An Event Next Week (With A Side of Rant), Go Help Some Kids, Training Discounts, Jobs, Updates and More for August 10, 2011

Yes, it’s time for another weekly round of fun with, and believe it or not, there is not a new Don’t Be That Guy this week. Not that we don’t have a few in progress…but they’re just not ready for primetime yet. So go check out some of the existing ones while we’re polishing our rants.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have plenty to get out to you though, and we’ve also got a few things that we’d like you to take a moment and do. We’d like you to vote for us. We’d love it if you would help some kids in the metro Detroit area. We want you to get some discounted training if you’re in the market for it. We’d like to see you to at our event next Thursday (and we also want you to not be confused about the scope and purpose of our events…but more on that in a moment) for some great, casual networking. We want you to know about some great conversations going on in our LinkedIn group, as well as jobs that are posted in there as well.

So…here we go…

CBS Detroit is taking submissions and accepting nominations for “MVB“, the Most Valuable Blogger Awards for 2011. Personally, I’d like to think we add a decent amount of value for people in the IT Industry here in the metro Detroit area. Not just with our events, but also through our blog. Whether it’s one of the Don’t Be That Guy entries, or our tips on the basics of networking, or helpful notes targeted specifically at job seekers and recruiters, and even the ones that don’t necessarily fit anywhere other than Random Thoughts…we’ve put a decent amount of time in to help people do everything from come out of their shells and be comfortable meeting people to crafting decent resumes.

Then again, it’s always possible that the only thing we really do is make ourselves laugh from time to time. We’re okay with that, too.


However, if you’d like to help us out here, it’d be really cool of you to hop on over to the CBS Detroit site ( and show us some love (or at least a lack of outright contempt and hatred), to get us out there. I guess we fit into the “local affairs” category…though I’m sure plenty of people would understand if you threw us in “everything else” as well. Winners get like a $50 gift card, so it’s not like we’re doing this for fortune and fame here. Okay, well, certainly not “fortune”, and while we’ll certainly never be famous, we’re comfortable with being infamous…since that’s bigger than “famous” anyway, right guys?

While we’re on the topic of the Three Amigos (and if you didn’t catch that reference, shame on you), the next time you can meet up with’s Three Amigos takes place next Thursday night, the 18th, at the Penny Black in Rochester. Details can be found here on our site at or on LinkedIn out at

…and while we’re on the topic of our events (I can’t stay balanced on a Segway to save my life, but I am the master of the segue), I got some feedback from one of our long-time members about some feedback he got when he was inviting people to our events. So, let’s clear up a few misconceptions that might be floating around out there:

  • It’s called a Happy Hour Social, so it only lasts an hour…why drive there for an hour?“. Once again, people need to learn how to read. Every single one of our event listings, whether here on our site, out on, Eventbrite, Eventful, Meetup, or any of the other places we get our events out to…they all list start times of 5:01 (or “5:00” if the event site doesn’t support the “:01”) and an end time of at least 8:00. So that’s three hours. Some run longer. Take four seconds and read through an event description, people.
  • It promotes drinking!” Seriously, stop it. If you have some personal anti-drinking agenda, then yup, you’re more than welcome to either come to our events and keep your mouth shut about it…or find another group. Please read the About Us page on our site, and then tell me if you really think we’re going to stop liking beer or be holding meetings in church basements or coffee shops any time in the near future. (Hint: the answer is “no”) And, please, go read the entries listed up there in point number 1. If you can’t go to a networking event where alcohol is present without getting bombed, then you shouldn’t be going to those networking events…ours or anyone else’s. You should be looking for AA events…and I don’t mean events taking place in Ann Arbor. Not our problem, sorry.
  • My spouse thinks I’m just going bar hopping if I go to one of these things in a bar!” Well, then you and your spouse have trust issues that need to be worked out, and that also falls into the category of “not our problem, sorry”. Get some help for that. Or, hey, bring ’em along to one. We’ve had that happen before as well. As far as I know, we haven’t been named in any divorce filings yet.

…and yep, that was a mini-Don’t Be That Guy in and of itself, I guess. Probably could have turned into one, too…and hey, who knows? Maybe it will at some point. And for those that might think that’s a little over the top and harsh…it’s really not. We’re honest. We always have been. We’re the guys that write Don’t Be That Guy articles about people at whom we wish to launch ridicule. We’ve always said that we’re staying true to our core…and if we help people along the way, that’s great.

But since we’re talking about “help” anyway (see? again with the smooth transitions!), there’s an event coming up this Saturday that you should take some time to check out. It’s the Operation Kid Equip “Stuff the Shelves” event. Honestly, it takes very little time, and very little investment on your part to do something here that helps out kids in the metro Detroit area…and you’re not some monster that hates kids, right? Right. So hop on over to and check out the details for what’s most needed and what you need to do to help.

And if your career skills need a little help (I’m going to start renting myself out as an emcee…), you might want to check out this offer from, offering you a 10% discount for their online training services just because you put up with us every now and then. Not too shabby. So, click over to and check out the details and what you need to do to take part.

Something else you should take part in (I’ll stop now…but you see what I did there…) is our LinkedIn group out at Why? Because that’s where the cool kids hang out and discuss stuff like how LinkedIn has automatically opted you into a program where they can use your picture and activities on their site in their advertising. 10 things you should always do after an interview. Google+. You can watch me get called out as an old man with a cane yelling at kids to get off my lawn during the conversation about “millenials” and today’s job market. See? You’re missing all kinds of fun stuff. So get in there and join the over 2600 other folks that are in the metro Detroit IT industry that are already there.

…and of course there are always jobs floating around our LinkedIn group. As a quick reminder, you get into our group, hit the Jobs tab within our group, and then hit “career discussions” to get to the jobs posted by our members in our group. Here’s a bit of what’s out there right now:

Julie Piazza

Network Technician (Level II) – full-time. Farmingon Hills, MI.
ZenaComp looking for MCP with Associates Degree or above, 2+ years experience with minimum five years in field servicing and supporting network infrastructures and other IT certifications desired. Some help desk, gotoassist…

Network Technician (Level 1) – full-time, would consider part-time for IT college Senior.
ZenaComp needs someone with 2+ years experience, Associates Degree, Microsoft experience for helpdesk support (desktop and server platforms), troubleshoot hardware/software issues, technical audits, install and configure…

Katha Chockley

Several Sr. .Net Developers for 6-12 month contract in Detroit, MI .
Demonstrated solid application development skills utilizing C#, ASP. NET , VB. NET , HTML, Javascript -Database experience with TSQL (SQL Server)

Monica Van Scyoc

up to 90K! BizTalk Architect!!!1 We have an exclusive client interested in launching (architecting) their BizTalk software through their…
This is 6 year old company with 60 local employees and another 200+ across the country. The company is an EMR (emergency medical records) software company. They are located in Troy, MI.Are you capable of developing and…

Jeff Schuster

iRise Business Analyst, full-time, direct opportunity with Perficient
We are currently searching for a candidate who will take on the role of iRise champion. This person will be the iRise guru and lead the way in building an iRise force inside of Perficient. They will be responsible for…

Nataliya Datsenko

Statistical Analyst for Quicken Loans IT

James Anderson

Senior Web Developer/Analyst Job @ Beaumont Health System – If interested email me at
This is a DIRECT HIRE position Team lead, senior-level C#/.NET Web application developer


Message Broker Designer/Java Developer needed in Michigan for a 6 month contract – if you are interested email at…
Skills needed are 2+ years of WMB, Java, BEA Weblogic, webservices, Unix shell programming or J2EE, DB2, HTML/JavaScript/XML/JSP server side Java-based environment

Mina Stanton

We have a lot of Java Opportunities available at this time so if you have Java Developing experience and are interested in hearing…
All opportunities are located in the Metro-Detroit Area.

Bob Chmara

Mycroft has openings for System Administrators for Regulated Applications
Mycroft is an IT Services Organization focusing on Identity Management and Application Security. We are focused on the delivery of solutions into production whether through traditional means (on-site, specialized…

Melissa Lecznar PHR

Business Analyst e-mail resume to: Liquor Control experience is preferred Lansing, Michigan
Documented Required Experience Business Analyst/Consultant with 8+ years of experience Conducts and directs the analysis of complex business problems to be solved when implementing an automated system. Provides…

C#/ Ann Arbor e-mail me your resume:
3-5 years with C# and experience Experience with 3 tier architecture Responsible for all phases of development from technical specifications through code development and unit testing Translate business requirements…

Healthcare Data Analyst Detroit, Michigan e-mail me your resume:
MUST have experience with SQL MUST have experience with datawarehousing concepts – profiling, auditing, balancing and reconciliation informatica is a PLUS Healthcare is a PLUS as well – medical claims, pharmacy claims,…

e-mail system administrator Troy, Michigan e-mail me your resume@
email, linux, bash, php/perl, javascript, MUST have experience with LINUX experience Daily Responsibilities: Provides day to day production support of our open source Email infrastructure including: o …

J2ee/Java Auburn Hills,Michigan e-mail me your resume
J2ee/java, IBM datapower, IBM websphere message broker, XML, ebxml

Matthew Holtz

Information Security Risk Engineer(110810-2) Location: Auburn Hills, MI
Duration: 12/31/11 Specific Requirements: Security risk analysis and review is critical. Know regulatory and industry standards such GLBA, HIPAA, COBIT, FFIEC among others. Security Audit experience is…

WebSphere Message Broker (110810-1) Location: Auburn Hills, MI
Long term contact. REQUIRED * Strong working knowledge of the WebSphere Message Broker version 7.0 environment * Experience in implementing Web Services with WebSphere Message Broker * Experience with SOAP and XML *…

Platform Engineer (1108008-3) Location: Auburn Hills, MI
Duration: 12-31-11 Requirements: * z/VM installation and configuration * zLinux Please send resume to

Technology Specialist Senior (110808-1) Location: Detroit Renaissance Center, Detroit, MI
Desired Start Date: 8/22/2011 Resume window closes 8/11/2011 @ 3:00 PM. REQUIREMENTS This position will be in a support role for a large data mart/data warehouse and little development will be necessary. However, the…

Application Developer (110804-1) Location: Detroit, MI
Desired Start Date: 8/15/2011 Resume window closes 8/9/2011 @ 11:00 AM. DESCRIPTION: The ideal candidate is a developer who is experienced in customizing and modifying source code to produce customized reports based on…

..and there are about two full pages of more jobs out there that aren’t included here…so if you’re in the market, or even just wondering what’s floating around, hop into the LinkedIn group and check ’em out.

Let’s see…did I get everything in here? Shameless plea for attention and votes…check. Operation Kid Equip event this Saturday…check. Discounted training offer…check. Reminder about our event next Thursday (the 18th) at Penny Black in Rochester…check. Mini-rant about people not understanding what goes on at our events…check. Plug for the LinkedIn group and the conversations and jobs in there…check.

Good. Guess the only thing I haven’t done yet is…

That’s all for this time…see you at our events in coming up in August and beyond!
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