Episode 330 – Caston Thomas, Internet Advisor, Dave Sucks at Event Scheduling

IMPORTANT NOTE: due to Dave not paying attention, the networking event this month is on the 23rd at Detroit City Distillery.  We know, it’s always 3rd Thursday… he screwed up, it’s a thing, move on.  That being said, tonight we’re joined by Caston Thomas to chat about our recent appearance on the Internet Advisor show, as well as an upcoming seminar series he’s doing about securing iOT devices and networks that you probably want to pay attention to…

Happy patch Tuesday. This a special recording of the IT in the D show recording a day late. But that’s all right. We’ve got a special guest in the studio Caston Thomas in the house. We’re going to be talking about all of the fun stuff that you, a and security that we just got off on. WJR to go home and home are thrilling experience on am radio. Yeah, yeah. We were talking about that and talking about security and property security. Uh, you know what, Dave, you may fire when ready going on. Thanks for hanging out. This is the one and only it in the D show. Broadcasting live here in studio three and podcast. He traded beautiful Royal Oak. Michigan has chaos. May have it happens. They say, is Bob the sales guy? That was Dave the geek. Randy. I do. The Twitters is doing the Twitters.

Find a some ways. Find us online it in the D. dot com. Do us a favor, give us a like on the socials and subscribe to us everywhere. Fine podcasts are sold. And so because I’m an idiot and I freely own it and I admit it. Uh, so the meetup for this month was not set up for the third Thursday. It was set up for the fourth Thursday. So it is not this Thursday. It is next Thursday, the 23rd. Uh, it will be at Detroit city distillery. Come on out. Hang. Should be a fun night. Love the venue. Love the liquor. It’s a good time. I’m not gonna lie, it’s big coming. Extremely difficult to book a venue in this town. It is, and we’ve talked about this for two years now. We’re like, you know, places that, you know, we went for, you know, six, seven, eight years when nobody cared about them and nobody went there.

All of a sudden now they want, they got the a, they got the no, because they’ve got somebody booked a holiday play there and now they think everybody’s got 1000 bucks an hour. My ass Russell, they booked an M and M video and how they think they can get top dollar, but like I called a, it’s a new retro bowling alley in Royal Oak. That’s shall not be named that has pull in the name. Um, I’m only like 200 bucks an hour just to show up. No food. No, I’m good. Thanks. It’s kind of like, Hey, and I said, we can always just crash a joint. Right? Yeah. But I don’t want to do that because then we, you know, the people ask, the thing is you need to have buy in from the front desk. Like, Hey, I’m here for it in the day. True. Whoa. What?

Yeah. Um, so like I go, Hey, there’s going to be like 30 to 50 and flash mobs or so, 2001 we don’t, do they need to die? Well, they know. I say this is the way I set it up. I go, we don’t charge because here’s the thing, I can understand what the venue is when you charge. Like, Hey, I’m going to use your 50 bucks to walk in the door and then I charge you 20 bucks. Like kiss my ass. Yeah. But I’m saying, Hey, we don’t charge cover. We don’t take sponsors. There’s no speakers. Everyone’s on their own for food and whatever they want to order. Um, we just need someplace to hang out. Yeah. Okay. It’ll be 200 bucks an hour. Like for, for, for, for what? Bye-bye. Yeah, exactly. Cause you’re so crowded on a random Thursday night that you can’t use the additional business, you know, then smell you in the window. You know, if you’re, if you’re, if you know someone that’s a bar owner, like literally that would want us reach out to us. Please. We’re glad to hear about it. These phone calls, it’s ridiculous. Like, or we’ll just keep doing all of our events at whiskey in the jar. It’ll be that simple. We’ll just be there every, we don’t have, do we have friends at Ember anymore? No. No. Rusty’s still there. Rusty’s, you’re going to pork around.

Um, uh, I don’t know. Maybe I just don’t like that venue that I think it’s, you know, nobody plays pinball, but it’s just cool to have them in the background. Exactly. It’s a fun spot. I’m sure we can find someplace. So the baby, I mean it’s not anywhere convenient, but like dude, that arcade place and Frazier would like cut off their arm to have us come to that. Yeah. And speaking of that like major magic is making a comeback. They are, they’re right there. Right around the corner from me. Here’s an interesting, I never really, I don’t think I ever talked to you about this. Um, when major magics said they were coming back and I happened to pop up my note on, on LinkedIn or Facebook saying, Hey, you know, invested in a brewery in the past didn’t work out. I see you’re coming back.

Want to know what you’re doing with it. You wanted to see if you wanted to like maybe adult it. Yeah. Make major magics you know, for the nostalgia crowd. I mean Chuck E cheese serves beer. Yeah. And he’s like, what’s your intention? Like it was really bizarre conversation. Like, I wish I saved it. I wish you could read it. And I’m like, ah, I just want to talk to you. Like maybe we can have a cup of coffee. Well, what, what do you want out of it? Well, I know how much you were looking to. I go, I don’t know what it is yet or what it wants to be, and I can’t really give you a business proposal when nothing’s, I’m not just sitting here on a bag of money looking to do something with like [inaudible] furnace here. I’ve already done that once. That’s why we don’t own a brewery anymore.

But then low and behold, maybe like six months ago, four months ago, he’s like, Hey, are you still interested in? And I’m like, ah, ignore like you’re such a weirdo. Like I didn’t want nothing. So now apparently it’s opening in like Chesterfield or something. No, dude, it’s right around the corner from me. Oh, it’s on, it’s on gross back. It’s 15 and gross back. It’s in. So do you remember the, there was the taco bell, there was the abandoned taco bell and then the other building. So the, it’d be a crime. Yeah. So the other building was the old Riviera restaurant and that’s where they was the Ram’s horn. That was the, it was a, it’s called Riviera. No, but it was a rent like long time ago, back in the old taste back when I was dragging the day when I hung out on the East side when I was stumbling at a chaplains and went to get French toast.

Uh, ya know, so that’s, yeah apparently in there, I think they’re opening in February if I recall correctly. Like not too long from now. They’re probably just, they pay you. The thing is it’s probably going to be just a Barcade and he’s got like six of the stupid dolls and he’s going to set them up. No, apparently it’s again I’m just going off the articles I read in that kind of stuff cause I was, I was curious cause I like I’ve heard you guys, cause it wasn’t here when I was here, but I’ve heard you guys talk about it enough that I’m just curious to grasp it next to the star theater. And apparently like everything that was in that old one was put into storage and they have pulled everything out of storage and, and loaded up the place except for like skee-ball and like, it smelled like, was like jeepers, it smells like feet and piss.

Like it’s not theirs. They should just call it that. Phoenix. Nice pizza. That’s actually probably a website. I’m quite sure. Smell the feet and Piz pizza then in the tokens. Um, but Hey, jumping in, uh, obviously today was patched today. We’re, we’re recording on Tuesday. If you haven’t figured that out yet, today’s patch Tuesday. And if you’re working in a data center tomorrow, it’s gonna be patch Wednesday. What’s, you know what, I’m just gonna throw this out there.

Can we talk about the windows? Windows 10 flaw for 10 seconds? Sure. Yeah, I know. Right? So here’s this. No, this is, to me, this is interesting because the NSA came out with this and the NSA hasn’t done this in the past. The NSA has held things for themselves.

So apparently there is a pretty wicked windows 10 security patch. Uh, they just basically can expose users to surveillance or, uh, I believe it’s with authentication. Yep. Um, but it’s funny that back in the day, uh, they did, they did not, they held it back. They, they used it because they wanted that access. Right. So, you know, uh, wanna cry an external blue, uh, basically NSA exploited those for years and didn’t say shit. Um, they basically, they develop hacking tools to exploit these holes. Um, and then they gave them to, or they were then found by Russian hacker groups called shadow brokers. Um, eternal blue still use to this day. Well and I think we all know that when we do something fine, but when the Russians do it, no, nah, no, no.

Um, but apparently no, this was a even like at work, this is a big deal where it’s all hands on deck first thing in the morning. Uh, security teams, all the server teams. Um, you know, this is, yeah, this is like all hands on deck. So yeah, if you’re in a data center and, uh, you know, tomorrow should be fun. Hey, I mean Sam a broadcaster just updated and added a new notepad function. So, I mean that was pretty cool cause that’s something that everyone’s been dying for. I’m just dried mouse. No to like add notes while you’re, cause you don’t have notepad or WordPad or anything on the computer. You’re running it on, you need a notepad in the stupid, just stupid. Speaking of that, there was um, I was thinking, I don’t know why I think this is funny all the time, but they did doodle for Google.

Yeah. And you can, um, so here’s the thing. I don’t know why this is funny. So here’s the thing. I work, we have a thing at work called brilliant ideas and people could submit a brilliant idea and it goes in front of a panel and they either move forward with it and it could be something really simple. Like, Hey, we should do a dial by extension, not by name. Like, or you know what I mean, or whatever. Gotcha. Or five extent, um, or spelled my name anyway, the new hotness now is to do something completely the stupidest thing you could possibly think of and to get the politest answer back. Um, so now, now it’s all about getting eyeballs. So now they have this thing doodle for Google and they want, you have to enter a doodle and then it might get used as a logo.

And so I want to do a Dick button. So what you want to or you already have? Cause I haven’t because no I’ve been to be looking at like the butt cheeks. The O’s. No. Oh see rainy. That’s why. That’s why I bring it up. I need better ideas. So there’ll be a panel, there’ll be someone on a panel at Google that is going to get a Dick. But with butt cheeks, his owes that they have to go. Thank you for your submission. I was like I don’t like dragging the Dick boy decided to go in another direction. Oh you know what, I don’t think it doesn’t meet our community standards. Right. You get the nice little legal ease and I don’t without the Wiener too cause I just want the O’s. Cause if the, you know, cause there’s usually a winner in the Dick pot in the back part.

Just put little dots on the O’s and make it Google part of Dick buck. Yes. So just, just, but I want him Unix. Yeah. I don’t like drug cause we always got a unit that’s a concerto, you know, come and cut. Don’t know why. It always makes me laugh. Oh my God, this was on a whiteboard next to like the hotel desk with like a dry erase board with markers. Like who thinks while a comic con is going on and people are getting just falling down drunk, let’s leave the markers on the white board overnight. So every time in the morning, I mean giant Dick blended. So I would have to go erase it. And I tried again. I sorta like, Oh I know you did. I don’t know. Like seriously, I’m 46 years old and I still go to friends houses that have alphabets on their fridge and I still have to spell hard.

Like I can’t not pass those things by the inner 11 year old game is strong indeed. Indeed. But doodle for Google if you haven’t seen it. Um, let’s do, let’s do a bunch of Dick butts submissions. I’m game all the artists listening. Hello Eric. UTRs. Yeah, you guys all, we’ll talk. We’ll totally rally the troops. So I don’t mind a more serious, serious note. Uh, the deep fake stuff just started. And if they’re kind of creepy and there’s other videos, like when people doing impersonations and they kind of deep fake the face. And then we saw some other stuff with George Lucas. I don’t know that it’s started it like, it’s not that it just started, it just started getting a lot better, right? Words unnoticeable. Well now Facebook announces it’s going to ban deep fakes, but it won’t ban political ads, fake news, any place like it, it’ll let that, well, whatever.

Um, and how are they going to know? Well, first thing I said was, cause the whole point of deep fakes is that it’s hard to tell, strengthen his policy towards misleading, manipulated videos. But like again, how do you know it’s like the Joe Rogan when they cut up his pot, the podcast, and he was talking about, uh, gorillas being the, the alter monkeys being the greatest. No, dude, that wasn’t, they didn’t cut it up. That was the AI that generated that. I know. I thought they’d like clipped his voice. No, that was the AI that Lake listened to all of his episodes and then generated a new episode from them all his claims. Right, right. But how can you like, Nope, it’s fake. Like, and that was a thing you couldn’t tell Joe Rogan’s vote. There was like one, like an inflection was weird, but if you do, if you put some time into it, it would sound completely flawless.

We’ll do that one with George Lucas. Uh, reacting to the latest movie was his head looked a little weird. Like you could tell something was wrong, but if you’re just sitting there listening to it and only half ass watching it, it looked legit. Or if you scroll down in Facebook puts the little window up in the corner where you just see like three pixels of the video or whatever, but they won’t pull down videos that are, you know, the easy way edited. You know, where if you just slow down the video a little bit to make it seem like a politician is slurring her. Yeah, they won’t pull that down cause that’s not high tech enough of a video. Well I never forget how they do it with pictures. Like I’ll never forget the picture I went like you can see Trump does enough dumb stuff on his own where you don’t need to manipulate him doing dumb stuff usually true.

And him and like him and his wife and the Obamas or like going to dinner or going into a thing and Trump rushed front and opened the door for everyone and then walked in last. Okay. Well the picture was, you know, Trump walks like bully, like walked in first and he’s rude like he’s not a gentleman. Well then if you watch the video, like he held the door open and then walked in last and it’s like, it’s out of context. Well that time, by that point it gets to Buzzfeed and it becomes a thing. And if you Google it now, you’d probably, Randy, if you like, if you Google, you’ll probably find that like Trump doesn’t open door for Obama’s and it’s probably, it’s like, I’m sure. Well, like so like, so you’re banning deep pigs but you’re not banning fake political edge. You’re not banning.

Yeah, like propaganda, like bullshit. Like where do you draw and who again and how do you, like I said, how are you going to figure out if they’re fake or not? It’s the river. It’s booger yelling and revenge there. It’s too. And who determines the standards? Well, send it. Remember? Do I remember correct? Elected board? No, dude. Remember I got to think it was two years ago we were talking about, okay, so it’s easy enough to fake audio clips. What’s it going to take to prove somebody actually said something? Oh, well video. All right. Now that’s not the answer anymore cause yeah, deep fake video to make them say whatever the hell you want to say. So yeah, we talked about that. We’ve been on, we’ve been doing this for six years. Um, we probably said every word to humanly like, dude, they did the pipe. My AI Brogan was 200 episodes, if I recall correctly. Was that only the toilet word? Tonight’s three 30, he goes for six hours in episode trope when he smokes aardvark esophagus, incandescent.

I was like, what are you doing? Just throw some extra words out there for the AI. They would do like discombobulated. David has a vocabulary of like 4,000 words. Bob 140. We can make Bob say anything we want as long as it has to do with fart. Yes. Yeager it’d be be. So we always, we’d like talking about the, the, the mighty, uh, over, uh, the, the company’s worth way too much money. Um, do Uber, Uber, uh, released their first ever, uh, safety report. Uh, this is actually updated version. So we talked about this two months ago when it was first released. So they’ve, they’ve updated it. So they’re just plain plain tag. They did the numbers change their 3045 sexual assaults and nine murders in 2008. Yes. And that includes, they admitted to well, and that includes both passengers and drivers. Right. Um, there was 5,500 other is incidents of groping, unwanted sexual touching in those two years.

Uh, basically those attacks were, then they’d have to throw this one out. Those attacks, representative point, uh, three zero, 2%, like 0.0, zero zero 2% of the 1.3 billion rides, theF  facilitated last year. And I the, cause I remember when we talked about it last time, they tried to compare, they tried to make it sound like that number was statistically insignificant. Um, Hey, you can tell I haven’t been really drinking cause I can say it’s statistically insignificant surgery. It’s shorter shoot, traditional shish don’t, uh, know. And, and so they, they put that out there and then the New York subway system, uh, transit authority came out and said, okay, our numbers like a 10th of that. So, and we have, I think it was like they have, God, what was it, 20 X, the passengers and their incident rate was one 10th of that. See, here’s the thing though, that’s apples and oranges because if you look at mass transit, you have 50 people in a subway cars.

And you know, it’s a one to one thing in an Uber, usually chances are different than you’re not going to commit a crime when you have 49 people staring at you. I can remember I told this story on the intranet, uh, but so one of the show hosts here, and I got into a rather interesting conversation where he got into an Uber one night after being in a bar. And I’m disclaimer, this is not me. Uh, cause it sounds like it could be me, but it is not me. But a friend of mine totally shows you’re not gonna even tell you who it was. Uh, but he got, he got drunk, uh, got an Uber and passed out. Um, he is a gentleman of color. Uh, and so the driver is so, and he’s looking back. So number one, the driver did not drive him home.

The driver drove him to the police station that was less than a half mile from his house and insisted the police come get him out. So he got dragged out of an Uber by three cops. Um, Uber, backseats, my safe place it’s supposed to be. And then like, so the next morning he’s like, do the Uber driver like racked and he put them in a drunk tank? Yeah. Oh yeah. Wouldn’t let him walk home the short leg. Like literally it was like less than a half a mile to his house. Come on. And you give him a five star rating. No. So here’s the best part. So the driver not only did that to him, but drove all over to Helen gone while he was passed out jacking up the fare. Oh shit. So yeah, I mean it’s, it’s one of those Scott, like it doesn’t track you and when you’re separate tomorrow, that’s how he knew, uh, any, any wound up getting like, you know, the, the ride fare refunded and that kind of shit.

But I mean that’s, that’s still, dude, that’s an ugly set of circumstances, but it’s just like, can you imagine, can you imagine like getting hauled out of an Uber by three cops cause you passed out. I’m like, dude, I, I done good dude. I like, exactly, this is what I’m supposed to do. Like that’s the thing that like, that always bothers me. Like I was supposed to, who was it? The police? Is it the police chief? Uh, out there in Michigan? They got busted for a DUI and ice. He’s just getting probation. I mean, he, Hey, he was super drunk. I mean, he was, he was like literally more than three times the limit. But Hey, we’re just going to put him on probation and he’s still employed. He’s still the police chief. He used to, yeah. Yeah, we’re a little lenient. Ah. Um, so here, this was an interesting one and I remember we went nuts, what was it, two or three years ago at penguin con when they were implementing our food?

They were doing. They were, no, they were, they were doing, they were installing or implement or implants for RFID implants in your hand? Yes. And somebody was actually doing that at penguin cotton and we were like, you are out of your effing mind. A story came out on LinkedIn, basically the title. Would you let your boss chip you? Well, it seems like this accelerates every year because there was like one company in Wisconsin, if I recall correctly, that was doing this like a year ago. Yeah, that sounds familiar. Yeah. And, and but like now apparently it’s becoming more like, it’s, it’s like this is the new company ID badge. So I’m like, so here’s the thing, I’m in a secure building, I have an ID badge, I swipe it to get out. I can’t walk in. Otherwise there’s glass things and they move and then there’s a security person behind the desk and my face comes up on a screen and then they greet me.

Good morning Robert. Right? Like I don’t like what else do you want or need? Like what were the point? Are you really going to have dude, what’s the average life expectancy at a job now? Three years? It depends on what you’re doing, but yeah. So what, you’re just going to wind up with scars everywhere from all the various, like is that, is that going to be like, Oh yeah, so this is the scar from when I worked at Cisco. This is the scar from the RV. This is the one. But then they’re talking about, they’re doing it for like offsite construction workers when they get on site. So like they’re going to have sensors so you don’t even have to badge in. So like it’s going to be a smart to know. What, what’s your exit interview like? Is it in an operating room to pull it out?

I don’t know. Hey, you’re getting fired. We’re going to cut you open. Well, I remember like five years ago, um, I in Canada and my cousin’s best friend was implementing an app for the snowplow industry. Uh, it puts sensors around parking lots and basically when that, when the, the billing started, as soon as the trucks pulled in and they stopped building bill, you know what I mean? And they would show their path and their trajectory. Right. Um, good. That’s that to me, fine. If you want to track drivers, you want to know, they already do what GPS with with ups and all the FedEx and all that. But like working on site, like could you imagine like, Oh, you’re going off site to the switch data center in grand Rapids. And by the way, um, we’re going to track your every movement while you’re in the data center and when you, when you get there and when you, you know, when you leave, not just badging in or we’re not going to trust you that you, you know, people are either gonna like, I don’t know what they’re going to do.

Well, and I’m sorry, but like the weird, like one of the weirder stories that I thought came up was that Airbnb acquired a company, um, that essentially let them now run an AI based on information other than what you give Airbnb. Um, like looking up your job, your social profiles, all this other stuff to determine whether or not you are a quote unquote acceptable fit for the property that you were looking to acquire. Is this China? This isn’t China, is it Danny? I’m just saying like, so you know, and so you know, there’s, there, there according to them, you know, they’re, they’re trying to STEM some of the issues they’ve had where like somebody runs an Airbnb, throws a party, destroys the house or you know, sex workers, you know, porn filming, that kind of stuff. I get it. It’s still creepy as hell. It’s creepy.

A sale’s sleeping in someone’s bed with their steak, but like the day before and then you’re going to stay there all weekend. Go to a Marriott. That’s, yeah. I don’t forget crying out loud. We were, we were going down to Florida with friends and they wanted an Airbnb. And I go, Hey, I don’t want to cook breakfast B. I want to get coffee downstairs at like a coffee shop. I don’t want to like have to like go to the grocery store. See, I don’t want to poop on someone else’s stinkbug toilet. Like it’s no for real. Like it’s gross and you’re, you’re wondering if they got hidden cameras and see that that’s always the thing I wonder about when it comes to people staying in Airbnbs carries and shit there, you know what I mean? Cams or whatever. Right. And then all of a sudden now, you know, and you could see it, they could see in the dark.

So is there a one over your bed? Uh, you know, if, uh, you know, you’re watching the dirty movie on channel 12, he goes, are you the dirty movie next? Right on channel 11. Right. So very a very minority report ish. The story about Delta and they’re parallel reality. I like this one still very minority report issue. Cause, like we’ve talked about like whenever you can use those powers for good, you can write like, would you, you know, walk into a Kroger and they go, you know, Jaeger Meisters unseal Mr. Walton schpiel ILA eight, right? Like wow, thanks. It’s like the Facebook ads with my stupid tee shirts, right? I’m not, I look at a Facebook ad and like unless it’s a wish ad, nine times out of 10, I’m like God damn what I want it. Right. You know, so, so Delta. So I keep wanting to send a, like a note to the wish team just asking them if they’re okay.

Did you see, uh, I posted it on the football forum and it was like a wish thing and I didn’t even realize what was on the right of the cause. It was like a pair of pants and there was like a puff coming [inaudible] and I’m like, what in the world would that be? Is it like carbon filtered pants? But there was Wiener lipsticks to the right of it. Of course. It’s basically your search history Bible. I’m like, no nice clothes. I go, but Dave’s getting at the parallel reality. It’s basically there’s going to be like one giant screen for your departing flights and let’s say like Caston sitting next to me and I’m staring at it and it’s gonna show me my flight and it’s gonna show him his flight at the same time. I, yeah, I got to see, I don’t know how I got to show this in action.

Right. And I don’t know how it’s going to work. Um, like I understood like minority report, it was based on basically contact lenses they had in, but right. They scan your Iris basically zap, you know, each individual gets his app while you’re walking through. We’ll see. Um, and they go, they think it’s 10 20 years away, but it’s like literally their PO seeing right now. Yeah. Um, and I don’t know what the big deal is. All I got to do is go like Denver, Denver, Denver, Detroit, 10 40 gate a 42. It’s like, is this a problem for which we need an additional solution? I guess I want to figure it out that I could bring my bottle of water. And that’s what I would have framed it exactly. Is it four, can I give to my four ounce bottle of shampoo going to get thrown away or, uh, so speaking of throwaways and I do love this, apparently there’s a database sitting on a Chinese IP address, uh, with the details of 56 million Americans just hanging out publicly open and accessible.

Uh, thanks to a website called check people.com is apparently where it was pilfered from. I love the, uh, the th this is the response. No, the subtext of the, uh, of the headline. If check people could take a look at this, that would be great. That would be great. Yeah. So yeah, it’s apparently it’s names, addresses, employment. Yeah. Good, good, good types. Thanks. Thanks for that. However that happened. That’s a male relatives, criminal records and basically they just skimmed public records. Yeah. Good time. You put it in a database and a white hat hacker. They had to found it. They had to, they had to list that out cause Hey, that’s why I said it’s not the individual breaches you have to worry about. It’s the people that are out there aggregating this. Yeah. It was personal data and metadata. Um, yeah, they were all scraped and, and it’s just sitting out there and uh, yeah.

Nice. At this point. It’s funny cause we were talking about like 23 and me and all that crap at work and the guy goes, I don’t do that crap. I go, man, I go, go to activity.google.com. He goes, I delete that stuff. I go, Oh yeah, that’s cause it’s gone. You know. And he’s like, yeah, and Snapchat actually deletes the pictures, you know. But it’s a, it is a sad day though. Um, and I didn’t realize how people, like we know when they forced windows 10 and everybody with windows, windows seven was a good, OSA was, there wasn’t really many bad Microsoft OSS, you know, a change. I hate it. Um, but apparently I always like the, the big bang theory. Sheldon when he was like, when windows eight came out and he was like, windows eight is you, it’s so much more user friendly than windows seven. I don’t like it.

Um, but apparently a Microsoft dropping support a seven today and they’re not going to, they as of today, it is end of life. 26% of all PCs 26 that number blew my mind right now because they for, no, because as we sat in WJR on Saturday looking at the windows XP screen, Oh my God, I know windows XP and they were making fun of it and I go that screen right there, I tell CRT monitor, Oh my God. But not because they were forcing 10 upgrades. Yup. So like windows seven 26% I think about that one in four PCs. Yeah. That’s insane. But it’s one of the things, it’s again, if it’s functioning and it works cool,

still get windows 10 if you want, if you’re still running windows seven or windows eight you can still get windows 10 it, they stopped pushing it for free, but they’re still supporting it. So we go down the media, download the media creation tool from the Microsoft website, run it, and then check the activation and it’ll use your eight or seven key to activate the windows 10 version. Yep. Yup.

Cool. Well, Hey, we’re going to take a speaking of, uh, I, I got nothing. I was gonna use it. Speaking of activating, they’ll try and sense either, uh, speaking of cats, we’re going to take a quick break. We’re going to be back with Cason and Thomas. We’re gonna be talking about, uh, being on WJR this weekend and a bunch of other stuff. This is the it in the D show. They, he’ll be, Hey, welcome back. Segment two, episode three, 30 of the it that he show broadcasting live here. Studio three podcast. He traded beautiful Royal Oak, Michigan. Bob the sales guy, Dave the geek. Randy. I do the Twitters is doing the Twitters. Find us online it in theD  dotcom. You want to know why? Cause we all right, Tina and you, you’re, you’re still not, but we still love you. And as a reminder, again, I am a moron and I scheduled the event for next Thursday, not this Thursday.

My apologies. We’ll have that fixed moving forward in future months. But Hey, capital one knows life doesn’t alert you about your credit card. That’s why they created, you know, the capital one assistant to catches things that might look wrong with your credit card, like over tipping duplicate charges or potential fraud. Then sends an alert to your phone and helps you fix it. It’s another way. Capital one is watching out for your money when you’re not capital one. What’s in your wallet? See capital one.com for details that CAAP I T a L O N e.com. But Hey, we are very, very lucky to be joined by the illustrious one, the one and only the 13th time on the it in the D show. I wanted to do like a Rick flair thing, like the 16 time world champion. But Hey Caston Thomas, welcome. Thank you for joining us. Glad to be here. Oh yeah, absolutely. We uh, we haven’t seen you in days.

I don’t of fact. No, we haven’t been on jr it feels like a couple of years. Um, it wasn’t that long. I thought it was since the last time we were on, I don’t know, it’s was about a year ago. We were then co-hosting for two and a half years. And this is the first time I’ve been in the studio with you. That’s what I thought we were on once with Jeff and we, uh, were on one trip and now, yeah, I know. Caston’s on 13 times here. We’re on three times on jr. um, it’s probably for the best, let’s be honest. No, you guys were great. No, but so like we always like talking about the differences between podcasting and radio and you know, you kind of cut your teeth, you know, guesting here talking about security and, and all that. You made it all possible guys. That’s in fact, Oh wait, is that jazz music right here?

We’ll be back with a quick word from plumbers with a Z in the geek or.studio. I wanted to say, I’m so kicking myself for not saying that. And you’re like, yeah, I’m really proud to be here in the geek or Don studios. Now we might have to do the seven second button on that one. Ah, you just don’t mess with the host. And here’s the thing. You didn’t even, you didn’t even introduce me yet. And I’m already ragging on you cause you’re talking about like a microwave with like a clipboard screen on it. I’m like, yeah, we need to have a conversation about that. By the way. Why go into the long explanation? Because we only had seven minutes on that segment to get real content because you need recipes for Kraft dinner. And I’m like, that’s not it. I’ll talk to you after this riveting.

I can’t wait to hear more about the microwave with a clipboard. Yay. CES. Now hang on, hang on. Let me hijack this for just a minute. Uh, and I told you I was going to do it, but you know, our last time together was with foster, uh, coming in and that was a must listen show because it was intense. It was beautiful. Uh, and yet it was still having a little of that irreverence that you guys have and fun. But, uh, I’d like to just stop for a moment and say thank you. I mean, not just for me, but for everybody who’s listening. The impact that it in the D and you, Bob and Dave have had on the it community on Detroit and on all your listeners. I mean, there are guys out in some remote desert listening to this show looking at the beautiful stars because they’re a hundred or a thousand miles away from any city light and you bring sanity into an insane world.

Or, wait, did I mean insane? I was like, I don’t, I don’t know that that’s accurate. I don’t, Oh yeah, I’ll tell you. I’ll take it. Yeah. You know, there’s just something that you bring to people’s lives every week. And I enjoy the show and I know thousands if not tens or hundreds of thousands of people, really appreciate the work you do. Thanks, man. I’ll slip you the a hundred hours. No, right. No slipping me anything. Well, here’s the thing, and we’re going to, if we’re going to butter each other’s bread, I mean, uh, I know you’ve only been a part of internet adviser, not for a couple of years, but that you guys are celebrating your 23rd anniversary now you think about and you know, and there’s still like a couple of people that have been on since day one talking about, yeah, Gary Baker’s been on state one talking about technology for 23 years. It’s as long as I’ve been in it. That was before XP. That was before windows 90 that’s, yeah, that’s 1997 so you’re still in the windows 95 brother printer era. Yeah.

Elaborate with Dave just said there’s one of our favorite, so the internet adviser shorts, a two hour show on WJR every Saturday an hour now. It’s one hour now, but it used to be a two hour show and the first hour was talking about kind of like what we do, talk about going through the news. Second hour was taking calls and it was fixing people’s stuff and they had the patience of saints. It was the most amazing show of restraint and help knit and helpfulness. Google that, you know. No, cause that was, Oh every answer was let me Google that for you. Yeah, throw it out. That was the guy who [inaudible] my brother printer will not talk to windows. Okay. Printers are 50 bucks. Throw it away by anyone. One bell. We got to fix that. It’s not a correct way. So I started saying in foster love this, I’d say, you know, we’re always smarter after the break.

Right. Well we’ll hope, you know, hold on just a minute, we’ll get back to you after the break. And then we had all the answers. It guys don’t know everything. We just know how to Google really, really well. That was maybe one of the best memes with like that stuffed animal. Like it’s like a chimpanzee and it was like doctors, like you can’t go to what the web MD does. Programmers are like, um, but no, two weeks ago my mom calls me after every show and gives me her critique and one one time about, Oh no, you know what, my mother is like stepping back in to leave it to Beaver. She’s that 1950s Southern Belle mother who, you know, I go down to Atlanta and uh, we go into a store and she goes, I raised you better than that. And I’m like, Ooh, sorry. And I take my hat off.

Oh geez. Wow. Suddenly I’m 13 again. Sorry Bob. I’m sorry. Sorry. Calls me. And she goes, you’re not going out drinking with those nice boys. Ah, no, no. Mom, go, they went home. I brought a flask, ma. No, but you, you kind of dropped something. I mean like that show is hurt. You said what? 28 States, 38 States, States sun goes down and Canadia and all, all provinces in Canada. [inaudible] pro. Yeah. They cause at sundown many stations shut down. So that’s why the seven 60 band is clear channel across the nation. And I always thought it was fascinating hearing it because we went to Cleveland and you could like where we would go to Cedar point like that. Like I always, for some reason I still have that, like when we used to go up North and the first day she’d pick up as jr

we had the blessing of Kettering university on and he goes, it’s really great to be here in the jr studios. He said when I was 12 years old, I erected a 20 foot antenna. I lived about 10 miles outside of Orlando and I would listen to jr at night. Oh my God. So that’s crazy. And another guy came on, he goes, my father is so excited that I’m on the show because he remembers driving to Iowa with me and we drove all the way to Iowa and listen

did jr the whole time. That’s what we always talk about. Listening to Ernie Harwell. I like, I probably heard Ernie Harwell speak to me more than my own father. Wow. Like, if you think about it, if you grew up in this town and you’re like baseball, like you would listen to him 162 times for what, two and a half hours a pop do the math like yeah, probably right. It’s a ritual. Yeah, exactly. And it was, it was religion. You know what I mean? So, and everyone’s odd, AM’s dead, no one heard you, you know, and they make fun of us for being on your show. Um, but like there’s, there’s, there’s, we got emails about it. We got picked up followers. There’s a charm to it. It’s, it’s, it’s a thing like I always, uh, I, I don’t think it’ll ever die because someone will do like a ham set up and make, you know, there are other podcast studios out there trying to buy a am radio stations to make that work.

So yeah, there’s that. I wanna I still want to, I still have my dream in life cast and I don’t know if we’ve told you this as we went, there was an am radio station for sales, one of those like high school ones that like have like a mile of a reach and I wanted to do the WPI out of the back of somebody’s window, but I want to know non pirate radio. It was a, it was a legit, like it was, we actually got offered to take it over, um, that because we helped them build out a studio there and it was like a secondary education school. Um, and to help them build out the studio with like, you know, some soundproofing and some gear that we had. Um, and they had an old am transmitter that has like a Miley you could like, like [inaudible] for like two miles along one road. You could hear it. We do 38. Yeah, it was not yet, but I want it to be WBRD where every day the bird is the word and I want to play the Trashman Surfin bird on repeat all day. And Java, I think. No, no, no. Just Surfin bird, Java, surf bird Jack or it’d be the, um, the gamut. What was the droid and empire and Hoff, um, the, the probe droid.

So, but just to what I originally hijacked to show it, I want to encourage people to get on iTunes, get on Google store, get on YouTube and rate the show. Say thank you. Tell these guys what they mean to you and what the show means to you. Don’t tell us what we mean to you. Might be surprised, but no, really. Um, you know, one of the things that I’ve given a lot of thought about is how do we create compelling radio versus compelling podcasting and we can’t get into the depth and radio. It’s like you said, you know, the jazz

music comes on every seven to 10 minutes. And there was a relationship with drew him like that. I had, and I don’t know if it was just the era that I grew up in, like that was like every, it was part of my day every single day. And they actually, they gave them time to talk. I would listen to you guys every morning. You want to get up at fourth I am not getting now. The one thing I never understood is how Mike from Jerome, Mike could laugh at. Like, I’m just like just getting my seven 11 coffee down my down, my pie hole and this guy’s just cracking up laughing at fart jokes. And I’m like, well my eyes are happy. Step one. You would’ve had to gone to bed at eight o’clock the night before, right?

Yeah. I mean when foster was doing the 6:00 AM morning show, he was talking about getting up at two 30 in the morning so that he could do a show prep, get into the studio, get everything set up. And it’s just, you know, it’s like taking the night, the night shift. Well, and that’s the thing, like, you know, I having their relationship with drew on Mike, I think people now have relationships with podcasters just cause they’re getting it. They’re getting it when they want, how they want. Right. So like there’s no, I had to, you know, if I wasn’t, if I took the day off that day or if I, you know what I mean? I wouldn’t get to listen to them. Yeah. It was just, it was that easy. I had to be six and 10. I had to be in my car. Usually it was I was going to school or whatever I was doing and I got to listen to them know, otherwise forget it.

You know, millennials, you know, get this bad rap for attention span. And I was listening to Jordan Peterson, I think it was, and he was talking about the people who listen to his podcast or watch his two and a half hour videos and he goes, attention spans not the problem. It’s having compelling content. Indeed. You guys have compelling content. When present company did I have short attention span theater? Did it? If I click a video or something like that, man, it’s like the, all that, you know, if you build a great website, they will come. If you make them wait eight seconds, they will leave. I mean, it’s, it’s that simple. Like if I’m bored before you even get started getting rolling. See ya. And if you got a six minute intro, forget it. Four that’s over then. Oh my God, when I got so much grief, uh, when, when Jim Alison was on talking gaming, apparently his wife listened live and she’s like texting them the whole time going like, Jesus Christ.

How long do they expect people to listen to this shit? Like she’s like just, just berating us. Like yes Jim, we just added 30 seconds. Exactly. That’s, that’s another 15 seconds that has to get right. That’s the rule. So I mean what are you learning from, I mean from am radio other than like seven seconds. Jazz music, you know, and then you get 12 seconds jazz music. There’s no screw ups. There’s no stopping. There’s no edit. I mean you just got to go and it’s, it’s tough. There’s pressure there. Uh, part of it is, and you’ve got all the FCC rules and restrictions. Well, yeah, not a problem for me because my mom makes me take off the hat. One I was worried about saying suck. Like, I really was, cause you know when we were talking about, uh, yeah, my brother wants to talk to you about that. [inaudible]

tell her to watch our TEDx talk and it’s going to wash your mouth out. And no, because that was our thing. Suck. Listen, I, I thought about it, I thought about it. I go, Nope, I’m going to say it. Yeah, no, that’s an okay word. Yeah. Well, because you know, you’re referring to Becky vacuum cleaners and whatever. It’s all context. No, but like, you know, and the thing is too is you’re on payroll. It’s not like, just like you’re letting, it’s not like you’re paying for that time. Right. So, you know, you probably have people listening. You, I don’t know, do you guys have to go through like a a that was good, that wasn’t good. I think at this point, 23 years, you pretty much have carte blanche in there. No, no, no comment. Giga or Dodd didn’t like that bit about podcasts. The one thing I have to consider because sometimes I do, uh, talk about, uh, certain products and things and I have to give a second thought about, you know, am I going to be stepping on a sponsor and getting a call about that?

Right? There’s, there’s so much freedom and podcasting and so many ways, uh, it’s difficult at times to, to interact on the radio, but there’s a charm about that real time nature of interacting with people because we do take Colin’s, and that’s part of my, that’s my favorite part of the show is when we actually get to interview or talk to somebody live, you know, they’ve got a problem and it may be really simple, it may be a head scratcher, right? But there’s, there’s something genuine and charming about that that I really enjoy. Well, I mean, we joke about just Google it for crying out loud, but there’s a, there’s kind of like a connection when you can help them. Oh, so two weeks ago, my mother calls in, her review was, you know, that was a very informative show. But what’s 5g again, one more.

It’s not her world. It’s one more than four Jima. But what I mean, that’s when four people get in a room full idea. People actually being involved in the real world and they really didn’t even know it. Five G is where the connection to number one warn them about things that they don’t hear enough about. And I remember Nuri talking about having talked to your grandparents about tech day. Yeah, yeah, we’re doing that. Well. So I brought that up with a, there’s another show here that does like a security protection, that kind of stuff. And they started talking about, you know, you know, shredding documents and all that stuff. And I was like, dude, I’m like, cause you don’t know. You don’t even just say like when we’re not, when my wife’s grandparents died, they died within about three months of each other. Um, and cleaning out their house was a nightmare because they literally kept every piece of paper that they had ever gotten from anything ever, including all of their medical stuff, which up until about 20 years ago was just your social security number was everywhere like that.

That was all that was there. So they were like literally just crates upon crates, upon crates, upon crates of this shit where we rented an industrial shredder and burned the sucker out a day and a half in and had to be like, Hey, broke it. Sorry. Need another one. Yeah. Amazing. I mean for me, I never thought about it. I’m like, Oh good. That folder of 2012 tech stuff I can actually finally tell us. Yeah. As I say, it sounds like it’s time to just hide it under a pile of leaves and light. The whole thing on fire, dude, like you don’t even know a dude. It would have triggered like a neighborhood fire if we, I mean I seriously, I cannot put into proper context exactly how much paperwork they had stored in their house. That was, I mean he had a garage, but I’ve got this problem.

I’ll save things for 20 years and then I throw it out in the wind cleaner. I need it. Does anybody else have that as ask? Ask me for a windows 95 installed city. I have one asked me, ask me for, you know, dos six Oh, installation diskettes asked me if I have anything that would lead to mill serial converter. Right? Yep. Ask me if I have anything that’ll read a 3.44 floppy at this point. Uh, uh, yeah, no, God. I mean that dude, that’s me. Like I’m, I’m a huge fan. It’s, and it’s the, it’s the fear of, you know, in Bob lives, you know, loves to talk about my ego and my hero complex and that kind of stuff. And I admit I do have one, but it’s that. No, no. Well dude, cause it was Jeff who like, and he was like, Hey dude, I know this is a weird request, but my dad’s computer died. You don’t have a windows 95 install CD do yet. I’m like gimme a minute. Yeah. When are you coming over?

I think I still have a dos one. I still got my pile. Oh crap. And all these years you haven’t waived a magnet over it accidentally now. No, he talks he, it’s funny he talks about it is I got the Iomega drive too. Oh yeah, I got it. Oh yeah. Here’s the thing. If you put it in a certain place and you never go into that place again and it just sits like that’s my, I think yours is probably organized minded just because I’d even thrown it away. No, not really. No. Just really, I opened a box that I am convinced I have, like I’m convinced the box has moved with me from when I, that the townhouse in DC that I had through every house that I’ve lived here. And I’ve never looked at it because when I opened up this box, dude, my alphanumeric SkyTel pager was in this box.

My light just shit that I haven’t even touched or even thought about since I was living in DC. Uh, you know, an old star tack, you know, flip phone. I just, and I’m like, even I was like, why? Why got all my old phones, all my kids, my kids, I was their toy phones. Oh yeah. My Nokia, my flip. Well, I like the nice, you ever have a problem Edward L who’s on her show? He can answer questions on all that. Exactly. Yeah. Start that TARDEC phone, the one that’s connected to the Verizon network, but only show number a Y.

Oh, okay.

But also, I mean I do, I think it’s cool. I mean that’s a, that’s that’s one of the cause you to you guys, you guys take a a little bit different approach with that kind of stuff than we do. I mean we’re, we’re a little bit more, we’re a lot more irreverent than you are. No, no, but I mean, but that’s, but that’s the thing. I mean that was, that was our taken our approach when we decided that we wanted to do this is, you know, there was already enough and not that you guys were this bad, but there were, there were, there was, there were already enough today on this technology podcast, we’re going to be on the port God Mark corner then Mark. Yeah. Like we’re not, we’re going to review this five port, this Linux distro onco six. Dot. Oh yeah.

[inaudible] commandos. Not the Hottie. She once was these guys the wayside.

But yes, I mean it’s, it, you know, it is. I mean, and you know, and I do like if I, if I happen to be out driving around and when I know you guys are on, I’ll throw it on and listen. Um, so I mean keep an eye on you and then drive home on the drive home from jr. I was like, Oh, I want to listen to the second hour that I’m doing tech support and it’s Ben Shapiro. And I’m like, Oh, I want, I want to see if anyone was listening to us on there that I know they’re like cringing right now. Call them.

Well, you know, we, we try to keep that down-home effect because we know where our audience and you gotta be real, but you also have to know your audience at the same time. And so a little thing that Cal Carson did, you know, one of the coppos was he brought Bob’s daughter up to the microphone and she brought, brought it in and she was really shy and kind of intimidated by all the studio stuff. But that just one, it resonates with our audience. But when you saw the kindness that Cal exhibited with Bob’s daughter, it was just an amazing thing to watch.

She nails welcome to the internet advisers show and she doesn’t know her damn name. And I’m like, God, come on kindergarten, you should nail this stuff. All right, so switching gears, uh, there is apparently a workshop that you were doing.

Yeah, we wanted to talk about, you know, last time I was on, we were talking about edge computing and uh, sensor-based networks and the way that smart cities and smart cars and smart hospitals and smart factories are building out. Uh, and uh, I’m doing work with this incredible team from [inaudible] solutions group. Well, what’s evolved out of that is we saw a real need for developing a program for securing IOT. And one of the things that, that I’ve been saying over and over and over, almost a mantra is that if we try to apply the same security and support models to IOT that we did to it, we’re going to fail. Catastrophical

I says in securing IOT. Isn’t that like an oxymoron at this point in the game? Well it can be, but the difficulty is, is that there’s all this complexity around it. The barn door is open, the horses out, but hasn’t found a gate through the fence yet. A lot of the door horses out,

like what are you going to do with it? Yeah, you can assemble them and do nasty things and create DDoS attacks. But the really sophisticated kind of things, the hackers haven’t quite gotten to that point to shut down a massive number of factories or a hospital. We’ve seen incidents of that and occurrences, you know, the Saudi, a refinery got shut down, a manufacturing plant in Germany got totally shut down by malware. And then, uh, you know, you had a couple of outbreaks where not intentionally, but ransomware impacted some really expensive and, uh, really important medical devices over in Europe didn’t spread to the United States. So, uh, we are behind the eight ball. So what we’ve done is we’ve created a half day workshop that we’re going to be going around. I’m going to be going to about 20 cities this year, uh, conducting a half day workshop. The first, uh, the morning’s going to be medical devices. The afternoon’s going to be industrial controls call, internet of industrial things, building automation, those kinds of things because there are step-by-steps and a lot of resources that are out there. I mean, Mayo clinic’s done eight years of securing medical devices.

I can’t hear that without going airplane. Give me him on five, hold the mail. There you go. Yeah. The letter that the one guy wrote, there’s a book and he’s like, wrote a, like a really polite dissertate. Like it’s really cool that you guys have a clinic dedicated to the mayonnaise. I just go into Mayo. Yeah, no. So, so we’re taking the best,

this is for people who’ve already been or organizations that have already been down this path. We’re packaging it up with the resources, the methodologies, and the construct of a workshop with uh, forms and worksheets and team building exercises so that we can either take in one of these metropolitan based, uh, many people from different organizations, but a slight spin on that is going into a hospital or into, uh, an industrial complex or utility and facilitating, bringing them through the steps to make sure that they’ve checked all the boxes for securing IOT, uh, whether that’s medical devices or industrial or utilities, smart grid, smart network. And so the idea is that we can accelerate the development of, of a comprehensive cybersecurity programs specific to IOT and just a couple of weeks instead of the six months of all the organizational things and defining the structures of why IOT is different, why you support it differently. Because if you’ve got a clinical engineer, a plan engineer who’s got to spend 30 minutes and in order to just to get a device on the network because they’ve got to call the help, right? Got to call the network.

You got to provision this guy [inaudible] well is it going to get, is it going to get to the point with IOT that there’s going to be either a standard or a compliance that they need, uh, companies need to comply to cause right now it’s wild, wild West. You know, what come to the early days of the internet, come to find out right here. No, the uh,

this has done a lot of good work, uh, particularly in the area of medical devices and organization called MITRE. M. I T R E has uh, I E T F E is an even has a guide on the important factors. These organizations had done a lot of really good work. A lot of it is F the role and conceptual, not real world. We’re trying to bring that real world experience that other organizations have put in. Then our, uh, our expertise in going through this with organizations to put down something that’s efficient and economical. And a buddy of mine who did an IOT security deployment of over a million devices says, yeah, it looked at the NIST requirements. And if we did that in our organization, it would only cost us $8 billion

billion. Yeah. [inaudible] the numbers. He’s a numbers guy. Used to work for Google and built data centers, but what’s the in what? And then he had to look at what’s the penalty for not doing it and if it’s less than a billion, that’s the route they were going. Yeah.

Yeah. But you know, there aren’t a lot of penalties for this. It’s really looking at the differences in how IOT devices are different than IOT devices. As an example, IOT devices are typically not manned, are they? They may be in remote areas. That idea of being able to patch a thousand devices in an oil pipeline, it ain’t going to happen because if one of the sensors goes down for a couple of minutes, they got to shut down the whole pipe. Right? That’s why you have unpatched devices in industrial controls. That’s why you have all of the sensors that are running, uh, universities and hospitals that haven’t been updated.

What about the new consumer Alliance that was just announced though? Can I get home over IP? Apple, Amazon, Google, ZigBee. Gee, I really wish I knew about home. There’s a laser focused, they actually have one called chips chip. You, well they’re not calling it a chip, but everybody else is bringing me punch and John, I’m glad ZigBee still exists. That was like Samsung and I was working with it like an Oh four and I thought I’d died and then Bluetooth became a standard and then, yeah, no I’m glad. I’m happy to hear that cause I used to work in like home club. The home blog Alliance. Yeah, like back in that was Oh four Oh my God. If I’m not mistaken I think Kroger is doing some things with ZigBee throughout all their stores. That may be old information, but yeah. Is that their shopping thing where you go pick up the scanner or is it something these are old brain cells. I’ve

already cleared cash. Sorry. Yeah, I was like, Hey, where do people find out more about this seminar and like sign up for it or like is it out yet? Is it, yup. Yup. I’m doing one in Cleveland. We did our first one on medical devices in San Francisco was very well received back at the end of last year. He didn’t step any poop on the street. Did you? A no comment. Okay. I can’t say badly. She totally does. Everyday stepson. Uh, find me on LinkedIn. Caston Thomas sounds like it’s spelled or spelled like it sounds. And uh, uh, you can also go to [inaudible] S G [inaudible] solutions group.com and find out more and uh, click through there. Fill out a form. You can get to me. Awesome internet advisers on a six o’clock on Saturdays on WJR 70, 67. As long as the lions and the Spartans aren’t playing football or basketball, uh, we’re generally generally on live and uh, in color.

Nice. Nice. Not really cause it’s a M so you’re not in HTS. Everybody listens to it in the D. just tell your parents to listen. There you go. There you go. Now we’ve got some guys that qualify. We gotta go get some, we get an older crowd that comes around. Yeah. Right. So lucky 13 you know, it’s always a joy to be here with you. Thanks for coming out again man. I appreciate it. Sure. It’s always a good chat. Yeah. Good senior cast. Another always. Hey, we’re going to wrap things up for episode 330 of the it and that he sure would like to thank Caston Thomas for spending time with us. Hosted the internet advisers show and security consultant Xtrordinair on behalf of a Bob David Randi, do us all a favor. Get your trick up, drinks, get your phone numbers. You don’t get to go home. You just got to get the hell out of here. See you next week. Drive careful. Beat it. So you guys.


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