Episode 314 – Monica Wheat and the Detroit Tech Startup Scene, Charlie LeDuff on Detroit and More

So here’s a fun one for you.  Returning guest Monica Wheat dives in with us to talk about her latest adventures and efforts in the Detroit Tech Startup scene, and certainly doesn’t disappoint.  And then, thanks to a random series of events, we’ve got an excerpt of a three and a half hour chat that Dave had with Charlie LeDuff down in our Detroit studio talking about the city, the history, the future, perspectives on local and national events and more.

Yes, three and a half hours.

Yes, there’s only a half hour here.

Yes, it’s the first half hour.


Everything Monica has going on can be found here: https://www.venturecatalysts.co/

Charlie LeDuff can be found in a bunch of places, but here’s the podcast he does: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/no-bs-news-hour-with-charlie-leduff/id1435711364

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