Anybody Want Free Training?

Let’s end the week on a fun note.

So, when we told you about offering up a 10% discount to members, we were up front and told you that we didn’t really have much experience with them, and so it is what it is.

Well…they get that, and want to help overcome that.  They’ve offered up a free training course to one of our members so that they can report back to the group about their experiences.

Here’s what you need to do…

There’s really not that much to it, but there are a few things you need to know and have to do:

    • Fill out the form below.
    • Yes, you have to give us your name and email address.  You know us, it’s not going anywhere other than the winner will get theirs shared with Gogotraining to get an account setup.  That’s all.
    • It would be great if you’d had some sort of prior experience with online training, just so you have a basis of comparison.  Not required by any means, but it would be nice.
    • You have to actually do take the course, and you have to do so within two weeks of being selected…which will happen on Thursday, the 18th. So you’ll have to take it before the end of the month, basically.
    • You have to actually then share your experiences about it within a week of completion.
    • You have to know that if you can’t handle those last two, we’re going to do a Don’t Be That Guy all about you.

Long story short, they’re offering this up so that the group can get some exposure to them and get the experiences of someone in the group to relate to and discuss.

So Don’t Be That Guy – if you enter, be willing to take a class online and share your experiences with the group about it.  We’ll probably put the feedback that comes in out here on the site and in the LinkedIn group…so, be prepared for that.

…and yes, it would probably be easier for one of us to just do this, but that really doesn’t serve the purpose here.  We don’t want any appearance of bias or anything untoward going on, so we want one of you to do it.