, basically there’s never a, you know, knock on wood, the silver lining is, there’s never been a better time in our history for a crisis like this to occur and for millions of people to be working from home because there’s never been greater capacity on the internet and there’s never been greater resiliency in terms of the architecture of these networks. So for instance, I mean at any time, there’s typically 300 gigabits per second of use on the managed way network globally. And you know, we can have on any, on any day, we can have anywhere between 80 to 150 gigabits per second traversing our network here in Southeastern Michigan, the Detroit market. And, uh, we haven’t noticed any changes. Um, a lot of our, our partners and competitors, they’re handling everything pretty well. I mean, there’s going to be problems. Um, last week, you know, like Microsoft teams went down, Google had an issue. There’s little things that happened here and there that’s, that’s to be expected. But you know, the, the network of the internet is adapting and things shift around and, and everything’s just operating great from everything that I can see as of today.

I am noticing like when I was walking, you know, we’ve been talking about watching ESPN cause they’re just, the programming is glorious right now and it’s been, it’s been a little glitchy and the audio pops out, you know. But as far as like everything else is concerned in my Netflix X-Box, everything else has been humming flawlessly. And then I looked at, just looked at my Aero stats, you know, I’ve got three 34 down in 24 up. I’m like, just imagine about 10 years ago, if I would have told me that I had to have 34 down in my house, I would’ve, you know, what am I going nuts?

I have a gigabit per second at my house. I never get it. But you know, like I said before, you know, you couldn’t have afford 10 years ago that would have cost you $10,000 or maybe even $25,000 a month to get to your house. Um, you know, it would have been crazy expensive.

Yeah. Two. Oh, see threes, isn’t it? Yeah. Geez. Now that, yeah, those are, those were no cheap packages. Yeah,

no, no. See that’s a good time. Uh, it’s a good time to have a disaster like this. Uh, there’s also, um, just a huge amount of other tools, um, to assist in, uh, having a distance workforce.

Now are you for Oh, go ahead. Go ahead. With that

G suite and Microsoft and, and so many others. There’s, there’s just a lot of, we’re, we’re very fortunate that this happened now and not 10 years ago.

Yeah. Last week we had Jason on from C3 and he was talking a lot about teams versus Skype versus all that, you know, zoom versus all the different tools to use. So, yeah, this is, uh, this information has been really timely. Um, are you getting to the point where you’re talking customers and doing like LTE backups and things like that for redundancy on their networks or I guess, uh, especially for the first responders that goes, what, what do they have in place for redundancy these days?

Well, we typically, for, for really important stuff, we do backup fiber. Um, we do sell LT as well. My brother owns Metro wireless, so he’s a great partner of ours, our bars and you know, if anybody needs LTE backup, he, he’s really the best shop in the whole country if you ask me. Um, and he’s selling it like hotcakes right now. We use LT for, um, to get a customer online quickly when we’re building out fiber. Um, or for some very remote locations as well. We haven’t sold a lot of that right now. Um, but we, we are, you know, selling quite a bit of redundant fiber connections and we can architect it in a way that it’s path diverse so that there’s no common points on the networks, um, between the primary and redundant connection.

So. Cool. I mean, it sounds perfect. So, I mean, I guess with that in mind, I mean, you know, I know Bob specifically asked about first responders, but you know, what about you, your local municipalities. What about, you know, you know, you, I know you mentioned school and I was home today when, uh, both my kids were hooked into a, you know, a video chat sessions with, uh, their basically their entire classroom and their teacher. Uh, and, and it was just amazing to me. So like what, like if you were with them in mind, like with the, like I said, the local governments who aren’t necessarily all the most tech savvy, like what, what would you want them to know and, or need them to know at this point in time?

Sure. Um, I guess I’d want them to know that we’re trying everything we can to keep as much workforce on site as possible, um, in a safe and healthy manner and, um, that we really care about what they’re doing and that we’re here to help them when they need it most. So, you know, it sounds a little cliche, cliche, but that’s, that’s really it. It’s, we have a simple, it’s a simple service. At the end of the day we, we just need to make sure that it doesn’t go down.

Right. It’s like water to the house. It’s like you don’t think about it until you don’t have it and then you go, right,

well where’s the dang water depart?

Yeah. Or you know, it starts coming out Brown, right? Yeah. We did read an article today that, that, that some hackers have come out and said, yeah, we’re not going to ransomware hospitals during this time. And they were like, yeah, yeah, whatever. But you guys are actually taking this, taking a step. You were talking to me earlier about how, um, you’re doing a, you’re doing DDoS mitigation for free. Uh, talk to me about that.

Yeah. So we, um, there’s a lot of our competitors that offer somebody else’s network, DDoS mitigation service. We have designed our own, our CEO is a systems administrator and programmer and he’s been doing this for 25 years. He spent on your show, Robert Sanders.

Oh, okay.

He designed a product which is a network DDoSs service, which goes on top of our internet service. You have to have managed wait internet to get this, um, but basically it can mitigate attacks up to a hundred gigabits per second in real time. And, uh, it does reporting. Um, and the other thing is I’m not, this is not just a, um, I’m not just saying, you know, marketing stuff here. We’ve deployed this to serious customers in the state of Michigan and around the world. Uh, the state of Michigan has it. Um, you know, we’re protecting public schools every day of the week. Um, and we’ve deployed it to County governments and cloud service providers, um, businesses of all sizes from a startup all the way to fortune 50. And, uh, the product really works.

So I guess just on a personal tip, and I just stepped out for a sec, I’m sorry if there’s already gonna to ask, but from what I understand, your background is you’re in a attorney, you were an attorney and then hopped into this. Like how and why business

guy attorneys get a bad rep. you know, I, I’ve always been very entrepreneurial. I started, I own my first business at 12 years old and, uh, my parents were real estate. I went to work for them. And then the real estate collapse, which started a little earlier here in Michigan, although I’m getting a little bit of flashback this week.

Yeah, right

to that time. Um, I, uh, I decided in about Oh six to go to law school and uh, formed my own firm and I represented a lot of different high tech companies. And I, I met Rob Sanders, the, um, the owner of managed way in 2010 and we’ve been working together ever since. Um, but in my current capacity, I’ve, uh, I’ve been the vice president and COO since about 2000, late 2018.

Very cool. How’s the, uh, I guess how’s the change?

Small telecom MSP is software companies, you name it.

How’s the, uh, how are you adjusting if you haven’t already?

Honestly, it wasn’t a very big adjustment, um, other than like my daily routine, what I was doing, I was already doing a lot of, uh, what I do now. I just, I, I get a little bit better over time and, uh, learned the ins and outs a little bit more. I was acting as the general counsel and CFO, um, for about the last, I would say five or six years.

Oh, so you’re, you were already intimately there

now. I now I live there and breathe and eat it all day long and every day. But I love it. That’s the goodness.

Nice. Nice. Well, uh, definitely always heard good things about you and we’re glad we were able to have you on. Uh, definitely timely and I guess thank you for, uh, for keeping the lights on for the other, I guess there’s an offer we’re supposed to ask about. Ooh, that’s right. Yeah.

Yeah. We do have an offer right now. So we offer our network DDoS mitigation service, we call it the manage defender. It’s a little easier to say we offer that for free today to government. Um, but for the next 90 days we’re going to be including that if the customer would like it with every new internet service order. So if you have a business and if you’re concerned about network DDoS attacks, we’re going to include that for free. And this is a big concern for a lot of different industries, but, uh, the medical field hospitals, um, financial advisory firms, insurance companies, uh, tech companies who have a lot of different customers who may be more, um, tech oriented, uh, and, and who have a concern about DDoS attacks, this is a perfect service for you. Um, and even if you just like to try it out, um, there’s no problem in that. It takes about 10 minutes to implement and you’re off to the races. So we’re going to include that for free for all new internet service customers for the next 90 days.

Oh, we thought we were special or you know, coupon code IT in the Date. Oh wow. That’s all right. It’s for everybody. We felt special for a minute, but you know, just messing with you. Um, raise. Hey, we’re going to cut your listeners guys. I appreciate that, but Hey, we’re going to cut you loose. Definitely appreciate the timely, uh, info and, uh, I guess thank your crew for still, uh, still working, uh, all these crazy hours to keep sure, make sure that all the education stuff and all the first responders are uh, the, the green lights, Dillard on their Cisco routers. So yeah. I appreciate what you guys are doing. Yeah, it’s good stuff. It’s our pleasure guys. Take care. Restate you. Take care. Have a good time. Uh, thanks again. Re Sara COO managed way. Appreciate it and manage way.com. Um, that’s going to wrap things up for three 40 here, the IT in the D show.

Uh, definitely, uh, keep washing your hands. Stay safe, keep watching the news. Uh, but not too much of it. Um, yeah, yeah. You know, you need social distancing, you need some social media distance and you need some media distance. Right? Yeah, that’d be great for all of you. I was actually talking to somebody before, it’s, it’s almost like, do you remember like right after nine 11 when like, you just, you could not get off the couch and stop watching TV for like three days. Yeah, it was, I remember when they attack Kuwait to like the first Gulf war. Yeah, it was CNN Wolf Blitzer. Four weeks. Yeah. Um, yeah, it’s about that time. Uh, but Hey, we’re going to wrap things up. Episode three 40 on behalf of Bob, Dave and Randy, do us all a favor. Drink up your drinks, get your phone numbers. You don’t gotta go home. You just gotta get the hell outta hell outta here. See you next week. Drive careful. Wash your hands. Be it. See you guys.

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