Episode 333 – Banking Security, Face the Consequences

We always love our chats with Adrian, not just because he’s got phenomenal insights into internet and banking security, but he’s also one of those people who always has about eighteen irons in fires at any given point in time from a creative perspective, and that lends him some rather unique insights into what he knows, what he doesn’t know, and what he stumbles across in his endeavors that apply to multiple areas of his life.  So listen in…

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Hey, welcome to episode 333 or three, three, three palindrome episodes shot. So I hate you’re trying to draw a velodrome or palindrome. Which one do you go around in the world? I dunno. Oh, okay. Most of Raptor is episode three, 33 of the it in that he show we have a great guest in the studio. He is a, what I would consider a Renaissance man. He is a a game. You brought us Turkey legs. He brought us sausage. He did bring a sausage, but he uh, invented a board game. He has a children’s book. He’s a techno DJ. And Oh by the way, he was the vice president of cybersecurity at some bank around town. Um, so we’re gonna, we’ve got Adrian in the house. We’re going to be talking a lot of things. It’s going to be a great conversation. Uh, some cool things we talked about in the green room.

Uh, and we’ll start from there. Yay. So, Hey Dave, you may fire when ready.

Welcome back. Thank you for clicking play. This is the one and only it and that he show, we made it all the way up to episode 333 this is a kind of monumental because it’s three numbers right in a row. It hasn’t ever happened before and it’ll never happen again. Oh, no way. I mean, I guess unless we start season two after 333 episodes of podcast, the second that’s self report and 333 seat 333 episodes season that seems to grow. But we are broadcasting live here in studio one in podcast heats, right? And beautiful. Royal Oak, Michigan, Bob the sales guy, Dave the geek. Randy. I do. The Twitters is doing the Twitters, find us online it in the d.com and do us a favor, give us a like on the socials and subscribe to us everywhere.

Fine podcasts are sold. All right. What do we got? We got a, the Ann Harbor event is at the haymaker. Tomorrow’s pressable passion. Dammit. My calendar says, Hey n****r. So I don’t know why, whatever, uh, Tara or haymaker, I don’t know. I’m just, whatever. Uh, so ignore me. It’s possible. Uh, and then we will be at fantastic on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Astronomic con to what is my PR dude. I am, I’ve been doing that too. You have not had a drink and I, my problem is I’ve been doing, that’s why it could be it astronomic on PFS principal’s six, seven posts. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah. I did that last week. Right. So you’ll get astronomic on this weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Um, and trying to get, trying to get Robert Carradine, AKA Skolnick from friends Leonard’s to do a drop. We’ll just bully him to fail as a human. If that doesn’t happen Pulliam until it happened, call him David


or I came soon, or take Anthony Michael Hall to H. I really still choked up about your brother’s dad. He listens. Or we can take Anthony Michael Hall to eight mile. I don’t know which would be better. Well, apparently he’s coming with his girlfriend, so to speak. I’ll take her with, I don’t care. Whatever. Uh, and then I’ll have my two crutches and then the 20th we’ll be at Woodbridge pub. Uh, which, ah, good times indeed. It’s one of those ones that’s been there for so long and you forget that it’s there. Like it’s one of those Detroit bars, you know, apparently old Miami is 40 years old. I saw that. Yeah, they turned 40 this week. Yeah. So are they going to call it older Miami or a Cougar Miami notes? Yeah, I dunno. That’s boogie fever. That’s any bar in Birmingham is what that is. It’s younger than me.

What the hell is that? Make me old. Uh, so I had an interesting, so, you know, I’ve been cropped up on crutches. I don’t go anywhere really. If it’s, if I go somewhere, it’s gotta be a thing like this. Um, and so Saturday I’m flipping, my wife’s never seen 1984 Terminator front to back. She didn’t grow up a cable. Like, I remember this time we hung out at Gus O’Connor’s in Rochester and it was eighties video nights. And she didn’t say a word to me all night. Her eyes glued and I go, what do you, what? Like you said, you didn’t even know. You haven’t said a word. She goes, no, no, no, I, I’m watching. I have never seen any of these videos, Duran Duran, all that. And I’m like, okay, well we made that a thing for like the next year we’re watching 84 time it. And I said, Hey, the new one’s out on rental.

So she’s like, F it, let’s rent it. Okay. So I got dark fate, which is a haven’t seen it. It’s a pile of hot garbage. I’m going to throw that out there. It’s no spoiler alerts cause I don’t care when you make a movie this terrible, I can say whatever the hell I want about it. Go for it. Um, and then when we turn off dark fate, I shit, you’re not T2 just starts. So didn’t dark fate. Doesn’t that pretend that it’s T three never happened. Three never happened. Salvation in Genesis never happened. Okay. And it just, it basically starts over. Okay. Which I’m okay with at face value. So it starts, so I got schooled. So we had this huge argument at work and I’m bitching that. So I’m just going to out with it. I think the biggest argument from fan voices. And why don’t you just keep sending terminators back and kill John Connor.

Right? Like do just keep it. I know they said that they closed the base, said they closed the portal, but the person that made another portal can make another portal or whatever, you know. Okay. Skynet was blown up and T2 so dumpster, I’m still referring to T one then when they said they blew up the, the, you know, the, you’re only one time and it was done. I’m sure someone else could make one. Well they sent back three more Arnolds and one of them succeeded and murdered Eddie Furlong on a beach in Guatemala. Oh, okay. Right. So now I’m like all this time they say Skynet, you know, so like okay he’s dead. So John Connor never existed. Right. Cause the future didn’t happen. So why? So they came back and then it erased it and I go, but then I figured that out cause it’s butterfly effect.

So then kind of from there, Eddie for long guys jumped forward. There’s no John Kotter and then there’s no terminators and okay, I’m fine with that. I’m going back to Reese banging Linda Hamilton like I go. So I go, you mean to tell me James Cameron made a movie about a ship, a movie about a chicken and an egg and a movie about blue people when they’re with resources under their planet. That’s really his career. I go cause it’s chicken and egg. I go, well how does that work? Someone needs to explain this one to me because this makes no sense. Reese bangs. Lynn Hamilton makes John Connor, John Connor goes to lead the resistance against the the machines. Yes. And then John Connor sends Rhys back to save his mom. Yes. But how did John Connor, if Reese didn’t get sent back to bang his mom, how would he known?


that again. Spawn was, I want someone, cause no one could cause I threw that one out there. I hung in there. Like you don’t get how time travel. Explore. Probably like, dude, I’ve seen, I’ve seen. No. So I mean you’ve seen back to the future. I get it. You get a farmer’s Almanac, you start betting on sports games, you become a millionaire. No. So you look at it, okay. So from a linear perspective, you have to accept that everything happens once first and, and so you can go from this. John kind of wouldn’t be there, reset and come back as bang as mom. So maybe it’s, well, and then so maybe the original again, maybe she just got knocked up by someone else and that’s someone else’s out the father. Well, but then that’s someone else gets killed. And how did reset the Polaroid or her in the Jeep?

Uh, John Connor shies us. It’s not recent. It’s not smooth. I’ll give you that. It’s not if Reese isn’t the father. What was the point of the begging in a cheap motel? Uh, [inaudible] to tell you if you know the answer to the question, it’s fine. And I’m convinced I am dead on convinced that she made, she’s married to Jane or she wasn’t married to James Cameron. Yes. That she edited kind of like star Wars. George Lucas edited all the future versions cause 13 year old me remembers a crap ton of boobies from her on that scene. And if you watch it now, it’s like lackluster at best. What were you watching it like on like the USA network? Wow. No, it was I, it was, there was booby, but it wasn’t what it was when I was 13. So I’m like, I’m convinced like 13 year old, you might’ve had a hyper-sexualized realization if you’re reading a lot of national geographic just before the movie.

This was a huge argument hit, but that was, that was the pause button. But my wife’s real proud of me. You had a pause on for half an hour. I’m like, I swear there was born on me yelling at her about, she’s like, you’re such an idiot anyway. So yeah. You know, here’s the thing, someone else bought the rights to Terminator and they just decided to correct it, do whatever they want, which is like, it’s hot garbage and it’s dead to me. Yeah. Like I said, I didn’t even buy. I, although I did finally get around, uh, I sat down and watched it. Chapter two. Is that all right? So it’s good. I am even more annoyed now that my 10 year old has seen this movie. Uh, that is not a movie that a 10 year old shit, well this was the one that you can assess any people cause they’re all 30, like you can’t kill a bunch of 12 year olds still flashes back to the kids quite a bit.

Um, and, and don’t get me wrong, like it’s good. It is not an incredibly faithful adaptation to the movie or to the book. Uh, but continue to do this part this far or no, no, no, the book knows. So the book just had a different ending. Okay. Put it that way. Um, and, but they did a good job with it. Like as, as, as the film in and of itself. I enjoyed it. I liked it worth, especially if you enjoyed the first one. Like if you watched the first chapter and you’re like, fine, then you’ll, you’ll enjoy the second. I hate clowns. And it’s fine. And it’s the thing, just keep thinking about that. It’s Tim Murray and I keep flashing back to Congo going city of zingy Curry. Tim, what did I say, Marie? Oh, I was like, wait, who the hell is Tim? I bet what you make her, I don’t know.

Watching impractical jokers. So let me rephrase it. So edit that one out. No. Um, okay. Amanda. It’s Tim Curry and then I keep envisioning him in Congo going this city of zingy and it makes me laugh. So that’s why I see, I just can’t, I, he’s always a dr Frankfurter from Rocky horror to me. That’s fine. Was, yeah, always trying to catch phrases such as I said you, you can, you can tell hold the person is by where they claim to know Tim or Tim Curry from him. Tim Murray, Tim, Tim, Tim, Tim. I almost, how about I’ve been watching them, practical jokers, the guy Murray like literally I’ve got you stuck on my head anyway. My favorite, you sent my favorite article this week. It’s, it’s amazing. And I, I’m sad that I don’t do this more. This my jerk of the week. Uh, he’s not a jerk. He’s amazing dude.

He’s either a genius. I can’t, I literally cannot figure out if this man is a jerk or a genius. Adrian be the judge. Are we talking about the guy who did the Google phones? How did you know he’s, that’s I, that’s why he’s the smartest man alive. So if you don’t know what we’re talking about, there was a story. I think he’s a jerk because he calls himself an artist like that performance artist still. So basically this guy lugs around a wagon full of phones of 99 refurbed lift below, I mean phones to create a virtue. Basically create traffic jams and Google maps. Yeah. So like walks in there. So basically Google maps sees it as a hundred vehicles and the set intersect section. Yep. And marks it, read it and routes people. So he gets it. Wagon takes 99 cellphones, turns Google nav on, on all of them, drops them in a wagon and then just starts walking around town.

This is the most amazing. There was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. It’s reminded me of the scene in a Italian job where Seth green was turning all the lights green. Uh, so like here you got this guy, you know, he doesn’t need to be in a wagon. He could be in a car, but like if he wants to like make traffic good in the morning. Yeah. See the problem is now he publicized it. Well, he needs to be in the wagon because it’s detecting going in that slowly. Yeah. But there’s still a hundred though. If you’re in a car, you’re going 25, but there’s a hundred cars. Oh, what does it just show slow? And then you’d like go on ways and say there’s like two cops and you know, you can pretty much an accident. There’s, Oh yeah. If you’ve got any retired friends that want to like, Hey, can you get up at six?

Cause I leave for work at seven, order you today, I’m 59 in a wagon. That’d be, pay him like a couple grand if he’s retired, you know, there you go. That’s awesome. So, and, and for what it’s worth, uh, Randy shot across my favorite story of the week. Uh, cause I have to have these, uh, the adult merit badges. I, I they’re ordered, I’m getting them. I want all of them. Um, like the, we all remember like, you know, married badges from back in the Cub scout boy scout girl scout days. Except these are like, there’s one that has the Netflix N on it that says I only watched one episode, uh, put pants on. I put like, I paid with cash. Yeah. I tried my best. Yep. I just, I just think they’re amazing. I, I’m, I’m, I’m in love. You know where these started though, right?

It, uh, the T shirt store that said I pooped today, they basically, cause he announced like, I always thought that was genius. Like just walk around and like I pooped today. Like, yeah, don’t shit. Me too. Yeah, no pun intended, but like, no, these are, um, I, I could see, I’d rather do this on a G Oh minded my own business with Kermit the frog meme. Yes. What do you mean? I could see this going on like a Jean jacket. Like I don’t want like the sash is there. Do you have to do it on like a sandwich? I would go Jean jacket. I mean you can, you could even go. Yeah cause I like, I think you should go hardcore like grown up adult biker jacket and like and just like and make people double-take the crap out of baby pens with like dead Kennedy’s like cut it T shirt cutouts on the back.

Yeah. And then in white out like misfits. Yeah. Yeah. Perfect. Yeah. Good times. We’ll go to city club. It’ll be great. I’m sure there’s somebody there. I’m going to ministry came after him. I’m going to see all the guys I used to see at city club outfits on. I’m going to wear the white tuxedo shirt. So the first time I ever went to a city club I, I had just watched a underworld with Kate Beckinsale and I had no idea what to wear. So I was like, well I can either go as a werewolf and wear denim and you know, plat or whatever or I can dress as a vampire. And what do they wear? They dress like they own the place. So my first time at city club I wore a black tuxedo with a black tuxedo shirt but no bow tie and patent leather shoes, the whole nine yards.

And I walked in like I had been there a million times and owned it and it was kind of weird. One of my favorite stories is I always thought I was punk rock because I uh, go there wearing w I wear a white tuxedo shirt. The one time I went I used to DJ at the post bar, then we went to city club afterwards at like three in the morning I wear a Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts and like sandals. Well the guy that, the guy that’s at the front door I went to high school with gives me a hug. The guy, the security guy pats me down, ran one of the data centers. I sold data center space too. So like he gives me a hug and like literally it was like this look of who this Hawaiian shirt guy comes in here. Like it’s the own the building.

Like it’s kind of like the vibe you put out. I’m like, I’m punk rock. You guys aren’t, you’re conformists nice. One of my favorite stories is apparently coming to a conclusion. Um, and for once it’s not we work, they’re getting a new CEO. I asked that one. It’s a, so movie pass movie pass has been a, I believe the service has been suspended since August, if I recall correctly. Uh, they, uh, they end their parent company have now both declared bankruptcy, uh, with a total of $267 million in debt of which they believe they owe 1.2 million to, uh, former subscribers. I mean, you’re selling movie tickets on a loss. What are you gonna do to make it up? So I want to know the math, cause they don’t, when they don’t own anything, how do you owe money? So like all of your thinking of all the cloud storage, all of the abs, all of the, well, here’s the thing, here’s the thing.

I want to know how, what they said nine it was nine 95 a month. Unlimited movies. Yes. They basically sold it like gym memberships and like buffets. Yes. You got a couple of 400 pound dudes that eat all the fried shrimp and you’ve got a couple of dainty women that eat a salad. You know you pay the same. So are they? I want to know what they had to pay like imagine and mr M jr therein lied the issue lay. The issue is that if you’re charging 95 AMC was like, no, we’re not letting people come in for nine 99 a month. Screw you. Well what did we know? What were they getting? Yeah. Like what were they giving them at that point? Like that’s what where they overpaying. Is that where their debt came from? Shies. What’s stupid? Yeah. Oh, of course it was dumb cause their, their entire business, if you remember back from the early discussions, their entire business model was they were going to do this and then they were going to go back to the AMCs and the imagines of the world and essentially shake them down going, Hey, we’re sending all this extra traffic to you and you’re making all these concessions sales, we should get a bigger cut it abs.

Absolutely. Except it was we watch, here’s the thing, in my opinion, like if it’s a $20 bill, I think that that’s a value at 20 bucks. That means you go to the movies, what? Two and a half times? No, cause it’s gonna be 1295 it imagine could be eight bucks for a matinee. So you figure two movies a month. Every two weeks we’ll send that to the thing. So now you’ve got AMC that came out with a list, which is what, 15 bucks a month? A 20 I think. Okay. And it’s, you go whatever the hell you want. Three movies a week. Yeah. Yeah.

Cause and their country. And it’s a thing that they’re controlling their own costs. They know the $8 Coke out of the stupid Randy’s little pre-mix concoctions that he’s got on the app. I think one of the things that a movie pass was hoping to make work was selling viewer data. And that didn’t really pan out. You know, people are into this movie or going to this theater more often that didn’t ever pan out for them. So that’s why they started circling the drain. And then it was the, Oh sorry. You can’t see that movie, that movie excluded from your all you can watch and then it’s all you can watch except this. That’s like a Harbor freight coupon. 20% off the flashlights then that’s it. Yes. But then speaking of swirling the drain, uh, Techstars Detroit is saying goodbye. Yeah. I don’t know what to, uh, I guess that’s sad news.

I mean, you know, we might giggle a little. It’s not good news cause I mean, they were, you know, they, they did try to do a lot, especially in the mobility space. Um, and then they tried to rebrand themselves just to get into more of the entrepreneurial space. It was startup week was huge. I mean there’s a few of those. They’re still doing startup week. Apparently they’re just not doing the rest of the accelerator. Yes. Well you wonder, I mean cause they were doing accelerated, I think they were already committed to doing startup. They were getting from, I forget all the people, Ford and autos and that

uh, blah blah blah blah blah Nissan.

Yeah. Yeah. You know, I don’t cause you look at though that’s an, it’s a national program. Um, they’ve incubated some huge companies lies. I’m wondering if it’s a coal, if they

did reach out to other companies looking for funding or just auto said no, so like, Oh, we’re done.

Well, here’s the thing. I think they never got there. They’re duo. Yeah. Well no, they said they, they were searching hard and high looking for additional funding. They, yeah, that’s the thing. I think if you look at all the other tech stars, like around the country, they have that one. Yeah. That like unicorn that, yeah. I think if they would have had that one, I don’t think we’d be having this conversation. So I’ve got to ring doorbell. Yeah.


I was a little annoyed and don’t me wrong. I love my ring doorbell and this story is not going to make me get rid of Canary and my Jaeger, my Sur, uh, ashtray. Um, uh, but apparently there’s just, it just comes preloaded with all of the third party tracking apps and data sharing that probably should make my head explode. I’m shocked. But well I mean I kind of am cause dude, you’re billing yourself as a security company and, and yet you’re a security breach that’s now attached to my house. So check what version you have. Cause this is 3.2, 1.8. Yeah. Cause if it’s updated and patched you’re fine. But it’s revealing a delivery to branched out IO, mixed panel.com apps, flyer.com and facebook.com.

So does the update actually remove these trackers or does it just add them to the terms of service? Cause they’re part of the problem was like [inaudible]

they never told you they were a no, I believe it inhibits them. Okay. Seeing the thing like the weird thing with Facebook, they’re getting metadata. They’re getting times on device model, language preferences, screen Rez and unique unique identifier, which nothing in and of itself is fine. But when you start aggregating all that information, you can put fill the standpoint of Facebook. Then again, you need to call, what do you call your phone? Like Bob sell like majority of the people put their first name sell. So when you see it on wifi or whatever, that’s your, you’re not putting your Mac address or something like some, you know, 12 digit? No, I don’t know. I do not. Uh, not only, not only ring, but Facebook. We’re talking about Facebook. Facebook got hit too hard. Um, they [inaudible] their data partners. Again, kind of like it was, it wasn’t technically Facebook.

It was Cambridge Analytica. Technically speaking. It wasn’t Facebook. It was a live camp. Live ramp. Live ramp. Sorry. So, not only, so what the hackers were basically doing was stealing people’s pages, which has been going for years and years and years. But there also, when you steal someone’s page or steal someone’s group, they have, they have basically advertising budgets attached to credit cards. So they were running perfectly legitimate advertisements to whatever buy, buy Bomba socks. Um, and no one was, it didn’t look scammy. So it wasn’t like you were texting people going grandma’s in jail. I mean bond money. I mean you were just basically advertising Bomba socks. So we were like, Oh, and I like this page, so we’re going to click on that. That was the thing. So they were specifically targeting three ads, the page admins for accounts that they knew had large spends, which they knew, uh, from this initial compromise that, you know, cause so live ramp isn’t technically speaking an advertiser themselves, but they are the gateway through which lots of places run ads.

Uh, and, and so, yeah, it gave them access to a lot more information and a lot more pages and a lot more accounts. And you, I mean, back in 16, so this is nothing new. Like they had a, a Chinese company ad company did the same thing, but they spent 4 million bucks and it was all, but it was all counterfeit goods and boner pills. That’s it. Which I love that they just even, they just call it that now. Interesting. Amazing. No, it’s male enhancement products. Oh, sorry. Right. Um, but then, so speaking of this, cause messenger was involved with this one, um, I like, I, I wasn’t quite sure like how the story was going to play out because the headline was, you know, basically hackers intercept three point $1 million art deal. And I’m like, okay, that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense.

Well, so then you dive into it. And so hackers basically put themselves in the middle between a series of emails and Facebook messages between an art dealer, uh, and an art gallery. And this, apparently they were negotiating for this, you know, painting that was three point $1 million. Uh, hackers went ahead and just took over the entire conversation and said, okay, well if you want to buy it, it’s 3.1 million. Here’s our, you know, routing info for the wire transfer go and well the people at the museum or the people at the, uh, the, uh, the dealer didn’t bother to confirm anything with the museum being bothered. They just went ahead and went, okay, here’s your three point $1 million. And now they’re mad they don’t have the art. Well in the meantime, the museum’s holding on to the painting cause we, well, cause we seem to get paid and it’s preventing the dealer from selling the artwork to any other collectors.

So they’re basically holding it hostage. Yeah. Um, wait, cause yeah. [inaudible] and they’re all suing each other. Well, and here’s the thing at the like, I don’t understand how like as far as the museum’s perfectly in the way here, but you, you did not get your three point $1 million if you’re on the way there. If you had it in cash in a suitcase and you dropped it, you’re the dip shit. Yeah. It’s not the museum’s fault says you dropped a suitcase of money. Yep. The electronic equivalent. Yes. Well, the question is, if from a legal standpoint is at what point did they enter the conversation? The hackers? Did they compromise the museums email system or museum account or the buyer? I believe they said it was the buyers. Cause if they, yeah, if it’s the buyer then sorry buddy. You know, but yeah, I, yeah, so I, I’m, I’m, I’m interested to see how this is going to play out cause yeah, like I said, I mean the, the museum’s past, well actually yeah, the museum is pissed because the piece of art is being held hostage essentially.

Cause they sell it, they have it, but they can’t do anything with it. You can all the looks, all this free looks exposure, right. It’s exposure. That’s, that’s what it is. Uh, what else we got? Oh, so I guess in the same vein, I, I’m, I’m curious to see how this plays out. Cause we’ve talked about a couple of these that have happened in this state. Uh, there is something moving its way through the New York state legislature to essentially ban ransomware payments. Eh, eh, well I’m not, how do you tell climax Michigan for example, if you’re an example, well if I just, we’re, we’re, we’re playing this RPG where you bomb cities sort of like we are, we said, do we need to be the mayor? You exploded climax. Yeah, we did. That was made people laugh. Um, but uh, are you going to really tell a small municipality that they can’t, what are you supposed to tell them you’re screwed, you know what I mean?

If they say I spend 30 grand, I go, well I go back to business tomorrow and now you’re telling me small, like, you know, I’m not worried about like New York city cause they can, you know what I mean? They have the resources, you know, they have Poughkeepsie, right. Or so, you know, I don’t negotiate or we don’t negotiate with terrorists thing pretty much. Yeah. But it’s, but they’re pushing it to everyone. So it’s kinda like that library that said, Oh you want a hundred grand? It cost me 30 garner replicate my data center in kiss my ass. Yeah, I was going to say, maybe it’ll encourage these municipalities to set up better backups, better security measures. Some of them can’t afford it. I mean, I’m just saying like some of these, why do you think, uh, the Oakland County thing, we’ve talked about G cloud way back when because there was municipalities I can’t afford to to, you know, go off site, go cloud.

So when we’re doing our forum, so I’m just, I’m going to say it’s be interesting and it went to the, uh, I think it’s not done yet. No, it’s still making its way through the legislature. It’s, yeah, it’s not a, it’s not a signed deal yet. A cybersecurity enhancement fond. It’s called not to be confused with the mail and answer. I’ll fit in. So this one dude, there’s at least one story every other week that just mother of God, we’re doing it wrong. Um, yeah. So Forbes reported that these were not making enough chat apps. The top 10 streamers, whether that be like Pewdie Pat or not relevant then no one, no, he was on the list very much so. Uh, or the nine other guys whose name I can’t remember, Ninja was the one who, yeah, he made the moves by switching from Twitch to mixer, but still top 1,000 and $20 million they made last year.

Ah, top 10 damn kid watches makes like 26 million. Yeah, Ryan’s toy or whatever. My, my six year old watches. He makes 20. Yeah, 25, 26 million. There’s actually a really cool website called social blade and if you go on social blade and you type in the name of the YouTube channel, it will aggregate all the data of how much that person’s videos made per episode based on the number of views and the exposure about this Ninja. The gamer, he walked away from his 14 million Twitch followers and signed a deal with a mixer. Like what kind of check do you at? All right, we’ve got 15 million Twitch followers. I didn’t, uh, it wasn’t [inaudible] Neil telling us like they just said $300,000 to play this game for three hours and just drink whatever energy drink. Yeah. Okay. We’re doing it wrong. I feel like we should turn on the cams and start live streaming.

We can do this. No, this is us playing like Atari 2,600 games. I feel like there’d be like, there’s a good retro throwback pitfalls dude. Exactly. Yeah. Absolutely. The way we play. And then in a premium Snapchat as well. Go get the whole, you know, destroy the humanoid, kill the humanoid. Yeah. And then, uh, I think that w, you know, talking hacks, and I know we don’t have any [inaudible] in this state. Um, and I’m like, is that like, are they even here in Michigan? They’re, they’re everywhere. I mean, other than Michelle, I remember the, I remember them from the East coast all up and down. Yeah. Um, but they basically took a payment card information dump 30 million records. Yeah. Sold on the dark web and a breach called a big bad boom three, um, that they basically sold. Uh, just sit on the dark web.

You can buy like a bag of potatoes, 30 million records. That’s all right dude. I tried so hard not to think about stuff like that cause I just uh, 17 bucks a card. It makes my summer going as high as 210 bucks a card. Um, yeah and it’s literally a, I mean it’s a big East coast presence but it’s uh, it’s nationwide cause the banks are attached to it. Yeah. Cause this thing is really, it’s affecting everyone. And that’s, I mean again, it boils down to, you know, these banks, these multi location, like their security sucks. Um, they need to do something because this stuff like this happens. Like then you’re going to, then you’re going to get a security department will crap. Like this happens. Oh yeah. And that’s, we’ve said it again. Like it’s just, just give me two factor authentication. Just give me something gimme just me care about my bank should care about me as much as fricking Google does about my Gmail account.

That’s all I’m saying. We make fun of home Depot all the time. I didn’t read how much this costs, like physically cost them 43 million, just an LA lawyer and recovery fees and then another 20 in compensation to the 50 million cardholders. So basically that was a $65 million bill. Oops. Yeah, thanks. And the shareholders were pleased, but Hey, we’re going to take a quick break. We’re going to be back with Adrian talking cybersecurity. We’re going to be talking to [inaudible] children’s books. We’re going to be talking for games and maybe techno DJ, but he brought sausage with horse riders. So he’s my best friend. Like, like if you have any sinus issues whatsoever, they are gone. Oh yeah, absolutely. Sorry,

he didn’t amazing. This is the item that he show. Hey, we’ll be right back. Hey, welcome back. This is episode three 33 of the one only it and that East show broadcasting live here in studio one in podcast Detroit. Beautiful. Royal Oak, Michigan. Bob the sales guy. Dave the geek. Randy. I do the Twitters. Find us online it in the d.com you want to know why? Because we are it in the day. And you, you’re still not in. Hey, before we dive in a capital one knows life doesn’t alert you about your credit card. That’s why they created, you know, the capital one assistant that catches things that might look wrong with your credit card, like over tipping duplicate charges or potential fraud and then sends an alert to your phone and helps you fix it. It’s another way. Capital one is watching out for your money when you are not capital one. What’s in your wallet? Seek capital one.com for details. Awesome. But Hey, we are joined by, I’m going to call you a Renaissance man. Is that fine? You can cause that Danny DeVito except for daddy. Don’t call me daddy. I will not do that. That’s just creepy. I’d never understood that one. No, no hard unsubscribe on that. Cause I like Pearl jam thing. Like, yes, call her daughter, daughter. Don’t call me daughter either.

Um, but uh, you know, kind of start things off that you do a lot of things. Like one of the things we uh, you’re a cybersecurity nerd, you know that you do that professionally. Uh, we had some cool conversations. I want you to talk about like, well, the last time he was on the show was for or face the consequences. We’ll get to there in a minute. Um, board games, but like, you know, I want to talk, uh, you mentioned something about, you know, I said, Hey, we, you know, our it department got hit with 18% fishing still and you’re like, Oh my God, this is what’s going on by me. And you’re talking about just like just USB keys. So getting used people still fall for that. What I’m finding is, um, initially my role at the bank was more surrounding data loss prevention. You know, cause companies pay millions of dollars to keep data safe from external threats.

But if Sally from accounting is quitting next week, she’s sending herself all sorts of stuff that’s, that’s also, you know, a big priority. Um, but throughout the process we’ve learned that, um, people, uh, simply need better cybersecurity education. Oh, for sure. Uh, especially people who aren’t in cyber. Um, when I was working with someone on our annual corporate training, uh, I just threw out the scenario of like, Hey, imagine if you got out of your car in the parking lot and there was a thumb drive on the ground and it said payroll on it with like a little labor mic label maker. What would you do with that? She was like, Oh, well, you know, uh, I w I would never look at that, but I would give that to my manager or I would give that to HR. Well, what are you going to do with HR?

Is going to plug it in and be like, Oh my God, what is this? I hope it’s not payroll data. And guess what do we have to fire for dropping? Just USB drop. That’s ransomware. So for five bucks, uh, you know, or well, for 10 bucks you can get, uh, you know, 10, two gig USB drives on Amazon, drive around the parking lot at wherever you work and just drop them everywhere and then see what happens. Uh, so people don’t think like bad guys. And I’m not saying you should think like bad guy everyday because you just walk around with a tinfoil hat. But I’d be curious what a protocol is even by like my work is, do they give it to the data security team right away or do they give it to HR? So, uh, the, we honestly, we don’t have a panel policy about this right now.

So we’re writing policy and essentially our recommendation is if you find any type of removable media in a, we can’t even call it suspicious cause a thumb drive isn’t suspicious right now. But if you find one, give it to a cybersecurity, right? We have sterile machines we can plug in that are off network. We can check it to make sure what it is. Cause some people be like, well, you know, I’m not going to steal the data, but I’m going to plug it in to see who, it’s like a wallet, right? If you find a wallet, you want to open it and be like, whose is it? It’s not like, Ooh, let’s Snoop in here. Oh, let me find the driver’s license. Find who it belongs to. Yeah, same deal. So people, uh, genuinely are curious, um, and that’s fantastic for innovation, but really bad for cybersecurity.

Oh, for sure. So we just kind of want to make sure that people put their thinking cap on before they take their instinctive next step when it comes to pretty much anything, whether that’s a phishing email, like, Hey, click here because you got a new benefits update. Well, it’s weird. Why is our benefit email coming from a dot D domain? Like our benefits don’t come from Germany. Right, right. Um, so giving people that, I guess internal dialogue to give everything a quick sniff test before they act. Well, not only that, I think the other thing we were talking about was when you leave a laptop open by us, you gonna to get Hastlehoffed by the it team. Sure. Or if security walks by physical security, they said you got whatever and they keep track of it. Sure. You know, um, well, you know, you were talking about building things on.

So basically stick people’s PCs are sure. So, uh, on HEC five’s website, you can buy something called a rubber ducky and a rubber ducky is basically a USB drive that you can program to do stuff. So, uh, one of our favorite things was to, you know, put Teletubbies as the wallpaper or my favorite thing, uh, if a coworker leaves their computer totally open, especially in a shared workspace, uh, is to open Google and just type in how to remove unwanted back hair and then just leave the search results out. Right. Um, but you, uh, you know, like you could go really bad as opposed to wanted back here. How do you bake bathed with Rogan? Um, but, uh, you know, there’s always the classic stuff like slow down the mouse speed or reverse the buttons or whatever. So within the screen sideways. So with a USB rubber ducky, you can preprogram all of that stuff.

So if you walk up to an unlocked computer, you plug it in, it just does all its scripts. It, it just goes, and then you unplug it and you walk away and it’s done like five minutes of bad stuff in, you know, a few seconds. Um, so there’s that one. Uh, and I also have a friend who a heck five also sell something, take people to rage. Quit when that happens. It depends how many times. I just have a friend who took what’s a, it’s called a land turtle and you, uh, heck five sells that as well. And it’s technically supposed to intercept a network traffic, but he had programmed it where if he plugged it into an unlocked computer, it would download the password hashes and then he’d just walk away and then put it in his machine and crack the passwords. So if you left your computer unlocked, guess what?

Your password is now compromised. That’s awesome. There’s, I mean, you know, and I’m not saying that people should think about this all day every day because you’re just going to get so paranoid. You won’t want to leave your house, but you do have to just stop before you act. Well, there was a thing, I, the one thing I found, cause I got, I got, I never, I’ve been home-based for 15 years, so now I’m in an open floor plan. So I got hit the Hasselhoff pipe three or four times. So I found out there was a, I started Googling how to, there’s a thing, if you attach your phone to your PC, then you walk away, then it locks when you’re a certain proximity away from Bluetooth. That didn’t work. I’m sure that’s disabled by your companies. Yeah, I tried. It didn’t work well we have MFA, but that, you know, since the MFA was on, it didn’t, I forget why it didn’t work.

Um, but there’s always a, you know, I’m trying like windows seven. Then finally someone said, do like when you go set up windows seven, okay, fine. You know what I mean? I or windowsL sorry, sorry. Windows up and out. But it’s amazing how many people walk away and just leave their crap open. So, uh, the other thing that we used to do back before modern cybersecurity times was you would install a sheep or fly on desktop that exe, right. I love that. So I don’t know, I should’ve been prepared with the link someone just made, cause you know, there was a game called the, uh, the goose game, right? So someone made an [inaudible] version of a goose and the goose walks around your screen and literally EFS with you. It doesn’t just like, Oh, sit there. Amazing. Well, like drag windows for no reason or it will take your mouse cursor and start moving it across the street away from you’re doing.

Um, there’s a video, uh, of some guy doing it and he installed it on someone’s game while they were PC gaming and he was playing a first person shooter game. And then out of nowhere the guy just starts spinning around because the goose came and took his cursor and his crosshairs were like flying everywhere, Dustin mazing. Um, so it was the thing that you had downloaded on other people’s computers. This, I’m talking like 2001. What was the buddy was the apricot. It was Bonzie buddy. You remembered that. That was such a dirty word because everyone downloaded it ended up being just, just shite malware or WeatherBug too. I never did know. Look out the window. Why would you download WeatherBug? When I was a camp counselor, uh, we would give kids what we called the weather rock and cause they would always ask us dumb questions from the tents.

So like, Hey, is it raining? Is it well listen, I’m like, okay. I put a rock in front of their tent. I’m like, this is the weather rock. If you can see it, it’s daytime. If you can’t, it’s nighttime. If it’s wet, that means it’s random, it’s dry, that means it’s fine outside. Oh, it’s moving. It’s really windy or it’s a turtle. If you can’t see it, it’s foggy. So cyber security, like what else? In terms of awareness? Like you know that we talk about the fishing stuff all the time. There’s entire industries are born because people click on stupid emails. What else? What is there a next big thing? Like the USB thing I think is, I can’t believe that’s still a thing we always just get, yeah, because it’s the low hanging fruit, right? And we always joke about like, what is it in France where there’s USB sticks and brick border, you have people like geo caching.

So well they have, um, so a version of a glory hole. So, uh, heck five will also sell you something called the uh, the OMG cable and it looks exactly like a cell phone charger. A totally looks like a, you know, an iPhone charging cable, but it’s got, um, uh, a web server in it and eight Oh two 11. And you basically can program that charging cable to do whatever you want. So, uh, the scenario that this vendor I’m exploring gave me was, Hey, uh, I want to infect your company with malware, so, or, or ransomware or whatever. So I’m going to buy 10 of these cables, I’m going to package them up and I’m going to email them to your VP of sales and be like, Hey, here’s some cool swag. Put these in your conference room suit for your sales dudes, first person to plug it into the computer to charge their phone, uh, infects you with ransomware.

Right. So, um, the, the general chords, those strange chords are everywhere in every office. Not that one specifically, but I’m just, so the general idea is always purchase. And I know that there are way, way, way more expensive, but manufacturers cables or by cables from the cell phone store, because at least my wife, she always wants a pink one. I think we should have been vetted, but you know, you can buy one of those. And in the gas station they always have those like $2, just throw one in there and you never know who you’re going to get. Right. So you just have to be a little bit more mindful of the attack vectors that people can dream up. You know, that I would have never even thought of me like literally, and I’m in, you know, supposed to be a professional in this space.

I have no idea. You know? Yeah. People do all sorts of stuff. I mean, so, so my real specialty in cybersecurity is social engineering. Um, so even outside of the, the actual computer space, like for bank fraud, um, if I stole your checkbook, I can’t duplicate your signature, right? Because you know, you can try. But there’s definitely many, many, many ways to see that it’s a false signature. But what if I walked into the bank and I’m wearing a sling and of course the signature doesn’t match. I’m sorry I broke my arm. So you squiggle it. Kinda like that. But what are they going to do? You know, you want to service the customer, you want to make them happy. You’re not going to ask that lady. They taught that that’s a thing. It’s a thing. No, no. I like bank tellers. Are they taught like on guard?

They should be right. I’m so bad. People will always do creative things. Right? And if you as a security professional don’t have a little bit of that mischief in you, then you know you’re doing your job a disservice. Right? At what point do you just give up? You don’t, that’s the thing. So there’s a watching this show about, uh, or the series from advice about the hell’s angels. And they had, they had interviewed some of the ATF and DEA agents, uh, that were like basically tasked with taking them down, uh, in the late eighties, early nineties. And it’s, you know, you gotta understand like criminals are always thinking of better ways to do things. And then so they come up with something new and cool. They perfect it. We figure out, they come up with something new and cool. And by the time we figured out how to break it, they’ve already figured out the next new and cool thing that they’re going to do.

And they’re already working on perfecting it. So when you get a win like that, it’s, it’s kind of a huge deal because they’re always going to be a step ahead of you. Well then you’ll hire someone to do a undercover and then you figure out who’s the rat that was, that was part of what they were talking about is, you know, how and how, you know, being able to [inaudible] stuff and be able to, yeah. So it doesn’t, the scary thing is, you know, not everyone works in corporate America, right? They’re like, ah, this doesn’t affect me because I am a blue collar job or whatever. But uh, even like, uh, the new Netflix series that super popular, it’s called [inaudible]. Yeah, that guy is a creepy, it’s creepy. But it’s, but it’s true, right? So right now, like I love catfishing Tinder because, uh, you can, uh, I actually wrote an article that’s on LinkedIn on my LinkedIn profile about working in just normal standard password reset questions into a conversation like, Hey, so what’s your favorite color?

Like, Oh cool, I see that you’re from this city. Did you go to that school? No, no, no. I went to this school. Right. So you can work in normal password reset questions into a mother’s maiden Tinder. Well, you Irish, cause some of those, you had a dog. What was your first dog’s day? But the thing is, when you look at it, if you use the same thought process that that guy uses, right? Um, a girl will post a picture of her cat right on, on Tinder is one of her photos cause whatever reason, but behind the never look at the subject of the photo, look behind the photo, right? Hey, there’s a bookshelf behind there. Oh look, she likes to read these authors and there’s multiple books from this one off. What he did with her group of friends in the second season was downright, that was like some creepy ass shit.

Like, but it’s, it’s realistic. Like all the reason I like the show is because it’s like, obviously it’s scary to think that the, there’s a psycho out there like that, but a lot of the stuff it’s, it’s, but it’s very, very doable and very realistic. The thought processes and all of that stuff. Like, granted, you don’t want to stand outside someone’s window, you know, staring at them undressed. Right. That’s one thing that creeps up on Facebook. Everyone does that. But the technology stuff that’s, you know, it’s, it’s all very, very realistic, you know? So I, I imagine, you know, uh, I feel privileged as a white male that no one’s ever really going to target me much. But like as an attractive woman on a dating app, I would be terrified because you never know. Some creeps going to be like, Ooh, okay, I’m going to get a piece of that.

Whether, you know, something tries to stop me or not. Well, which gets back to the app we were talking about last week, where basically with just a picture, it goes out and get, pulls back your address, your full name, your everything. And it’s only available to law enforcement super air quotes. So, so that technology has been around for a while, you’re just scraping the metadata off the photo. Right. So there’s been an app out for years now, but they tell you don’t, don’t they tell you always a crop your photo when you’re putting stuff on social, so you can’t do an image reverse searches and then do all that shit sometimes. You know what I’m saying? Right. Yeah. Yeah. So there’s an app that’s been out there for a long, long time, for at least seven or eight years called creepy, C, R E. E. dot. P. Y. And what it does is if you can find out someone’s social media accounts, it will download all of their photos from Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and whatever.

P Y. yeah. Good puppy. You should. Yeah. And um, and what it does is it actually creates a heat map, so it will show you on the map where all of those photos were taken, the times that they were taken. So you can see, Oh, she goes to this coffee house every Thursday at 3:00 PM and takes a photo of her half calf, non MOCA, soy, whatever latte. And then you can by chance run into that person at the coffee shop and then boom, social media. Oh wow. I order that same thing. Oh my God, we have a connection. Right? So those things have existed for awhile. They’re just becoming easier to like most technology, it’s just becoming more automatic. Right, right. Oh, then they’re kind of glamorizing it in you a little bit. So they might be glamorizing it, but it’s also technically bringing awareness. Right.

Well is it more, is it the same as like the news going, Hey, there’s a guy that cooks method and is so unique to aide, where are you going to teach you how he did it mean after the weather traffic and I was like, wait, what, you know, teach you. I always loved the uh, the MythBusters guys where they were like, I remember the interview with, they were like, okay, look, when we started, like when we were talking about like bomb making or we always leave out one step like we like when we’re doing there, then we always leave one usually pretty critical stuff. Yeah. But if you were, you know, if you were alive in the 90s and you downloaded the anarchist cookbook, then that had everything. I remember that was like the, the one thing that everyone tried to like download print copies in the 80s.

I apparently, yeah, there was extra absolutely bring up and you BBS is, you could get, I printed mine, I made a, I made a, a, a firework in my garage out of a solid ox, which is a form of welding. Right. The solid oxygen pellets and powdered sugar because the powder sugar added the carbon and it was awesome. So I blew up a tree in my backyard. I blew up my grill. My, my, my father was not abused. We a glass. Remember when phaco was liter and have glass bottles. We did the whole, uh, aluminum foil balls. A foil and a liquid plumber. Yeah. And then we tighten it up and then we write in. Yeah, that was, that’s good stuff. Good times. So shifting gears real quick, the mischievous youth. Yeah. The first time we had you on, you had a published or you were just doing your Kickstarter or we can just launched it.

Yeah. Of a, of a board game. Kind of add on for everything called face the of, I guess for those that didn’t really hear that episode or is that the noodle? I’m like, ah, I guess Holy crap. Was that a wildly successful Kickstarter? Right. That was pretty good. I mean, we, but what I guess what is it first and then let’s talk about where you’re at. So face the consequences, uh, came, uh, from the fact that we love party games, but we just got super bored playing them. Uh, you know, not even just party games. If you look back as far as trivial pursuit, you know, once you learn that the answers to the questions, you just kind of get bored of playing it, you don’t want to play anymore. Right? Uh, and we faced the problem where you could always buy expansion packs. But again, if I bought more trivial pursuit questions, I can only just play trivial pursuit with those questions, right?

So, uh, we decided to kick things up a notch and, um, put basically skin in the game. So instead of just losing, you actually have to publicly shame yourself in front of the table for sucking at whatever it is that you’re playing. Uh, so it’s essentially a deck of cards you put on the table, you decide what the game mechanic is, the loss mechanic, whether it’s the last person who put down a card cause people are slow or whether someone breaks a house rule or someone has the worst card. So instead of just picking the winner, the loser has to do something silly. So, uh, it’s super fun. Uh, we actually now get really bored at game night if we don’t have a copy of this. So I always have a copy in the car just in case. Um, for two random it guys from Detroit, um, we did super well on Kickstarter.

Usually to do well on Kickstarter you need some sort of following. So like, Hey, I want to release this thing a year before I’m going to start a blog or a YouTube channel to kind of get like the mailing list going, you know, generic sales tactics. Um, we actually did really well. We got 410% funded or something like that. Wow. So, uh, we were super geeked. Um, the, the entire process was a huge learning curve for us cause we’re just it guys. Um, so I didn’t know how to find a factory in China that’ll print this and then a logistics company that’s gonna ship it to the thousand people that back to the project and all that other stuff. And you know, the factory that we chose, the guys are very, very clear. Like the quality’s awesome. I have a print copy here, a sample.

Um, but they are literally using Google translate to translate our email to them and then sending us back complete garbage or like that’s not even remotely what I asked. Like I wanted to know [inaudible] a service wire on this surface and you’re sending me something about like colors, like, so this, it’s huge, a logistical nightmare, but it’s finally printing in China in a factory. Um, and they’re going to be shipping probably in like two, three weeks or something. So people are actually going to get their copies. The rest of the pallet goes to Amazon. We start selling stuff and that’ll be cool. That’s awesome. That’s so cool. Yeah, it’s really neat to see something that you just randomly came up when you were hammered, uh, turn into a physical product that people can actually really enjoy. So that I’m fulfilling on top of that. Now you’re a actual kids author.

It’s book author. So you wrote a book about a rooster, right? Yeah. Something like that. Uh, so when you, when you do party games, you end up getting contacts like artists and whatnot. And through our vetting process and just, you know, networking, I found an artist that I liked dealing with and I was like, well, you know what, I’ve got a little bit of downtime because the game is just, you know, in a factory summer, I need to express my creative side because I’m always, I have like, I work in it, but I always have this creative stuff going on and I have to have an outlet or else I just go crazy. So I ended up, uh, pending, uh, an offensive, a children’s book that is technically totally fine to read. Um, but it’s just very heavy and you went to school chock full of double entendre.

Well, so the thing is like, uh, we got a copy of go the F to sleep right. Good with Samuel L. Jackson, uh, did the audio book and it was hugely successful. So like 1.2 million copies. Um, but you can’t actually read it to your kid because if you read go the F to sleep to your K, your kid’s like, well, wait a minute. What’s that word? Yeah. So, um, I was inspired to do this. I don’t even know if I can say that. Absolutely. That’s called my cock and I, and it’s a lovely story about a boy and his best friend, the rooster. Right? Um, and you can technically read it to a kid. I read this to my five and a half year old. He’s like, Oh, look at the silly chicken. Right? He doesn’t know. So it’s, it’s, the artwork is very suggestive. The language is very suggestive.

Um, I actually take pride in the fact that it’s written in prose, uh, because there are a lot of people, once I started doing research that do like offensive kids’ books, but it’s so stupid, they’re just like finding an excuse to use the word butt, right? Or like whatever. So they’re like super low effort. Uh, I am a huge reader and when I was young, I had like all the shields, Silverstein books, like where the sidewalk ends and whatever. So I’ve always loved good writing. So when I decided to do something funny and offensive, I wanted to make sure that it was well-written as well. So I like to say that it’s actually pretty decent when you can tell right away when something just low brow and they just wanted an excuse to say cock all the time. Right. You know what I mean? So if you go on Amazon and you look at some of this stuff, it’s, if you, there’s that button of like, Hey, look inside.

Yeah. And you look at it, you’re like, this is, I mean, you just kind of called it in, which is fine. You know, those people are still being entrepreneurial and trying to, I guess that’s the who are they going for the market for the bachelorette party or are they going for the actual reader? You know what I’m saying? So I don’t know. It was super fun to produce a substantially more difficult than you would think. Well you were saying they put you into erotic cause you put coloring book pages. So I self published through Amazon cause I was talking to someone, they’re like, Oh you’re a published author. I’m like, yeah, you don’t understand. That’s like three clicks and you can be a publisher. Right. Um, yeah. So, uh, because uh, other than the story, uh, the Amazon’s print minimum is 26 pages and we were only at like 13, 14.

So we needed to add some stuff. So I was like, well listen, how about you just line, draw me some stuff and we’ll have coloring pages too. I mean, it’s an activities. So we added those and whoever the human processed it on Amazon ended up putting it in the erotic coloring book category instead of the category which go the F to sleep in is a just a adult humor and parody. Yeah. Uh, so because of that, it doesn’t show up in search results now. Uh, but it was the number one release in erotic coloring books when it came out. So that’s hilarious. The only one, but it was number one. You know what, surprisingly large number of books in that they’re actually really are like a lot. There’s exposition coloring. Yeah. Just like all the swear words you can call her him David [inaudible]. There’s the, there’s the a coloring book that’s super popular with bachelorette parties where it’s just a bunch of like really cut dudes, but there’s no middle part and you have to just draw in the, you know, the twig and berries.

And here we go. Cox only 33 fun and naughty pictures of Cox to color. Yes, he is. Perfect. I actually, one of the things too bad, it’s Randy’s over there, add to cart to better, you bet. It’s kind of dying down. But one of the things I wanted to do is, you know, they have those coloring books that are like for adults that are supposed to be soothing. They’re the, uh, what does it, men dollar? Uh, I forget the name. They’re very intricate and like tiny little flowers and stuff. Yeah. So, uh, I, uh, unfortunately the, it’s kinda dying down, but I was going say, um, Oh, that’s a fantastic book by the way. [inaudible]

Oh God. So, um, was that one done by Prince? So, uh, what we wanted to do is we wanted to do, uh, the coloring book of, uh, Epstein didn’t kill himself coloring book, uh, where it was either going to be, um, a lot of different, uh, you know, like the art. But then once you colored it in, it said that. Um, but then the other one we floated by was a coloring book of all the ways Epstein didn’t kill himself. And then the last one would be hanging in a jail to jail. So it, it’d be funny, uh, but, uh, you know, well, the fevers dying down a little, you know, so is it though? No, no, I just saw a fresh, so you don’t see fresh memes about that, you know much anymore. But there was a, there was a fantastic fresh one I saw the other day just yesterday. And it’s just a picture of him and it says, Hey man, if you’re having a tough day, just hang in there.

Nice. Pretty good. It’s always the one. So what doesn’t hang itself, I forget what the Christmas ornaments or the Christmas lights or whatever. Yeah. So anyway, I’m always looking for some sort of creative outlet. Now that these two things are finished, uh, and pretty much on autopilot, just, you know, searching for the next fun thing to think about. So if I search for your book on Google, you know, it just shows up the results on amazon.com, amazon.ca all the different Amazons where it’s published and it’s got a little call out, special box on the right hand side. If I search for it on Bing, we still get the book call out on the side with a direct link, the book on Amazon, but then the very top result is page two, my Greek God, gay male, literotica.com so be careful how you search for this book. Yes, it’s good times. So, so right now because it’s not a, because I can’t tell people, Hey just go on Amazon and look for this. I just, I have my, my company URL redirecting to the Facebook page that has the buy now button. But Lillian, I mean the good thing is as an it guy you have work around like, well I can’t do it. But you know, if some, if some lady down the street wrote a book about crocheting and it was miscategorized like she’s just out of luck.

Yeah, I find it on, she had Island at Toronto. I’ll just find it on Penn Island. It’s not on penis land. Oh, squeeze. Nice. That’s pretty good. So grad, so this is, that’s cool. Thanks. Like it’s something everyone talks about and I think nobody does it. And you just said F it and did it.

Surprisingly, uh, I mean it was a long process, but it was easy. And I actually had a friend contact me and she said, listen, I always have ideas but I can never figure out how to like make them actually turn into real tangible things, right? You’ve done that twice. So like, well, how can I do that? I’m like, well, let’s sit down and let’s talk about some of your ideas and let’s actually, you know, work it through. It’s literally like, um, whatever. I forget the, the business book about it, but it was, um, what’s one thing you can do today? Like the one, the tiniest thing, even for five minutes that will move you towards your goal, right? So you’ve got this goal like, Hey, I want to make a game. What’s the one thing you can do today that will slowly move you towards that? Is it by a new game and see how it works or take the MIT OpenCourseWare on, uh, on game design. You know, just take one tiny step and move it forward, you know?

Awesome. Adrian, you’re welcome back here. Anytime you want to talk shop, you want to talk games, you want to talk, whatever. Yeah, absolutely. Uh, we appreciate it. But we’re going to wrap things up here. This episode, uh, three 33 of the item that he show face the consequences, I think. Uh, what’s, what’s your main, uh, URL, by the way, let’s face the consequences.net. Dot net. Yup. That redirects to the thing. We also have FTC game dot. Fun. Okay. Cause domains there. Can we try to get you a dot. G G last time we were here we talked about it, but they were like 89 bucks. What’s your coupon code? Oh, well, Oh well. But Hey Adrian, appreciate the time and it’s going to wrap things up. Are episode 333 the item that he show, uh, on behalf of Bob, Dave and Randy, do us all a favor. Drink. I’ll be drinks. Get your phone numbers. You don’t get to go home. You just got to get the hell out of here. See you next week. Drive careful. So you guys.


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