Episode 337 – Exceptional Academy

Hey, this is episode 337 of the one and only it in the D show. Guests this week include Dave and Steve there with the exceptional Academy and like museums. No, no, no. Like no actually better, actually better. They are doing training programs for disabled people but they’re not just training programs. We’re talking CCNs and upper echelon it training programs, getting people with autism, getting people with severe disabilities, seizure disabilities, getting them gainfully trained up, employed. So I cannot wait for that conversation. Should go great. And in the meantime, you know what Dave, you may uh, I got, we’re, we’re, we’ve can barely see each other cause there’s room stocked full of toilet paper and water. Um, but we’ll talk about that in a minute. You may hand sanitize, you may fire when ready. Hey, what’s going on? This is the one and only it in the D show…

Hey, this is episode 337 of the one and only it in the D show. Guests this week include Dave and Steve there with the exceptional Academy and like museums. No, no, no. Like no actually better, actually better. They are doing training programs for disabled people but they’re not just training programs. We’re talking CCNs and upper echelon it training programs, getting people with autism, getting people with severe disabilities, seizure disabilities, getting them gainfully trained up, employed. So I cannot wait for that conversation. Should go great. And in the meantime, you know what Dave, you may uh, I got, we’re, we’re, we’ve can barely see each other cause there’s room stocked full of toilet paper and water. Um, but we’ll talk about that in a minute. You may hand sanitize, you may fire when ready. Hey, what’s going on? This is the one and only it in the D show.


We made it all the way up to episode 337 broadcasting live here in studio one in podcast Detroit in beautiful Royal Oak, Michigan. This is Bob the sales guy. That is Dave the geek. Randy. I do. The Twitters is doing the Twitter’s fine. Us. He’s a Twittering. He is following people around. I don’t know who this is, who followed me. Um, finding us online it in the D. dot com and do us a favor. Give us a like on the socials and subscribe to us everywhere. Fine podcasts are sold. All right, so what do we got? We got a tomorrow night at haymaker. See, look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Nice work. I, I got it this time. I wrote it down. I was good. A torn at the Anarbor social event is happening at, at haymaker. Uh, go give him a look.


Check them out. Come say hi. Then we have our events on the 19th, uh, the next Metro Detroit event, which is going to be at cozy lounge. And they could like, literally, I’ve gotten like six texts from the owner’s daughter. They could not be happier that we’re going to be there. Go ahead. Eat your chicken biscuits and your burgers. Get, get the cheese, steak and cheese, no mushrooms though, you and your mushrooms and whatever. Uh, and then, uh, if you’re out in a balance, uh, there’s still time you can sign up for free podcast day, which is the Saturday, uh, which is happening in all three of our studios. Uh, Royal Oak, downtown Detroit and Northville. Uh, and then if you’re bored and want to come hang out or you, you like history and you want to hang out, shout a history. He’s also doing a live broadcast on Saturday from whiskey in the jar in Hamtramck.


Uh, that should be a fun one. I believe. Uh, the gentleman, his first name is Greg. I am blanking on his last name right now, who literally wrote the book about prohibition bars, uh, in Hamtramck is going to be one of their guests. Um, and he’s also the chair of the Hamtramck historical society. So that should be kind of a cool conversation. I don’t know if I’m going to be there cause I’m going to get in line for the bread and milk. So I mean, and the hand sanitizer and then let’s be real. I mean the show is one of the few things, uh, that has not been canceled today. Dude, I got it. I got it. I got a text today saying they were out of TP at Costco and if you want to buy this particular brand, it’s the good Sharman the one that leaves your butt clean.


Not the one ply Scott stuff. Like it was like that’s cruel and unusual. It was like a, there was like a two week wait on Amazon. I went on costco.com it was out of stock. Sharman the extra extra Y extra nice cause you need clean asses apparently when there’s a virus going around. See I like Costco’s Kirkland brand toilet paper. It’s pretty good stuff. Like are we sure that people aren’t just eating houses? Is there a there was so it’s become a thing at work cause obviously we sit all sit on top of each other. 5,000 people. So I got the, let’s hear it for that open floor plan. Yeah. An idea there. So I just know I got, so I got asked, uh, what, what’s our contingency plan on? I’m like, kid, I had it. Don’t talk to me. You’re not allowed to. Yeah, exactly.


Rub some burners on it. Some witch Hazel is fear of my mother. I’m like, don’t even talk to me with that crap anymore. I sir, I go, you’re, he’s like 24. I go, I survived the SARS, H one N one the swine flu and I’m reading them all off. And Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber survived it all. No, we started to talk. Then we started talking like one of the guys just traveled last week. Um, and I said, how are the airports? He said they were fine. And I go, I remember back in Oh nine, we went to Mexico during the swine flu tour and I’ll never forget the Canadian government made like half the resort was Canadians and the Canadian government made them fly home and we got lived the whole resort to ourselves. It was 30% occupancy, like from Wednesday through Saturday. Thanks Canada. And Oh yeah, no, it was phenomenal because all the good restaurants didn’t have a line.


There wasn’t a line for the bar. Everyone was really happy to help us see that they were still normal staffed. So like double the service, you know, it was, it was the best vacation ever. Well, I’ll tell you what they mean. That’s floating around the a, you know, Oh, you know, uh, coronavirus destroys the cruise industry. Uh, but you can also book cruise for 40 bucks a day now. So, well, the thing that’s so like, I’m not thinking nothing of it. Hey, all right. That’s another one of those things we’ve been going through them and then all of a sudden I looked down and I see the F five conference in Orlando canceled. Then I look again cloudfest in Germany, which is a huge show. Cancel BSD con in Japan, Canada, OCP summit in, in California canceled. Yeah. So all these major it conferences that have, you know, tens of thousands of people there are getting canceled.


Yeah. And I’m like, and I can see, can someone, can you, can anyone help me out here? Because I get it, but I don’t get it. Get it, but I don’t get it. I like, okay, I understand there is a virus floating around. It is a thing and I get that it’s bad because you just, you think you have a cold, but it’s, it’s like the flu. If you’re relatively healthy, you’re going to be okay. Yeah, you drink some chicken soup. Maybe if you’re like me, eat spicy food and shot a whiskey and try to get out of your system, get all the bad things drunk and you’re due to alcohol kills the coronavirus. I’m not getting it right. I’m good. I got, I got enough antibiotics in me. I won’t get sick for 20 years from the surgeries. Come on, come meet me at whiskey in the jar and have some ESG Polish flu shot they’ve had.


They’ve had one case though in the U S I think that, Oh no, no, no, no, no. There’ve been five deaths in the U S so far. But here’s the thing, like I talked to my wife about it who was a physician assistant. I was like, okay, if everyone just says it’s just the flu, then how do they notice the coronavirus? And she’s like, I don’t know. And I’m like, well you’re, this is your job. Well, like, well, she’s a pain management, so I give her some Slack. I mean it’s, it’s a different virus. It looks different under a microscope and they can tell when you’re sick, you go buy some over the counter and you fricking heightened bed for two days and you come out when all your pooping is done and you threw up a couple of times and like you go back to work and like, no one gets to like a strain test and a blood work for flu.


Like, no. So again, how do you know? And like I said, so that’s, that’s the issue is that it mimics a severe cold or the flu and, and it’s, you know, so people that are at risk for those things in general should take some extra steps and make sure that they’re good. But like, again, by and large, Papa Vernors rub a little Tussin on it. Take a lap. You’ll be all right. Did you, uh, we didn’t put this as one of the articles, so I don’t know the exact numbers. Rainy. I don’t know if you remember or not. There was a meme that was going around today about, uh, they did a survey and here’s the thing, I know they only surveyed. Please tell me you read the comments that happened on our Facebook wall after I posted this. What not. Oh no. Okay, go ahead.


Finish your story. It was what, 38% but they put up all Americans and I’m sure the survey was only like a thousand people of 500 people. Yeah, it’s 500 right. Whatever of AOL readers and one of our, one of our page visitors who might be a listener or whatever, decided to correct us about the meme, about a, about there was, you know, all these stories that came out about how that wasn’t really very accurate study and yet 80 yada. Do you understand that? Like we’re here to laugh and that made us laugh. Totally. Just, well actually you guys, yeah, we got, we got mad, but it was, and it was a woman. We got woman’s plane. Oh, well the meme was, the meme was 38% of people think or they’ll buy Corona won’t buy the beer because these are the same people who think that chocolate milk comes from Brown cows.


Right. And then, and then, and Bernie Sanders was a running back for the lions. Right, right. Ah, I don’t know if [inaudible] has a sponsor for you guys, but do you need another reason not to buy Corona? Uh, no. You know what, summertime, it’s a good drink. It really is withdrawn. Yeah, absolutely not. It’s really anything that, anything that has built their legacy on putting fruit in beer. I got only blue moon cause that whole orange crap. I don’t know, just drink. If you’re gonna drink a beer and drink a beer and you just, you just peed on the entire Mexican beer industry. No pun intended. Yes, absolutely. But no, and you know, speaking of which I’m going to get, I’ll, I will give them a little shout out. I went to a, a, a meetup yesterday for a little bit over at Koonin. Um, I hadn’t been there in, I can’t tell you how long dude. They got theirs. They had some good beer. Like they had a 15%, uh, raspberry.


Yeah, I icebox icebox. Yeah. They do it once a year, dude. Oh, last time I was there there was two lines around the building and you couldn’t get a bottle of it and a guy gave me a shot of it and yeah, it was, it was like 20 bucks a bottle and you couldn’t get it. It was surprised that it was, it was amazing. They did a really good job with it. So you just shout out, you know, Eric and Brett, they do good stuff. Yeah. No, they’re a crumble. A stout is as much as they gave us the stink face every time they see us, cause they don’t know. They don’t even know why every time. But we love them anyway, every time. So I do from the a no shit file this week. Uh, it actually made it all the way up to a federal court, uh, that yes, YouTube can restrict whatever the hell they want to restrict.


No, you don’t. You have no first amendment rights when you are posting shit on, on YouTube or anywhere else. Do you remember when we had this talk? Maybe it was six or nine months ago when they were talking about the service providers, the ATM tees and stuff and, and can they get in trouble for, and I think eight T and T got absolved because they, you know, yeah, we own the copper and the, the like they can’t get, if there’s like a bomb threat over in 18 to 19 kids, the DMC Eliab like, no, it’s the BMCA as a whole, which passed back in 2000 which says you as a provider are not liable for any content that is posted to our site. Right. But like, you know the whole thing. Yeah. Cause YouTube, there’s been a whole war going back and forth on, you know, letting them through but not them through.


And then there’s the thing with Twitter, like, why are you letting this group [inaudible] still posting that Hollywood actress post that just did whatever the unspeakable in this person by your co, your, you know, doing them. So you’re against this group. Oh no, we’re not against that group. We’re against this group. But at the end of the day, they’re allowed to be, if they want to be, they’re allowed. That’s what I always like. I’d never a private effing company. That’s what I never sold. Shit. That’s what I never understood what the complaining about it. Like when I can’t promote my business on social media anymore for free. It’s like, well no, it’s not up to you. It’s not yours. You don’t own it. Right then you, you know the newspaper doesn’t have to take your ad magazines, your editorial. Yeah, we don’t, we don’t have to read your shit. That’s not common sense.


Somebody please. I want, I really, really want somebody to file a lawsuit because we refuse to talk about you. Wait, wait, do you mean you mean a R slash politics and read it as left-leaning. Get out town. You don’t say like come on if you’re a normal, like you know where to find what you need to find. Yeah. And if it’s not there, you’ll go somewhere else to find it. Cause you want to see the stuff that talks to you. I get that. Um, and so what’s the big deal? Yeah, no, I, I, the fact that there was literally a federal case made about it blows my damn. I watch Steven Crowder all the time, like don’t agree with all this stuff candidly, but I liked the way he argues and I liked it. I like how he comes across. He’s entertaining guy. Oh, absolutely. You got demonetized.


Yeah. So he made a huge stink about it and he went, doubled down and sold stuff like, Hey, support me. And everybody came out in droves and he, but it was good business for him. Yeah. And that’s the thing that happens is when people band things, the other half goes and buys their shit on purpose. Yeah. And their business is better off for it. Like so like I don’t under like did just let them be, let them die their own death. Whoever they are banning sucks. No one’s going to watch no one. Nobody cares. That’s what I’m saying. Let it sit out on vine and die. Nobody cares. Once you ban it, you bring light to it. When you bring a light to it, people will consume it even if they don’t like it because they want to get the man or whatever they’re trying to get back at. Oh those crazy, those people, I’m going to patriarchy, I’m going to support them now. And they never looked at it before in their life, but since it got banned, got the band hammer. Now they’re all over it. Of course they need, so like the YouTube ladies of the world need to understand that you’re giving power where maybe you shouldn’t. I’m just saying I never, I never heard of it, but I’ll want to go buy their newsletter now.


Um, so we’ve talked about these guys quite a few times. The whole clear view. Uh, they are a very scary company, uh, that has based their Equifax for you. Exactly. Well, yeah. Well actually they’re there. They’re worse, uh, to me because they’ll say buy shit from them. That’s what I’m talking about. It true. Yeah. So you know, if you don’t remember, cause again, we’ve talked about them before. Clearview is the company that basically the FBI police department and those kinds of folks hook into. And now apparently also Macy’s best buy, oops. Billions, billions of photos. Everything you’ve ever posted to social media, they’ve got it every, you know, your driver’s license, photos, your passport photos, all that shit. I just read the first sentence of the news article because this is so ridiculous that this is so laissez Faire these days. A clear view. AI, a startup that compiles billions of photos for facial recognition technology set.


It lost its entire client list to hackers. Yeah, it’s the sentence. Yeah. So, well, so here I guess here’s the thing and this, and this is why I’m, I’m impressed you actually used laissez Faire correctly. I, I was at popper you said you kinda, you kinda took me back a little bit. Like I didn’t know how to do. Um, but no. So, uh, it was their client list that got breached. It’s not like their systems got breached, their database got breached or any of that stuff. But now out there in the ether is everybody who has, who is paying to use their software, which all of the previous stories had always said was always FBI law enforcement purposes only. And then sell someone, writes him a big enough check. And here’s the thing, nobody gives them their photos, they’re scraped, they are scraped from the Facebooks and the Instagrams and the Twitters and the YouTubes.


Um, so again, because again, kids remember if you’re not paying for a service, you are the service. Not only that you are being, you’re providing know what’s the like you’re not even, you don’t even know, like you’re not using, like you’re using Facebook not knowing like, Hey, I’d be providing the IP for a startup company that worth what, right. For the check. Right. Right. Can I write a scraper? Yeah. What um, yeah. Did they get, they’re getting CS to CIS letters now cause they got hacked and they’re, they’re, I mean, they’re retaining all those photos in a database, even after users delete them. So those things, those things is a permanent, once you post something to the internet, it is always their kids. Right. And then it’s meme, then it’s forever. Yeah. A bit. So speaking of hacks and breaches, uh, one that is causing a little consternation around the globe again.


Uh, so, uh, we all remember, we all, we all remember the fattening, we all, that was labor day, what, three, four years ago, when every year when all the celebrities photos leaked. Uh, so apparently somebody compromised the only fans system, uh, which was basically set up for, uh, you know, sex workers and cam girls and, and, and people that wanted to post things that they don’t necessarily want out in public, uh, that were only accessible to subscribers. Well, somebody went ahead and grabbed the entire system and just put it out online. I read this, eh, like if you’re Scarlett Johanson and you’re trying to like, be like, you know, and you’re like a big star and it’s one thing, and they’re like, Oh, it’s got photos from Instagrammers. Like, ah, it’s fake. They wanted it out there. Don’t buy this crap for a second. Really? Yes. Not that they all got together and said, let’s do this.


Right. But like, come on, it’s just, it’s a little suspicious when all these people that they’re famous for being famous and they’re not even famous cause they’re, cause they’re like Instagram models get it. But I mean it’s still like a lot of leaked content that wasn’t necessarily out there for the general public to consume. You think without paying, you’re hopeless. I think I put a separation between general public and subscribers. That’s, yeah, yeah, yeah. See, here’s the thing. It’s uh, it’s the skimming of social media shows. It’s 50, 50. Whether you get someone outraged by this Lake or someone saying they wanted it to be downloaded. So I guess I’m not wrong. I know you’re the, you’re the 50 on the other fifth. I get you. I was so annoyed by, uh, the missed opportunity of this headline. Uh, one of the hosts of the TV show shark tank, uh, got nailed by a phishing scam and lost $388,000.


Uh, how that headline didn’t read, I don’t know. Shark tank by fish. Yeah. Shark bit by fish or something. I was, I was so annoyed that it was just a ma headline because it was Katie LA and it wasn’t like it feels Buzzfeed or it’d be like somebody, somebody do a better job with your headline, but it again goes back to, you know, maybe if somebody basically figured out, uh, what the, uh, you know, the accounting and the one of the admins email addresses was set up a domain that was one letter off of those, uh, sent a letter, send an email to the accounting firm with an invoice invoice, got paid $388,000 on. And here’s the funny thing about it. She’s like, I, uh, what, what was she quoted as? Sorry, I just lost the article. They’re basically like, um, I was going to be mad about it, but then I realized it’s money, money now that I’m going to the press about it.


Yeah. Um, you know, now that everyone knows exactly to the penny how much I’ve lost. Yeah. Which is great if you, I guess if you want to warn people, you know, be careful when you wire money. It’s like, who just wires money on email invoices anyway? Like, well, I mean there’s been quite a few of those stories that we’ve talked about over there. They say, no, I know I’m going to let, um, so I got star Wars news. Are you, are you, did you watch clone Wars? Are you keeping up with clone Wars? I can’t remember. Yeah, I watched the first one. I haven’t, the second one dropped it and not watch it yet, but I did watch the first one. So they are doing a good job with it. I’m still annoyed that they’re, that they’re only dropping one a week. I’m still not liking that.


Whatever he liked eighties TV, it’s fine. Just deal with it. No, I, dude, I get it. But we’re not in the 80s anymore. I want all the things and I want them now and they’re done. I used to, Oh, they’re done. I used to have to get up and turn the on 10 on the ground until it aimed right until my dad said stop virtually once a week. Grew, grew, grew, grew, grew head still. But anyway, so they’re doing a great job with that. But, uh, so two things from that realm that dropped. Uh, you’ve got the, uh, all the stuff that’s coming out about the Kenobi series, uh, that they’d been waiting out. So they canceled it and then young canceling, they got a snake now and then it’s gone. And then it was gonna be a movie and then a series and then it’s going to be one season.


It’s going to be 47 seasons. And ah, I just, just let it happen. Gimme stop talking about it. Yeah. And then the other one, uh, was, and it kinda, I, I’m, I’m, I’m curious to see how this all goes. Uh, the high Republic. I’m trying to figure out if Kevin Smith had anything to do with the naming of this gut. Um, cause you know, they’re, they’re going, it’s 200 years, uh, before the Phantom menace. Um, the artwork looks amazing. The plotline and storylines sound amazing. I, yes. Gimme have them do, you can have the guy that owned a, what the hell was his name? Oh, Annie. Like you can have a model. You can have Guapo fricking playing cards all day. And I’m going to watch it like so, but then, but here’s, I guess, here’s, here’s my one. This is my one cautionary thing. Like I’ve been down this road before with star Wars, the whole EU and all the books and novels that came after, you know, return to the jet.


I, that Disney just kind of went [inaudible] they don’t count anymore. Why are you getting, are you getting into the riser Skywalker book that just came out? Yes. That they’re a little bomb drop to in there that we probably thought it was real, but we didn’t. It’s, I assumed cause Emma and we did one was going to cause, uh, Dave Santeria. Uh, and when we, we need our, uh, when we did our both, he was either the preview or the recap episode, we talked about the whole dark empire tie in. Uh, and that the assumption that there was cloning involved, well, if you didn’t know where, if you don’t know where we’re talking about, the rise of Skywalker book came out. And, uh, I mean, it’s not, uh, it’s, if you’ve saw, this isn’t a spoiler alert at this point in the game, um, but it’s that Palpatine that was indeed in fact a clone, um, in the book.


So they’re there, they’re basically, there’s a bunch of plot holes there they were trying to like solve with this book brings a new one because then how do we know he’s gone for good this time if you can just reincarnate into another whatever again. Well, so I mean, they’ve always done this with the novelizations, like even a God going back to empire strikes back, the novelization like got deeper into the whole Luke Vader was talking about it was Luke’s hand and that they closed. That was dark empire. That was dark empire, not empire strikes back, like I said. So that was one of the conversations we had where like, you know, cloning was a, a central focus point of dark empire. And, and especially, you know, as they’re, you know, they only spent like two seconds of the film on it, but you’ve got all those snow clones, uh, sitting there.


So, obviously it was a cloning facility. Um, yeah. So, yeah, I mean it, it, this, this wasn’t like a big shocker to me. Like I get it. No, but it makes kind of sense. Yeah. With, you know, with him actually surprised he didn’t actually survive going down the nuclear reactor, but if he was a clone and then how did he know it was him and his name and, well, cause all the storm trooper clones aided. They’re all different. They’re, they’re given, uh, they are. But so again, this gets back into the whole dark empire thing where it’s not, was he raised in Camino? It wasn’t just, well, it’s not that he was just a clone. It was that, okay. When he died, he transferred his, not that star Wars gets very religious, but soul, if you will, into that clone. You didn’t do the Walt Disney and put his head in a jar, a no, there was no cryogenics so, um, but so, so it was Palpatine just in the body of a clone of him.


Um, which was why the body was so degenerated. Degenerated and just was, yeah, that was just part of the thing. And uh, in good news, the, uh, the I baby monitor, I got to bring this up. I carry labs like, well we’ve, we’ve talked about these stories before. It’s a real problems, not just heard stories about it. I remember going to Wayne, uh, going to, um, Walsh college and in their InfoSec lab they had a website that would get brought up where you would get basically shot, talked about it and baby cams you would like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds at anywhere. And they were all geo located. So you could basically go, I want to look in Sterling Heights, Michigan. And then bam, there’s, there’s 300 baby monitors. But if you have an eye baby monitor, um, basically that thing’s wide open. And I’m like, what? It retails for about a hundred dollars.


And not only that, it can be explained to the personal data of users and lead to remote access to the camera. Well, yeah. So, well, yeah. So not only that, but it’s because of the crappy way they’ve implemented these protocols. Not only can they take over the monitor, uh, but they can get access to your personal information when you set up the account to be able to watch your baby while you were sitting at the office. And so now they’ve got your email and they’ve got your home address and they’ve got where you live and they’ve got who thinks of fricking security protocols when you’re installing this shit in your house? No one, yeah, myself included. And then this is supposed to be my profession and I don’t, you know what I mean? I’m like, eh, whatever. My nest is open, go have fun with it.


Or the crane, my front door Canary cam, I have it, although I will say this dude, my, my favorite story this week, which is totally related, is the penetration tester that sent his mom into a prison and she owned it. She owned an entire prison with a made up badge that said health inspector. And then not only did they let her walk around the entire facility, they let her walk around and throw USB drives into every computer she could find. Why didn’t he do it? Uh, because it was, so the whole story was, it was like, this was like her mom was just supposed to go in and look around like and just see how far she like just go in and like see who they would, who they should target next. But just in case they gave her all these USB drives and that kind of stuff with the beacons and everything else.


So it was her idea cause he’s like, I want to break it, I want to do it. She poses a health inspector can, she had 30 years of food experience. So she had the confidence she was talking about. Right. And so she, she just completely owned the entire prison, which, which was amazing. Like she managed to compromise every single system and server they had. Um, and it was funny cause the guy, he was like the guy that, the guy that owns the company was like, yeah. So I’m sitting here in my month, driven away in the car. So here I am in this diner and I realized like I have no way to really get in contact with my mom in case something goes horribly wrong. And we expected her back in like 20 minutes. Well, an hour later they started getting the pings from the USB drives that she was planting and all the computers, they were like, Oh Holy shit, your mom poned to prison.


Our students are going to love that story so much. Well we had something, we’ll get back to them with something similar. One of my guys is like, I think I did something wrong and I go, what? And he goes, well I went to one of the, we have a physical security desks and when you badge in it shows your picture and they let you in. Well he just went, he said, Hey, I’m with it. Guy goes, Oh, I have it. And he just gave me the access to his machine and I go, so I text the Seesaw and I go, I don’t think that’s supposed to be in the protocol. And he goes, Nope. Time to get some education. So that got the guy that we had as a guest here who was like literally wore a shirt that he had custom made where it said your it department, like that’s what it said, and they let him into a bank.


It’s almost begging to get caught. At that point. It’s like, please, please no, this is not real. Yeah, I just need your laptop. Well, no. It was like, it was kind of scary just saying, Hey, I’m with it. And it’s like, Oh, have it, and you got full access to the guy’s machine. He could do anything at, he could. That guy could’ve been anyone in the company could have deleted your entire whatever. Yeah. Oh by the way, you can’t bad Jen anymore because the system’s gone. Right, right, right. Yeah. So yeah. Good times. Phenomenal. I love those kinds of things. I like be, I don’t think people realize that at the time that those pen tests are low, what they gain access to, cause I think the good companies don’t talk about it. Yeah. No, you definitely don’t want the getting out there, especially before you’ve had time to fix all those loopholes.


Yeah. Yeah. So speaking of loopholes, we’re going to take a quick break. We’re going to be back that voice. You hear Steven and he’s here with Dave there with the, um, we’re going to be talking about exceptional, the exceptional Academy. Wait, we’re 40 minutes in this episode and that’s, we have not made a Steve Dave joke yet. Tell him Steve, yet. This is the it that he’s showing. Hey, we’ll be right back. Hey, just episode three 37 of the it in that each show segment to broadcast and live here in studio one in podcast. He straightened beautiful Royal Oak, Michigan. It’s a 52 day. I was like windows down. It was like the best day ever. It was crazy. I know. I’m Bob the sales guy. That’s Dave the geek. Randy. I do. The Twitters is doing the Twitters. Find us online it in the d.com.


You want to know why? Because we all right. I don’t even know what to say anymore. I just want to buy a billboard right outside your office window because just to let you go to it, that he and you, are you still already stilling cause I do. I love telling the story or people ask if we’re really as petty as we say we are. And I’m like, we still spend 30 seconds every episode talking about someone who pissed us off. Seven years ago, Matt Turner sends me a teams chat and he goes, Hey, do you know this guy is skipping McGee? And I go, no. And he goes, he’s said he was a speaker at an it in the DIA medical hell no, that’s a lie. Yeah. And I go, well wait a minute, when was it? Cause there for like six years ago, for three months, someone else was posing as it that he goes, right.


I dunno, I’m going to have to ask. I go, I’d never heard the guy in my life. And I’m like, that’s interesting. People put that on their resume. There were guest speakers at it in the day and uh, I could add to my resume. This is very, Hey, so capital one knows life doesn’t alert you about your credit card. That’s why we created, you know, the capital one assistant that catches things that might look wrong with your credit card, like over tipping duplicate charges or potential fraud, and then sends an alert to your phone and helps you fix it. It’s another way. Capital one is watching out for your money when you are not capital one. What’s in your wallet? Seek capital one.com for details. Granny golf clap. You didn’t the Holy shit. What day is today? Mark was down in our calendar, had one trainee. Can you tweet that out? That was amazing. How did six years, you have never not flubbed a Reed and you know, first take two, that was hats off. It’s, it’s just, it’s a, it’s a whole week. First I was at a, I was at whiskey in the jar for seven hours on Saturday and walked away stone cold sober. I was at the multivits beach party stone cold sober. I, yeah, I, it’s, it’s, these are the end times dogs and cats setting together.


Speaking of mass hysteria, we got Steve and Dave in the studio from a D exceptional Academy. Gentlemen. We didn’t even think to do that. Tell him Steve. Dave thinks you didn’t know what the hell we were talking about anyway, so I still don’t have that. It’s, uh, from, uh, from Mallrats and it’s Brian Johnson from a comic book man. And they do their, their, that’s their podcast. I saw that mink Chen was on the other day and I was very excited. I was here. Yeah. He was in your chair. Wow. Now I’m, uh, I need to get a different chair because I don’t deserve to sit there. I love that roof. Never wash those man. Sanken that would be the first, anyway, the next time I did it. No, but I, uh, I saw a, a, I saw post that you guys put on LinkedIn and what you guys do is like, not to be dopey, but it’s near and dear to our hearts. And, uh, I guess like, let’s start off, I guess in your own words. Tell, uh, it’s my favorite George Carlin pit right now. In your own words. He goes, [inaudible] makes up words, but no, no, you’re a, you know, tell us what an exceptional Academy is. Let’s dive in.

Speaker 2:

So the exceptional Academy is a, an Academy where we train people with disabilities throughout the Metro Detroit area on a it certification, Cisco certification specifically, um, with a focus on cybersecurity. Um, it’s, it’s a joint effort between, um, a nonprofit in North Philly called the living and learning enrichment center. Uh, the state of Michigan. Um, mrs specifically, which is like a, I guess you can think of it as Michigan works, but, uh, specifically for people with disabilities and, um, they’re postsecondary learning Institute, the Michigan career and technical Institute. Um, also the Cisco networking Academy and a retired executive from Cisco who kind of designed the program. His name is Pat Ramsey tech. So we all work together to kind of bring this Academy to the city of Detroit. Um, never been done.


And that was a, that was the kicker for me to reach out to you because here’s the thing, like we’ve, we have a few programs that come in here, like the one, uh, teaching coders with dyslexia. I said it right the first time, uh, JVs has been on where they get, get people working on Amazon that may, maybe the one guy that lost like both lost both of his arms and like an electrical accident. So like people with disabilities, but now I’m like, okay, now you’re taking people disabilities and you’re giving them Cisco certs, which are generally highly regarded in the industry. The material is very challenging. Absolutely. So I guess, talk to me about that, uh, being a struggle. Like I guess, talk to me, I guess in terms of disabilities, who are you, you talk people with autism, you’re talking about people, um, you said, uh, there’s, uh, prone to seizure. There’s a lot of, as many different situations as there are students. Um, we do have a lot of students that have similar situations, but physical disabilities. You talked about seizure disorders, autism,

Speaker 3:

um, ADHD. There’s other, basically we’re trying to provide an environment for everyone that we can kind of cater that individual educational experience specifically to that student. You know, each condition in each situation has its own accommodations that are associated with that. You know, whether it’s extra testing time, lots of one-on-one changing the way that we’re presenting the material, you know. Um,

Speaker 2:

so I guess let’s, let’s dive there. What do you change? Cause I mean it’s, this isn’t like a 12 week get your cert real quick boot camp. I mean this is a lot of hand holding, a lot of altering how you present. How do you like w I guess everyone’s different. Are you tailoring for everyone individually specifically?

Speaker 3:

We are, it’s the cohort model. So not only are we doing as the instructors and myself as the assistant instructor, but uh, the students themselves are in varying levels of expertise and so they’re getting to practice a lot of other soft skills during this portion as well. But, uh, for example, um, I had taken many of these same courses in the effort to get certified as a Cisco Academy instructor and we’re doing it in three hours a week, um, for the same material that we’re spending 35 to 40 hours a week with our students, which just gives us a tremendous amount of time to present the material in a, in a typical like lecture fashion, like you would expect it to be in a like a university setting, but then also take the time to really slow down with that material and back it up with lots of, uh, we use a program called packet tracer that allows us to simulate a lot of these, uh, networking configurations and stuff like that so they can practice it. We also, um, do it on the physical equipment as well, so they can practice that as well. But it just gives us a time to cover, recover, uh, do it. We do like different things. Like we do jeopardy, we draw stuff on the board to be more visual. We just kind of get a chance to do numerous laps on the same material. So we can really get it to sink in.

Speaker 2:

Steven’s very being very modest right now. Um, really that what sets us apart is the fact that, um, like from, uh, from college experience for example, um, most of the students that we’re dealing with, they, they throughout their school career, high school, uh, they’ve had accommodations. They get into college and those accommodations are gone. So what we do is we have an instructor like any, any other class would, and he’s very experienced. He’s got 20 years of experience. So we got lucky in getting him. Um, but really I consider Steven the secret sauce. Uh, he’s, he’s kind of what makes this as a success. Just ketchup and mayonnaise. Exactly. So everyone knows. And so Steven Steven’s, yeah, we, I mean he’s a TA, that’s his title, but he’s more than it. He’s more than a TA. He’s kinda like a, a second teacher. Cause his job is to, um, identify the learning style of each individual student and reinforce the content with them in the manner that suits them. I was going to say this isn’t one of many, like you have to teach almost what, how many are in the class? 12.

Speaker 3:

We have 14 students. So there’s 14 individual classes in one. Like practically. Yeah, exactly. And like anything else, you know, it’s kinda like juggling. So certain students will really Excel at certain components of the curriculum and then other times they’ll struggle but then other people are doing much better. And so we’re putting people together and getting a lot of opportunities for teamwork, which is something that a lot of our students specifically need help developing. Getting more of that opportunity, exposure therapy to working in groups. Um, being able to speak in front of your team and, and kind of decide strategically how you’re going to approach a certain problem you’re in. Aaron’s telling us social aspect I guess as well. Yeah. Yeah. We’re really spending a lot of time trying to deal with these. Um, cause a lot of these folks have not had previous jobs or certainly not previous jobs in the tech industry.

Speaker 3:

Um, some of our students got their driver’s license for the first time to even be a part of this profile. Like this is, this is like a dream for a lot of these guys. And a lot of these, uh, ladies who see the stuff in the movies but never really thought that that would be their life. And the thing that really blew my mind and opened my mind about what it meant to them is we had an event where we just wanted them to tell us a few sentences about how they got to the exceptional Academy and why it was, you know, what, what it meant to them. No expectations, didn’t try to, you know, feed them any information or, or even looking for a certain response. And the things that I heard were like, I don’t know, it just was so powerful. Like, this is a pathway forward to my life or before this I never dreamed that I could have this kind of independent, you know, experience where I could, you know, get a good job and have all these sort of dreams that they see everyone else having, you know, on social media or just in life in general.

Speaker 3:

And they just never, some of them never thought that it was possible for them and just seeing them grow in their confidence and realize that not only there are they good enough, they’re far beyond good enough there they’re going to be superstars because some of them, many of them work so hard to get where they’re going that that work ethic and that drive to learn new things is what’s going to make them successful. I really believe, well this isn’t a help desk level one job. I mean you’re talking a living wage [inaudible] that is the goal certainly. And the thing is, you know, each one of them either weren’t working, they didn’t, they didn’t have a job or if they were working, they were probably working part time jobs, making minimum wage. And that’s what they would have done all their lives. Sure. We got here, I told them the story about chat.

Speaker 3:

Yeah. Yeah. He was painted floors. Yeah. Crappy hours. It means a lot like our students, a lot of janitorial, a lot of stuff like that, that didn’t know any better. Just wanted to work. Yeah. You know, and yeah, right now he’s killing it. He’s doing as good as possible. Could you, so have you worked out the, I guess the, you know, talking about secret sauce, working out with deals with employers? Cause I mean, you know, we know like a few, we were having that jet. Yeah. We have a few people that come to the 18 that he events and who have master’s degrees in cybersecurity. Ian comes to mind and he kinda has a hard time, uh, you know, sticking with it with a, with a company. I mean, I guess, have you worked with anybody, companies that are like, you know, we’ve got a spot for you. Come on in.

Speaker 2:

Yeah. So as a matter of fact, I, I S I spoke with the Ana at the last, at the last event. Yeah, I think he might join us for our next call. That was great. He’s a great guy. So, yeah, we, we actually do, we, we partner with organizations like, um, Comerica, Flagstar, Plante, Moran, Moscow. Um, they’ve all provided financial support, but more importantly, they’re providing internship opportunities once the classroom phase is done. So it’s a, it’s a full, um, approach. We’re not just, it’s not just technology training, there’s a soft skills aspect. And then of course there’s the internship opportunity after the class. Um, and then once the internships are done, we’ll, we’ll place them. We continue to support. Yeah. After that I was telling them, you know, you know, tech systems, tech team, you know, those kinds of places. Absolutely. For somebody just starting to get their feet wet,

Speaker 3:

they all have programs. Yep. Yeah. Let’s say we more than happy to, to, to reach out to, you know, um, I guess, you know, let’s, you know, we, we gave you some easy stuff, but I mean, some hard stuff. What if, uh, I mean, are you guys ever been presented or however you are presented with a situation where it’s just, just not gonna happen? Like, you know, you know, sometimes just, well, we started out with, I mean to be mean, I’m just saying sometimes it’s because it’s a real program. Sure. They’re expected to hit these certain metrics. They’re taking the same courses that everyone else is taking. They’re taking the same tests that everyone else is taking. They’re going to take the same CCNA exam at the end of it all, which is proctored. And you can’t, can’t fake your way through it. No, no.

Speaker 3:

And again, with our students in certain students have certain accommodations and all those things will be held through the CCA, but you have to no the stuff, there’s no faking the knowledge. So I mean it’s a w we, we started with 14. We still have 14. We’re in our, uh, third, uh, quarter right now we’re, we have, it’s a 40 week program. So we’re in our third set of 10 weeks. And, uh, we still have everyone that we started with and my intention is to graduate all 14 people. That’s, that’s definitely the goal. However, you know, it may, we are working always on what we call off ramps, which is if maybe you get all the way through this third quarter and it’s just not working out, then maybe there’s another certification that might be right for you. Maybe it’s not the CCNA but maybe it’s something else that, that you can do.

Speaker 3:

You talked about help desk, you talked about some other opportunities for certifications and then just finding a nice soft landing, you know, somewhere that might really best suit their skills. Well, I mean like, you know, worst case scenario, they get an a plus on an ed plus and get a help desk gig, which is easily or not easily attainable, but it’s is they’re easier and that’s great experience. Sure. And help catapult them to that next opportunity. And, and then keep learning, keep studying, you know, and then, you know, Hey, a year and a half, two years in, then you can maybe get your CCN pay start there, you know, and move up, move up from there. We’re very interested in keying this to each individual student’s experience. So it’s not, well that may happen, you know, some students may not be right for the program by the end of it or it may just prove to be not a good fit for them.

Speaker 3:

Um, we’re not just looking to just say, well, see you later. Yeah. I think the beautiful part of this whole thing is too, I think a lot of the emphasis has been putting on coding and coding bootcamps and hiring coders and bringing coding back. And if you look at a lot of the positions that are open now in it, a lot of it’s infrastructure. A lot of it’s Cisco, it’s been a forgotten, um, I mean Cisco forgot that they do switch route infrastructure, right? Because they want to be a security and a software company, right? But yet 50% of their business and every enterprise runs on it, like in lights, right? Though the blink, if you don’t have like in lights, he ain’t working. Um, and, and I think a lot of people forget about that, but that very methodical approach to networking really fits right in with a lot of our students.

Speaker 3:

Um, very hardworking, very attentive to detail. Of course it’s a spectrum. So you have students who are in all different places, like I said, been different times of the curriculum as well. But again, what I love about it is how they all kind of come together. And it’s not just the teachers dictating exactly what we’re supposed to be doing in class, it’s them learning how to lean on each other, which again, is super important in the work world. Nobody is an Island. You know, you’re always, if you have a question or an issue, you gotta take your partners with your supervisors or coworkers or especially when you’re new. And that can be very tough, you know, for some of our students to sort of break that ice. So that’s kind of what we try to focus on, giving them as much practice as possible. So at least the first time they do it won’t be the actual first time, first time, you know, they’ll have at least gone through a bunch of practice runs on it.

Speaker 3:

You can always Google it. Exactly. I’m going to teach them, you know, the Google food, they would love it if the test allowed their Google. But yeah, we save the Google for the Workday. We had a big argument at work today. Like why don’t they teach life skills at school? And I go get checked. Did you really learn anything in school? Like let’s, let’s be honest. And I go and you can’t go on you to me or YouTube and learn how to balance a checkbook. Uncle balance a checkbook that was brought up and I go, what year is this? Anyway, like for crying out. But you know, you talk about what did you learn in school and, and I think that maybe the subjects, some learn more than others, but showing up on time, hitting deadlines, being responsible for marking your own time. Uh, prioritizing what work comes up first.

Speaker 3:

All this stuff sounds very simple if you’ve done it for years. But for these guys who haven’t had any experience in those environments, that can be very daunting. Like you may know how to do the job, but you don’t know what to do when exactly or how to do it the most efficient way possible and communicating, what do we always tell people? Show up on time. Smoke weed, don’t show up on time. Close your tickets the way came in. Yeah, don’t talk. Wait, no, that was a, that’s the key to like say that was my, you know, the old brother-in-law story. Like I was telling him like, uh, that was what, why did you get promoted? Because he uses, that was, I followed the three rules and I go, what’s really going on? He’s straight edge so he doesn’t drink anyway because I showed up on time.

Speaker 3:

Well, I know you would because you’re a hard worker and you’re, you know, Polish worker, that’s all he wants to, you know, and, and showed up on time closes tickets, which he’s like, what am I supposed to do? Not close them. And it’s my old job and I didn’t smoke weed and I, you know, he goes, people wouldn’t show up 20 minutes late. It’s amazing what a phrase that I’ve stolen from sports that really applies. You can be the best employee on earth, but if you’re not here, you’re not good. Doherty is availability. Yup. Yeah. Well we really feel that we see a lot like I’m learning, I got kind of thrown in the trenches of the soul, like managing it talent. And I finally, there’s some people that need taken do for 20 hours a week in they’re in a dungeon. What, you know, it’s better than doing, working from or in punching, you know, and doing what they need to do instead of working on a floor.

Speaker 3:

Cause they get, you know, people are always asking them questions and they’re being looked at as like the, you’re the thought leader for this technology. So we are going to come to you all day and you need a deli counter at your desk. You know what I mean? It gets to be monotony, daunting just to manage being able to, you know, so I said put your headphones on dude and I’ll just, people come by you, I’ll say move like finding that right solution for each individual student because that’s, that’s a perfect solution for some. And then some would Excel, you know, in the front of the house and, and dealing with people and the customer facing, you know, approach. Everyone’s a little bit different. But yeah, that’s kind of what we try to do is just really zero in on each individual and then try to cater that experience to them as much as, as possible.

Speaker 3:

Sure. Um, I’ll introduce you to a talent coordinators for a United shore [inaudible] program or something to say, I know there’s like 300 it openings right now over there and they got to tell them if their job fair coming up too. But I’ll introduce you to the sea just for programs and stuff. But this is, this is a good thing. I want to, I want to make sure that this is out there and promoted. I mean, I can’t say enough that it’s not that these, these kids need some sort of handout or anything. These are very capable, very smart people that are going to be assets to the companies that pick them up. They’re very hardworking. Um, I’ll take someone that’s hungry. Yeah. Thankful versus someone that’s, you know, they just might have a different approach to the same solution, that talent pool that these, they’re, they’re dedicated workers and, you know, it’s not like, uh, they’re going to come in to somewhere like United shore, uh, spend like a couple of years and then say, Hey, you know, I’m gonna leave.

Speaker 3:

I’m gonna go get, try to get a job at great. You know, they’re gonna, they’re gonna be committed to whatever they get started. They’re not like I was when I was a 20 year old. Cause I’m like, I’m sleeping in. I only have this many. You know, they’re, they’re doing so, so well. I’ve just, so the really cool thing that I experienced when I’m watching them, we do our, you know, we have, we did a cybersecurity unit. We did a Linux unit. We’re doing the first, uh, intro to networking CCNA unit now. Um, and then just seeing some of these people have been built from the ground up. They, they ha they were like end users. I knew technology as, as from the user perspective, but I’d never done it on that side of it at all. And then just seeing like where they, their interests sort of take them. Everyone thought they wanted to be penetration testers cause it’s like the sexy thing that you want to be. It sounds cool. And you walk in now mom walks in and puts all the rubber ducky USB is everywhere and Kaboom there. Exactly. But can we isolate that a penetration is sexy.

Speaker 3:

It might be in the intro next year that I would say something stupid. I had a friend who, uh, he does, he does programming and he went on am radio PR to promote his, uh, his service. And he talked about himself as a backend guy and uh, you felt yeah. And uh, he never lived it down. His wife still makes fun of him. It’s like seven years later, it’s the inside joke with their family. But, uh, yeah, so I figured I would say something stupid that would cause some kind of, you might, you might be a, you might be an intro. That would be out-tro whichever one fence. Just knowing the kind of talent that you guys have assembled. That would be quite an honor. But yeah, like we talked about, um, people with autism, the, the numbers are unreal. 85% are people with autism are unemployed.

Speaker 3:

Those are our U S yes. Yeah. And for people with disabilities in general, it’s, um, the numbers are hard to understand. Sometimes it’s at least triple what the national average is. But many of these people have never been in the workforce, so they’re not even counted. They’re not even counted. So the point is this is a community that not only is underserved, but it’s very capable. They just need the appropriate opportunity and you know, and our efforts have been trying to provide that, but you know, they’re doing all the hard work. I want to keep underscoring that. Well, like you were saying, even with like, you know, with Ian, he’s, you said he’s had trouble holding a job and that’s very holding, but like, yeah, contracts would come and go. Exactly. Exactly. Sure. What we’ll be able to do is, um, you know, part of this is the fact that we’re partnered with a state.

Speaker 3:

Um, one of the States, uh, responsibilities with this partnership is to, uh, kinda teach the, the companies to be kinda like disability friendly. And so we’ll be the liaison between the students when they get their jabs and the, the, the management within these corporations. I was going to say that that’s where I was going to lean on. It was like, you like some managers, I don’t know if they know how. Yeah, exactly. And so, so the, the state, the right person training for, you know exactly what people, uh, to get people used to dealing with people with disabilities. There’s a, there’s a, there’s this like, uh, you know, patients have a Saint like you need, like there’s certain, but again, I don’t think anyone’s cut the same way. So this is completely unique. Some students were pretty much be like that. And then you’d have to find the right opportunity for that student.

Speaker 3:

But other students, you know, they wouldn’t, you know, they’re going to pick it up very quickly, you know, but they may have other necessities and accommodations that, you know, aren’t so obvious up front at least. And I see this, I see this, this program is a, you know, as much education, not just for the students but also for the company. Exactly. Cause they don’t know. They’re not used to dealing with people with disabilities. So we’re going to, we’re going to teach them how and the talent that they’re missing out on. And it’s a very simplistic example I guess, but I remember I literally like had to go to a war, um, with, uh, one of the senior managers at a place that I worked with because I, he didn’t grasp, no. Our, our help desk system cannot have a red light, green light system because our network admin is colorblind, right. It, that doesn’t work for him. And sometimes you just don’t even see that most simple problem. Like I said, it’s a very simplistic example, just even getting people to understand that. But so yeah.

Speaker 3:

And no one that I’ve never, now, no one’s ever announced that they’re colorblind anywhere I’ve ever worked my entire career. Like, and I’m sure there’s dozens and dozens and dozens based on the clothing that I wear. My wife has accused me of it many times, so I’m not sure. I’ve never actually been diagnosed, but I worry when it’s a very nice green shirt you’re wearing, that’s very confusing to me. That’s the other one. Ready? The other one has a green shirt on. Ah, come on. Um, so I guess, uh, when new courts open up well, who can sign up? I guess what is the criteria for getting a admist? So I’ve actually, I’m a recruiting right now for our 2020 cohort, which will start in September. Um, I’m doing information sessions on a weekly basis until the end of March. Um, at, uh, the living and learning center.

Speaker 3:

If people go to our Facebook page, which is a exceptional Academy, Northville, they can get a, the schedule of all the dates that I’ve got coming up. Awesome. We, uh, we love to promote the hell out of what you guys are doing. We think really phenomenal. Yeah. Really appreciate you guys inviting us on the show. It’s a tremendous opportunity and I’m very happy to be here now, but don’t be strangers. Like, you know, we do the meetups every month, but don’t be strangers. Keep us posted if you got any special requests or need anything from us. Just even just the ability to bring the students to an opportunity like that and, and have that exposure to those networking opportunities and just to be around other professionals. Yup. You just can’t simulate that in the classroom. Now for the much stuff that we do. And we talked a lot about the soft skills, that that’s just something that is kind of going to be that next level thing for them when they get into the workplace.

Speaker 3:

But being able to dip their toe into it with you guys would be imminently elevator. Right. But they’re going to do what to expect. Right. And they’re going to, they’re going to, they’re going to meet new people. They’re going to learn from each other. They’re gonna meet just cross sections of humanity that they normally wouldn’t. But yeah, I definitely encourage y’all to co go come to the meetups. I would love to do that. My dream was that they could go there and find mentors and other people in the business. They might be able to ask questions. That would be delightful indeed. Like, you know, I guess other than the other groups that do the same things as you as well, you know, if you guys want to cross network with them, just let us know. Talk to us offline. But yeah, I loved having you in there. Yeah. Keep doing what you’re doing. It was an honor. Yeah. Likewise. Likewise. Absolutely. Keep up the good stuff. Yeah. Keep us posted, Steve. Dave, tell him Steve Dave from exceptional Academy. No, we appreciate it. Um, we’re going to wrap things up. It’s episode three 37 here, the it in that he show us sincerely appreciate the time spent with us. Uh, look forward to, uh,


to, to future interviews with you guys. Um, I’d like to thank a capital one for keeping the lights on. On behalf of Bob, Dave and Randy, do us a favor, drink up your drinks, get your phone numbers. You don’t get to go home. You just gotta to get the hell outta here. See you next week. Drive careful. Beat it to you guys.

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