An Offer From Gogo Training – 10% Off Training Courses

Every now and then, someone comes along with an offer for our members that we pass along.  This one involves training.  We’ve had Melissa from Global Information Technology and Christy from New Horizons at a number of our events talking with people about training, grants, funding sources, costs, etc., but this comes in from Gogo Training…

…and we don’t really have all that much exposure to or experience with them at all…but they’ve made the offer, and it we can’t seem to find anything that would make us think it’s a bad idea to share…so we’re sharing.

If anyone has any experience with them, or winds up using them, we’d love to hear about your experience.  We always like follow up.

Oh, and of course…it should go without saying, but we’re saying it anyway: nope, still not getting anything out of this.  Just passing it along as intended…


GogoTraining provides IT training courses taught by industry experts in an online, self-paced, affordable format. We have training for Android, business intelligence, CompTIA, Crystal Reports, I/O and Storage, iPhone, ITIL, Java, Linux, Microsoft, Networking, Oracle, programming languages, project management, security, software Q&A, SQL, UNIX and more. We offer over 500 podcasts and various other resources for anyone who signs up for a FREE ACCOUNT. When  you sign up for your Free Account, be sure to add in the Referred by: section. Once a member purchases a course, they have online access 24/7 for 1 year from the date of purchase. Hands-on courses have demos and labs, and many of the lecture-based topics have quizzes as well. They all come with student guides. Take a quick look at one of modules from the ITIL Service Design, a Service Lifecycle course. Click on the preview module on the right. We also offer live online, onsite, guided video training, and custom training. For more information, visit our site at

As a member of, you have a special discount coupon code that lets you take 10% off of a course purchase.  Your discount coupon code is DNOMITEN.

Here is how to use your discount code when making  a purchase:

1. Go to

2. Set up a free account by selecting the “FREE ACCOUNT” button.  Don’t forget to put in the Referred by: section.  If you have already set up your Free Account, you can just login.

3. Select the course you wish to purchase.

4. While on the course page, make sure you are logged in (your name will be at top right of screen) and select “Buy Now.”

5. Enter the coupon code DNOMITEN and press “Apply Coupon.”

6. This will return a “coupon valid” verification. Be sure that this matches the 10% discount off your coupon.

7. Complete Billing Information section for the balance due to purchase the course.

8. Press “Submit.”

9. You will then receive a “Confirm Your Purchase” page that will include the course title, cost of $XXX.XX and the coupon code.

10. If everything is correct, press “Confirm Purchase.”

11. If you need to change information, select “Change Information.”

12. You will receive a receipt through email.

13. You now have access to all modules and related documents.  Enjoy the course!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

PHONE: 1-877-546-4446 ext 6



…well, that’s it. Please…remember that we don’t put these things out here as an endorsement or anything even remotely similar.  We just pass things that come in along after a round of discussion amongst ourselves.

Usually over a beer or two.

Like I said above, if you’ve used them in the past or wind up with any experience with them, let us know!