Episode 332 – Astronomicon, Fundraiser for Wildlife in Australia

Well, it’s almost time for our first con of the year, so let’s dive in with the Astronomicon crew to talk about their third annual event, and then there’s a fundraiser for Australian wildlife threatened by the fires Friday night over at Whiskey in the Jar…

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Hey, welcome to episode 332 of the it and the D show a strap on your seatbelts. This one’s going to be a fun one. We got Mike and Dustin in the house talking astronomic on coming up. February 7th and eighth at the Wyndham garden in Sterling Heights. The all star lineup of guests that’s coming to this thing is sick and this is one of the, literally my favorite comic con of the year. We’re going to talk a lot more about it and we’ve got August gets like in the house. Uh, he’s got a cool a benefit they’re doing called Outback. Give back, uh, helping out, uh, people affected in Australia. We were going to a steakhouse. Yes. Cool. Bio bloomin’ on you get 15, 15% get dedicated, uh, donated to Australia. Um, you know what on that? No. You may fire when ready?

Welcome back. Thanks for hanging out with us. This is episode 332 of the one and only IT in the D show. Broadcasting live here. Studio one in podcast. He tried and beautiful Royal Oak, Michigan. This is Bob the sales guy. Hey, always hanging out with Dave, the geek Ranee I do the Twitters is doing the Twitter’s finding us online it in the d.com and do us a favor. Give us a like on the socials and subscribe to us everywhere. Fine podcasts

are sold, right. So what do we got? We got a, we got the Ann Arbor event coming up on the fourth. Well first off I went, I want to thank Detroit Detroit city distillery. That was our first time going there. Yeah, last week. Last Thursday. Um, and it’s the perfect bed. We’ve packed the place. Holy crap. Well it’s the perfect venue for what we do. Uh, I think we, we brought in about 50 ish people. Uh, not that person all there at five o’clock. Holy crap. It was weird. They were all there at five o’clock. It’s in right in Eastern market. Uh, it’s the perfect venue. I’ve do, I’ve gone ahead and booked once a quarter for the rest of the year for that place. I’ve, I look forward to going back there and I thank you to the staff or the parking lot. No. Great. Everybody loved it. And again, it was one of those things where people were like, Oh my God, I’ve never been here before.

Keep hearing about it. Keep meaning to go here. Yeah. I love it. I think the only, cause that’s kind of the, one of the sidewalls of our meetings and I think the only complaint I heard was that some people’s nav took them the wrong direction on Rio poll. Oh, that’s fine. Yeah, fine. Whatever. Uh, but no, so, uh, the fourth, uh, is the Anarbor event. Uh, principal probably pretzel, but I was gay. Uh, so, yep. And uh, and then, Oh geez. And after that we will be at go figure astronomic con, uh, the following weekend, uh, or actually that weekend. Uh, and then our next event, uh, in Metro Detroit is going to be at the Woodward troub on the 20th. And yeah, that’s the scoop. That’s my story. I’m sticking to it cause I remember to set it up for the third Thursday. Not the fourth Thursday. That’s fine.

It’s fine. It’s like saying I put him on the pepperoni pizza. I’m so stupid. Or put him on it to meet on the pizza. Just deal with it. Still felt dumped. My um, one of it is my favorite article of the week and this one hit home didn’t hit home, but you read it and you’re like, and it’s basically called the day Microsoft office turned into malware and Microsoft, if you’re not lucky dude, I’m trying to figure out, you’re going to screw the pooch with this one. This is, this falls squarely into that whole like do they not remember 15 years ago will antitrust thing? Probably not. Well here, let me, let me start. Let me start. What’s going on? Is it yesterday? Basically we got a office three 65 message center notifications by email and here was a change coming to the future version of pro plus.

It’s basically roadmap number five, nine nine one seven for those keeping score at home, extension of Microsoft searching Bing to be installed to office three 65 pro plus customers. Basically it’s starting with version 2002 for old three 65 pro plus. They’re going to automatically and without your consent, install a browser extension in Chrome and Firefox. It sets your default search engine to bang. Yup. And you I can kiss my ass cause and for those who you know, who might not remember about 15 years ago, there was the whole antitrust litigation, uh, because Microsoft forced you to install internet Explorer wouldn’t have any of the other browsers yet. Eight yada. And like basically everybody knew the running joke was you fired up. I, he once went and downloaded Chrome. Uh, and then you never used IEE ever again back then you downloaded Firefox or whatever. Yeah.

Well do you want to make G suite of thing? Cause this is how you make G suite of things. Oh for sure. A couple of things though. This is only enterprise customers. This isn’t your, every, your mom and dad’s office subscription at home. Nobody has office subscriptions at home office three 65, no radio. It impacts everybody from what I understand. No, it’s just enterprise customers, enterprise customers. And there’s a group policy that the administrators can push out that will prevent it from happening. It’s all three 65 pro plus. Okay. And you can prevent it from happening. But the benefit of this is that it will search across your, uh, enterprise SharePoint and one drive and everything. So it’ll show you relevant company results in your search term. So if you go search, are you really, are you really saying this is good? It’s, you’re taking that stance.

I’m not saying, I’m saying, you know, who had that technology, you know, had it AltaVista had that tech. Google has that tech. Yeah. But if it’s integrated with your system, like this is, if you’re running office, then you’re using SharePoint and you’re running in one drive and you want search results from those won’t return. So the, it’s an extension that can be prevented, can be removed. But the enabling it by default is the bad part. I’m going to quote Gretchen wieners. I’ve never done that before. Stop trying to make big happen. It’s not going to happen. Never gonna happen. Did she say that or did the one with a mole on her cheek? I forget. I the one with the mall on her. Oh, what the hell is her name? Oh, dammit. I just wanted to say Wiener on the under the podcast. Of course you did.

Uh, so, but in that same vein, so Microsoft, you know, we talked about this last week, so we can have wieners [inaudible] nice. So you know, we talked about how they, you know, they, they dropped, uh, you know, Microsoft windows seven became unsupported until it wasn’t, but, but then you have, what was it, Germany that paid, um, 900,000, 900 grand to keep it supported. Uh, and then even though they said it wasn’t supported, they had to release a support patch for it because tiled wallpapers were broken and people weren’t doing it. They’re just like, no, like, it like really, like literally that was apparently the only thing that was broken tiled wallpapers and they had to issue a patch for it. Uh, your desktop wallpaper might display as black when set to stretch. It’s Microsoft stretched, not tall. It’s still, well no, it’s affecting stretch wallpapers and fill a fit fill. Tyler center options are still being worked. Working on for a is why the computers at city hall have to go down for an hour tomorrow and Hamtramck so we can patch all of our windows seven so we can’t stretch or yeah, come on. Hey, still better than the city who for the longest time was the largest single windows Emmy in solid A’s.

Just saying. And then, Hey, let’s just go for the trifecta. We’ll just stick with the Microsoft team and get this story out of the way. Uh, 250 million Microsoft customer records leaked. Yay. Who’s shocked? Anybody? Not anymore with anybody. Was it a, was it just an open file on somebody? One drive, 250 customer records spanning 14 years exposed online without password protection? Um, I don’t even know where to start with this. Um, and like where do they come from? This thing’s like a mile long book of, of w did you, did you see where the seat these things came from? Um, it’s metadata. It’s not all the personal crap was supposedly redacted, allegedly. Allegedly. It’s, no, it, I’m, I’m quite sure it is everything that’s out there. Um, so I, I did, I love this, uh, just because I’ve gone down this wormhole so hard, uh, the Disney app was far and away the most downloaded app in the fourth quarter.

And how has that news anyway, somebody knows. And it was the most uninstalled after everyone watched lion King the third time and Mandalorian was done in another, like, all right, I’m done. Ah, see lot, I think a lot of people were saying that and then nobody actually did it. Why? Cause like everybody I know got their free year through the Verizon reason. I haven’t canceled YouTube after Cobra, Kai, because you’re too lazy to go. Effing canceled. They know it, but not the dude. I told you I went down. So here’s an, so actually, here’s my bitch about Disney plus. Um, so, you know, I’ve gone through, I went back and started bingeing the star Wars cartoons, uh, as am I right now just for this rebels? I’m in the middle of resistance. Okay. So, so like it would have been nice to know that there was a clone Wars animated movie before there was a clone Wars animated show.

Cause a couple of the questions that I had about the show were answered by the movie that I found after I watched the show. And I know Randy, you’re gonna tell me the same thing you told me before, which is there’s a through the years, which is supposed to be the timeline that’s all out of order and out of sync. Like I don’t know who put that shit together. The movies, not cannon. Is that it? No movies can so, but no, like as I’m working my way through them cause after you finish. So I’m trying to make it all the way through it. Uh, there’s all the stupid Lego Yoda Chronicles ones, which I don’t think those are candidates. I don’t care. It’s in the through the years time. Cause I you said that and I’m like, okay, well I’ll just go watch it in that order. They’re all backwards.

Like the last episode is first and then it jumps and then it plays like the last three episodes in reverse order and then it jumps ahead and then it plays like it’s just all screwed up. Disney pluses weird. Like it has like the uh, the pilot episode of darkwheel duck is like episode 28 or something like that. So I’m saying like if you’re gonna, if you’re going to have the nerve to say, here’s the timeline, Disney plus there to figure that one out. It’s a thing. But no. So yeah, you clone Wars was great. Rebels was getting, I’m getting ready to start resistance. I’m not a fan so far I’ve heard that, but I also wasn’t a fan of early rebels. I thought it was too childish too kid. And then it gets into more adult themes. It gets a little darker and I thought it was more fun. It gets more, more relevant to the future of the star Wars franchise. I think I’m waiting for resistance to take that turn where it becomes relevant to the first days.

Yeah. So one of the ones I found interesting as you know, when you’re a kid and you’re like, when I grow up, you know, I want to be a mid level it manager at a half-assed company. Right. I want a cop. Well it wasn’t that a Superbowl commercial on my way to the middle management. No, that was um, CRN did one, uh, when I was in the it vendors who want to be a yes man. Now I want to work for a V a R I want to do a startup and build it up and sell it to Cisco and then do it all over again. Um, but apparently, uh, it was kind of shocking. They always ask, Hey kids, what do you want to be when you grow up? Teenagers, right? Like you kind of have an idea, well guess what, 39% of what they picked, um, are pretty much going to be automated and gone totally hit the work jobs in 10 years time.

So by the time they get to be like 23, 24 and they’re going to be actually working professionals, uh, these jobs are going to be gone. So most of them, like if they looked at, and the funny thing is like from year to two, I’m convinced that nothing has changed since the year 2000 to today. Clothes, music, like TV, like nothing except for like some basic technology and streaming media. Pretty much the movies, there is no like weird Shara music. There’s no like nothing close are pretty much everyone’s dressing the same. Um, but basically everyone, it’s the same thing. Like in 2000, it was, you know, teachers in, uh, you know, business managers and engineers and doctors. Then you go through it and it’s pretty much the same crap is today. Um, but a lot of the things that are going to, um, writers, journalists, cause we talked about AI replacing Uber driver. I want to be, yeah, exactly. I want a side hustle.

But if you look at, the only thing that’s really going to stick around is, is you have local doctors, lawyers, teachers. Um, what did I want to be when I was growing up? And there’s two acceptable answers. You’d know me pretty well as what, what would I, what do I, it’s I think people guess it right away. Campaign manager for Walter Mondale, close president. Oh, I was going to go yet politics of some sort when I was in fifth grade, my teacher told him he’s gonna be president. I said, yeah. And I went with it. Yeah, they didn’t say the slop. They though of Hamtramck. Right. Stop right there. Listen, I met the PTA teach. Well then I got to a point where I was gonna be a theater major. My dad said, I’m not helping you with college if you’re going to do that. So I went in the politics and fooled them saying, yeah, it absolutely is.

That kind of goes back to my thing where, okay, if automation is replacing the desk clerk at McDonald’s, they still need to go learn how to code kiosks and repair kiosks and you know, go, go, go do that. And there’s still food runners. It’s not like they’re taking, the jobs are shifting, they’re not taking anything away. There’s still job growth. Um, so yeah, hashtag learn to code. Remember when that was bad. Oh, I know there was backlash about that cause huge back. Helping people to learn to code is apparently offensive. Awful. Yeah. So this company, Cruz, I, I’m intrigued like, so they’re basically building automated driverless vehicles, but they’re not just driverless. Like there’s no steering wheel, there’s no pedals. So if something goes wrong, there’s nothing there for a human being to jump in and try to save the day. It was really, really good airbags I guess.

Like I don’t, I’ll never get inside of it. It’s a, it’s a GI, uh, Johnny car from, uh, uh, it is totally call it whatever you call it. I just reading it made me nervous and none. I get it. They’re going to be like geo-fence and they’re only in good weather and they can only go so far and they only use for like ride sharing and commuting. So then you’re on it and it starts raining and it just stops. And then what? See, here’s, here’s what they call it. Like Waymo, Google’s, um, they use a level, they call it level three autonomy cause they still need human backup operators who can take control in emergencies. Right. Which is what I want need. Well, even the whole like, dude, even Teslas tell you, you’re supposed to still have your hands on the wheel even when it’s in self-driving mode.

Well, let me, let me retract my statement. Since GM just announced that 2200 jobs in Hamtramck with their new electric vehicle. Yeah. Here’s the stupid thing about the crews. So I think that back, I’m going to get in as soon as, as soon as it’s made out by giant or not. Here’s the stupid thing. The cruise vehicles, they’re calling it level four autonomy and they’ll go, there’ll be geo-fence that they’ll only be limited operating in mapped areas in relatively good weather. Yeah, they want you to take that instead of the bus in the morning and it’s going to be the Disney shuttle. It’s going to be and be like the minivan. So basically we will never have them in Michigan. No, no. Yeah, yeah. I don’t see it as a big thing in our climate, even though the climate is changing.

I’d never get one. So gray and overcast and rainy days in January have just been one ugly March. Uh, it, you know what, I’ll take it though. I need to tell you last through February 7th. Oh, there you go. Well, you always [inaudible] on that question. Here’s the thing, like usually dumb business ideas. Usually someone talks about it a barn and it never makes it to the light of day. Um, and now the new, the new hotness apparently is pet Flix and chill. Um, and it’s basically a, did I went and looked

some of these up.

This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of in my life. Basically it’s, it’s, it’s you, you’re going to get a special playlist specifically for your dog, cat or hamster. That’s Spotify. So that Spotify, the specific music for your animal or legal to like Amazon? Yeah.

Prime or even YouTube and look up like TV for pets.

Now you’re on forever. Okay. Does the chill part come in? But the first three, I mean, but the first [inaudible] that I scanned through

all had like squirrels and shit running around in them. Do my dog in a crate, sees a squirrel come on the TV. You have children in cages at your house. Dog. He’s gonna lose his mind. So you’re getting them all hyped up for nothing. Yeah, exactly. He’s going to lose his mind and go bad shit. Crazy. Cause he sees a squirrel

like I know like the nest cams where you can like check in and say hi to it. Like Doug, what’d you think? That shell thing out. Michelle does it all the time. Ghost of my human beings talk to it sends a little lasers around so she gets off the couch and watch. I was thinking you would put on something like air bud or inspirational to, you know, come home last nice Beethoven’s third like Turner and hooch. Just think, just think right now there’s a product dev department and all these different companies on how we can have our products being used by people.

Does a plot point in Scrooged like didn’t the old man want to start pet programming? Like will they just just have somebody instead of Kojak with a lollipop, have somebody dangle a piece of cheese on a string to, to entice mice and cats to what?

It’s bad enough. They put them in those godawful like Halloween costumes, these pets or they throw cheese at their heads. These people are cruel as shit to their enemy. Bull reruns. Puppy. I tried to watch that documentary. I’m one of the puppy bowls boycott of the puppy bowl. Speaking of someone’s been listening, we’ve been talking about this since the 80s and we’re like, if you want me to go shopping with my goddamn wife at the red, Macy’s put a bar in the bar. Right? Well guess what? Someone had this epiphany now that Nordstrom, um, basically they’re, they’re calling it the shoe bar. Um, Oh, I’m sorry. The shoe bar was empty. And they’re like, well, what can we do? Like, let’s put a bar there, bar like an actual bar bar. Um, so now they’re basically having drinks, but like they say it’s for the women’s shopping. No, no, no. Let me know when they add a casino. Right, right. I’m sure you can bet on like different things. Like I bet she comes home with two pairs of shoes, not like going into the dressing room. Like I bet it don’t fit like 50 bucks.

I’m always betting on don’t fit. No, I remember bars and malls, like I was always a little, there was always a bar Tuesday, but there was something in the malls that were like, and then there was always the snack counters in the, in the soda fountains at Sears and stuff like that. Well that was my favorite part of commando when they went into the mall, they go, it’s like they go into the bar and it’s like the smokey dive bar, like right in the middle. Like an Abercrombie and Fitch, like in like in this middle section of the mall. And there’s like all these like characters, the smokey, you know, like some all head. One of those kids. There was one at universal mall. It was a tiny little strip bar right across from the theater for when I worked there. When I was at Lakeside.

Jonathan B pub was a tiny little one right in the middle of the mall and made no sense it wasn’t accessible from the outside. Welcome back segment two episode 332 this is the one that only it in that he show broadcasting live here is studio one podcast, Detroit, beautiful, Royal Oak, Michigan, Bob the sales guy, Dave the geek, Randy. I do. The Twitters is doing the Twitters. Find us online IT in the D because we are I and you and you’re, you’re still not we. We love you all these many days later. Hey for we dive in. Capital one knows life doesn’t alert you about your credit card. That’s why they created, you know, the capital one assistant that catches things that might look wrong with your credit card, like over tipping duplicate charges or potential fraud. I’ve had it happened more than once. Did you really leave mean to leave that tip?

You did and I did, but they check to make sure. Uh, and then it sends, sends an alert to your phone and helps you fix it. It’s another way. Capital one is watching out for your money when you’re not capital one. What’s in your wallet? Seek capital one.com for details. Sweet. So, Hey, we are joined by, I was good. I didn’t mean it like that. We are joined by none other than Mike and Dustin. The duo. Hello. Putting on the third annual astronomic con. This is going to be February 7th through the ninth this year at the Sterling Heights. Wyndham garden 15 in van Dyke. Gentlemen, it’s always a pleasure to see you guys. How you doing? We call it mingle. Palooza, mingle.

On top of that, it’s always like crappiest weather ever. It’s like six inches of ice and rain and slush. And last year it was like 50 degrees Fridays we were sitting out. No, I was sitting out. That was the joke. I was sitting outside on the cold bricks cause I felt good on my hemorrhoids. It’s like I was saying that to anyone that would listen. I’m like, I like sitting on these bricks because it’s great for my hemorrhoids and like anyone within earshot would hear me, they’ll be like, ah, it’s good for my hemorrhoids too. I love it. You too. So is this thing’s turned into like an all year thing for you guys? Has it not? It’s a tough one. It’s, it’s definitely something that I know at least Mike works. Uh, eight months out of the year on, I see you guys everywhere. We are like, you guys are hustling. You guys are at every con. You guys are at every event. We love it. Like you’re straight, straight up hustling. We’re trying, we’re trying to grow and I feel like the way we do things is different than most other conventions and you know, we’re, we’re trying to sell it, you know what I mean?

We’re a convention of the people and that’s, you know, we go there and meet the people and, and want to see what they want.

There was a, there was a reason I got, I fell in love with the indie wrestling, independent wrestling, and it was the intimacy of it. It was, you’re in a, in a small little banquet hall, 500 people and you actually got to shake hands and you got to yell at the wrestler and then he would acknowledge you right at the trying to make them crack. Right, right. Yeah. It’s better than like going, you know, Ford field and no one can hear you. You’re just like, there’s an instance like this show, you can go to the Cobo hall, 10 billion square feet, or like this show is, is, is, it’s, we’re on, everyone’s on top of each other and, and that’s the beautiful part of it. It’s like, it’s an intimate setting and it’s like, but you, you guys, I’m not gonna lie, you guys knocked it out of the park this year. Like you gotta I thought the first year you’d knocked it out of the park with the guest lineup. Last year you guys killed it. And this year I think you went, Oh, well you totally want up yourself. That’s, that’s a, uh,

essentially in part due to the guy sitting next to me, Mike and George, uh, they, they know how to talk to people and get these people in that we want, uh, everything else, you know, as far as astronomic con’s format goes to is, is something that we, we have strived for for years. We, we, we make it for the people and you know, the people that, that go to these things to have fun.

Well, during, during the break or before we got here, I’m like, you guys got, if you’re a wrestling fan, you know who Alexa Blisses, right? Uh, top five of the, you know, the, the women’s division and WWE and I’m like, how did you pull that shit off the scholar warrior? And it’s been a lot of work. But the nice thing is, is because we are fans, we know what people want to see. So whether it’s wrestling, horror, pop culture or comics, like in our group of people who handle astronomic on, there is a fan of all fandoms. So it’s like, all right, we’ll have a round table discussion. Like, who do you want to see? Who should we go after? And we get told no, but some people won’t come to February, Michigan. Some people don’t work before March because they don’t need to. And we try to work around that to our best of our abilities and really go out there and try to get those unattainable people.

Because again, if I’m only going to one convention a year, I want it to be worth my while. Well you guys, you guys did something that no other convention did and I appreciate you doing this. And I think a lot of other people do too. You put the price list out for what everyone’s charging for everything. So now, you know, cause there’s sometimes you’re like, Oh crap, so-and-so’s charging. So I gotta go to the ATM and now you know, you can plot out who you need to see what you need to pay for bringing the appropriate money. Cause you know it’s going to cost an arm and a leg these days.

Um, but you know what you’re doing most. Most, I say regular folk who are not familiar with going to cons or anything, don’t realize how conventions work. Like most people will think, you know, I paid my 20 bucks to get in and I just, I meet everybody and get all these autographs and get all these pictures and, and [inaudible]

and that’s one of the thoughts that goes into the hidden things. Like we’re trying to, you know, try it out. I gotcha. You’re here now. Like

we’re not trying to do that. We put it all out there. This is, this is how it works.

And the guests that we bring, we really do try to coax into making it as affordable as possible because we know when you go to these big conventions, you’re seeing these people who are charging North of $100 for an autograph or a photo. We want to be looked at as more affordable for your everyday person like us. If I can go there with 100 bucks in my pocket and meet a couple of people as opposed to not being able to afford to meet one person and be like, Oh that’s the Hey, Nope. And it’s not like a Cedar point line either. The lions are not stanchions and you’re going left and right and left and right. Like you’re at the bank. It’s you’re, you’re essentially walking right by these people within five to 10 feet. So it’s like, even if you can’t afford it, you can be like, Oh man, there’s my man 50 grand.

Like I’m going to say hi and wave and you’ll get a response. It’s again, the intimacy is legit. I mean like last year you had Debo, I should’ve called him Zeus cause I’m a rustling vital, but it’s Debo, however. So then you’re like ease except he sits in cracks on ya and he’s doing like yelling from across the room. Right. I mean cause this is the thing like I, all my stories are from astronomical, like Scott Hall turning off the bathroom with me and Erica too. He said that to his, his handlers. One of my best friends, his name is Nick. He’s like, Hey, you want to see something dark match and he flicks the lights out. But everybody yourself included is just you’re dealing with it. And then

the same, uh, another similar experience talking about a tiny Lister when I took him to go do a, you know, news interview in the morning and we get to the front and the security guys there and he’s like, Hey, so can I help you? And I started off with my spiel, Oh, we’re here to see blah blah blah and this and, and the guy looks in and tiny just looks at him. He’s like, yeah,

Hey, you know who I am? I’ve been here, the guy looks in and he’s like, alright, [inaudible] no, your deal. Oh for sure. And that was a big dude. Like there was a guy at the bar and he’s like, I didn’t know who he was from Adam. And I’m telling him where to get the pizza. And then I’m like, I walked by like, Oh shit, that was Michael Myers. Tony, my wife was there. And I’m like, I told that guy where to get pizza. Like you said, buddies, right? Yeah, of course. Okay, good. I said there’s like three different places to go. Pizza, pizza, sponsor. Okay. Pizza. Populist. I’m totally gonna add, can’t wait to drive that. GM autonomous can totally get out. Who sent him to jail? Right now I have my categories. So I said for like

fast takeout, jets is Supreme. Like, you know, you have the different levels. If you want to sit down and do a list like this, you gotta be in the demoed. You know what I mean? Sometimes I want a little Caesar’s hot and ready. Sometimes I gotta have my, if you’ve ever sent anyone at my show too hot and ready, if you’re close enough to a hot and ready, if there’s a hot radio question, is it good? It’s hot. It’s ed. It’s ready. It’s substance. So how did you get, how did you get Randall from CLA? Like this is the first time that those two are together. Like if you don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s you. Randall and Dante clerk’s convention. He has ever done, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, never done a San Diego first. Never done anything versus first ever convention. And it’s timing and it’s, it’s a, it’s a combination of getting lucky.

I’m not going to lie cause I know like, uh, Walt Maine was telling us Walt just won’t travel. It’s like he hadn’t, he’s another one on my list. And so is Kevin, to be honest with you, we’ve talked to Kevin Smith through his management in the blinders to do it. Like he was interested. So again, we’re fans. So to me, Kevin Smith is my, we’ve made it. Yeah. If I get Kevin Smith and Mike convention with us, me, Dustin, George, Jamie, Paul. That’s it. I never have to do another one. Windsor Comicon. I think like five years ago. Was it five years ago you had to do at night with Kevin? He was a panel, I think you have know, but it was like thousands of people in the crowd. We all, you know, they filled the Coliseum. They filled the Dallas. Yeah. So I know going into this, I’m like, all right, baby stops, right.

I met Megan 15 and I’m like, when we started talking this, I’m like, we have to bring him. He is the, not the key. He’s the glue, the do’s, the glue from Michigan. He’s amazing to his fans. He is like, I beat, felt like we were friends after that. He’s the center of the Venn diagram. Why we turned him into mr astronomic then in the same room with them three times. He tells me he loves me every time he sees [inaudible] I cast it with Jamie and Paul and as soon as I got back from what I was doing, he’s like, you’re Mike. I’m like, yeah. He gave me a big hug. He’s like, thank you. I’m like, no, fake. Thank you. Like I was so excited. He has a picture of me and you, Bob and Dave and lucky that we all signed. He put it up on the wall at his podcast.

It’s shared universe, the podcast, the podcast. That was like the first time we all kind of connected cause we were talking about whiskey. Right. Didn’t really know you well other than through the box pretty well, but well better. Yeah. And then you walk in just basically a bottle, a Jase and a bottle of peppermint snobs. We’re like, let’s go to town. Here we go. Yeah. Yeah. That was a good night. That was still the best expression I’ve ever seen in your face was the shot of dr McGillicuddy. Never, never again. You were the angriest man. I finally watched the Jane silent Bob reboot. I saw that. So just watch that. Just saw it, man gets the line, he gets the line poetry. Um, no. So, so between meaning and, and the management company that handles all of Kevin Smith people, um, you know, twist its connection to J muse.

He helped save our bots. Year one. Brian O’Halloran not only came and did our show, loved it. We kept in touch. Um, he was like, I want to come back. I want to come back. He’s probably why we got, and, and I think that a combination of timing, because we’re February and there’s nothing else going on and really is, and they want to get Jeff Anderson’s feet wet in the convention world. They know we’re a good placement to be like, not too big, not too little. They take care of their guests very well. And um, let’s roll the dice and lots of do this. And Brian obviously helped Ming help. They’re both coming. They’re both with Jeff’s people. And so it’s like, if you guys really want to try this, here you go. Yeah. So we coined it the first year, uh, of in, at least towards Michigan people like, what else are you doing in February? Right. You know? Well, and it’s not like February in Jersey is any better.

[inaudible] they moved out last, all that’s ready to add.

He’s like, tech company doesn’t need to do any of this. Doesn’t care. Right? So he’s like, no, I want to say North, Northeast, Northwest. So he’s like Portland. I won’t say he’s like Portland, Oregon, whatever. And so he’s like, yeah, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll try it. Then he did one private signing with Kevin Smith and now it’s, I’m going to dip my toes in the con world and there’s like four conventions after us that have announced you’re getting the clerk’s reunion and with it being 25 years. First one. Yeah, we’re the first to have the panel. Jeff Anderson’s appearance them together and it’s 25 years of clerk. So it’s insane. Yeah.

Well you look at, it’s funny like you know if you need help recording panels guy yes podcast Detroit we love you. But if you look at like whatever you’re into, like the whole, the horror scene, you know granted there was, I think you guys are doing just as good of a job if not better than like the stuff that’s been going on here. Like that’s the thing. And I think that’s one of the things that makes you guys so different. Like so. I mean there are plenty of, we, we’ve talked about it like there, there are comic book shows, there are pop culture shows, there are. But like

you guys really picked a niche and ran with it. Good gumbo. You know you got all your, yeah, like horror. There are horror shows in the Tristate area, Michigan horror shows and we’ve got a little bit and so last year, sarcasm. I hate horror movies either way.

That’s fine. Ron was the LABA limb fosus he did not say horror. Not bad. So we do things differently than you did.

Typical horror convention that’s around here cause we do the costume photo ops. What else are you going to get? Sid Haig. May he rest in peace dressed up as captain Spaulding from a Rob zombie movie. Again, it’s not very horror. You could probably watch it.

No, I get it. I get it. I just, I get all the pop culture references. I, I’m familiar with all that. I just don’t like to sit down and watch a horror movie. That’s all. You guys are crushing it. Keep crushing. Go. I’m looking at this right now at me. You know how Mark all that cool stuff and it’ll get like this smoking, abandoned car signed by like you know, a Burt Reynolds. I think I’m going to get the most obscure, ridiculous autograph in the history of the planet. I want to have it framed. Uh, Thomas, Ian Nicholas, who’s from American pie, who’s also in little big league. Now I’m going to get a Chicago Cubs Jersey. He sells them. [inaudible]

be told I wanted to get Daniel stern before I wanted him, cause c’mon dude, between that and home alone. So when we got a Thomas Ian and I was like, all right, we really gotta try this and he just doesn’t want to do all he was on somebody’s roster as a client. Right? He just never did a convention. But yes, he does sell almost as original as your conversation with Lacey under Alshabaab. Ah, see, this is still one of my, one of my worst moments as a human being at Lacy under all this, right. Uh, Cindy, uh, what the hell is her name? Morris city. Morgan was in Tron and caddy shack. Uh, basically I used the caddy shack a lion on her and I thought it was original. So I said, uh, you know, Novi must be a nice switch from Drury old Manhattan and she, she don’t face him like, I’ve never heard that one before.

Hell, are you talking about Madonna with meatballs? That would no work either. She’s like, no, keep going. Like, don’t you got her talking to him, got Kristy Swanson to do a dude, where’s my car line? But couldn’t, she didn’t like the Caddyshack line. She was like, no one has ever, they always asked her for Buffy shit. So when we asked her to say that we touched her. Who? Who’s, yeah. She’s like, no one’s ever asked me for that before we had her sign the autograph. Perfect. My who, who’s Sidney Morgan was like offended that the one thing she did, it was worth, right. The one notable section of your career, it was trying nerds all day. So here, right. You know what I mean? Like I’m like caddy, Cher. I got the, I thought I would think that would work. Right. I was going to be there.

Depends on who you are. So bring all your leprechaun gear. Right, right, right. For the obscure. I guess at this point, like we have to understand they’d be, there was one of our best moments ever was, you know, we have a, Oh my God, I’m blanking on her name. Uh, from back to the future, Leah Thompson, Thompson and Bob brings her on Coke, introduces her and he was like, Oh yeah, you know, so Hey, you know, from uh, Howard the duck fame and like, you can hear her break out laughing. And she was like, Oh my God, watch.

We are so lucky to be introduced with the star of Howard the duck. She’s like, what I’m talking about guys are clowns like, yes, we are one episode of something I did before I was anybody. That’s what you’re going to put me. Oh, of course. So I mean, I’m going through this list and I mean, I’m looking at like myself. Like Lloyd Kaufman to me is a God, and he signed like for free. He does. I met the paver that, uh, what was the place in pick Clawson Brown bag it. I got a sign, I got a signing from him, like in 94 book came out. And, uh, that was like one of the first times I ever went and got a sign. You know what I mean? The guy’s a absolute stinking legend. He created the toxic Avenger, which I know as a child in the 90s, he’s the co owner of a powerhouse in the underground.

Uh, the B movie world is the movie horror world Sergeant Kabuki man, NYP class. Newcomb. I the guys that I’m looking at like, dude, I gotta talk to Charles Fleischer. Like that’s, you know, he’s a real life cartoon character. Honestly, talk to him on the phone, real life, do that. Whatever his flight was like, he’s like, Oh, do you know you travel this? You got your, you’re a frequent flyer number. Maybe like, Oh my God, I don’t know what his real voice is. He’s anything like Rob Paulson. That would be amazing. Yeah. His real voice would be the one that he used during welcome back Kotter. I was going to say nightmare on Elm street. That would have been the one ad and then you’ve got Skolnick man. You’re like, we’ve got the, Oh, we got the ogre drop. Yes. And on with the laugh. Huh? Oh, you did it better.

Mike was blown out when we got Betty’s. Yeah. But I cleaned that up. I just need to throw it back in. Yeah. Like, Oh, I’m in love with a nerd. We got Betty to say that Titan signed by her. She was selling that. I go, Oh my God, I can’t believe she’s selling it. Hygiene. Right. So like, we’ve got Skolnick like, you know, come on man. They’re like, to me like that was like the Porky’s revenge of the nerds. Like those were my legs, my age. And I’m sorry. Isn’t Mickey Avalon the guy that sings my Dick? Yeah. Nasty. You have Mickey Avalon. He’s performing on Saturday night. That’s what I heard. Sonny. He’s, he’s performance. I asked her, do the Jane Fonda whiskey every Friday for the last couple of months. [inaudible]

asked her that much. Everybody is Mickey Avalon alive or dead? And everyone’s like, I don’t know. He’s very much, Frankie Avalon is very much alive and Augie just got angrier that he’s [inaudible]. I ain’t gonna be able to do the Jane Fonda. What? Mickey Avalon. There’s a guy, uh, I don’t, I don’t know the horror movie, but I, Nathan Bazell, he played a massive levered Vernon, it’s like a mockumentary horror movie where he wants to become a serial killer and uh, Robert England’s in it cane hotters in it. He looks like sniffer in this press photo. He looks like Stiffler. I really bad. I would like to get Stiffler. Oh, that’d be awesome. What’s he doing? Not doing conventions. Tried. He can’t be doing anything. He goes underrated. I’ll tell you didn’t do it.

Was he in SQL or did it house just in a TV commercial. Aton right now he’s a, he’s a, he gets all angry in the back of a car or something. I just saw him. Hey man. Martin Cove is doing commercials as, as I saw that koala Chi. That’s actually pretty good commercial. He did a good job with it. Yeah. So go into Le Dan, if you’ve never been astronomic on before. What’s a, I guess paint a picture, right? It’s our town. So the beautiful thing is, is if you’ve never been to astronomic con, we could explain it to you till we’re blue in the face, but you can currently go right now to Amazon and watch our 31 minute documentary. We filmed it last year. You in it Bob, and uh, you’ve got a nice yard called astronomical [inaudible] great Cod. I love this gun and you get to meet everybody and is great.

I love it. And these guys do a great job, but I was like, all right, we’re using that. So yes, I gotta look it up now making of a pop culture convention. Astronomical. It’s free. So if you’re an Amazon prime member, you can just watch it for free. And if you’re not, you can rent to box. It’s very affordable. We do have like one minute clips of it on our YouTube channel, which has a bunch of content, but the short version is astronomic con is a pop culture convention. That’s also a party. Like the minute you get there until the minute you leave, there’s always something going on. Well, from the minute you get, last year wasn’t as bad. I’ll give them that much. We’ve cleaned it up because while Michigan is a friendly state to that, I want a family friendly event. So I want to be able to bring my three year old and my wife and not shabby at all.

You replace the metal detectors with the alien D containment chambers, right? Sponsored by acts very heavy at the podcast Detroit table. Honestly last year you cleaned it up. I wish that we were never more popular in our lives than we were when the ladies were doing the body painting at the booth. The rocks or mud, I got in trouble for that. Everybody go for that. That so suddenly everybody wanted to talk to us about podcast, technically met Michigan laws that she was not nude. There was no technical, it meant Michigan law. But there was a, we got some complaints, families who complained that she was quote. And so instead of the approvers saying, Hey, I’m like, Hey Dustin, it’s me. Hey, you gotta go tell her to cover up a bit. And I’m like, Oh we never do video because let me look at me and Dave, we never do video podcasts.

Oh you’re the guy that made me cover up. And I’m like, ah no, I don’t want to be that title. I’m the guy that told you two very beautiful [inaudible] stallion. He goes, let’s turn on the video. Let’s turn on a little video, see what happens. But no, again, when I say a party, like our stuff starts at this year, we’re starting early cause we’re doing a pool party cause there’s water park connected to our home. We have a pre, it’s on Thursday. That starts at seven o’clock. No pool parties. Good cause first cause you get to chlorine, you get to bleach. Well you get the actual astronomic on drinks so you can be [inaudible] and buzz. But you get into the three 30 on Thursday. Damn man. Gonna mess it off. But yeah, no. So it’s a party that starts Thursday night. There’s a concert Friday pool party into the convention, into a back to the 80s theme party with Mickey Avalon.

Dirt. Nasty twisted. They’re doing an eighties party. Bob, I’ve heard eighties garb is a preferred, preferred [inaudible] I heard you do eighties well [inaudible] yeah, that’s what I, that’s my thing too. Yeah. Right. And then Saturdays I make you cover up. Well only if your paced, these are painted. Uh, no but realistically and it goes through till till Sunday at like five o’clock and it really doesn’t stop because people party in the lobby and hang out and it’s a real uh, all-inclusive feelings and, and it’s good vibes and it’s just fun. Lots of, lots of alcohol do. I bust that hotel for putting up with everything, dude. It’s more of a wall of us and we love them. It’s the NC 17 more hardcore version of it.

Penguin, cotton and I don’t know that one penguin,

I hear things but I’ve never been like, it’s, you know, there’s parties and chaos and mayhem and drinking in the lobby and all that stuff. But like this is, this is more the NC like that’s the geek version of what you guys do. Like during the day, it’s all family friendly and when the, you know, when it gets dark, when the party comes out, right?

Yeah. Don’t cross the line. There’s always a line. But yeah, we’re having our fun there. I mean are there

[inaudible] you get the more blurry those lines. Right.

But by the time it gets blurry, I’m in my broom anyways by three 34 in the morning I passed out. You’re at four, I have to get up at eight. You get up a little later, an hour later versus three hours before I said don’t Wyndham Wyndham garden, Sterling available online. What’s the scoop? astronomical.com/tickets is everything you need to get yourself some tickets. You can get daily passes, you can get weekend passes, you can preorder your fee, all of it.

So astronomic con.com or you can get you on Facebook. You guys have been uh, you know, following actually the, the page. You guys are pretty attentive cause you get a million questions. It’s like a job in itself just to like pre answer those answering questions before we started the, yeah, it’s, it’s amazing. You can follow us on Instagram, Twitter, um, Facebook. Obviously we have our own YouTube. We’re on Spotify cause everything we, all the content that we create, we put everywhere for people who

art hip to social media so you can find us anywhere. Awesome. We look forward to us spending the weekend with you guys. Thanks criminals studio. I look forward to hanging out and uh, having a good time as we usually have as we have the last couple of years. Like literally this is my old, my favorite kind of the year. As much as I like more city, it’s outgrown itself. No offense. Yeah, it’s a, it’s like a big time convention. I’ve never heard of her.

Yes. Astronomic on February seven, eight, nine 15 in van Dyke Sterling Heights. I look forward to seeing podcast to try it there. You guys are awesome and thank you for having us. Yeah, thanks for the time. Hey, we’re going to take a quick break. We’re going to be back. August gets like talking about a charity event that’s coming up for all the Mickey Avalon. At our event though, it’s not super cool people. You have it in a jukebox, so that’s good enough. But we have a TJ, right? Right, right. So this is a TV show. Hey, I’ll

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Set your business up for financial success by going and signing up for free today at wave apps. That’s w a V E a P P s.com/it and the D. that’s way, that’s dot com slash it and the D. give him a look. Welcome back segment three episode 332 this is the one and only it and the DCL broadcast in live here. Studio one podcast, Detroit, beautiful. Royal Oak, Michigan. Bob, the sales guy, Dave the geek. Randy. I do the Twitters. I don’t know what the hell. What are you doing Randy? I’m find a son. Limes maybe in the d.com where you will find all the things. Hey, bank United wants you to go from warm, so enter for a chance to win $54,000 if a team goes for and completes a two point conversion during the big game on Sunday for resection. Has that ever happened?

Sure. Has there been like a two point dirty super? Absolutely.

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So, Hey, Aug, what’s going on? Hey guys, how are you doing that fam? Dude, I was told butters would be here tonight. Yes, I know. Um, butters are supposed to be here in a koala costume. Yeah. Will be my girlfriend’s tiny toy poodle that is going to be in a qual costume kissing booth for this Friday’s event. First of all, I want to take a moment to thank Dave for telling me that the episode that I filled in for Bob wasn’t the worst episode ever. The second one was not the worst episode they ever heard. That was the day that I was a more than a guest, but less than a host. Yes, you are a ghost. Yes. Guest. So I heard it was the worst. Well, I’m sure you heard it was the worst from your hospital, but I do appreciate the, uh, the chance to come and sit in with you guys for no, for no other reason.

Not that plug in anything. Just to be here and a and talking. I’m sorry I had to do it. Bob, I’m glad to see your badge better with you here and like being here and I’m glad you’re doing well. Seriously. Yeah. I hope you’re feeling better. So yeah, we’re doing a, my girlfriend is Outback, give back. She wanted to do an event, and I’m not a big fan of the name, but it’s a great, amazing thing. So my girlfriend and four of her friends went to Australia back in August and they did like two weeks in Australia and I didn’t go because I do the Hamtramck labor day festival and that’s right. The canoe races and all that kind of stuff. So I’m like, you know, I also didn’t want to spend $1 trillion dude, I’ll show you for two weeks. Yeah. So she did that and then all this stuff has hit the fan and she did all the wildlife tours, all the koala, huggy.

Although if you haven’t, if you haven’t been keeping up at home, like literally, it’s like the size of the United States. It’s pretty much been blanket. There’s one point a couple of weeks ago when every road in and out of Sydney was closed. Yeah. Cause you couldn’t, you couldn’t get in or out of the city because of the fires and the, and the smoke. So, and it’s, it’s displaced and killed just thousands and thousands of animals. Like 1.5 L, you know, Australia has such a unique animal population that those animals aren’t anywhere else. Right. So, uh, she’s had said, look, you do all these great crazy fundraisers that whiskey, we do the tracksuit party in a on a good Friday every year that benefits the friendship house, which is the food pantry. We do the Magnum PI party, which is in the summertime where we, everyone wears, you know, mustaches and Hawaiian shirts and raise money for the hero foundation.

So can we do a fundraiser for the animals that we were playing with like casually in Australia just a few months ago. I’m like, you find the, the right legitimate charity that we know we’re given the right money to. And she did. She found the Steve Irwin foundation, which runs the Australian animal hospital that has always been there and is now just overloaded with just everything. Yeah. Obviously. I mean, they used to do like, you know, stop harvesting crocodile eggs now they’re like basically just trying to triage, filling up and unloading koalas out of the back of their cars and stuff. So, um, we’re very fortunate to have our good friend Greg [inaudible]. Yup. And if you’re not in the river or people know him from eight at nine next back in the day. Uh, so he is the cohost with Michelle. So, and Jerry, my lovely, beautiful girlfriend and a good cover.

Good one. [inaudible] she’s beautiful. So yeah. So, uh, so Conip and Michelle are, are hosting this fundraiser we’re going to and it’s gonna be deejayed by our good friends who are good friends of yours as well. Matt Fox and Jamie Flanagan, who just opened up a new at Northville. That’s dumb. So, and they’re, they’re just wonderful. Jamie comes down to visit us every once in a while. Now he’s on 96, three on the weekends. I don’t know if you know you guys and all of that, but uh, yeah. So he’s, they’re going to DJ and get hip. It’s like I just get the host DJ smalls during Thursday wave. He did. He didn’t does sometimes, like two weeks ago he was doing thirst wave and to bring over to thirst wave. Um, yeah. It’s a fun party too. It’s a fun party, but it doesn’t go to charity like this one does.

So, um, but that’s, and, and for the first time, actually it’s only the second time we’ve ever done this, the owner of whiskey in the jar who is not me, I’m just people that think everyone thinks so, um, is giving a percentage of the sale. He gets 15% of all the booze sales goes to the charity as well. So besides just raffling off a doing, it’s not going to be as big as like the tracksuit party where we have like 25 baskets. Anybody can win something. We’re going to do like six baskets of 50, 50, and then a percentage of the liquor sales. So, and then of course Conrad and Mikey, my partners and all this stuff, we’ll give back a big chunk of the money that we make, uh, as well to, we always try to get a nice even number when we’re, when we’re done.

So, um, but uh, there’s going to be a, a cash kissing booth to kiss butters. Who is my girlfriend’s toy poodle wearing a koala outfit. And it is so damn cute. I mean, honestly better. Better than a real koala cause it’s one of those things that like, I, I love that. Like chlamydia. Well, no, well there’s that number one dad. But number two, like it was like, Oh my God, it’s so cute. It’s eating like the little eucalyptus leaves. Like that’s their like morphine, if they weren’t eating that they’d be biting your face when they go to sleep. Right. But like we realized that the tracksuit party at the Magnum PII party, which butters also comes to dressed up, uh, everyone just clamors to carry butters around the whole time cause she’s a tiny little toy poodle who’s just as adorable as anything. Attention whore. Yeah. And so we’re like, well, we’re going to charge people to carry butters around at the party.

So that’s the butter’s kissing. But did you get the carry around butters for 10, 15 minutes for however many minutes? How many, many dollars you want to donate, something like that. And that’s going to be like the butter’s kissing booth. Okay. Um, and then it’s just, I think it’s a great cause. It’s, uh, we don’t do these pop up fundraisers at whisky. We’ve never done usually like usually your regularly scheduled, we’re coming up on our eighth tracksuit party, which I’ve already ordered my check so I’ve got a fresh Reebok off. You know how the Poshmark, there’s a Valore like a maroon Valora one for sale on my whatever. On Facebook. I scroll by like from Macy’s. I was going to text it to you today. You got, you got to get those, those it’s, we’re coming into, everyone starts rating all the resale shops in Metro Detroit because they know tracksuit party’s coming up.

Somebody wants to have the coolest amount to find a troop one or of a lower Phila. And so that’s always a, I told you when I went, I didn’t even need to dress up. I just, here’s where your closet. Yeah, I just want your closet. I have so many now because we have eight of them that I will start like putting him up in the auction. Like, I got this old Reebok, it’s looks, looks like an astronaut outfit, but that one up there and you know, Mike, he’s got a fresh one. He just, he was bragging about it the freshman, he got an old Adidas one that came from Germany. Uh, one of my, uh, I, it doesn’t fit me. I’ll text to text you a picture of it, see if you want it. Yeah, I mean it at the worst. We put it up in the raffle.

All right. You people to pay some money for it. So, uh, but that’s, that’s tracksuit party. That’s the next time I’m going to be here. That’s going to be I for good Friday. But right now we’re just, we’re hoping some folks come out, some animal lovers and people come out and support the Outback, give back. So, and it’s free. It’s this Friday night. It’s this coming Friday night and starts when, uh, at eight o’clock. Technically we always, we got to put a start time on it, right? I mean Mikey, Mikey, the Mikey is there doing happy hour at four o’clock, right in the bar opens, we’ll start selling tickets then. Um, and we’re really, really good about people that don’t want to stick around. We, we call you, we text you the basket you want and people come back the next day and the next day. His bartenders love that cause he got to come back to the bar and get your basket. You might as well have a drink while I’m here. You’re honest about it. We’re extremely honest about it. Like, Oh, you won. You didn’t, you weren’t here. That’s fine. Your phone numbers in the back. I sent you a picture of it. If you say give it to someone else, fine. If not, I go raffle. Yeah, we do raffles. We do. We do a raffle. You do always do baskets.

Yeah. We’ll give you some tickets and tickets. That would be amazing. That’d be amazing. I know falling warehouse last night. Agree to give us a, a lane and all in a basket. We have a big Takata cooler full of booze. It’s all fifths of liquor. That works perfectly. That’s a, that’s gonna be a big draw a little bit. I like booze. Yeah. Do you like loose? Everyone met about you. So yeah, if a couple of tickets, gentlemen, weekend passes, you can do what you want with them. Oh, you guys are wonderful. Thank you. No worries man.

So, and I’ll come back to you guys for the next fundraise. But anyway. [inaudible] so yeah, you’re, you’re now in rotation yet gentlemen. But uh, yeah, our other charities are the, the friendship house we always do, which is a food pantry that only serves for two and two. And that’s the, when we do the, um, tracksuit party for, and the hero foundation is a families where the breadwinner gets cancer and we take care of their holidays. And they’ve been doing that for years and years. A friend of ours father survived pancreatic cancer, which that’s the, you don’t normally hear it. Yeah, nobody does. It’s the 1.7 million. So I’ll break a glass to that muscle.

It is, but it’s wonderful. And so that’s why, and that’s Mike, he’s on the board of directors of that charity. I’m on the board of directors of the friendship house and my girlfriend loves the Australia animals. So that’s why we’re doing a Outback. You back this Friday at whiskey, the John Hamtramck. All right, so easiest way to find it. Hit the whiskey in the jar Facebook page. It’s one of the events or there’s an event going, it’s a, and you know Mikey did the graphics for it. It’s [inaudible] whiskey is just like the nicest, friendliest, most fun place. Absolutely. You walk into that bar and you don’t know anybody and suddenly your best friend, you know everybody and it’s that kind of a friendly joint. You don’t have to worry about anything. So it’s, you know, when we did our event, everybody freaking loved it. See they love it more than that.

The truck is still there. So that was the funny thing. There was a couple of guys that were there at, uh, they were at DC at DCD that we haven’t seen since the whiskey in the jar event and they all met me at whiskey in the jar and that’s all, that’s all they wanted to talk about was the whiskey in the jar event. Yeah. Yeah. We’d, we’d love to have you guys down there again. We’d absolutely, yeah. Some of the summertime in the patio is open and we do have a certain in the winter and we do have Punchkick day coming up. Oh, that’s right. Ski day. And uh, the actually the punchy run the Saturday before I find to be more fun because everyone runs a fiveK and then fills the bars up at like one o’clock and have dance parties in the middle of the day and they’re not puking in the alley or you know, any of the goofy stuff that happens.

I prefer to not run and just to be at the bar. That’s what I do. Yeah. And it’s kind of like, Hey, I’m gonna tell you guys a secret free free beer in downtown Hamtramck because the runners get beer at when they finished the ranch, but we all just, I’d rather just get in there and describe beers. They have so much beer that they just, I’d rather just not run and pay for my beer. It’s fine. The one year, that’d be great to see you stumbling in on crutches to grab a few free beer. I was gonna run. I actually had the, the thing, I was ready to go and my buddy Ryan, he was like, we’re going to do this. We started running in a snow squall hit and you couldn’t see down Joseph compo. We turned right into Susie’s Susie. This was like three blocks down from the start of the race and it went right into Susie’s.

It’s like, okay, we’re just going to stay here and ride this out. She’s going to wait. Needless to say, my number never registered at the finish line. So you get a cab around the corner to the finish line, then you hop out. Yeah, we could do that. Yeah. Be the winner, right? Hey, always. Always good. Have any of the studio Outback, give back. Always appreciate when you guys do stuff for the community. Hopefully, uh, get a packed house as usual and I’ll keep doing what you doing. Bob. Thank you for always having me on. Anytime I ask him. Bob and Dave, it’s wonderful. Of course. Thank you guys. No problem. Yeah, we’re going to wrap wrap things up with is episode 332 of the, uh, I was gonna say, I’ll the Outback give back show [inaudible] of the ITM that he show. I like to thank, uh, the guys from astronomic con definitely look forward to, uh, hanging out, uh, in February 7th through the ninth. I also like to thank August for, uh, from whiskey to jar on behalf of Bob David. Randy, do us all a favor, drink up your drinks, get your phone numbers. You don’t gotta go home. You just got to get the hell out of here. See you next week. Drive careful. Beat it. So you guys.


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