The Great Party Bus Tour of 2011

So, we’re thinking about putting together something fun and a little different.

We’d like to get some of our friends and associates together for a little pub crawl of sorts.  Except we’re not crawling (you should know by now – we’re lazy), and we’re going to even keep the walking down to a bare minimum.  We’re talking to places that do brewery and distillery tours here in the metro Detroit area and putting together some pricing…

…and yep, we’re lazy…and we’re also not figuring out how to foot the bill for this, so just like the Red Wings game back in March, it’ll be up to you to buy the ticket if you want to come along for the ride.

BUT…we’re still going to go ahead and get things coordinated so that we can get a good rate setup and get everyone taken care of adequately.  Because we’re lazy…but we’re not cheap…

Still reading?  Good, then you’re still interested.  So are we.

The basics are…

– We can do just breweries, or we can do breweries with a distillery in the mix.  We realize that not everyone is beer-crazy, and so a great martini or decent whiskey might not be a bad idea either.  We’re open.

– We’ll have a central meeting point, probably a parking deck or garage, where we can safely leave our cars while we’re gone.  And eventually come back to.  Location will likely be picked based on immediate proximity to readily available food upon return.  Like a Coney.

– It won’t be free, but we’re also going to try and make sure we get a great value for the cost…because just like everything else, we’ll be buying our own tickets just like everyone else that goes.  Again: “lazy…not cheap”.

– Timing?  Sometime before the end of the year, hopefully before the weather starts to turn, so with any luck it’ll be sometime in the next two months.  We’ll start getting serious about nailing that down once we start figuring out how many people are interested and where everyone would like to go.

So chime in below, and let’s have some fun…one beer (or martini…or whatever…) at a time.

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